Wednesday, November 18, 2015


The Freepest radio host right now is former Reagan staffer Mark Levin.

And in true Freeper fashion, Levin has speculated his way into certainty that Obama is going to "blanket pardon of thousands of federal inmates."

Now, Obama's commuted the sentences of 46 nonviolent drug offenders before, so I suppose it's not completely ridiculous, though some evidence would be nice...

But what are we talking about - evidence? This is red meat, and pardons are special to Freepers - Bill Clinton's rather naked quid-pro-quo via pardons was about the only blow the right landed on him after the debacle of impeachment.

Always ones to hope for history repeating itself exactly, Freepers launch into furious fantasy about how much Obama could tarnish his legacy by at last living up to the caricature they've built him up to be:

b4its2late knows what it means when someone agrees with him:
Of course Mark is correct.
Ruy Dias de Bivar kinda vaguely remembers this worked on Clinton...
I believe BILL CLINTON did the same thing on the way out the door.
Buckeye McFrog is already anticipating his own righteous fury:
I always knew that January 19, 2017 was going to be Mother of All Pardons Day.
detective is weaving the conspiracy:
The mass release of criminals from prisons has long been part of the Soros agenda.
dp0622 was mugged by some folks who introduced themselves as pot dealers, I guess?
i had those “non-violent” marijuana dealers in my cab.

they were mean as hell and they meant business.
MayflowerMadam explains that Obama is evil, pardons are evil, ergo...
Why wouldn’t Hussein pardon the criminals? #1: More voters for his party #2: He’s determined to annihilate this country, and criminals walking amongst us will help to rid America of God-fearing people.
Between Levin and Drudge DungeonMaster knows what fresh horrors Obama has planned:
Will convicted felons be allowed to vote? Why not...dead democrats do.

Drudge posted that they are trying to get the vote for 16 year olds.
ronniesgal is already calling shots:
yes!!! He will release the Boston Marathon Bomber, u watch!
Amendment10 is really unclear on the timeline here...
Remember in November 2016!
MrB knows Obama, so he's sure these imaginary pardons will be racist against white drug offenders:
He’ll use some “proxy” in order to obfuscate what he’s doing,
but you can be guaranteed these pardons will be race-based.
kagnew knows with your imagination, the sky's the limit!
I look for Obama to release ALL MUSLIMS AND BLACKS. I pray that I’m wrong, but Mark Levin and others are now beginning to voice things that I have thought of for a long time.
DiogenesLamp cynically plans to play the odds with the coming crimeocolypse:
Look on the bright side. These people will likely return to urban environments and most likely kill liberals, or other parasites like themselves.

Also, anarchy suits our interests better than it suits theirs, because we can protect ourselves with guns. They can't.
Mouton thinks the only solution to this speculative outrage is getting Obama killed:
First act of next pres should be remove his secret service protection.
JimRed straight up wants someone to assassinate Obama:
Where are the Booths and the Oswalds when they are truly needed?


  1. Problem being ... commutation of overly harsh drug possession sentences handed out during the heyday of the "War on Drugs" will probably benefit some brown people ...

    Mark Levin and the freepers can't stand for that.

  2. Dumbasses. The push to allow 16 year olds to vote is going on in the UK, with the suicidal 'get out of the EU' referendum coming up in 2017.

    And, pardons don't drop on inauguration day, the happen in the months leading up