Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Target: Carson

Like Carly before him, Carson is doing well in the polls. He's about as crazy as Trump (maybe more so), but not quite as much of a dick about it.

But he's not Trump or Cruz, so Freepers hate him. There are at least half a dozen mudslinging posts about Carsons lack of purity on any given day. I chose this one because it's simultaneously mining still growing Freeper hatred of all non-Freep Republicans.

Well if Republicans are for it, Bob434 is against it!
GOP lawmakers: We’d back Carson

Of course they would because he’s every bit a rino as they are!
scooby321 ain't wrong that the entire country hates the GOP now:
That seals it 100% Trump
RJS1950 has diagnosed RINO:
He has been incrementally exposing himself more and more as a RINO. Now we know for a certainty.
Lurkinanloomin knows business interests have corruted the GOP:
Carson is approved by The Cheap Labor Express and their lackeys in Congress.
HarleyLady27 at this point literally thinks President Trump will make her rich:
this Country has a question to answer....

Who wants to Make America Great Again or,

Who wants to be poor the rest of their lives, and feed the illegal immigrants forever....
Unskewing time! E. Pluribus Unum has decided Carsons' seeming support among registered Republicans is all secret Democrats:
They are the GOP-wing of the Democrat party, and Carson’s apparent surge is courtesy of Democrat crossovers who won’t be voting Republican in the general election.
BlackFemaleArmyCaptain knows only Trump can save us from the Illuminati or whatever:
I never heard not one of them say they would back Trump if he is the nominee. Why not?

ANSWER: Trump goes against the establishment NWO agenda.

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