Friday, November 13, 2015

Spotlight Friday: The Toll

He hates blacks, and thinks they're killing us in huge numbers, and tolerance is deadly. He hates Muslims and thinks they need to be wiped out in huge numbers. Immigration reform makes him incoherent with rage and Random Capitalization. He thinks the government is coming to Holocaust us any day now.

And he looooves him some Putin.

So just another white supremacist Freeper.

The agenda of those in power:
Just more murdered Americans. No one in power cares. These incidents are just minor setbacks along the way towards Democrat super majorities and the replacement of the American workforce. If you’re going to make an omelette blah blah blah.
The White Person Trail of Tears:
What the Feds actually want to do is March the Americans along a trail of tears onto some Reservation in Utah. When I say Feds, I mean the Democrats and Republicans.
The White Holocaust too:
no discussion of the "racial" disparity in US vs. everywhere else when it comes to "gun" crime---

Because we haven’t had our holocaust yet.
Or maybe it's a Black Holocaust. Like so many he switches between fearing a coming massacre and advocating one.

Case and point, he's on of the few who can hang with Laz in his Holocaust rants:
These days, I am in a rather Dachau mood.

And perfectly cool with the concept.

Agreed. The decent bleed out on the sidewalk. This is 2015.
Only being assaulted allows one to understand the Real history of racial violence:
White folks never grasp the real history of Racial violence until the hospital staff is able to get the swelling off the brain [Ben Carson]. Look into it.
Anyone that looks to Africa to solve a problem is a complete idiot.
See, Globalist Traitors can only be stopped by extragovernmental White Wall Building Unity:
It’s simple really. The Institutions that our Civilizations set up to protect us have been infiltrated by Globalist Traitors. The citizen is now alone. The Institutions no longer serve their intended purpose to secure the citizen. they will not respond. They will not act. They will not “Secure The Homeland”.

The entire Western World is being purposefully destroyed through orchestrated waves of third world migration. Europe is only slightly ahead of us and things are progressing more quickly because their invaders are Islamic.

What can be done? Without an organized citizenry, the destruction will be a success. There is nothing to appose it. The citizens however CAN NOT organize. They can not organize because any attempt to do so will be shattered immediately by being labeled as Nazi Fascism. The cowardly Politically Correct Citizens will then gladly point the finger at the first man that stands up and call him a Right Wing Terrorist or a Racist or a Bigot and everyone will stand down.

That is why they created THAT situation prior to unleashing the horde. Any attempt by Western Citizens to unite and defend what is rightfully theirs will by it’s very nature be a largely WHITE movement. White/Caucasian Organizing is FORBIDDEN! No one will do it. It will not happen.

Because WHITES refuse to stand with each other as WHITES they will die! It’s just that simple. If you act alone, you will be killed by the security services. If you organize you will be infiltrated and arrested. If you try to BUILD A WALL you will be called a racist and cowards that should be on your side will slink away.

It’s a great plan, and it’s working. The citizenry of Western Civilization has two choices. Organize outside of Government control, or die.
So Putin ain't no thing:
This can’t be! Putin is trying to take over the Middle East according to a pack of newbs around here!
Killing a government employee or Democrat? Fine by him!
I simply refuse to find anyone guilty in a court of law if charged with a crime against the Fed or a Democrat. We’re even.
He has some grievances to settle with minorities
Some day minority corpses will simply not be worth the effort for their protectors to investigate. Thus making it open season on minorities for anyone with a grievance. Now there couldn’t possibly be a reason for civilized people to have a grievance with the minority could there?
So naturally firing that cop for pinning the black girl recently proves black girls are in charge:
The fat black child is in charge. Not the duly elected Authorities. Her. The fat black one that won’t get up. She’s in charge. Not you the tax payer. She decides how your tax dollars will be spent for education. She decides what happens in the classroom. Not the teacher, not the other students, not the Principal, not the Deputy, not the Sherriff, She is the Authority now!

That’s is the entire purpose of this fake outrage.
Tolerance is deadly:
Promoting tolorence? What? That’s what dead people where doing before they got dead.
The Crusaders were pure heroes:
Why denounce Cruisaders? They are heroes to Americans. You should denounce your jugular veins.
What will happen to those who disapprove of Trump:
You will be beheaded in the street of your own country because you are a faggot coward.
Bush made one mistake in Iraq and the media stabbed him in the back!
Bush invaded Iraq for some reason. Then our military smashed the Iraqis in a brilliant vitory. Then Bush advisors disbanded the Iraqi military and threw the entire country into chaos for no reason. Then our military smashed the chaos and put things back in order, but it was too late. CNN had already played video of Sunnis dancing around burning cars and shooting AK’s in the air for three years, which terrified every Soccer Mom in the country who then turned around and voted for the current Communist in the White House.

Way to go America! Way to go!
What the world thinks of Hollywood:
The entire world wants them bombed now in 2015.
All our efforts in the Middle East are hoaxes:
Does anyone on planet earth actually believe that the United States of America is conducting active military operations against ISIS (the military equivalent of the bloods and crips).
Deeeep thinking about evil:
The older I get the easier it becomes to identify evil simply through recognizing it’s inability to create. It must be a terrible curse to live with. Having only the power to destroy. A burning envy of the creator.

When the towers fell on 9/11 I could smell it all around me. Using an engineer to destroy what he could not build for himself, how clever. An entire failed culture driven mad with envy.
THIS IS WAR NOW! Close the **** Border or there will be blood!
An online breakdown:
I am sick to death of these treasonous bastards! To sit there and spout lies when every single shred of evidence contradicts you! You unbelievably arrogant traitorous piece of filth! You *$&*&# scum mother (#95 )#. I swear to all that is holy I want this traitor who is obviously complicit in flooding this nation with foreigners to pay the price! PAY THE PRICE you piece of garbage! I want to see you burn!


  1. I bet he furiously rubbed one out after that last post.

  2. Seriously I just don't understand why FR and JimRob are even trying to hide it anymore. For crying out loud, the majority of the posters are advocating either a race riot or an actual holocaust or some sick combination of the two.

    Why all the pretense and the very thinly veiled threats? At this point why not just fully embrace the principles of White Supremacy and be done with it already? They keep talking about drawing lines in the sand and brag about their homes being transformed to Fortress America and claim that the government and blacks and Muslims are going to kill them all anyway, so what have they got to lose?

    Or are they really just feckless cowards hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet?

    I think we all know the answer to that question.

  3. This guy is desperate for attention. He probably calls talk shows and complains about blacks and Muslims.

  4. And remember folks, Vote Republican!