Thursday, July 14, 2016

Newt needs to get more racist

This one is going to be long, because it hits a number of particular Freep hot-buttons.

It seems wannabe Trump Veep contender Newt recently mentioned that he kinda has enough empathy to realize blacks still experience racism.

Freepers like nothing less than being told to have empathy for anyone they don't personally know. But their beloved Trump seems to love Newt a lot, so what to do?

Haha, no contest, it's blame blacks for anyone noting racism exists. Maybe if Trump himself said it, but their cult of personality doesn't much extend beyond Trump himself, so they (with a few exceptions I highlight below) roundly condemn Newt and also black people.

HarleyLady27 blames Obama for making America racist again:
Newt: Barky had every opportunity to help the Black Community, since he ‘claims’ he is half of them...the other half is ‘Muslim’...he turned his back on them...he has set back 50 years of what Martin Luther King did to bring the Black Community back to be part of American Life...

This is not America’s fault, this is BARKY’S fault!!! Pure, simple and spot on BARKY’S FAULT!!!
Clearly not having watched the video himself, TexasFreeper2009 argues this was taken out of context:
stop reading headlines and out of context sound bites, WATCH the entire video.

Trump is trying HARD to reach out to the black community, this may be part of that effort.
Like I did in 9th grade, TexasFreeper2009 argues that race isn't a thing, it's all class:
I believe that Newt fails to understand this particular issue because he has been insulated from the rest of society by his wealth and assumes WRONGLY it's because of the color of his skin.

Because I can guarantee you millions of poor WHITE families have long conversations with their children about how to interact properly with a policeman and survive.

The real truth behind the difference in treatment is NOT RACE it's class. It just so happens a larger percentage of blacks are poor and the POOR disproportionately commit crimes and a disproportionately a danger and are thus treated much more warily (and rightfully so) by police.
In the amazing Freep trick of taking the opposite side and still being wrong, Georgia Girl 2 has never watched COPS:
Ask yourself when was the last time you saw the cops cuffing a white perp on the 6:00PM news? Its not racist its just true.
Altura Ct. is not a fan:
Good God, please Mr. Trump do not pick this douchebag
jpsb is also going to have an awkward time if Trump picks Newt:
Newt was my choice for VP, but after these comments I suspend my support for Newt,
Plantation owner T-Bone Texan explains that the black experience is violence, indolence, and rape:
With his few words he made himself wholly irrelevant, and unelectable.

Trump needs to distance himself from Newt. He is career suicide.

Also: Yes, I do not understand the black experience. It is wholly foreign to me. I see their violence-as-policy, the indolence, the constant excuse making, and the utter lack of morality and say: yeah, I do not understand those people, nor do I need to.

The hands down most important (and only) thing I need to know about those people is that I need to keep my family far away from them so that they can stay alive and unraped.
I ain't saying he's another Uncle Slayton, I'm just saying it's getting harder to tell these days.

NormsRevenge totally has some black friends, so he knows that because the third world is miserable, America can do anything it wants!
Off the short list of Veep.. and then some.

My best man was and is a black man. My roomies in the Marines were black and brown and yellow.

you wanna know poor, Newt, go to Manila.

blacks today have so many opportunities afforded them, its too bad social media is devouring them before they realize the world is what you make it, not a bus stop with graffiti and smashed glass that you shoot at when you drive by.,, like the media.

Oh, and Newt, if you wanna sing Kumbaya with the Dems and BLM, go ahead,
BillyBoy damns with association to Sanders:
Bernie Sanders made almost identical comments a few months ago when he was running against Hillary and desperately trying to win over the black vote.

Newt just went full Bernie Sanders.

You should NEVER go full Bernie Sanders, Newt.
Talisker goes with the latest in racist technology, the idea that protesting racism is a hoax:
FU Newt. Your pandering to violent racist bigots will not help anyone - they don’t care about being black, you fool. They are Stalin’s useful idiots, too stupid to realize that the “revolution” they want so bad can only end in their own deaths. Their leaders are collectivist totalitarians, they are morons, and you are an enabler - and a fool.
TangibleDisgust recalls that Newt in Congress was kind of a clown:
he couldn’t even kill PBS when we had control of the house and senate.

compare that to what Pelosi was able to ram through.

i think Newt is overrated. his hissy fit about being forced to sit at the back of Airforce One told me everything i needed to know about him... he wasn’t a principled conservative. he talked a good game, but at the end of the day, he cared more about his own power (and perception thereof).
Freeper vette6387 has the usual experience of stumbling onto empathy from personal experience. uncbob responds be endorsing judging people by the color of their skin:
Sorry, Newt is spot on!

Our white daughter is dating a young man whose parents are from Nicaragua. He is obviously mixed race, and has enough non-white features to be “racially profiled.” He is college-educated and has a senior technical position with a well-known Silicon Valley company.

Our daughter tells us that recently while shopping they, with their prior purchases wen into another store. He asked her to carry their all purchases, because he was concerned that he might be subjected to a search of their bags owing to his physical appearance.

That is what people of color have to deal with every day, and I realize that they have to “own” what others of their race have done to foster the fear and resentment, but none of it is right.

And who the hell's fault is that when the store owners are victimized by certain types

It is called self preservation
Not sure what A_Former_Democrat is getting at here, but it drips resentment:
Then be their White Moses, Newt, and lead them out of Racist America and back home to The Promised Land
Ophiucus takes the existence of affirmative action and imagines it into something almost like what the old boy's club legacy system actually is:
Let’s see.... Lower GPA requirements to get into colleges, more scholarship money available, lower requirements in GPA and test scores to get into graduate and professional colleges. Med schools just say yes if you’re a black woman applying and no worries about failing. They will pass you.

Easier to get a job when applying or position when applying, all those minority HR needs....

Rap sucks though, so there is that.
SomeCallMeTim allows that he lacks perspective, but then goes all postmodernist wankery:
I had that said to me by a black friend more than 35 years ago.

My response to him was: “True. But, you also don’t know what it’s like to be WHITE in this country”.

We simply do not look at every issue in our lives through a racial lens. Black people do.

Well... the ones who haven’t figure out how to be successful and happy in life yet do.
katykelly points out that Newt totally talks at events with Democrats sometimes:
And last week he was attending the Aspen Festival in Colorado along with condi rice , Laura bush , joe Biden , John Kerry , Loretta lynch , and many more elites .
CodeToad reaches satirical levels of entitled, blind faith in the meritocracy:
Any black who stays in school, acts decently, and works hard, has always succeeded as much as any white person.

Newt is perpetuating the black racists’ propaganda that use blacks to their advantage.
A CA Guy starts with an apocryphal quote about Johnson, and then argues that welfare (for blacks!) is the same as drug addiction. He ends by arguing that blacks were 'not unsuccessful' in the Jim Crow era and before:
They were all Republicans who were in 85% two parent households all the way until Johnson and welfare. There were recent White House recordings released where Johnson was recorded saying he created welfare so all the N!GG€R$ would vote Democrat for the next 200 years. They sold their souls for 30 pieces of welfare.

Democrats created the ghetto realities and lack of future that has become their current state of life, but as Johnson said, he gave the N words welfare so blacks will still vote Democrat. They gave up their self sufficiency in exchange for their government supplied taxpayer charity.

They were not unsuccessful before welfare. Starting and enabling welfare was like giving street drugs away to black families.
Mr. K argues that before Civil Rights racism was bad, but now it's legitimate:
What is NOT understood (or at least not talked about) is how LBJ’s “Great Society” destroyed black families.

There may have been prejudice before, but it was the stupid kind. Now it’s based on fear of violence or theft. I know people who owned a store in a mall... they said their views absolutely changed, when only 10% of their customers were black, but they were responsible for 90% of their shoplifting.
Aevery_Freeman also with the LBJ, and bonus eugenics!
Much of the current black population is a product of LBJ's Great Society program.

You do not give low-intelligence, ambition- and behaviorally-challenged people the resources to reproduce and achieve a positive result.

The inner-cities are the product of DemonRat policies.

We should probably pay them to not reproduce.
FreedomGuru thinks the problem is that blacks struggle against injustice, when unity demands they shut up:
Blacks need to quit being ‘black’ Americans and just be Americans. Sure they will come across racist but we all do, and we all have obstacles.

Newt STFU, at times he is brilliant but then he opens his mouth and out comes the garbage.
PeterPrinciple agrees - Blacks should just stop caring about discrimination. Because Freepers never complain about injustice for white straight old Christian men!
Half of being discriminated is real, half is perceived. How one responds reveals the soul. We ALL get discriminated against. I am a real BIGOT regarding behavior and character myself.
Himyar told his son to respect the police. This invalidates the existence of racism:
Gee, I’m white with a blue-eyed, light brown haired son. When he started driving, I gave him a big lecture about the police. Told him not to smart off, move suddenly and everything else I could think of. According to Newt, I guess I didn’t need to do that.
hal ogen unironically calls all blacks thugs:
I “understand” them and their sick thug culture. I want nothing to do with them until they reject the thug culture.
Miraculously, GOPJ acknowledges what Newt is saying, but thinks the time for empathy is after we rage at Black Lives Matter for a while:
Newt’s right.

Most white Americans have no idea what it’s like to be black... and white liberal elites have the least idea of all.

That said, even though Newt’s right - it might have been better to save the comment until tomorrow. Today we grieve for the senseless murders committed by black monsters.

Tomorrow we’ll work to understand...
Williams manages to write a post that's about as enlightened as any I've seen on Freep, except for the Trump will solve this bit:
You are all correct, blacks need to make adjustments. But in the end you have to talk with someone, not just tell them they are wrong. Blacks DO face greater risks because their community is engaging in far riskier behavior. That needs to be discussed. But DJT has promised to make America better for EVERYONE, and I believe him.

And I am filled with just as much anger about Dallas as anyone.
Wow, little jeremiah is really angry at Newt for even saying racism is a problem:
Don’t just go away, GET THE F*** AWAY!

Teaming up with Van Jones??? Commiepuke pro-black racist agitator?


Please, Mr. Trump, jettison this freak!
Haha Joe Boucher forgot that the latest talking points are that Newt was responsible for Clinton's 1993 budget!
When Newts congress took control of congress they spent likeit was some one elses money they were throwing away.

Instead pf cutting big gub mint they gave crappola to their buds.
Ms Mable is all set to hate another insufficiently liberal lady:
How many times did he mention Calista? It’s so annoying how he constantly injects her into his conversations.
Black Freeper Behind the Blue Wall rejects the idea of the black experience being a thing:
As a black person, I say shove it Newt! Nobody can entirely understand the experience of anyone else, regardless of race, class, gender, nationality, religion, etc., but it’s certainly possible for anyone to somewhat understand the experience of anyone else, again regardless of race, class, gender, nationality, religion, etc. 
The black/white divide is not something that’s singularly difficult to cross, for the most part we speak the same language, share much of the same history and culture. Gimme a break!
circlecity explains Newts personality flaws, and more or less describes Trump:
While I think Newt is a conservative at heart, a brilliant one at times, first and foremost he’s all about Newt. And the way for a politician to best advance their own personal interests is to play the establishment game and sell their self to the establishment. Newt has shown he’s more than willing to do this.
Queen of resentment cherry once again resents how awesome it is to be black in America:
it doesn’t “suck” to be black in get free camps/food/transportation/phones and if you have one lick of ambition, you can get a free college athletic scholarship and if you have a great shot at making millions for playing a stupid sport....
DIRTYSECRET explains that this is all political theater, like all of Trump's liberal flirtations!
You folks just don’t get it. Newt is setting himself up for the vp slot. Let the Donald call out the BLM folks AFTER he’s elected. That will soften things up when he ends Affirmative Action.
MinuteGal dreams even bigger- that Trump will pick *unnamed perfect Freep candidate*
I've maintained all along that Trump will pick someone whose name isn't in the mix...but someone we'll be delighted with.

Newt has been plastered all over the tube lately which to me is a clue that he's a designated spokesman and a purposeful red herring for the Trump campaign....and that the real veep candidate is lying in the weeds for dramatic effect just prior to the convention.


  1. Watermelon smile...

  2. Let me say in defense of my FR brethren, that even if we are racists it's not because we want to be. As Limbaugh found out on ESPN, a reference to race, in any way, shape or form, even in the context of criticizing someone else's racism is like punching de tar baby.

    And oops, there I've done it again and branded myself a racist by touching a taboo dialect and stolen folklore.

    Now let me harp on my favorite subject: race shall eventually fade away through procreation leaving diminishing returns to future Sylvester McMonkey McBeans.

    1. So why haven't you just made another account at free republic?

    2. That sort of thing makes you a racist to SJWs, it is tolerating the likes of Lazmacaine with his calls for genocide and so on that makes FR factually racist.

      You are living proof. You criticise Trump and you are zotted. Laz refers to black people as "obsolete farming implements" and he's still there. QED.

    3. Boy do I have an afternoon post for you!

    4. Well I think my account was just suspended temporarily but I don't trust my #NeverTrump tourettes to go back. Plus, I'm enjoying my alexa schadenfreude too much to add any unnecessary hits to during the Trump dark ages.

      Thanks for having me here, it's embarassing but fun!

    5. I don't think Limbaugh was ousted from covering the NFL because he was (is) racist. I think it's because he doesn't know shit about football.

      He basically said that black quarterbacks were picked for racial reasons and not because of their value.

      That's a stupid statement to make considering the value of an NFL team. They're not going to pick someone who is substandard just because he's black.

      That's idiotic.

    6. No he said liberal sportswriters overrated McNabb becuase they yearned for a successful black QB.

      I don't think anyone believes the NFL is a perfect meritocracy. Otherwise, why is ole butt-fumble Sanchez still around?

    7. Lazamataz is the most popular well loved FReeper of all time and his toungue is permanently stuck in his cheek. Everyone on FR knows he can't be a racist because he'd even "hit", as they say on FARK, alien chicks from outerspace.

    8. Hmmm. Laz as Thomas Jefferson? Well liked? Check. Flexible about the skin tone of his horizontal tango partners? Check. Rampant racist? Check. If it wasn't for the repetitious genocide cheer leading and the rolled up $10 bill in the nose, you might have a point.

    9. Sanchez is still around because anyone who can play in the NFL in the QB position already had a lucrative contract.

      Plus they got him for cheap.

      So you really do think a professional football team would actually hire someone specifically because of their race?

      You're serious?

  3. You'uns are wasting yore valuable time
    picking on every little thing over at
    Free Republic. There ARE normal, reasonable
    people over there.

    Oh yeah. -




    1. So since you are bitter about not being able to blow bill while he was in office, do you plan on trying to blow him when he is the frist husband?

  4. How on Earth do you get "Barky" out of Obama??

    Forget it Jake, it's Freepertown.

    1. His frist name is Barack......

    2. 1. Yeah, I gathered it was from Barack. Also, about as clever as any nicknames over there, which is to say anemic.

      2. This is about the 30th reference to Chinatown I've run across in the past month. Never seen it,but it's cued up to he watched this week. Only because of the constant references.

    3. It's a good movie, the sequel...not so much but it does tie up a few loose ends

    4. I'm embarrassed to say I've read enough of the birther threads to get this, but I think "barky" comes from one or two places: The surname "Soebarkah," and the fact that Obama admitted to being served dog as a child. I read these over 4 years ago, so if my memory is faulty, I'm fine with being corrected.

  5. "Today we grieve for the senseless murders committed by black monsters.

    Tomorrow we’ll work to understand..."

    Sounds exactly like the "it's too soon" comments pro-gun folks pull out after an incident. And then conveniently forget to actually have the gun regulation discussion.

    I won't even bother with the "black monsters" comment, because you can argue with crazy.

  6. Newt is just racist enough. Yesterday, Freepers despised him for sympathizing with blacks. What a difference a day makes. Now they adore him for publicly calling for a test and deportation for Muslims. At this point, their ideas of governance is simple howls for racial cleansing, and little else.