Monday, October 31, 2011

And now this word from outer space

Rage against the State edition:

Yes, there is a Democratic establishment.

It is found in the federal bureaucracy.

It is found in every states’ bureaucracy.

It is found in every public schools’ staff.

It is found in the “leaders” of OWS.

It is found in people who deny that Islam has been at war with everyone else since its inception, regardless of what we call this war. (Yes Paulines, I’m slapping at you. Are you and your candidate anti-Jew, ignorant of history, or just stupid?)

It is found whenever folk “don’t want a trade war with China”, yet fail to recognize that China has been in a trade war with us since Nixon screwed up by going there.

It is found in all “environmental organizations”.

It is found in the courts that allow lawsuits to proceed against ranchers protecting their property and our nation from illegal invaders, a clear violation of the 11th Amendment.

It is found in organizations promoting “sensible gun control”.

It is found in folk who believe the 2nd amendment is about hunting and protecting oneself from criminal assault.

It is found at the AARP.

It is found at the emissions testing station for your automobile.

It is found whenever someone thinks medical care is a right.

It is found in the media.

It is found in zoning boards.

It is found in public-private “partnerships”.

It is found in the “abortion rights” movement.

It is found in the open borders/amnesty/sensible immigration policy crowd.

It is found in globalists supporting “free trade”, crony capitalism and things like the Trans Texas Corridor.

It has so permeated every aspect of American life, that most can’t see it any more. I’m sure those more intelligent and alert than I am can come up with many more. Feel free to add at will.

Blaming Democrats for civilization brought to you by noprogs (Borders, Language, Culture....all should be preserved)

The very angry first lady

Not that Michelle Obama has done anything special lately, but the Washington Times had an article about how she's angry all the time, and Freepers piled on.

Alas, much of this post was censored after I noted it as good fodder. But hooray, the crazy was thick enough that even the residuum is postworthy:

chessplayer starts us off:
The First Cow is always angry.

Mountain Mary clearly knows Michelle Obama well:
What an ugly woman, both inside and out.
A friend of mine used to see her in Chicago pre Wee Wee’s immaculation... Her usual MO was that she wore no makeup and had the friz mop pulled back in a tight bun. Scary.

Speaking of pre’08, I was obsessively waiting for a news report of a Mooch “Whitey tape” to come from the archives of JW’s church. “Those evil Whiteys don’t understand the SCHTRUGGLES we’ve seen”. :-)
Alas, it went the way of the 18 minute Watergate tape.

No makeup, scaaary!

jospehm20 blames Obama for Michelle being so hated:
I think it is mostly because her husband is gay and she is just a beard.

Cowgirl of Justice also sees evidence that Obama's not a Real Man cause he's just letting folks insult his wife on the Internets.
My husband would have been all over anyone who DARED to LIE about me, not release some limp wristed statement. BO didn’t ONCE say the tape didn’t exist and that sentence was his out, a way to say that her views had changed from being racist.

We know you, Michelle. That is why we don’t like you. You hate people based on the color of their skin and we dislike you based on the content of your character.

I'm sure Texas resident also hated Laura Bush for this stuff:
Hard to figure what she would to be angry about.

She lives like a dictatoress.
1st class food anytime.
Living off someone elses dollar.
Rides on the world’s best corporate jet.
Gets to flaunt her lifestyle with a drooling fawning press.

Wow, dictators aren't what they used to be.

This seems like it's mostly women. There may be something to that. I'll keep an eye out for that pattern.

Monday potpourri.

dragnet2 finds dire significance in US news reporting on the hundreds of death in the Turkish earthquake this week:
Americans are being inundated with foreign news, to the point where it leads the news on a daily basis here in America, all while our own country is circling the drain, with more problem than we have solutions for.

This is obvious to most capable of critical thought who understand they’re conditioning Americans for their globalist, borderless, U.N. one world order schemes.

And ya can’t just “flip the channel” as you suggested because the government controlled media, basically control what ya see and hear regarding news. You haven’t noticed?

For example, while our own borders have become violent out of control war zones, with millions entering this country illegally, as American commits economic suicide, the media constantly runs stories about borders and conflicts in Bullshitistan and Afcrapistan.

Fred Nerks has plans for Obama...

...The government made the guy into a non person by merely destroying his ID at all levels. His CC would not work and his bank account was closed, no birth record , he was barred from his home, could not work and he had no way to prove who he was.

And that's going to end up being Barry's problem when the time comes.

ronnie raygun mixes up Americans and Republicans again...

There is only one item on the Americans checklist “Obama out in 2012”

scooby321 is an idiot:
Its a sad day when the markets trade on Government news.

Well under socialism that is what you get.
nascarnation knows where Obama is going to end up:

If Syria comes unglued, that’s another potential job opp for Obama.

I’ve got him penciled in as the next prez of Kenya in 2013, but he’d be a great fit for these Arab countries too.

edpc worries Perry is henpecked:

His wife had to cajole him to run. She makes excuses for his debating skills. She makes him overhaul his campaign. None of this sounds like he's much of a leader. Perhaps she should run, instead.

Nobody's interested in another Edith Wilson.
Christian Engineer Mass knows what he sees the eyes of the Saudis:
There are saudis here. They HATE us. I have met saudis. I have seen the hate in their eyes.

I have to share a religious center with them. Muzzies used to come in for their Friday prayers. Now they are there every day.

These people HATE us. They do not care a DAMN that they have been given entry to America. It does NOT make them think we are nice. It just makes them think we are stupid, and that it's 'al lah will' that we shoot ourselves in the foot with stupid ideas like this.

Until you have dealt with these people up close and personal, you don't know. They HATE us. Their religion commands them to hate us. They will not stop fighting us until either we are all muslim or they are all dead.

Anyone who is trying to bring muslims into the US is either trying to destroy America, or has absolutely no idea about that religion.
I like how he doesn't even need to provide an anecdote as evidence, just what he sees in their eyes.

Cain's Sexual Harassment charges

Seems Herman Cain may have been a bit of a harasser back in the 90s. I doubt this will matter much, as the Right doesn't much care about all this feminazi stuff:

napscoordinator has made his decision, and evidence to the contrary will just make him cling harder:
Was it either Romney or Perry?

Two of the most foul people I have ever witnessed. They are disgusting for even bringing up this crap. Perry is so jealous of Cain. I am voting for Cain unless a picture of him that shows him over a dead baby that he killed with his own hands. Other than that he gets my vote.

LowTaxesEqualsProsperity compares these charges to all the things Freepers assume about liberal Presidents:
Clinton is a rapist.

Obama is a cokehead.

Herman Cain may haveasked someone to come to his hotel room. The horror.

King Moonracer also puts things in perspective:
Well I feel raped whenever a Rat proposes a new spending program.

Well by that logic, Cain can rape as much as he wants!

Gaffer is just going to act like the liberal strawmen he hates:
I'm sick of this Sh!t. I'm gonna revert to those old Progressive answers. It wasn't sex. We have 400 [liberal] historians ready to quote that [whatever conduct] is not an impeachable [sexual] offense. And on and on and on and on. I'm gonna vote for him regardless.

Savage Beast brings on the inevitable:

Heh. Race card. This is gonna be sweet.
netmilsmom thinks all victims are liars, and besides this proves Cain is a man:
First of all, it was only TWO women? Hellsbells, this was the 90’s. Sexual harassment was the favorite flavor of victimhood. Lead a man on with sexual jokes and kidding then suddenly point a finger and CHA-ching!!!
I worked at BP America at that time. I can’t tell you how many women screamed it, got a nice payoff or bump up the ladder and profited from it.

Second, some loud mouth feminist screams that she was uncomfortable and now we are supposed to drop him like a Hot potato?

BS!! who cares?
It’s shows that he is a man and not some pansy like we have in the White House now. Who would ever believe that Obama sexually harassed a woman?

Wow. Pro sexual harassment, from a woman!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Pix

This is huge news!

Well, if photoshop says Obama's pro child molestation, that's enough for me!

Well, if Calvin's involved, I'm in!

That Obama, so radical!

Yep, needs moar tricorner hats.

Secret ACORN!

I also like the evil Obama.

I get the joke, except why are they roller-bladers?

Nice, another evil Obama!

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Grand Menagerie

Europe is bailing out Greece, and the stock markets are pretty happy. Freepers, though, hate Europe (except when loving it makes Obama look bad). So this means nothing!

Fishface is sure this is all fake.
It is a total wash. This is all a big PR game. Europe is doomed. A total collapse is coming.

henkster still loves Germany!
Merkel should have decoupled from the Euro and left the rest of the parasite states on their own.

ecomcon notes that Germany is also evil and socialist:
The only way the Euro continues is if the Germans continue to pay for it. Why should they?
Because they are socialists, and they want to keep the dream alive. Same as here. No one will tell the truth about anything.

Varsity Flight knows this is all part of the fascio-marxists!
The worldwide flood of dollars + euros controlled by fascio-marxism will lead to it will be decreed that “all the world will be taxed.” The Chinese will not bite on phoney paper called “vehicles.” They have huge $ reserves already and want hard assets only.

ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas is sure there will be riots.
they will start another riot in Athens because these terms are "Draconian." Even surrender is not generous enough for those hooligans.

Come to think of it, we have hooligans here too....

Civil War 2?

RetiredTexasVet never believes a number he hasn't made up himself.
As per the Government the GDP increased by 2.4 for the quarter, but realistically it will be adjusted down to .7 or .8 in a week or so. Add in real inflation and you have a minus GDP for the year.
The 402,000 first time unemployment claims is fake and even at that level it is disastrous. It will be adjusted upward quietly in a week.
The DOW rose 300 points because the casino willed it so. It was and hasn’t been based on a true reflection of reality for years.
The 505 reduction of Greek debt as a positive measure to solve the PIIGS debt problem is absolute nonsense.

ichabod1 has this whole scenario planned out where Brussels rules Europe somehow.
And this is where Chancellor Merkel’s warning of war becomes immediate, urgent.
IF Greece is unable to control the thugees, trade unionists, and communists, and come to terms with austerity, they WILL be cut off. Then the other regional powers may be forced to take it over militarily to control it.

Who would be in charge of such a military government sort of scenario? The whited sepulchers of Brussels? And what if the rest of the PIIGS went south? Could Brussels find itself ruling Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain and suzerain to the rest of the EU?

Is this the conspiracy laid bare after all?

No doubt.

Obama's African Adventurism

Obama has sent military advisors into Africa. Not just the recent Uganda thing, but all over the place. Course, so did Bush, and Clinton, etc. Such are the wages of empire. But, see, Africa...and Obama.

NormsRevenge is moved to poetry:
Mogadishu. Khartoum. Sud Afrika.

O is a whisp of Shaka Zulu cross the motherlands of
the Earth.. or maybe just as dumb as clinton if he just gets a bunch of our side killed or taken over by radical Islam’s tentacles.

teenyelliott sounds all liberal, till he gets to the military dictatorship part:
We cannot police the world, and I don't want to pay for it.

A better use of our money and the time of American soldiers and other agents is to watch suspicious activity and people HERE.

drypowder knows the Conspiracy doesn't allow rouge dictators:
Rouge dictators are incompatible with the New World Order, hence the Obozo’s public statement last week of dictators like and kind to Qaddafi are on notice.

PA-RIVER knows it's cause Obama's African:
The First Family has Brothers, Aunts and Uncles there.

African security is an American priority. We don’t want a member of the first family getting kidnapped.

gaijin just wants to ban all those savages:
So WHAT if they’re animists, or Christian, or Muslim or WHATEVUH, the most effective war on ANY throat-slitting African trip is best fought at the American IMMIGRATION BOOTH.

Gaffer hates the military now:
Had I a son or daughter of the age to join the military, I would do everything possible I could to keep them from it. This country is run by a madman, and US military lives are the price.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kerry Derangement Syndrome

Freepers do not let their hate go. John Kerry was a pretty ineffectual candidate, not much of a threat. But, to this day, mention his name and Freepers will rage against him.

Kerry, it seems, wants to privatize the USAJOBS website. Privatization tends to be cool with Freepers, not not as cool as hating on one of their chosen targets:

ColdOne remembers quotes:

Did he make it “ clear, crystal clear?”

Zing, SandRat!

Kerry’s Koncept of reality bears no releationship toactualreality.

ronnie raygun hits him with the old "Frankenstein" burn:

Didnt he die in a windmill fire surrounded by towns people with torches and pitchforks?

SandRat again, this time with spelling!

He’s a DemocRAT Zombie

stylin19a disapproves of Kerry's language once:

yikes...that came from F’n ?

VeniVidiVici suddenly hates privatization:
Thereby ensuring that USAJOBS will be screwed up for a few more years.
Seriously, like three comments (counting the above one) were substantive, the rest were just insults.

Birthers still around

Sheriff Joe Arpaio's cold case posse has shocking info about Obama's citizenship, only he's not quite ready to release it yet!

srmorton is amazed questions yet remain:
it is inconceivable to me that the United States of American could have had as our POTUS for almost three years a man who is not even eligible for the office! This issue should be pursued until no more questions remain. If we did not have such a biased, irresponsible, incompetent MSM, the issue would have been resolved long ago!

TwoSwords is awesome
I’m very surprised this issue hasn’t been pushed more, especially considering who it’s coming from. The Tea Party seems to have crescended.
Possibly, it’s because this will literally end in some form of civil war and in the end Tea Party doesn’t have the stomach for it.
I, for one, don’t believe this. We are men or we are not.

"crescended" is pretty quality. Most of his posts on this thread are strong.

taterjay thinks Obama is God, it seems:
The Sheriff rounded up a posse!!!

Good luck to him of course but I fear he will be labeled a “domestic terrorist” and that will be the end.
Obama has unlimited power..........unless someone is willing to take it away by force.

taterjay is patient.
Sheriff Joe is doing well, but the real ‘bitter clingers’ to power never give up. Example...Clinton in 98...turned a slam dunk of resignation or impeachment to his favor. I want the Obama truth tomorrow, but sadly it may be years away.

SatinDoll, whose tagline is "(NO FOREIGN NATIONALS AS U.S.A. PRESIDENT)" will play us off:
Many folks do not know this: Barry Soetoro, aka Barak Obama, has an immigration file as an Indonesian refugee

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Satire fail

An article in the NY Post starts "The Occupy Wall Street crowd has correctly identified two distinct groups in this country: the wealthiest 1 percent and the other 99 percent, who suffer from the 1 percent’s vast wealth: The wealthiest 1 percent not only have more money than us, they have much, much more money. That’s just wrong."

80% of Freepers think this guy is really a liberal.

autumnraine misses the point:
A) That entire article (including the poor writing skills) looks like it was written by a third grader.

B) Idiot author of this piece is also the author of an upcoming book “Obama: The Greatest President in the History of Everything”

Nuff said.

Le Chien Rouge manages to out-dumb the strawman.
If we woke up tomorrow morning, all wealth was wiped out, and EVERYONE started from zero, within a year NEARLY all(except for Paris Hilton and the Kennedy’s) the same rich folks would probably be wealthy again while the same people complaining about wealth fairness would be STILL complaining.

Yes, because Richness is an inherent merit! Don't hate them, they're born that way!
livius also spends his time hating on an obvious strawman:
When I see all these privileged little twits waving their I-Phones around complaining because they're not as rich as Steve Jobs, I want to smack them upside the head.

magslinger responds by serenading the plutocrats with...folk songs.
Where have all the rich folk?
Long time passing
Where have all the rich folk?
Long time ago
Where have all the rich folk?
Gone to Galt’s Gulch every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

So much irony...!

Scotswife recognizes it's satire, but still totally true:
with the best satire - it’s hard to tell.

Some of my lib friends could have written that column with a straight face and not have a clue why people might laugh.

dan on the right, even alerted that this is satire, comes to the wrong conclusion:
I read this today and wasn't sure if it was real or satire. Re-reading it, I think the guy is serious. He is coming out with a book entitled “Obama, the Greatest President in the History of Everything”. Must be satire, right?
What happens when you outlaw the top 1% as he suggests? Why, the next top 1% (previously the 99% group), becomes the top 1%. Let's outlaw the too. And so on...

What nonsense. How does the Post print this Socialist dribble. We are the land of opportunity. The rich employ the rest. Get over it. Don't take the job and hang out in parks all winter.

If anything, get those that get rich off the government and us taxpayers off the dole. Oh, and outlaw unions while you're at it. At least the fat cats that run the unions - they are easily part of that 1% this guy hates.

GeronL doesn't care it's satire, cause the liberals he imagines totally agree with it!
The OWSers will not think this is satire, they will think this columnist is on their side.

Reeses is just excited that conservative satire exists.
He's mocking the left which is extremely effective. Satan and associates cannot withstand mockery. Their pumped up vanity makes them so thin skinned they pop. There is no more effective tactic. The reason leftists try to mock conservatives so much, to our puzzlement, is because they are showing us what they themselves fear the most. They try to mock the right at every opportunity because they find it so devastating personally. Nothing is worse to a leftist than having their vanity belittled in public.

Yes, I agree! Though Conservatives may have to brush up on humor, lest they spend their ammo on an army of strawmen they mistake for the Muslim-Nazi-Commies in their head.

Hippie punching

Freepers manage to crow about the rousting of the protesters in Oakland while at the same time worrying about the coming police state:

bvw thinks this couldn't happen to a better bunch:
Suits them. To be swept out of that public space using tear gas. Probably smells better than the offal they came to be living in,

Safrguns has violent taste in music.
Oh I enjoyed watching that... thanks!

The coughing and gagging was music to my ears.

MinuteGal also invokes the music of liberals in pain:
The tear gas grenades going off plus the coughing and barfing by the potty-mouthed protestor near the end of the video was music to my the War of 1812 Overture....BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! HURRAH!

Sea Parrot also, too:
That video is neat. Just hell when they get their comeuppance with stun grenades and tear gas, poor babies.

blueplum thinks this is all part of Obama's plan:
it was a desired outcome of the Tea Party that didn’t happen no matter how much was instigated... so another ‘party’ was invented - the useful idiot sheep we now see flocking around city centers seeking ‘justice’.

rlmorel thinks the Occupy thing are going to topple the US, unless Freepers join police in beating them, or something:
What these people are doing is trying to destroy our way of life, nothing short of it. If they have their way and somehow find a way to gather power and implement their ideas, we are going to wake up one day and find we are living in a modern day reincarnation of the USSR. If you don’t think it can happen, you are mistaken.

So, no. I am not “mocking” them.

Short of serious bodily harm, I believe they should be subjected to whatever privation, discomfort, humiliation and ridicule we can heap on them. They aim to remove our rights as Americans under the Constitution and abolish property rights, among other things.

If we just sit behind our keyboards, we are going to wake up one day and find our way of life taken from us by scum like them. It HAS happened, and will happen again.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

No Romney

Now that Freepers have coalesced around Cain, they feel more comfortable letting their hatred for Mitt Romney fly as high as they want.

Here, Romney refused to endorse the Massachusetts' governor's anti-union initiative going down in Massachusetts.

I love this primary season.

SENTINEL knows Romney's people all lie:
He's a first degree liar. Premeditated.
Next he'll claim he supported the Governor, unless talking to dems when he'll claim he supported the Union.
Joseph Smith would be proud.

roses of sharon found a thesaurus!
Scared, coward, easily intimidated, baby, caitiff, chicken heart, chicken liver, chicken, craven, cur, dastard, deserter, faint-of-heart, faintheart, fraidy-cat, funk, gutless, invertebrate, jellyfish, lily liver, malingerer, mouse, pessimist, poltroon, rabbit, recreant, scaredy cat, shirk, shirker, skulker, sneak, weakling, white liver, wimp, yellow belly.

tennmountainman is confident.
Don’t know the GOP nominee will be. It won’t be Romulus.

Eagle of Liberty just hates everyone from Massachusetts, no matter what:
I will post what I posted MANY times in the 08 election season. I will have a VERY hard time voting for a man from a state whose citizens voted over and over and over for Ted Kennedy and continue to vote for John Kerry.

knows who hates unions:
Well he just lost Ohio and Wisconsin with that quisling move...maybe even New Jersey.

Actually, this might be true in the primary.



I think laconic is going to write in Perot.
Twenty percent of the voters, including me and my family, voted for Perot in 1992. If Romney is the nominee, I am preapred to do it again - he is well beyond a Rockefeller Republican.




The CDC is evil!

The CDC suggests boys get the HPV vaccine as well as girls. Freepers seem to assume this is mandatory, and are not too happy:

Travis McGee draws a shocking conclusion:
Naturally the Obammunists believe that in the new gay-friendly America, little boys will be equally likely to engage in unprotected sexual activity as little girls.

When do we wake up from this national nightmare?

Boys having sex? That's so gay!

kosciusko51 is pretty sure this vaccine thing should precipitate Civil War 2:
When do we wake up from this national nightmare?At this point, I think only the sound of gunfire will wake us up.

Yeah, the vaccine war will last about 12 seconds before the rebels realize that standing may be required.

Scythian has visions of the future:
I see a 9 year old boy you missed over there playing lincoln logs, jab em', jab em' quick ...

Oh, and the CDC is Evil

What's funny is Freeper hang on the CDC's every word in all the threads talking about the latest exotic African disease.
Hans knows how horrible this shot will be:
This sounds like the PC crowd at the CDC. The boys will probably
get the shot in their eyeball.

BenKenobi assumes this vaccine is just going to kill people:
Why kill little girls when you can kill little boys too?

Forgotten Amendments has a recommendation:
The USSA is no longer a place to raise children. I mean that. Responsible parents should go to Latin America, Asia, even Africa. Go while it’s still legal. And while there’s still a few nations America is not attacking.

Free Republic is Cain Country

No word from the Iron Fist of head Freeper Jim Robinson yet, but it becomes increasingly clear 2 weeks after Palin dashed their dreams, Freepers have once again defined ideological purity as getting behind a candidate.

For instance, check out Freepers circling the wagons about Herman Cain's mealy-mouthed equivocating about abortion:<

HerrBlucher doesn't believe any trashy transcript, but forgives Cain just in case:
Until I see the actual transcript in total of F and F this morning I cannot trust any excerpted quote. So far his words have been taken out of context and deliberately distorted, just as they did with Palin.

Even if Cain is being flakey about this that hardly disqualifies him in comparison to the other candidates with astounding flakiness levels.

Beelzebubba just puts his own words into Cain's mouth:
Cain’s sins on this issue are twofold:

1. Answering the question as asked (his biggest flaw as a politician, and his greatest strength as a candidate.

2. Not having a canned answer that avoid potential misinterpretation that his political opponents can latch onto desperately (the evidence being found amply on this thread).

I would have found the best answer from Cain (most consistent with his statements on other issues) to be:

“I believe abortion is murder, and murder is a crime that is established at the state level. The federal government has no business limiting restrictions on abortion, which is why Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and should be overturned, by Constitutional amendment if necessary. Politically, I acknowledge that the people of some states might choose to keep abortion unrestricted, and that is sadly their mistake to make. But those who claim to be pro-choice are actually opponents of giving the voters of each state the choice to establish restrictions or prohibitions on abortion as is their right.”

MNJohnnie gets Old Testament on some Freepers who have yet to get in line:
The 9th Commandment is not a suggestion. Bearing false witness is still a sin.
Cain's words are right there for you to read.

JLAGRAYFOX is in full Palin-style worship mode:
Fact: Herman Cain has been pro-life and anti-abortion for many years. This is a non issue being pushed by media, the Democrats and the Republican establishment types. It has no legs and will go nowhere!!!

Move on, nothing to see here!!!

Cain will continue to well, all across the country!!! Do not underestimate, the determined “For America”, Mr. Cain!!!

If this fine, patriotic gentleman begins to attract substantial support from Black & Hispanic Americans, he is going to be not only a winner, but a positive game changer for every citizen in the USA. He brings to the table, freedom, equality, liberty, opportunity, small federal government, creativity, innovation, etc.

And.....take my word for it, with each succeeding debate, Herman Cain will get more skilled at public debate and pressure. This POTUS quest is just beginning!!!

By request: Does God care about football?

Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow is really religious, and lets everyone know it. After a recent surprising win, he thanked Jesus. Freepers debate whether God cares about football, and end up concluding that the press hates Tebow because he is white:
MHGinTN assures us no one prays for anything as petty as victory:
Most games, after the game is over, Christian Athletes gather in prayer for anyone injured during the game and to thank God for the competition and the continued opportunities. Have you ever noticed that Christian athletes will kneel in prayer when someone is badly injured, during the timeout to bring the fallen competitor to medical treatment?
Rightly Biased feels oppressed:
Christ is offensive to the “world” plain and simple,,, Keep it up Tebow
ForAmerica too:
The world hates Jesus and wants Tim to do bad because of his faith in Jesus
What is this "the world hates Jesus" meme? Victimism writ large, I guess?

rcrngroup notes the press doesn't care about a black guy kneeling nearly as much as a white guy talking to the press:
In the Packer-Viking game yesterday, as soon as (I think it was) Greg Jennings made a TD catch he dropped to knees and it was an obvious prayer..... not one single comment was made by any of the sports announcers. So blacks can cavort & worship & praise God, but whites cannot? That's what it looks like to me. More double standards & hyprocrisy by the leftie media that won't condemn a black Christian for saying or doing the very same things that Tim Tebow is doing.
Seriously, Let Tebow Cavort, MSM!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mourning Gaddafi

Sometimes it takes Freepers a little while to bring up the crazy ideas. Like with Gaddafi's death, they were kinds subdued, and talked mostly about politics.

But those days are gone, and now Freepers are quite open about suporting the American-killing dictator!

HamiltonJay knows what this is like!

Just like Carter on Iran, we will be dealing Romper Rooms F#@$ ups in middle east foreign policy for 30+ years... Libya and Egypt are well on their way to being satellite states for Iran.
IceAge yearns for due process, but also for a colonial governer for Libya:

He was a bad man who needed to be put on trial for what he did. They could have found him guilty and executed him properly.
Buttttt.........only a strong dictator could possibly keep these uncivilized savages in line.
Don’t think ordinary folks realize what kind of things go on in these Muslim countries. They only understand brute force.

Obama cannot be this stupid. He has advisors who know those countries. This is the outcome he expected from his approval of the riots and protesters. Now he is trying to do the same thing in this country by supporting the protesters on Wall St.
He is a misguided Robbin’ Hood still playing childish games with world politics.
penelopesire thinks Obama was one of Libyan rebels:

I don’t want to post it, but there is a video showing Qadaffi being sodomized before he was shot making the rounds on the internet.

I guess that’s Obama’s strategy of ‘Leading From Behind’ or is ‘This Is What Democray Looks Like’?
IceAge also thinks Obama arranged everything for political reasons:

How many more Muslim leaders can he kill without becoming a larger target himself?
Everytime he needs a boost in the polls, he arranges to have one killed? It’s a long time yet till the election.
liberalh8ter knwos how to solve the problem:

Animals wouldn’t do this. These people need nuking.
LibLieSlayer seys exactly waht you expect him to say:

EXACTLY as muslim obama planned it... next... syria.
I wonder if Muslim Obama is like Obama's evil twin, and has a goatee and everything.


The overthrow of Gaddafi and the establishment of an islamic country under sharia law is a personal victory for Obama.

Do you really think that he cares that it might be a disaterous foreign policy for the US? As a muslim he is jumping for joy.

Wasn't Gaddafi pretty Muslim? Not to Freepers, I guess!

Tin foil.

There's going to be a national test of the Emergency Broadcast system Nov. 9 from 2:00-2:01pm. Freepers freak right the fuck out. And I mean most of the Freepers.

geologist is scared, but not quite clear why:
Of all the Presidents this one is least trusted to have such control at his fingertips. This is not good news.
what will we do when all radio and television communications cease, in the event of some type of emergency?
I understand there possibly could be a time it is useful. Now the programs make announcements and run bulletins and banners across the screen. This is a great deal of power for one person to hold. How would we know what is going on if it happens that all communications were to cease for a time? ... we would not know the cause or purpose. Not a good situation.
This happened in Germany prior/during WW11

Nazis are just the appetizer, folks! Buckle up for the real crazy!.

bergmeid knows what Obama wants, despite Obama not saying it and taking no actions towards it:
What they really want is to cut off the internet.
hoagy62 doesn't believe it, but is totally up to some fearmongering!
Like I said...I personally don’t think that’s why they’re doing it. However, I can use my imagination.....

November 9th, 2012...after a tumultuous election cycle, the people went to the polls, and the Republican candidate was elected as the 45th President of the United States. You’re sitting and listening to the radio as Rush is saying the the American people have voted to restore national sanity with overwhelming conservative Congressional victories. Suddenly, in mid-sentence, Rush’s smooth vocal stylings are interrupted by a now familiar noise...

SHREEEE....SHREEEE...SHREEEE....then the duo-tone that anyone over 30 recognized as the EBS tone....and then...

“We interrupt normal programming for a national emergency. Please stand by for the President of the United States....

“My fellow Americans..Yesterday, we had our national elections. Normally, they are a symbol of all that is right and good about our country. However, the White House has been receiving numerous reports, and the reports are increasing, about massive voter fraud throughout nearly every precinct in this country. This indicates to my advisors and myself that an organization of some kind, hostile to the true wishes of the citizens of this country, has somehow subverted the voice of the people. To that end, we must take swift and decisive action. To that end, I am declaring the results of the election for the US House, Senate, and the office of the President null and void. Since this also indicates that this enemy of the citizens of this nation is already in the country, I am also declaring martial law until and suspension of the 1st Amendment so we can root out and bring these enemies to justice. Once this has been accomplished, we will re-do the elections and finally hear the true voice of the people. For the time being, please stay in your homes, do not panic, and we will get through this. Stay tuned to this station for further updates from this office. Thank you, and God bless the united States of America.”

You wait for Rush to come back on...but he never does.....
matt1234 lives in a fantasy land:
I’m hoping John Galt cuts in.
Shadowstrike is reevaluating his level of sanity:
My question would be this. What sort of subliminal message will they be braodcasting instead of the regular signal. Ok, you can stop laughing now. I know, I know it sounds totally whacko to even think this, but I've had to rethink alot of what I've known in my life, and I do not trust this.
Obama - so evil he makes impossible shit possible!

And then there is the date! November 9th is huge!


If Iran we about to launch a massive attack, and all those CTs have some basis of validity, what dates might be convenient milestones to watch?
John W
There is no significance to the test being ran on Wednesday after the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. This is not a warm up for 2012.

Nov 9 was kristallnacht ! Anyone know anything else attached to the date? Any Islamic significance ?

White America

From a commenter, Pat Buchanan beats the white culture war drum. And these days, Free Republic, in it's zeal to find ever better reasons to hate Obama, has become quite an audience for such racist claptrap.Especially notable is how much they buy into Buchanan's assumption that wealth and education are the same as whiteness, and therefore genetic.

The sad fact is is the white race that has made America the greatest nation on earth and I don’t care who calls me a racist. Facts are facts.

Somehow, you forgot about all the immigrants and slaves in your broad worshipful generalization.mrsmel doubles down on the racial essentialism:

Well I do take some small comfort in knowing that with the demise of whites as a majority, will be the demise of the civilisation that whites have historically produced-our science, arts, systems of government and society, sense of adventure and thirst for knowledge, and willingness, even eagerness, of white males to take high risks, even to their lives, in the quest for discovery and exploration. All of that will go with us. The world will be a chaos, such as happened in Haiti, or it will be under the thumb of Chinese totalinariasm or Islam. A South American system would be nothing to write home about either.

To paraphrase Nixon-they won’t have whites to kick around (or to haul the cart while they ride) anymore. But I’ll be glad to not be here to live under it, myself. I hope the last remnant of whites are all liberals so they can reap what they have sown.

wizardoz agrees with the idea that without whites, Earth is gonna die.

I think whites should Go Galt. Stop having children entirely. Leave this planet to its fate.

DH considers all nonwhites invaders:

America has been in the process of full invasion by everything other than whites since LBJ’s Great Society opened the door to it all.

LIBERTARIAN JOE knows how blacks think:

I have six brothers and sisters, all near the end of, or past the child-bearing years - between all of us we have 11 kids. All have been very well cared for, and very well raised, because the limited resources available to us to raise them determined the number of children we brought into the world.

Contrast that to those "americans of the future" - their thoughts on bringing a child into the world run along the lines of "it's going to feel good tappin' that ho", "i'z gonna take care of my man tonite", and "hey baby daddy, I needs mo welfare, come on over and knock me up tonite".

Like just about every problem facing this nation, the demographic time bomb is a gov't created problem... the decision by ded kennedy to import the turd-world, the crushing tax burden on responsible parents, social welfare programs that reward and encourage irresponsible breeding, etc.

denniw seems to have mixed up white with rich:

The cost of white family formation has been going up for decades. One example of this--Most whites want good schools for their children. If you have to send your kids to private schools or if you flee to a richer suburb to get those good schools....then your cost of family formation is going up.
Example 2 ---- Medical insurance costs are always going up while those white families are paying higher taxes to provide free health care (Medicaid) for the poor and others and all the poor legal and illegal immigrants

April Lexington is as random as she is accurate:<

Just as Russia sold us Alaska to pay off debt, California is destined to become part of China to settle our national debt. At which point, Hollywood had better take notice...

Monday Potpouri

Free Republic creator Jim Robinson is ensuring an awesome general election if, as seems increasingly likely, Romney wins the primary:

You’re one RomneyBot post short of a zot. C’mon. Make my day!!

Diogenesis knows Romney is a secret liberal fifth collumn:

ROMNEY has always been for Obama, hence his team attacked Gov. Palin on the
eve of Election 2008 for Obama and Romney’s DNC.

Old Teufel Hunden has a vision of America:

the 1992 LA riots. I remember seeing all the idiot looters on the evening
news and one Korean store owner on top of his boarded up store building with
some type of automatic rifle defending his property against them.

I remember thinking that is quintessentially American. A lone man, protecting his home and property from evil.

America - a country full of armed loners on the roofs with guns!

montag813 is super pissed about that Isreli hostage exchange, knows who is to blame, and has a recomendation:

If a single Israeli child is killed by one of these monsters, the selfish Shilit family should be deported. It is sickening how his Shalit’s father has made a huge political movement to do this, and more sickening still that the Israeli people bought into it, but most sickening that Bibi actually DID it.

Shame on them all.

Candor7 must not be happy:

LONG LIVE Qadaffi and may the Bedou in future surge out of the desert like
a tidal wave and liberate Libya from these ifrits that call themselves
liberators....sharia law enslavers more like.

hfr is working hard to distinguish the Church's enforced sharing from the government's enforced sharing:

the first Church was not communist in the least.
Communism is materialistic in its presuppositions. The first Church was Theistic in its presuppositions.

There is an absolute gulf separating them. It is a mistake to confuse the Christian virtues of generosity and sharing - an expression of Charity - , with Communist non-private ownership of the means of production. Sharing is not communistic.

Sharing is a Godly virtue. Communism is Godless.

AmericanInTokyo wants state police to start arresting the Occupy folks on suspicion of being Muslim:

Investigations occur as to the extent of radical islam participation in such activities, such as "Occupy this" and "Occupy that".
If it can be established in these various states that a terrorist/Islamist security issue exists within the "Occupy" groups, that state enforcement and states rights to protect domestic tranquility be enforced and the groups be forceably disbanded.

Let the Federal government sue the states, let the local law enforcement make their move. For example, if there is an "Occupy Phoenix" and it can be proven that Islamic terrorist organizations or Mexican cartels are involved in such a social destabilization, Sheriff Joe Arpaio should be able to go in and forceably disperse it, arrest those who do not disband, and the Governor of the state uphold it with the State's National Guard.

gaijin sees patterns!

1. Crazy Ohio private suicide zoo guy - 1 year spent in jail for WEAPONS VIOLATION
2. Victor Bout, Russian arms dealer & inspiration for “Lord of War” - On trial for dealing weapons to drug dealers in Latin America

LESSON: When POTUS is diverse & liberal the law only applies to, “little people”.

Challenge: Construct an argument refuting the idea that Obama is
different from dictators in Africa. Use logic and examples to do that

"POTUS is Diverse." I'm fooled.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Pix

So nowadays Sarah Palin is just straight freeper fetish material.

Zap? Tax? What the crap?

ACORN still! 2012 will be kinda hilarious when WND discovers secret ACORN operatives behind every tree.

To Freepers, Obama manages to be both diabolical AND retarded!

Friday, October 21, 2011

US Pulls out of Iraq

Obama announces that US troops are going to leave Iraq by the end of the year. Freepers have been getting increasingly dovish now that the Commander in Chief isn't a Real American.

But they are always ready to turn on a dime when it's time to rage against Obama!

JimSEA seems to have access to some secret info the rest of us don't know:

A great triumph for O. Never mind that al Maliki is essentially kicking us out in order to initiate a "partnership” with Iran.

GraceG knows she sounds crazy, but then remembers where she is posting:


Hmm, maybe he will need as many troops back here as possible for 2012 so when Martial Law is declared he can keep things in check.


hilljilly thinks Obama has timed this cleverly for a full year before his election:

Once again putting his re-election desires above the safety, security and needs of this country.
And we’re suppose to be surprised or shocked?
He don’t care. He has not a clue of what it means to be an American...but run a crooked election campaign?

Boy Howdy, he da man!

Yay, dialect!

DarthVader has this to share:

If this doesn’t give Obama a bump in the polls, nothing will.

Guess what it won’t. Obuggery is accursed.

Obuggery? Accursed I'll let pass without comment.

bergmeid knows this is a Muslim thing:

Get the infidels out of muslim lands - one step closer to the caliphate.

Kill Khadaffi, get rid of Mubarak, now go after Assad, get the “puppets of the west” out of muslim lands. This means CALIPHATE, people!

In the meantime, drawing down troops also buys left wing votes and possibly some independents.

Those drone strikes are just for show. Those Muslims Obama kills are just martyr volunteers dedicated to the cause!

JLAGRAYFOX has it all mapped out. Probably with newspaper clippings and string in his basement.

Yes, according to the African Muslim Obama destroy America plan, Iraq is to become part of Iran the moment the USA military departs.

Yes, the Obama plan to turn the entire Middle East into a radical Muslim bastion of America hate is right on schedule!!!

And....just as African Muslim Obama wishes, Israel will be isolated, surrounded by legions of Obama’s “Muslim Brotherhood” brethren!!! And....African Black Christians, watch your back. Obama has you in his sights!!!

Fire all the teachers!

A Democratic bill to provide funding for teachers, police and firefighters was filibustered by the Republicans in the Senate. Freepers are big fans of sticking it to public servants:

evad has thought this out:

The teachers don't teach anything except marxism, the police are only good
for drawing the chalk line around your dead body, the firemen...well, we do need

I say "Bring It On!"

montag813 hates teachers:

I am sick of hearing about stupid teachers, as if they are saints or something. Most of them (in the blue states) are overpaid union hacks who get the easiest college degrees in existence, and then indoctrinate kids with liberal bullshit.

Our education system is made WORSE when you hire more of these mind-numbed robots for the welfare state.


43north is boycotting any sense of perspective:

This is RICO-level money laundering.

cripplecreek longs for the educations system of 1915.

it sure wasn't that way in my great grandmother's day. The school she went to was physically built by the men in the local community and all costs were taken care of locally. She would have finished school around 1915 or so. In fact she "graduated" when the teacher decided she was done in the 9th grade.

Education was so much better back then. Even in the northwoods of Michigan she learned things like latin.

TLI is just a dick:

Geeezz! It is a Democrat Jobs Measure.
Or is there really such a thing as a Republicanic bill?

"I Met a Typical Democrat Yesterday"

Freeper meets an 80-year-old asshole on the bus in LA. Guy turns out to be liberal, like 90% of folks in LA. Freeper decides thus guy must be typical.

An excerpt from her post:

After he left, I mused: that is a typical liberal male. Chauvinistic,
arrogant, obsessed with sex, pushy, and possessing a tendency to vastly overrate
his own intelligence, wit, and appeal.

GreenAccord find truths in the article:

Primarily, it’s about the utterly offensive nature of so many people in our society.

But also, quite obviously, it’s also about the hypocrisy of the typical liberal. On one hand, outwardly oh so tolerant, yet, in private, disgustingly racist and judgmental based on nothing but their own mal-formed moral codes

In private, i.e. on a public bus!

lwd has a plan:

You should have messed with him and told him you were found him attractive and were ready to elope with him until he opened his mouth and revealed his “sissy” liberal politics.

bmwcyle knows how to deal with an 80-year-old-man hitting on you:

An armed society creates a polite society. Most times you just have to suggest you are carring. It would have help protect the young lady.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ron Paul is an enemy of America

(thanks once again to FresnoGrifter, Free Republic is not bringing to good crazy today.)

Ron Paul may be for small government, but his foreign policy does not contain enough empire or Islam-bombing for Freepers. Therefore, he is evil just like all others who do not toe the line.

Their ritualistic anger at Ron Paul's website quoting Louis Farrakhan (though it arguably has more validity - Paul has in the past associated with some crazies.) is the same as they would treat any liberal.

Absolutely Nobama is too badass to care about Ron Paul's online Nazis!

My main concern is that the lazy and arrogant media is going to tie RuPaul and his cyberstormtroopers to the Conservative Movement, setting us back for decades.
Not on my watch.
Lazlo in PA does the guilt by association thing:

Paul is supported by some very rotten people. I don’t think that is a coincidence.
MestaMachine accuses him of treason.

ron paul has just given interviews or iranian TV that have come mighty close to, if not outright, treason. He should be called on it immediately.

The only good Marines are Conservative Marines.

FresnoGrifter knows what I like. He's linked to some excellent threads in the comments. Not just crazy, but the kind of crazy that teaches me new things about Freepers.

Case in point, Marines. Some of the most strident Freepers are Marines. (Or Dentists, for some reason.) There is a whole culture around how Marines are the epitome of Real American citizenship.

There have been a whole drama about some Freepers saying "Ex-Marine" where in reality, you never leave the corps, it's "Former Marine." Only John Murtha is an Ex-Marine.

Freepers handle the one exception of Murtha pretty well by just piling hatred on him so you can't see that Marine part. But then a Marine shows up at the occupy protests.

This oughta be good:

real saxophonist is too sure this guy is faking to look it up:

Yeah. Button up your cammie blouse, roll the sleeves up properly, shave, and TAKE OFF THE RIBBONS, and I might believe you’re a Marine. Not.
Tenacious 1 hopes he's not really a Marine.

I hope someone finds out he is another imposter. What an embarrassment to our nation’s military personnel. Most our men and women in military service are honorable, humble, upstanding and classy. There are bad apples in every crowd.

That said, he is intitled to his opinion and he is doing nothing illegal. It is a freedom we cherish (as conservatives) whether the agree with the use of free speech or not.

I was secretly hoping an officer would stumble and fall in a way that caused his can of pepper spray to accidentally discharge in this guys eye.
dead just writes him off as crazy:

I wish him well, but I hope he's getting help.
He seems a bit batty. Glassy-eyed and repeating the same phrases over and over again, like he's arguing with somebody who's not arguing back.
oh8eleven notes that some marines are just bad:

in the Corps they are (or were back in the day) known as "ten percenters." That is, the 10% of your unit who were flat-out screw ups.
They were always the $hitbirds, the ones who never got the message, always late to formation, AWOL. couldn't shoot straight, had their own agendas, and more importantly, the ones who would get other Marines killed in combat.
GunPkrBkr sums it all up:

Either this guy is a phony or he has mental problems. Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmmmm, mmmmm!
Seems Marines that fail to be conservative must be insane.

Gaddafi killed. Obama totally going to take credit.

Freepers have on reaction to Gaddafi getting killed in Libya - preemptively attacking Obama for taking credit.

OwenKellogg is gonna make damn sure Obama being Muslim is somehow involved here.

OTUS ... Occupier of the United States ... will certainly give a shout out to the extreme muslim movement for this.
The Obama in Attention Surplus Disorder's head is really over the top:

“Can we hope that “O” will not embarrass us by taking credit for this?”

Surely you must be kidding. The world is now a safer place. Birds can sing in major, not minor keys. Lots of old pianos will spontaneously tune themselves. Droughts, volcanoes, and sinkholes will reverse themselves. And above all, mankind’s collision course with the global warming of his own making will diminish, although there is still much work to do and in case you’re wondering, no, he will not rest until his laser-like focus brings these problems to their rightful and just conclusions.

Heh, I get the sarcasm. This Libyan doesn't really matter! And besides, those grapes were probably sour anyway.

mark3681 is pissed Obama is totally ripping off Bush's Commander-in-Chief thing.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he came off with a Bushism, “We got him”.
SMARTY knows if you don't hate on a bad guy enough, it doesn't count!:

I especially like the way “O” policy statements against people like Mohamar are wishy washy and ambiguous.... yet he has NO COMPUNCTION about taking credit for hunting him down and hauling him away in a meat wagon!

“O” never made vigorous enough statements AGAINST either al Qiada or Osama(NOT for my money)... yet when our military took him out, “O” shamelessly stepped up to the plate and basked in the glow of having caught public enemy #1!!!!Our President is a punk

Words speak louder than actions, I guess. Plus Obama has nothing to do with the military anyhow.

mkjessup discourteously proclaims a conspiracy, but provides no details!

They better kill him quick before he starts talking about what he knows.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why did Obama Sell those Guns to Mexico?

This brouhaha over Operation Fast and Furious has been going on for a log time, albeit mostly within the Right Wing ecosystem. Such an environment should have given it a chance to mature into a fully-fleshed conspiracy theory. But somehow it remains a half-formed mutant.

Witness Freepers' analysis of the Senate explicitly ending the program:

gaijin knows this was a conspiracy to give guns to Mexico, though he's a bit unclear about who benefits:

That’s nice, but it suggests some law-makers are almost as stupid as those journalists assuming that F&F was BOTCHED —in fact it worked as it was INTENDED.

Lazamataz knows it's to demonize the Second Amendment, cause Americans care so much about Mexico.

Dear Mr. Obama,
Your plan to demonize the Second Amendment, or even overturn it using an international treaty, cannot work any more. Fast and Furious has been exposed.
You must find another way.Love,

Your Democrat-Controlled Senate

PS: Together we will think of something. Don't panic.

Lmo56 is optimistic this will kill Obama, and that's all that matters.

As far as Congress is concerned, the 99-0 vote gives Senate Dems cover becuz this debacle ISN'T going away. It is gonna rot like a fish from the head down throughout election season.
The GOP is sittin' pretty on this now. The 99-0 vote gives them credence for their demands that the White House give up the internal documents to Congress. The Senate Dems cannot come out publicly against this 'cuz of their vote to end the program ...
BCR #226 wants guns for everyone cause of this, somehow.

Good start, now start repealing some of the laws on the books. Let’s start with the sporting purpose clause of the 1968 GCA and all laws based on that. Then we can move to the NFA and Hughes Amendment. Yes, this is punitive demands for that fracked up operation. Oh, and Holder and all the upper echelon who knew and authorized this mess need to go to jail for TREASON.

Obama jokes: I married Michelle to improve my gene pool

Freepers, never ones to let a cheap shot go, reveal some interesting ideas about race and genetics in their reactions to Obama's joke:

PBRSTREETGANG never passes up a chance to mock the First Lady:

Slight misquote.

He actually said: "Michelle's butt is so big...we have to wash her jeans in the pool."

sodpoodle notices the narcissism where few others do:

It’s always about him. Unless he plans on being resurrected the genes he has are all he gets. No do-overs!!!!

Took a whole 49 posts for the invisib1e hand to make the obvious ref:

DIY Eugenics, eh?

TexasCajun has some interesting ideas about genetics:

No, Barry!

You must muddied the water!

rfp1234 Knows what Obama really meant:

Frickin’ racist. Zero meant to say he wanted to dilute away those ‘typical white person’ genes he inherited.

Conspiracies abound about last night's GOP debate

By all acounts, last night's Las Vegas GOP primary debate was a food fight, and a hoot to watch. Course in a food fight, no one but the spectators win. Freepers are pretty sure that's because of some sort of conspiracy:

First, though, yoe speaks for most of the Freeprs in picking the winner:

The ‘elephant in the room’ was Newt Gingrich, the only true statesman on
that stage...actually the only adult in the group giving crisp clear answers and
just about as nonpolitical as Herman Cain.

Romney was given way too much time to repeat his rhetoric and Perry, not as glib but just as full of the same old rhetoric...both men were upstaged by all the others.

Newt is also who Palin picked. Huh.

ZULU blames the media for turning them on each other!

As long as these candidates CONTINUE to permit LEFTIST media
personalities TURN THEM AGAINST each other in these bogus “debates”, either
Romney will be nominated OR they will have allowed the Lefstist media organs to
make the elections about THEM and THEIR MINISCULE flaws rather than the GLARING
flaws of the Marxist Muslim Phoney Anti-American bastard in the Oval
AND, if that happens, THEY LOOSE - no matter who is nominated.

Poor Republicans, they didn't have a choice! Also, THEY LOOSE.

Conservativegreatgrandma thinks Cain is in on this:

You know what’s missing here? Attacks by Cain on Romney. Cain and Romney
are in this together. It looks like Cain has no intention of damaging Mitt in
any way. I wonder why.

org.whodat wishes the front runners would go home.

Two rinos humping each other, the two need to go home, bye little perry and
willard. Take your little school kid marbles and go home, let the adults have
the stage.

9YearLurker thinks they're all in on it!

Cain and Bachmann IMO were both put up to running by the GOP Establishment. Then Perry as well, though also as a backup if they really can’t slip Romney by the primary voters.
A pox on them all!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herm Cain doesn't flop-flop, he changes his mind!

So Herman Cain first wanted a fenct that electrocuted Mexicans trying to sneak through it, then it was a joke, now it was a joke about something he really does want.

Freepers leap to his defense, though not so enthusiastically as they once did (lots of "at least he" type settling.)

RoosterRedux knows what matters!

At least he doesn't need teleprompters.
Cain's not perfect, but he is honest and willing to admit his mistakes. Maybe that's what we need instead of prime time ready politicians.
McGruff has faith:

At least Herman Cain will come out with details. Most other politicians won’t.
BarnacleCenturion just has Cain say only what he wants him to say.

BS. He never apologized.

The electrified fence is a winning idea.
jgge is not a fan.

The RED MEAT crowds/CRAZIES who are now following Cain the TALKER are not to be underestimated. These fools vote and the more red meat Cain throws the more they are encouraged to vote. They are around 30% of the Republican base and they can give the nomination to Cain the TALKER.

Homofascism and the fall of God.

Freepers kick it apocalyptic style in this commentary on how gay folks aren't hiding these days, cause of Satan somehow. Also fascism, though that doesn't come up much after the title.

vanilla swirl blames that sinful Rock and Roll from the 1960s:

I am sitting in a major grocery superstore that used to espouse family values listening to the muzak. Dawning of the Age of Aquarious, and many other songs that speak openly of rebellion, sex, violence, etc. The brainwashing of the American morality is complete. Just waiting for the final collapse into the abyss...................

cuban leaf thinks all the boobies and swearing on TV will make the next generation SuperEvil.

I’m 58. The first time I ever heard the F word was in 8th grade. Now you even have movies about days before my childhood where gradeschool kids are using the word. Even in “A Christmas Story” the grade school kid uses a word that, a generation later, I did not know existed when I was his age.

And my preschool grandchildren are treeted to pictures of women making out with each other. You think that won’t have a lasting impact? As bad as our culture is, when an entire generation of people that happened on full xxx pictures and/or video when they were in their single digit years reaches adulthood, the world will have reached it’s full measure of evil, we will live in days that makes our current culture look like Ozzie and Harriet.

semaj has witnessed with his own eyes hot sexxing occur in in the military! This is clearly a new and horrifying development.

Communal showers where young Marines (up to 3-4) cram into one stall and commence bathing each other. Squad shower parties at some of the FOB’s, a known instance of a female SeaBee servicing a truckload of fellow SeaBee’s caught on surveillance video.
semaj precedes that horrifying revelation with this:

If Americans were to find out what their tax dollars are really paying for in the military, they would march on the capital and burn it to the ground. I'm a former Marine and I fear for my country.

You sure Americans won't be to busy being the full measure of evil? That sounds like a full time job.

Too Crazy for Freepers

I saw this before, and was going to skip it, since I wasn't sure how to translate it into quotes. But it came up in the comments, and upon reconsideration it is too epically hilarious to let slip by.

Most Freepers have moved on from Free Republic, though head Freeper and Palin booster Jim Robinson seems quiet still, from what I can tell. But The Wizard cannot. (Crazy Bonus Pic if you click on his profile.)

His epic post:

Dear Madam President,

We need you on board, we need you to run, whether on not you win doesn't matter...

America needs you out there everyday fighting for us and repudiating enemies in both the political parties....

We need you to express the things we believe in, and we need you running as a candidate to strike fear into the enemies of our country.....there is NO ONE ELSE my Angel, but you....

If you have any doubt that we are beginning the fight referred to as Armageddon, just watch this video, listen to this truth and know that you are God's Angel that can unite those on both sides and the middle against the Satan who is at our door.

I would hire Pat Caddell today, and scare the bejesus out of them, and gather those who you know you can count on like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Britt Hume and David Horowitz and the others who love our country and would stand beside you in this war......Go out into the country and the world a gather them unto you, choosing those who walk with the Lord to help you...This war is a war of information and without a leader on our side we will allow lies to stand....

And have no doubt, you are this generation's George Washington.....the Lord will be with you all the way.....

The day you announce you will raise so much money it will be news.....but not even that is important....

You need to go forth and teach those who will listen so the enemy will know you have arrived.
My favorite bit is "there is NO ONE ELSE my Angel, but you...."

Freepers are not so thrilled and suddenly become the voice of sanity:


Your post comes across a bit unhinged - like a fantasy stalker... meds OK?

Maybe Ms. Palin didn’t run specifically because of attitudes like this post. People putting way too much hope in someone ‘from the government and here to help’. Look at all the comparisons that have been made, from Joan of Arc to Moses. Standards impossible to meet and it puts people looking for answers in the wrong place- in government.


Apparently, two of Ms. Palin’s kids felt they needed her more than her country.

Let it go. She was not up to the battle, or she would have stood to fight... it’s up to us now.


Personally, I think discussing socks, brussels sprouts, US flags on Mars and other such diverse topics would be highly appropriate on this thread.
At which point, the thread degrades into a highly amusing FARK-like explosion of oddly shaped tubers and pictures of hippopotami.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Freepers verus homophobia.

Commenter Will from PA pointed out this article about how Freepers are sad that people call them homophobic. It gets deep into the weeds:

napscoordinator gives a status update on the war against homosexuality:

Sadly, we are severely losing the war on homosexuality. I think we are so far gone that it might be impossible to return to the morals.

It will be tough to win this fight, but one day at a time for us that are fighting this.

savagesusie reviews how gays are all fascist, and also that schools are using psychology to make us all gay like Afghanistan!

Homosexuals most feared book: Pink Swastika (free online) (they are doing everything to ban it, marginalize it, etc.and destroy the authors).....because it contains the truth and the whole history of the homosexual movements and occults throughout history—movements which are always fascist. Political Correctness (calling names like homophobe) is a fascist concept of Herbert Marcuse and the cultural Marxists to destroy debate, so the TRUTH doesn’t get to the useful idiots.

There is no “gay gene”. It is a environmentally learned behavior. They have to corrupt the young to create homosexuals. They have access to the minds of your children and grandchildren to create a homosexual society—like in ancient Greece and today’s Afghanistan—because schools and MSM use psychology in their programming of the minds of the masses. They create their perceptions of right and wrong......parents allow it—they are too busy buying into the materialism to take charge of moral formation.

Ransomed laments how marriage is all about rights nowadays.

I think the root of the problem is that many have been conditioned to think that marriage is merely a collection of benefits and obligations attached to a contract that the gubberment defines. Libs love that most folks think that the institution is only what a few people in black robes say it is, or what the majority thinks it is at the time.

Makes you wonder why civil unions aren't enough, then.

Responsibility2nd could go on for hours:

I could go on for hours explaining the fears we have against the fags and the perverts.

kidd makes a comparison:

I have the same opinion of homosexuals that I have of drug addicts:

- If they are one, but don’t want to be one, they have my support and even could be a friend.

- If they are one, but aren’t hurting anyone and keep it to themselves and don’t identify themselves as one and aren’t trying to spread it, then I can usually ignore this attribute of their personality.

- If they are one, identify themselves as one, try to spread it, try to get kids involved, or try to make public policy in their favor, then they have earned my wrath.

There is no fear (phobia) in my personal opinion of homosexuals.

N. Theknow is raging devout semantics:

A homophobe is a homosexual who can’t stand to admit his homosexuality, so he refers to himself as gay.