Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Cleaning: A Coup Against President Trump?

Another Trump post I somehow neglected. I should check my drafts more often. Maybe do a weekly thing to get rid of the chaff.

Anyhow, Freepers were sure Trump was going down, weren't they?

The LA Times has an op ed by a guy named James Kirchick who wiki calls conservative. It calls for a military coup if Trump tries to nuke somewhere.

Freepers love this. For so long they've been fantasizing about their own coup, but that almost makes them sound like deranged lunatics. Now, thanks to this editorial, they can at last pretend that the hated liberals are the aggressors, and fantasize about killing them without guilt! Though the Freepers that have already reconciled and want a coup no matter what also show up, so it's kind of a wash.

MrEdd knows Trump is coup proof because the military loves him and will nuke anyone for him:
If Trump wins a coup isn’t possible because the people who will elect him largely comprise the military.
Madame Dufarge thinks this is proof liberals are terrified of Trump:
They’re so scared that they’re soiling themselves.
Trying to equate Trump's crazy with Hillary's is hard, but Paladin2 wants a coup if HILLARY chooses to nuke someone for no reason:
This argument works WAY better should H->! get immaculated.
Jim Noble is another who thinks President Hillary will mean military coup:
He says if Trump wins, there will be a coup.

I say, if he loses there will be.
ColdOne doesn't bother to explain, but I suspect it has to do with Democrats winning elections:
A coup has already occurred. We have been taken over.
Buckeye McFrog wonders if the military has been lulled by their greed:
Why would they rise up against him when he’s their last best hope for survival?

Because Hillary is their last, best hope for a cushy Government pension.
Repeal 16-17 does not hide how excited he is:
We’re headed towards civil war.

I can't wait. Just let the Liberals fire the first shot, like Lincoln did with the South (Fort Sumter).
TTFlyer is also into it:
Bring it on Leftists. Bring it on.
And max americana, of course.
We’re headed towards civil war.

long past due. Tom Jefferson predicted it so.
JimSEA does not explain how Obama would nullify a Trump victory:
Obama is leading on this probability. Right now, they are trying to scare off potential Trump voters but I do believe Obama is actively planning to nullify any Trump win. If Clinton wins, they are going after the Bill of Rights with a passion - a first priority.
Forward the Light Brigade doesn't even mention the coup, so fixated is he on the coming Hillary oppression:
When Hillary and her crowd are appointed president —when repression becomes common—free speech will be the first to go—then it will be guns that will be banned. 
Then Taxes will become oppressive. Maybe that will cause the sheep to raise up and pull down the power of the Banksters, Progressive elitists, activists and the rich. 
I fear not—America has been dehumanized. When people march in the streets—US Soldiers will gun them down to establish “Order” and obedience. Sad day for America—but predictable.
Getting confused, Seajay  argues Freepers fight against a pro-Trump military coup:
What if the military and police want Trump to be president?

That’s why we have 2nd amendment
WashingtonFire goes with the old Martial Law biz.
It wont take a coup.

The Elites will NEVER allow Trump to become President. He is everything the Gloablist elite have feared for the last 30 years. A true patriot dedicated to defending the concept of the nation state.

If in October it looks like Trump might win then a false flag crisis will be manufactured to give Obama the excuse to declare martial law, cancel the election and arrest Trump.
Perhaps worried Freepers' craziness might look bad, carriage_hill thinks this is the time to discuss how liberals are far crazier than they've ever been, talking about coups and all:
Rush pointed out that they became seriously unhinged after Florida, 2000, and the train has only continued to accelerate since then.

It far, far worse than I remember from back then. 


  1. max americana's tag line:
    (For the 9th time FIRED LIBERALS from our company at this election, and every election since 2008)

    Either somebody is hiring all those liberals back right away, or max americana is full of shit.

    He's a freeper, so I vote for "full of shit".

    1. I agree, I mean you would think at some point a pattern of discrimination would emerge and a lawsuit would be filed.

    2. I said the same thing on the Taglines post a few days ago.

    3. Sorry anonymousB, I guess I missed that.

      For some reason, I tend to think max americana groups all blacks, hispanics, jews, gays, and women as "liberals" for his annual temper tantrums.

    4. No problem. I just wonder how he not only gets away with bragging about firing people for their political views -- I also wonder why he's stupid enough to keep hiring "liberals," unless he's also just sadistic as well!

    5. Git a bottle of DR. BRONNER'S SOAP
      and wash that nasty mouth of yours
      out with that mixed with water.

      Rinse. Repeat. Ya'll need to GIT
      OVER HITLER-Y getting her ASS
      whupped! Ya'll are beginning to
      sound like DEMENTED SNOWFLAKES!!

      President-Elect Donald John Trump


      STUFF OVER AND OVER. Ya'll are
      getting dangerously close to being
      like that!!


    6. The only words you can spell are
      "You're so sick!" Thing is, you
      know that TWINKIE is not sick.

      Ya'll think that three-word posts
      are SO erudite and educated! When
      in reality, they are juvenile and

      HITLER-Y is the one pushing all this
      there will be enough "votes" "found"
      to reverse the election so that SHE
      will GIT WHAT SHE WANTS!

      AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. Now some Jihadist
      or Democrat *may* well attempt to
      "off" TRUMP; but, instead may also
      just as well find themselves with
      his old Smith & Wesson or Colt 45
      dispatching THEMSELVES instead.

      TRUMP does not intend to be like
      fights back! . . and ya'll are
      kicking against the pricks as it
      was God's will that he was elected.

      Some liberal loudmouth is tweeting
      about how glad he is to see
      the Smoky Mountains on fire and
      GATLINBURG burning down. (All those
      RICH TRUMP people's chalets are
      burning down, don'tya know?)
      JACKASS!! Those cabins and chalets
      up there are no nicer than any of
      YOU live in where you are (even in
      your parents' basements!)

      YA'LL hate TRUMP because he has more
      money than ya'll have. HA! You think
      HITLER-Y isn't FILTHY RICH? From
      selling out this country!!!

      I'm a Confederate. My great-great
      grandfather fought ya'll YANKS at
      SHILOH! We didn't give up easy &
      The Bloody Pond at Shiloh was dark
      red with blood even as late as 65
      yrs. ago. Rebel & Yankee blood.

      It's thundering here on the river.
      KISS MY FOOT!!


    7. You and your whole family are sick perverts, you've said so yourself here and on FR.

  2. Just let the Liberals fire the first shot, like Lincoln did with the South (Fort Sumter).

    Are they seriously calling Lincoln a liberal now, after constantly claiming the Republican Lincoln as being "good for blacks"? Also: Lincoln fired the first shot at Fort Sumter?

    Home-schooled dummies.

    1. I think he's saying that Lincoln let the liberals fire the first shot. Because the South was just so famously liberal. /sarc

    2. Well clearly Fort Sumter was a typical lib false flag attack.

  3. For a fun read, here's a prayer request thread that devolves into a real festival of unholy bitchery.
    It's bad even by freeper standards, including some good assholery from max americana and a few of our other favorites, and an eventual zot of total nutcase NC_Gravely.