Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cheering for ISIS

Just as they're in high dudgeon about a phantom horde of New Jersey Muslims cheering for 9-11, Freepers cheer for New York to experience it again, after ISIS says they're targeting New York as well as Washington DC:

Old Sarge knows New York is all liberal, and should therefore all die:
So let them detonate. They’re run off all the patriotic Americans, all that’s left are Leftists - the collateral damage to us would be minimal...
I want the USA back will believe everything ISIS says:
Believe these subhuman savages, even if 0bama won’t.
DiogenesLamp wants some media deaths in there:
Might I recommend that they visit the "news" outlets there? I can think of no better place for an ISIS attack than the headquarters of the Democrat Propaganda corps.
DiogenesLamp follows up by generally hoping for a terrorist attack with hundreds or a few thousands of casualties, to get America's hatred up to the appropriate level:
They and Us refuse to realize that the enemy is a doctrine called "ISLAM" (Submission. The word "Islam" means submission in Arabic.) and that they will never be safe unless they either "Islam" (submit) of wipe out those people trying to force them to "Islam." (submit)

We need an attack. We need an attack just like we needed Pearl Harbor. We must go to war with these bastards before the Iranians can produce their Nuclear bombs.

We are faced with a situation in which we would be better off to deal with the loss of hundreds or a few thousands of lives, rather than wait until these religious nut-jobs have Nuclear weapons, and are able to kill millions.

The only thing that will galvanize American will against "Islam" (submission) is another attack from "Islam".(Submission)
ilovesarah2012 hilariously tries to answer someone objecting (on the grounds that NYC might have a few conservatives still), with off-topic anti-Obama bluster:
but do you not realize that expressing disappointment that DC might not be hit, in favor of NYC, which would affect the lives of Freepers and other conservatives, is offensive? think about that. cheerleading for a hit anywhere on US soil is offensive

Obama is offensive. His supporters who want to bring possible terrorists into my country are offensive. Liberals who celebrate abortion are offensive. Those in my government who are working to silence Christians are offensive. Forcing homosexuality on children as normal is offensive. Fomenting racial animosity and encouraging riots and looting is offensive. Forgive me if I have no sympathy for Obama and his minions.
And of course, this works like a charm. He even gets an attaboy from OldSarge

gr8eman is pretty stoked that only evil liberal cities will be targets, not where 'regular Americans' live.
Once these people see that regular American won’t let them get away with raping and pillaging, they will all go to cities and continue their terror there. I don’t know if the libs are smart enough to figure that out yet, but they’re going to learn it pretty soon. It’ll be interesting what they’ll say about their demigod Obama after that!
Thank You Rush knows you can't blame Freeers for wishing for another 9-11.
None of us can be faulted for our thoughts at this point. I know what my doctor told me this morning when I had an appointment and he said he couldn’t say it to anyone but me. I told him I felt the same way but I hesitated to say it out loud! How far will we be pushed - even by those elected and sworn to protect us? HA! Those of us with a brain that we use know that protection is going to be up to us and no one else.


  1. Perhaps we should start a database of people who are so bitter at being out of power for two election cycles that they'd do nothing to stop the country from being attacked, just to spite the opposition party.

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  3. Oh yes, how wonderful it would be to see those liberal cities finally get what's coming to them. After all, America needs and deserves to be attacked, and payback's a bitch.

    So long as it doesn't happen to you as you gleefully watch the death and destruction from the sidelines like it's some kind of warped action-packed movie, right Freepers?

    These cretins are absolutely disgusting. I have no words to adequately convey my abject disdain for these sickening malcontents. They think they have the monopoly on righteous rage, and they truly believe that the evil thoughts they spew on that cesspool known as Free Republic is perfectly justifiable and even blessed by Jesus. I can't imagine that Jesus would actually be pleased with wishing violence and death on your political opponents, but what do I know? I'm not a "regular American" like they are.

  4. Capitalist cheerleaders find a way to hate capitalism.

    Also, how come they can't get the hang of the difference between the word "tranny" and the word "tyranny"? You'd think if you're obsessing over something, you'd learn to spell it sooner or later.

    1. "I do remember going to a further hospital er because the closest one was doing abortions."

      Wow, I hope nobody in your family has to go to the ER, prick. I wonder if he had a cardiac episode and ended up being taken to that hospital, if he would just die because the heathen abortion factory saved him.