Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Election day roundup

I was careful in this blog not to act like Hillary was assured, but I was surprised by the result, though not shocked. Hillary - class act in her concession, BTW - was the steady-as-she-goes course. I was hoping to see Freepers try and reconcile their apocalyptic rhetoric with the boring reality. How would they deal with clear impotence? Nihilist praying for a disaster? Voter fraud denial? Insurrectionism? Blowing petty assholishness out of proportion as if it was a blow for liberty? But now we get to see what happens.

Not to Freepers, though. They've got the next four years more or less figured out. Everything bad will be Obama's legacy. And if Trump turns into an undeniable disaster, it was liberals that goaded them into it.

Indeed, even now they are more hateful than hopeful. Their real victory is making the evil liberals that live in their head sad.

GilGil, once thinking thinking between 370-450 ev's for Trump, now
I suspect she collapsed and simply could not face reality. Her whole reason for existing is gone. She has so screwed this up I bet everyone hates her.

As of today all the millions she has stolen have just dried up. She has no future and I bet everyone in her party hates her.

txhurl, once hoping Trump would take CA and NY, now settles for gloating to Obama:
nopardons seems to be in a fighting mood. For example:
Donald Trump Won Because of Facebook

Obviously, these morons still don't understand anything at all, re Trump and his supporters. LOL
Democrat_Media, as I would expect from the bully he is, has chosen to concentrate on hating the low hanging fruit of minorities.
Islam has been turned back! Hillary = Merkel(who allowed Millions of Muslims into Germany who are now destroying Germany) President Trump has just saved America ,freedom, and western civilization.

President Trump saved America from communist Hillary, Amnesty socialism, massive Muslim immigration, etc. that would have been imminent with her election.
LeoWindhorse continues to wish to live in some African country with military coups and regular crackdowns on dissent:
I lived in Berkeley when Gov. Ronald Reagan deployed the Calif. Ntl. Guard to control these s#itheads .

This needs to start happening again .

Sports stadiums make great ‘holding areas’
Let them sit outside in the sun for a few days to a week.
HarleyLady27 is thrilled, of course, and projects that onto reality.
I had to go out for some shopping, have you noticed???

Smiles on people’s faces, nods of heads when you pass by, checker people checking you out of line, ‘Have a Great Day’...

It is working already folks, it’s in the air, the great foot that has been on our necks holding us down is GONE, and we are FREE, we can breathe again...

Thank Your President Trump!!!
She's also still in for 'lock her up', along with a few others.
Hillary’s Path: Prison Cell for life, and if you [George Will] keep your yap flapping, you can join her!!!
mayflowermadam wallows in spite.
FR MASTER THREAD: bring your post-election memes, jokes, photos of crying Dems

I love it. So glad they’re miserable.
Liberals that were similarly lacking empathy, let how awful she seems be a lesson to you when next a victory comes our way.

Biggirl no longer thinks revolt is coming.
I got good news for you, the left just as of early morning the left lost the cultural civil war.

God Bless.
Gargantua is joyfully racist. I mean Not PC.
Hey [Van Jones], stop worrying about grown-up decisions. The adults are in charge again. Now do the dinner dishes, and then sing and do a little dance for us... there’s a good boy.
Windflier isn't worrying about Civil War anymore, just Obama's assasination ninjas.
[Obama's speech on Trump is] Too gracious. Color me suspicious.

I hope the Secret Service reads that as a signal to beef up security around the president-elect.
Twinkie took a break from her spirit-cooking-esque performance art on this blog's comments to be about the same on Freep, complaing TV was totally biased against the uneducated, or something like that.,
Cokie-head Roberts was, to be fair, at least for once
talking some sense, that the people had spoken; b-b-but, we
were mostly just high school graduates and Hitler-y was
“supposed” to be elected!!! So, I went to bed and to sleep
and when I got up this morning - TRUMP was the President-
Elect. All their liberal blubbering could not change the
BlackFemaleArmyCaptain is just posting threads, not commenting. She is so weird.,

Trump_vs_Evil_Witch is one of many Freepers to fervently thank God all day.,
Amen, a mighty answer to many prayers of God’s people
DJMacWoW is back, and on board the Trump train, spanming this image over and over with a link to donate.
EternalVigilance has yet to return, though.

hoosiermama went from going crazy about voter fraud to worshipful Trump ass-kissing.
Not many mentions last night but Melania’s dress made me think of a greecian goddess or the Statue of Liberty. A true First LADY
And l loved dear sweet Barron who struggled to keep from yawning. He’s almost as tall as Pence and only a child of ten. Melania has done the correct thing by keeping him safe from the cruel media. But I long to see more of both of these two!
Trump Girl Kit Cat is enjoying a brief high before she returns to her regularly scheduled CAPS LOCK mediated RAGE!!,
This IS the best Wednesday I have ever had, HELL this may be the BEST DAY I have EVER HAD!!!
Violent yahoo dp0622 is mostly just sloppy drunk. Since Tuesday.
All I have left is JD :)

Dont have to work till 10pm tonight.

What the heck, a few more shots :)
Hey, someone dreaming of the future! Of course it's Pollster1, who has gone from planning the revolution to demanding Trump dismantle the government.
Put Rick Perry in charge of Education, Commerce, and Energy. He wanted to eliminate those departments; let’s see it happen.

Eliminate 90% or more of fedgov’s role in education, perhaps even 100% because otherwise it will grow back like a cancer. If we keep any of it, put it in Health, Education, and Welfare (currently Health and Human Services).

Eliminate just about everything in Commerce other than the Patent and Trademark Office, and that should be cut back after their PC meddling with the Washington Redskins. Trade agreements should be State.

As for Energy, put nukes in Defense, and eliminate the rest. Worthwhile energy research can be paid for by the private companies that will benefit.
Actually, Pollster1's whole comments page is a great recall of when Freepers had crazy insane awful policies they dreamed about before everything became about liberals sucking it. max americana talks like a weird self help guy
This time. we’re top of the food chain. Enjoy.

GET YOUR ASS ON YOuR FU&^KIN KNEES!!~ Get your damned head bowed!! Sat BYE!!
Lazamataz was getting pretty dark for a while. He's actually pretty boring.
Sarah Barracuda has the purest gloat on Freep.
awwwwwwwwwwwwww poor loafs..these are the same loons that for EIGHT YEARS told us to “GET OVER IT..OBAMA WON” well progressive loons..guess what I got news for you..GET OVER IT..DONALD TRUMP IS PRESIDENT..SUCK ON IT
Rome2000 is the only Frepeer to remember voter fraud was totally gonna give it to Hillary.
We were so close to losing the Republic.
By the way, at least 50 THOUSAND illegal aliens voted in Miami -Dade today for SHRILLARY
But Rome2000 is more or less still on his murder kill kill death kill thing.
Reporters are stupid and dangerous.

Something needs to be done about them.
And Rome2000 on Obama. He has lots of ideas.
These communist assholes still don’t get it.

The right wing is coming for them, and there’s nothing they can do about it.
JLAGRAYFOX has turned his huge amount of energy to trying to talk down Obama in a faintly desperate way.
Obama is a totall failure across the board!!!, has no legacy, neither do the Bushes, neither the Clintons. Obama goes down as th worst POTUS, in the history of the United States of America!!! End of story!!!
Well, that's it for me for a week. I'll be back Friday, Nov 18 and we'll see where Freep settles to.


  1. Max Americana is concocting a multi-part fantasy about how everyone in Hollywood is in total meltdown mode, except for the secret conservatives he had fun with at a super secret ultra exclusive party last night.

  2. I thought Obama was going to declare martial law so he could suspend the Constitution and give himself a third term?

    1. Haha, yeah, I'd forgotten that one in all the fraud delusions.

      So have Freepers, in favor of Obama pardoning the concept of Evil.

    2. You need a reason to declare martial law and no-one expected Trumpaggedon to actually happen. Soros/Spectre/Smersh/Obama will be cooking something up for Xmas/NY so martial law can be declared in January, just in time to block inauguration. Relax. It's all in hand ... MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    3. What happened to all the Soros-owned voting machines? The pervasive influence of the New Black Panthers? The busloads of blacks being plied with Kools and liquor? It's almost as if those were...mythical.

    4. Not mythical, just terrified into inaction by detailed Freeper posts about how much "ammo" they were buying.

    5. How do you terrify a rigged voting machine?

    6. Easy. Demons are sentient. Obviously anything rigged by Soros would use Demonic Possession Technology(tm) so you terrify them with guns, God and virulent hatred of gays. Since it is now proven to work, expect Freepers to double down on all three!

    7. God apparently held the demons at bay a little so as not to arouse any suspicion, then. It was pretty close. Who knew he was such a polling maven!

  3. No HUMAN-BEING is qualified to govern this
    Universe. Jesus Christ - (Yeshua
    Ha Maschiach) will return to govern, like
    it or not.

    Someone refresh my failing memory. . did
    Republicans (Conservatives) march in protest
    when BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA was elected? I
    think not. We just accepted it; even in
    light of him sticking his nose in the air
    and preening like a gamecock on a mock-up
    facsimile stage reminiscent of Hitler's
    Third Reich podium. He proudly told us
    Republicans to "Get over it - I WON!" We
    did and made the best of it.

    MSM (Mainstream Media) TRIED to block
    election returns, refusing to declare states
    for TRUMP that he had won, one by over eighty
    thousand votes! Bitching & moaning, digging
    in their heels. MSM is DEAD to me; has been
    for a while.

    Threatening MARTIAL LAW in light of a duly
    elected President of the United States of
    America is JUVENILE.

    "NO ONE expected TRUMPAGEGEDON to actually
    happen." No one? REALLY?

    TWINKIE DID and TWINKIE tried again & again
    to tell you so, BUT you would not listen to
    a TWINKIE.

    Now, you want HUSSEIN to fix it for you; but
    HUSSEIN is a day late and a dollar short.

    GIT BIZZY and GIT CRACKING! or else move to
    MEXICO, socialist utopia VENEZUELA or poor
    old, cold CANADA with Lady Gaga, the Dunham
    woman, Mrs. Anthony Weiner and the rest of
    'em. TWINKIE don't care either way!


    1. You were right Twinkles, no doubt about it. Personally I can console myself with the destruction of the political career of the second worst candidate in half a century: die hard democrats don't even have that.

      I will certainly pay more attention to the prognosticative value of CELTIC SEA SALT in future!

    2. IF you do try CELTIC SEA SALT, be
      sure to take two or three KELP
      capsules a week for the IODINE!

      CELTIC SEA SALT is not IODIZED like
      ordinary salt, and you could get a
      GOITER from a dearth of IODINE in
      your diet.

      Of course, if you eat at restaurants
      a lot, they use regular iodized salt;
      so it should not be a problem. A
      GOITER is a big old growth in your
      neck and is NOT very attractive.

      ANONYMOUS! When you do, at least you
      aren't out marching in the streets
      with Communist signs protesting a
      LEGITIMATE and fair election by the
      CITIZENS. (The signs in most of the
      "spontaneous demonstrations" are
      mass produced professionally and the
      demonstrators bussed in from out of

      CELTIC SEA SALT wasn't the only
      thing TWINKIE suggested to ya'll;
      but ya'll turned up ya'll's snobby
      surgically altered noses at old

      BUTTS!! Best Wishes on ya'll's
      CAREARS as HILLARY promoters! And
      I do mean CA-REARS! HURRY! Your
      "safe space" meeting will convene
      in an hour - march lock-step to


    3. As I write this, your hero Donald is meeting with Barak Hussein.
      They're laughing and laughing together about how easily they fooled the fat ignorant conservatives again.
      You're nothing but a tool, STINKIE!

    4. "Just accepted it"? I think not. No, conservatives didn't march in protest, but they started making up ridiculous stories about him. Kind of like you're doing now when you say he stuck his nose in the air and told Republicans to get over it. He did say "I won," but only because Republicans refused to work with him, almost as if they refused to acknowledge he was president.

      Yes, threatening martial law is juvenile. It's the sort of thing I would expect from Trump, though. But then you would be just fine with that, I expect.

      You'll note I never thought Trump couldn't win, just that he was a long shot. But someone always wins the lottery, so there was always a chance.

      Do I want Obama to fix this? No. I'll be watching America go down the drain. Either that, or Trump will be more liberal than anyone thinks. Either way, it will be supremely entertaining to watch the right wingers do backflips trying to defend him and/or say they always hated him.

    5. STINKIE says, "... even in
      light of him sticking his nose in the air
      and preening like a gamecock on a mock-up
      facsimile stage ..."

      STINKIE to English translation: "Acting like an uppity nigger !"

      on this board. Some politician said
      that and it's a good description.

      WINTER is coming at us like a freight
      train. I think that will get the
      demonstrators' attention; when
      throwing fits en masse gets to be
      COLD AS KRAUT, that should tone it

      Euphgreek, you sound strangely
      pleased at the thought of "watching
      America go down the drain". Odd.

      Ay-nony-nony, YOU have no idea what
      HUSSEIN & DONALD talked or laughed
      about. - I suspect ya'll have been
      tools for KING HUSSEIN & MADAME

      Remember, I told you more than once
      that NO MORTAL MAN OR WOMAN is
      capable of governing. CHRIST is
      going to return to this earth in
      glory to GOVERN it perfectly.
      Until then, we muddle along.

      Calling me "STINKIE" does not change
      that fact.

      However, I've decided finally that
      MESSIAH is a pearl and ya'll calling
      Him names and attempting to insult
      Him is PIGGISH.

      So, I MUST, regretfully, bid ya'll a
      FINAL adieu. Ya'll are, supposedly,
      "young". That doesn't last. I am
      OLD enough to know that.

      Your bunch is throwing a FIT, with
      marches of THOUSANDS of illegal
      aliens and MOVIE STARS & SINGING
      "STARS" and SNOWFLAKES who are
      threatening to become a BLIZZARD
      rushing over the CANADIAN border,
      (NOT the MEXICAN border!).


      BUTT-HURT describes it well.

      I'm done.


    7. I thought you would be used to seeing people hoping for America's demise. You've been posting to Free Republic for some time now.

      I'll agree with you on one thing, though. The protests will do nothing but make the protesters temporarily feel better. And they probably will stop once the snow starts flying.

    8. had a chance to be a magnanimous winner.

      And I'm not surprised that you blew it.

    9. Hey Twinkie, before you go -- can you tell us if God changed his mind after he told Ted Cruz to run for president, or was he just fucking with him and backing Trump all along? (See also: Michele Bachmann, Mike Huckabee)

  4. See you tomorrow, STINKIE!

    Say hello to Yesh'Ubetta Mak'mea Hammsammich for me!

  5. class act...haha, more like sore loser act, could not even concede immediately or face her supporters. She sent John "I like hackable passwords" Podesta to do the job. And to think all the RATS piled on Trump when he refused to say whether he would concede immediately if he lost. So suck it.And the DU scum are no better than the lunatic Freeper fringe, so don't cast stones when living in glass houses.

    1. You're faulting her for not conceding immediately when Trump indicated he might not concede at all? Love the double standard there.

  6. Romney guy here...

    I have to say that I was surprised. In fact, in all the years I've worked on these things, it's the most surprised I've ever been.

    The craziest thing is that there was absolutely ZERO things wrong with the internals in most of the polling. The polls had it right- the internal correlation coefficients were all relative to the normal distribution curve, but when you see the 5 point MOE? See that means there's a 95% chance the results of the poll will resemble the normal distribution curve (that means there's a 95% chance that it'll happen the way the polling results show), there's still a 5% chance that the election results won't be like the poll...and I guess that's what happened here.

    It's a sad reality that we all have to live in now.

    It's as if the Freeper reality has become our reality.

    1. If you give people the choice between jumping under a bus or under a train you're going to get unpredictable results. That's what went wrong here. There has never been a faceoff between two utterly unsuitable candidates so the statistical methodology broke down.

      We're now going to see a load of nonsense about this being a question of a female President (wrong) or the Clinton name (wrong - Bill was defeated by term limits, he would probably have beaten GWB).

      The electorate rejected Hillary Clinton *personally* because of who she is, not who she married or because of her gender. The important thing now for the DNC is to bury her so deep that the next time the public hears her name (hopefully many years from now) will be the announcement when she passes away.

    2. Romney guy here...

      I don't think it's as simple as that. There were a lot of factors at play here. The media is trying to create this monolithic defeat because it's easy for consumption. It's a little more complicated.

      You can't dismiss simple prejudice against a woman as leader. There was a contingency of lies against Clinton that didn't really exist going the other way...mostly because you didn't have to lie to make Trump look bad!

      The emails hurt, but I think the last minute move by Comey was what really did it. By that time many people have already voted early and by absentee.

      I think the undercurrent of social attacks on Clinton and people who would otherwise support Clinton starts to take its toll. That also had a lot to do with it.

      Ultimately three areas decided this race and, without these, the outcome would have been a different president: Northern and Southern areas surrounding Detroit; Northeast Ohio; and the areas just above Tampa, Florida.

      She does better in these areas, she's President.

    3. "She does better in these areas, she's President."

      If my grandmother had wheels she'd be a trolley.

      You can do all sorts of things to try and shore up weak areas, but in the end that's missing the point: you shouldn't have to try to mitigate unfavorables on that scale. The electorate didn't want HRC from the start (unfavorables never moved much) and the DNC responded with a stage managed coronation and "Let them eat cake".

      It is essential that the DNC show some humility and *listen*. That means kicking HRC permanently into the long grass much like GWB had the good sense to do to himself when he left office.

    4. This is what it comes down to: Liberals suck. They need to be "inspired" to come out to vote. Otherwise, they just stay home. That's why Republicans are still viable, why the NRA still has power, and why no matter how many times it's tweeted about, nothing will ever be done about climate change until it's too late.

      You know who doesn't need to be "inspired" to vote? Republicans. They come out every single election. They plan their lives around the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. They know months in advance which day it will be. They call their senators and congressmen daily. They probably know the number by heart. Ever wonder why the only candidates we get for president are either leans right or far right? That's why.

      If liberals could mobilize like conservatives do, vote in every election, send every spare dime to their worthy causes, you would see a turn to the left so hard, your head would spin. We'd have single payer healthcare tomorrow. Planned Parenthood would be more ubiquitous than Starbucks. Police brutality would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Recreational marijuana would be legal in all 50 states.

      Alas, I've pretty much given up on liberals getting their shit together to do anything useful. We may as well get used to Republican majorities in the house, senate and supreme court. We can kiss the presidency goodbye unless we get another "inspiring" candidate who will inevitably disappoint the liberals like Obama did and cause us to lose again. Yes, he still won in 2012, but turnout was down compared to 2008.

      In short, liberals, do you want to win? Then you have to act like you want to win.

    5. Bern inspired a lot of people. Not me, and I'm not sure he could have won; depends how far he was prepared to pivot to the center once nominated. What is certain is the coronation of the anointed candidate had a significant demotivating effect that was only partially compensated by single issue feminists. Nominating HRC in the way they did had the same effect on liberal enthusiasm as forcing Jeb on Freepers would have done.

    6. But my point is that they still would have turned out in the same numbers for Jeb.

  7. "If my grandmother had wheels she'd be a trolley."

    Ok. That's one way to dismiss results of a presidential candidate winning the popular vote, but losing the Electoral College.

    1. It addresses the contention that you can make lead into gold if you just play around with the reaction parameters correctly. You can't. You can get gold out of all sorts of unpromising looking rocks, but not from a lump of lead (outside of a cyclotron).

      Losing to Trump is an astonishing achievement only made possible by personal negativity so extreme that nothing could mitigate it. A political lump of lead. Your essential argument is the same as mine: "If HRC was not actually HRC then......"

      As for the popular vote; will we ever know? I thought some states stopped counting once the overall result was announced and accepted?

    2. You should probably go back to my original post where I say that I've worked in the business of elections.

      That's why it matters where, why and how a candidate wins an election.

      Losing a popular vote- yes, Trump lost the popular vote- is pretty significant simply because it shows that most people who actually took the time to vote didn't vote for Trump.

      What you're meaning to say is that it doesn't matter to you. That's okay.

    3. I know you have worked on lots of elections and that the internal polling predicted a HRC win, but neither you nor the polling methodology was prepared for a face off between two "unelectable" candidates.

      It is obvious that where votes come from matters. That's why individual CA and TX votes are essentially worthless. I'm not disputing that. I just think that agonizing over whether one extra TV ad should have aired in precinct Z is ignoring the elephant in the room. If democrats go navel gazing into mechanistic detail and gloss over the fundamental toxicity of the candidate then they'll learn nothing and usher in two term Trump.

      As for popular vote: it was an honest question. I didn't think we HAD a 100% popular vote count.

  8. TRUMP has named a WOMAN, a GAY MAN, & a
    BLACK MAN to his initiai team. So, I
    suppose these people, who have excelled in
    their given professions, are real concrete
    signs that TRUMP "hates" WOMEN, GAYS &
    BLACKS? - Sorry. Does not compute.

    1. Freepers (not to mention the pharisee right) are going to shit their collective panties when they find this out.

    2. Ah, yes. The old "some of my best friends..." argument. So convincing.

    3. yes, euphgeek ... let me elaborate.

      "TRUMP has named a [submissive]WOMAN, a [self loathing]GAY MAN, & a
      [non-uppity]BLACK MAN to his initiai team."

    4. Ay-nony-nony: This "submissive"
      WOMAN, as you call her, is the ONLY
      woman in the history of Presdential
      elections to ever put together a
      winning ticket.

      The "self loathing" GAY MAN (your
      words) was a featured speaker at the
      Republican Convention the night that
      TRUMP was nominated. This
      HOMOSEXUAL MAN has been extremely
      successful in his business life and
      did not rub my nose in what he does
      or does not do in his bedroom - nor
      do I to him.

      DR. BEN CARSON is now retired; but
      was a very skilled and accomplished
      pediatric surgeon. (He performed
      some very complicated surgeries and
      did the first division of co-joined
      twins in an extremely new and
      difficult area. His mother raised
      him to have self-respect and to
      excel (do a good job) in whatever he
      did. No. He is not uppity. He does
      not have to be uppity. He ran in
      the primaries, among 17 others,
      accepted his "defeat" graciously.
      Now, it is paying off.

      Remember, it is NICE to be IMPORTANT;
      but it is IMPORTANT to be NICE.

    5. Yes, its quite apparent Trump knows how to "use" people, while simultaneously having no respect for them whatsoever.

    6. Well ay-nony-nony; thankfully the
      Lord God is the final judge of
      DONALD JOHN TRUMP'S faults - not
      you, not me.

      As I've said, NO HUMAN BEING,
      including the CLINTONS, is really
      capable of governing this world.
      . . and whether or not you or I or
      anybody else likes it, YESHUA HA
      MASCHIACH, JESUS CHRIST is going to
      return to govern this earth in truth
      and perfection . . ready or not, like
      it or not, believe it or not. I can't
      describe it in detail since I'm still
      in this weak mortal carcass; so all I
      can do is guess.

      Honestly, I'm in the flesh a bit
      leery of being "caught up in the air". . but at that time, we will
      be translated from mortal to
      immortal. (I just hope in a way that
      I just wake up in that place with
      Christ until we return with Him in
      glory when He returns to the earth
      and His feet touch down on the Mount
      of Olives to fight for His people at
      the Battle of Armageddon.

      I don't know exactly when or how
      this will occur; and I'm glad that
      it is not my worry.

    7. See you in hell, STINKIE !
      Don't worry, all the fun people will be there!

  9. DUB asked me to tell ya'll that if your dogs
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    DUB used to bark a LOT at night because the
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    1. DUB, that poor dog ... so fat that he can hardly walk anymore, let alone chase a ball.

      Just like his owners.

  10. DUB's a SHE. SHE RUNS and scouts this whole
    place and takes her job seriously.

    We don't OWN animals OR people. My sixth
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    killing and robbing a person and leaving
    their bodies beside the river.

    I'm just from a different dynamic than you,
    ay-nony-nony. DUB says "ditto", she is, too.


    1. Such an enviable pedigree!
      What happened to you?

    2. So how much lantern fuel do you have to drink to get the dog to talk to you?

    3. I have to us LIQUID PARAFFIN for
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      I'm mindful of the American Indian
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      and am aware that alcoholism "could"
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      it sensible.

      DUB can't talk. - Nothing happened
      to me. I just know NAZI's when I
      see them. Daddy had to fight them
      and saw what they were capable of
      doing. (The NAZI officers were on his
      craplist; but he had some sympathy
      for the ordinary conscripted German
      soldier. Their hearts weren't really
      in it for Hitler.)

      I may have told this story before.
      He was in the 88th/351st Army
      Infantry Division in N. Africa,
      Italy & finally Germany during WWII.
      He was horribly shell-shocked most
      of his life from the war. . told of
      them entering a NAZI concentration
      camp and seeing dead bodies of
      10 feet high for a distance of at
      least an eighth of a mile. (The
      American people were spared some of
      the worst graphics of that war to
      keep from "offending our delicate
      sensibilities". Germany had been
      bombed to Hell & back & was a
      shambles. HITLER had retired to his
      underground bunker and committed
      suicide with his girlfriend by the
      time Dad's bunch marched into the
      country. My posts go on too long.


    4. "I may have told this story before ..."

      You've told all your stories dozens of times before, ad nauseum, and that's just on this blogspot.
      FANG, Little FANG, and even DUB must be so sick of you by now.

    5. I'm NOT forcing YOU to read my posts,
      ay-nony-nony. It's still a free
      country last time I looked.

      That EXAGGERATING you do almost
      borders on LYING. - I realize that
      you are chapped because HITLER-Y
      was NOT elected; but you've got the
      same pair of drawers to GIT OVER IT

      Don't worry. PRESIDENT TRUMP can't
      arbitrarily just REMOVE all your
      abortion "rights". . but he can
      put a stop to lazy heifers postponing
      an abortion for 9 months, then
      pulling a full-term baby out of the
      womb, stabbing it in the neck &
      sucking out its brains and then
      selling its body parts for big
      money for "PLANNED MURDERHOOD"

      No. FANG, FANG, JR. & DUB aren't
      sick of me. I'm the kitchen help
      around here and I do my part.

      And, while we're being "honest",
      your screen name is too hard to
      type. No one on here will tell
      you as it's too gauche for your
      sensibilities. What's wrong with
      aynonynony? and leave out the


    6. Time for a little truth for STINKIE ...
      a woman having an abortion at nine months is not a "lazy heifer", you FUCKING CUNT!

      Those are women who want those babies, want to be mothers, have already loved and named those babies ... and something goes TERRIBLY wrong!

      Something goes terribly wrong with the unborn child, or the mother's health, or a complication arises that will most assuredly kill one or both of them.

      It is a heart-breaking situation for the whole family, the mother, the father, grandparents, siblings, EVERYBODY!

      For you to call those poor suffering women "lazy heifers" means you are nothing but
      a STUPID CUNT !!!!!

      You got that STINKIE ?
      You STUPID ASSHOLE !!!!!!

    7. For GOD'S sake STINKIE !
      Have you no shame whatsoever?
      Your esteemed ancestors, your heroic father ...
      they spin in their graves seeing what an overstuffed human shit-sack you've become!

    8. You and all the other filthy old WRINKLEBAGS of FreeRepublic!!!!

    9. "pulling a full-term baby out of the
      womb, stabbing it in the neck &
      sucking out its brains"

      Folks, this is what happens to your brain when your main news sources are Breitbart, Canada Free Press, Free Beacon, Zero Hedge, Newsmax, Cybercast News Service, and- of course- Free Republic!

    10. Hey, ay-nony-nony, I feel your rage It absolutely frustrates me when any anti-choice person bring up that argument.

      I mean, I've been to the funeral of a non-viable newborn, which was the saddest open casket I've ever seen.

      Pretending that women who have to abort (or choose not to) in the last couple months are monsters us MONSTEROUS as fuck, and shows you don't give the same consideration that actual pregnant women who have had an abortion have had to.

      You make light of it. They don't.

  11. I gave birth to a DOWN SYNDROME BABY forty
    six years ago. FANG & I brought him home &
    dealt with it best we could. He died at
    six weeks old after major surgery for a
    disorder common in Downs babies. Even IF
    we'd had ultrasound back then, I'd hope I
    wouldn't have aborted him.

    You've been handed a bill of goods by the
    abortion "providers" blinded by the Almighty
    Dollar not worth the paper it's printed on.

    we "Old Wrinklebags" didn't like him for
    his associations with violent, anarchist
    Communists who stood on the flag that our
    fathers had fought under and bragged about
    their violent pasts - that among many other

    We did not MARCH & throw a damned TEMPER
    TANTRUM. We got up, went to work, paid our
    taxes & mostly shut our pieholes.

    CRATS & the GULLIBLE are taking your
    Dhimmicrat Party deeper into the old rabbit
    hole with every act of violence & TANTRUM
    MARCH you perform. The SOROS bunch is
    paying a few "leaders" to incite the sheep
    with their big mouths on big bullhorns.

    WHAT do you hope to accomplish? Anarchy?
    Death to us "old wrinklebags"? Shutdown of
    America? - WHEN we "old wrinklebags" can
    no longer continue to go to work & pay
    taxes to support all you "WUNDERKINDS" with
    welfare checks & other subsidies, WHAT THEN?

    I sincerely hope that LENA DUNHAM, MILEY
    CYRUS & all you spoiled brats do go to
    VENEZUELA (a socialist utopia), MEXICO,
    CANADA (the old wrinklebags there will make
    us ones here look like pikers), CUBA (good
    luck with that).

    Oh well.


    1. I gave birth to a DOWN SYNDROME BABY forty six years ago.

      Well whooptie freakin doo, twinkie. What do you want, a medal? Nothing you said invalidates in any way anything ay-nony-nony said. You're the one who's been sold a bill of goods by the anti-abortion industry (a much more lucrative enterprise than abortion providers could ever hope to be).

      We don't give a shit what idiotic conspiracy theories you thought about President Obama. We know you're stupid enough to believe all the things you said about him. And trust me, when your generation is gone, we'll survive just fine. We're not leaving the U.S., so you'll still have to deal with us even under President Trump.

      We did not MARCH & throw a damned TEMPER TANTRUM.

      Bullshit. Apparently you've forgotten all the Tea Party protests back in 2009. This was before President Obama had even had a chance to do anything. Well, don't worry. We'll treat President Trump with just as much respect. And if you don't like it, you can just FUCK OFF.

    2. STINKIE used to just look like a silly old lady with bad hygiene, but now we see she's one of the most poison of the old toads on FR.

    3. Twinkie, I'm sorry you had a baby with down syndrome.

      Actually, I said that wrong: Twinkie, I'm sorry your down syndrome baby had you.

  12. Maybe Oz is overwhelmed by Freeper craziness.

    Here's a reminder of how racist they are. Enjoy the comments:

    "Woman sacked over Michelle Obama racist post";page=1

    1. Nah, I just figured their victory dance would be too repetitive for about a week.

      I'll be back Friday with the excommunication of Christie, dreams of Trump's first 100 days, and some fresh Muslim hatred.

  13. POTTY MOUTHS gather no TWINKIES!

    Look. Don't blame ME because TRUMP won.


    Get BITTER or get BETTER! It's YOUR choice.
    (I didn't go to the Tea Party rallies. I
    think they were as much about GOP elites
    as they were about Obama.)

    We are supposed to pray for our leaders,
    for kings and all in authority that we
    may live a quiet and peaceable life.

    ALMIGHTY GOD sets up kings & rulers for His
    own purposes - like it or not.

    Ya'll knock RUSH, I'm sure. RUSH is a human
    being with failures like all of us; but we
    listened to his program for years when we
    had to travel on the job. Every time BILL
    CLINTON tried to bash & mash him; CLINTON
    came out of it looking like NED in the Third
    Reader. He finally got tired of having his
    hand smacked by the recoil.

    I doubt any of you have really listened to
    his program for even five minutes. It's too
    late now. He's getting older and having
    more struggles than he did years ago but,
    a great deal of the time; RUSH IS RIGHT!

    All those years ago, FANG asked me to listen
    to his program when we traveled. UGH! I said;
    but I listen to FANG, and he was correct.

    OK. Well, I know ya'll really want shed of
    me. Getting past the Publish deal is getting
    too hard sometimes for my old eyes and ya'll
    are BUTTHURT about TRUMP winning & that's
    too bad. I did NOT march and throw a fit
    when OBAMA won.

    as he is BLACK. - BILL CLINTON was supposed
    to be the FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT; but he was
    white as a SNOWFLAKE.

    There are some good BLACK men available.
    Don't be so quick to trash them now.


    1. Many is not most of us on this thread have said if Trump wins, oh well, c'est la vie.

      The American presidency has been made a lot weaker through congress over the last 40 years, Trump is not King of America and never will be.

      Nobody blames YOU for Trump.
      I blame you for being a fat poisonous old toad.
      For anyone in your situation to have such a lack of empathy, to have zero sympathy, to have such outright hate for others is unbelieveable ... for you and for the other wrinkled toads of FR.

      See you in hell, STINKIE !

    2. POTTY MOUTHS gather no TWINKIES

      Then kindly fuck off.

      Look. Don't blame ME because TRUMP won.

      I can certainly blame you for voting for him. Do you really hate this country that much? I also ask the same question of the Bernie-or-bust people.

      I didn't go to the Tea Party rallies.

      That doesn't mean nobody on your side did.

      Ya'll knock RUSH, I'm sure.

      And with good reason.

      we listened to his program for years when we had to travel on the job.

      This is my surprised face --> -_-

      I doubt any of you have really listened to his program for even five minutes.

      Guess again. The man is a raving lunatic.


      Could have fooled us with the sudden upsurge in racism coming from your side after he was elected.

    3. Really? I like Rush, even though I disagree with him on almost everything. Say what you want, the guy is a great entertainer!

    4. It depends on your point of view, I guess. If you know everything he's saying is bullshit, yeah, he can be pretty entertaining. But because people actually take him seriously, he can't be seen as a mere entertainer.

  14. Well. Haters gotta hate, I guess. "RACISM"

    That word has been thrown around until it no
    longer means anything.

    Ya'll do NOT KNOW that I am FAT. It's called
    "projection". Ya'll think YOU are FAT - when
    you are not fat - just FLUFFY!

    Well, I see my olive branch has been thrown
    back in my face, the leaves all torn off
    and the stem broken . . .

    This is my TWINKIE face - :O) - a fairly
    HAPPY face in spite of all ya'll's mean,
    nasty, poopy name calling and insults.

    They are having an Inaugural Ball and are
    going to call it "The DEPLORABALL" after the
    backhanded remark from HITLER-Y CLINTON.

    Now, she's the one who is FLUFFY. You know,
    after the sheep all washed and blow dried
    and fluffy, saying "I's not FAT, I's just

    RUSH - TALENT ON LOAN FROM GOD!!! (That used
    to make me mad until I realized he was just
    giving credit where credit is due.

    Ya'll need to quit using the "F" word so
    much. That's Democrat Underground sort of
    stuff with every other word being the "F"

    Oh. . and the bust of WINSTON CHURCHILL is
    coming HOME where he belongs. CHURCHILL &
    FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT; two old men who saw us
    thru a horrible war, one a crippled man and
    the other with insomnia and depression.

    Ya'll do something enjoyable and relaxing
    and eat a good meal or two and quit hating
    on TWINKIE.


    1. Do you have no self-awareness at all, STINKIE?
      TRUMP says horrible things all the time, yet for some reason you do not hear them.
      FREEPERS say horrible things all the time, yet for some reason you do not hear them.

      And, YOU, your STINKIE SELF, say the most horrible things non-stop, yet you claim to offer an "olive branch".

      You are unhygienic, you've led a horrible life, and your only hope in life is to bring everyone else in America down to your level of misery.

      See you in hell, you poison old STINKIE toad.

    2. You guys are feeding this troll way too much

  15. Well. Haters gotta hate, I guess. "RACISM" "RACISM", "RACISM", "RACISM", "RACISM" . .

    That word has been thrown around until it no longer means anything.

    Oh, it means something all right. But I can see how being around it all the time might desensitize you to it.

    Well, I see my olive branch has been thrown back in my face, the leaves all torn off and the stem broken . . .

    You're getting it back in the exact same condition it was given to us.

  16. Still pitching TEMPER TANTRUMS like spoiled
    brats for the most part, I see.

    SCREAMING & HOLDING YOUR "collective" breaths
    works so well.

    IVANKA gave an interview the other day and
    was LAMBASTED for wearing one of her little
    gold & diamond bracelets from her jewelry
    company. . a $10,000 bracelet to be sure;
    but it was her bracelet. I wear a little
    bracelet, copper and two other metals. I
    think I paid maybe $10 for it at a boutique
    craft shop in a little froo-froo town near
    us 25 yrs. ago. I can't afford the expensive
    jewelry; and I am NOT jealous of anyone else
    who CAN afford it. Bless 'em.

    GIT OVER IT and quit pitching a TEMPER
    TANTRUM! YOU ALL need to contribute to
    YOUR country whether or not you "like"
    everything on any given day.

    I assume GEORGE SORE-ASS is still paying
    rabble rousers to march & pitch a fit.

    Another thing, ya'll remarked how my dad
    would be ashamed of me. Ya'll YAHOOS would
    NOT have liked my dad. He was SHELL-SHOCKED
    ALL TO HELL from the war. Didn't talk much
    until after he came back from Germany; and
    then he became a non-stop "chatterer". You
    know, trying to drown out the sounds of the
    guns & bombs that were still blasting in his
    ears. (He lost most of his hearing from the
    artillery in that war.) Believe me, ya'll
    do NOT want a war. WAR IS HELL.

    Ya'll are correct. I do NOT belong here.
    Ya'll already KNOW it ALL & remind me any
    time I post. - NO MAN OR WOMAN is ever
    going to be "the perfect governor" of any
    nation - not TRUMP, not the CLINTONS. As
    I've said before, to considerable ridicule,
    YESHUA HA MASCHIACH (Jesus Christ) is
    returning to this earth, probably soon,
    to GOVERN it in TRUTH. HE is the only one
    who is qualified to do so.


    1. See you tomorrow STINKIE.
      And Yesh, I would like a Ha'Msammich, thank you for asking. A little mayo and mustard, please.

  17. All I got is DUB'S BALONEY to make a
    sandwich with, GARLIC BALONEY & PLAIN OLD
    BAR S BALONEY. FANG has some of that thin
    sliced ham; but me and DUB don't dare eat
    up his pack of sliced ham. I've already
    eaten all the pack of thin-sliced turkey,
    so I opened a can of PROGRESSO CHICKEN CORN
    CHOWDER for supper, then a slice of W/W
    toast with NUTELLA spread. I'm out of
    MAYONNAISE except for soy mayonnaise; but I
    don't eat soy if I can help it. I have

    We had lunch at CAPTAIN D's today. SALMON
    PATTIES, BROCCOLI & SLAW for me & fried
    WHITEFISH, FRIES & SLAW for FANG. We brought
    DUB back our HUSH PUPPIES which she scarfed
    down like she was starving. (You have to feed
    your animals a bit more in the cold weather.
    Poor things.)

    We had to go over to the far side of the
    world to pick up some stuff FANG bought at
    auction to sell on ebay. My BP meds are
    making me dizzy. I got shed of the one
    that was making my ankles swell up like
    balloons. Now, I'm gradually working on the
    ones that make me dizzy. (You can't just go
    cold turkey off BP meds.)

    is nutty to march on the INTERSTATE. FANG
    doesn't even drive on the interstate any
    more, not with me in the car. He always
    drove FAST, but I get carsick any more &
    the big trucks are scary.

    I don't think I STINK. I had a shower &
    shampooed my hair yesterday. I think ya'll
    want SHED of OLD TWINKIE the way ya'll
    blame her for HITLER-Y's stunning defeat.
    MSM is DEAD to me & ought to be DEAD to
    ya'll, too - the way they jerk us around.


    p.s. Oh, yeah. We stopped at BIG LOTS, TOO,
    where I got a jar of NUTELLA and some real
    sauerkraut & other stuff. Don't get there
    much; live too far out in the sticks. Ran
    into an old high school classmate at lunch.

    1. Your blood pressure problems are worsened, if not entirely caused, by all the processed and fast food you consume.
      But don't worry, all the Democratic Party instituted social and medical welfare programs will save your life.

      Make your own soups at home ... not everything has to come out of a can or a box or a plastic bag. Cutting up some vegetables and filling a pot with water takes as much time as opening a can with a can opener.

      As for you STINKING ... you yourself have bragged on this blog a thousand times about how unhygienic and unhealthy you are.

      Why you are proud of your filth I'll never know, and how you inflict your filth on your own family (and dog) is truly unholy.

      I'm glad you finally showered and shampooed today ... how long has it been?

    2. Just saw an unretouched photo of
      HITLER-Y. Her hair looked greasy &
      dirty, worse even than TWINKIE.

      We do organic gardening & I've done
      my share of cutting up vegetables
      and hunting my own little animals for
      my own meat. Also have fruit trees,
      what we have left after the squirrels
      gorge their fat butts (I think they
      are kin to ya'll here on FREEPER

      I've heard that HITLER-Y doesn't
      LIKE to take baths (according to
      Larry Nichols, who used to do some
      "work" for the CLINTONS). I
      suggested that she get some rest and
      hire some masseuses and hair stylists
      to come in with some of those
      billions she and BILL CLINTON got
      "paid" by foreign entities.

      No. I'm sensible about "cleanliness".
      In fact, I do agree with HITLER-Y
      that this country is too anal about
      showering and spraying on perfumed
      deodorants. That's unhealthy. Use
      plain old apple cider vinegar for
      underarm deodorant instead of the
      POISON stuff you're spraying into
      your face 3 or 4 times every day.

      DUB has no room to diss me about
      being nasty. She licks on her own
      rear end like most dogs and she has
      no room to criticize me, nor does
      she. I cooked her an egg this
      morning and fed her the yolk out of
      it; and also a slice of bacon and
      shared my piece of sausage with her.
      The HEIFER!

      FANG! He's only recently become a
      fanatic about showering and I think
      it just may be an act. For years,
      he was a REAL fanatic about having
      can't shampoo my hair every day as
      it is very DRY. Not everybody is NOT
      alike. Just because you're greasy
      does not make me greasy.

      It's been a week & my hair is still
      now normally greasy. - Your insults
      against me are RANCID!! However,
      when you are slamming me; you're
      allowing others to rest! There is

      Put some meat in that soup you're
      bragging about making and that
      anemia will clear right up.

      BUTT! - It's DEMOCRAT, not democratic, PARTY. This is a REPUBLIC.


  18. OK. Well, nobody will speak to me now. The
    fellow who rules this blog is going to
    evict me & that's OK. I should go anyway.
    I'm unwanted around here.

    I decided that Captain D's salmon patties
    really aren't as good as the ones I've
    always made for years! - Get yourselves
    a can of WILD ALASKA SALMON (not the
    farmed ones). Pour salmon from the can
    into a mixing bowl, mash up the little
    bones in the salmon (they're soft and easy
    to mash), break an egg into a little bowl &
    beat it up good (to take your frustrations
    out on something other than TWINKIE), add
    enough cracker crumbs to thicken the mix a
    bit. Cut up some onions, add those to the
    mix. Stir. Put some grease or oil into your
    cast iron skillet. Pat the salmon mixture
    into the pan. Heat up the pan w/mixture on
    the stove; but don't let your skillet get
    too hot. It will burn and that's a mess.
    Pat the salmon mixture into the pan. Brown
    the giant salmon patty; (you may have to
    cut it in half in the skillet to be able
    to turn it) Brown on both sides. (Salmon
    in the can is ALREADY fully cooked, so just
    brown the giant patty. Cook a few baked
    potatoes & eat your dinner of salmon patty
    and baked potato with butter, salt & pepper.

    Contemplate how wonderful the world would be
    if BILL & HILLARY CLINTON were YOUR President
    & First Laddie, then lament that the ORANGE
    MAN is rather OUR President; then say a
    pledge to always remain faithful to the
    CLINTONS - no matter what!!


    P.S. Oh yeah. Plop some ketchup on your
    helping of salmon patty.

  19. YA'LL are POUTING on me! THAT'S very small
    of ya'll. I've been nothing but courteous
    to ya'll and HOW DO YA'LL REPAY ME?

    With INSULTS and derogatory remarks about
    my personal hygiene. - WANKERS!!

    I've given ya'll some good recipes; but
    ya'll ain't interested in actually doing
    anything but carping because HITLER-Y

    Well, I've told ya'll ain't no human being
    going to be able to govern us wild butts!
    YESHUA is going to return whether ya'll like
    it or not. . . and ya'll may not like the
    leaders that the Lord puts in charge of
    ya'll either. KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR was a
    tough customer; but the Lord still put him
    in charge of a bunch of people; also KING
    DAVID wasn't a choir boy in many ways either.
    He even killed a bunch of yahoos when he had
    to; that's why KING SOLOMON had to build the
    Temple since he wasn't a warrior like David
    had been.

    I think ya'll are just going to have to
    RELAX and eat a couple of good meals so
    you won't be so ill! Get you some BREYER'S
    NEAPOLITAN ICE CREAM and have a small bowl
    of that. A friend recommended BREYER'S to
    us well over 40 yrs. ago & we're still
    having that when we eat ice cream.

    YA'LL DO need to eat dessert and quit
    hating on TWINKIE because HITLER-Y got
    stomped in the election. :o(

    I KNOW YA'LL ARE SAD; but ya'll are just
    as IMPORTANT as the CLINTONS are. More so,
    I think as you know.

    OK. Don't speak to me. See if I care.