Thursday, November 3, 2016

This Michigan billboard with a message in Arabic taunts Trump

The sign translates as, “Donald Trump, he can’t read this, but he is afraid of it.” As this is the closest to aggressive American Muslims have been, Freepers leap to declare from their computers that that this means soon the Muslims will start shooting!

IronJack counsels a racist rejoinder, with some shaky legal analysis:
Take out another one — in Arabic — that says “Bite my hairy, pimpled ass, ragheads.” Since no one but a ‘slime could read it, it couldn’t be considered offensive to prevailing community standards.
2ndDivisionVet with the call of the bigot.
Back at you: GTFOOMC.
That's "Get the fuck out of my country."

Scott from the Left Coast's rage means he's gonna be unstoppable when the Muslim uprising comes!
A$$holes want to taunt us? Their homemade suicide vests won’t be enough.
lee martell worries it might have been a Muslim spell or something.
To tell the truth, until I found out EXACTLY what was being scribbled about in Arabic. I would be nervous too.

Let’s not pretend we have not heard about most Mosques being breeding grounds for creating jihadists who hate America.
Fungi doesn't get how being a free country works.
This will backfire as nothing before. You cannot be here as guests and insult Americans.
And where there are Muslims on Freep, there's a Freeper like Gasshog to bring up Lord of the Rings.
The language of Mordor.

Where the Shadows Lie.

And Obama Lies.
And tomkat's impotent refuge in action hero dreams are the saddest of all:
A pleasant daydream is that the muzz invaders feel frisky enough to kick it all off, and that our military stays the hell outta the way and lets us deplorables handle it. 
And in a spirit of cooperation with .gov, we could even pay for the dumpster rentals ourselves if they'd cover the landfill ffes. 
sounds damned fair to me 


  1. "...jihadists who hate America."

    You mean like people who sit around and grumble that America is finished? That if their preferred candidate loses that they will hope for an uprising, military insurrection or Civil War II? Who are hoping to elect a racist, misogynistic reality show star to the most important position in the world? Yeah, I think I know who hates America more, and it ain't the Muslims.

    1. euph, just in case nobody has told you lately, you rock!

    2. I love America; but I do not WORSHIP

      You lie when you charge that I want
      or hope for an "uprising, military
      insurrection or Civil War II".

      Ya'll are hoping to elect operatives
      who have used their political power
      to make themselves FILTHY RICH and
      now promise to, if elected, cause
      the country to endure yet more of

      My family is a Southern one that
      endured the hardships of the first
      Civil War - great,great grandfather
      fought at SHILOH in one of the
      bloodiest battles of that war. WAR
      IS HELL! My dad was a combat veteran
      in N. Africa, Italy, & Germany during
      WWII. - WAR IS HELL and it's always
      the OLD MAN'S "WAR" but it's the

      Now, ya'll keep doubling down on
      insisting that the BALL-BUSTING

      PAY ATTENTION! Remove yourselves
      from the MSM that has robbed you
      of your BRAINS!

      YOU DO NOT ROCK, euph. - It's odd
      that ya'll completely ignore that
      with the MUSLIMS, JIHAD is a very
      prevalent teaching as has been
      demonstrated if you're paying close

      Which ya'll are not. . plus ya'll
      are one-note wonders when it comes
      to the news.

      HILLARY has grossly endangered
      national security with her criminal
      negligence & both she and HUSSEIN
      OBAMA have given too many Muslims
      too much power too quickly, while
      bashing the HELL out of Christians.


    3. Like I give a shit about your OPINIONS, twinkie.

    4. Kindly Fuck off Twinkie, nobody gives a shit of what you think.

  2. and rooster will supply the tic-tacs ...

    roostercogburn: "I think Trump wins Pennsylvania. It’s been teasing republicans for years. Tuesday Donald gets the panties off."

  3. STINKIE QUEEN is so fat and stupid, she thinks everybody is scared of her and the FR wrinklebag brigade.

    Please, oh please STINKIE ... I encourage you and all the other fat wrinklebags to start something up November 9th!
    Try and fit your fat fingers into the triggers of your antique muskets, go into the center of town, and start waving them around!

    That'll show us!

  4. " make themselves FILTHY RICH."

    I'd really like to know why this is OK for Donald Trump, but a crime against humanity for anyone else. Especially when the average Freeper is more venal than a Ferengi when it comes to love of money.

    1. Well, the Rules of Aquisition can answer that:

      26. The vast majority of the rich in this galaxy did not inherit their wealth; they stole it

      (Read: Trump is uncorrupted, Clintons came by their wealth like everyone else, and Freepers aren't wealth.)

      69. You could afford your ship without your government - if it weren't for your government

      164. Never spend your own money when you can spend someone elses

      149. Females and finances don't mix

      ... come to think of it Trumpers and Trump himself seem to live by the Ferengi code. Seriously, check it out.

    2. His skin color and the color of their ships match.

    3. And don't even get Trump started on women being allowed to wear clothes.

  5. Has a Muslim freeper ever existed? That would be a sight.


      He opposed Trump in the primary, so he's been pretty quiet lately. Yes, he's been threatened with death.