Wednesday, November 23, 2016

First betrayal, still denial.

Trump has said he's not going to lock Hillary up after all. Freepers react in different ways, but very few get angry at him. After declaring the entire GOP secret liberals, Trump's all they have now. And what's Bush is prologue - they are not the sorts to admit being fooled until someone else to latch on to comes along.

The spin and denial is at record heights.

Rome2000 epitomizes the mainline Freep attitude - Trump is lying to set a clever trap:
This “not going to go after SHRILLARY” is just an example of what it takes to win; keep these communist bastards guessing.

Obama will look foolish if he pardons the KLINTOON KRIME FAMILY now.

Once the blue lipped mooselimb is gone, LOOK OUT SHRILLARY!!!!

Timpanagos1 just refuses to believe the story:
That’s simply not true.

Trump will have his DoJ investigate Clinton and they will indict Clinton as promised by Donald Trump during the campaign.
As it becomes undeniable, Timpanagos1 jumps into the 'Trump's lying' side with both feet:
Trump is putting the word out now that he will not prosecute Clinton as a means to give Hillary a false sense of security and then once he is President Trump, he will go after Hillary with all powers of the federal government.

It is what he promised, it is what he will do..
TBP looks for loopholes - maybe Congress will be petty enough to investigate! That would look great politically!
The Republicans on the Hill are still going to investigate it.

Interestingly, the same people who attacked Congressional Republicans for investigating the Clintons, saying it was just an election ploy, now insist that it be dropped because the election is over.
Ann Archy tries to hide behind formality that no one believes:
It’s not up to TRUMP!!! It’s up to the Attorney General!!
I want the USA back weakly attempts to argue Hillary's loss is basically worse than locking her up. He adds lots of name-calling in an attempt to look strong:
The old hag has suffered enough. The people rejected her for being a corrupt muzzard-loving America-hating witch.
Trump will benefit by deciding not to prosecute her.
Rashputin has another pretty choice theory that uses Hillary's secret illness as an excuse:
Trump has been briefed and knows Hillary will be dead before the end of 2017, and he's getting the media and the noise to focus on this because he's quietly working on which charges he's going to bring against other members of the Clinton and democrat machines.

JMHo, or in this case Just My Humble Hypothesis
Poor Tucker39 mixes calling the story a hoax with frantic straw grasping:
Is this another fake news item? Even if Trump passes on investigating the emails, the Clinton Crime Family Fund is still out there. I’ve heard that the individual States are free to prosecute, and that both New York and Arkansas are looking at it. She can’t be left to slide.
SubMareener points out that not-yet-President Trump has technically not failed as a Freeper President:
No, it looks as if we aren’t going to be talking about it when President Donald Trump can’t do anything to actually push and investigation. In boxing this is called “rope-a-dope”.

Let not your heart be troubled! Has he actually disappointed on any issue.
alternatives? is backing off on the Obama Pardonapalooza theory:
Hopefully Obama pardons her but I don’t think he will because he is only concerned about his own legacy.
jmaroneps37 has turned on Trump, but hastens to add he's still loyal!
A clear betrayal - nothing less - DRAIN the SWAMP? Bull Shiite the biggest alligator is right in front of you!

This is a very bad decision. It’s NOT at all a deal breaker, but a very bad decision nonetheless.
King Hawk  is the only I could see to go fully anti-Trump.
Another liar! Great!! I hope they protest him into the ground.
kiltie65 wonders if maybe Hillary is using her supernatural 'blackmail everyone' powers:
Well, sorry as I am to think this, but I doubt Trump has been lily pure his entire life, and Hillary’s stock in trade is having the goods on everyone. Maybe Trump has to pull back on prosecuting Hillary in case she discloses stuff that would be damning to Trump??? Maybe Trump should consider that if he gives her a pass, it will only continue throughout his Presidency. Just wait until AFTER the inaugural and he’s safely elected, then see what he will do.
StormPrepper also on the blackmail train:
Wasn't it Hess that died in Spandau Prison and was never granted a direct interview with the press? It was theorized that he had knowledge of members of the British government that colluded with the Nazis. I almost wonder if that's not what's happening here. Clinton has potentially embarrassing (or worse) knowledge and when President Trump was briefed, he canned the investigation to keep her quiet. Or something like that.

I find it odd that someone so corrupt would be allowed to walk...??? Doesn't make sense...
The whole thing is delicious but I hope the Trump is being blackmailed narrative grows whenever he breaks a campaign promise. Soon Trump will be a secret gay just like Chief Justice Roberts!


  1. No wall. No Hillary crucifixion. Obamacare and climate change are here to stay. How long until Freepers start pretending they never liked Trump?

  2. wow its almost like trump just said any old thing that he thought would get him elected and didn't actually plan to do half of it. didn't see that one coming.

  3. Trump never counted on actually doing the job. The goal of his entire campaign was just cheap press for him, which he got by saying whatever outrageous thing popped into his head at any given moment.

    He wanted to win, but he doesn't actually want to govern. He wants to spend 4 years holding his rallies and feeding his ego, while his cabinet runs the show. Hell, he doesn't really even want to live in Washington. :)