Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Boycott the NFL!

NFL ratings are down. No one is sure why, but the right, for whom all is political, is sure it's that Kaepernick not kneeling thing.

Freepers eagerly jump on the bandwagon and proclaim that this is totally because of their unannounced boycott that they're now announcing and will bring down the NFL and thus the MSM!

It's be sad, if it wasn't so funny.

Jmouse007 explains with the appropriate CAPS that the NFL needs Freepers:


Until EVERYONE in the NFL realizes this and ends their P.C., "breast cancer pink" (while MILLIONS OF MEN ARE DYING OF PROSTATE CANCER), racist "Only Black Lives Matter" Anti-American, "hate cops", hate the military, hate whitey, hate, and disrespect the National anthem, America, our flag, our American values policies; and continue to hate their former fans: the NFL WILL DIE!

And everyone in the NFL who formerly got rich OFF OF OUR HARD EARNED MONEY WILL LOSE EVERYTHING! And there will be no one to mourn its passing or their financial demise because we will have all come to the realization that:


niteowl77 argues that once the NFL goes down, America will awaken and Freep shall sweep the land!
Telling the NFL (and NBA, etc) to go to hell and shunning them would do more than just mess up the revenue streams of the MSM, it would initiate a massive change to the “circus” as a whole. Remove the addiction to the opiate of the masses - which in the West is modern sports/entertainment, not religion - and the PTB would be scrambling indeed.
txrefugee is ready to resist a Hillary Presidency by watching something else on Sundays!
If God plans to punish the US with Jezebel for president, those who resist being led by such an evil person will need to live a life of resistance. 
Something as easy to give up as the NFL can have great consequences. Surely we can come up with many others.
dr_lew has lost an interest in everything on TV lately:
I am doing my part, as I have not seen one second of NFL football so far this season. Not as a matter of resolution, understand, just sudden loss of interest. Honestly, that’s it. Just not interested.

I might add, there’s a synergy with the election cycle. I have been avoiding TV generally. I have on occasion watched the late evening golf tournament replay, but this is dependably unobjectionable.
PGalt has been boycotting the NFL for 20 years!
DEFUND socialist collectives, foreign and domestic.

I quit watching the Detroit Lions 20 years ago. I was tired of my Sundays being wasted. I quit watching all NFL after the “wardrobe malfunction”. I sent them an email that they “can take their pigskin and shove it”. Life has been fabulous without these “games”.

I’d rather pick rocks out of my car tires.
Sipicaknobius hasn't been watching sports, but somehow knows who all the advertisers are...
When your TV box no longer sends a signal back that you are watching the NFL games, the NBA games, then their advertising revenue drops and the players no longer make $119,000,000. And when they no longer can negotiate big-money contacts, then the spoilt brats in the NFL & the NBA will start appreciating their life in America.

I didn't watch one minute of the Olympics this year. I refuse to watch NBC, CBS & ABC. I haven't watched the NBA in years, and this year I won't watch the NFL due to the policies of the NFL (re cops in Dallas) and its approval of the Rams team support for the BLM radicals. I will only watch College football, and then, only of select teams.

Another thing that we can do, which I have done with great frequency is email the advertisers. That stops revenue flow to the MSM anti-American jerks. If this was an organized effort, substantial damage could be done to their bottom line. Instead of emailing each other, we should be hitting the advertisers hard!
ought-six made the sacrifice of switching to College Ball.
I am an avid football fan, and I have not watched one — not ONE! — pro football game this season. College football, you bet! But NFL? Hell NO!
Secret Agent Man is another person who doesn't do sports declaring he's part of the boycott:
If you ever wonder where your time goes, give up watching sports. If you complain you can never get anything done, give up watching sports.

Lets see how long they can pay multimillion dollar contracts to spoiled adolescents who hate large segments of their customers, who think throwing and catching balls in games that mean nothing in the big picture.
Organic Panic - the NFL supports white genocide!
F em. They are supporting white genocide, criminality, and black dysfunction. 
Look how much major sports LOVE the mayhem when they release a new pair of Air Jordans.
Following up with the dopest 1990s racist memes is impressive.

V K Lee just fantasizes about all the misery he could cause:
OH DEAR! where will those po’ boys, the sports announcers find a JOB??? and all the camera crew, players? looks like unemployment numbers would certainly go up and a good many egos deflate. We can put ‘news’ papers out of business, why NOT TV networks?
Roger Kaputnik - also not into the NFL these days. What happened in 1994?
Yep. I haven’t watched an NFL game since 1994 (including the Super Bowl).

Took awhile to adjust and overcome the compulsion to flip on a game from time to time, but I fought through it and am proud to say I haven’t contributed even a wooden nickel to those turds since then.
ez will only watch sports without so many blacks:
I am tuning out any sport that supports the thug culture. That means no NBA and now no NFL. I still watch baseball and golf for now but if they go thug, off they go.
DoughtyOne laments how Football is 'merica, man!
I’ve enjoyed an awful lot of beer with friends over football and baseball games. I don’t want to see any of our core social frameworks destroyed.

There must be a better way to cause change, than destroying great American pastimes to make a point. In effect the Jihadists will laugh their socks off at us, for doing something they couldn’t.
MountainWalker explains that posting on the Internet about not watching Football is the only alternative to mass media shootings:
I get your point and agree, but short of shooting these media bastards, we don’t really have any peaceful options left. We are basically fighting a non-shooting civil war with the left, and with war comes sacrifice.
Boasting another lazy boycott, 11th_VA will only buy insurance from the South:
The boycott seems to be working, I say keep pushing. The idea that it could bring down the networks is even better.

Personally, I've been advocating people change their insurance to a company in the south. I probably pay $4000/year for Life/auto/home. Used to go with companies out of the Northeast, but transferred to USAA. Why should I pay salaries to people in the NE that elect Representatives that vote against my interests?
Impala64ssa can send us off with this bit of fantastic racism:
It would be a good thing if Michael Jordan were to do some PSA, with Black Friday approaching to admonish the "homies" to "chill" and quit acting like savages whenever a new Air Jordan sneaker is released.


  1. "I quit watching the Detroit Lions 20 years ago. I was tired of my Sundays being wasted."

    u and every other detriot lions fan.

  2. Why does niteowl77 want the NBA to go to hell? The NBA guys are required to stand for the anthem as part of the team agreement? Once again FR makes no sense.

    1. Plus kneeling on a hardwood floor is pretty uncomfortable.

  3. I don't know. Not watching football seems kinda gay.

    1. Watching a bunch of guys with obvious bulges in their tight pants, chasing each other around and grabbing at each other seems kinda gay ;)

  4. Good luck convincing the NFL to not hire black players just because of your boycott.

    There must be a better way to cause change, than destroying great American pastimes to make a point.

    Just a suggestion: How about taking an honest look at what's causing the problem, instead of pretending it doesn't exist? That's one way to cause change.

  5. I hate to give freepers any credit ...
    but the viewer drop-off was sudden and large.
    Not due to any boycott on their part, but perhaps the whole Kapernick thing really was the last straw for a lot of people.

    1. That must be because the US is so "post-racial."

    2. When Trump loses he'll still have proved that damn near half the voting population approve of racist, authoritarian bigotry and quasi-fascist tribal populism. His mission to Make America Suck Again has already succeeded. Defeat isn't going to blow away the stench of 40+% voting 'Reprehensible'.

  6. also not into the NFL these days. What happened in 1994?

    Possibly in reference to the NFL putting pressure on Arizona to recognize MLK day by pulling the Super Bowl out in 1990? I know they relented around '92 or '93.

    Might also be a bitter Rams or Raiders fan, they moved from LA to St Louis and Oakland respectivly after the '94 season