Tuesday, November 10, 2015

At last, a Muslim perpetrator!

Freepers have been waiting for this since Fort Hood. And the recent refugee crisis has ramped their paranoid anticipation up to a fever pitch. So who cares that the recent stabbing resulted in no fatalities? It was done by a Muslim, which means he did it for Islam and all Muslims must be exterminated.


Leaning Right found a liberal on line claiming false flag. What a lunatic!!
Earlier today, I was surfing around the net and came across a story about this attack (sorry, can't remember where...maybe Yahoo...I might look for it again later.)

Anyway, one of the reader comments there was along this line: I suspect that this knife attack was staged by the NRA, just to take the heat off of guns for awhile.

I kid you not. Just more evidence that Michael Savage was right: Liberalism is a mental disorder.
Behind Liberal Lines has it all figured out:
Authorities are investigating a motive.

Oh, I think we all KNOW what his motive was.
FreedomPoster knows bigots have a three word phrase for the 'every Muslim is a sleeper agent' canard:
ctdonath2 tries to claim victimhood by comparing Islam today to the Confederacy. Also today.
If he were white and had a Confederate Flag on his shirt you darn well know the media would say what the movie was

The response stopped just short of blasting the memorial off Stone Mountain, and stopped there because there WOULD be a violent backlash. Instead they’re currently moving to subtly desecrate it in other ways evoking conquest.
subterfuge wonders which agenda to push:
Is he a citizen, illegal or student visa muslum. Spelling purposeful.
NormsRevenge is all set for some sweet guilt by association:
I’ll be curious to where he went to madrassa uhhhh school and what mosque he attended.
TexasCajun sees a connection:
Surely a copy cat of Palestine knife-weilding attacks on Jews.
Iscool seems pretty excited that the shadow war they've been making up will at last come to light:
Islamic terrorist attack, just like the kind in Israel. Media is silent. How many other sleepers are there waiting to attack?

There will be scores of thousands of them here in the very near future if Obama can pull it off...
lavaroise knows how all Muslims are brought up:
It is all in their history and the books they read. They all explicitly will explain they teach kids to cut a lamb’s neck on their festival because a lamb neck is very similar to that of a child in size and consistency.
Despite the long wait, rawcatslyentist seems to think this is super common in America:
Just another muhHamhead commiting mohamicide at the command of moeHamhead (Pigs be inseminating him).
A CA Guy makes this weak try:
Another terrorist attack under Barry.
Yaelle has this...logic?
the second the weapon was identified they knew that since you can't ban knives, no point in even discussing what happened.

That deserves repeating.

Which means anyone killed by a gun in a mass crime dies for liberal ideology.
free_life sees a dark future:
And when a 100 Muslims a month do this in US? A 1000? Then what?
fivecatsandadog knows the massacres won't start until 2017:
Why are we allowing this to happen. These Muslims are all Jihadis!!It is a basic tenant of their religion. GET THEM OUT OF HERE!!

Won’t happen until the occupant of the oval office is gone.
Personal Responsibility is pretty sure Obama is behind the totally coming Muslim uprising in America:
Obama may be worried that we don’t have enough sleepers here yet to complete his “fundamental transformation but according to John Kerry we will import ~230 a day next year.
uncitizen finds something fishy in the fact that the perpetrator was shot dead:
I would’ve expected that by now obama would’ve told LEOs to stop killing these shooters - try to take them alive - which probably isn’t that difficult for them - yet he has not....and every single one of them gets taken out -hmmm -I’m not complaining mind you....just wondering why obama isn’t doing what he would normally do...
sanjuanbob has a rather unconstitutional plan:
One way to start the elimination of the problem is to label the Quran as being hate literature and ban it totally from this country.
DJ Taylor copy-pastes this lovely genocidal screed:
The Plague of Islam

If the civilized world is to survive, Islam must be understood for what it really is: It’s not a religion, form of government, or anything recognizable to the civilized mind. Islam is a disease, an incurable disease of the mind that is highly contagious among the feeble minded and is now spreading among the world’s feeble minded at an epidemic rate. As with any disease, one can’t reason with this disease, negotiate with it, or treat in any manner other than how one would treat any incurable disease.

As past efforts to contain this disease have failed, carriers of this Plague of Islam must be eradicated wherever they’re found, for if they’re not, this disease will eventually end not just Western Civilization, but it will undo over 5,000 years of human civilization.
Busko wants something more personal - he wants to preemptively shoot him some Muslims:
Time for the White Christian Men to stand our ground, I mean we need to confront these muslim terrorist and defeat them!
aces is super ready to hold a dusky-fellow at gunpoint and declare Islam sucks:
yep, we should all be packing heat and if some muzzie lookin a-hole gets near you stay away, if he follows you draw on his pathetic butt..best would be declare Islam an enemy government and not a religion..


  1. Now just watch if someone does go shoot up a Mosque, Freepers will scream, "False flag!" Then they will go back to fantasizing about killing Muslims.

  2. Stormfront warning:

    To: Jyotishi

    Hey, Gals don’t hook up with any black guy!

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