Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Spotlight: dp0622

A commenter called dp0622 possibly the most unpleasent Freeper. That's a high bar, but before I did this spotlight I would indeed have placed him in the top ten to contend with the likes of bert, and sport.

But when I saw all his posts together, it became clear that this man does not rise above buffoon. Not like the usual Freeper frustrated hateful idiots, but an actual goof. A super-duper proud Sicilian-American graphic designer living in Staten Island, I now cannot help but read his posts in a Vinnie Barbarino voice.

And his profile does not go far to dissuade from that idea. Owned some vending machines, twice engaged, never married; had a head injury and now stays in Staten Island.

Oh, he also loves glam rock. At least he owns it.

The minute Hillary becomes President, could someone come over and train me to shoot liberals? tia!
I fear for DEMS if they remain in power.

Either that, or it’s been all talk by a lot of people the past year.

The minute she is declared president, those with military experience should be training the rest of us.

Even a fat 48 year old #### like me!
He's sooo ready to rumble with some Trump supporter.

Next Trump rally in NYC I am going and I am ready to rock n roll if need be.


But I know that’s wrong.
Who doesn't remember when they heard their first liberal?
I can’t stand independents. How the #### do you not know what you believe in by 25, even?

I was a conservative by 11 lol. At 16 I heard my first liberal. I was working at Friendly’s restaurant and some kid started talking about how bad the welfare cuts were under Reagan.
I'm super Italian, but I guess the South has good food too...
I’ve got Italian coming out of my ears since I was 6. Love it but DYING to head south and try all new kinds of things!!!
Italians love Trump!
Trump is a modern political thinker and it works.

Many of my Italian friends are ready do Anthing for him.

And when Italians say that, it’s scary!!! :)

They LOVE HIM! I was the last to come around.

####ing cruz.
Among Democrats, 63 percent said what they saw and heard from the GOP nominee at the convention made them feel scared...

Faggots. So they’re afraid of Trump’s security but not afraid of the 150 Billion given to Iran, ISIS or abortion on a large scale.

Sounds about right.
...So I guess the ocean for them all?
Forget countries.

No muslim from ANY country should be allowed in.
Not really into Israel:
Israel can take care of itself. And you can get a ticket and go help them, if needed :)
Bro, my Sicilian temper is about to explode, bro!!
Bro, my Sicilian temper is about to explode!!!

I want action and I want it ####ing yesterday!!!

### the talking and hoping and waiting!!!

We know in our hearts this election is a mother #####ing fraud and it’s in the bag for hillary unless we do something BEFORE the election.

Congress should investigate who and how and what are counting the votes.

Trump should demand it now.

Man, I’m p#####ed!!!
His uncles used to beat up black guys in the 1960s and 1980s, but alas dp0622 is a bit out of shape these days...
BLM wants a race war? Thinks they can take over the country?!

They can’t a week without an EBT card.

In the 60’s, my uncle and hs friends were clobbering them in race riots.

In the 80s we Italians used to beat the #### out of them in school race riots.

But this generation of soft white boys, and sympathetic to the BLM cause on top of it!!!!, I hope they can fight.

i’m 48 and can do some damage but I’m not 20.

These kids need to wake the #### up!!!
Suddenly, lots of fear of an inept chance to charge Trump. Maybe he was a ninja!
No, he charged a man running for POTUS.

I’ve seen men put in intensive care from two punches.

Seen one die from one punch after hitting concrete.

He needs to do time.

There’s got to be a special law for charging a presidential candidate.

hell, there’s law for everything else.
When an asshole tow truck driver drove away from a disabled Bernie supporter, even some Freepers thought that was petty. Bot this big galoot!
I see from the thread we still have too many “proper” people who will go home election night and watch us lose but be comforted singing their hit song “alone in my principles” and by knowing they “didn’t sink to the other side’s level”.

Gimme a break.

She wants a communist, which means she wants camps and slaughter and the abolition of religion and even more abortion, and many more horrible things.

What he did was too kind. Would have been more funny if he towed her out to nowhere.
No one mocks him on Free Republic, he and his potty mouth love it here!
filthy backwoods piece of @#@#$ dyke.

I love FR. You get to ACTUALLY SAY what you’re thinking, unlike the rest of the time when you’d be thrown in jail or attacked by a mob :)
Native Americans can suck it; life is hard!
I hope you’re kidding about the Indians.

no, couldn’t give a ####. sorry. they got suckered into helping the settlers alot then massacred.

life’s a #####. Anyone told you differnt they’re lying.
I have insane taste in movies. :)

I was in psych after brain injury for a few weeks and there was one grl who was talking to her mother that wasn’t there non stop for hour and hours at a time. Severe alcoholic and I asked the nurse “when will she be better?”

she said “sometimes they dont get better and besides sedation, they are like that way until they die”
Kasich and Cruz: Put 'em up, Puuut 'em up!
If I wasn’t a peaceful man, I’d love to beat the #### out of both of them.

Thank God i’m peaceful.

They can both go straight to ####ing hell.

And I LOVED Cruz not 60 days ago or so.
Brave Twitter warrior!
We need to inflame the natural divisions in the rat coalition.

Just post things on twitter like i do.

Like “Bernie and we got screwed!!”

“DWS was in this from the beginning”

“dems refer to hispanics as taco bowls”

:) they usually get liked and forwarded a bunch of times

Imagie if thousands of us did it?
Good. People fighting back!! Not afraid of the “minorities”.

Sick of all this @#$@#$@ wimp @#$@#$!!

Time to kick some ####, geez!!

Don’t start any fights, but give them hell if they do.

Gentleman loser days are over.

Now that Trump is getting a good part of the white blue collar worker vote, he has a TOUGH group behind him.
Stupid principled conservatives might cost us the election!
Our biggest problem right now is the republicans who WONT vote for Trump because of their conservatism or some such nonsense. I know 3, like i’ve said before, but i think i’m getting through to them. I think
Never has Civil War 2 sounded so lame:
If hitlery wins and the time comes when there are SO MANY reasons to arrest us, they will not come lightly.

Perhaps they will shoot us dead like they did that patriot a few months ago.
Things go well in Iraq for once. He is sad.
just in time for the election, and that fat creature will take credit even though obama CREATED ISIS or at least let it grow.
He's part of the Obama will never leave office crowd, but without any of the pesky conspiracy theories. Or any rationale at all:
he’s a COMMUNIST!! they dont give up power peacefully ever.

he’s a danger.
I'll bet he has lots of lazy male friends:
women make up more than 50 percent of the voters now.

we have to get our lazy male friends out to vote.
He understands the black people:
i want to see a poll, consistently showing trump getting 15 or more percent of black votes.

i WANT it to be true, but you know they work one day every four years.

that’s to vote for president and freebies.

Trump needs to jar their mindset by shock reality.

“you have no jobs, no houses, no vacations, no cars, your kids grow up without a dad, thank the dems for 50 years of that.”

“meet me half way and you will achieve the American dream”

of course the young obama sons are too full of hate, and the women too.

but middle aged black women and some men, that could help
His genius idea - he goes on a boring amount about how if conservatives had a TV station, they would win America.
we lost the culture war guys because 50 years ago, conservatives forgot to buy a TV STATION!!!

This can be reversed though.

Dont say I was here, because I promised someone I would stay off until 8pm and actually get some chores done :)
I think he's unclear about which drugs are which:
i had those “non-violent” marijuana dealers in my cab.

they were mean as hell and they meant business.
Ranting about all the losers who vote for Obama, who bows too much!!!!
i’m ashamed of my country and its citizens. at least the 52 percent who voted this jerk in twice.

the FIRST time moochelle was proud to be an american was the first time I wasn’t!!

moochers, and f....ts, the real ones and the “men” in college these days, trans whatever, they come close to 50 percent and that’s scary.

We must WIN this election. Or we won’t be a republic by 2020.

not that we really are one now.

interrogated. incredible.

I @#$@#$ing HATE when he bows to everyone in person and in gestures!!!!!! stop bowing!!!! it’s the US!!! we bow to no one!!!

and stop wearing traditional garb of other countries, you fool!! you look like an idiot.

God, can this nightmare really be over in another year?
His family is cool, except he has to beat up his nephew sometimes:
My nephews and nieces are all at least moderately conservative and some are ultra except one who is afraid to come out of the closet to me as a liberal because he’s afraid it will be the second time I put him against the wall (the first time was for a good reason). He’s a good kid though.
Can't imagine how he stays single:
I was 19. Dating a gal that looked like Daryl Hannah.

She came to the door in a short skirt and hairy legs. I said go back in the house and shave.

Never happened again. yeesh.

But boy was she hot. Had a great job. Great gal. But i was 22 and wanted my freedom!! what a dope.
Don't drink and post.
another guy actually told me the following,



Sorry, forgot to shut off caps.

Very German looks. blond/blue. that was different.

lots of gay guys in graphics. maybe 20 percent of us were straight. which was cool because the gals in the office were gorgeous. INSANE but gorgeous.

the only conservative besides boss out of 50 workers, was i.

boss was a real white power kind of guy lol.

i went along with it and had it made Then a fellow paesono took over and i had it made :)


  1. Hitler-y will get my guns when she takes
    them from MY COLD DEAD HANDS!


    1. But she still gets the guns, right?

    2. I'm sure your guns are covered with transfats and crème from Ho Hos.

      Guns will slide easily from your cold, dead hands.

    3. I am MUCH worse than those lame
      Freepers ya'll named!! - No. My guns
      are NOT covered with transfats and
      cream from HoHo's. If they were, they
      would be covered with TWINKIE filling!

      HoHo's are gross! - Me and FANG won't
      be cold and dead. He's a military
      trained shooter. I'm not perfect, but
      I can hit them in the butt as they
      make a beeline for OUTTA HERE!

      Hell No! HITLER-Y does NOT get my
      guns. I have worked too hard making
      ammunition for my guns. Let me tell
      you; if you EVER get your fingers
      burned from molten lead, you will
      NOT forget it.

      I wish I had one of those fancy
      machines that produce several
      bullets at a time.

      FANG has been shooting squirrels
      that get in his pear trees for
      several years now and has killed
      I don't know how many. He used
      to clean the squirrels and skin
      them. He likes 'em fried; but you
      have to eat squirrel at the right
      time of the year. If you don't,
      they can make you sick.

      When BOO-BOO was a baby, she killed
      a baby squirrel and hauled it into
      her little room on the back of the
      house. She ate that squirrel bones
      and all & left nothing but the tail.
      I guess the bones were soft since it
      was a young squirrel.

      (We have to shoot some of our own
      vittles ourselves. We cannot afford
      Wagyu steaks like BARAK & MICHELLE.
      I don't even know what a Wagyu steak
      is!! I do like Laura's Lean grass fed
      beef; but it's too high for me to get
      it very often.

      We also have to be able to blow
      pit vipers brains out if they come
      up on the back porch.

      A copperhead got on the back porch
      last year. It was dark, and ths
      snake looked like a little bunny
      rabbit lying there. - I got a
      flashlight; and there it was big
      as could be slithering up to check
      out DUB'S food dish.

      FANG came up behind it (after I told
      him the copperhead was out there).
      He had a weapon of some sort; and the
      snake whirled around and started
      slithering REALLY FAST chasing FANG
      intending to sink its fangs into

      Well, he killed it. but, you know,
      for the most part if you will leave
      stuff alone most stuff won't bother
      you. Live & let live my Mother used
      to say.

      AUNT HANNIE is driving me batty!
      She can get on the internet and go
      just about anyplace she wants; and
      she tends to get into trouble.

      She ordered a bunch of stuff on
      the home shopping network on a
      credit card and ran up a big bill.
      She got cosmetics and things that
      she no more needs than a man in the

      She also tweaks people's noses
      online and picks fights. She is
      96, going on 97, and I don't want
      to disrespect her - but, she does
      not gold wedge sandals. She will
      fall in them & break her butt. .
      and I will have to wait on her while
      she lolls around in bed all day.

      I cannot watch her all the time!
      I have to get a nap every now and

      Things are difficult out here in
      Dry Gulch. However, you have to keep

      As ya'll well know.

      P.S. I am NOT voting for Hitler-y.
      I am voting for DONALD J. TRUMP &

    4. So she's still getting the guns after you die though, right?

    5. Admit it TWINKIE, we're your only friends in the world, aren't we.

    6. I like your little stories about the 50's more than the ones about the modern midwest.

    7. "Me and FANG won't be cold and dead"

      So... you'll never die? And your husband is named Fang? Vampires!

    8. No. I will never die. Christ assured
      me that "whoever liveth and believeth
      in me shall NEVER die". New Testament
      of Holy Scripture.

      I call him FANG. - I was a little kid
      during the 1950's; born in 1946, FANG
      in 1943.

      I don't remember a lot about the
      1950's, mostly the Howdy Doody Show
      and riding my bike to the little
      store to waste my piggy bank money
      on cold drinks and candy.

      Surely ya'll have interesting things
      to tell about your lives and

      I think I already told ya'll about
      working at Redstone Arsenal in
      Huntsville, AL on the Saturn V
      project. I worked in the area up over
      the huge room where they had the
      parts of the Saturn V rocket laid
      out. Von Braun & other scientists
      would come riding in on a sort of
      golf cart and inspect the progress
      on the rocket.

      I was SO nervous when, five yrs.
      later, that rocket blasted off for
      the moon! I was scared that I had
      typed some work order or other
      wrong and caused a problem. :o(

      It went OK; and I dodged a bullet.
      It was interesting and just a 3
      month summer job; but still it was
      long enough for me to worry I might
      have loused up.

      Gotta go. Ya'll are making me tired
      with all your maudlin grumping.

      . . AND your ceaseless mowling about
      voting for Hitler-y Clintoon.


    9. FRegards Twink. Trump is a copperhead.

  2. A Sicilian advocates mass deportations and immigration bans based on the violent tendencies of a minority? Sounds like turkeys voting for Christmas to me.

  3. Says he loved Cruz only a couple of months ago...a check of this guy's posts show that he went back and forth between Cruz and Trump on the average of once a week.

    Dp0 seems to need Daddy Jim's approval more than most. During Freepathons, he seems to send in money every week. He can be found on the Freepathon threads, piping about his latest donation and hoping for a head pat.

    1. Well he DID say that he was in a mental institution, didn't he?

  4. People from electorally irrelevant regions of the country drive the GOP Presidential primaries. The game was over before it began.

  5. This poor clown, living in New York, always ends up being on the losing side in his state during Presidential elections. Bwahahahah

  6. I called the troll out as boorish, ignorant, unable to communicate without using swears/replacements, a prevaricator.

    He claims to be married but there is no record of such.

    He claims to now have one (and a part time) job. Thus he can only donate to Freerepublic a portion (and when he does), he "throws" in a five, just because he's such a nice guy, never considering the condescending manner in which he does so

    Dope is lonely, needs a place where people will acknowledge him

    Surprised that that the site (FR) would keep him there after his boasts of putting family member(s) up against the wall for disagreeing with his political viewpoint.

  7. He was very proud when he boasted of ripping off the attendant at a gas station when he drove a cab.

    Believe it was $100, nothing to a high roller such as hiself.

    Even when a few called it out, it said it was a way of getting even.