Saturday, November 21, 2015

Saturday Pix

The Carson hate continues.
What Freepers really believe.
I don't even.
Super manly looking Putin pic, chief...
Obama may be a Muslim, but Hillary is a mythical beast!
Captain Penis would have defeated ISIS by now!
I think ISIS could deal with a dude in platemail no prob.


  1. "one day isis will run into the wrong christians"

    but not today -- 'cause right now the chickenshits over here are running away full tilt from widows and orphans who haven't even gotten here yet

    1. Not to mention Philadelphia pizzeria owners who happen to speak Arabic.

      I'm actually disappointed in a lot of liberals who have given into the fear, allowing the terrorists to win. It's not just conservative chicken hawks that are doing this. Liberals are pissing their pants, too.

    2. I think they also might've forgotten what the final W/L tally on the Crusades was.

  2. Freepers cherry pick a few outliers and declare victory for Trump.

    1. “Donald Trump is doing exceedingly well among blacks with 25%"

      Trump has been a favorite of the hip hop community for decades. He has hung out with the moguls, like Russell Simmons and Andre Harrell and shared women with them etc...

      Shared women with them...well, at least now we know what Freepers think it takes to connect with black voters.