Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday Pix

Well beyond it's effectiveness, redbating continues.
Freeper peaceniks.
Clinton Crime Family loves dem benjamins.
Benghazi sour grapes forever!
Everyone but Trump is a secret Mexican.
Lately redbating the environmental movement is growing with its success.
That's...not a great pic you chose there.


  1. Middle-age whites are dying at shockingly high rates.

    Freepers blame white oppression and a steady diet of rage and white victimhood - which are Free Republic's stock-in-trade...

    1. "...the mortality rate for white men and women ages 45 to 54 with less than a college education took a sharp turn upward in 1999 - a disconcerting reversal that has been virtually unheard of in advanced countries."

      Not long after FR was created. Coincidence?

    2. I was just about to post the same thread. My God, I have never see so much butt hurt.

    3. Int this thread SaraJohnson writes, "A lot of whites have been murdered since Obama came to office."

      Good grief.

  2. Wow, most Freepers really do not understand satire at all. It's like a part of their brain is missing that allows them to realize what punchlines are.

    Donald Trump on SNL: yep. It was yuge

    larry (or david) is too stupid to recognize that he completely defanged every one of the witless lefty protesters whinging and peeing their pants outside the theater. It doing that - and claiming he was only doing it for the money - they succeeded in stripping any possible legitimacy to the act or the racist claim.

    Yeah, I'm perfectly certain that Larry David needs the joke explained to him and was had by that mastermind, Donald Trump.

    It's no wonder they hate popular culture so much. They really do not understand what is going on around them half the time.