Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

DiogenesLamp always hated Bush!
I hated voting for Bush. I hate even worse being right about him.

You and me both, brother.
petercooper reports from the Trump Underground in the West Village:
I have a friend in NYC-West Village. Right in the belly of the beast. He has Trump buttons and a shirt. He walks around town and a few libs bust on him, but many many people come up and show support on the down low. They’re afraid to fully come out as Trump supporters.
even when it's clearly ISIS, some like dfwgator can't stop the false flag reflex.
An Erdogan “Reichstag Fire.”
Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America at least manages to fit the false flag into some sort of narrative.
Final report on Benghazi is released and BOOM THERE'S A TERRORIST ATTACK IN TURKEY!!!

euram worries that a President Hillary will embolden people who think he's an asshole:
What I really fear the most is that if Trump loses, the tyrants of Political Correctness will take that as a major victory, and they will unleash the Thought and Speech Police like never before. We’ve had them at gale force level of obnoxiousness for years, but it will become a full-fledged Level 5 Hurricane that back by the outright weirdness of Hillary Clinton, will blow the country right off the map.
Enchante is another Freeper who thinks Hillary's past hasn't really been examined by the media:
Hillary has been shielded forever by a corrupt and biased MSM. Many bad things are not widely known at all, and people who aren't political junkies don't pay much attention.

Just because FReepers know a lot of the bad stuff about Shrillary doesn't mean it has made it out unfiltered to 130 million voters. Trump can shine a spotlight on many things that have not gotten proper attention before now. Whether that will be enough to affect enough votes is another question, but Shrillary has not even begun to be "known" to the public the way she will be over the next few months.
I guess ignorant of the history of the past century, DarthVader thinks they key to a better world is military nationalism.
NWO Political Correctness is Bovine Scatology and has caused nothing but trouble. Nationalism with an iron fist defense policy is what works best with these savages.
Electric Graffiti is amazed at how many people Freepers have decided are Muslims:
POTUS, CIA and DHS are headed by Mohammedans loyal to the Koran. Let that sink in.
savagesusie's repetitive rants are usually boring and kinda sad, but I liked this stumble into Satanic Panic:
The Secret Society elites are all satanists—Ba’al Worshippers or they call themselves Lucifereans, and killing children/babies is part of their rituals (Jimmy Savile/Franklin Cover-up) along with sodomizing children and others in their orgies on their altar, like at the Bohemian Grove and in their Secret Societies (Skull and Bones rituals are full of urine/feces/masturbation (like homoerotica) along with other demonic, vile behaviors). what does lysie think about Trump's volume?
from Trump Train, " She's at it again. Would someone tell Hillary....silence is of the gods; only monkeys chatter."
Trump Girl Kit Cat is scrimping for TRUMP:
ALL shopping is on HOLD till after this election I REALLY don’t need a thing and this election is important!!! I too have NEVER donated this much to a candidate I have put myself on a very strict budget and EVERYTHING EXTRA goes straight to Mr. T!!!!
Maybe unaware that the game has changed, captmar-vell is still trying to up his hating-Obama skills.
This is what a biblical ‘beast’ looks like and its beginning to rise up right in front of us,

Sunni Muslim obama is a form of demonic evil that I have never seen before,

Its time for the blinders to come off for those that would know the truth,
How does uncitizen even know anything really happened in Benghazi?
Omg, the movie and the book have been out for a year or so. Stevens was not raped before death. He was found lying inside the compound where no terrorists went - they set the place on fire - dead of smoke inhalation. Now, they could have done anything to his deceased body. But he was not raped.

Gotta give you credit for still believing anything you read or view that comes out of the LSM. Personally, I find myself doubting even the most seemingly innocuous thing they produce.
Ambassador Chris Stevens' sister doesn't like her brother being used as a partisan tool. JBW1949 does not like someone taking his corpse-based partisan bludgeon away from him:
Sister selling out her own blood kin for political purposes...Definitely a liberal democrat.....
BigEdLB declares those who hate Trump to be lacking in humanity and empathy. Then he calls liberals Visgoths:
I look at the “type” who has been dismissive of Trump all during this election cycle. Smug, statist, elitist, condescending to the real world. Lacking humanity and empathy. 
Not realizing that their miserable personality type comes out in their statements. Not having the wherewithal to stand back and look,at how Western Civilization is facing a crisis unlike any since the last days of the Western Roman Empire facing off the Visigoths.
Why does edie1960 even attempt to pretend he's been converted to the pro-gun light.
I used to loathe the NRA until Trump talked about what a difference it might have made if good people had bullets going in the opposite direction in Paris or San Bernardino!

When you have a POTUS who refuses to recognize our enemy and honestly do what needs to be done to defeat them, along with taking a callous disregard for enforcing border security, we Americans ought to have every right to keep and bear arms!!!
In response to pharmacists not being allowed to refuse to give out contraception, Da Coyote just randomly loves guns:
This will lead to you know what.

Gun sales way, way up.


Very good.

I plan to enjoy watching.


  1. Trump Girl Kit Cat ... "I have put myself on a very strict budget and EVERYTHING EXTRA goes straight to Mr. T!!!!"

    JimRob doesn't want to read this during a freepathon!

    1. Between fund raising for the general and the mass exodus/purge it's going to be a long summer thon.

    2. EVERYTHING EXTRA goes straight to Mr. T!!!!

      I pity the fools.

    3. Lol anonymousB! I was going to post that I hope it all goes to the real Mr. T.

      Those gold chains don't buy themselves.

    4. Great minds think alike! Well, except on FR.

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