Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Freeper parenting

In an article entitled, "Bidding My College-Bound Son Good Riddance" a mother laments her son's sullen environmentalism. It's a series of anecdotes, so it's hard to tell whether the problem is legitimate bratishness or a weird spiteful mother.

Freepers condemn the mother as liberal and commence to provide some stories of how they handle their childrens' attempts to think.

tflabo has heard all he needs to blame the mother:
He’s his mama’s boy-— a product of her lieberalism incarnate in him. Save the planet— blah blah. Mother Nature is quite capable of surviving with or without help from humanity.
bluejean thinks we need to stop teaching kids about issues:
Kids don’t get to be kids anymore. They are taught to fret and worry and be hypersensitive about every aspect of life. When I was a kid, tornado drills were about as bad as it got. Add the gender morphing sex “education” and anti-history and social experimentation and bullying and cell phone “life” - good God existence has become way overcomplicated. It’s exhausting.
Jeff Chandler prescribes manly work:
The kid needs a stint in the Marine Corps, but they wouldn’t take the pimply faced 100 pound weakling.

I think boys should have to work a year in construction before they go off to college.
Of course, Jeff Chandler himself seems a devote of parenthood through spite:
My children would know better than to do that to me because I would just egg them on.

Carbon dioxide? I would build a fire pit with an eternal flame.

Dolphins? I would serve tuna steaks every night.

Fuel economy? Hey Son, how do you like my ‘71 Cadillac?
eartick recommends beatings:
spare the rod

spoil the child

thwack thwack thwack
Farmer Dean hilariously posits that the son should be murdered:
Kid needs to go on a hunting trip.The kind where two go out but only one comes back.
JMS recommends not paying for her son's college:
Cut his allowance and don’t pay for his tuition. If he doesn’t want to enjoy the fruits of his parents’ lifestyle he is welcome to go it alone. Obviously she didn’t teach him the Ten Commandments - this dumb kid doesn’t know the Honor Thy Father and Mother part and should be taught a lesson. When he’s poor and on his own he’ll see it’s not so easy to be “sustainable” which is really something for rich people not poor people who call it subsistance living.
.45 Long Colt explains that he keeps his children conservative by never letting them near any liberals, ever:
I’ve got liberal relatives who have ruined their kids, too. I have distanced myself from them the past decade because I don’t want their sanctimonious Episcopalian vegan anti-American gun-loathing Northeastern Eco-brats (and those aren’t their worst traits!) around my God-fearing TULIP-believing Baptist patriotic Southern gun-shooting meat-eating conservative teenagers. Their utterly insane beliefs have led them to decide it’s wrong to lock their doors so they live in a big liberal hellhole with unlocked doors (in their old money mansion) and they never drive with locked doors either. Apparently locking a door would betray their unyielding belief in the goodness of all, all but Southern Christian conservatives that is. My cousin is married to a liberal PhD, a professor, who has caused her to utterly abandon our Southern family roots.
super7man tells a probably untrue story about him throwing a tantrum over his daughter believing in global warming:
When my daughter was a Junior in HS, she came home one night and just ripped the family about global warming, our carbon footprint, our wasteful food practices, our use of energy and on and on. I asked where she had gotten her information and she said that it was from her history teacher (?).

The next day was a Friday and she was running late as usual, and came to me said we gotta go, I have to go to school. I told her that I had been thinking about what she had said the previous evening and told her that I was going to work from home that day in and effort to reduce our carbon footprint. She said, “But Dad, I have a Bio test today, we have to go.” I told her that saving the planet was more important than her Bio test. She was livid, and called some friends to see if she could get a ride. No luck. She stayed home that Friday.

I suggested she spend the weekend doing some research on global warming and energy use and see if what her teacher seemed right. She did and spent two days writing a paper for her history teacher that debunked human caused global warming. It was not an assignment but she gave it to the teacher anyway. It came back with a note at the top that said “I'll have to think about this.”

I seem to remember that she was able to take her Bio test on Monday, but the perspective and discernment she gained was more valuable than anything.
Then wardaddy shows up to crap all over the thread.
An issue of her own making

The death of the west began with the emancipation of women and the rejection of Christianity
From there on it's his rants and other Freepers calling him out. Usual wardaddy stuff.


  1. Mother Nature is quite capable of surviving with or without help from humanity.

    Yes, dummy, but humanity is not capable of surviving with or without Mother Nature. That's the whole point of environmentalism.

    1. Jesus will provide with magic so let's just rape the environment up the ass without lube. God will make us another one.

  2. "thwack thwack thwack"

    just sounds like eartick's tired monkey what's gettin' another spankin'


  3. Tonight's openly racist FR thread ...

  4. Bummed that Lucy Hamilton has already been zotted at #64:

    1. Too funny ... but she did have a smell about her from the get-go.
      I have a few theories about who her other freeper personae are (or were), but she was no Brit for sure.

  5. Ah good ol' wardaddy, FR's standard-bearer of what I call "benevolent mysogyny"--keeping women silent for their own good and for the good of society.

    I guess in his eyes women aren't truly Christian unless they are barefoot and pregnant. And heaven forbid they should step out of the kitchen and speak their minds! That would spell doom for all of Western Civilization!

    He seems to base his entire Christian faith on nothing but one verse: 1 Cor 14:34.

    1. wardaddy is pansy, pantywaist wimp. "Women" and "Votes" have nothing to do with anything. The issue is GUNZZZZ and the inability of theocracy loving whites to employ them indiscriminately against anyone they don't like.

      Solve that problem and all the others (GAYS, LIBERALS, HOMOS, FEMINAZIS) cease to exist automatically.