Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The second Democratic debate

It got a bit lost amidst the Paris attack, but there was a Democratic debate on Saturday. Freepers, who only do analysis when it's outcome-oriented, have decided it was yet more bad news for Hillary.

Amazingly, Eddie01 finds that all the candidates he doesn't like are inconsistent and weak:
In what should have been a walk in the park for Hillary Clinton, tonight's debate reinforced that she is inconsistent on issues, weak on terrorism and beholden to special interests.

Just like the Republican establishment candidates.
I don't even know where to begin with GilGil:
Hillary Clinton is totally unqualified to handle crisis.

She is cracking like Angela Merkel and unable to solve problems.

She cracked in a “safe space” like a debate environment. As president she would hand the country over to the terrorists.
Come for the pretending Hillary went loopy, stay for the comparison to Angela Merkel as worst leader ever, stay longer for the strained safe space reference..

Because she's always Internet sleuthing the Clintons' finances these days, Liz makes up a really dull joke:
I’m sure you all missed this (/snix)....so I’m posting it here for your edification.

Mrs Clinton, if you were president how would you respond to the Paris bloodbath?

HILLARY: First, I would check the Clinton Foundation donor list to see if any of the Paris terrorists partnered w/ us in our global do-good projects.

If not, I would instruct the Clinton Foundation to draft a letter, asking them to join us in ridding the world of poverty, pestilence, and political instability by contributing several million dollars.

The Clinton Foundation is the only way to restore peace and order throughout the world.

But I would not stop there. I would direct Marie Harf, my Secretary of State, to run Help Wanted ads to offer well-paying jobs to all Syrian refugees who have ISIS credentials.
Cowgirl of Justice is sure there was cheating:
Don’t forget the candidates met with the moderator/s beforehand. No doubt she was given every question and was able to practice beforehand with her advisors, coaches and honeypot.
GilGil goes with the teleprompter accusation:
Hillary Clinton has no soul. She is part of the living dead.

She has been packaged for too long. If she is not on teleprompter all the time she does not know what to do or say.

I could not stand to watch the debate but from reading the reviews it looks like she just choked. Did not know what to say. The terrorist jihad in Paris requires a thinking person to react and she no longer has her own brain.

She is an empty shell for the donors.

Trump will eat her alive. She is an Angela Merkel mini me and both are falling apart.
monocle just sits around hoping for mass death:
It is ironic that those most likely to vote for one of these 3 stooges are more exposed to terrorist actions living in densely populated large cities.
RitaOK knows Trump isn't living in a bubble, plus he's never compromised on anything, ever:
Even democrats understand she is a protected class, living in a bubble, and they are the ones at risk of ISIS attack.

Trump wins this issue, the border issue, and also the get-the-hell-out-of-our-country-NOW issue.

Hands down. No compromise. The rest have a record of playing footsie with compromise in some large or small way.

Trump is “us”. He is not an ingratiating, political pandering prop for his donors VERY BIG MONEY.
PoloSec sees the specter of Obama controlling all the Democratic candidates:
I painfully watched about 35 minutes of the Democrat Socialist debate, it included the foreign policy portion, all three were in support of obama’s policies, obviously obama owns all three candidates, not just on foreign policy but every other issue as well, they know he can destroy any of them in any given heartbeat and he will pick the winner, the sucking up was overwhelming.
PhilDragoo just rumbles on about Islam:
Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says, I do not think we are at war with Islam. I think we are at war with jihadists.

The Arab Spring was the administration's removal of secular leaders and replacement of same with Islamists.

Islamists and jihadists--as Yogi would say, same difference.

The Obama DCI Brennan is a convert who stipulates jihad is a legitimate religious tenet.

Hillary's bedmate is wired into the Muslim Brotherhood--and you don't get any more jihadist than that.


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  2. "Don’t forget the candidates met with the moderator/s beforehand."

    Romney Guy here...that's not abnormal. In fact, it would be abnormal for moderators NOT to meet with candidates. There was only one time I can think of- a local muni election in Tampa- where the local media moderators didn't meet with the candidates.

    I heard Limbaugh talking about this same crap Friday and I thought to myself "this guy just keeps bullshitting people!"

    Most of the time it's to clarify something they're going to ask about during the debate.

    That's why it's SO funny to watch Republicans get so indignant about CNBC's line of questioning. They KNEW they were going to ask questions about interaction with other candidates.