Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tamir Rice

It's like some sort of horrible hypothetical gone wrong. A twelve-year-old with a toy gun in a park. People were all around, and no one was concerned. Police rolled up in their car and shot him point-blank, though the window. And one of the officers has a history of issues.

If this blog has taught me one thing, it's the ability of tribalism to short-circuit rationality. At times, Freepers will hate the police, especially when they themselves are inconvenienced. But at the moment, with all these cases that have black people on the other side? While some Freepers are taken aback by the above horrid facts, most Freepers don't really bother with the horrid facts - they go straight to trying to figure out a way that the police are okay.

NorthstarMom - that this kid was HUGE!
5’7” and 195 pounds is a very big 12 year old. I’m not defending the officer but he probably didn’t look like a young boy playing with a toy gun. With the hysteria that always follows mass shootings the officer could have felt a great deal of anxiety and pressure to protect everyone at the park.
Gay State Conservative saw a photo, which is all he needs.
The kid had no chance. The cop car rolled up to a few feet and the cop on the passenger side just shot him. Watch the video.

I can't recall if the photo I saw was the actual "gun" that the kid had or if it was identical to it...or close to identical.If the photo I saw was even close to looking like the one the kid had I say "no culpability".

Of course this is a sad case.And it should be obvious that it bears *no* resemblance to Tayvon or Gentle Giant.Parents should warn their kids about stuff like this.
DonaldC is mostly sad that he can't deny that black people might be right this time.
In that video, there were occasionally people walking by but the kid was by himself. The police arrive by driving through the park and stop within a few feet of the kid and shoot. This could go the race baiter’s way depending on what else comes out I guess.
umgud draws a parallel to an actual criminal who was not killed.
One of my stupid in-laws committed an armed robbery with a pellet pistol. He was caught and charged just as if it were real.
bgill blames the twelve-year-old.
Here’s an idea. Don’t walk toward cops with a toy gun without the orange tip. Don’t wave a toy gun at passersby. Don’t be stupid.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Killing the Muslims to save the Muslims

I'm not averse to a little repetition, but as Freepers continue to react in just about exactly the same insipid, horrible way for the first dozen or so shootings, I've taken to just moving on.

But what Freepers did with the recent mass shooting in Pakistan (126 dead...awful), is interesting. The shooting is Muslim radical terrorists shooting other Muslims, and is novel in that it shows how logically bankrupt their increasingly Nazi-ish hatred of Muslims is in a particularly stark way. It seems being shot by Muslims miraculously makes you into an infidel martyr! Who would have guessed.

DaveA37 is so horrified he condemns the seemingly peaceful students and teachers as well as the terrorists:
Makes no difference if the victims were teachers or students, they were killed by savages, plain and simple.

ISLAM is NOT a religion of peace, its a disease of the mind.
USCG SimTech thinks we need to go deeper:
ISLAM is NOT a religion of peace, its a disease of the mind.

Go deeper. It is a parasite that attaches on to ones spirit.
Kackikat thinks it was demons killing proto-demons.
In NT...demon possessed.

I agree on the disease of the mind....people who entertain violence, murder, and extremism in the mind will open themselves to like demons.
Entertaining violence, murder, and extremism makes you open to demons?
LibWhacker had better watch out!
Murdering savages. Why doesn’t the world see we’re going to have to come to grips with the bastards soon; nukes are at play here?
LibWhacker wants to get rid of all the Muslims to save the poor innocent Muslims:
Muslim vermin have no conscience whatsoever. Ann Coulter was right. We have to invade their lands, kill their leaders and anyone who looks at us cross-eyed, and convert the remainder to Christianity.
JudyinCanada is sure this shooting in Pakistan is Christmas related.
It would appear they’re ramping up their Christmas season festivities. I suspect there will be attacks nearly daily up until Christmas.

Evil will need to be confronted. The western world is still complacent, IMHO.
tflabo makes with the sick mispelling burn, and also rolls with the Jack Chick Moon God business.
Brave Tolibuns attacking children. Innocent blood necessary to satisfy their murderous moon god. No wonder the true God would sometimes have the ancient Israelites totally wipe out their enemies like excising a cancer.
Rome2000 will make things up to stay afraid and angry:
The Taliban has nukes.
Aleya2Fairlie only cares about shootings in America if Muslims do them.
Our traitor of a President has opened our borders and offered up the hard-earned resources of all working Americans to finance the invasion of any and all who seek to harm us. Just how long does anyone think it’s going to be before this happens right here on our soil?
Roman_War_Criminal deals with the horrors in this world by looking forwards to badass Jesus's footstool antics:
The fruits of satan’s religion will continue until Jesus smites all of His enemies and puts them under His footstool.

God Bless those children!

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Bending unpaid interns' ears edition:
I called Blunt’s office this afternoon (yeah, I know), and totally lost it! I just went nuts on the phone for at least 15 min straight. All the poor girl would say over and over again was, “I know; Blunt is fully aware and he’s a Christian and a CONSERVATIVE. Heis NOT going to vote for it.. And I will absolutely pass your word along for you.”

I told her, “WE are SICK of this crapola!” I told her, “THIS is why Ojerk was elected in the 1st place; cause so many stayed at home, didn’t wish to vote for another RINO like Romney, along with the voter fraud! Heck, look what lil’ John McWeenie did right along side his buddy Dianne the snake Feinstein, with this CIA report & WHAT it’s going to do to our fine military, on purpose I may add!”

I told her, “our nation CANNOT TAKE any more of this; this is NOT the same country as when we grew up, they don’t even teach our kids TRUE history, just CommonCore to turn our youth into liberal mush!” I told her, “ WE are out of work (I am and have been since Jan14 thanks to a liberal liar), and we don’t NEED more flooded into OUR U.S.of A.!”

I told her, “We ARE a CHRISTIAN nation; opposite of which Oblowme has muttered his puke all over the minds of the stupid. I am SOOOO SICK of these jerks messing with our heads, our family, our country, our Lord in vain!

I told her, “WE are SICK of this crapola!” I told her, “THIS is why Ojerk was elected in the 1st place; cause so many stayed at home, didn’t wish to vote for another RINO, along with the voter fraud!”

I told her, “Make SURE HE/Blunt do NOT VOTE for these Oblowme fools Bonehead & McStupid! We are SICK of these lies! Get someone like Trey, Cruz, Jenkins, Blackburn, etc.. ANY TParty people!”

I told her, “this is why NOONE who has any brains, doesn’t watch the LSM drivel anymore; the go to the web, because we want the TRUTH!” I even said this, “heck, if Blunt wants to, tell him to call me & talk to me, or even better yet, I’ll talk to him in person if he flies me up there!”

I even told her (&heck I don’t even care anymore), “I am a 61 yr old grandmother who is SICK to death of this happening; we are scared. I cannot express this enough. We, TParty people are NOT NAZI’s, we are Patriotic people.... just scared to death of WHAT has happened to our God-given country, & it’s GOT to stop! SOMEONE has GOT to light a fire and SAY SOMETHING, Light it UP, in that place, or we are gonna LOSE our country! LIGHT a FIRE someone PLEASE, cause we out here ain’t enough, cause apparently nobody cares enough to listen to a stinking thing we say!

And whatever else I remember what I said, because I was livid. Yeah, I went nuts.. Oh we’ll, won’t be the 1st time. All, of this of course AFTER I was on Bonehead’s line holding for eons to no avail.... Like he would care anyway... Mr. Suck-up bawlbaby

I felt as if I were there in person, it would’ve been very emotional.
Creeping feelings of impotence being briefly assuaged by repetition of "WE are SICK of this crapola" provided by KCLacey (TERM LIMITS!! grrrr!)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday Potpourri

bert wants him some domestic CIA assassination.
The CIA should arrange a stroke or cardiac arrest for the committee head releasing the report

Oh, you'd better bow before huldah1776's Police State Jesus!
The promise of peace on earth given at Christ’s birth will not be fulfilled until He returns to rule the world with an iron fist. He brings armies with Him. The resurrected dead from the tribulation also come then. Intimidating to keep all in line. If we can’t keep kids from bullying each other how can anyone be so naive to think an adult can simply grown up to be “civilized.” Our own nation legalized the dismemberment of the unborn. America is a defamation of the description “Christian” nation.
central_va - Praise God and pass the ammunition!

Him and secession.
Ezekiel lets partisanship leads his theology straight into crazytown:
Obama has elevated himself above pharaoh.

Instead of, "So let it be written, so let it be done", it's "So let it be spoken, so let it be done".

Sound familiar? Genesis 1:

"And God said..."

Obama = blasphemer.

He's not just supplanting Congress, he is attempting to supplant God Himself, creating something... out of nothing.

Ezekiel - Real Americans instinctively hate Obama:
Something is rotten -— don’t know what exactly, but something ain’t right.

Regular Joe Americans instinctively pick up on his alien invader persona. We all know he ain't one of us.

A foreigner may speak with no accent, but a native spots the alien by any number of other clues, even if the foreign invader is well-trained in idioms and cultural knowledge. The authentic always stands apart from the fake. Obama is the fake who has no idea of all the "tells" he sends out.
bigtoona thinks everyone in Washington is a foreign enemy:
We have witnessed a silent coup of the US gov’t. There is no doubt foreign enemies are running our government now 100%. Not a single gov’t official has been prosecuted in the last 6 years despite massive corruption.
I'm not sure what sergeantdave's on about, but it sounds pretty bad:
Here in SC, we have 30 of Holder’s Nazi, racist goons locked up in state prison for 10 to 30 years.

We use the anti-klan laws to lock up racist, black peckerheads. Works every time.
sport is fighting the good fight.
I haven’t watched since he [Obama] began occupying the White House. I will never surrender to the bastard, nor acknowledge him as president.
Ghost of SVR4- THIS shutdown, lets screw over government workers!
Shut it down. And this time, no retroactive pay. Too many people are on the government payroll as it is.
Forward the Light Brigade has some suggestions for Republicans in the State of the Union:
There are lots of things Republicans can do-

1. Yell “Lier in Chief”— “Lies!” “Shut Up!” “bengahzai”
2. Throw things—rotten tomatoes at him—fruit.
3. Toss paper airplanes at him.
4. Yell “BOOO!”
5. Sing really loud “God Bless America.”
6. stand up and start yelling questions at him—
7. heckle him as he speaks —yelling “Bull sh*t”.
8. Turn their backs on him—No Claping at all!
9. Just walk out!
stevem's analyses are all penis-based.
I think it was Rush last week that said Republicans need to man-up. I believe even a woman can man-up. Margaret Thatcher proved that as have several US women in the last half century.

I don't think Boehner is capable of that. To call him a semi-vir is a complete insult to all half men out there. Boehner is so pathetic he is beyond description. I read a rumor he is kind of a drunk. I don't know about that, but it would explain a great deal.

If I had to look in the mirror and realize the guy looking back is perfectly incapable of any movement that requires a spine, I doubt I would ever draw a sober breath.

fieldmarshaldj: arbiter of humor.
How Comedy Central can keep that crap show and Stewart, who also is NOT funny, I have no idea. I’d rather watch an hourlong block of the obscene “Brickleberry” than that garbage.
GOPsterinMA's Colbert analysis is...hilarious, for multiple reasons.
Can Colbert function without his shtick (Sean Hannity impersonation)?

Colbert is a Communist slut, period.
I should let Colbert know about that or something.

TsonicTsunami08 - soon guys! Really!
To the mattresses soon!
Sequoyah101 has also decided it's shooting time.
You can call all day and all night and all week. It doesn’t matter. You and I don’t have enough money to match their other bribes.

Only one last option is available. If you give up your gun it will be gone to.

I have no more hope in the system. It has run its corse.
Gluteus Maximus knows America is really just for guys like him.
My ancestors helped build this country. They made it for themselves and for me, their posterity. Why shouldn’t I feel privileged in my own country. Just like Israel is the Jewish State, so too this country was made by and for guys like me. Others can be honored guests with a place at the table, but I certainly won’t apologize for being “privileged” in my own home.
In other racist news, libstripper explains the true reason behind blacks protesting the police:
The whole point of the “black lives matter” canard is to legitimate black criminals declaring open season on everyone who’s not of their race, and, especially, whites. When Obola praised St. Trayvon of the Skittles (SBUH) and St.Michael of the Stolen Cigars (SBUH), he praised and justified two wannabe murderers who tried to kill two innocent people whose only offense was to stop them from committing murder and other crimes. Thus, he declared open season on law abiding people of all other races in favor of the absolutely vilest of the vile black criminals.
Even worse(!!!), caddie carefully explains that decent people don't want blacks to have due process of law:
It’s called non judicial killing.
Banana land dictators call them death squads.

The choice is ours: Do we want the anarchic, drugged up, communistic, uneducated, uncivilized barbarians to have the advantage in our judicial system.

I say forcefully no, the decent people in this country say forcibly no, and American history documents thoroughly that the people want the law to have every consideration to kill this sort of person, without fanfare or legal hairsplitting.

And now that so many anarchic individuals have become emboldened by the recent OWS and other protests of Ferguson and Staten Island criminal pseudo-martyrs, we are going to see more and more brazen attacks on normal people in the real world.

And in response, civilized society is going to have to respond with total support for the police, total contempt for the criminals and accused, and obviously jury nullification is going to be the coin of the realm. The other side uses it, and we must use it. Oh yes, impeach permissive judges, and other politicians with any leftist inclinations, weak or strong. Those measures, and the Second Amendment, will see us through this turbulence to better times, times that resemble the American Era from Coolidge to the Fifties. We must never lose sight of this goal.
"We need to blindly support the police no matter what, to keep the negro down!"

longfellow knows the 2nd Amendment is the right to assassinate politicians.
Here’s what the 2nd amendment is..... it is not about hunting or guns. It is about our RIGHTS to shoot politicians that overreach on their powers in government.
tomkat doesn't say it, so I guess he's not racist.
I no longer give even a fraction of a damn.

If the loud-mouthed professional nøggers somehow manage to kick off the interracial war they're trying so desperately to gin up,
they won't live long to comprehend the gigantic can of citizen whoopass that decimates them.
namvolunteer makes what he thinks is an important point:
Not even one Republican ever own even one slave. Not one. The Republican Party was started to abolish slavery.
Kozak is highly amused be liberals who have been killed.
“the Reginal Denny Headslam breakfast.”

Does that include Hash Brown?

Don’t forget some Rachael Corrie Pancakes as a side...
CatherineofAragon finds a Freeper's horrors at Free Republic's racism to stem from not knowing enough blacks:
In this thread you don't have to look for racism; it is all over the thread.

Here is just a small sampling:

“We are a nation of weak white men”

“It’s open season on Whitey”

“Black race has declined behavior wise since 1960s”
This is one of the more obvious racist comments.

“It has been my observation that the smart, attractive, white women don’t date Africans. The ones that do, are generally substandard in terms of intelligence and most often they are grossly obese.”
“look what happened to the ditz from the VA college. Friends don’t let friends date “dreadlocks””
Oh look this one is from you and it is a “fact”

“It’s used as a form of coercion. It “forces” the white girls to “prove” they’re not racists by “dating” blacks and it affords the blacks a white “trophy”.

Actually I could copy the entire thread on this one

“Its not easy being a stand up white boy or girl today”
I am done with this thread. It is disappointing to find out a group of people in Free Republic, I thought I had a lot in common with, have more in common with Al Sharpton.

Now I see where you’re coming from.

I clicked on your state flag; you’re in have a population of just over 3% blacks compared with over 19% for my state.

Where you are coming from is a place of abject ignorance.

Few things are as pathetic as a fool who thinks himself a wise man.
NKP_Vet is recycling old material. Just replace Pope Francis with Obama and Jesuit with Black.
Francis replaced him for one reason. Cardinal Burke is a devout Catholic that lives by the the teachings of the Catholic Church. He’s everything Francis is not. Francis does not like to be reminded that Catholic doctrine CAN NOT change as much as leftist Jesuits like him want it to change. 
I guarantee you that as soon as Francis is history, it will be another 1,000 years before a Jesuit is made pope again. 
Francis detests the role of pope. He wants to be everyone’s buddy and does not like to be bothered by troublesome things like the doctrine of the Catholic Church. He could care less. 
Plus he’s mean and vindictive and fires anyone that does not agree with his liberal views.
I swear. Identical to when Freepers psychoanalyze Obama.

miserare holds out hope for an Ebola resurgance
Another dead doctor. We hear nothing.

People from the affected countries are flying in and out of the US for the Holiday season.

There will be a new rush of cases here in January and February.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Spotlight Friday: Understand the stimulus

In October, an anon just posted "Understand the stimulus is batshit crazy." 

This is true, even for Freep. And not more common death-wish fantasies either, this guy's less angry than afraid. And he has a deep, paranoid fear of Obama specifically.

A busy man, he does not have time to write in complete sentences, preferring breathless prose. He claims to have been a close friend of Andrew Breitbart. To be fair, he may have some connections - he broke the Republican compromise on the shutdown pretty early as these things go. And he does operate in true Brietbart style, portentously asking conspiratorial questions, and then not bothering to look up the answers.

Who is paying for Michel Brown's mother to fly around the country and go on TV?!!
The mother of brown bully has perfect straightened hair set by Pros...she is traveling the world ON NO SALARY>>>ON NO JOB>>>ON NO W-2 ? her husband is a former Con....the same can be said about mother of Trayvon...they are being treated like media rock stars ? but where are the FUNDS coming from...who is paying taxes ? obviously not Sharpton who allegedly owes $4 million but still travels first class ?

why isn’t brown bullies mother not reporting to work ? 99.99% of mothers who children are killed in WAR and Peace return to work to support their families...NOT these parasites
Has he never heard of national TV stations flying people out for interviews?

No Africans have money:
WHO bought this African’s plane ticket ? the SLIMEBALL MEDIA doesn’t care
Fellow Freepers who aren't sufficiently into Ebola should have their womenfolk catch Ebola:
Just because someone is in hospital with ‘ebola like’ symptoms does NOT mean they have ebola. Just because you don’t remember a news story from 5 or 6 weeks ago about some one being admitted to Emory doesn’t mean it wasn’t covered. Again as I pointed out earlier, the Atlanta stations have been good about updating us here in Georgia

the public has a right to know...hopefully your wife mother daughter works with these individuals and catches ebola and then you can use the democratic slimewords privacy...we can identify a democratic troll by the smell from his clothes
Lets go after the Obama kids:
Michelle OBAMA lectures everyone on anything her commie brain thinks need being said...she has no right to lecture anyone so dissing her children as arrogant is perfectly logical
President Michelle Obama:
my dear friend, OBAMA has started preparing his wife to run for President in 2016...this is exactly what happened in Argentina...the bang's she now wears is geared to attracting the DUMB MINORITY KID VOTE...the mexican marxists...and the 8% now collecting social security disability payments from places like Maine where a non doctor can approve parasites for usual the brain dead republicans who rely on the likes of Carl “rat” Rove who uses a whiteboard last used in the NFL 30 years ago to set policy and political angles..sadly this dummy cant find knowledge when its in his face...
Obama had a speech planned about Ferguson PROOF HE WAS IN ON IT!
Obama KNEW the allegedly Sharpton plan and went on AIR immediately after the grand jury decision...IT WAS TOTALLY PLANNED by the CCC—Chicago Communist Club
Nordic Muslims:
American negroes, like Nordic Muslims, are trying to make cultural demands that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and deny due process...but that’s what their parasitic leaders like Sharpton and the black lenin “Obama” are teaching them to do....
McCain and Gingrich's penis issues:
its easy to loabel McCain...he couldn’t make admiral despite his father and grandfather holding that rank...he was disliked in a military that paid more attention to capability than his brand of manhood...hes a lot like big balls knut gingrich both who had problems with their dicks...ill be happy to see him go ...
the homoperversions of the Jesuits
Jesuits make their own law...Georgetown univ proves the homoperversions of the many homo clubs do they allow
Impeaching Obama is easy!
no democrat wants to run in 2016 on the basis of supporting Obama which means he can easily get impeached by 4 votes from coal state democrats joining the republicans...dems have seen how easily it will be to lose their seats after last night
Obama gets more radical with each passing day:
everyday we RESET the 21 day timetable when a new woman is announced as ebolized...its simple leverage...Obama only cares about Nov 4th and could postpone the election ...he get more radical with each passing day...while crybaby Boehner proves he cant lift a 5 pound bag of sugar with his passive responses...they really must have a lot from his CIA tapes...ditto the punk at the supreme court
Black Lenin:
yes....but the black lenin doesn’t care about casualties...theyre as he said “bumps in the road” when he commented on Benghazi event...the investigations of OBAMA haven’t even begun to start
Stalin in a mask:
the middle class is rebelling against the magic negroe who will expend all americans lives to protect his illegal alien theory to create a one party America...Obama is stalin in a mask
As dangerous as Hitler was
Boehner is a PUNK...he permits OBAMA to call him by his last name the same way OBAMA labels PUTIN...OBAMA is truly as dangerous as Hitler was...and he is destroying American judicial system by introducing “political justice” the same system used in Africa...
No one knows Obama like Freepers do!
its quite comical that we of Freerepublic truly understand what drives OBAMA, the man without a history except what he create in his books

Thursday, December 11, 2014

GOP's Spending Bill not very Freepy

So far, the GOP seems to have opted for something approaching sanity. The omnibus spending bill they're circulating doesn't cut off spending on Obamacare or immigration enforcement. This lack of brinksmanship does not sit well with the right, naturally.

Amusingly, this gets derailed into a discussion of what Freepers can do about Congress not taking the midterms as an endorsement of Jim Robinson for Philosopher King. The various flavors of nothing are pretty funny.

And, meanwhile, the pressure continues to build for the GOP to do something nutty and showy.

From where I sit, these midterms turned out pretty awesome.

RJS1950 plans for the Civil War:
Hey you GOPe dimwits. When the dam breaks and we come with torches and pitchforks it won’t just be for the POS democrats; it will be for POS YOU as well.

Expletives on the level of my bootcamp DI can’t possibly express my extreme hatred for both democrats and the GOPe.
Thanks for dropping how you were in the military, too! Very subtle.

maddog55 is gonna be disappointed:
Boehner & McConnell HAVE to go.
concerned about politics again with the backstabbing:
I am SO sick of these traitorous pukes.

I'll second that. They stab us in the back every time. EVERY TIME!
FlingWingFlyer posts barely coherent layers of right wing memes:
The commie 'RATS have put the lives of all Intelligence agency personnel and their families in danger and the GOOBers return the favor by giving the commie 'RATS a trillion dollars. You can't fix stupid and the GOOBers are stupid. Merry Christmas from Frau Feinswine and her camel jockey loving Nazi comrades. I'm so ashamed of this country. I can see why so many REAL Americans are giving up their citizenship. Being an American isn't what it once was.

FU Feinswine and McCain. Nazi bastards.
huldah1776 is in slavery mode, like the Jews of Exodus:
I’ve been in slavery mode since the 2008 election. I’m sure those in the administration are happy to hear that.

Thing is, in the OT when God judged Israel for turning their backs on Him and sacrificing their kids, those who were slaves were the only survivors. Those who went to Egypt or stayed in Israel died. Those who had them in slavery and killed the others, were the inhabitants of the no longer existing city of Babylon.

What comes around, goes around. We are being invaded. We don’t listen to God (as a nation) and when we cry out to Him like after 9/11, He will not listen to us. He hears the screams of the innocent unborn. For Israel it will be 40 years for legalized abortion in 2016. Our 40 years are up.
World President Satan in 2016, I guess.

stephenjohnbanker - 100% treason..............................
100% treason...............anyone surprised? The Chamber of Commerce wants a decent return on their investment in RINOS
driftdiver is one of a few to turn to the impotent but ordered comfort of tin-foil.
There is a reason they are doing this; Agenda 21 or One World Govt.
GeoPie has pretty clearly never read Orwell.
Wake up!

Read 1984 and animal farm. The two party system is an illusionary distraction! Sadly, 99.9% of americans really believe it...even when reality totally contradicts it.
OK, enough angry thrashing. quesney makes things interesting:

Y’all complain. Same ol’ expressions of disdain, disgust and outrage. Here. On conservative talk shows. Limbaugh yaps. Levin yaps. Palin yaps. Blah, blah, blah.

And at the end of the day... nothing changes. The country continues to go downhill. Obama gets away with whatever he wants and RINOs look out for their own pockets.

Aren’t we past hollow expressions of outrage at this point? They are pointless.
Alas, quesney does not respond when Freepers inquire what her plans are.

dware is totally planning to not vote GOP this time, guys!
ANyone that votes GOP in the next election is an idiot, plain and simple. These traitorous wretches must be taught a lesson, and be removed from office, even if it means the D’s take over. At this point, GOP voters are nothing more than abused women, taking the abuse over and over again...”But I love him!” Not this former GOP voter. I don’t vote for spineless, America - hating leftists, whether or not there’s an “R” next to their name. I’m done.
dware makes a vow.
Morons, idiots, America-hating leftists...all describe the GOP. I will NOT vote for another. No, not even if Cruz runs. If Cruz wants my vote, he'll need to run as an independent/libertarian/constitution party candidate, period. I'm done with the GOP.
Better keep an eye on him, come 2016. I presume his pride won't let him flip flop. So, zotted, or fades away/makes a new account?

bicyclerepair knows the best response is boasts on the Internet.
Who is John Galt.
yorkiemom keeps a tight budget...for freedom!
QUIT feeding the fascist beast.

Anybody who can needs to adjust their income to pay little in taxes. That’s what we are doing next year. We’ll have our own Harden Hollow (as opposed to a Galt’s Gulch).
kelly4c goes the tiresome nihilistic Greene66 rout, that mostly entails angry anti-American Internet activities.
This American no longer has a country. I’m a stranger living in a foreign land. SO many here are struggling and they HAND OUT our hard-earned money to South Americans that JUST came over here. Well, I didn’t ask them to come, I don’t want them here, and screw them for taking our money but more so screw this banana Republic gub’mint for dishing it out. Oh and don’t you just love it when they go on other forums and taunt us with their “We turning USA brown haha” and “We’re taking our land back from you white people jaja.” talk?
Timber Rattler:
So where’s the “lesser evil” crowd these days?
Oh, they'll be along shortly.