Friday, November 20, 2015

Spotlight Friday: bert

Ahhhh...bert. "Kent State did not result in nearly enough deaths."

Having done a search, it looks like he may be the most sited Freeper on this blog - this is gonna be a long one!

bert is always willing to go beyond his fellow Freepers whether with Muslims, women, or blacks. And always willing to declare something the enemy, whether it's General Electric, Comcast, or a fellow Freeper who pastes something once too often. He is also not afraid to repeat himself, about a General Sheridan quote, ejecting New York from the Union, what The Wire teaches about black people, or dancing on the edge of nigger (nigball, nigerific, nigfic, etc.) The other greatest hits are scornfully calling Obama and other prominent liberals pacifists and explaining that the Emancipation Proclamation was an unjust taking of property, seemingly without understanding what the implication of that logic is.

His profile is amazing. He includes some titles:
K.E.= Knight Errant

N.P. = Natural Philsopher

+12 = carbon positive

(K.E. N.P. N.C. +12)

Further down he explains N.C. stands for Neo Confederate. His profile also contains a paean to Don Quixote, which seems fitting. He's in his 70s, but was some kind of engineer. And this means he thinks anyone who doesn't have a technical degree is a lousy Democrat.

Nowadays he spends his time making an exhaustive study of caterpillar color variation and hating everyone not white and male.

His most common post
Purge new York from theunion

The state is simply no longer America
More purging:
Purge Westminster

It is simply not required in America
He changes the phrasing, but here's a decent idea of his Quixotic crusade

Aren't in a scientific, technical, engineering or mathematical field? You are probably a liberal:
Those that can STEM. Those that can’t vote Democrat
It's not racism, because it's only the blacks who live in cities!
There is confusion between being racist and describing a sub culture.

Being a culturist and discussing subcultures is not being racist. It seems pretty obvious that in the cited neighborhoods there is a criminal subculture that is a portion of a larger community that taken together is a minority of the American population.

The black urban subculture is inherently criminal all across the country.
Criminal, and not really American:
the problem is not American law enforcement but the black american subculture that masquerade as Americans
Everything he knows about urban black people, he learned on The Wire:
I am a fan and a student of a TV series called The Wire. Although the 5 year series ended several years ago, it predicted exactly the incident in question where a kid became a serious liability and was eliminated. In our society today, a kid can commit serious crimes and receive no punishment because he is a kid.

I can not stress enough the understanding of today that can be gleaned from watching and in fact studying the various characters that make up the narrative of the Wire. The Wire is set in Baltimore and all the people recently/currently in the news there are depicted in the fictional TV series of several years ago.
Not his first post on this theme.

And the blacks in Africa.
white men prefer families to the village of unaccountable promiscuity of matriarchal africa
Also not racist - thinking you need to pay for those emancipated farm equipment:
Emancipation was an illegal proclamation

It was an unconstitutional taking
It's just that minorities can't be educated:
You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink

You can lead a minority to school, but you can’t make him think
In fact, minority repression is the natural order:
This is a basic Darwinian process........ survival of the fittest.

Being a minority with special needs means those needs can not be met because limited resources are expended for the greater good.

The whole point of the Obama presidency was to destroy the natural order.
Thus, any amount of force is fine when used against blacks:
The negress at the scene was typically black and resisted.

when black people learn they have no right to resist, the world will be better
Lets call Obama racist in the same sentence we call him 'boy!'
Remember, the boy in the White House is a black racist
He's so not racist he loves to nig things up!
it is a nigflic and they fear the KKK will picket in protest
More hilarity!
it is racist black mail using nigball as the excuse
Black America is soon gonna die:
Zimmerman will be the cross upon which Black America is crucified and dies
Speaking of Zimmerman's shooting of Travon Martin, he was an enthusiastic rumormonger about that too:
So far, none of the MSM has asked how many kids now have no biological father since Travon died
And speculation about Marilyn Monroe being forced to go black:
Some say that Marilyn Monroe suicided after JFK handed her off to MLK
Germany was are best when they keep their bloodlines pure:
the genetic diversity induced by losing WW II diluted what was fundamentally German

Russian and American occupation sperm are responsible
What does this even mean?
The devil is not negro
Also incomprehensible:
Her father yelled at her pregnant mother’s swollen belly..... are you a girl or a boy?

hillary thought from the womb...... I think I’m a man
Putin will defeat Obama, and liberalism:
Putin is good for America. He has shown that Obama is weak and totally ineffective. His followers are all wound up in ideology that is shown to be failing. The collapse of liberalism is in process.

Putin is removing some of the props
Cheney love:
Dick Cheney had gravitas.

He was elected. He was and still is feared
General Sheridan
Was General Sheridan a right winger?

I think he was quoted “The only good queer is dead queer”

Of course that would be not PC today and he probably would have caught hell for saying it. The thought police would have been all over him
He loves him that quote, a whole lot.

Obama: Peacenik!
Recall if you can, the word Peacenik.

Obama is one

There must be peace at any cost (what ever peace is)
2009 hoping:
By july 23 it will be all over
2010 hoping:
I wrongly predicted the coup to take place around July 23, 2009. That was 6 months plus a day or two from inauguration and was about as long as I thought the Messiah would be tolerated. Perhaps I got the year wrong. Maybe 2010?

The coup will be action by the Praetorians. Like Caligula, the Messiah will be terminated and a Claudius inserted in his place. The nation will cheer.
2014 hoping:
The time for the Coup D’etat is drawing near
Yes, Obama is a terrified dictator:
I think Obama is at panic........ he may even have had or certainly is near the Ceausescu moment

He can never go into the public, before such a crowd as those that gathered to hear other presidents. He doesn't dare. He is a prisoner contained by extremely vetted very small audiences
Yes, Obama's assassination is nigh, because Lincoln:
He fancies himself as Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation that was also illegal.

He was so tightly focused, he forgot about Boothe
Corporate priorities are gayness, not profits!
Stroking the Queer culture is more important than profit.

Profit is a sin for queer, moonbat anti capitalists.
Women can't be independent, so they turn liberal:
single women,——

at some point after a meal of Ramen noodles in an apartment with the lights off and heat cut back to 65 degrees the single women that insist on a life goal and purpose of making a difference come to a very harsh realization....... it ain’t going to happen

They then reach out submissively for a daddy that can’t knosc them up but will pay some bills

American tragedy
Comcast is an enemy:
Univision is NBC, Comcast that is also an American enemy
Patton@Bastogne's antipathy with Carson makes him an enemy:
stop the have become the enemy of all good and true FReepers
Problem solving: throw a collective GOP tantrum right on the Senate floor:
Go to the floor and get in Dingy Harry’s face. Intimidate him, make him mad, induce appoplexy, induce stroke.

Disrupt, disrupt disrupt. Speak loudly, even yell over the top of every democrat who comes to the floor. Make comments about their drunken wives. Slander their grand children.

Generally, destroy the alleged decorum already badly broken by the disgusting procedure changes. Make the Rat’s lives miserable and make them mad as hell.
Lets start arresting immigration officials:
arrest and jail ICE officers. Arrest and jail DHS and DEA and ATF officers.
In fact, just jail everyone who works for the AP:
The AP has outlived it’s usefullness and must be abolished as an American enemy propaganda outlet. Those that write for the rag must be rounded up.
Wish we'd shot more hippies:
Kent State did not result in nearly enough deaths. Had there been more, Obama and Hillary would not or rather could not have risen to power.
So long as we're a police state, why not go with some CIA assassination of politicians?
The CIA should arrange a stroke or cardiac arrest for the committee head releasing the report
Hang John McCain
by attacking the very fabric of the Republic using the IRS as a weapon, McCain is the enemy and is as guilty as Lois Lerner who must be executed for her crimes
And of course...
one wonders, why is soros breathing still
Naturally, Obama must also die:
for American flowers to bloom, Obama must be in CLAY
Haha just joking, Obama is forever:
they will never be gone. they will just be out of office but still here

Hillary has shown the way. start a charity that perpetuates the administration as a shadow government.

Obama is forever
When can he just shoot anyone looking Muslim?
Will a vigilante movement rise up and begin to slay the bearded young men that speak arabic?
Vince Foster explained:
The body of vince was driven up a weed overgrown drive and then carried through the woods a hundred yards or less then arranged on the back slope of a gun emplacement at the extreme edge of the park.

Vince was killed elsewhere, probably the White House
More Foster
Remember the guy that rolled up dead vince in the carpet? and carried him to ft Marcy Park?

he probably had a top secret clearance

A top secret clearance is required where criminal activity and money is in play
Obama plays golf because he can cheat:
Obama plays golf because he knows he can not prevail and is powerless to actually do anything. The stress of being a loser drives him to the golf course where he can lie about his score and stroke his self esteem.
Family troubles:
The best I can do is to try to educate and train our 11 grandkids.


I have but one and he has a mother that I worry about
Against the wall!!!

Stand them all against the wal!!



  1. And this means he thinks anyone who doesn't have a technical degree is a lousy Democrat.
    And I have a BSME but I'm no Real American like bert. So what does that make me, bert?

  2. He's an angry elf!

  3. Adder writes in part,

    "Any Republican operative perusing these pages had better note: You will not have my vote for some milquetoast rino like Jeb Bush. I am not some brutha like on the dumblecrat plantation..."

    I love it when Freepers think that they are doing something other than whistling in the wind, Trust me, Adder, no one cares what you nutballs at Free Republic are doing. No "Republican operatives" are perusing the pages of your little site in an effort to determine the direction the Republican Party must take.

    Name one Presidential Candidate who would dare to say the words "Free Republic" out loud in public. You guys are pariahs. Nobody cares what Stormfront thinks, nobody cares what Free Republic thinks. It's that simple.

    1. You're absolutely wrong!

      I promise you that when I was on Romney's campaign, I would consistently peruse the pages of FR; however, it was typically to show my office partner how ridiculous these conservatives were/are.

      In fact, we still chat and the first thing we do is talk about our favorite crazies: OldSarge, DJMacWow, TheOldLady, Humblegunner, etc.

  4. heat cut back to 65 degrees

    You mean like goddamn everyone who wants to save on their heating bill?

  5. Are there any queers in the theater tonight?
    Get them up against the wall!
    There's one in the spotlight, he don't look right to me,
    Get him up against the wall!
    That one looks Jewish!
    And that one's a coon!
    Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?
    There's one smoking a joint,
    And another with spots!
    If I had my way,
    I'd have all of you shot!