Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

Uversabound is another Freeper whose victory party is mostly hating on Hillary as hard as she can:
Hillary would have asked for a raise

Or she would have complained that she was almost bankrupt from such a low salary.

Dodged a bullet there!!

That never gets old!!! Still smiling til it hurts since last weds.
plain talk is now ready to believe anything at all that feeds his spite addiction:
MORE. I want more detail.
yefragetuwrabrumuy has a post really showing how a difference of philosophy has become a difference of facts:
One question the Democrats *never* answer is, “What, exactly, benefits are achieved by doing this?”

The answers are clear across the board. “NONE!!!”

What benefits are achieved by putting women in high intensity combat roles? “NONE!!!”

What benefits are achieved by allowing unrestricted immigration to the United States? “NONE!!!”

What benefits are achieved by allowing Muslim immigration to the United States At All? “NONE!!!”

What benefits are achieved by crippling America’s energy industries? “NONE!!!”

What benefits are achieved by permitting multinational corporations to neither hire Americans, manufacture here, or pay taxes here, while still giving them free access to our markets? “NONE!!!”

What benefits are achieved by giving billions of dollars of taxpayer money to bail out financial institutions that have squandered their money gambling, because “They are too big to fail?” “NONE!!!”

What benefits are achieved by the federal government taking over most of the land of the western united states and putting it off limits to the states and the people who live there? “NONE!!!”

What benefits are achieved by our even *belonging* to the United Nations, WTO, G8, IMF, or most of these pretty useless and worthless organizations? “NONE!!!”

What benefits are achieved by have a gigantic and expensive government? “NONE!!!”
Steve_Seattle doesn't see racism in this insult of Michelle Obama:
"Ape in heels" - out of line.

I disagree. To me an "ape" is just an objectionable person, and there is no racial connotation.
Da Coyote is proud that his brand of bigotry is partisan, not racial!
In the case of Dorkbama the Muslim eunuch’s wife, she is not unattractive, but she radiates hate and disgust.

Mooch-Elle can make some of the most hideous scary faces known to mankind.

Does pointing this out make one racist?

If so, does pointing out that the Hillabeast is repulsive in virtually every criteria of a human being make one a racist also?

Gads, liberals are so damned idiotic, it’s long past time that we stand up to them and say, “You talkin’ to ME?”
Freep post-Trump is largely the same. A bit more gullible. But a few like Hugin may be taking their Freep public as they feel like an empowered asshole:
If Trump showed one thing it’s that calling out the lying bastards works! Call them liars to their face!
Vendome is going to birther forever:
Kanye West 2020 
Where was he born?
I can't tell if Diana in Wisconsin thinks there are real assassins waiting for the press to give info, or whether she thinks reporting on Trump is basically destroying him:
Backlash after Donald Trump ditches his press pool

IOW the Enemy Media is mad that they can’t give accurate coordinates for incoming mortar rounds at the time of their choosing.


Prayers Up for President-Elect (LOVE THAT!) Trump. He needs an Army of Angels around him at all times!
Yeah, she sure seems to be feeling the love.

Tucker39 thinks wrestling is real, lol.
Somebody please send Missy Graham that video of Trump beating the snot out of Vince McMahon, and tell Missy he’d best mind his own business.
WENDLE makes a distinction between 'Blacks' born in America and "Black Americans" right before saying he doesn't see color.
Sheriff Clarke Vetted for Major Role in Trump White House

I want to say this. He is the greatest Black American leader in this country. I am not talking about “Black”. I am talking “ Black American” . Stoic, Strong, Relentless. I want him in ICE or HLS. 
I am so humbled by this great man. I see no color in him. I see an “ American” . We will support him. GET THESE ILLEGAL Criminal ALIENS OUT OF HERE!! No damned mercy!!
I wish I bought that he was a troll.

Misunderstanding...everything, coldoc wants prosecutors to head every agency:
I think a former Federal Prosecutor with close ties to the new AG would be a refreshing thing in all Cabinet positions!

They should be charged with the task of cleaning up each department, and bringing charges where needed for present as well as past occupants!

Like we need “The Wall” to stop the influx of illegals, we need a good house-cleaning of our Federal Clepto-crat Civil Service!

THEN we can have faith in our Government again...
cgbg is one of the few Freepers still on the healther train:
If Hillary keeps deteriorating this quickly the leftist/kleptocrats alliance may soon have a “Lenin’s tomb” moment.

Imagine the scene: billionaires and crazy freaks line up to worship Her Royal Highness.

So where shall this cult convene? Sacramento? Albany?

Or North Korea?
little jeremiah discusses proper criminal punishments. She's got issues.
I have some ideas about justice that IMHO would work much, much better than mere incarceration. Certain crimes should should have sentences like public caning. Over quickly, no years off of their lives, no bad association in prison, and public pain and shame will do wonders. Years ago when I served on a grand jury for 3 months (once a week), I told that idea to the county prosecutor and he totally agreed with me, that is the only way to actually change criminals.

And I would add restitution, mandatory, and death penalty for many crimes that used to have it.

Prisons should also be self supporting as much as possible, so prisoners have useful work to do. Idle hands etc.
SMARTY knows who the REAL Nazis are, and it's the people protesting Trump!
Anti-Trump Protesters Release Personal Info of Electoral College Members

It’s another step in the direction toward the Nazification of the US

The Nazi thugs pulled these kinds of stunts in pre war Germany leading up to the crazy man’s consolidation of power.

It was a little, then a little more... until finally, their own country was unrecognizable, even to THEM.

Just in case anyone really ever wondered how it happened.
CivilWarBrewing is ready to blame every rumor of good news on Trump.
‘Apple is exploring building iphones in the United States’, another Trump plan coming together.
Poor datura is still hoping liberals will try something:
If the result is overturned, however... I don’t see how to prevent a shooting war at that point.

Shooting war? No.

‘Can hunting? Yes.

Ok, yup, shooting involved.

But I don’t think you would call it a “war”. (Too short lived.)
The_Republic_Of_Maine's media diet is a problematic symptom for our Union.
Sorry Rush, I like your guesses, but until I hear it on a legitimate source like Sean Hannity or Alex Jones or see it as a tweet from President Elect Trump, I don’t believe it.


  1. little jeremiah has intimated many times about the abuse she experienced growing up from her family and as an adult from various people up to the present.

    Her warped views surely stem from life experiences.

  2. The Nazi thugs pulled these kinds of stunts in pre war Germany leading up to the crazy man’s consolidation of power.
    It was a little, then a little more... until finally, their own country was unrecognizable, even to THEM.
    Just in case anyone really ever wondered how it happened.

    Is Smarty referring to the Trump victory white-power rally last weekend in DC?

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