Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Trump: "thousands of people were cheering as those buildings came down,"

I can't keep up with Trump's latest blizzard of ant-Muslim crap, and the following Freeper simultaneous approval and spin. Especially since JimRob has gotten in on the action and is posting anti-Muslim screeds to whip up the troops.

Freeper Anonymous found the laame JimRob research, but for the good stories I went to the source: the initial post highlighted by ay-nony-nony The latest is Trump claiming he saw thousands and thousands of people in New Jersey cheering when the Twin Towers went down. JimRob has turned up 2 people in New Jersey and a video of some Pallestinians cheering. Freepers, beyond caring if the rest of America thinks this is ridiculous, make sure to fill in the gaps. Without citations, of course.

JLAGRAYFOX explains you need to trust Trump because...
Donald Trump does not lie...but Barack Hussein Obama & Hillary lie 100% of the time!!!
normbal is sure everyone saw the thousands celebrating!
EVERYONE saw this. It’s historically accurate. And so-called palestinians dancing in the streets handing out candy.
School of Rational Thought totally saw them guys!
I saw them cheering at the gym here in Troy, MI.
Lurker didn't see anyone celebrating, which is good 'cause he's a badass:
I’d have killed them on the spot.
GrandJediMasterYoda was a racist cab driver at the time:
They were also cheering over the Paris attacks. They’re ALL full of BS, every last one of them.

I use to drive a Yellow taxi in New York city about 10 years ago and worked with a lot of Muslims, all the time they would tell me 911 was justice for what the USA did to Muslims.

Oh yes, and the Jews..Everything was the fault of the Jews. Gas too high? It’s because of the Jews. Too much traffic? It’s because of the Jews. A bridge is closed? It’s because of the Jews. Toll increase? It’s because of the Jews. Rents too high? It’s because of the Jews.

That we have ANY Muslims in this country will always put us at risk for a terror attack, they’re all sc*mbags not to mention disgusting pigs who would piss in the cab rather than use a bathroom. I use to get cabs that smelled like sewers, one time they even gave me one with feces on the drivers seat.
On a similar note, usafa92 blames Muslims for his firty public bathroom:
On that same note, if you’ve ever been to Israel, you’ll notice the Palestinian controlled areas are filthy, trashy pig stys. They’re filty, disgusting, lazy pigs.

They do it here too. They stand on the damn toilets and break them, and half the time they miss the bowl. Our company was constantly sending out notices to use the facilities properly but to no avail. Most of them are savages and have no intention of assimilation.
Yes, the famous Muslim ritual of standing on a toilet...

Old Yeller is still stuck on black-hating gear:
They were cheering like the negroes did when O.J. Was acquited.
gop4lyf is also having trouble getting with the Muslim-hating times:
I don’t remember where I saw it, but I have seen a video of a paleo-BLM type saying that they weren’t concerned about the attacks because it was mostly white people that were killed. I believe it was on 9/11 or very soon after. I’ve only seen it once.
Phinneous saw a video!
I remember seeing video of arabs dancing on 3rd Ave in Brooklyn...

Anyone else?
null and void is the best: he heard a report from a fellow Freeper:
A FReeper reported a similar thing on 9/11, a local muslim owned store had a TV on and they cheered every time the network replayed the towers falling.
miss marmelstein is always eager to see what needs to be seen:
They did in Brooklyn as well. Nothing new here.
moehoward brings in England:
Hell there was video of pubs in Britain where they were cheering.
HarleyLady27 remembers how on 9-11 they played the cheering from Michigan, and worldwide. Also Obama woulda celebrated if he was President!
I seen it when I was arriving to work....it was on T.V. it not only happened in New Jersey, it happened in Dearborn Michigan, and across parts of the U.S. and the world...

Why is it so hard to understand that there are people out there trying to KILL us??? What part of that don't people understand? Are they hiding under a rock?

Come on, open your eyes and see what's going on around you!!!

I'm thankful we had GWB as our President during all of this, I can just imagine the parades of muslims in the streets and the Rainbow Hut lite up in muslim colors if obuma would have been where he is now....
nopardons remembers a story about celebrating children:
It should be in the archives of the N.Y.C. papers and probably Jersey ones too.

There were even stories of little Muslim kids celebrating in schools, which horrified the other kids.


  1. just like those filthy hippies who spat on our homecoming vietnam vets -- it's all so truthy!

  2. Freepers don't need proof to make ridiculous accusations about minorities.

    In fact, they abhor proof.

  3. Amazing how all of these are secondhand accounts with absolutely zero video proof that they occurred.

    I understand this is before iPhones, but with all of these sightings of "dancing Muslims," you'd think that SOMEONE would have at least taken a still pic of it!

    1. Why? Before iPhones, it's not like people carried cameras with them everywhere they went.

    2. In and around New York City, EVERYONE had cameras. Everyone.

    3. Even in Jersey City, NJ? What for?

  4. The hilarity continues in this thread where Trump claims he witnessed WTC jumpers from his apartment 4 miles away:


    1. I can't help but think Trump is "punking" tea-baggers for some future reality show ...
      saying one ridiculous thing after another, and watching the right-wing idiots nod their heads in agreement.

    2. Once again I'm waiting for the republican frontrunner to pull off his mask and reveal he's actually Andy Kaufman.

  5. Don't forget, old FRiends, to remember Free Republic in your Last Will and Testament. Those liberal grandchildren of yours deserve nothing. NOTHING! They love the gays and they love the Mooselimbs and they love the commies and they love black folks and commies and Mexicans and every other damned thing. They love everything that is NOT AMERICAN. Don't leave them a damned dime. Make America Great Again! When you get to heaven Jesus will throw his arm around your shoulders and say, "Thank you for saving the Republic. MY Republic." And they will have a parade for you right down the Main Street of Heaven and George Washington will be there and it will be fucking glorious. Leave your estate to Free Republic. Be a HERO!!!

    1. "There’s plenty to critique about other generations, but Millenials are absolutely worthless and need to be left to starve in the streets. Make them think twice about Satanism and socialism."


    2. It's going to be another fun Thanksgiving in their families. Fools.

  6. Happy (almost) 8th Anniversary of Freeper Madness (on the 26th)!

    The second place I go to for all my Freeper needs!

    1. You're a month and a half late. The inaugural post was on October 11, 2007.

  7. In fairness to usafa92, the toilet thing may have some kernel of truth to it. When I was overseas, the local national contractors would sometimes try to use the toilets by standing. Apparently in countries where indoor plumbing is still something of a luxury, an indoor toilet is a hole in the ground over which one squats.

    That said, I sincerely doubt that anyone who had been in the US for more than a few hours wouldn't have picked up on how to use a flush toilet.