Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

So much international news this past week, but dunno if I'll give it a post because all Freepers do is blame it on Obama. They're not even bothering to amusingly stretch to rationalize it anymore, they just pivot to Obama bad. So to Monday pt. II with the lot!

MinuteGal is sure Trump will pick someone unexpected and perfect:
I've maintained all along that Trump will pick someone whose name isn't in the mix...but someone we'll be delighted with.
And then, of course, MinuteGal is super excited about the very expected Pence and thinks he's great:
I'm absolutely delighted and satisfied with the Mike Pence choice. He's a great conservative, a fine-looking man, well-spoken....I could go on and on....but mostly, from a political point of view when analyzing the dynamics of presidential/vice-presidential tickets, he will bring "gravitas" to Mr. Trump....and Trump will imbue Pence with vibrancy and energy.
who knows what evil? knows he need not bother to explain:
Clock boy is a kid and doesn’t need to be hammered down as if he were an adult.

Actually, he does.
Uh-oh, Bernie lost samtheman's vote!
I never had much hope for the Bernie Revolution. He’s a spineless worm. He’s an amoeba. He’s no Lenin. He’s not even a Lenin t-shirt vendor at a BLM rally. He’s a zero. Well, we already have a zero. Bernie is a less-than-zero.
In a rant that seems to have been baking since 2013, Awgie mixes Anthony Weiner actuality with Bill Clinton sex rumors and gets some explosive disgust:
Hey America!

You are flirting with a certified rapist/pedophile in Bill Clinton and pervert exabitionist Tony The Hot Dog Weiner.

Hey Libs, Progressives, Democrats and Circus Freaks!

Wont it be grand to have Bill the Rapist and Anthony, “Look at my big thang” Weiner in the White House together.

Just when it looked like Progs couldn't go any lower then The Racist Anti-American POS POTUS, Barack “The Muzzie” Hussein Obama, they give us more poop on a silver platter in the form of Bill the cigar connoisseur, “Mam, do you mind if I borrow your humidor for a moment. I promise to give it back when I'm done using it.” And Anthony “The Weener” Weiner, famous for his “Hey world! Look at my big big big one. My wife is like cankles, please adore my minnie me.”

There seems to be no bottom to the leftist push for dominance. America never was perfect, but it's guiding principles were very near perfect. The New America wrought from anti colonialist vengeance and black liberation social justice is a hell hole destined for the same stinking miserable trash heap as every other leftist socialist utopia.
Red Badger knows calling blacks slaves is always a winner:
Clown Prince nobama hates Free America and hates Free Americans. Everything he does intentional. He is a hate crime.

Lincoln freed the slaves. Obama gets them all back.................
Cicero just now realizes that 'British conservative' is much farther from a Freeper than the even the average American Republican they hold in such contempt is:
Cameron was a left-wing, one world, gay-loving “Conservative.”

So, is this new one even worse? Anyone know?
I'm enjoying the high drama in post-Brexit UK politics. I'm enjoying NRx's very Freepy analysis more:
Boris was the victim of one of the truly great political power plots (some have called it a bloodless political assassination) carried out by Michael Gove who pretended to be a supporter of Johnson right up until the last minutes when candidates for the Tory leadership could announce their bids. He then stepped in and announced his own bid and instantly doomed Johnson by taking about half of his supporters. Ultimately it was a Pyrrhic victory though. Overnight Gove became the greatest villain in British history since Richard III and he was crushed in the first round of voting.
After a convict got ahold of a gun in Michigan, combat_boots declares the daily shootings America has had for decades are now Obama's conspiracy:
0ba/Jarrett’s gonna dial these in @ at least 1/day until he gets anti-gun laws passed. The TPP and UN Small Arms are going to be voted on, both of which presume an unarmed US citizenry.
In that same incident, Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America preemptively blames a fat woman:
Why do I think it was an overweight, slow-moving, absent-minded female Bailiff whose gun was stolen from her?

We'll see if I'm right.
Gaffer learned a new word today. Well, sorta learned.
Gentrification. Is that the new word for Muslims squatting in places they think are theirs because they belong to Allah? Or is it just recalcitrant no-goods who think they can squat anywhere if no one comes every day to throw them out?

My bet is still MUSLIMS - getting everything, giving NOTHING.
Birther extraordinaire Fantasywriter is still writing fantasies:
Hillary doesn’t have a normal range of feelings. That’s obvious when you listen to her laughing about making a traumatized twelve yo rape victim responsible for her own rape. [The Muslims couldn’t have done it much better.] It’s also evident from the countless times she’s laughed idioticly at bizarrely inappropriate times.

Hillary is a sociopath. All she feels about this story is anger. She’s angry at both Juanita and Bill, because both have made her WH run more difficult. A sociopath’s feelings don’t range much further than that.
After decades, polymuser is still hoping her delusions become real:
When people feel no fear from the Clintons, much will become known, and roles will be reversed. They will live in fear. Karma is.
Lurkinanloomin still hates Paul Ryan:
Extremely Extreme Extremist may want to look up the history of conservative Facebook alternatives. Reaganbook, hehe.
Give the Left its due. They know technology. If conservatives wanted to create an alternative to Facebook, they could have easily done so. But they don't have the know-how. Instead, they'd rather sit and complain then take the initiative.

BTW, I've been on coming up with some social media domain names, and taking my ideas to Stanford or to Michelle Malkin. I've got some ideas bouncing around in my head.
JLAGRAYFOX continues to mix bitterness and optimism via exclamation marks!!!
I love watching Hillary Clinton, the shouter, rant & rave!!! If she only knew how bad she looks and annoying she sounds. Good news is, no one is listening, except her few loyal malcontents that show up for her useless rallies. Not many there today.......even with the “Bern” there, Ms. Clinton could not fill up a high school gym with her supporters!!! She is going the get the political spanking of her entire life come, November 8, 2016!!! Can’t wait for Trump to debate, the “Witch”!!!

There was a hoax about a black 'day of rage.' Whenifhow knows paranoia means trust even the hoaxes:
Hoax or not, it’s getting bad out there and there probably are still going to be people creating chaos and shutting down freeways and whatnot on that day even if it isn’t “officially” planned.

Thanks for that. Rumors floating about people being attacked at gas stations at night. RUMOR....but given the recent events, all are aware of traveling in groups, etc.
goldstategop was also rooting for civil unrest but nonwhites:
Good news for Trump.

If it looks like a long hot summer of riots, mayhem and Get Whitey, Democrats are going to have to defend it.

And Trump like Nixon, is moving to present himself as a Law And Order candidate.

If the racist BLMers want to sabotage Hillary, they’re doing a bang-up job of it.

I hope she goes on the White Guilt tour.
bgill manages to explain why this day of rage never materialized.
I’m betting the BLM Day of Rage protests today have been cancelled. They wouldn’t chance whitey having no tolerance of their hooey today.


  1. Wait, there's a Freeper whose handle is NRx? How long has he been around? You have to profile him!

    1. He's got some good material too. But Forgive me, I don't get the reference. Google says it's a Canadian nuclear reactor?


      Or google "neoreaction" for primary sources. Content warning: weapons grade craziness (but you've spent years on FR building up tolerance, so you just might be okay)

    3. Here's a good introduction/refutation of NRx:

    4. I don't think anyone who reads this blog needs to be persuaded that a bunch of weirdos who are nostalgic for absolute monarchy and slavery are full of it.

    5. "I don't think anyone who reads this blog needs to be persuaded that a bunch of weirdos who are nostalgic for absolute monarchy and slavery are full of it."
      Assuming that was aimed at my link to the anti-NRx FAQ, Anonymous ...
      1) Don't be so sure! I see NRx-adjacent ideas cropping up on FR all the time, and Freepers read this blog, so ...
      2) I do take your point, though - a better intro to NRx than the Anti-FAQ is (by the same author) this summary:
      2a) or the rational wiki article linked above
      3) NRx ideas have bled into and merged with stuff like White Nationalism and MRA culture - this whole "alt-Right" business that is a big part of Trump's social media support. It's worth taking seriously.

    6. PS: my linked articles are REALLY long. So I'd recommend starting with the rationalwiki precis if you want a quick synopsis of NRx. A medium-length piece worth reading is here:

      (Obviously, I find this stuff fascinating and want to share it, but to be clear - it's as total an intellectual dead end if you're into politics as HP Lovecraft's stories would be if you were a student of religion.)

    7. Dammit, Poxie! I've fallen down the rabbit hole of links within links within links- thanks to your link!

      Ok, not really dammit, but I now have a lot of material to read. I find it all fascinating as well. I wouldn't have a BA in History if I didn't. There aren't a great deal of history blogs out there, but I found a few today.

  2. Diann Russell - Patriot

  3. I was a little slow on the uptake this morning thinking what's the Bureau of Land Management raging about now???

  4. "Just when it looked like Progs couldn't go any lower then The Racist Anti-American POS POTUS, Barack “The Muzzie” Hussein Obama"

    That's offensive... using 2 "the"s in a title Tsk, tsk.

  5. Diann Russell - Patriot
    - Dianny Rants