Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The myth of 'moderate' gays

Freepers cannot abide gradations. They make some exceptions for blacks (mostly), but in their world, all Muslims are terrorists, all Europeans socialist, and all homosexuals super kinky!

Thus some photo essay of the extremes of the gay lifestyle is basically a day in the life of every gay:

Oatka was in the navy, but couldn't take the photos!
Having sampled the Caribbean dives in the '50s (courtesy USN) and a few overseas spots (courtesy an international rent-a-rig outfit), I thought I could take anything.

I quit after two pages. Absolutly disgusting. I couldn't believe humans could be that depraved. I'm not religious at all, but thought that if a god lobbed a meteorite at the place, he'd be doing humanity a favor.
patriot08 hates the gays for not hiding like they used to:
I used to not think much about gays.
My attitude was, I guess, ..’as long as they leave me alone’, but since they’ve thrown in it our faces so lately, I’ve grown to dislike them intensely.
Will88 explains that the problem is that gays don't save their kink for clubs:
I think the response of the gay lifestyle apologists would be — don’t you find these kinds of behavior among heterosexuals as well?

It can be found, but in very private places, or places that involve a cover charge. The gays need for public exhibitionism has always amazed me, and as this little annual event shows, there are few limits to what they are willing to put before the public.
reaganaut saw a lot of debauchery in Florida:
In gay ‘culture’ this kind of stuff IS normal. I grew up in Palm Springs (more gays than the Castro), this is common behavior.
reaganaut then reports that some kids came to school in bondage gear, which is totally not misunderstanding some legit device at all:
God knows me, my husband, my sister in law and my friends growing up didn’t need to know what we knew about gay sex and the subcultures.

Some kids wore leather ‘restraining devices’ to school in Jr high that their gay parents had bought for them and that is just starters.
Ruy Dias de Bivar has another urban myth to relate:
Anyone remember the big fire in SF about 30-35 years ago? It was all over the news, then suddenly the story died and disappeared.

Rumor was the firefighters found buildings with young men chained to the walls in several homo dungeons. They had to call for more firemen with boltcutters to get them loose.
HiTech RedNeck explains the gay agenda is to make only kinkiness acceptable:
Um, the idea is to transform normal into weird. It was never to bring weird back to normal. Everything progressing according to plan.
Gay State Conservative somehow separates moral from mental:
*Schizophrenics*,for example,are *mentally* ill.They have a genuine,and serious,brain disorder that causes them to think and act in unusual,and all too often,dangerous ways.

Perverts,OTOH,are *morally* warped.Even if you accept their claim of having been "born that way" perverted *acts* like theirs are a *moral* issue,not a medical schizophrenia.

IMO,there's an important distinction here.
Gay State Conservative worked in an ER, and saw people shoved stuff up their buts. Gays all, I'm sure!
I worked in a big city ER for a long a city,in fact,that has a huge pervert population.One of the battle-hardened ER nurses I worked with once told me of some of the things she's seen stuck in the "out passage" of the perverts.

When she mentioned lightbulbs I excused myself to say a little prayer for humanity.
djf knows gayness is just the gateway to cannibalism!
If you read “Population Density and Social Pathology”, John Calhoun, I think it was Nov, 1970 Sci Am you will find out.

The scarier parts are in the near future - infanticide, cannibalism, even worse than that...
Nom nom nom.


  1. "It was all over the news, then suddenly the story died and disappeared."

    never a concern in freeper gulch

  2. I'm waiting for one of these Freetards to bring up the old chestnut about Marilyn Manson- who was also the kid on Wonder Years- having one of his ribs taken out so he could suck his own dick easier.

    1. One of them is bound to bring it up. As it turns out, neither rumor is true (he didn't have one of his ribs taken out, and he's not Paul from The Wonder Years). Not that it matters to Freepers.

  3. 1) As for reaganaut's posts ... Palm Springs is in California, not Florida, and yes it is quite gay populated, mostly by older retirees, not so much by younger gay parents.

    The "leather bondage restraints" she saw in junior high ? Think leather-studded wristbands and dog chain necklaces popular during the Billy Idol / punk rock days when punk finally made it to the suburbs. Of course, she is full of shit.

    2) As for Ruy Dias de Bivar ... The "big fire in San Francisco" around that time was actually across the bay in the affluent Oakland hills, UC Berkely hills, and it WAS horrible.
    Many died, trapped on winding dead end roads, no way out.

    I would guess Ruys' "urban myth" is a creation of his own fevered imagination ... that whole thread seems to be a "I can top that" stories about wicked gays!

  4. I don't blame them for having a freaky view of the LGBT community if they judge them solely on the stereotypes they used to see on TV or on the exhibitionists that choose to participate in outlandish pride parades and floats. They probably don't know any of the boring, humdrum worker bees that are the vast majority of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, et al., because Freepers are such jerks that no sane person would ever want to come out to them.

    There's plenty of straight kink accidents that arrive at ERs, too, I am sure...

    1. Every story they tell that happened to them or to "somebody I used to know's second cousin" is just some urban legend that's been passed around for decades.

      It's called "Christian Porn" ... they eat it up, they love articles like the one referenced in the freeper thread, especially if it has salacious pictures included.

      "Oooohhhhhh, look at those dirty gays! Oooohhhhh, look at what they're doing in this pic! Oooohhhhh, I can't wait to see all the other pics of those dirty dirty gays!"

      Then after about two minutes they go to bed and sleep well that night.