Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The fall of Christie and the rise of Pence

Being on Free Republic, Freepers have become adept at navigating a regime where the virtue of someone changes with the winds. In fact, they've come to revel in it in a weird way.

Thus, after news of the purge of Christie folks came out, Freepers largely declared Christie was always a weak liberal and Pence is the bestest.

jonrick46 somehow forgot about the whole establishment thing:
Pence proved he was a steady, passionate force who read conservative principles to perfection. His years as a talk radio host gave him communication skills that will make the case for our movement. I thank God we have him.
Amazingly, House Atreides finds he personally agrees with what Trump just did, once again!
I personally am glad Christie has been eased out sine I don’t find him to be trustworthy. Pence is GREAT!
9YearLurker declares Christie was always bad:
Fingers crossed that the floating of Christie’s name as chief of staff had nothing to it. Christie is a RINO who is beyond weak on Islamists.
CivilWarBrewing will never forgive something or other:
I will NEVER forget Christie’s “Me me me” speech.. EVER. Glad Trump dumped Humpty Dumpty.
ThePatriotsFlag has a new litmust test based on what state you are from:
Where to put Christie? Gov of DEMOCRATIC New Jersey...keep him the hell away from Trump and DC. Arm and arm walking with Obama on the beach?...Never could be trusted. A closet RINO. This is why he is OUT.
Fishtalk was effected by Bridgegate, so it matters:
And that little trick with closing that bridge LEFT ME SITTING FOR OVER TWO HOURS!

I despise Christie for it because if we curse politicos who don’t do the will of the people, does anybody think the people using that bridge to travel (and it IS a perfectly horrible bridge bear in mind) would have voted to have Christie close it down to get even with a political opponent?

Even if he was getting even with a Democrat, a smile perhaps, he had no business doing that and anybody thinks Christie had nothing to do with it, I got a bridge to sell. Cheap and with the option to close it when I’m mad.
Ann Archy is really upset about Christie's lack of manliness:
Christie CRYING over Talking to Bruce Springsteen was DISGUSTING!! A GROWN MAN CRYING over BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!! OG! OUT!!!
Impala64ssa visualizes Christie and Obama making out:
Even before Bridgegate I was disgusted with Christie, that photo op of him walking arm in arm with 0bama on Point Pleasant Beach after super storm Sandy. As if they were recreating the final scene from Beach Blanket Bingo where Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon make out on the beach. All that was missing was the mermaid flopping around in the ocean. YECCCHHH
GoldenState_Rose is one of the recent 'God loves Freepers' surge:
Praise God. Mike Pence is a godly man. Praying for the Holy Spirit to guide this transition. All human beings are imperfect. Every worldly policy is imperfect and our new leaders will not be able to please 100% of their supporters all the time. Compromises will be made. All kinds of deals. This nation must put on a united front. Credit is due to the Democrats and establishment R’s who at least act gracious.

May God give discernment to Mike Pence. And protect each and every member of Trump’s family and cabinet and any person who threatens them be exposed and brought to justice before any harm can be done.

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