Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Angels27's evidenceless knowledge cannot be shaken:
We know that 0bama is arming his Muslim brothers. We just need the evidence.
blueunicorn6 remembers how peaceful the Middle East was before 2008:
Remember what the Middle East was like before Hillary and Obama set it on fire for their buddies Soros and the Saudis?
As someone whose already settling for Hillary, I'm highly amused at how Fightin Whitey thinks Democratic pragmatism is a mysterious force that makes conservatives impure:
Dems vote in lockstep on every crucial issue. That or the national party will run them off.

Republicans often turn out okay in Democrat eyes.

Never happens the other way 'round, not anymore.
demshateGod wants less policy, more fascism!
While we’re running around trying to put out every little fire the left starts, they’re codifying their well laid plans for America. Bad legislation isn’t the problem, elections are not the problem, the American people are not even the problem. The problem is the left. As long as they’re free to speak, organize, plan, vote, work, teach, use their mods to make any demand they want, there will be no hope to return to sanity.
Head Freeper Jim Robinson has been especially active of late. Here he's jumping into the Putin lovefest:
Putin’s thinking, if this little bitch faggot even comes close to tapping my toe...
SkyPilot has a very Freep post:
Pardon my language, but if the Muslim Faggot is not restrained, he is going launch WW III and/or get a lot of people killed.

Putin is not playing games here.
Jim Robinson starts a whole thread around this profound realization:
Obviously, Obama is pretty close to insanity. They should not allow an insane president to run our country into the ground.
Lionheartusa1 was making crap up about Obama almost immediately:
I knew right away when I heard him say ,,, “ The Muslim call to prayer was the most beautiful sound on earth “ he was a dyed in the wool muzzie . Every thing after that has made perfect sense to me .
Kaslin explains once again how Obama was elected only because he was black:
obama was never fully vetted

he paid millions to conceal his background

now we know he is a communist, muslim, racist
out to destroy (change) America


That arrogant pos wasn’t vetted at all. All they were interested in getting a “black” president in office, that’s all.It didn’t matter to them that he voted present 129 times while in the Senate and that he voted for abortion on live babies while he was in the Illinois legislature.
mad_as_he$$ is still kinda rooting for Ebola:
that reminds me....whatever happened with the Ebola outbreak? We got an Ebola Czar and within a week we heard no more, like it was suddenly cured.

There has been a new outbreak in Liberia last week. All one family.
DungeonMaster's racism has defeated his nationalism:
I almost never mention Russia without saying "Russia, not ashamed of being white".
DungeonMaster seems to think Israel is a constant hellscape of terrorists killing people:
Terrorists in Europe and America are a good thing. It will take a lot more Paris’s to equal the average week in Israel. Then liberals will start to understand what Bibi is all about.
norwaypinesavage has mixed up Obama with Bush:
President Obama has never made a mistake in his life. Don't believe me? Just ask him.

For this reason, alone, the US will never abandon it's goal of eliminating Assad, at least not until January 17, 2017.
Aleya2Fairlie thinks forcing people to think black people are as smart as whites will soon erupt in racial war:
It’s not a coincidence they are also less intelligent on average 10-20 IQ POINTS by customary measurement and less likely to reason

Hence let’s fight is the reply of the easily frustrated and confused


and Arabs and Amerindians no better just a little smarter

But who’s really really stupid

White folks who refuse to believe empirical unpleasantries when it’s shooting at them

whites will be blamed and targeted until they’re forced into the very apartheid behavior that they never intended or wanted and, indeed have fought and died to prevent.

There’s only so much unfair denigration and blame that can be absorbed before survival mode kicks in and retaliation is inevitable.

Blacks will be emboldened by a false sense of entitlement by their Liberal handlers until the delusions lead them to start attacking whites in ways that will make deadly force against them unavoidable.

That is, unless whites can have enough intestinal fortitude to stand back and let them destroy their own race by themselves. That would be much more desirable. But, as I said; there’s only so much pushing that can be tolerated.
njslim totally saw Muslims celebrating 9-11 and then getting beat up, guys!
All the stuff about Muslims celebrating on 9/11 is true

In Paterson were dancing in street - until other residents
(mostly black and Hispanic) gave them “attitude adjustments”

Dunkin Donuts near here - owners were celebrating - customers
took offense and gave them beatdowns (Dunkin Donuts in my
town is run by Muslims)

Afterwards nobody would go near place until closed......
E. Pluribus Unum's latest conspiracy theory makes no sense on many levels:
Bobby Jindal dropped out of the presidential race to sink Vitter.
Bloody Sam Roberts's evidenceless protestation of voter fraud slides right down to America dying, yet again:
Example of what could happen in the Presidential election, a fix that was in. America could be a communists dictatorship after 2016. Better watch out, King Obama is fixing the voting with illegal plants and double or triple voting.

Count on it. This is why it does not matter who gets the Republican nomination. The last two presidential elections were just warm ups. This next election will see voter fraud and electronic cheating on a massive scale. It's a done deal. Yet it won't keep me away from the polls.
Regulator knows all about every Democrat, regardless of what they say:
Edwards is an ENEMY.

If he claims to be a Democrat then he buys all of their nauseating attitudes: Abortion, Queer “marriage”, mass illegal immigration, Open Borders, punitive taxes, Statism, the massive federal government, indifference to Muslim terrorism, contempt for Congress, it goes on and on.

The fact that he tries to portray himself on the other side of these issues means he’s lying. If he isn’t, then why is he in their party?

This guy wants to HURT the United States for his own gratification. He’s only interested in ONE thing: his own privilege.
envisio doesn't get why the President of France doesn't treat Obama like the ISIS-lover everyone knows he is:
One would think the President of France would want to be in France right now, instead of being halfway around the world rubbing elbows with the one that supports the very people that terrorized his country.
Roman_War_Criminal is really angry at how words caused America's death:
All those White Men who fought & died for Freedom, and it was all brought down by one skinny, black, muslim, gay racist.

The entire country is lost because we allow the left to use language as a weapon. F’ them and everybody who plays by those rules.
Iron Munro is sure all Obama's actions in the Middle East have been a hoax:
He has been running a fake war against them.

He has been actually making war against those fighting ISIS.

Putin has stepped in to prop up the anti-ISIS element in Syria.
That is the main reason Obama is so P-O’d at Putin.


  1. My goodness what a bitter, angry bunch. The resentment is palpable. It never ceases to amaze me.

    And yet they constantly rack their brains trying to figure out why conservatives are losing at the national level.

    And I see some of the more vocally racist Freepers are taking their cue from everybody's favorite good ol' Southern boy wardaddy. When will he finally come out of the closet and admit that he's a Klansman? He sure talks like one.

  2. Some good crazy on the PP shooting.

    Apparently it's all a false flag with Colorado Springs officers being the real culprit...the gunman was just robbing the bank!


    1. Ah, FR. I thought to myself there will be a simple progression from "lefty, false flag" to "No true Scotsman" sprinkled with "how many babies died inside the office!?" I'm tired of the beating of the broken drun, but the crazy always brings me back. Plus the shooter is definitely a freeper: bible, endtimes, guns, sad pathetic sex life

  3. In the case of freepers, the terrorists have won.

    The terrorist's goal is to spread fear, and distrust, and hate throughout western society, and with the fat old cowards of FR, who are prone to hate anyway, their job was already 90% done.