Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

battletank is feeling the Trump dynasty:
After “8 years of a wonderful Trump Presidency”, we will be looking at Trump Jr. being sworn in. The man looks destined to me.
faithhopecharity seems to think that a big American flag at the Democratic convention will be news somehow:
how about some good citizens (including R’s) showing up with a 52 foot American flag (not for burning like the D’s gangster street thugs and IslamoNazi rabble do at the R convention)

carry it high and proud

and let’s see if the MSM cover this event
ha ha
Not creep at all neocon1984 has a discerning eye for young flesh:
Gretchen is not much of a turn-on. She seems pretty stiff and fragile. A man with a taste for younger women and a discerning eye (such as I) would never proposition her.
Freedom_Is_Not_Free gives the Free Republic review of the new Ghostbusters:
Movie has that obnoxious POS McCarthy in it. I would rather have gay sex with a football team than watch a movie with that caustic piece of crap in it. Hater her guts.

Unfortunately, now I have seen this Leslie whoever. Is that a transgender guy? If that was born female, that is one FUGLY thing.

If IT is a comedian, I can bet her comedy is based on racism, feminism, and man-hating.
When Dan Ackroyd takes issue with torrents of bile like the above, Albion Wilde analogizes him to an out of the closet gay:
Oh, crap. I used to love Dan Ackroyd. Why doesn’t he just keep his mouth shut? Democrats are like gay people — they have to shove it in everyone’s face — “virtue signalling.”
BigSkyFreeper will only watch basketball if they have at least one white star:
I’ve been boycotting them since Bird retired.
golas1964 hopes Trump is plotting:
So, if you’re Donald Trump, how best do you upstage HRC’s ‘coronation’ next week?
Big Red Badger knows Trump is a Wizard:
Trump handed him a rope to hang himself. Trump even admitted this in a tweet. It was actually a great move. He dismantled the never trump movement in a single blow and exposed the idiocy for all to see!

My thoughts as well,
Trump is a Wizard.
Liars are going to LIE!
TheNext posits that Cruz has been working for the Democrats all along!
Cruz is not running in 2020.

Cruz is an election agitator, a pro Democrat vote splitter.

Cruz purpose in 2020 will be a vote splitter for the Establishment globalists.
Peter ODonnell's poem is pretty funny if you use the British definition of Trump as fart:
Snowflakes melted in the summer heat,
commie agitators knew defeat,
Ted Cruz knew that he was beat,
when the Trump was heard.
dfwgator on Turkey's upcoming invasion of Europe:
And when Turkey invades Europe, he’s got millions of Muslims throughout Europe who will be firmly in his corner.
spyone has a whole story figured out about Cruz obeying the mandates of Master George HW Bush:
Cruz: I think I should endorse. I did my part. I was supposed to throw my delegates over to you.
GeoHWBush: No. We aren’t finished yet.
Cruz: I will be ruined.
GeoHWBush: Your father never disobeyed orders, which is why you’re here. This is the end of the first quarter.
Cruz: I will obey. Nobody will believe it.
GeoHWBush: There is an unending supply of Cruzlims.
pabianice has an odd view of how people see terrorism:
Until the West stops viewing terrorism as entertainment, nothing will change.
Vision Thing compares Trump to the biggest two heroes Freepers have left:
Trump was very Reaganesque IMHO, but then Reagan was running during a perilous time too.

Not just Reaganesque, but Churchillian, too.
Just mythoughts accepts males and their 'itches':
I am a mom of three... two sons... I accept the male for what he is... it is the winning and itching after he gets what he wants that is hard to take.... The males created this 'feminization' but they sure cannot handle the consequences... They generally can only cope with short time pleasures... and then the finger pointing begins...
Kenton seems to approve of America's old raping of Latin America:
Hey, is United Fruit Company still around? This would be a great time to offer Venezuela some of our expired MRE’s in exchange for all their agricultural and mineral rights. Time to put the banana back into “Banana Republic”.
donna thinks only homeschooling is natural:
If you think about it. grouping together by age hundreds of children and then giving them privacy to act as they please is a new development in our culture.

Perhaps all children should be home schooled with brothers and sisters of different ages. It would make all of them act in a more mature and considerate way, with close supervision and moral basics.
Pollard uses only the best White Supremacist literature by Holocaust deniers in his homeschooling:
March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race: Volume I: The Rise of Europe (Volume 1)

Available at amazon, I’ll be using it for the kid’s homeschool history this year.
Maceman's daughter may have a rude awakening when she leaves home:
I took my very conservative 17-year-old daughter to see [Denesh D'Souza's latest joint] on Friday night and she loved it. 
Gee. I wonder how she got to be so conservative at such a young age?


  1. Fun stuff first:

    battletank loves some hereditary monarchy, just like the founding fathers did!

    Not so fun stuff:

    March of the Titans: The Complete History of the White Race: Volume I: The Rise of Europe.

    ... WTF...

    Found some parts online because I was curious. The book is essentially a neo-Nazi view of European history. So of course some links go directly to Stormfront.

    So much anti-Americanism in this example and they probably don't even see it.

  2. Freepers hate dynasties....and start hoping for the Trump Dynasty. Can you picture the Eric Trump animatronic at the Hall of Presidents. People will think they're on the "American Psycho" Movie ride.