Thursday, November 5, 2015

Obama: If you can't handle CNBC, I don't think the Chinese and the Russians are going to be too worried about you

The GOP caterwauling about the CNBC debate is looking increasingly calculated to me. And I find it pretty amusing that the candidates insisted on concessions but can't seem to agree on anything they actually want.

But Obama has clearly hit conservatives where they live, in noting that such complaining isn't exactly in keeping with the tough guy persona the're so into.

I have no doubt that there will soon be the appropriate spin on how to properly ignore this insinuation. But in the meantime, Freepers ineffectually splutter and fume.

Mr. K may have missed the point of Obama's ribbing:
How dare they not submit to ridiculous Liberal Media questioning?
In equating NBC with CNBC with MSNBC MNJohnnie may have forgotten when Obama went on with Bill O'Reilly:
How many Fox News debates did 0 take part in?

Calvin Locke knows FOX News is secretly liberal anyhow!
The DNC is protecting FNC's image as "conservative" Republican, instead of inadvertently cluing in the clueless that Fox has been crony uniparty for a very long time.
glorgau remembers when we had classy Presidents like Bush who never derided their political opposition:
He’s at his statesmanlike best yet again.
Brad from Tennessee has a whole different memory of how the debates went:
When Obama debated Romney he became almost dysfunctional at times and continuously pleaded to moderators to intervene on his behalf.
Oy, Lazamataz, this can't be healthy:
STFU you arrogant petulant crack-smoking faggot.

When we wanna hear anything from you, we’ll zip our pants back up.
WyCoKsRepublican just has some weak mockery:
The Clown in Chief doing stand up! Meanwhile, he doesn’t even have to say anything. He can just stand behind the podium and wiggle his massive Mickey Mouse ears. Now that would bring on rolling laughter.
St_Thomas_Aquinas has his own idea of what ticks Obama off:
Hey Obama, Republicans are trying to make America great again.

Rinse. Repeat.

Zippy really hates that line.
Sister_T remembers Obama whining all the time:
How much did he whine about that latest 60 Minutes interview? How often does he and his sycophants whine whenever FOX News comes remotely close to being “fair and balanced” when covering his policies?

Hypocrisy much?
AngelesCrestHighway also with the windy insults:
What a supreme Douche Bag! Earth to Ass Hat Obama... The Republicans can’t handle YOUR butt kissing buddies in the whack left media with all their deflecting from the issues stupid questions! By the way Gilligan, The Russians and Chinese think you’re a joke! GO F YOURSELF!
stanne is pretty sure Obama is scared of his enthusiastically closed media diet:
Obama lives by the media. It must frighten him to see these men dismantling the house of cards

Get used to it

That means you too megyn Kelly

We listen to mark levin, Ted Cruz, Monica Crowley, Leif babbin.

We see media people magazine reporters pretending to be thoughtful conservatives attacking our chance to get out of an invaded country 20 trillion dollars in debt and the answer is NO
Man, somebody hold unixfox back!
Just keep talkin asshole. Keep talkin.
Brilliant may have forgotten Hillary's recent 11 hours before the Benghazi committee:
Strange. I thought they DID handle the moderators. It’s Hillary who hasn’t demonstrated she can handle tough moderators. The Democrats need to do a debate with Limbaugh Hannity and Levine as the moderators.
ForYourChildren has a bunch of questions he thinks is just like what Trump's been asked:
Here are some equivalent questions that need to be asked of some of the democrat candidates in their next debate.

- “Hillary, given the fact that you lied {quote her emails to her daughter and Egypt prime minister} at the Benghazi hearings, do you have the moral authority to lead anybody?”
- “Hillary, given the fact that you sold out state department classified and top secret information for monetary gain, at what point in time will you be in jail for treason, before, during, or after, the election?”
- “Bernie, you, an avowed socialist, and given the fact in the 20th century, close to 170 million people have been murdered by their own socialist governments, as president of the United States would you be murdering 30 million Americans or 50 million”?
And with material like this, why doesn't a candidate follow R_Kangel's advice?
.... It’s statements like these utterered by our illustrious President atemand a serious smackdown from the Republican candidates. Obama can’t get away with these kind of statements!!


  1. freepers need to indulge in a kind of therapeutic amnesia to keep their pinheads from imploding. they've also conveniently forgotten obama's 2010 solo trip into the lion's den at the gop conference in baltimore ...

  2. is this guy a real freeper?

    mythenjoseph: "What would have been REALLY sad would have been an innocent trio of guys (because there never were any) getting arrested or even killed because of this asshole."

  3. And of course Freepers (and other RWNJs like Sean Hannity) think that Hillary and Bernie had softball questions lobbed at them because they didn't watch the debates.

  4. When we wanna hear anything from you, we’ll zip our pants back up.

    What does that even mean?

    1. It means Laz scored some extra Peruvian Dancing Powder, then proceeded to log onto Freeperville.

  5. Apparently Freeper rhubarbk must've shared in that same dose of the powder, because he somehow understood exactly what Laz was thinking in that disturbed mind of his.

    To: Lazamataz
    Epic! One of your best ever Laz!!!

    59 posted on 11/03/2015 2:47:52 PM PST by rhubarbk (Crush Hillary in 2016)

    I love how Freepers cheer for posts like these, as if posting a sputtering incoherent message of rage in an echo chamber actually accomplished something.