Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Will Jill Stein's Recount Lock Hillary Up?

Freeperville is a bit scattered and crazy lately (as opposed to their usual state of focused and crazy). In Obama's eight years, I guess they started to define themselves as the resistance and aren't quite sure how to cope with a sweeping victory.

A surprising number have gone kooky-religious, seeing Satan around every corner. Many others are still super paranoid that Trump will be killed or blackmailed or Hillary has still won somehow.

Jill Stein's well funded but IMO Quixotic recount move feeds directly into this later narrative, and Freepers have been alternately dismissive and frantic about it, as they all blame Hillary and SOROS.

A more clever Freeper ties this to Trump's disappointing move not to prosecute Hillary, and the combination of paranoia and hope make for some impressive creativity, along side Freepers who are unable to focus on both things at once. Sad!

Sasparilla seems to think Hillary and Jill Stein are the same person?
Money drying up so ask for a’s all about money with Bonnie and Clyde.
GrandJediMasterYoda is having trouble moving on from 'lock her up'
If he does not go after Hitlery he is only screwing himself. The Clintons are CRIMINALS and when CRIMINALS are allowed to run free, they commit CRIMES and I can’t even imagine what kind of stuff they are planning against Trump and his family, but you can bet it is bad. He should do everything he possibly can to get both of them, at least her, incarcerated ASAP.
hapnHal would like to blackmail Hillary on Trump's behalf so she stops something she's not doing.
Hillary needs to drop her recount effort. Actions have consequences. If not, I see Trump going full steam ahead on Hillary’s criminal activities.
GeaugaRepublican is still really hopeful Trump's using his master stratagems to get Hillary in jail:
I like the idea of going to other sovereign nations who can read the writing on the wall.

Obama’s pardon does not work against the entire world.

The Democrats have a lot to think about right now.

Trump likes to set up different ways to win; never a single path.
Diana in Wisconsin is hopeful some foreign government will 'take her out.' Her being the imagined version of Hillary Freepers continue to build up:
If That B*tch can't deliver as promised to her foreign contributors, what's to prevent them from taking her out, or at a minimum, demanding their cash back?

quid pro quo

...a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something. "the pardon was a quid pro quo for their help in releasing hostages..."
reasonisfaith is hopeful!
It’s probably the whole four dimensional chess vs checkers deal again.
riri tries to pretend he's only now coming around to the Freep point of view. No one is buying.
You know before this recount biz I wanted her pursued but I wasn't overly passionate about it.

NOW, I want to see her pay. Hard time. Financial destitution. Suffering.
SkyPilot has all the secrets worked out:
Supposedly the deal was that Hillary said she would concede if Trump agreed not to prosecute her.
AlanGreenSpam puts things in a list, which does not hide how he is letting his wishes author his facts.
Actually, maybe this is the best of both worlds:

1. Hill’s recount will fail
2. Hill’s recount will polarize the country
3. Trump can be the unifier
4. Trump will retreat on his recent “kinder & gentler” approach to the Clintons and go in attack mode for justice against them. Don’t F with Trump, folks!

The Clinton Machine needs to be put in jail. Both Hill & Bill. There would be enough pedophilia/jailbait evidence to put Bill in Jail for sure.
Fantasywriter's rich fantasy life makes her a poor prosecutor:
What I’m saying, in a nutshell, is that if you want to nail the Clinton Foundation, go for the worst, most criminal, most brazenly illegal activities it engaged in. This would be stealing billions of aid/relief money, etc., from some of the poorest and most desperate countries on earth. 
These would not only be the easiest crimes to prove, but also the most egregious.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I had a pleasant Thanksgiving. Enough of my family are computer professionals that I spent the time getting to know my ten-year-old second cousin as they all talked nonsense-jargon in the living room. Politics was touched on, but not dwelt upon.

Meanwhile, Freepers are taking a different joy in the holiday. In the past, Freepers have seized on Thanksgiving to be paranoid, bitter, and hateful.

Now, in their empowerment, we can add petty and spiteful to the list!

A validated Freeper's assholishness unleashed is a sight to behold. With a bit of perspective, though, it's clear how Free Republic is encouraging them to punish themselves.

x1stcav was looking forward to laying down some smug, but instead got avoided:
For us, it was a time of healing.

Yeah! Right!

Rubbed their faces in the dirt. Healing? Here's some carbolic acid.

Actually it was very pleasant. I guess the lefties I know make it a point to stay away from me.

Healing? After they tried to ruin this country the last eight years! I’ll show you healing....
wgmalabama proudly discriminates. In Alabama, I don't think that's too hard.
I don’t allow communists in my house period. Liberals, progressives, communists, tree huggers .... they get the boot. Life is short so leve them out. No quarter no prisoners no invite. If there were any at the house they kept their mouth shut. I have no problem sayin get the hell out. I will say we did only have 16 people this year.
Pollster1 is another Freeper looking for approval for choosing hate over family:
Liberals were not invited to my home for Thanksgiving or any other day. Perhaps when America is not facing a leftist threat to its existence I can tolerate them again. Perhaps not. But until then, my liberal brother and his parasitic family are not part of my family.
Yaelle's sexism dressed up as false sympathy is just cloying and awful:
My mom’s pussy of a new boyfriend cancelled his Facebook account because he couldn’t “tolerate” the Trump talk, and now gutlessly posts under her name (non-political stuff). If only my dad were alive, Thanksgivings would be so much better.

I’m sorry. I wish your mom hadn’t felt so desperate and now probably invested in this jerk. Women need to feel strong enough to not cling to idiots when their new flame is seen to be one. Best to back up and be alone than to feel stuck to some guy whom your kids do not even like.
CassieL boasts how she ruined Thanksgiving:
My sister and “mixed-race” brother in-law hosted. I knew I was in for a day of “highbrow” discussion amongst them and their liberal friends, including lots of NYT quotes, and praise for Nicholas Kristof. 
Each guest was given an index card to write down, anonymously, three things they are thankful for. I wrote, “Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump”. The cards were placed in a turkey hat, and before dinner we each had to pick a card and read out loud the three things someone else is thankful for. Well, my brother in-law drew my card... Long story short, I was tagged as the person who “ruined the day”, “wrecked Thanksgiving”, blah, blah blah. It was great.
etabeta also boasts of a dick move:
We had two relatives mildly before I was warned that we would leave politics outside the door as they knew how vocal I can be in my pro-Trump stance...I got my saying when we prayed, at the amen I added “and God thank you for the gift of Mr. Trump”....long silence, stern stares and “we were told no politics at the table”, to which I said “A prayer of thanks has nothing to do with politics”. It was altogether a great family gathering.
HokieMom has introduced me to the 'Trump-bump,' which is pretty lame. But it's saved by how amusing it is that she thinks she hid her smug condescension from her relatives.
Lots of Trump-bumps and

Trump wine at our Trumpsgiving. The two #crookedhillary and naive Gary Johnson voters never mentioned it. We tried to keep our Trump conversations among our own 'tribe' so as not to appear boorish to the young skulls full of mush.
zerosix laments her grandchildren somehow turned out liberal:
Had dinner and pleasant evening with my grown daughter &a her hubby, who had both voted for Trump.

I adore those granddaughters and even paid their tuition to private Christian schools but they've been tainted by the culture and their dad's leftist family, though I doubt if he even bothered to register, much less vote!
XEHRpa is stoked she drove liberals away:
At our family Thanksgiving, the leftist families retreated to their safe zone, whenever we Trump voters expressed our joy on the subject. I should have brought the Preparation H for all the butthurt.
workerbee totally doesn't care her family is splitting up over politics:
The most liberal part of the family canceled for Thanksgiving. *shrug* We’ll see what happens at Christmas.
TNoldman is super happy his family is shrinking:
The Hillary voters in our Family did not attend the Family gathering. Only Trump voters showed up.

It was a good - happy day.
Guenevere is cutting her family down to only Trump:
We chose NOT to go to our extremely liberal relatives for Thanksgiving this year!!!!!!

INSTEAD we had the loveliest TRUMP only Thanksgiving with our daughter and her family!!!!!!

And the next day we all went to the Magic Kingdom ( yes, I know).....but we were as happy as little kids and felt like acting silly and giggly!!!!
elcid1970 is on the wrong website for perspective!
In Dodge City & Tombstone gunslingers left their weapons at the saloon entrance, sheriff’s orders.

Why can’t guests at family gatherings do the same?
Crusher138 certainly made an impression on his family!
The discussions kept sliding into political talk. My wife, my youngest son and I are conservative. My eldest son sort of is, but he has been corrupted by his bleeding heart wife. She is a sweetheart, but she quietly thinks Trump is a horrible, horrible person. She talked my son into not voting at all.

Every time the election came up, one of my sons would say, “hey, no political talk!”

It seemed that no matter what I said it was being interpreted as political talk.

Finally, after being chastised for the umpteenth time, I growled...

“I don’t see any of your names on the mortgage bill. Or the electric bill. Or the water bill. When you start paying those, you can tell me what I can talk about in my house.”

No problems after that.
SamAdams76 seeks approval from the 'older folk.'
Surprisingly, all the older family members, even if they were Democrats, said that Trump should be given a fair chance to show us what we can do. I got the impression that all the mature people were pretty pleased that Trump got in and not Hillary. The young ones needed work though and they started getting shrill and yapping about the "popular vote." I schooled them pretty well on the Electoral College and even the older folk were impressed with the way I laid it out.

Even the Bernie-bots agreed that it wouldn't be a good idea for Los Angeles and New York to decide the election for everybody else. Which is what we'd get in a popular election scenario.
ntnychik...who the crap brings up Jeb! these days?!
Trumpsgiving! Daughter’s new bf is an enthusiastic conservative. Son’s new bride’s Dad was on Team Jeb(!) She voted for DJT. There was some conversation on Jeb’s candidacy and his future. At some point I said Please clap. The devil made me do it.
Grampa Dave  boasts how conservative he's managed to twist his sons:
No problem at our Thanksgiving Dinner. Our grandkids participated in surveys at their private schools, and both were told that they were the most conservative students in their classes, Sophomore and Senior.

Our guests donate free time to feed the those in Need at our Local Salvation Army and believe there should be no welfare.

One of our sons makes me look some what moderate. His younger brother is an independent, who hates socialist liberals and the GOPe. He is laughing at all the liberals claiming that they are going to Canada. He asks them why not Mexico.

My wife and DIL despise liberals, who try to make them, their sisters and daughters look helpless and in need of someone like H. Clintoon.

So the basic politics was thank you Lord, for our new president, Donald Trump, Amen!
Bluebeard16 tells an uplifting tail of how his son-in-law became a bigot:
You cannot change a person if you do not communicate with them. Case in point, my son-in-law has listened to me rag on about islam/muslims for years now. He always thought I was being extreme in my views. Well, after many years his light bulb on been turned on and he realizes what islam really is now. Try not to give up all hope on your brother. He really needs your help right now.
glenduh mostly mixes up opinions and facts, and demands citations:
Liberal millennial nephew. Didn’t vote. Trump too arrogant. Obama deported more than any President. Legalizing pot all good! He had no idea who/where his “facts” are from.
One-note Ann Archy hints of a really fraught family life:
With an old Jewish aunt who just WRITHED in pain at even saying that "T-word" won!! ANd then started railing about how Global Warming was going to kill us all, and COWS emit a GAS and that there were too many of them!!

When asked if she used her air-conditioner and car, "yes, of course" and when told that Sheryl Crow said to ONLY use one sheet of toilet paper, she laughed....then told her that Babs Streisand told everyone not to use their clothes dryer, and she said that Babs's maid probably uses a clothes we thought she had come to her senses, and then she said..."MIAMI FLOODED, so Global Warming is REAL"!!! My husband and I in unison said..."It was the SUPER know, Aunti, that the MOON CONTROLS the tides, right"?? omg.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Cleaning: A Coup Against President Trump?

Another Trump post I somehow neglected. I should check my drafts more often. Maybe do a weekly thing to get rid of the chaff.

Anyhow, Freepers were sure Trump was going down, weren't they?

The LA Times has an op ed by a guy named James Kirchick who wiki calls conservative. It calls for a military coup if Trump tries to nuke somewhere.

Freepers love this. For so long they've been fantasizing about their own coup, but that almost makes them sound like deranged lunatics. Now, thanks to this editorial, they can at last pretend that the hated liberals are the aggressors, and fantasize about killing them without guilt! Though the Freepers that have already reconciled and want a coup no matter what also show up, so it's kind of a wash.

MrEdd knows Trump is coup proof because the military loves him and will nuke anyone for him:
If Trump wins a coup isn’t possible because the people who will elect him largely comprise the military.
Madame Dufarge thinks this is proof liberals are terrified of Trump:
They’re so scared that they’re soiling themselves.
Trying to equate Trump's crazy with Hillary's is hard, but Paladin2 wants a coup if HILLARY chooses to nuke someone for no reason:
This argument works WAY better should H->! get immaculated.
Jim Noble is another who thinks President Hillary will mean military coup:
He says if Trump wins, there will be a coup.

I say, if he loses there will be.
ColdOne doesn't bother to explain, but I suspect it has to do with Democrats winning elections:
A coup has already occurred. We have been taken over.
Buckeye McFrog wonders if the military has been lulled by their greed:
Why would they rise up against him when he’s their last best hope for survival?

Because Hillary is their last, best hope for a cushy Government pension.
Repeal 16-17 does not hide how excited he is:
We’re headed towards civil war.

I can't wait. Just let the Liberals fire the first shot, like Lincoln did with the South (Fort Sumter).
TTFlyer is also into it:
Bring it on Leftists. Bring it on.
And max americana, of course.
We’re headed towards civil war.

long past due. Tom Jefferson predicted it so.
JimSEA does not explain how Obama would nullify a Trump victory:
Obama is leading on this probability. Right now, they are trying to scare off potential Trump voters but I do believe Obama is actively planning to nullify any Trump win. If Clinton wins, they are going after the Bill of Rights with a passion - a first priority.
Forward the Light Brigade doesn't even mention the coup, so fixated is he on the coming Hillary oppression:
When Hillary and her crowd are appointed president —when repression becomes common—free speech will be the first to go—then it will be guns that will be banned. 
Then Taxes will become oppressive. Maybe that will cause the sheep to raise up and pull down the power of the Banksters, Progressive elitists, activists and the rich. 
I fear not—America has been dehumanized. When people march in the streets—US Soldiers will gun them down to establish “Order” and obedience. Sad day for America—but predictable.
Getting confused, Seajay  argues Freepers fight against a pro-Trump military coup:
What if the military and police want Trump to be president?

That’s why we have 2nd amendment
WashingtonFire goes with the old Martial Law biz.
It wont take a coup.

The Elites will NEVER allow Trump to become President. He is everything the Gloablist elite have feared for the last 30 years. A true patriot dedicated to defending the concept of the nation state.

If in October it looks like Trump might win then a false flag crisis will be manufactured to give Obama the excuse to declare martial law, cancel the election and arrest Trump.
Perhaps worried Freepers' craziness might look bad, carriage_hill thinks this is the time to discuss how liberals are far crazier than they've ever been, talking about coups and all:
Rush pointed out that they became seriously unhinged after Florida, 2000, and the train has only continued to accelerate since then.

It far, far worse than I remember from back then. 

Monday Cleaning: Jews do not like Trump

A post that was overtaken by events before I could put it up.

Been a bit behind on my SomethingAwful Freep forum reading. But ay-nony-nony kept up, and found this!

Freepers have always been super into defending Israel. Originally it was religious, but it's become pretty clear in this age of Trump that the Christianity has left the evangelical movement some time ago (it started about when they started getting political, IMO). Nowadays it's mostly because Democrats are skeptical of Israel.

And so the always eager to generalize Freepers are left with Jews: a group that tends to vote and donate to liberals. And yet many Freepers are Jews themselves...confusing.

And when Freepers get confused, they go for delusion or anger. Trump's nativism has fueled new heights of Freeper antisemitism. And for Freeper Jews...I hope you like pop-psychology!.

Netz pulls the same 'plantation' act Freepers go for with blacks:
Jews, wake up. The Demoncratic party is not your parent's or grandparents FDR party. They are comprise of rabid antisemites and Israel haters and many of them are...Jews!
ABN 505 had this ready in his pocket:
Earn like Episcopalians, vote like Puerto Ricans.
windsorknot generalizes, and it's not pleasant for most Jews!
In general it is the Orthodox Jews that I tend to respect and trust the most.
stocksthatgoup just excizes everyone he doesn't agree with from the Tribe:
Liberals. JINOs
anton is done with liking Jews:
American Jews are hard core liberals. Nothing to do with economics. Most every one of them cares more about the “struggle” than they do about their religion.

We have a large jewish population in Cincinnati and even the jews selling used cars and vinyl siding, working for the EPA, or running a second hand store are dems up and down the ticket.

I’m sick of them. Stopped defending them after the Obozo debacle (vote for the anti-Semite with the D next to his name).
Disestablishmentarian wonders if maybe the diaspora makes you dislike nationalism:
Sadly, a great many Jews have always seemed to have an affinity for globalism and opposition to nationalism.

Maybe it stems from being without a country of their own for so long.

My best Jewish friends are strongly pro-Israel, and fully understand and emotionally agree with Trump’s efforts to ban or extreme-vet Muslim immigrants . . . but they cannot break with their democrat/U.N.-oriented politics. I’ve told them it seems insane, but it does not seem to register. So we talk mostly about our kids’ sports.

mazda77 agrees - Jews just don't know the joys of nationalism that comes from suffering to earn your own Europe did?
How would they have learned nationalism if they hadn’t had one. But one would have thought that with the war victory brought to us by the stewardship of FDR and cleaned up by Trueman, the creation of their own ancestral lands as their new homeland would have counted for something.

Maybe it is because they didn’t have to do the heavy lifting for that creation although giving all due respect for those who served. Maybe they were actually strains of the Communist Jews who fled here? It is very perplexing.
Ulysse goes full-on antisemitism:
Some jews are filthy globalist traitors ! We must face it !

Specially the wealthy jews . Don’t care about those GOP jew “donors”
This is an old story
LeoWindhorse, as usual, threatens doom:
the Liberal Jews will be judged and condemned for their pigheaded ignorance . They never learn
Alberta's Child points out Israel isn't super awesome either:
Keep in mind that compared to the U.S., Israel is a den of Marxism. So when I hear that someone is “strongly pro-Israel,” I give them the same credibility that I would have given to someone who was a strong supporter of East Germany during the Cold War.
Alberta's Child goes quite a bit further:
As I’ve said before, one look at the voting patterns of Jewish voters in the presidential elections over the last 40 years would lead me to conclude that they are collectively a bunch of mentally retarded voters.
MaxistheBest understands Antisemitism since Jews are greedy whores:
They get to spend their money for influence and make a fortune while we get to spend our tax dollars to defend Israel. A damn shame, Trump has been a friend to the Jews and this is how they pay him back and for a Clinton Beast at that. They come off as greedy whores and they wonder why there is so much anti-Semitism.

It’s too late to worry about their money, Trump is where he is because of our money and we’ll get him home with our money.

Go Trump!
Rebel2016 thinks this is because Trump is going to abandon Israel:
Well, no surprise there. Trump wants America first, end those futile wars I the ME. Not everyone likes that.
FreedomStar3028 isn't threatening another Holocaust, he's just prediction one...
It’s like they want to go back into the train cars and death camps.
TheNext knows all about Jews:
Captain Obvious.

Jews vote Democrat big govt at 90 percent. They are control freaks.
RitaOK - there is only one reason to vote Republican:
YAWN... Whut?

American “Jews” are not even *for* Israel, so why would they ever be *for* Republicans?
Having more anger than logic as usual, dp0622 stumbles his way into Jewish conspiracy theorizing:
Getting kind of sick of their bull ####.

If they were average income like everyone else it wouldn’t hurt but there are a lot of billionaires among the American Jewish population and their wealth to them should be a sign of how great capitalism is.

No. It seems like a way to use the wealth to attain one world govt or communism for thee and not for me.

If this was catholics donating by this percentage some here would already be out buying the crosses.
Netz seems to be a Jew. I hope you like text!
Why the attraction for Jews? I don’the understand.

I have a long-winded but I think accurate answer for you. I am a Conservative Jew so what I have to say, I think, is pretty accurate.

Ever since Abraham rejected idolatry, some 5,000 years ago, Jews have been “Revolutionary”, never accepting the status quo.

Jews are JUSTICE oriented and have always favored change and the improvement of the human condition, all over the planet since the dawn of civilization.

Why do you think so many of them bought the Obamian logo of Hope & “change” and “yes we can” B.S.? Jews LOVE change, crave change, almost worship questioning current accepted norms and changing things. It's part of our education. So, it is no surprise that throughout history, Jews have championed change, revolutions, movements and even radicalism.

Jews MISTAKENLY embraced Socialism and Communism, because it promised to, one, make them EQUALS to their Christian neighbors and two, promised to help them throw off the chains of the Ghetto/Shtetl existence and finally bring them into the mainstream culture. Little did they know that about 100 years later after their emancipation, they would be not-accepted again by their neighbors and annihilated by the Nazis and all their collaborators.

So, the Jews threw their lot in with the Communists, who used and abused them and then with the Socialists who use and abused them too. Every movement the Jews joined, eventually spat of them and booted them out and persecuted them.

Today they support a growing, radicalized and very hostile Democratic party but they refuse to see it. Only in the late 19th century did some Jews cling to a new movement, for and about Jews, Zionism.

Now, after 130 so years many Jews have even turned on their own national liberation movement. These are self-hating Jews who believe in Progressiveness for all peoples all over the world EXCEPT their beleaguered brothers &* sisters in Israel fighting the West's fight.

So, Jews support movements for change and have always been in the forefront of that change. From the Bible, through the Middle Ages to the 19th century Liberation and syndicalization movements down to our very own Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman and to Bernard "Lefty" Sanders. Jews, (mistakenly) want change and a bizarre sense of Justice for all, except themselves.

It's all about hoping for the best while not being realistic. The ONLY realistic Jews today are the Israelis who face death on an hourly basis because they are...strong Jews who have a strong sense of purpose and the most truest sense of REAL justice,,, survival. BTW, most Israelis would vote for Trump.
That's a lot of writing for 'non-Israeli Jews be dumb.'

Netz next compares his fellows to 'terminal hemorrhoids.'
I see Jewish heavy involvement in Liberalism equivalent to terminal hemorrhoids. I just don't get how a Jew could support Obama or any other Democrat yet, it goes on...

Jews who are Conservative or Torah oriented naturally cling to the Right along the political spectrum while assimilated, ignorant Jews, cling to the Left.
Mr. Mojo doesn't get it - Trump isn't trying to evangelize them, so why would Jews fear someone stoking racial resentment????
In recent history (the last generation or two), liberal and moderate Jews’ main (stated) objection to the Republican party is that it’s turned too socially conservative, too “Christian” for them.

The strange thing about their aversion to Trump is that he does NOT fit that profile — he’s quite moderate on abortion and LGBTQWXYZ nonsense. And he keeps his faith very private. And his tax plan kicks azz for all taxpayers, across the board. And he seems to be pro-Israel and to have rational, realistic views about the Mid East.

So all that being the case, why their hostility to Trump? I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it by questioning relatives and old friends and acquaintances, but haven’t received any satisfactory answers.

When I bring up Trump’s positions on the issues I listed above, they grudgingly concede the points and then mumble BS about him being tactless jerk and a loose cannon and uneducated about the issues and various idiotic PC pejoratives with “phobic” suffixes. Temperament and personality issues, mostly. Not so much policy. Many (but not all) even have no problem with the border wall or Muzzie immigration restrictions.

Bottom line: it’s still a conundrum. But relentless MSM brainwashing plays a big role, as do longstanding voting habits. They’re hard to break.
Yaelle is a conservative Jew, and laments how no one likes her:
It’s sad. I’m Jewish and conservative and understand what Trump is doing for us. Something I have prayed for.

My daughter goes to a new preschool in a synagogue and I am sure if I mentioned Around the school that I was for Trump it would be like saying I drink owl blood for breakfast. My extended family know I am conservative barely tolerate me.

I don’t know why many Jews don’t like Trump. He seems so NY Jewish in a way because he grew up among them.
piytar, on the other hand, declares Trump is gonna win the Jewish vote too!!
Smells like propaganda.

I have several Jewish friends, and they have many other Jewish friends whom I have met but don’t know well. Many of them are very wealthy and politically active. They all despise ILLary and actively support Trump.

But I’m in Texas, so maybe my experience is not the norm.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Text: Obama After Dark - The Precious Hours Alone

No time to gather pics this week, so quick! Before this gets stale! Though I expect Freepers to randomly insult Obama until at least 2019.

A while ago, the NYT did a piece on what Obama does after his daily Presidential responsibilities are over. Freepers cannot have this kind of humanizing of their villain, and so they set about trying to tear it down. It goes especially poorly. Mostly all they can do is call out Obama gay over and over again.

 jsanders2001 - Obama gay:
“he works on speeches” LOL!!!!

More likely watching gay porn
Cementjungle - Obama gay:
He probably spends his evenings watching gay porn.
exit82 - Benghazi. Also, Obama gay:
Hey,NY Times, what the hell was Obama doing on the night of Sept. 11, 2012? Was he in the Treaty Room that night also?

Did he have dancing boys in the WH that night?

Just what was he doing?

How come you cannot ask the most obvious question in almost 4 years, but ,instead, give us this fantastical mirage of a puff piece?
Pearls Before Swine fastens onto the NYT reporting the joke that Obama eats exactly seven almonds as fact. He kinda hopes it's a Muslim thing:
His friends say his only snack at night is seven lightly salted almonds.

He's such an aescetic in our service. /S

Is there any Islamic significance to the number "seven" here--as in "seventy-two raisins" in a different context?
Gaffer just throws out mental illnesses he's heard of:
Seven almonds?
Is this guy psychotic or what?
It's called OCD with a little bit of Tourette's thrown in.
Gaffer then makes a Michelle is fat joke:
I’m just aksing whether the old Mooch has a CDL for that trailer she’s hauling.
FlingWingFlyer goes for the wide-spectrum superlative:
He had no business being elected to the presidency. America’s greatest failure.
thesligoduffyflynns thinks this is a good time to share a gay website he found:
the sheer puffery makes me think lil’ Barry has lived a immaculately conceived life......

...HEY GURLS- wann’ know a real sweet guy?

lil’B will meet you @ man’s country in chicago Illinois?

WARNING: This Site May Contain Images That Are Offensive

miss marmelstein knows all about gay stuff:
All I could think of reading this is: Man’s Country.
Rufus Shinra goes with 'Obama Muslim!'
4 to 5 hours working on his speeches? Yeah, right. More like he spends 4 to 5 hours reading the Quran and thinking up new ways to stick it to the American people.
WilliamCooper1 takes another poster's burn and argues that if only the Times reported what Freepers made up, maybe he wouldn't hate them so much:
The treaty room where he chooms out and drinks beer. LOL!

Precisely. If they would just come out and say that, I would think: “Oh well, at the end of the day he’s just a man like me, and having a few brews and watching the game at least let’s me know he’s human”

But no, NY Times has to put out a North Korean style piece of propaganda. This is about like the PRNK state media putting out a piece saying Kim Jong Un works 25 hours a day.
WilliamCooper1 also notes that Obama and Michelle not having constant sex means maybe Obama's gay:
The best part is where they say his old lady goes to bed before him. Doesn’t sound like he cares too much about knocking boots, huh?
maine-iac7 goes for the full secret Muslim sleeper agent conspiracy angle:
he whips out his prayer rug - he has secret meetings with his MB handlers - he confers with his MB around the world on his blackberry that he spent millions of dollars to beat down the security rules for him to have - so he could sceme and plot and get orders without it being on the radar -

Takes time to coordinate all the business of turning the world into the Caliphate, y’know
4Liberty makes a brave stand:
➡️Jonathan Gruber.⬅️
🔴 never forget!*‼️ 
Remember, he's the guy who had that elitist quote about how you need to advertise Obamacare because the American People can be stupid?

After an entire thread full of care, goldstategop is totally over Obama, and how everyone writes about the President of the United States like he's someone people care about:
I should care because??

I can’t wait seven more months until he is gone for good.

And articles like this are always about him.
More from my buffer on Monday.

Friday, November 25, 2016


Alas, I'm going to be Thanksgivenning this weekend, and besides I haven't had much of a chance to do a Friday Spotlight, gather my usual Saturday Pix and Monday bounty.

I'm thinking Monday may be some old posts from my buffer.

But today? No spotlight, but that just leaves more room for...TAGLINES!

x_plus_one quotes Menken for the thesis that wanting a good society is always fascism:
(The desire to save humanity is always a false front for the urge to rule it" -- H L Mencken)
wardaddy switches it up a lot like always. I like this short but impotent one, from before the election.
Jeff Chandler quotes some anti-counter-culture prog-rock song I'd never heard of, but it's pretty groovy:
(Everywhere is freaks and hairies Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity?)
Leo Carpathian wants (more of ) a safe space:
Terry Mross will probably die disappointing:
(This country will fail to exist in my lifetime. And I'm gettin' up there in age.)
I think OneVike is talking about Obama?
( Muslim)
RooRoobird20 laments identity politics, except when it's about her!
(Cradle Democrat Hispanic woman, left the party in 1993 because of the Clintons)
Baldwin77 goes with two bumper stickers:
(They hated Reagan too ! TRUMP TOUGH - AMERICA STRONG)
Pelham loves him some of the black-and-white morality of Middle Earth:
(Behold a pale horse, its rider's name is Hillary and Orcs follow her)
Organic Panic impressively equates Hillary to the latest racist slur:
(Hillary Clinton, the elderly woman's version of "I dindu nuffins.")
cpdiii seems to have gone from the oil business to an angry pharmacist.
Thibodeaux will be frustrated, methinks:
(Exile Barack, Exile the Wookie, Exile Malia, Exile Shasha)
itsahoot is still at war with the GOP:
(GOP says, Vote Trump. But if your principles won't let you, Hillary is OK.)
CincyRichieRich is pretty sure no one actually disagrees with her - they're all lying.
(To liberals, lying is like brekathing. Believe what you cannot see.)
Fhios spares no superlative:
(In the end Hillary, MSM, and Obama were beat by Trumps pure strategic genius.)
Rapscallion has this shockingly odd take on Christian morality:
(The opposite of charity is justice.)

Thursday, November 24, 2016


I kept waiting for this 'Democrats are secret pedophiles using a secret pizza-based code' to die now that the election madness is over. But it's not dying. I now think this is a symptom of Freepers being unable to cope with more overtly trollish sites like 4chan and reddit (who has now banned the subforum for doxxing).
Bored anonymous people spinning BS on the Internet because they're bored isn't new, but now Freepers have tapped into it as an independent source. And Freepers take their conspiracies very seriously. And they regularly confuse quantity with quality.

Thus, we have threads a lot like the initial birther threads breathlessly finding patterns in nothing. And all those patterns lead to everyone Freepers don't like being into raping babies!

freedumb2003 is pretty excited to be read into this new conspiracy:
pizza gate is believed to be the clintons child trafficking exposed by wikileaks...

Wow!! Thanks!

I hope this is the 2nd act in hell on earth for the klintoons.
proud American in Canada notes that the Pizzagate blog and Reddit says Pizzagate is a thing, which means it's a thing.
Read the evidence and tell me you’re not convinced something really really really horrible is happening in DC:

It is all over Reddit.

Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire.
CondorFlight knows elites are always much worse than you know, so you'd better start imagining!
The elites always have their vices covered up, when possible.

In the Jimmy Savile pedophilia case, Scotland Yard was thwarted from investigating.

I doubt it will be any different here, considering that John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, and his brother Tony, are allegedly involved in pedophilia, child trafficking, etc. etc.
HKMk23 is pretty sure speculation is circumstantial evidence:
I looked at it, but as usual, no proof...

...only a growing Paricutin of circumstantial evidence.

TRUE it isn’t prosecutable, but that’s not at all to say it doesn’t warrant the instigation of a deeper investigation.

This is sick, twisted shit, here; and if it’s for real, I want it dragged screaming out into the light of day to the eternal damnation of all the perps.
PraiseTheLord has no time for skeptics:
Look, I’d love nothing better than to see the Clintons taken down and put in jail. But it’s going to take more than social media stunts. It will take proof and it will have to be rock solid and not just some narrative than anyone could have written.

what you gotta do is put your glasses on.

YOU ARENT LOOKING, orrr is it you don’t want to seeeee
Lest you forget, PraiseTheLord is into every conspiracy under the sun, and is making the most of having one other people kinda might believe for a moment.

Alas, PraiseTheLord is really bad at actually building a conspiracy:
- - - there was no smoking gun connection with Hillary.

or not. But clear evidence around the PingPong place etc,

Where Hitlery did *fundraisers* — or whatever.

And then there is Pedesta — longtime Hitlery campaign guy -

who was placed seen abducting little Maddy.
Look up Podesta Madeline McCain to see how dumb this gets.

CondorFlight has a bit more talent weaving gossamer strands of speculation into a narrative, and has already started creating the conspiracy:
It’s guessed that Assange’s reserve files, in his dead man’s switch, contained even more info about the elites and their pedophilia rings.

To prevent that from getting out, he may have been arrested, and then held somewhere; and the DDS attack on the NET shortly thereafter was actually done to prevent whatever files were on the dead man’s switch from being delivered.

But that’s all guesswork (and could be wrong).

But certainly a lot for the elites is at risk.
x_plus_one thinks maybe it's not just sex - babies are being used to make longevity elixers!
Aborted baby parts are used as ingredients in longevity elixirs, cremes and more. 
THis is published fact - planned parent hootd got caught selling baby parts to multiple vendors. This is the new frontier for the mega rich - anti aging. 
Infants have the highest levels of HCG and are a hot commodity for the satanic crowd that wants to stay young forever. These pizza people are vampires. What is so hard to believe about this.
Hostage wonders if maybe GOP vows to continue to investigate the Clinton Foundation were secretly about this:
It is horrible to contemplate.

Who can bring justice?

Wasn’t there a report after the election where Representative Chaffetz reaffirmed that the case of Clinton and human trafficking would go forward?
Ann Archy is drawing connections that don'e even make sense:
Did you know there is a “children’s book” The Secret Pizza Party!!! Read to kids by Bill the writer wrote another book, Robo Sauce......weird.
Ann Archy has long ago stopped bothering to cite things.
OMG!! And supposedly Obama had $65,000.00 of hot dogs and PIZZA flown in from Chicago for his birthday......$65,000.00 for HOT DOGS and PIZZA?? NO FREAKING WAY would it cost that much!! Something’s FISHY!
Trump Girl Kit Cat realizes anything can be true, if you imagine it hard and WITH ENOUGH CAPS:
You know when this story started to break I would have thought it TOTAL BS and then I remembered Denis Hastert!!! 
I don’t think this is so unbelievable I believe DC is a sewer of things going on that NONE of us could EVER IMAGINE!!! 
The fact that a POTUS was getting BJ’s from a young intern, Chandra Levy another intern found dead, after an affair with a congress critter, DC is a disgusting VILE cesspool and NOTHING there would surprise me!!!
MNDude explains why raping and killing babies is the perfect crime, and no one gets caught. Then it gets derper:
Produce the name of a victim.

These are babies! Babies! Think they’re gonna call the cops?

I suspect there were victims of all young ages. Even teens can be threatened all sorts of ways, including family and friends.

Based on the pedo symbols on the shops on the block, each seems to market different ages and sexes. Alefantis seems to have special interest in babies and toddlers based on his instagram shares.
Reddy ties it to Obama:
Thank you! For 8 years I’ve been shouting into the wind about the influx of illegal unaccompanied minors. It’s been obvious they were enticed and encouraged by zero for the purpose of filling the ranks of human trafficking victims.
bgill is all on board the Obama conspiracy train! He finds the sinister connection of Chevy Chase Maryland being rich and liberal (I used to live there.):
Speaking of Bathhouse Berry, remember he used to do photo ops during the holidays at Politics and Prose Bookstore with his daughters which just happens to be on “the block” with the pizza joints and across from the foreign child importers and a portrait studio.

The bookstore just happens to be owned by Hellary’s right hand woman while she was SOS and who just happened to be named one of D.C.’s 50 most influential people.

And the Obamas just happen to be moving two doors down from Tony Podesta come January. But, hey, as some on here claim, it’s just happenstance. Nothing to see. Move along. Can’t have the biggest of the big in D.C. being investigated.
Vision Thing really gets to the center of why Freepers Want to Believe:
Just imagine AG Sessions putting away Soros and Barack Pedobama on human traficking charges.
little jeremiah is on board as well, citing complete credulity as not having normalcy bias:
Normalcy bias - people just don’t want to know, see or imagine that such horrors are taking place right now.

And then on this thread there is at least one professional “debunker”, imho....
Of course lj can't leave it without an attack on a Freeper for being a plant.

cherry shows up as well to also cite normalcy bias, and with not evidence, tie in those unaccompanied minors coming across the boarder a few years ago:
Anthony....who would ever guess that a sitting congressman would be caught showing his privates to underage girls.... we need to get beyond our normalcy bias...

I agree there's lots of smoke but nothing direct....

but I fear there is a lot worse going on ....

remember Glenn Beck going to the border and seeing all the kids there?...the kids were all gathered in large rooms by age....almost like someone wanted to pick certain ones of certain ages....what ever happened to those kids anyway?
PGalt loves how dedicated Freepers are to maintaining their crazy fringe status, even as what's crazy gets harder and harder to keep track of:
Thanks to every poster/linker/researcher/investigator/educator.
philman_36 has chosen his truth, and it's not reality-based...
The push against “fake news” is right here, IMO.

Freeper's Trump's Agenda

NPR complied a list of Trump's campaign promises. It's the crapshow we all know. Freepers love it, but many would like to extend it some. thus we get one of my favorites - a fantasy thread.

Paul R. first would like to lament that Trump's agenda here was covered up by the press:
Good God. It would seem we have numerous FReepers who are unaware this has been out there, exactly as copy / pasted, here, for several weeks.

If the general population had been better exposed to it, I’ll bet Trump would have gained 5-10 million votes.
Still salty about the poopular vote, eh? Heh.

lurk wants everyone to know he is as smart as Trump:
A wonderful start. Most of them I already had thought of before reading this.
It's an NPR article, so a lot of Freepers follow Fai Mao's lead:
I wish one of the options was to defund NPR and the CPB.
This would, of course, have no effect on NPR's bottom line, it would just screw some rural places out of any local radio.

Restless is one of a surprising amount of Freepers whose number one priority is climate change:
A good start! My favorite is eliminating money to the UN for the junk science of “climate change.”
In retrospect, this is just more know-nothing anti-intellectualism, so of course it's a Freeper pet issue.

Kellis91789 has a great plan for government to dictate scientific conclusions:
He should go further and cancel all Federal grants to US universities doing this fake research. Have real scientists review the work already published, then release their finding and show the fraud as the reason for shutting down any more federal grant money and blacklist those researchers from future grants on any subject.
LongWayHome's dream is more in line with what I expected of Freep:
Better repeal the 1965 immigration act along with chain immigration & family reunification or we will still get buried with millions upon millions of LEGAL immigrants who vote 80% democrat.
DCBryan1 wants to take on the media, by actively going to war with the media:
Yank FCC license for ABC/NBC/CBS/PBS for one year to “review “ political bias.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin turns towards the unfavored minority:
Please put severe restrictions on islam in this country or deport them.
Do you love when Freepers have a personal experience that makes them sane in some small area? volunbeer wants to reform DoD and defense contracting, though only because he's clearly seen it himself:
There is no industry in America that is worse and it weakens our defense. If the DoD signs a contract for 100 aircraft at 100 million each to be delivered in 24 months there is no reason for the contract to become 100 aircraft at 150 million each in 48 months. While I realize that these programs are more complicated than constructing a building, this is typical for our programs even as the companies themselves post profits. The contractor must eat a large portion of the losses and pay big penalties for failure to deliver on time (just like a road construction project).

This would make our defense dollars go much further and leave more funds for training and taking care of our troops.

In return - the DoD needs to stop changing the order after it is placed and prior to delivery. DoD has a bad habit of doing this (in defense of the contractors) and this often contributes to cost overruns. One good way to fix this is to make a direct order of the 1st generation system and get it delivered on time. Like every big ticket item they can work on 2nd generation or later generation modifications after the system is delivered on time and on budget.

We have to get this process fixed because Americans have little clue about how much this costs us each year. Look at any major defense contract. It is a mess!
lurk is all about the minority targeting:
Every time money is wired out of country, 3% of the amount is taken to build a southern barrier system.
My favorite: Kellis91789 wants some sort of Public Works Administration for rural America:
I have some ideas on how he could make a start on jobs, steel industry, heavy equipment industry, infrastructure, and drought and flood control at almost no net cost.

Just expand the Army Corps of Engineers, recruit people specifically for it, buy a lot of new equipment from Caterpillar etc. and set them to work building levees and flood relief channels and settling ponds along the Mississipi and other rivers as well as a lock system to keep the river at a navigable level during droughts. We should be minimizing the amount of clean fresh water we allow to reach the ocean, keeping as much of it as possible where it can be used to “green the west”.

Use Federal lands wherever possible to create new waterways from the western rivers that feed the Mississippi and keep that water in the west. Pay for this expansion with bonds paid back by savings in the Federal Flood Insurance program and sales of water to farmers and industry in the new lands opened up.

Muslims under (Freep's fantasy of) Trump

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm off in Pittsburgh, and so Freepers' Spitesgiving will have to wait until next week to address. In the meantime, here's something to brood over on this celebration of family and outreach...

In a dark part of me, I'm a bit thankful with how miserable Freepers are in victory. It's weirdly desperate in Freepland, now that they got everything they told themselves they wanted. Just like when they get someone to resign, victory only seems to make Freepers more desperate and hungry, to make them feel more impotent even as they declare how empowered they now are.

So Freepers react to a Muslim woman saying she's afraid now with a ridiculous combination of a dismissive 'you are being overdramatic' alongside 'Trump will get you out of our country!' And it only gets more hateful from there - Freep is an object lesson that there is no ceiling to hate.

ConservativeMind hopes revenge will salve his hurt feelings:
Feel like Christians under 0bama, babies!
Psalm 144 follows some pure anti-Muslim hate by declaring any fearful Muslims to be pussies,
It is perverse, but appropriate, that the most vicious, sadistic, oppressive blood cult in history also consists of the most delicate, sniveling, whining cowards in existence.
MakeAmericaGr8tAgain declares uppityness:
Good. They have been really cocky and arrogant lately trying to take over the country.
Dilbert San Diego knows so long as we're doing better than Saudi Arabia, America has the moral high ground!
I would like to ask this girl — how do your fellow Moslems, in majority Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia, treat the “infidel”??? How do Muslim societies view Christians or other infidels????? How do your own people view those who do not adhere to Muslim theology?????

Then we can discuss, how your life experiences as a Muslim woman in America compare. Let’s have that discussion.
ThePatriotsFlag is more or less majority privilege personified:
Hey Muslims ... ASSIMILATE! No problem.
Carry me back declares that Muslims should be fearful, because all Muslims are terrorists.
Why fear Trump? if you are not yourself planning or know of others who are planning or have carried out terrorist acts, then no big deal.

The fact is Mosques are weapons depots and war planning centers and Trump is going to kick in the front door.

All Muslims know terrorist.
JPJones is joking, but after reading the hate in this thread, fuck this guy.
Obey AMERICAN law, assimilate into AMERICAN culture and there’s nothing to fear.

To show good faith, “Moderate Muslims” may want to start supporting the Republican Party.
Fightin Whitey doesn't get what the cartoonish villains he's decided Muslims are have to fear:
Scared of what? Loss of jihad?

Worsening scarcity of toddler-size bomb vests.
A_perfect_lady tries to convert the lady over the Internet, in service of the point that Muslim oppression is OK because it's not racism:
Alia, you don’t have to be a Muslim if you don’t want to.

Here in America, you cannot be killed for apostasy if you take off that hijab and decide that you can be a decent person without it, that you don’t need the Koran to tell you not to lie, steal, cheat and kill: following American law is enough to keep you on the right path.

You can still avoid pork if you want to, but you don’t need to bow toward the colonialist power of the House of Saud anymore.

This is a choice. It’s not like skin color or height: you don’t have to be Muslim.
ImJustAnotherOkie asks Muslims to stop acting badly in his imagination:
A good start for the Muslims, would be to obey the laws of the land, and stop cheering as Islamic Radicals strike. If they have not been doing that they shouldn’t have too much to fear from Trump.
ROCKLOBSTER loves him some forced conversion:
Trump's election leaves American Muslims reeling and scared


Convert or.....GET OUT!
IronJack starts with some slurs, and soon moves to violence.
I couldn’t care less. I hope every raghead from here to Trashcanistan is shaking in his sandals. Maybe the stress will help clean up the gene pool. And maybe a few loudmouth ‘slime whiners will finally get the beatdowns they’ve so richly deserved all these years.
In what's rapidly becoming a common tactic, manc just declares the article a false flag and moves on:
These B/S articles are designed to get people out to protest, and bring down Trump before he has even got to the White House.

The media still does not get it, or they refuse to accept that their job is supposed to report the news, not be the campaign groups for the Democrat party..
Chaguito is pretty sure living in fear is fine and normal, but you need to hide it!
We’ve become a nation of drama queens. 
Just do you job and quit worrying what other people think about you. Prove yourself to be worthy of respect, show respect, and shut up about your fears. Anybody who has lived for a long time in a foreign country knows the feeling and just keeps on moving forward.
Democrat_media shows up to ramble on all crazy-like about Muslims are bad and World War I atrocities:
Trump saved America from Islam!

Good Muslim villains are scared. And that means 10’s of millions of Muslims that were planing on coming to the USA if Hillary had won now won’t. and that’s the best thing of all Muslims get out of my country you Muslim Islamic evil liars. Trump saved America from Islam!

I hope Trump deports them!

The goal of Islam is world domination and extermination of all non-Islamic peoples. if you doubt that look up the Armenian genocide when Turkish Muslims exterminated 2 million Christian Armenians in 2 years in 1915 under the cover of WW1. That’s just 1 genocide.
Sarah Barracuda yells 9-11 and drops the mic.
Hey know when I got scared..when I saw people on 9/11 having to jump out of the World Trade Center because they knew they were going to THAT is scary, they dont understand REAL fear..knowing you are going to die and there is not a damn thing anyone can do to help you now THAT is fear..these Jihadist Muslims can GTFO if they have “Fear” look outside at where the World Trade Center used to be now THAT is fear
StormEye hates Muslims for all their hate:
The fact is that Americans have had enough
Arab/Muslims over here. 
We've had enough of their
mindless insane violence, their irrational hatred of
Israel, their irrational hatred of the Western Culture,
their irrational hatred of Christianity, and their
irrational hatred of anybody who isn't Muslim. 
Good riddance to them all!
Da Coyote starts with his wacky "Obama means poop and butts" schtick, and then moves to his more recent theme - dark predictions of a coming purge:
Shove it up your Obamahole, AP.

The muzzles will truly be scared in good time.

Not right now, however.
Not the only time in the thread he talks about coming anti-Muslim violence. Odd that the Trump victory seems to have driven him to deciding violence is the only solution.

Gene Eric can't even really believe this after reading this thread, can he?
Trump is the best thing that could happen for the American Muslim citizen. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bannon isn't racist because...NOT RACIST!

Sessions at DoJ is really depressing, but Bannon as Trump's Karl Rove is the most evidently crazy pick. He's endorsed the white nationalist Alt-Right, and flirts with it all the time at Breitbart. But that doesn't matter to Freepers. They don't need to mount a factual defense. They just declare it all fake news and GTFO

FreeReign knows the real racists:
Don’t know anything about White Nationalism, but I do see a lot of Brown Nationalism.
nickedknack knows the real White Nationalists:
Left wing media scribes dutifully carrying water for the party of slavery, the KKK, segregation, lynchings, eugenics, Jim Crow, fire hosings, billy clubbings, poll taxes, literacy tests, welfare dependency, black abortion, and the ghetto plantation.

Irony is dead.
exDemMom knows who the real misogynists are
I can only think of a couple of examples of men who might actually hate women on the whole.

Look in the Muslim culture for that. Many Muslim men believe that women are nothing beyond their utility in bringing sons into the world.

The Left loves Muslim culture.
Randomly, garandgal is going to troll some high-schoolers:
That is hilarious! The other day, I passed a bunch of screaming children (not kidding...SCREAMING at passing cars)...who were inexplicably "outside" of their high school during school hours.

I'm planning on going to the local party store to purchase a big bag of decorative baby shower "favors"...miniature bottles, pacifiers, etc., along with a host of diaper pins to throw by the handful at the obnoxious toddlers.
Vince Ferrer assures fellow Freepers that there is no need to look farther into this:
I mean, is there any basis whatsoever to these claims?

I don't know of any reason for him to be accused like this. It is a case of them letting us know who they fear the most.
Gaffer points out that the author is totally a girl:
She’s a 56 year old History Professor at NYU who from what I can determine is how her vagina feels about white men battling (WWI, etc.)......and how that should completely rewrite our thoughts about what we know about history.
Pelham explains that being an asshole is a technique to convince people you're right:
Sometimes bluntness is what is required to get people to face an uncomfortable truth.

Americans have been allowing the cultural Left to bully and intimidate them and set the national agenda for 50 years, with one tiny interlude during Reagan.

This is having disastrous real world consequences, at least if you liked the America that we grew up in. The Eisenhower Kennedy years, with Lyndon Johnson setting the damage in motion. Adults who grew up after that time have no idea of the difference, of how much America changed, with the forces of political correctness imposing an ever increasing iron rule over daily life. It’s long past time to fight back.
I was really interested in what Freep's most naked White Nationalist wardaddy had to say:
If you love western civilization and Americas traditions then you are already a white nationalist regardless your skin color

If you are a Christian then you’re a white nationalist kleagle

If you are all that and Southern...specially Deep South

Then you’re Grand Dragon!

If you’re all that and moved to Sandpoint Idaho or the Upper Penninsula to live your libertarian wild self


You’re now Reinhard Heydrich or a Boy from Brasil

Your pick
Meh. Just said white nationalism is a strawman for 'loving Western Civilization.' He usually holds forth with more crazy.

spintreebob would like to present liberals' flawed logic without reading the article:
Notice how their arguments are circular.
Breitbart is racist because it is associated with Bannon.
Bannon is racist because he is associated with Breitbart.
Trump is racist because he is associated with Bannon and Breitbart.
Bannon and Breitbart are racist because they are associated with Trump.
Trump supporters are racist because they are associated with Trump.
Trump is racist because he is associated with Trump supporters... racists.
Hardastarboard started to read the article, but didn't get past the first clause:
As a historian of fascism

FTA - I will just say this - NO, b!tch, you're not a historian of fascism. I've studied it a LOT (mostly because of Bill and Hillary Clinton, if you must know), and Trump is NOT a fascist. 
She then goes on to cite the SPLC, itself a center of left wing fascist thought. God these people are mentally challenged. They have no capacity for critical thinking, even the "educated" ones.
My favorite sane Freeper DoodleDawg is all on board. We'll see what she thinks once Trump starts actually doing things.
Bannon is a great pick for Trump, if for no other reason than those who think the Trump administration needs to reach across the aisle have just had their hopes blown up. Trump won. He doesn’t need to reach across the aisle to the Democrats, and Democrats who try to reach across will bring back a bloody stump. He is setting the proper tone right off the bat.

The fall of Christie and the rise of Pence

Being on Free Republic, Freepers have become adept at navigating a regime where the virtue of someone changes with the winds. In fact, they've come to revel in it in a weird way.

Thus, after news of the purge of Christie folks came out, Freepers largely declared Christie was always a weak liberal and Pence is the bestest.

jonrick46 somehow forgot about the whole establishment thing:
Pence proved he was a steady, passionate force who read conservative principles to perfection. His years as a talk radio host gave him communication skills that will make the case for our movement. I thank God we have him.
Amazingly, House Atreides finds he personally agrees with what Trump just did, once again!
I personally am glad Christie has been eased out sine I don’t find him to be trustworthy. Pence is GREAT!
9YearLurker declares Christie was always bad:
Fingers crossed that the floating of Christie’s name as chief of staff had nothing to it. Christie is a RINO who is beyond weak on Islamists.
CivilWarBrewing will never forgive something or other:
I will NEVER forget Christie’s “Me me me” speech.. EVER. Glad Trump dumped Humpty Dumpty.
ThePatriotsFlag has a new litmust test based on what state you are from:
Where to put Christie? Gov of DEMOCRATIC New Jersey...keep him the hell away from Trump and DC. Arm and arm walking with Obama on the beach?...Never could be trusted. A closet RINO. This is why he is OUT.
Fishtalk was effected by Bridgegate, so it matters:
And that little trick with closing that bridge LEFT ME SITTING FOR OVER TWO HOURS!

I despise Christie for it because if we curse politicos who don’t do the will of the people, does anybody think the people using that bridge to travel (and it IS a perfectly horrible bridge bear in mind) would have voted to have Christie close it down to get even with a political opponent?

Even if he was getting even with a Democrat, a smile perhaps, he had no business doing that and anybody thinks Christie had nothing to do with it, I got a bridge to sell. Cheap and with the option to close it when I’m mad.
Ann Archy is really upset about Christie's lack of manliness:
Christie CRYING over Talking to Bruce Springsteen was DISGUSTING!! A GROWN MAN CRYING over BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!! OG! OUT!!!
Impala64ssa visualizes Christie and Obama making out:
Even before Bridgegate I was disgusted with Christie, that photo op of him walking arm in arm with 0bama on Point Pleasant Beach after super storm Sandy. As if they were recreating the final scene from Beach Blanket Bingo where Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon make out on the beach. All that was missing was the mermaid flopping around in the ocean. YECCCHHH
GoldenState_Rose is one of the recent 'God loves Freepers' surge:
Praise God. Mike Pence is a godly man. Praying for the Holy Spirit to guide this transition. All human beings are imperfect. Every worldly policy is imperfect and our new leaders will not be able to please 100% of their supporters all the time. Compromises will be made. All kinds of deals. This nation must put on a united front. Credit is due to the Democrats and establishment R’s who at least act gracious.

May God give discernment to Mike Pence. And protect each and every member of Trump’s family and cabinet and any person who threatens them be exposed and brought to justice before any harm can be done.

First betrayal, still denial.

Trump has said he's not going to lock Hillary up after all. Freepers react in different ways, but very few get angry at him. After declaring the entire GOP secret liberals, Trump's all they have now. And what's Bush is prologue - they are not the sorts to admit being fooled until someone else to latch on to comes along.

The spin and denial is at record heights.

Rome2000 epitomizes the mainline Freep attitude - Trump is lying to set a clever trap:
This “not going to go after SHRILLARY” is just an example of what it takes to win; keep these communist bastards guessing.

Obama will look foolish if he pardons the KLINTOON KRIME FAMILY now.

Once the blue lipped mooselimb is gone, LOOK OUT SHRILLARY!!!!

Timpanagos1 just refuses to believe the story:
That’s simply not true.

Trump will have his DoJ investigate Clinton and they will indict Clinton as promised by Donald Trump during the campaign.
As it becomes undeniable, Timpanagos1 jumps into the 'Trump's lying' side with both feet:
Trump is putting the word out now that he will not prosecute Clinton as a means to give Hillary a false sense of security and then once he is President Trump, he will go after Hillary with all powers of the federal government.

It is what he promised, it is what he will do..
TBP looks for loopholes - maybe Congress will be petty enough to investigate! That would look great politically!
The Republicans on the Hill are still going to investigate it.

Interestingly, the same people who attacked Congressional Republicans for investigating the Clintons, saying it was just an election ploy, now insist that it be dropped because the election is over.
Ann Archy tries to hide behind formality that no one believes:
It’s not up to TRUMP!!! It’s up to the Attorney General!!
I want the USA back weakly attempts to argue Hillary's loss is basically worse than locking her up. He adds lots of name-calling in an attempt to look strong:
The old hag has suffered enough. The people rejected her for being a corrupt muzzard-loving America-hating witch.
Trump will benefit by deciding not to prosecute her.
Rashputin has another pretty choice theory that uses Hillary's secret illness as an excuse:
Trump has been briefed and knows Hillary will be dead before the end of 2017, and he's getting the media and the noise to focus on this because he's quietly working on which charges he's going to bring against other members of the Clinton and democrat machines.

JMHo, or in this case Just My Humble Hypothesis
Poor Tucker39 mixes calling the story a hoax with frantic straw grasping:
Is this another fake news item? Even if Trump passes on investigating the emails, the Clinton Crime Family Fund is still out there. I’ve heard that the individual States are free to prosecute, and that both New York and Arkansas are looking at it. She can’t be left to slide.
SubMareener points out that not-yet-President Trump has technically not failed as a Freeper President:
No, it looks as if we aren’t going to be talking about it when President Donald Trump can’t do anything to actually push and investigation. In boxing this is called “rope-a-dope”.

Let not your heart be troubled! Has he actually disappointed on any issue.
alternatives? is backing off on the Obama Pardonapalooza theory:
Hopefully Obama pardons her but I don’t think he will because he is only concerned about his own legacy.
jmaroneps37 has turned on Trump, but hastens to add he's still loyal!
A clear betrayal - nothing less - DRAIN the SWAMP? Bull Shiite the biggest alligator is right in front of you!

This is a very bad decision. It’s NOT at all a deal breaker, but a very bad decision nonetheless.
King Hawk  is the only I could see to go fully anti-Trump.
Another liar! Great!! I hope they protest him into the ground.
kiltie65 wonders if maybe Hillary is using her supernatural 'blackmail everyone' powers:
Well, sorry as I am to think this, but I doubt Trump has been lily pure his entire life, and Hillary’s stock in trade is having the goods on everyone. Maybe Trump has to pull back on prosecuting Hillary in case she discloses stuff that would be damning to Trump??? Maybe Trump should consider that if he gives her a pass, it will only continue throughout his Presidency. Just wait until AFTER the inaugural and he’s safely elected, then see what he will do.
StormPrepper also on the blackmail train:
Wasn't it Hess that died in Spandau Prison and was never granted a direct interview with the press? It was theorized that he had knowledge of members of the British government that colluded with the Nazis. I almost wonder if that's not what's happening here. Clinton has potentially embarrassing (or worse) knowledge and when President Trump was briefed, he canned the investigation to keep her quiet. Or something like that.

I find it odd that someone so corrupt would be allowed to walk...??? Doesn't make sense...
The whole thing is delicious but I hope the Trump is being blackmailed narrative grows whenever he breaks a campaign promise. Soon Trump will be a secret gay just like Chief Justice Roberts!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


This shouldn't be a story. Pence went to see Hamilton, and a cast member told Pence he was worried about what Trump's Administration would do. Trump spent a full day tweeting bad things about Hamilton and hilariously declaring the theater a 'safe space.'

Trump's a thinskinned crybaby. But we knew that. And the media has been going on about it since it happened Friday. I'm frustrated by how much we deserve the government we get.

But this silliness has given rise to some amusing Freepings. Freepers do not know very much about this musical, and are so not terribly well equipped to criticize it. But that's never stopped them before, to hilarious effect. It's also getting me to re-listen to the soundtrack, and I'm grinning and bobbing my head to it right now.

seawolf101 manages to declare calling out the powerful to actually be an act of cowardice:
The cast of Hamilton needs to go to a safe space get some crayons, coloring books, and play doh and suck on a pacifier like the did at some Ivy League schools.

Boycott Hamilton.
Gaffer thinks the problem is that the Hamilton cast doesn't know the Real Facts that make Freeperism the only Truth:
I heard the condescending bleat. It was presumptuously offensive in my opinion.

The probably truth of the matter is that NONE of the cast actually had any idea about Pence’s history, thoughts or record. They were lashing out emotionally and delivering the same old victim bullshit they always do when they don’t get their way.
silverleaf declares the actors rich, and thus hypocrites:
The cheap seats are $600
Such social justice warriors ...
Lin-Manuel Miranda called Hamilton 'the story of America yesterday told by the America of today.' A bit cute perhaps, but Freepers like bk1000 only see offense that whites are not given their due:
Let’s have a play that uses whites to play the parts of Malcom X and MLK. Have them sing and dance, maybe do a little jig.
polymuser has the same idea. And similarly shows why committed partisans don't make great entertainment:
Think I’ll write a play about black slave holders of Hispanic slaves, about how they love the Demorat Party and are all in the BBK (Black Brothers Clan), about how they lynched poor Hispanic slaves. What do you think?
knarf pretends to be Pence's child, I guess? It's weird.
Honey, this is what Daddy’s up against, so don’t forget to pray for Daddy and President Trump.
mikrofon tries for drama:
Once again, actors commit assassination in a theater. (This time it was character assassination.)
conservatism_IS_compassion psychoanalyzes the negro, and magnanimously declares the play great outreach to black people.
I put it to you that it isn’t “pretending our founding fathers weren’t white” so much as constructing a fantasy world (which is what you expect to see in theater, isn’t it?) in which blacks can fully identify with the founding fathers.

Which sounds like something to be applauded. I like the concept, a lot.
Impy tries to relate the Founders' philosophies to modern times.
Hamilton was the grandfather of modern conservatism, I don’t think he would like this play or the politics of it’s cast members.
Showing why this is a dumb idea, cowboyusa does the same thing, reaching the opposite conclusion.
Stupid play about one of the worst men in American history. The original big-government Monarchical Corporatist traitor.
Market bedamned! nickedknack wants a disclaimer that unexpected free speech might happen at a private event:
As gauche as it is to single out an audience member for a personal lecture, I support their right to to so. They’re selling a product, just like the NFL is. If people don’t like what they’re doing, they can decline to support it. Let the free market rule.

Yes, but not an after the fact rant at an entertainment event. If the tickets came with a warning, then OK. However, Gov. Pence had no chance to make a decision beforehand to attend or forego. It’s called having some decency and class.
zencycler declares Pence totally won, neglecting to mention Trump immediately seizing the low ground:
Actually they DID “lure him into a duel” - and Pence skewered them, as his cordial, flattering and deferential remarks drew the stark contrast needed to put their obnoxious whining fully on display for all sensible folks to observe for themselves.
Bodega hopes the false consciousness ends, and mobilizes all those Freeper broadway fans. So Miss Marmelstein, I guess:
Snivelers. One and all. Snivelers.

I wonder if they will be alive when old enough to understand what they did? Our monetary retaliation in response.

Boycott “Hamilton” for 8 years minimum. I am sure Soros will keep it “alive” at some level or another.
longtermmemmory has decided Hamilton is bad quality and inaccurate:
Hamilton, The Musical “has no clothes”

having looked up the play and criticism of its lack of historical accuracy, it would appear this is just an issue of hype rather than actual quality of play.

IOW political correctness to force sales.
It's sad no Freepers seem to have bothered to listen to the soundtrack. It's fiercely patriotic. Nationalist, even.

nickedknack thinks the solution is to boycott culture generally:
When my parents spent the bulk of their post-WWII honeymoon in NYC, theater tickets were priced at 4.40, 6.60, and 8.80. Even factoring the 2000 percent inflation since then, the face prices for Hamilton tickets are exorbitant; scalper prices are worse.

Solution: Don’t go to plays or movies, download Netflix, subscribe to Sirius XM, or watch TV.