Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fake News tells Freepers it's all the other news that's fake.

One place where the post-election turmoil seems to be continuing is social media news aggregators. People from academics to comedians attempting satire to mainstream journalists have observed that the balkanization of news lead to complete fiction being widely shared as fact. It's not news to readers of this blog, but Google and Facebook have both made some motions towards making it marginally more difficult to pass off partisan lies as fact.

Freepers, of course, object. The key to delusions is to make them paranoid - that way anyone who objects is just trying to keep you from the truth.

TBP makes some preemptive accusations:
Google and Facebook are fake news sites
longfellow has his own media station, which is about what you would think:
Well we hung hillary on our last episode of Tar and Feather News network.
So I guess we’ll be gone soon.
BenLurkin goes with pure paranoia:

The global elites who wish to rule over all of us demand that the worldwide flow of information be “curated.”
arthurus objects that liberals have a monopoly on what 'truth means.'
“Fake” is the new accepted term for “conservative” or “right.”
Trod Upon also fears any institution who seeks to privileged true things must have liberal bias:
And who get s to decide what is “fake news”?

Democrats, of course.
Waryone explains the long term conspiracy.
This is not Soros’ new strategy. I was told back before the 2004 election that the libs wanted to use new technology to isolate conservatives from the masses. They planned to give the masses liberal controlled news and conservatives would get sources of news that would get smaller and less reliably available.

I believe the person who told me was one of those DNC paid internet trolls. At the time I thought he was just talking. Now I realize he really was connected because that is precisely what they are doing now.
rfp1234 is sure every Trump voter will boycott Google and Facebook:
If FB, Google, etc. try that, they will get the treatment they deserve from informed consumers (Patriots). Their earnings and stock prices will plummet.
And I'm not even sure what Uncle Miltie is talking about:
CNN, NBC, CBS, PBS and ABC were shown to be fake news by WikiLeaks.

So they’ll be banned, right?
The Unknown Republican demands government step in on the side of fiction:
If they do this, it’s time to hit Google and Facebook hard with antitrust fines and regulations.
Red Badger knows the UN is involved somehow!
Just wait until the FCC and UN get up to speed on this. Everything that is not ‘per the agenda’ will be blocked, banned and punished severely.......................
TonyM really wants Trump to crack down on real liars.
Screw Google. I want the Trump administration to mandate that the FCC punish major news networks, newspapers, and political magazines who spread unverified garbage masqueraded as news aimed at damaging someone or their political party just because they disagree. 
I think multimillion dollar fines for first and second offences but three strikes should be all it takes to pull their licenses to pretend being a unbias news source.


  1. Romney guy here...

    Here's another good one:

    "Washington Pizza Place Flooded With Threats Over False Hillary Clinton Conspiracy"


    These guys actually believe that there's some underground sex ring that includes a pizza shop. And why? Because the guy dated David Brock some years ago.

  2. I call Fox News, False News. It kind of rhymes.

    1. You can also call it Faux News, Fixed News or Fox Noise.

  3. Real news is so ...... boring!

    Fake news is so much more fun!