Thursday, July 7, 2016

The killing of Alton Sterling

Oy. Like mass shootings, I've been kind of slow rolling the whole police brutality thing because Freepers have their well-worn tactics that don't change. "He was no angel" "I'll bet viewed from another angle he was about to kill the cops!" "I'll bet his mom thinks he's innocent haw haw."

But the police seem to have a way of bringing increasingly awful scenarios to the fore, where I need to make sure Freepers haven't hit their limits.

Turns out the latest, holding a guy down with his arm pinned, then yelling he has a gun (in an open carry state) and just shooting him in the chest? Not Freepers' limit. I wish I were surprised - I was more curious how they tried to spin the indefensible.

dp0622 is sure the only reason this is covered is to prop up Hillary:
it’s going to be a long hot summer. This will be played up big to distract from Hillary’s non indictment.
dp0622 smugly states he lives in Staten Island, so he's safe from the inevitable black rioting Freepers enjoy confirmation-biasing to delegitimize every black story:
You all I know is I’m glad I’m not working in Manhattan anymore and I’m on Staten Island. I won’t have to see or be around any of the riots. they don’t ride it out here because they are outnumbered ten-to-one.
dp0622 next pivots to 'this ain't no thing.' Really throwing everything he can against the wall on this one.
350 million people in the country and a bad shoot happens several times a year. and it’s front-page news. great
I want the USA back carefully places thug in his faulty parallel:
White cop + black man killed= massive outrage.
Black thug + white cop killed= media and dems don’t care.
See, when the cop kills the black man? they usually walk. Cop killers? Not so much.

mothball also argues that the existence of murder means cops killing blacks is nothing special:
You know what’s sad? There was little 21 year old white girl who managed a Raising Cane’s restaurant in New Orleans. 3 black guys robbed, her and stabbed her to death and not a peep on any of the news channels. This happened last week.
Neoliberalnot says he spoke to the cops, and things are not what they seem like on the video:
I talked with somebody from BTR. Sterling shot first.
Guys, Neoliberalnot is super important and going to be involved in the case:
I got a phone call a couple of hours ago filling me in on the story. I have to go down there for a meeting on Monday and Tuesday and was told I would be transported to the venue in a safe manner.
Is it just me or is Freeper self-aggrandizement way up lately? Trump rubbing off?

Trump20162020 knows why the media cares about what looks like a police execution:
Want to know why? The officer is supposedly a Donald Trump supporter.
Sarah Barracuda notes that the suspect was no angel:
Read the suspect is a convicted sex the media wont be reporting on that fact
Red in Blue PA also endorses the death penalty for just kinda being a bad guy:
Ex-felon with a record.

Possesses an illegal gun.

Is threatening people with gun outside of the store (why police were called in the first place).

Does not comply with cop commands.

Fights cops while on the ground.

And people wonder why he was shot? Really?
Couldn't trim MadMax, the Grinning Reaper's screed much, but it boils down to crying "won't someone please think of the poor police" right after the police shot a guy:
Sadly this is a DOJ scheme to delegitimize the police and the make black criminals into innocent victims of police brutality.

Just look at who is saying what and doing what. It is truly a LYNCH MOB.

I’m all for good policing but today cops, especially white ones, are in the sights of the Marxist Dream Defenders, Black Lives Matter, the racist NAACP, and the Marxist Congressional Black Caucus.

Justice is supposed to be color blind, equal for all no matter the color of their skin, religion, or ethnic originals. The Obama regime has stuck a stick in Lady Liberty’s eyes, blinding her and substituting the pronouncements of a handful of black extremists and Marxist as the “truth” instead of having professional investigations.

Don’t believe me? Remember what Obama said about the police and Prof. Gates at Cambridge, yet it was the arresting white police officer who helped Gates walk down some steps while fearless leader O ignored his need for support and walked ahead like some imperial emperor.

The same for the incredibly racially biased speak that Baltimore City DA Mosby gave to an almost all black crowd (with some white Marxists from PPA mixed in), about the Michael Grey case. Not “Justice” for all, but “justice for Michael Grey”.

New York City is down the toilet on real law enforcement due to the election of commie Mayor DeBlasio (not his real name) and the Marxist led City Council and various “commissions”.

California - forget it. Even Karl Marx is jealous of them and their totalitarian government(s).

Philadelphia - another leftist craphole, led by crooks and racists.

Etc, etc, etc.

Real justice is becoming more of a memory than a reality thanks to the Comrade in Chief and his appointments of anti-American, racist advisors and high level department/agency leaders.
TMSuchman doesn't care what cops do if abortion is legal! Also, Civil War 2.
I am growing more & more sick & tire of the liberal bull crap! 
It is they the liberals who have committed mass murder in our nation, allowed for the genocide of our infants, & now for the out right breaking of laws ! 
And it will be the cleansing of liberals from this land/s when the lead starts to fly! For liberals are a plague upon our lands!!
"People are angry the police seem to have needlessly executed a black guy? Abortion! Lets kill all the liberals!" Whatta (highly armed) loon.

Molon Labbie brings what I was looking for - a detailed speculation of how there's a bunch of stuff we didn't see that makes the cops totally blameless:
I would surmise these officers were going to pat him down, he resisted that, it turned into an arrest situation, he resisted that as well.

They got him down on the ground to get him into position for non-compliant handcuffing. He resisted that. The officer straddling him felt the weapon and/or Sterling was reaching for the pocket the weapon was suspected to be in, an overt action that demanded an overt response.

Those officers gave him an opportunity to save his own life. He chose not to. Adult decisions have adult consequences.

With this new video, it can’t be said they planted the gun, or didn’t have cameras on, both of which can be seen dangling off of them.

Good shoot. CVS pays the tab.
Molon Labbie then moves on to the officious victim blaming:
This guy was not a law abiding citizen. A convicted felon, child molester. There is evidence that he pointed a gun at someone and the police were called to investigate. They were legally and lawfully present, he was not and when it was evident that they intended to discover if he was armed, he fought and died for it.

Don’t be mistaken, this guy did not die for gun rights, or against tyranny. He died as he lived, a criminal, fighting the police.

All of the things he did fly in the face of what responsible gun owners stand for.

Executions happen when you are completely helpless and unable to resist. He resisted, and in such a way that made the officers believe their lives were in danger. It’s a shame that he put himself and them in that situation.

I have yet to see a video where a white guy fought black officers and they had to kill him...maybe its out there.
AllAmericanGirl44 has decided the police are very sorry, which is what should matter. But those blacks will probably still be angry, the ungrateful nig rabid BLM-ers!
for me, I saw an officer clearly distressed after the shot that took the man’s life. You can hear it in his reaction.

There is no winning with this BLM movement, they are rabid and determined. I am so angry that white cops deal with this crap ALL DAY LONG.
Blacks cops shoot black guys too, lady.

To get some of that bile out of your mouth, I'll leave you with a shoutout to Freepers sargon, MeganC, and Crucial for having their limits exceeded here.


  1. "You know what’s sad? There was little 21 year old white girl who managed a Raising Cane’s restaurant in New Orleans. 3 black guys robbed, her and stabbed her to death and not a peep on any of the news channels. This happened last week."

    Is this guy shitting me?!

    I live in New Orleans and this is all over.

    It's also not exactly as newsworthy as a police officer shooting a man that was being held by another officer!

  2. Even more wonderful than this shoot was the one from last night in Minnesota:

    The mental gymnastics these Freepers have to do.

    My favorite is this goofball (who is actually called out by another Freeper):

    Okay, media.. Do your thing!! Conventions coming up and lots of black dudes getting shot by cops just in time. False flag? Crisis actors? Oh wait, just coincidences I’m sure like chatting grandkids and golf on a plane with Loretta Lynch!

    15 posted on 7/7/2016, 12:52:55 AM by CivilWarBrewing (Females DESTROYED America.)

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    2. Yawn redux, someone's bitter they never got to blow Bill.

  4. Gotta say, Freep does surprise sometimes. They definitely don't seem to be taking the cop's side in the Minnesota shooting:

    1. well, the whole thing was filmed so they didn't have much wiggle room

      plus he had a CCW, so that means he's probaby one of the good darkies

    2. Somehow the cop will become liberal magically and the victim a Trump supporter

    3. First off, the cop appears to be "asian", so that gives freepers a reason to perhaps consider both sides ... no whitey involved to automatically rally behind.

  5. "I have yet to see a video where a white guy fought black officers and they had to kill him...maybe its out there."

    I wonder, is there a reaction on FP to the new cell phone video of Dylan Noble getting shot? The last 2 shots into him while he's on his belly are waaay spaces out and clearly not justified.

    And he's a white self-described country boy who didn't have a gun.

  6. "for me, I saw an officer clearly distressed after the shot that took the man’s life. You can hear it in his reaction."

    Please, lets be honest here AllAmericanGirl44. You saw one of "your tribe" killing one of "that other tribe". That's all good since your tribe came out on top in the Darwinist law of the jungle.

    Now when the "other tribe" whats to do something bad to "your tribe" you will hide behind civilization and laws and scream that they can't because "it's against the law."

  7. Lavoy Finnicum took up arms against the government, trespassed, drove around a police roadblock, crashed his truck and got out of the vehicle and ran toward police. Freepers mourn that he was "executed."

    At least half this country is completely full of shit and believes their own legend.

  8. Sadly, when cops are killed at a rally in Dallas, Freepers waste no time getting racist:

    1. "Have you ever received emails from black co-workers? For many, their speech pattern isn’t a dialect - it is Pre-K English. I’m not kidding; it is quickly obvious you are dealing with a non-reading population."

      28 posted on 7/8/2016, 5:12:10 AM by kearnyirish2 (Affirmative action is economic warfare against white males (and therefore white families).)

    2. Yeah, gonna have to post something on Sunday.

      I also like this thread:

      "Next Trump rally in NYC I am going and I am ready to rock n roll if need be.

      OK, I WANT TO!!!

      But I know that’s wrong."

      22 posted on 7/8/2016, 2:15:18 AM by dp0622 (The only thing an upper crust conservative hates more than a liberal is a middle class conservative)
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  9. Let's pray these tragedies stay rare. Amen?

    Luke 13:2
    And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that these Galilaeans were sinners above all the Galilaeans, because they suffered such things?