Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hillary's health

In a lame attempt to start a whisper campaign, Red State posts some clearly cropped e-mails to prove that Hillary takes naps, and was confused about something at least once.

Freeper try to help with this nothingburger, but like the overly eager puppies they are their frantic yapping does more harm than good.

John S Mosby has figured out exactly what's going on with Hillary:
Clintoon has had a stroke, which is why she fell, could not testify on Benghazi, conveniently and was wearing prismatic glasses when she did finally show up.

The data on multiple post stroke strokes in women are startling. She is NOT fit to be President, and if they continue to push, it makes the shadow— the VP portion damned important even if she makes it that far. This needs to stop, this lying campaign of a “confused” stroke patient candidate. Call her that- cause that is who she is, factually. Medical records..
Responsibility2nd goes with the going Freeper fact about Hillary:
Hillary has brain damage. Years of alcohol abuse will cause that.
But in hoping Hillary has HIV, Towed_Jumper misses the other Freeper fact about Hillary:
I’m hoping that maybe while they were both in a drunken stupor Charlie Sheen might have nailed her.
Naw, dude, she's secretly gay with a Muslim lady!

GnuThere thinks Hillary is fat:
She’s very large and I’ve never heard about her attempting anything to get in shape - I’m surprised she has kept up with the pace of a campaign this long without some medical incident or time off for exhaustion.

I think the toll will eventually be evident pre-Nov ‘16, although she would probably still be on the ballot even as a stiff...
bestrongbpositive's insults make no sense:
I like and agree with the part of her being to ugly to participate in sports. Very true statement !!
Cowboy Bob thinks Trump rumormongering about a woman about his age will play super well:
Trump would rip her to shreds in the general. He would question her medical condition and ask about her strokes every chance he got. He would shout so loud the MSM couldn’t ignore him!
SamAdams76 seems to think Hillary isn't campaigning:
Now Trump and Shrillary are the same age. In fact, I think Trump is about a year older.

In the past 10 days alone, Trump has hosted Saturday Night live, done several large rallies around the country, appeared on numerous TV and radio talk shows, and participated in a major debate. And in between all that, Trump continues to run a multi-billion dollar business.

What has Shrillary done in that same time frame? How many rallies as she done? How many interviews as she given? She participated in a debate that was mostly a snooze-fest and ended 15 minutes early. That's really about it.

Trump easily was able to dispense with Jebbie Bush by tagging him as a "low energy" guy. Imagine the field day he would have with Clinton! There is absolutely no way she could keep up the pace if she had to run against him in a general. And Trump being Trump will not hesitate to point that out at every rally and appearance. "Where's Hillary?" will be a common Trump refrain.
kcvl triumphantly crows that Hillary isn't the smartest woman in the world, and then tries reusing some Obama insults:
That is why the State Dept. doesn't want to release her schedule. I doubt she did very little 'work' period.

And just for the record, she is not the smartest woman on the planet. She is the only one who thinks so. Everyone else who says that is somehow involved with her and too scared to dispute it.

She can't even fetch her own damn tea so she is lazy to boot.

Another politician who can give a speech or read a teleprompter. We have already lived through 8 years of that - let's not do that again!
I thought in 2014, but Mouton is still convinced Hillary isn't really running:
Hitlery has not given up because she is holding out for a deal i.e. don't run and we will not prosecute. It cannot be anything else IMO. Those who want to take her place are not running against her because they want to be anointed without the hassle of a debate. That includes Biden and Lurch right now.
Jane Austen uses her belief that Hillary lies to prove to herself that Hillary is crazy:
There is something wrong with Hillary. A normal person would not tell this many incredible stupid lies. And she has accomplished zero. As Huma said, “She is confused.”
Maverick68 thinks the time has come for some GOP desperate lies:
This is a low class,nasty article by an idiot.

Meaningless——and I absolutely detest Hillary.

Being classy has not won any elections recently....I personally think we need to start playing just as dirty as the Dems....Western Civilization is at stake....Just my two cents...
TADSLOS dreads the day Hillary dons the green and purple power armor:
Hildabeast makes Lex Luthor look like a juvenile delinquent.


  1. They're in their own little world...

    1. Nobody mention Reagan's napping habits

  2. "we need to start playing just as dirty as the Dems"

    wingnuts like to convince themselves that they never brought all arms to bear re obamacare, govt shutdown, gay marriage, benghazi, the iran deal, etc, and twice now the white house. how else could they have lost those fights ... ?

    it's a perpetually falling bar for what qualifies as principled heartland ultraconservative leadership -- a bar that's now so low that a gilded new york carny simply stepped over it.

  3. I nominate AEMILIUS PAULUS for Friday Spotlight.

  4. Jim Rob can't afford to lose any more Freepers, so instead of rallying to troops with a banination or two to water the cash tree, he's rallying round the "all Muslims should be banned from the US" flag.