Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mixed race couples

Via...someone. I think.

Some crazy guy in Omaha sent a bunch of angry letters to mixed racial couples telling them that they're going against the Bible. This is a great time for Freepers to use their ignorant racial generality engines to explain how interracial romance is never loving, and always bad.

doorgunner69 is sure this racist letter writer is just
Negoros acting out, coming home to roost?

Unintended consequences to the recent behavior? Too bad the well socialized do not do any more than the "moderate" muzzies do, so it devolves to this sort of crap.

I doubt any of them will get the message in time.
Objective observer MinorityRepublican explains that black guys are cool, and black women are mean and fat:
I still don’t understand why white chicks hook up with black dudes and very rarely is it the other way (and I don’t mean light mixed such as Halle Barre).  
Black guys got swag. 
There is yellow fever with guys but rarely chocolate fever.

Crim brings in the old Blazing Saddles theory:
“I still don’t understand why white chicks hook up with black dudes and very rarely is it the other way”


Most stereo types are based on reality...size matters.

just sayin’
GraceG starts out colorblind, which is a close to not racist as Freep gets, and proves she clearly doesn't believe that:
I’d rather have a daughter marry a nice black man with a great career from a nice hard working family than one of those Eminem type gangsta white trash a-holes who lives off food stamps.

Which brings up an interesting point, why is Chelsea Clinton marrying a well to do white man, if she is so diverse why didn’t she marry Baltimore, or Ferguson gang fodder?
GraceG follows up with a rather incredible anecdotes that are the opposite of colorblind:
I’ve know a couple black women who exclusively date white men because they are sick and tired of dealing with the “Gangsta thug” culture that permeates their Black male peer group.
Chelsea Clinton was mentioned, so freedumb2003 brings in the required 'she's super ugly haw haw' remark:
why is Chelsea Clinton marrying a well to do white man, if she is so diverse why didn’t she marry Baltimore, or Ferguson gang fodder?

She way too ugly for a Brother to bring home. Do ya feel me?
erkelly knows the racial power dynamics favor white women. With bonus Asian fetish!
The reason why white girls date black men is because they treat them like Queens; it has absolutely nothing to do with size. The reason that white men like to date Asian women is because Asian women treat their men like Kings.
Crim disagrees with erkelly's racist BS, because he has his own, more hateful racist BS:
uh dudes treat white chicks like black crap....then leave.

The truth is self evident.
Blogatron has his own evidenceless generalization to share:
Black women hate White men with a passion.
bert knows anthropologically, blacks are matriarchal beasts:
white men prefer families to the village of unaccountable promiscuity of matriarchal africa
Uncle Lonny knows what seems to be love is all about racism within the couple. Also, bonus White Supremacist numbers out of the ass!
Also, for some blacks the white woman is a race trophy. To a lesser extent the reverse is true where a white woman proves how liberal she is by having an intimate partner relationship with a black man.

Unfortunately, for the white woman it often ends badly. If she wants to end the relationship it is often taken as a racial insult by her black partner and violence results. Sociological studies have found that a white woman who marries a black man is 15 times more likely to be murdered by her husband than a white woman who marries a white man. In non spousal relationships this ratio is almost double that. Many times the black violence does not stop with the white woman. It is often directed against her children and parents too.
Speaking of science fails, Sherman Logan's post is a bit hard to parse but I found it worth it:
Three counter-examples do not disprove a statistical argument.

According to Wiki: In the United States there has been an historical disparity between Black female and Black male exogamy ratios: according to the United States Census Bureau, there were 354,000 White female/Black male and 196,000 Black female/White male marriages in March 2009, representing a ratio of 181:100.[21] This traditional disparity has seen a rapid decline over the last two decades, contrasted with its peak in 1981 when the ratio was still 371:100.

I should note that observation would lead me to assume a much higher ratio exists. Possibly non-marriage relationships are not in proportion to marriages.

Whether 1.8x qualifies as “very rarely” is, I guess, a matter of opinion.
"You guys are SO unscientific and anecdotal! Let me past in a wiki article that disproves my thesis, followed by an appeal to my own anecdotal observations!"

Roman_War_Criminal has some strong spite for these race-traitor women:
Most white girls that date black men are controlling, vicious, self-centered, and sloppy trash that deserve to be carted to the dumpster.

I actually feel sorry for the brothas to be honest.
Roman_War_Criminal then buys into the fear of being called racist theory of interracial dating:
I’ve always thought that black men doing this really just don’t want to be black (nor do they want their kids black for that matter).

Weak-minded white women are intimidated into dated inter-racially because they’ll be called the dreaded “R” word if they don’t (i’ve seen it several times).

I’ll never understand it either, but then again my Spanish Grandma always said you never see a crow and dove flying together in nature...

Waiting to be called a “racist”...YAWN....
Despite the evidence of this thread, Johnny Stevenson knows racism doesn't exist:
“Racist” is a silly term made up by the Left generations ago. It’s time to quit acting like it is a legitimate term.
freedumb2003 gets angry at a Freeper shocked by the racism:
Stated in a manner demeaning and insulting. Perhaps you are baffled by Clarence Thomas’ wife as well.

Chicks? Dude So? Chocolate? Yellow fever? What a dolt.

I can’t understand why anyone would want a relationship with such a thoughtful person as you.

Yes you did misstate the case. Your observational skills are not very good.

Always nice to hear from our resident dour leftist.

I forgot that JR lets you hang out here as a token.

Your commentary has been filed accordingly, descending by forensic heft.
freedumb2003 takes another Freeper in hand:
The responses on this thread bring a new low to FR. Better hope no Liberals are trolling because publication of these responses would be used to have FR banned as a racist <<

I am sorry that reality doesn’t conform to your PC view of the world.


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