Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Spotlight: Vigilanteman

Not his comic, but how he seems to think.

A Pennsylvania grandfather, late of Japan, California, Wyoming, among others. He's a birther and particularly into four things: generalizing about how Democrats are all emotional and evil and Republicans are all dedicated yet enslaved, telling unbelievable stories to underscore said generalizations, hating due process, and describing how heterosexual he is.

He has a more tiresome profile than most. Personality tests, discussions of how awesome Reagan was, and a eulogy to a moderate Muslim. Yeah, upon consideration, he doesn't join into the Muslim bashing as much as most. Probably he works with some, and thus can't conjure up the bogeyman his fellows can. Except when it comes to sex. He'll bash Islam if it lets him segue into a discussion of what an amazing lover he is.

Of course 'Vigilanteman' loves the Philippines autocrat who isn't into due process.
Dear Mr. Duterte,

This American would gladly trade ObaMao for you. I suspect I am not alone.
He's as bloody-minded as you might imagine.
Bus Passenger Kills 4 Suspected Thieves Near Mexico City

Take their scalps and display them on an effigy pole.
Conservatives are all that keeps us from third world savagery!
these people:

They grow your food.
They process it.
They transport it.
They keep your neighborhood and your country safe.
They even buy the tickets to see your stupid movies, in many cases.
IOW, they work in the REAL economy which allows you to sit up in your gated community and lecture and insult the rest of us.

If we went on strike for even three days, you would be in a world of hurt. The third world savages whom you profess to love so much would most likely be swarming up to your hillside homes or down to your oceanside homes and looting whatever you own and possibly even roasting you for supper or just for fun.
All bad people are democrats.
illegal alien

They are part of the “Democrat” subset. As are psychopaths, the criminally insane, child molesters and homosexuals . . .
Conservative Rationality!
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows a lot more about what it means to be an American than BO ever will.
In fact, he wishes America had never been born.
I'd take James the First anyday over Obama...Monarch or not.

Hell, I'd even take George III.
Conservatives only kill themselves due to oppression by liberal murderers.
If suicides are higher in conservative areas, it is because conservatives are culturally attuned to taking responsibility for oneself and one's actions.

Homicides are definitely higher in liberal areas as they are culturally attuned to blaming others for your situation.

The difference in suicide rates are marginal. The difference in homicide rates are dramatic.
More rationality: Obama has made slaves of us all!
How ironic it is that we have a Kenyan in the white house still engaging in a whole new level of slave trading.
Liberals are the emotional ones!
Good luck with explaining logic to Democrats who mostly vote based on feeeeeeeeeeelings.

Branstad is more right than you. Iowa has a grossly inflated sense of self-importance. Unfortunately, candidates will continue going to Iowa so long as the media circus is there. The only way to stop it would be convincing all candidates to skip Iowa. Good luck with that!

The proper response would be party rules giving states which caucus or primary later more delegates for waiting. Admitting registered party voters only would also be part of the solution.
Conservatives' are merciful enough to oppress liberals for their own good.
I share little in common with her politically, but I wish nothing but the best for her family and her.

That's what conservatives do.

In fact, many of us believe the nicest way we can help our libtard friends is to elect as many conservatives as possible to office.

That way, we have a polite society as well as a society which generates enough resources to help libtrards move out of their fantasyland, if they have the ambition, or generate sufficient tax dollars to enable them to remain within it, if they don't.

Normalizing abnormal behavior only generates more of it and spreads the resources to deal with it thinner.
Liberals are all criminals, in their heart.
Your average libtard identifies more with takers than producers. So does your average criminal.

Birds of a feather, you know . . .
Obama's mongrel heritage.
If we had Nader challenge Obozo in the primary and Herman Cain challenge him in the general election, then we would have the spectacle of a full blooded Arab against a half-breed Arab in the primary and a full-blooded black man against a half-breed black man in the general.
Hoping Hillary gets prison raped.
She deserved the max penalty allowed, and in state prison, not the county clink.

. . . with a 300 pound cellmate who will call her "Bunk Muffin".
Logic dictates we screw everyone involved in higher education - schools, students, taxpayers...
Logical Six Point solution to the student loan crisis:

Write off 25%. This is a necessary concession to the debtors who, in many cases, were duped into taking out loans they couldn't afford.
Return 75% to the institutions of origin for collection.
Institutes get to keep 5% of the 75% for their trouble but must remit the 70% back to the government.
They are free to hold up transcripts, cancel degrees and employ all the other measures they did to collect against the debtors as when they were students.
If the institutions still cannot pay back the government within the normal loan times, the government is free to attach their endowments, real estate and other assets.
Government gets completely out of the loan business and encourages the institutions to line up their own lenders. If a tiny college like Hillsdale (Michigan) can do it, then there is no reason anyone else can't do the same.

Yes, the taxpayer takes a 30% hit up front to liquidate this crisis, but that is far better than continuing to grow this monster.
The media hates facts.
She wanted to tell stories. I however just need facts.

Reporters think it is all about them and facts are just background noise.
Telling stories...a story where he comes off okay, but told by an ass
When I was a young man, I was in charge of a storm proof building at a country fair. It was structurally safe, but the idiots would keep clustering around the windows thinking they could outrun a tornado. I would walk up and down continuously chasing them away only to find them clustering back around the windows as I returned from the other direction.

Finally, I figured out that I was a young father with two little girls (then) and wasn't being paid to risk my life for stupid people. So I gave up, went back to the office, locked myself in and periodically made announcements on the loud speaker which, while it had little effect, at least warned them.
Telling stories...a story of assaulting hippies
FWIW, an military buddy of mine grew up on the Wind River Reservation near Riverton, Wyoming. A popular sport for male bonding of the local cowboys and Indians was to go into town on a Saturday night, lasso longhairs and give them the sheep sheer treatment. Sometimes it was fueled by alcohol, sometimes it was just for fun.

The local law enforcement people were very worried one night when a gang of motorcycle hippies from Denver threatened to ride up one summer night and teach the whole town a lesson.

The local cowboys and Indians were waiting for them and a fight ensured. No injuries beyond a few scratches and bruises, but the final outcome was one broken storefront window and a motorcycle gang of newly minted short-haired hippies limping out of town southbound on highway #789 to the raucous singing of a combined cowboy and Indian chorus.

Shearing hippies was evidently a fairly popular pass time in that era, especially in Rocky Mountain ranching towns.
Telling stories...a totally true story about how panhandling is super lucrative.
When we lived in Japan, one of their reporters went to New York and marveled at how there could be so many "Help Wanted" signs around Manhattan and so many panhandlers.

The intrepid reporter approached the panhandlers and asked them this very question. The results ranged from downright disgusting to humorous. One 30 something black guy was particularly funny. He looked at the reporter like he was daft and said "You know what you get for putting in an eight hour day at one of these places and working your a** off? Maybe 60 or 70 dollars a day by the time they take all the taxes out. Do you want somebody to own you body and soul for 60 or 70 dollars a day? Hell, I can make that kind of money in two
No one hates Obama more than his wife!!
Mrs. Vigilanteman has declared that not only the mute button shall be used when BO appears on screen, but the channel shall be changed or the set shall be turned off. She can tolerate the POS even less than me . . . another reason I love her.
Don't draft his daughters, they are all conservative!
None of my daughters voted for this $#*+. Start with those who did.
His daughter wishes women couldn't vote.
My own daughter warned me about this when she was in high school, a good conservative as I raised her. I tried to defend the 19th Amendment by pointing out smart girls such as her. She retorted that the airheads in her class had her kind outnumbered at least 2-1.
"Grandpa, stop ruining Facebook!"
I got a facebook account mainly to see what my millennial daughters were posting and see pictures of the grandchildren.

I posted very little, maybe a couple of times per month. Since I accepted friend requests from almost anyone I knew, it wasn't long before I had close to 300 friends.

Before long, I would sign in to see pictures of the grand kids and instead start getting left-wing screeds from people I thought knew better and were raised better.

So I started posting a few articles of my own from top sites like this, American Thinker and Townhall.

It wasn't long before the snowflakes started unfriending me. They could post their cultural Marxist pablum to their heart's content, but went ballistic when I just let another view be disclosed.
Women in combat is a conspiracy.
There is one, and only one purpose for putting women in combat:

So that they can get some cameo combat experience to enable them to leapfrog over men for military promotions. This will make the feminazis feel good about having more women bossing men around.

Compromised missions and dead sisters, mothers, daughters and girl friends is just too high a price to pay so a few feminazis can have a power trip.
Obamacare is a conspiracy to cover the gays and drug addicts, and no one else.
Health care insurance shoppers will see premium increases that range from 50 percent to 67 percent on their plans for next year.

Most people don't stuff drugs up their nose, down their digestive system or inject them into their blood stream. Most people don't go around sticking their d*cks into random body orifices of random people nor allow such random d*cks stuck into them.

According to the reasoning of ObaMaoCare, these people are lucky and unsympathetic because they don't get the various health consequences associated with such behaviors, so they need to pay through the nose to subsidize those who do.

If you don't understand that concept, then you are a hater and it is off to the gulag for you!
More on how Obamacare is failing because gays are all uninsured disease-bags.
Yeah but chronic druggies and bum chums get to go in front of the line for unlimited treatment. What’s not to like about that if you are a stoner or just like emptying your stones into the most unsanitary place in someone else’s bunghole.
Liberal dislike of gay oppression is a conspiracy.
Gays don’t usually reproduce.

No, but they are very effective at spreading fatal STDs, giving the liberal population control freaks a twofer: no reproduction + shorter lifespans.
Living in PA, he defends Penn State's Paterno pedophilia scandal as the fault of The Gays, who are all pedophiles.
Everyone likes to pile on Paterno, but the best he could do is give heresay evidence. The witness should have gone to the police and maybe took Paterno with him.

But the homo friendly atmosphere constructed at Penn State played an outsized role in this abuse and isn't even being cited.

The homo crowd is even more obsessed with "young" than heterosexual perverts.
He's had sooooo much sex! Soooo much straight sex!
I've engaged in heterosexual sex more than 3900 times in my life. That's just a quick calculation of 2.5x per week average x 30 years of marriage. It was actually closer to 2.5x per day the first few years!

I've fathered three conservative daughters who all married conservative men and have given us three grandchildren, with at least one more on the way.

I think about heterosexual sex maybe only once per hour now, considerably down from the "constantly" where I was 20-30 years ago.

Homosexual activity has about as much appeal to me as skinny dipping in a sewage treatment pond.

So, am I an anomaly? I think I'm pretty darn normal among real American men.
'Was it just me or was that microphone a vibrator?'
Was it just my dirty mind, or did anyone else notice that Big Sis was holding the mike like it was a personal vibrator?
"Unlike Islam, in my Christian marriage, I'm the best lover ever!"
No other religion in the world uses “marrying” as a synonym for “sexually molesting.”

In Christianity, we describe "joining in holy matrimony" as a covenant between Christ Jesus and the couple.

We assume that the sexual intercourse which will follow that joining is between willing and consenting adults who see the act not only as one of the most mutually pleasurable things a couple can do, but a holy consent to the covenant which they just made.

In Islam, it is simply an opportunity for the guy to get his rocks off without any regard for whether the woman is physically capable, ready and derives any enjoyment whatsoever from the act.

Like most decent Christian men, I learned early on in our marriage that I was not even finished with the act until my wife was at least close to as happy and contented as I was. More often than not, that meant leaving it in and cuddling long after I had achieved the big O. I suspect my experience is the rule and not the exception for most decent men.

Please forgive me if I was too graphic, but that is an important distinction between the Christian view and the Islam view, just as it is an important difference between real love making and plain sex.
I love vaginas! Vaginas!!! I LOVE THEM!
Now, I am beginning to wonder if there is something seriously wrong with me because there is nothing I enjoy more than a good throbbing pulsating f*** which gets me deep into some serious soft and wonderful pu$$y, although I use much more refined vocabulary to describe the process or I wouldn't be getting it as often.

I also enjoy seducing one particular married woman . . . she's married to me.

Is this no longer normal?
Hey, do ya want to hear about this guy's ejaculate?
I consider myself a very nice guy, loyal and faithful to my wife of 32 years. I have never, ever mounted another woman. I haven't even seriously considered doing so.

But I must confess most of my dreams are dominated overwhelmingly thinking about all the great sex we've had together and they are often in 3-D and color complete with the pulsations, thrusting and squirting.

Neither do I wake up as often soaked in male discharge like I did when I was 18 or 19 years old. Partly because I don't make as much as I used to. Partly because I have a willing partner who lets me deposit it in her, albeit not as often as I would like. But it (nocturnal ejaculations) still happens from time to time and more often than I care to detail.

Still, I think I'm a fairly normal guy, but all this fallout over a decade old Trump video is causing me to wonder.


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  2. With all the sex talk; The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    I also have doubts that his daughter wishes she could not vote despite his "valiant" attempts at defending the 19th.

    1. To borrow the new popular alt-right terminology ...
      Someone who talks about their own personal virility as much as VigilanteMan does, is the biggest "cuck" out there.

      Also, his story about the cowboys and Indians working together "shearing" hippies is total bull shit.
      The real story is ... it was quite common for racist assholes in the rural west to grab a native American and cut off his long hair as an anti-native American hate crime.

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    meanwhile, i'm sure ozzy's already got a truckload of these ready for the rest of the month:

    GilGil: "I'm thinking between 370-450 ev's for Trump. Gingrich and Caddell have said this is like 1980 all over again and Reagan got 489 ev's!"

    CatOwner: "Trump has a solid shot at winning this election, but I really don’t see a way for Trump to get more than 350 EVs. There are just too many hard-left states for Trump to get past that amount."

    eekitsagreek: "I can see Trump getting around 300 or so."

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    2. Freepers think God is their own personal magic monkey in the sky.

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