Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fun with flags at the DNC

No one fetishizes the flag like Freepers. They it stands for ideals, but they predictably use it as another reason to otherize people they don't like

Some Freeper claims there were no American flags at the DNC. Snopes easily debunks this.

But this thread goes beyond petty carping about nothing - we at this blog have become too jaded for that. Because flag Freepers are special folks, who also enjoy some tin foil. We shall start with bile, and end with Internet sleuthing, after taking a detour through Red Dawn Is Real!

BuffaloJack knows what not draping yourself in 100 American Flags means!
DNC=Traitor Party
workerbee is super angry at the lack of flags:
Filth. All of them. Not worth spitting on if they were on fire.
Flick Lives can't be this dumb, can he?!
Democrats waved the Palestinian flag from inside the Wells Fargo Convention Center

Could the DNC be more fully owned by corporatists?
Always about race, kearnyirish2 would like to take this time to argue that some blacks protesting against the governemnt are unamerican, disloyal, and maybe not human:
The Dems have become the party of losers; the only American Dream they envision is a government job (for the literate ones) or a government check (for the rest).

I posted on another thread a while back that I’m tired of pretending BLM types are American; there is nothing “American” about them. They don’t speak English, they have different flags, religions, ethics - in short, they may as well be from Venus. They don’t fit anywhere in this country, and they know it; that is why “America” means nothing to them...
PROCON knows how Democrats think:
Democrats don’t consider themselves Americans, they’re Citizens of the New World Order.
Honorary Serb with his signature style:
Of course they have no US flags! After all, the US flag contains the color WHITE—the “racist” color!!!!

Will the convention ever recover from tomkat's joke?
Dirt for sale wishes we would deport citizens for wrongthink, but the powers that be musta wrote the Constitution or something:
Communists ought to be expelled from our country but tptb protect their own. They are either ignorant of history or proud of the mass slaughter of the 20th century. Either way, not even fit to feed worms.

Maggots are their kin.
Ancesthntr is pretty confident all the bad guys are going to invade us super soon:
This makes me so angry. I just cannot believe the dumbbell youth we have in this country. They need a swift kick in the ass.

Worry not, the Iranians, Norks, ISIS, Russians and Chinese are preparing to kick this nation in the ass, probably before Obama (chhhhh, spit!) leaves office. The only problem is that the rest of us, and a lot of innocent people, are going to have to bear some of the cost of that kick.

I have known that the Dems are traitors since the early ‘70s. When they couldn’t oppose the evil Soviet Empire, that spoke volumes. Apologies to Harry Truman, Hubert Humphrey, Scoop Jackson, Sam Nunn and Daniel Patrick Moynihan - your Party no longer exists.
VideoPaul is yet another Freeper already nostalgic about being able to hate Obama:
O-Vomit isn’t done yet...he will now run for grand chancellor and il presidente for life of planet earth.
rlmorel analyzes signs from 3 pics he declares 100% TYPICAL, finds liberals unfunny, unoriginal, and unamerican. He also gets persnickety about parodies based on the Flag. Conservatives rule, though!
This should come as no surprise to anyone who has had any contact with leftists at demonstrations.I have been to a fair number of demonstrations, and have noticed the stark difference in the way participants on both sides express themselves through both in-demonstration behavior, and the signs carried to express their point of view.

I took the time to document it a couple of years ago as shown below. I took two pictures, one showing a large gathering of liberals, and one showing a large gathering of conservatives.

Here is an example of what the liberal protesters carry when they want to make a point. This analysis was from the Antiwar protesters at The Gathering of Eagles on March 17, 2007. What you see in this picture is absolutely, 100% TYPICAL.

Here is an example of what the conservative protesters carry when THEY want to make a point. This analysis was from the Taxpayer March on Washington on 9/12/2009. What you see in this picture is absolutely, 100% TYPICAL.

Conservatives not only show wit and originality in the content of the materials they use to express themselves, but also spend time making them both readable and legible. They take pride in their handiwork, and they can do this because they have a deeper understanding of the issue at hand. 
Liberals often have mass printed signs that lack originality and wit in an attempt to ensure everyone has a sign (created by someone else) that says something that the "someone else" want them to express. When you see liberals carrying their own handmade signs, they often look like this, poorly lettered and shallow in content:

I have seen this contrast over and over again. What I have concluded from this is that while liberals may have some form of conviction about a subject, it is because they want to believe something they have been told without thinking it through. Most of them have an "understanding" of an issue that is a foot wide and a fraction of an inch deep. They will doggedly stay within that framework regardless of facts and logic, and their expression of that viewpoint in their signs and banners illustrates a lack of depth, understanding and originality.

Add into that a fundamental hatred of this country and what it stands for, and that completes the picture. (NOTE: It is important to remember they will deny a "hate" for this country. But it is true they hate what it stands for currently. When it resembles more closely their socialist/communist "utopia", they won't "hate" it anymore.) 

"I just really hate leftists" rlmorel explains, revising his above comments because he might have admitted he saw an American flag in there somewhere:
in looking at it again, I am not sure the leftists even had one single American flag in their gathering, it is more likely one of those flags that looks like an American flag, but has little leftist symbols where the stars should be. (Little peace signs, fists with roses, hammers and sickles, etc.)

How I detest leftists. Can I say “A pox on them”?
rlmorel's long post, done over hours as he sweats and fumes about libs. At the end he has to use larger and larger fonts to convey his rage. Lol.


  1. Flick Lives can't be this dumb, can he?!
    Democrats waved the Palestinian flag from inside the Wells Fargo Convention Center

    Could the DNC be more fully owned by corporatists

    I dunno, but maybe the GOP can tell us about the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland

    stand. The hatred, ignorance, provocation,
    and hostility that goes with such folly will
    collapse any house, or any country.

    RESPECT is more than a word in some song; and
    it includes leaving the other person in peace
    with opportunity to excel.

    We are ALL on a fast track headed for the
    final curtain when everyone will meet their
    Creator, and will answer the question, "What
    did YOU do with the gifts I gave you in life?" Believe it or not as you wish. That
    is YOUR privilege.

    Barak Hussein Obama has been a hater (of
    "whitey") and a divider, and a bigger MOUTH
    than Trump can produce on his "mouthiest"
    day. I am willing to give TRUMP a try after
    all we have gone through in the past 8 years.

    Trump is not a Speech 101 speaker. He is just
    who he is. Not perfect. Human.

    No HUMAN BEING is going to ever be
    "qualified" to rule this planet as the
    globalists seek to do. My belief is that
    only the Messiah, Yeshua HaMaschiach is
    "qualified" to accomplish that. . but; until
    He returns to this earth in Glory with His
    holy angels, we have to do the best we can.

    I do not think that the Clintons are the
    best that we can do. (Been there, done that,
    got the T-shirt as they say.)

    Just my thousand dollars worth.

    Twinkie King

    1. *holds lighter aloft*
      (*under fire sprinkler*)

    2. Twinkie, you're out of touch with reality.

      Obama's speech was amazing. He was able to touch on so many important issues with absolute clarity.

      Half my life has been spent on campaigns and that's got to be in the top 3 that I've ever seen.

      I'm not sure where that was in 2012, but it was good.

  3. "Worry not, the Iranians, Norks, ISIS, Russians and Chinese are preparing to kick this nation in the ass"

    And yet they delight in Trump goading Russia into hacking US servers for his (and their) gain.

    Hypocrisy, they name is Trumpy.

  4. Don't you'uns tell Twinkie I'm at the
    computer. She will have a fit!

    If you'uns think we ought to vote for
    Hillary just because she has a SPLIT tail
    and Bill once touched it with his tally
    whacker. Well, fergit it!!!!

    That ain't enough reason for me!

    I am 96 almost 97 year old, and that ain't
    never cut any slack for me!


    1. Clutches at pearls.

      Such vulgarity! I do declare.

      If only I had a pro-family and traditional values blog to view./s

  5. I never saw a American flag the first night. Second night I did after the outrage.

    1. I'd be more outraged by someone flying the flag while telling other people that they don't belong in the country.

    2. Radical Muslim savages who hate the west do not belong in this country

    3. False equivalence fallacy.

  6. Blowhard billionaire > dead Iraq war veteran because Muslim.

    Support the troops! All lives matter!