Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

VanDeKoik is another on the Obama pardon train. Because Freepers cannot allow any hint of justice while Obama holds office:
I’m almost wondering if anyone that kills cops, and survives, will receive a last day pardon from Obama as a final FU.
freedumb2003 does not like unity:
And here he comes to our city, where JFK was killed.

You know he is going to embed more racist and anti-police remarks in his calls for “unity” (which is code for equal submission to the Government).
crusher2013 tries a pithy analogy for political realignment:
Conservatism isn’t dead, however fake Conservatism is in cardiac arrest.
Buckeye McFrog totally heard from a friend of a fried that Obama is sleepy and rude, but Boehner kept it secret!
Just a bit acquaintance of mine is friends with a certain GOP Congressman. He has gotten first-hand accounts from this guy about meetings in which Obama was incredibly rude and condescending to the GOP Caucus (alternately falling asleep and delivering finger-wagging lectures to them).

The Oooompa Loompa John Boehner of course embargoed any stories or photos of this from making their way to the media.
I guess servantboy777  hasn't heard about Trump dodging elementary questions about the Constitution.
For me one of several criteria for labeling somebody conservative is patriotism and another one is opposition to globalism

Absolutely. One for me is an understanding of the U.S. Constitution.

I’d bet dime to donuts 90% of all Congressman/Senators could not recite the bill or rights, even in a paraphrased form. It is the ignorance of our constitution and the lack of study of the intent of the bill of rights that lends itself to various idiotic interpretations, thereby eroding liberty.
Paulie tells of the jobs he thinks are Real Americans:
I have a special respect for bikers. They are the essence of the independent, pioneering spirit that made America great.

The independent trucker, independent stock/commodity trader, the independent business person are also of the same general mindset.

It is small wonder they are in the Trump camp.
Paulie is just not ready to let a villain he loved to hate so much:
I think [Obama will] already have set up a cushy, UN job until the rules can be changed to make him Secretary-General (currently nobody of Security Council status country can hold the top job, as I understand it).

Then...King of the World!!
Kahuna is still thinking Israel will assassinate Obama:
Our money to destroy Israel.... You’ll never convince me that jug ears is not just another islamic terrorist. The dude will meet a cruel fate sooner rather than later. Ever hear of Mossad?
Psalm 144 is ready to eat the rich:
I can’t wait to see what the elites have in store for me.

I can’t wait for the elites to see what history has in store for them.
There was a PR flap after Justice Ginsberg spoke against Trump, and Trump told her to resign. fireman15 makes the always classy move of devaluing her own mother's Altzheimer's to score political points on the Internet:
She has been showing medically obvious signs of dementia for some time now. It is outrageous that we have someone on the Supreme Court who couldn’t be trusted to turn off the stove after she heated up a can of soup.

She reminds me a great deal of the situation we had with my grandmother before she was finally sent to an Alzheimer’s facility. She started bashing into other vehicles with her car when she was in parking lots etc.... We knew that she shouldn’t be on the road, she was a danger to herself and others. But she would not give up her car keys. We started doing things like taking the rotor out of her distributor cap so her car would not run, but she would just get her neighbor to come over and figure out what was wrong. He knew she should not be driving also, but he kept enabling her.

It is the same story with Ginsburg. She is to the point where I am sure they have her house set up so she can’t get out and wander off. If it wasn’t for the people who are enabling her she wouldn’t even be able to find her way to the Supreme Court.
JLAGRAYFOX can top that, and compares Ginsberg to Hitler:
She is worse then Hitler...she should resign...she can no longer judge anything...objectively!!! Talk about Nazi & Facist lunatics....she belongs right in there with them!!! What a low life witch. She and Hillary Clinton.....fine examples of human vermin...right along with Kenyan, Barack Hussein Obama!!!
ShivaFan manages to top even that, positing that Ginsberg lusts for Trump (and black) cock:
She wants to go to bed with the handsome Trump bit she knows she is too ugly so she is sexially harassing Trump by abusing her position of power under the color of authority and to try and get his attention because she is an obsessed dithering of egyptian mummy wrapped in black robes wearing those stupid ovrrsize drink cuasters as ties that she wanted to market in competition with Trump ties but she wastes a lot of time with vibrators that do nothing for her and what is really setting her off is that old lady smell she has that the other justices have been secretly complaing about.

She also needs to stay away from Thomas, he isn’t her little black toy baby who needs her mama sympathy and “love”.
HomerBohn is still super into those two Black Panthers in Philadelphia in 2008:
The Black Panties will be stooges for the Democrats come election day. They’ll stand, armed, outside of polling stations in order to intimidate Whitey.
Travis McGee continues to confuse his conservative wank-fic with the real world:
The next predictable escalation in this Marxist destabilization plan will be somebody doing a mag-dump into a BLM riot.

Next after that, race war, emergency laws, and suspended elections.
Tzimisce feels like liberals are pissing into Freepers' faces:
US will welcome target of 10,000 Syria refugees, says Kerry


If I was a liberal in 2016, I'd be laughing and pissing in your faces too.
NIKK cannot believe anyone has the temerity to second-guess Trump:
Hard to believe all these posters here after watching and listening to Trump for how many months and they still question his judgement!

Sad. This is the same ole Republican Party of doubters.
Iron Munro calls Loretta Lynch fat:
We're paying AG's waaaaay too much.....

I'll say!

Look at the size of that hawg.

She's not getting by on eating Moochies school lunch diet - that's for sure.

A 4 legged porker that size could feed an entire Venezuelan village for a week.
Fantasywriter is sure Newt is set up at the Convention in case Cruz goes rogue:
Newt coming immediately after Cruz is a stroke of genius. If Ted steps out of line, it will be Newt’s job to give him two in the hat (verbally, of course).
Pollster1 - Obama will never declare martial law, you sillies! But Hillary...
Martial law is not happening, at least not under Obama. Hillary has the drive for power to do it, but she’d have to seize power before she could declare martial law, and this election might be outside the margin of fraud, even for a Clinton.


  1. Like how the first guy just posits the de facto rule that summary execution by police is the proper outcome for the murderer of a police officer

    Can you recite the _whole_ bill of rights? The right against quartering of troops and the $20 federal civil jury right are extremely important

    1. Bill of Rights -- let's see.
      - They're all in favor of a blanket ban on religions to which they don't belong.
      - They're against people peaceably assembling and petitioning for a redress of grievances, unless it's a deadbeat rancher. In that case, bring lotsa guns and forget all about the "peaceably."
      - They're against the Fourth Amendment when they want to drug test anyone and everyone on public assistance without probably cause (as long as they're poor people).
      - They're against due process and for vigilantism because "it's just common sense" and of course we know who all the guilty ones are.

      For starters.

  2. I'd like to see, just for a week, freepers actually experience all the persecution they pretend to experience in their martyr fantasies.

    99.9% of them would immediately get on their knees and start licking the jack boots of their oppressors.

    1. Sure they aren't doing that already?

    2. If you're referring to the oppression of JimRob, then yes, JimRob's boots (and ass) are well licked.