Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tuesday Potpourri pt. I

NTHockey lays out Freepers options in this Communist dictatorship:
Somehow, this once great country has been allowed to become a communist dictatorship. AND WE THE PEOPLE ARE TO BLAME. We have become so comfortable with our way of life that we pay no mind to elections, betrayals, crimes, etc. committed IN OUR NAME. We keep believing the same lies and electing the same people as our “representatives”, when then proceed to stab us in the back.

There are three alternatives, as I see it, left:
1. Do nothing and proudly wear our chains. Our children will curse us unto the seventh generation. The blood, sweat and tears of those who went before us will have been in vain.
2. RESIST the tyranny. They pass a law; disobey it. They make a new regulation; ignore it. There will be a price to pay; but isn’t that better than wearing chains.
3. Open the last box.
Blue Jays can't let go of the Benghazi hearing debacle:
That ridiculously absurd "coughing fit" seemed scripted to allow her to control the pace and direction of the questioning.
Never fear, ExTexasRedhead:
Hopefully, Donald Trump’s staff reads FR.
A white girl drives into a parade re_nortex is doin it up right:
Looks a lot like a light-skinned mooselimb to me. They're not all necessarily swarthy. The eyes are very much like those of a satanist. And, of course, allah is just another name for satan.
wardaddy with the Civil War hoping:
This is never going to be settled peacefully

They own the media and Hollywood and Madison age and Academia....they do indeed control the narrative

We own the votes even as they illegally import mostly non whites purposely to dilute us

And we own most of the landscape and a big chunk of the cash and most of the military and law enforcement and infrastructure and rural

They own the cities

I just don’t see liberty loving Christian culture folks of any color but especially whites prevailing short a violent reset at this point

Nobody wants it but it’s inevitable

And it has the potential to be the worst thing of its kind in human history and it’s the fault of weak self hating people in power who lacked the will to be honest about what they see around them and govern from that perspective and fight the messianic poison of the left
Lazamataz has to explain a very old racist hoke:
What I mean is, obsolete farm tools are ex-slaves.

Buses and buses of refugees crossing the Mexican Border with police escort, going to military bases to parcel out to important swing states later. Illegals vote Democrat for free pizza and Walmart gift cards. The more Muslims the better for the Democrats.
Thanks to anti-immigration, Freepers like Dante3 reject the GOP's big business ties, but the keep all the other the pro-business policies:
Many in big business have turned against this country even occasionally when they lose income.
Boardwalk is itching for a purge:
Megamike have been zotted, you live on as the leader of TDS! I’m predicting Trump lasts longer than you will!
Darteaus94025 is not exactly up on where refugees are ususally placed, I guess:
“Homeless in Hawaii Campaign”


Start a “charity” to send homeless/illegals/TB carrying ‘immigrants’/Syrian ‘refugees’/etc. to the Dhimmicrat run cities and states!

The new residents will receive more ‘compassion’ from the Dhimmicrats, as the Dhimmicrats care so much more.

Of course, the Dhimmicrats can pay for the increased demand of free ‘stuff’ by raising taxes on the ‘rich’. The ‘rich’ - everyone with a job paying more than minimum wage, can then consider their own residential options.
17th Miss Regt analyzes the Democratic voter, and why they love liars so much:
By and large Democratic voters do not believe in right or wrong, only ‘shades of grey’. But that means they are detached from all morality and lying is an offense against morality. It follows that they are not offended at all by lying.
NorthMountain kicks it racist:
The female hoodrat does NOT need a mate to provide it with food and shelter. Government does that. The female hoodrat needs a male hoodrat to provide it with young, a necessary element in the quantity and quality of food and shelter Government will provide.
Talisker lays out why Freepers are not taken seriously:
Is Bill a serial sex attacker? Is she a husband-beating lesbian? Is Chelsea really Bill's daughter? And does a billionaire paedophile have a secret hold over Bill?

Yes. Yes. No. Yes.

And that's just the start.
CivilWarBrewing makes some amusingly super-dramatic predictions:
He’ll pardon ALL Gitmo detainees, Maj. Hasan, Tsarnov, blah blah blah.. If Hillary is elected he’ll stay in the country because she’ll cover-up his crimes. If Trump, Carson or Cruz is elected, he’ll flee the country for Cuba where he’ll replace Raul Castro and attempt to organize a communist revolt in the United States.. Uhhhh errr, I mean, CONTINUE THE ONE HE’S ALREADY STARTED HERE.
Free Republic had some virus issues. anoldafvet straps on the tin foil!
I’m suspecting foul play. I can’t access Dridge from my I-Pad. Every time I pull it up, the page flashes on the screen, it then goes white and then a black box with a circling arrow appears in the upper left corner.
ClearCase_guy wants a local reign of terror:
Neighborhood peace commissions might be good. If you live in the neighborhood, you should confront the bad guys personally. If you don’t feel like doing that, you can live in a community run by bad guys.

And I think it goes without saying that Neighborhood peace commissions should be allowed to operate with a great deal of latitude.
Ann Archy is pretty excited about the bill to impeach the IRS commissioner, though not for anything he did:
GET HIM!!!! I want SOMEONE in PRISON, and this Schmuck with a SMIRK is a good start!
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper thinks the best political plan is for Congress to just crank out impeachments:
A resolution for impeach does lay out the case against the official for the public to see.

This tactic should be used against every major Obama cabinet official, every agency head and assistants (such as Lois Lerner), against Hillary, Kerry, Dempsey, etc. and the EPA, BLM, etc.

Lay the case for their incompetence and criminality before the public. Some papers will actually publish those documents, conservative websites on the internet would definitely publish them all, and honest talk show hosts would discuss them.

Let the American people see the truth about the corruption, criminality, craziness, and Marxist ideology of the Obama authoritarian regime, its leaders, “Good Germans”, and liberal wackojob syphocants in the media.


  1. Does the last box contain cookies?

  2. I wonder if wardaddy reads his kids the Turner diaries every night

    1. I'm guessing he reads it to himself every night, actually.

      After all, judging by his posts, it's probably the only thing that gives him any comfort nowadays.

  3. Benghazi! Everyone is stupid but us Freepers! Benghazi! The hit job on Hillary didn't work, damn it, listen up, BENGHAZI! Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi!!! Don't you get it? BENGHAZI!!!

    There's been a sudden turnaround in how voters view Hillary Clinton's handling of Benghazi

    1. gaijin: "WE are the people who are different, like the last few people without the forehead mark in Invasion of the Body Snatchers."