Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. IV

RitaOK unskews so hard she thinks Democrats have secretly unskewed as well!
The Washington Post still selling the worst and most skewed polling results.

The Left is freaking, and so is Hillary.
JBW1949 knows what Brexit is really about:
I hope the UK starts deportation operations soon....
As the NRA becomes more and more intertwined with the GOP, alloysteel sees nothing wrong with issue advocacy becoming party advocacy:
The Donald is the only viable #NeverHillary out there.

And NRA is the most reliably #NeverHillary organization in that territory once known as “the United States of America”.
Alcibiades is returning to the 'debt means all government programs are bad' we haven't seen on Freep in ages.
When is it going to register with people that we don’t have any money? We’re trillions in the hole. We can’t even see daylight anymore.

I recently watched one of the half-hour news shows, first time in years, and the first three stories were:

We need more money to stop mosquitos by spraying pesticides in every neighborhood.

We need more money to pay for additional security screeners at the airports so lines can be shortened.

We need more money for after-school programs in urban centers.

There is no more money. It’s gone. We are so screwed as a country.
HomerBohn's judicial reform is mostly getting rid of anyone to the left of Alito.
The Supreme Kort is lopsided and needs to be readjusted to place it in accord with the Constitution. The lesbians and the old crone need to be removed. Kennedy and Roberts aren’t trustworthy. Roberts, on the face of his Obozocare fiasco, might be a little crazy.
Poor Breyer. Everyone forgets him nowadays!

Love Freeper Constitutional Amendment ideas. Brian Griffin's is pretty sweet. Does he realize how his neutered judiciary allows states to pass gun control, universal health care, immigration reform, etc?
We need a Constitutional judicial amendment:

1. the jurisdiction of federal courts shall be limited to cases where the federal government or a foreign government’s US accredited diplomat is either the plaintiff or a defendant. 
2. The District of Columbia shall be part of Maryland [so DC residents will have a court system] 
3. a state judge may be removed immediately by a 75% or more vote of a legislative branch of the state 
4. any judicial action based on any activity in the state may be voided by a 60% or more vote of a legislative branch of the state 
5. a. No judge or judicial body or judicial action may in any way usurp the spending power of an elected government
b. no judge serving any state shall cause the expenditure of money from a state or political subdivision except as exactly specified by detailed petition of the state legislature which includes a maximum total of money to be spent and any such judicial action shall be limited to the current fiscal year 
6. all consent decrees or like involving a government or public entity created under law shall be forever void and none may be entered into 
7. fines and court costs assessed in total at any time shall not exceed the average income of a punished person for two months over the past five years (based on tax returns filed) or 300 times the state’s hourly minimum wage, whichever is more 
8. the appointment of counsel paid by government funds now required by Amendment VI shall be limited to capital cases and cases with charges with the total potential of imprisonment for more than a year
LALALAW is sure the left is afraid, as he prays to chthonic deities of vengeance:
The desperate left is plotting. Furies may break the left wide open. Expose evil and hypocrisy if Trump’s elected. They are pulling out all the stops out of abject FEAR.
AZLiberty's cloak and dagger Clinton fanfiction has turned to their marriage:
Remember, in the MAD world to high-stakes politics, Hillary has the goods on Bill, too. He won’t get off easy if he has anything to do with her going to prison.
vette6387 finds Nate Silver to be troublingly Jewish:
Nate Silver, another Secular Progressive Jew (aka Capo) for the destruction of America!
Lisbon1940 just noticed something about Jews...
Have you ever noticed Jews named for precious metals and stones: Gold, Silver, Diamond, Ruby, Saphire.
Like every previous election, blueplum is sure this next election is the most important ever!
So, the line is drawn, underlined by Canada and Mexico, and Hillary is the figurehead under which globalism will be finalized and borders will be erased. We’re not only fighting for our jobs, we’re fighting for our national identity. There’s never been a more compelling reason to ensure that Trump wins this election.
al_c knows pro-life people are never smug.
And there is the difference between the pro-life and pro-choice sides … gloating. 
Did pro-lifers act all smug and get in the faces of pro-choices when all of the pro-life laws were passed? No. 
But the folks on the other side have been in all out gloating mode since Monday. Disgusting.
RoseofTexas is angry, and thus God is angry:
God is seething!!! These Bastards will fry in hell!!!
equaviator is down with Gateway Pundit making up all sorts of crap:
That headline may be wrong.

Nevertheless, the odds are still good enough to assume that it’s technically correct. After all, we are talking about Obama and Holder here.
CTrent1564 is pro-gas tax because he's decided it taxes the welfare queens:
Gas taxes are a use tax and you are correct, it taxes those people who don’t work and drive around all day doing nothing. When you raise taxes on those who have income and property (income taxes and property taxes), you put the tax burden on an a select group of the population.

I can find ways to be more efficient in how and when I drive if gas taxes cause the price of gas to get to a point where I say enough. In other words, I have my own price elasticity where I say enough.
lodi90 doesn't realize Scotland voted to stay in the EU by a 24 point margin. That won't stop him from speaking for them, though!
I think Scotland will find the votes to go do their republic thing and invent some paperwork for the EU entry.

Doubtful. Not with Merkel reeking havoc. No way Scots trade London for Berlin which is defacto what they would be doing.
Lurkinanloomin knows all good marriages are based on paranoia:
My wife knows I have guns.
She doesn’t know how many......
Huck tries to explain how Trump isn't so bad, and ends up spinning Trump into a nativist anti-Muslim.
These things are just negatively-spun versions of Trump’s STRENGTHS. That’s probably why he doesn’t deny them.

Xenophobia: Not really. Nativist? Absolutely.

Misogyny: Not really. Anti-PC? Absolutely.

Homophobia: Not really. Actually, Trump is quite soft on gays and trannies. He seems to think it’s the least of our worries.

Islamophobia: It’s not a phobia. It’s a real threat.
HangUpNow takes the same speech and uses bigoted stereotypes to steer into the skid:
A review of definitions -- Xenophobia, Misogyny, Homophobia, and Islamophobia = FEAR of:

1) Hordes of invading Third World parasites and saboteurs
2) Dis-informed, brainwashed male-hating perpetually "That-Time-Of-Month" Feminazis
3) Mentally-ill Homofascists who loath "breeders," God, and themselves.
4) Death Cultists who declare the US Constitution anathema to Islam and deem the "Infidel" unworthy of life (their than as a sacrifice to Allah.)
With friends like these...

Red Steel's Hillary sounds exactly like Obama:
Shillary is motivated by the destruction of the United States through selling the country to Communists, Islamists, Non US citizen aliens, enemies of the Republic, and any other reprobate as long as they pay her.
dp0622 knows the main problem is conservatives sticking to principles:
Our biggest problem right now is the republicans who WONT vote for Trump because of their conservatism or some such nonsense. 
cherry agrees - no matter how much your integrity pricks you, vote Trump!
the conservative, Christian, patriot, and freeper community needed to get out to vote 4 yrs ago....

I have no patience with those who refuse to do the right thing, even if it hurts...


  1. Happy 4th Ozzy!

  2. if h. clinton was half as badass as free republic claims I'd be way more excited to possibly have her as president.

  3. Ah, freepers haven't yet discovered what the "Leave" voters in the UK have.....Brexit will not result in any deportation. The EU citizens in the country now, and until if and when they actually do leave the EU, will never be forced out. They'll be grandfathered in.

    Tgose scary Muslims in the UK that freepers hate, mainly came in from Pakistan, and their immigrants nothing to do with EU membership, and won't be deported either.