Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Whites dying quickly

Via Anonymous.

A robust socioeconomic study has found that life expectancy in America has been increasing across the board, with one exception: white males. The increasing death rate for white males seems mostly due to drug abuse and suicide.

The causality is a difficult question. Some folks are talking about the erosion of their privileged status in society, others about the loss of meaningful work. It's way above my paygrade, though as a white male I'll make sure to stay away from the meth.

To Freepers, though, thus study confirms their victimhood narrative, and they joyfully rush to the thread to complain about how tough times are:

ruination basically buys into the privilege thesis without realizing it:
Decades of mass immigration, constant attacks on whites by the media and government, outsourcing of jobs, feminism, and idiotic wars for other people haven't paid off well for the people who built this country. Those who are giving up and killing themselves at these huge rates were born just when all this started.
virgil thinks the problem is race mixing:
Do you think any of the “dark” countries care about diversity and PC? Here we have to have a “diverse” workforce. How diverse is the workforce in India? Or China?
central_va is angry at his fellow Freepers for feeling insufficiently persecuted:
I'm not threatened by any psy-ops and I sure the heck am not going to blame any of my problems on the media portrayal of white folks.

There is a longstanding war on the white male, you can admit that or ignore it. It’s real either way.
ruination thinks whites are the real slaves or something:
Being incessantly ridiculed in the media while being lectured that it is deserved, and losing a job and/or wages due to mass immigration can dampen one’s spirits, no?

I don’t think whites do too well in captivity.
Autonomous User knows the cause of all problems:
Taxed to death.
uncitizen has an even better cause:
Obama has been stressing us all to death for 7years...
A lot of Freepers preferred to concentrate on rage rather than despair, stoking their fires by speculating how happy this makes the Bad Guys. Like skeeter:
Some more good news for the MSM to gigglingly report.
And Parley Baer:
Sounds like a dimoKKKRATS dream. Get rid of Whitey.
Major Matt Mason also:
That headline probably has Obama twerking with joy.
ruination doesn't take kindly to the few Freepers who are still into empty triumphalism rather than nihilistic bitterness:
Everyone I know, black, white, brown, yellow or what ever are strong enough to handle media criticism or mass immigration without resorting to killing themselves.

You are dense aren’t you. I see you joined about a month ago.
Twink, a woman, seems not to have noticed her engineer daughter having any problems due to her gender, only unearned benefits:
I’ve raised four daughters...academic and athletic...and two got full rides (tuition) for academics. They deserved it. The engineer also got the NSF scholarship when a white male wouldn’t have received it. She’s had job opportunities since graduating college 2 1/2 years ago that a white male wouldn’t have had.

I see it everyday how boys, white boys especially, are treated in our education system from kindergarten on. And it matters! It affects them!

And it’s pissing me off.
riri didn't read the study, and also thinks only white people eat junk food:
Hmm, immunizations and food loaded with chemicals and toxins. Cheap food even more loaded with crap. Dumbed down populace with little impulse control engaging in drug use, promiscuity, eating and drinking themselves to poor health, etc.

Slow kill working as planned.
caddie knows only Trump can defeat the leftist plot to make Freepers bitter:
The strategy of the left is mostly psyops: Talk us out of our confidence and obvious successes.

Guilt tripping is one way... very effective... but not if you see through it all.

This thread is proof that we need Trump. He is the only one of the candidates who doesn't whine about our supposed dismal condition. He motivates by pointing out that we can and will fix all of our current problems and emerge better and stronger.
matginzac is going down a dark road...
I’d buy the alcohol reason..
The last 7 years of Obozo govt has caused the alcohol consumption in this house to rise dramatically...


  1. I can't be the only one that finds this god damn hilarious right? I mean I'm a white male but I don't really drink, do drugs, or get incredibly wound up about stuff. I feel like I've read posts on here that were followed by a stroke shortly after.

    Getting so angry about Obama, Hillary and whatever perceived slight in their land of imagination that they have heart attacks is pretty funny. I know that freepers are but a fraction of a fraction, but white men kinda have it coming.

    The human race has made some big leaps in the last twenty years and a lot of it has to do with white males not being the de-facto choice for leadership and jobs.

    1. Not to mention, where these people live, the individuals that have the largest impact on their general welfare are the same folks that say things like "if you're poor, it's because you're lazy."

      But the people coming in to cut their grass for a few bucks cheaper? THOSE people are the problem!

  2. To be even a bit more morbid, have you (anyone) ever checked out the Free Republic Memorial Wall?

    It is a list of all freepers who have died, and a lot of relatively young(ish) people on that list.

    The only conclusion that can be reached is that being a freeper takes at least ten years off your life.

  3. I think you gotta be pretty angry to stick with being a freeper. With all the accusations of not being conservative enough you see in freerepublic, the GOP campaigns accusing eachother of not being conservative enough makes a lot more sense.

    Its gotta be taxing to be that angry and work yourself up to the point that your accusing others of not being dedicated or good enough. Isn't that pretty much the modus operandi of cults and political extremist?

  4. When whites succumb to social ills, it's because of a couple decades of white oppression and victimization. When non-whites succumb to social ills, it's not because of centuries of same; it's because their race is defective.