Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Bannon isn't racist because...NOT RACIST!

Sessions at DoJ is really depressing, but Bannon as Trump's Karl Rove is the most evidently crazy pick. He's endorsed the white nationalist Alt-Right, and flirts with it all the time at Breitbart. But that doesn't matter to Freepers. They don't need to mount a factual defense. They just declare it all fake news and GTFO

FreeReign knows the real racists:
Don’t know anything about White Nationalism, but I do see a lot of Brown Nationalism.
nickedknack knows the real White Nationalists:
Left wing media scribes dutifully carrying water for the party of slavery, the KKK, segregation, lynchings, eugenics, Jim Crow, fire hosings, billy clubbings, poll taxes, literacy tests, welfare dependency, black abortion, and the ghetto plantation.

Irony is dead.
exDemMom knows who the real misogynists are
I can only think of a couple of examples of men who might actually hate women on the whole.

Look in the Muslim culture for that. Many Muslim men believe that women are nothing beyond their utility in bringing sons into the world.

The Left loves Muslim culture.
Randomly, garandgal is going to troll some high-schoolers:
That is hilarious! The other day, I passed a bunch of screaming children (not kidding...SCREAMING at passing cars)...who were inexplicably "outside" of their high school during school hours.

I'm planning on going to the local party store to purchase a big bag of decorative baby shower "favors"...miniature bottles, pacifiers, etc., along with a host of diaper pins to throw by the handful at the obnoxious toddlers.
Vince Ferrer assures fellow Freepers that there is no need to look farther into this:
I mean, is there any basis whatsoever to these claims?

I don't know of any reason for him to be accused like this. It is a case of them letting us know who they fear the most.
Gaffer points out that the author is totally a girl:
She’s a 56 year old History Professor at NYU who from what I can determine is how her vagina feels about white men battling (WWI, etc.)......and how that should completely rewrite our thoughts about what we know about history.
Pelham explains that being an asshole is a technique to convince people you're right:
Sometimes bluntness is what is required to get people to face an uncomfortable truth.

Americans have been allowing the cultural Left to bully and intimidate them and set the national agenda for 50 years, with one tiny interlude during Reagan.

This is having disastrous real world consequences, at least if you liked the America that we grew up in. The Eisenhower Kennedy years, with Lyndon Johnson setting the damage in motion. Adults who grew up after that time have no idea of the difference, of how much America changed, with the forces of political correctness imposing an ever increasing iron rule over daily life. It’s long past time to fight back.
I was really interested in what Freep's most naked White Nationalist wardaddy had to say:
If you love western civilization and Americas traditions then you are already a white nationalist regardless your skin color

If you are a Christian then you’re a white nationalist kleagle

If you are all that and Southern...specially Deep South

Then you’re Grand Dragon!

If you’re all that and moved to Sandpoint Idaho or the Upper Penninsula to live your libertarian wild self


You’re now Reinhard Heydrich or a Boy from Brasil

Your pick
Meh. Just said white nationalism is a strawman for 'loving Western Civilization.' He usually holds forth with more crazy.

spintreebob would like to present liberals' flawed logic without reading the article:
Notice how their arguments are circular.
Breitbart is racist because it is associated with Bannon.
Bannon is racist because he is associated with Breitbart.
Trump is racist because he is associated with Bannon and Breitbart.
Bannon and Breitbart are racist because they are associated with Trump.
Trump supporters are racist because they are associated with Trump.
Trump is racist because he is associated with Trump supporters... racists.
Hardastarboard started to read the article, but didn't get past the first clause:
As a historian of fascism

FTA - I will just say this - NO, b!tch, you're not a historian of fascism. I've studied it a LOT (mostly because of Bill and Hillary Clinton, if you must know), and Trump is NOT a fascist. 
She then goes on to cite the SPLC, itself a center of left wing fascist thought. God these people are mentally challenged. They have no capacity for critical thinking, even the "educated" ones.
My favorite sane Freeper DoodleDawg is all on board. We'll see what she thinks once Trump starts actually doing things.
Bannon is a great pick for Trump, if for no other reason than those who think the Trump administration needs to reach across the aisle have just had their hopes blown up. Trump won. He doesn’t need to reach across the aisle to the Democrats, and Democrats who try to reach across will bring back a bloody stump. He is setting the proper tone right off the bat.


  1. The optimist in me wants to believe that sooner or later Trump is going to wise up to the fact that Steve Bannon and the Mercers have been playing him for a buffoon.

    1. That will probably happen shortly after Freepers realize Trump has played them for buffoons.

      By the way, happy Thanksgiving, everyone!