Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. II

dfwgator is sounding like the Bernie supporters I know:
If you loved W, you’ll love Hillary.
You know 'eat the rich?' Justa wants to eat the bureaucrats:
Bureaucrat Steak with Onions and Gravy

“An easy-to-make classic featuring tasty feted bureaucrat ‘steaks’ smothered in gravy and onions. Traditionally served with hot white rice or potatoes, it’s a great way to dress up a pound of ground primate and you probably have all the ingredients on hand!”
dp0622 name-checks the guy who got shot in that Oregon standoff. But doesn't bother with a name, as befits the tool he has become.
If hitlery wins and the time comes when there are SO MANY reasons to arrest us, they will not come lightly.

Perhaps they will shoot us dead like they did that patriot a few months ago.
Love how glory-hungry Freepers see everything from politics to immigration to the Cold War as another World War. Like. Right_Wing_Madman and the EU:
Poor Germany. They’ve tried to conquer Europe three times in the past 100 years and just can’t get it right. And they don’t have any Panzer divisions in reserve this time.
Funny how only people like Jacquerie talk about the coming race war:
I grow weary of negroes with chips on their shoulders.

Among the goals of the Left is a civil race war. My family lives where it does with that in mind.
Like so many racists, Spirochete has mixed up correlation with causation again!
I produced a similar list as a self-education project, and learned that nearly tangible object in the modern world was invented by a white male, or depends in some way on the prior art of a white male.

Furthermore, after 1800 nearly everything was invented by an Englishman or Anglo-American. Other have nationalities made small contributions but were and remain a very distant second to these two.
Off the top of my head, dude may want to check on nuclear physics. So many Hungarian Jews!

In Ciexyz's list of middle class people problems, what the heck are high gas prices doing there?
IMO, the global elites got too greedy.

People can overlook a lot of misery but when it’s eight years of economic stagnation, higher gas prices that fluctuate all the time and are going up again before Obama leaves office, pennies in interest on our bank savings accounts and CD’S which is unfair because they changed the rules in the middle of the game, lies from the government, a sense of hopelessness for older people as retirement becomes difficult, the sense that the elites are buying votes by skewing policies to favor immigrants and younger persons to the detriment of older voters - what do the elites expect voters to do?
Benghazi Report comes out. Liz shows how even the straw-graspers have fallen back on talking about the initial blaming on the youtube video.
headstamp 2 makes some sick burns about how warmonger Obama's military is all diplomatic.
In Obama’s world it should become,



DungeonMaster sits bitterly watching black kids play:
I live next to an elementary school with a "diverse" group of kids. I'm noticing that on the playground really foul language is ignored. 
Said foul language has a very noticeable racial component to it therefore the school either cannot or voluntarily will not discipline it because that would be critical of a culture. A non-white culture!
DiogenesLamp thinks creating an empire of slavery is none of your business:
If I want to leave an association which I feel no longer serves my interests, I don't have to justify my reasons. I can leave for any D@mn well reason that I please.

But *YOU* on the other hand, in laying your hands on me to keep me from leaving, *YOUR REASONS* D@mn well better be good ones.

The person who initiates the violence is the one who needs to explain their actions, not the person who wants to be left alone.
DiogenesLamp also advocates for just mindlessly repeating anti-Hillary BS.
You can see why Hillary gets away with everything because her legions of dunces and idiot supporters constantly make excuses for her and refuse to see the truth about her.

The solution is just keep repeating the accusations. We live in a world where you don't have to prove anything. Just keep repeating it, and the ignorant stupid millenials will eventually believe it.
PeaRidge has a new Civil War revisionism I hadn't heard of:
The government was on the verge of collapse when Lincoln took office, and most of the northern apologists posting here know it.

Before he took office, New York was making plans to secede. When the Confederacy announced its much lower tariff rates, governors and businessmen clamored for war.

Lincoln accommodated them by invading Charleston and Pensacola.
Rugged individualist CARDINALRULES is a delicate flower:
Back in the 90’s when McDonalds had Coke floats in glass mugs one of the jerks decided to change it to diet Coke. I was only in my early teens but I gave him an ear full about there are people that can not tolerate the aspartame and it is not funny. Got my money back plus a free one and coupons for later. The jerk got chewed out by the manager.

The gum I used to chew changed to it and I got so sick just a few minutes after I put the first piece in my mouth. It was NOT a sugar free gum. Some time in the 2 weeks between purchases they changed out the stock.

I get similar reactions to Dr. Pepper. One or more of those 23 secret ingredients doesn’t play nice with my body. Found that out when my Coke Icee at K-mart wasn’t the Coke I ordered. Got so sick and wasn’t able to eat my sub. Our mom always got us an Icee and a sub at their old deli type counter if we behaved. I actually miss those subs.

It wasn’t something I grew out of like my tomato allergy. I drank a few sips a few years ago of the Cherry Dr. Pepper. Big mistake.
Cheerio's tagline is: (Barry Hussein Soetoro-0bama=The Complete Destruction of American Capitalism). Dude loves his apocalyptic superlatives!
The single most corrupt individual to ever run for President in the 230+ year history of this Constitutional Republic.

AUTHOR: Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
QUOTATION: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”
Remember how Obama has had such an easy presidency because he's so black? LostPassword thinks that's nothing compared to Hillary's easy ride for being a woman!
America is not ready for this female president.

When the first wave of responses to criticism of her POLICIES is a lot of screaming “sexist”,”misogynist”,... the country still has too many “feminists”, politicians, journalists, and others who won’t allow a women to do the job of president and discuss policies with opponents the way the president needs to. That is how Bernie supporters got attacked on DU whenever they brought up a valid opposition to Hillary’s POLICIES.

The right woman could “fix” this by getting up the next day and telling her supporters “shut the hell up. I’m running for PRESIDENT, not FEMALE PRESIDENT and I can defend my positions on merit.” Hillary does the opposite.

She will get NOTHING done as president because her supporters won’t let policy discussions and compromises occur. Even though all successful MALE presidents have had to compromise with congress, her compromises would be a sign that congress is sexist and Hillary is being mistreated to her supporters. And her supporters start the attack early enough in the discussion that it can’t move forward. And just like Obama immediately latches onto his supporters calls of “racism” she will agree with her supporters screaming “sexism” and nothing can get done.
T-Bone Texan impotently plotting torture and violence after the Supreme Court abortion ruling:
More black-robed tyranny from the Nazis behind the bench.

Don’t they realize that in the coming civil war they are toast? Not silly pitchforks, but actually being burned to death in their homes or otherwise lynched by justifiably-enraged mobs?

That’s what they get for opposing Americans and promoting vice and vulgarity. It’s karmic.

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  1. ...actually being burned to death in their homes or otherwise lynched by justifiably-enraged mobs?

    I can feel the radiance of their pro-life, Christlike love.