Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Potpourri

Biggirl is still chasing that coming revolt!
Eventually we put liberals in cages or they put us in cattle cars. There will never be middle ground with liberals. They have one position on the switch. “Take”. Once people realize that and what it means to their lives, we will see progress against them. Real progress, not hippy happy feelgood compromise at an increasing loss.

Liberals understand instinctively what conservatives, for all the Spockian logic, do not. Compromise is loss.

That is now starting to happen. America is being taken back, bit by bit.
I'd also like to call out the Norm Lenhart post Biggirl is replying to, noting the logic of conservatives in the same breath he explains liberals are going to Holocaust everyone.

GladesGuru's God is a genocidal God:
IiRC, G*d commanded the Children of Israel to extirpare every living thing, which command they disobeyed.

Muslims are their punishment.

Were I a Palisimian, I would avoid giving the Jews an excuse to do today what their ancestors dd not do.

But,I am not carrying the accumulated genetic defects from 1,400 years of first cousin incest.
So, not much has changed since 2013.

SJackson is projecting juuuust a tad:
Facts aren’t really stubborn things, you can make them up as long as they fit the bias of your audience. Despots and tyrants know that, some are good at it.
GrandJediMasterYoda has also missed Free Republic's election analysis:
Yes don’t you know? When it comes to elections, Democrats are “elected”. Republicans “steal”.
Jack Black is another Freeper using cuckservative to mean conservatives who aren't white supremacists:

The famous article written by British conservative writer John Derbyshire, published in Taki Mag, the editors of the National Review found it so offensive they fired him, thus cementing their reputation as the official journal of "cuckservatism". The Talk, Non-Black Version
riri wishes she could go back in time to fiction:
On the bright side, I don't think muzzies like n-words. jacking, rape and death or rape and beheading. Pick your poison!

Um, I'll go with 1950s Mayberry, please.

Sorry, that choice has been discontinued but , if you can wait, next week we do have MS-13 gang initiation throat slicing starting.
null and void on the importance of Donald Trump:
I suspect his Sirhan Sirhanicide will be the spark that triggers CWII
jmacusa is pretty into the idea of a new, Muslim Holocaust:

Hey give the Krauts credit. At least they’re attacking the right people for the right reasons this time. Hardly a “Third Reich Revival’’. Jews comprised less than 1% of the total population of Germany when Hitler came to power. For cryin’ out loud Merkels letting them in by the thousands every hour.
Hulka uses exaggeration to complain that astronauts might not be exclusively white males:
White males with astrophysics degrees from MIT need not apply.

You nailed it. That is more true than most people realize.

I guarantee the next flight crew WILL have a minority female, a muslime, a white female, a lesbian and homosexual, and the single token straight white male will be sitting in the back as some sort of undefined mission specialist while the ‘diverse’ fly the platform. . .
Honorary Serb rants about the rich and humanitarians pushing tolerance and human rights:
“Gays”, the Human Rights Campaign, and ALL human rights NGOs, are America’s biggest enemies—worst than ISIS!!!!

All the big, New World Order Bankster banks, such as the Rockefellers’’ JP Morgan Chase, support “gay” rights, and help stage the garish and intolerable “gay” parades and special “gay” days in our public schools!!!! They also push for “globe warming”-based measures and Agenda 21 aimed at enslaving once free middle-class Americans, and do everything possible to bash the Christian faith!!!!

FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT back against the machine!!!!
driftless2 has at least two people he really wants to kill:
Bill could be lynched this afternoon by a peoples tribunal held this mornin

If a civil war breaks out again, I wouldn't put any money on Ayers surviving more than a week. Michael Moore is another one.
DCBryan1 tells a totally true story about keeping your powder dry in the modern age:
Good story. Recent. Buddy and I had Columbus day off. Decided to run some errands. Buddy stopped and got iphone out at intersection. Took a picture of car in front of us.

I asked, "Whats up?"

He said, "Nothing".

Hour later, heading home, he stops in front of residence that had a Bernie Sander's sign in yard.

His Iphone comes out. Snaps another picture.

Again I asked, "WTF? Over."

His reply: "Keeping a list of communist sympathizers when the day comes."

My reply: All smiles.
DiogenesLamp still thinks Obama's blackness is the only talent he has:
If it weren't for the media having orgasms over his color, he would be a nothing and a nobody as he so richly deserves to be.

He is the most ignorant, lazy, stupid, mouthy little man-child that has ever sat in that office. If he were white, he would still be working at Baskin Robbins handing out ice cream. The man has literally no qualifications for anything.
originalbuckeye is working hard to hate both Doctors Without Borders and the Administration that bombed them:
"I am convinced that terrorists were operating from the hospital. Doctors without Borders is a far Left group. I would feel badly about this if I thought all the people killed were innocent."

Why would Hussein, terrorists’ best friend, intentionally bomb left-wingers or terrorists on America’s behalf?

Sometimes he makes a mistake and lets the Military make it’s own decisions?
kingu hates DC, though he doesn't give much of a reason:
I absolutely think the 23rd amendment which gave electors to DC was wrong; it is not a state, it is a federal district, and should have zero representation in congress and zero electors, not the same as the least populated state.

If there were ever a convention of the states, that’d be one of the many things I’d push to repeal.

If people don’t like it, MOVE to a state.
Paladin2 has a cute new word for Racial Holy War:
Welcome to diversity war. Time to arm up. The govs are NOT your savior.
Jayster proves God exists merely by assuming that all codes are human made:
Proof that DNA was designed by a mind:
(1) DNA is not merely a molecule with a pattern; it is a code, a language, and an information storage mechanism.
(2) All codes we know the origin of are created by a conscious mind.
(3) Therefore DNA was designed by a mind, and language and information are proof of the action of a Super-intelligence.
montag813's anti-globalist paranoia has turned away from Bush:
This confirms that Marco has replaced Jeb as the choice of the billionaire warmongering oligarchs Eisenhower warned us against. The same traitors who spend millions to increase the illegal invasion Ike worked so hard to reverse.
prisoner6 is very superstitious, ladders bout' to fall:
I wish the next debate wasn’t on the 10th.

Not to be superstitious or anything but November 10th always makes me uneasy. This year is the 40th anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald.

While I have no direct connection to the ship I remember November 10th, 1975 very well. I was DX’ing Short Wave radio when I heard the first reports. I stayed glued to the radio all night and the next day.

So I am wary of anything on November 10th.
bert on the loss of German racial purity:
the genetic diversity induced by losing WW II diluted what was fundamentally German

Russian and American occupation sperm are responsible
The Middle East and Russia is getting complicated. Fightin Whitey only knows one thing:
All I know is I'm agin Homobama.
Georgia Girl 2 is one of the many pro-Trump folks backhandedly bashing Carson. More details on Carson's craziness later this week:
Its time to cull the herd. This stuff happens every presidential election cycle. It happened to Cain last time. I love the guy but he loves the ladies a little too much. Apparently Ben embellishes a little bit too much and has some less than mainstream ideas about the pyramids. In addition his stances on the issues are poor. I see he is backing the TPP today. Great. (sarc) :-)
arthurus is sure the left has always feared the military:
The Democrats and their allies the GOPe would like very much to defund the military and render it useless. The left has always feared the military and when in power has always chipped away at it, especially purging the officer corps. Carter did it. Clinton did it. Hussein has taken the practice to new levels of destruction. The GOPe will ultimately give him what demands and will give him a lot more than he asked for in the first place.
Morgana is trying to retcon Elvis into a paragon of virtue:
Was Elvis (and I’m not a fan) parading around as some kind of moral authority and exemplary Christian?

Actually Elvis was a closet Christian. After concerts he and his band would sing Gospel music until the wee hours of the morning. Elvis had originally wanted to sing just Gospel but his managers made him sing rock n roll because it made more money. Truth be told Elvis hated it and his heart and soul was in singing Gospel.
Morgana is also spending her time dwelling on abortion:
I watched the video and thought, they are so young and are Psychopaths, their mouths are so sweetly telling lies. Just ten years ago were they selling Girl Scout Cookies, now this? Now I know what a serial killer looks like when he/she does their kill.
mumblypeg lays bare what homosexuality is really all about:
Homosexuality is, essentially, coprophilia.
It’s an unnatural obsession with, or attraction to, the sight, smell, or taste of fecal matter.
Remember when psychiatrists linked many adult neuroses to improper potty training in childhood? Parents were supposed to teach their kids basic hygiene, without shaming or making a big deal of it.
It’s common in mental hospitals for some patients to smear their poo on the walls. Extreme coprophilia is still considered crazy, at least for now.

But in the LGBT crowd, it’s just another form of “sexual expression” which needs to come out of the closet. What were once mental patients are now being encouraged to take over.
We’re even beginning to see poo-hurling as a form of protest.
It’s no surprise that these nuts seek retaliation. They want to redefine themselves as the rational ones and have the non-poo-sniffers locked up.


  1. Just think of all the things that are accomplished when you give and give generously to Free Republic. Go ahead. Think about it. I dare you.

  2. I recently watched the movie Watchmen, and DCBryan1's way of writing echoes Rorschach's speech pattern. I imagine he sees himself as a new right-wing vigilante.

  3. "Good story. Recent. Buddy and I had Columbus day off. Decided to run some errands. Buddy stopped and got iphone out at intersection. Took a picture of car in front of us.

    I asked, "Whats up?"

    He said, "Nothing".

    Hour later, heading home, he stops in front of residence that had a Bernie Sander's sign in yard.

    His Iphone comes out. Snaps another picture.

    Again I asked, "WTF? Over."

    His reply: "Keeping a list of communist sympathizers when the day comes."

    Yeah, good STORY indeed.

    Does anyone actually believe that he drove around for an hour without getting anything from his "buddy" about why he got out of a car and snapped a pic of someone in traffic?

    Seems like that would be something you wouldn't let go.

    An hour later he finds a house with a Bernie "Sander's" sign and at last his friend confides in him his secret!

    I call bullshit.

    I also think Carson was bullshitting when he said he got a scholarship to West Point, but then claims that it was verbal only.

  4. "Homosexuality is, essentially, coprophilia."

    How does this moron explain Lesbianism?

    I don't think Lesbians are too interested in buttholes.

  5. "To: Norseman

    Try googling Grain Storage in Pyramids -Carson and see what you find (the minus in front of Carson drops all the recent stories from the search.

    Wow tried the google search without Carson and he was absolutely right. They found grains in the pyramids that were preserved for several thousand years.

    50 posted on 11/7/2015, 11:15:39 AM by Bruce Kurtz
    [ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 45 | View Replies]""

    He also believes Sarah Palin in her description of how Paul Revere rode around ringing bells on his 'Night Ride.'

    1. They totally did find grains in the pyramids. Small containers worth of grain so when the dead woke up inside, they would have something to eat.

      This is how the fuckwad logic works, wether creatonists, climate denier, or anti-vaxxer. Take one small detail, blow the whole thing out of proportion, and say it proves your whole position.


    2. Not to mention, how would it even make sense to spend the millions of slave hours to build something that held food?! It's not as if the Pharaohs had to worry about any impending famine. That makes sense to Carson and like-minded Freetards?! Wouldn't it make more sense to build them for funerary purposes?! No? Grain storage? REALLY?!?

      That's not especially why Carson shouldn't be president, but it's a compelling secondary reason.

    3. The only thing I hate more being that guy is how much I love being that guy.... but yea the pyramids were mostly build by people that weren't slaves. At least they were given honarable burials and ate sheep and beef. They might not have had a free life in modern terms, but calling them slaves seems to be a leap.

    4. Now you're telling me Chuck Heston didn't save Yoshibel from being crushed under the stones in The Ten Commandements? I am disillusioned.

  6. These cowards really live entirely in their minds don't they? It weirds me out to hear Republican candidates talk, and having it be such complete bullshit you wonder how anyone can take them seriously. It's crazy how far gone these fools are.

    There was a cool documentary, I can't remember what European country it was, I think Germany, but to ease the lives of people with severe alzheimer's they had an expensive hospital that was basically a small fake truman show like downtown for alzheimer's patients. They could go to their apartment, go outside to a park, and then to a grocery store. They could pick out what they wanted and if they forgot to pay it was fine, and the entire staff was nurses trained for alzheimer's patients. The idea was to let them live their lives out.

    I don't think it relates much. I just figure after reading blogposts about hateful bigots that live in another reality, it's nice to know most people are trying to help, even if its build people another reality.

    PS: It's Dutch! Here's a CNN Video on it.

    1. Jim Robinson "'Free Republic is on a mission from God"

    2. A.K.A I've run out of non paying rubes to ban so stop fighting amongst yourselves and donate to the site

    3. "We're on a mission from God!"

      ...why he keeps working that Blues Brothers quote into every post evades me...

    4. Because resistance to tyranny is obedience to god or something

    5. Or resistance to Tierney.

      It's fascinating to me how someone could spend that much time a website and never manage to internalize the spelling of a word they hate so much.

    6. "at a website"

  7. "Cuckservative"

    It is kinda hilarious seeing /pol/ maymays starting to show up on FR. It will be hilarious if they start shouting "good goy" and "JIDF SHILL" at eachother.

  8. I thought they were all pro-business and anti-regulations?

    I wish I knew a reliable way to source seafood for home consumption. Ideas?

    Here's an idea: Wish in one hand and shit in the other, see which one fills up first.