Tuesday, July 19, 2016

a T penetrating a P

In another false start on the Pence-Veep rollout, the Internet found something suggestive about Trump/Pence's initial logo, and after a day of mirth the logo was replaced with the usual 'name above other name' style.

Whenever the right is mocked for something involving sex, Freepers' reactions are always the height of blinkered hypocrisy. A Freepers will clutch their pearls that anyone could be so vulgar, while at the same time two other try to hit back with equal vulgarity. It makes for quite a rollicking thread!

dp0622 tries to argue no one cares:
i dont have the cleanest mind and i didn’t notice that at all.

And as a person who did graphics for 20 years, I think both logos suck.

But people dont vote on logos.
Kandy Atz judges everyone who gets dirty jokes:
It says much more about the people who see “something” in the logo. 
I am in my 50s, worked in advertising/marketing for much of my career, even once had Playboy as a client, and yet I did not see it until it hit social media. I also had no clue why the left was getting so excited calling Patriots tea baggers.
xp38 also sniffs in disdain:
Possessing a junior high school level of maturity helps as well.

That is pretty much the whole left in summary.
miserare shows that classy Freepers would never stoop so low:
Of course, all the fairies in the Dem party would see it as male intercourse, because that is all that they ever think about. Fairyism dominates the Dem Brand.

OTOH...TP??? Really? The Toilet Paper Party?

Hey, Hillary—go wipe your ass.

They are going to wipe up the floor with you and all your silly 7th grade mentality campaign directors.

slouper argues Trump didn't back down, he proactively addressed a problem!
Yes, but the point was to get Trump to jump through hoops . . . and it worked.

Not really, as Barney Fife used to say, they’re just nipping it in the bud.
glenduh knows the new boring one is the bees knees:
I like new one. Doesn’t stray far from the Trump primary logo. Great contrast. Will fit well on campaign gear and lawn signs.
N. Theknow also keeps things upscale with doodoo humor:
While Democrats try to polish the turd that is Hillary, Trump/Pence are poised to wipe out the assholes.
Williams can't imagine anyone who would be so childish...also, Hillary's a lesbian.
Just as well but come on you have to have a childish filthy mind to think two letters are sexual.

If you want penetration, there is Hillary - Huma. That’s the real unreported story. A Muslim seducer influencing Hillary to bring in millions of Islamists to change America.
Pilgrim's Progress sees things I do not:
I like it. What I see it a T and a P crushing an H. Too bad they bowed to the PC police so soon.
tumblindice, in the midst of all the petty chaos, is arguing this is nothing:
Sure they’ll come up with something even better in time.

As mild-mannered Michelin chef Gordon Ramsay put it, it doesn’t really matter what you name your restaurant as long as the food and service are good.
EDINVA goes for the counterpunch that this mockable logo shows Hillary's campaign is the silly one:
That really IS a stretch. It’s stunning the incredible petty $#it some people are coming up with, like Hillary!’s adolescent “Pence is Trump with a different haircut” ... seriously?

First of all you can tell off the bat that Hillary! didn’t come up with that stupid line, but that some PajamaBoy did, and one could easily wager it was run thru a focus group WEEKS ago, before any Pence announcement .. it was something that she’d use regardless of whomever Trump might endorse.

I’m beginning to think her campaign is even worse than Cruz’s was (is).
I think Hillary’s Logo is much more suggestive of what they are claiming, only it represents what she will be doing to ALL of the US citizenry.

lol. Her logo should be a hippo stepping on the US.


  1. The obsession with Zero's logo was vast and enduring on FR. There is probably still a live thread on it somewhere. I think thr last I heard was that it combined the Muslim faction of NAMBLA with the Weather Underground or something.

    1. Some Freepers are extraordinarily visual creatures. All crescents are Islamic moons, all liberal women are ugly. It's a bit like numerology, in it's assumption of the significance of patterns.

      I'm not very visual at all, and find it really fascinating when I bring it up.

  2. TRUMP'S kids are doing a great job of
    speaking & promoting their father. He's
    done something right with them.

    CHRISTIE also did a good job of laying
    out HILLARY'S abysmal success in setting
    the world (literally) on fire everywhere
    you look.

    OK. I'll shut up and let ya'll stew in
    your own juices. I'll be voting for
    DONALD JOHN TRUMP in November, God willing.
    with hopes that DONALD JOHN TRUMP, JR.
    will serve the country in some capacity.

    OBAMA has certainly set the world literally
    on fire; so I do not fear what TRUMP will

    I'm voting against the originally planned
    CLINTON DYNASTY that was to be first 8 yrs.
    of Bill, then 8 yrs. of Al Gore, then 8 yrs.
    of Hillary Clinton, (then I suppose by that
    time Chelsea would be ready for her
    "coronation"). The CLINTON DYNASTY?!!
    HELL NO!!!!!


    1. I am now literally stewing in my own juices

    2. So twinkie, how much do you spend thinking about Bill's juices?

    3. You are against dynasties but right from the start you want Trumpolini Jr. lined up for the future?

      "Logic" thought twinkles. "I've heard of it. Sounded like a commie idea to me".

    4. Literally on fire? Like, literally literally?

    5. Too bad Twinkster, Trumpence is sailing into Romney's +47% headwind on the hunt for a student loan bailout and single payer. Ambiguous promises of "America Greatness" ain't going to hold up against a real vote buying operation.

      We would also have had this problem even if a real conservative had won the GOP nomination.

    6. That, and the fact that his entire campaign is based upon the premise that America sucks. Why does Drumpf hate America so?

  3. dp622 is probably the most unpleasant freeper.