Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Spotlight: DesertRhino

When I saw this guy pivot from loudly proclaiming over and over that the Brexit vote was fixed to saying 'eh, it's advisory anyhow,' I knew it was time.

The best thing about him is his proud double standards. Lots of Freepers at least try for a fig leaf of consistency in their rules, if not empathy. But not DesertRino! He'll proudly decry blacks with guns or liberals being allowed to speak. He'll often follow up with sweeping statements that are breathtakingly false. Obama's uneducated, the English live in constant fear Jihad, 9-11 First Responders are mostly scammers. And the usual Freep bromide that all mass shooters hate conservatives.

Interestingly, he doesn't allow other Freepers to do the same. He'll correct them if their generalization doesn't jibe with his own, and is an enthusiastic fan of long Internet slap-matches over esoteric historical trivia that some poor other Freeper was trying to use to make Obama look bad. This also means he'll take on (and get really petty and nasty with) the legions of anti-Vaxxers on Free Republic. It's tempting to call this a good thing, but he also thinks Autism is mostly a hoax by women who want attention so....

He's a bit torn on mass shootings. He thinks they've all been liberals, but he also likes to discuss how this event or that invites a righteous mass shooting any day now.

Also a fan of inchoate resistance to Democrats ("direct crushing power on local dems EVERYWHERE"), because he's convinced we all want to kill/enslave him. Mix that self-absorbed paranoia with the gun thing and he'd be a bit scary if I hadn't been watching Freep for so long.

His sexism is the sort that used to amaze me but is becoming standard Freep faire. Feminists, family courts, untainted foreign women, it's all there.

I also have some real love for his 'If Anne Frank had an AK-47' analysis.

Trump may destroy a bigger evil empire than when Reagan singlehandedly took out the USSR
When Trump almost single handed destroys a Soviet Union type entity without a single shoot fired.

And that entity MIGHT be the US government that has cone completely fascist and internationalist. That’s the entity I want him to destroy. And if he does, yes, he will even be greater than Reagan.

We could have existed in perpetuity with a hostile USSR. We wont last long with the government we have. That is an existential crisis.
The Brexit vote will be rigged:
The result is a very close race, and they will vote to stay in the EU.
How can anybody seriously believe that government that has worked for this for decades will allow the rubes to vote it all away in an afternoon.

This is theater. It lets people think they have a voice, and also lets the government have room for everything else they want to, “the people clearly voted to stay in the EU”.
No, really, Remain is inevitable!
No matter what the polling and voting, it will lose of course. This is theater, nothing more. Just watch...

Reminds me of shooting the star out at the carnival with the BB machine guns. “wow... you were so close! Better luck next time”.
For sure, guys, the fix is in!
As I said earlier. It will be a nail biter... super close. And of course, remain will win. No matter what the numbers are. This is pure theater. There is no way the British and EU government will let decades of work be undone in an afternoon by a vote of the rubes.
So leave won? Well any fool can see it's nonbinding. Still never happen.
But this vote was non-binding on Parliament. It was “advisory’ only. Now Parliament will say there was no clear mandate and will never do it.

Wait and watch. its the pattern with EU votes.
Englishmen lie to pollsters because they live in eternal fear of secret Muslims:
Tricking pollsters is always fun, and can only make conservatives work harder. But England has gone Orwell. It really could be dangerous to your job or expose you to prosecution to say the wrong thing to some pollster. Also remember that this is the UK, and the pollster could be a moslem.

The wrong truthful answer on the most crucial topics in the election could quite literally get you murdered.
One day, England will be our Muslim enemy:
It isn’t here yet, but the day is fast approaching, inside 20 years, that the UK will be a threat to the USA.
It is being islamicized on a rocket sled.

While we worry ourselves sick over an Iranian bomb, the moslems are about to simply be handed the keys to 4 Trident firing nuclear subs. They already have moslems on crews. The day is fast approaching that Captain Mohammed bin Salami will take his boatload of nuclear missiles out into the Atlantic....on routine patrol.

We should be planning for that day now. And the fact that they are becoming an Islamic nation means we should already be cutting them off from our most sensitive warfighting technology.
Conservative now means anti-Freeper.
Conservative as a term has been ruined. Now it means constant neocon war, open borders, unlimited immigration, homosexuality, rabid domestic spying and and insane fiscal policy.
Hillary didn't sign 'I love you' to Elizabeth Warren, it was 'Hail Satan!'
Sorry sparky, the satanic definition is about 1000 to one over the “I love you” one.
FEMA Camps
And FEMA is the federal skeleton of any martial law implementation. FEMA should be one target, then the creepy Nazi named Homeland Security Dept.
They now have about the same manpower as the USMC, and twice the budget. And they are aimed right at us.
Boeing was behind the Iran nuclear deal!
So Boeing bribed Obama and the GOP, to do the Iran deal, so Iran could use some of those billions to buy Boeing jets, but they want a guarantee what Iran will put inside the jets for cargo.

Wow... just wow. With the corporate and political leadership in this country, no wonder we have become a laughingstock.
Though he'll correct you about your WW-II historical revisionism:
And, you may know that the FBI had lengthy nation-wide arrest lists made up prior to Dec 7, 1941 and took prompt action during the days thereafter.

Nope. There was no such “arrest list” in 1941. That was created during the cold war era in event of war with Russia.
But his history does indicate that Texas can totally break itself into 5 states anytime it wants:
It is now subject to the same constitutional restraints as every other state.

Not exactly, for one thing it has the right to split into as many as 5 states. Texas could have 10 senators essentially if it pleases.
The Fed is behind policies from World War 2 to the Great Society:
The Fed makes it’s money by loaning money to the Government and charging the government interest. The best way to make sure the government needs to borrow a lot of money is to encourage war and massive social spending.

The fed is the direct cause of hot and cold wars, and things like Great Society, National Healthcare, etc.
And now DR versus the anti-Vaxxers.
Real bright. Maybe you can explain why polio and most diseases we all had in the old days went away?
And why they all came back when the nutty anti-vaxers started their luddite jihad?
Luddite jihad. Heh. Rage is clearly his muse.

Internet pedantry feels female to him:
Wait a minute. Trying to get you to answer a very simple question has a very familiar feel to it.

Are you a chick?
And pulling seniority like a tool:
Because I’ve been here a year longer than you....noob. And I earned the right to my opinion here. The 1950s had it right on polio and whooping cough vaccines.
Everything isn’t Bunker Hill moron.
Now he's left the realm of debate and entered pure assholedom.
Sooo... You don’t at all think it’s strange that you’re getting so angry at me that your willing to insult and belittle me?

I know the interwebs are kinda scary, and not everyone is nice and polite. It’ll be ok.
Crying about his Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
there aren’t enough slender American women who care about their appearance to fill those jobs. Just look at Sports Illustrated this year.
There was an immense one that loves the water. Helps her support her immense weight.
Spouses of politicians are all 'political bedwarmers.'
Political bed warmers need to stfu. Military or political spouses who think they wear the same rank are annoying.
Ukrainian women are submissive enough, and World War 2 was an 'explosion of gayness:'
Yes, lets drop a nuke on one of the last free range populations of non-feminism tainted beautiful women on earth. This dovetails in nicely with my theory that the Germans in WWII were basically an explosion of gayness.
You know who really hates women? Liberals!
This is 100% typical of every communist movement that has ever existed. Lots of talk about liberating women,,then treat em like crap once in power. Soviets, Pol Pot, the VC, Mao, hugo, Fidel and Che’,, Bill Ayers and weather underground, the Sandinistas, the Norks.

Add in the muslim influence and it makes even more sense.
All mass shooters have hated conservatives and were no Ritalin!
Every one of these nuts has been a passionate hater of conservatives, and on the ADDHD dope. There’s no way 15% of the population has a disease where the diagnostic test is a checklist.
Though sometimes a light mass shooting is defensive
Imagine the terror involved in losing one’s job coupled with the inability to find another due to being UN-PC. The left acts conservatives talk.

Such things have historically lead to defensive violence.
The NRA giving out guns to blacks? But they are all rioters!
The leader of a Missouri Oath Keepers group is planning the experimental protest, hoping to arm 50 black people with rifles to demonstrate the meaning of the state’s open-carry law.

Handing out rifles to the Michael Brown protesters is sick.
Family law is enough to turn a Christian man to righteous mass shooters though
Think of the most religious, family loving men you know. Then watch as they are accused of unspeakable crimes against their kids, as everything they valued is legally stripped away with pure lies,,,watch as they are subjected to gleeful cruelty. It does destroy some decent men. Not everyone is Job, who endured.

Family law in America is designed to grind men into dust,,, not all people survive the process with their sanity intact.
If Scott Walker is prosecuted, it's shootin' time!
criminal scheme

This is right out of a circa 1922 Soviet playbook. Unbelievable to be watching it happen again before my eyes. But I do have faith that the information age combined with the 2nd amendment will check this attack in time.
2009 - Obama's coming to take our guuuns!
This story means ONE thing only, he is going to confiscate IRAs and 401k’s. They will stay in our “name”. But as with SS Taxes, he can put it into the treasury and leave you with IOUs. And they will be sure, like SS, you cannot pass it on to your children.

“when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”.

How do we rid ourselves of this dictator? How do we defang his power until that time? We need to direct crushing power on local dems EVERYWHERE you find them. They ignore us at their peril.
If Anne Frank had an AK...
Anne Frank’s family was in an Apartment. The entrance was extremely small. A person had to stoop to enter. The small squad of one Nazi cop and a few Dutch cops, could have been wiped out with one carefully thought out ambush using one 30 round mag.

With a single AR or AK, it would have been completely possible to have killed them all. Even a Remington 870 could have done fine. The family could have left and vanished out a backdoor. Very possible they could have got away.

And if they didn’t, such goings on would have meant that the Nazi police force in Amsterdam would have had to do such investigations much more tactically, with more officers, and with better weapons. This would have taxed the murder machine further. Any participant in such a murder enterprise that is targeted slows the bureacracy, the more, and the more scattered through the machinery, the better.

Anne’s family needed an AK.
Only China is still imperialist enough to properly recolonize Africa:
Id honestly rather see the Chinese all over Africa than us or Europe. They want to agressively mine, drill, cut timber, farm crops, build dams, develop water, etc.
The Chinese brook absolutely no BS from the moslems if they want to hurt commerce. Heck, Chinese men are also happy to find wives there. And the Chinese don’t believe in global warming either.

All we send to Africa is female college students who want to teach conflict resolution and condom use for 6 months, and solar powered laptops. Don’t believe me, spend a day or two on a college campus and ask kids about working in Africa. We send kids with no useful skill set.
Euthanasia will soon mean suicide is expected:
You couldn’t be more wrong. The minute it is a “right” to choose euthanasia or assisted suicide, it will then be expected. Those who don’t will be seen as selfish.
I cannot think of anything more foul than a bunch of relatives subtly letting someone know that staying alive in their condition is selfish.
The usual complaint that voters always go for the cool Democrats. And by voters he means women.
It’s like standing there like a boxer from 1920, with his Queensbury rules, ready for fisticuffs,, facing a modern MMA cage champion or steroids. It’s no contest.

While we win debate points, they made Obama cool with the “Obama Girl” video,, etc etc,,, It’s a legit enemy stronghold to reduce.

So as we cooly win policy debates,,, they win elections with this uneducated guy, mostly because they made Bush a laughingstock, and because he could dance with ellen degenerate. The young that voted for Obama largely did it because he was like the people they party with.

And another clue for you,, while many people do vote based upon stodgy, respectful, wonky tactics, many respond to “who is cooler”, who doesn’t know how a cash register works,, who knows the price of eggs,, many women even vote for the one they would most like to screw. Crazy??? Yes. Real?? Also yes. We must appeal to them all.
"they win elections with this uneducated guy." Haha Wow.

Petty false lies about Obama are good and moral politics:
Every attack is useful. Every new way to ridicule him is another of the 1000 cuts that helps destroy this America-hating prick.

Review your Alinski. And remember the rules have changed, we get to do it too now. They days of “Bush chimp hitler” while we play by approved gentlemanly rules are over. Our playing policy wonk, while they can do absolutely ANYTHING is how we got here in the first place.
Visiting a gun store and sensing revolution in the air, c. 2012.
I think the kenyan bastard (mods, i mean that literally, i think his father was a bigamist, therefore “the one” is a bastard) has kicked a hornets nest and doesn’t even know it yet.

I visited a huge gun store in my southwestern city today. First time for me since the Sandy Hook murders were exploited by the blood dancers.

I was shocked like never before. It was utterly different than the Clinton assault rifle ban days. The store looked like a swarm of locusts had come through. Only a few tired 50 year old sporters, antiques, and a few revolvers were left. NO magazines of any kind, and ammo was almost gone. They were rationing out ammo a box at a time to buyers so everyone coud get a few of the remaining rounds.

Rattled, i went to another store just to see how bad it was. They also have an indoor range. It was the same story, only worse. All the rifles and pistols were gone. All the ammo was gone. The range was filled on all lanes, and 6 parties were waiting in line for their turn.

Everyone was a little pissed off. Polite to each other, with grim nods to strangers to say hi, holding doors for someone carrying something, etc. But there was a perceptable and unmistakable anger in the air.

People aren’t plunking down hard earned money for something they intend to turn in a month or two from now. Something feels different. Defiance is floating around.

People are flat pissed off. The politicians had better take fair warning, apologize and never go this route again. I think any moves to register or confiscate or interfere with private sales will likely be met by violence. Just a feeling i get. I defy anyone to belly up to a gun counter and listen for 5 minutes and see if you don’t get the same vibe.

This is bad bad bad,,, Obama has gone too far.
Obama's not really black enough for Civil Rights to matter to him
Obama has no slave background. His only connection to America was his white mother. He was no relance to the civil rights movement.
Police Pepper-Spray Demonstrators at UC Davis
They are complete enemies of this nation, wish to create an American USSR, and deserved way more violence than they received.
Birther-cum-Bin Laden truther:
This explains the sudden release of the birth certificate last wednesday. He knew it was about to be drowned out in this story,,,,
Against funding the 9-11 First Responders Bill
Nobody begrudges legitimate first responders legitimate medical bills being paid. But this is Carte Blanche beyond sanity. Being New York,, it will be scammed 6 ways from sunday and exploited to the hilt. A “first responder” (definition: half of New York State) gets a skin cancer in 15 years later,,, it will be because of 9/11. They all get depression and medically retire. Heart attack,, 9/11. Shingles,,9/11. People are sick of NY milking this for all its worth IMO. This from the people that still haven’t rebuilt it a decade later.

Besides, there is another issue. New York state needs to pay their own workers comp claims. And they should sue the Saudis.
Autism isn't real.
Women love drama and love to be victims. Autism lets them say their kid is so smart they need special care.

Its just chick drama. 99% is fake and they only need a crack on the ass to make them act right.


  1. I have to admit, this guy is one of my favorites.

    He's also one of the only ones to get under my skin, particularly because he's so wrong all the time.

    There's nothing better when he corrects another Freeper's bad information with information that's just as bad!

    I don't know how many times Rhino has made me click 'close' on my browser, but the times are many.

    P.S.: I think this guy and HarleyLady should get together and have an angry baby.

  2. P.S., Here's a good one!

    Angry Freepers quietly discuss amongst themselves how high a flag should fly.

    1. Good find, that is some classic freep right there.

  3. I go over to Free Republic fairly often; but
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    2. Yeah seriously, lately your material is about as stale as aunt Hannie's lady bits

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    4. I'm not one to go all Freeper Zot on someone, but is there a way to limit Twinkie's strange, Autistic ramblings to one per day?

    5. That's Ozzy's call, although I think deleting Twinkies posts would only encourage her to post more.

  4. they win elections with this uneducated guy, mostly because they made Bush a laughingstock

    Bush did that all by himself. Same way Freepers do. Would anyone EVER admit to being one of these nitwits with their real name?

  5. What's with this guy and using commas like periods?

    I'd say more, but there SO much facepalm I'm overwhelmed.

  6. "Anne’s family needed an AK."

    what if spartacus had a piper cub?

    1. I just pissed myself laughing.

  7. HINTS: E-Z BOILED EGGS: Put eggs in a
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    ONE MINUTE exactly. - Put lid on pot. Let
    it sit for 15 min. - Pour out hot water &
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    TO SHARPEN NEEDLES: Get ya'll's selves a
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  8. Five Confirmed False Flags and How to Spot Them in the Future

    Of course, they all range from the 40s to the early 60s with COINTELPRO ending in about 1970...but this list is legitimate for every creepy Freeper who continues to live in the past.

    1. It goes from false flag to globalization back to false flag and even some Sandy hook. Oh Freepers

    2. The thread has been pulled by JimRob. Reason: No thanks.

    3. I'm not going to give ya'll any more
      helpful household hints because
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      Oh yesh. I almost forgot . . . . .

      President of the United States of

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    4. Twinkie King: (Yawn) TL;DR

    5. Pretty much.

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  9. Harleylady's baby might inherit the chubby gene: