Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Spotlight: goldstategop

Used to be a conservative in Southern California. Now he's moved to Colorado.

Most Cali Conservatives I know are really bitter, but goldstategop is one of the less bitter Freepers. Because he lives in a world of cherry picked polls where Trump is winning every swing state and rocking the black vote too!

More than that, he wants to assure that all Freepers will live in this world, and posts incessantly about how Hillary is doomed. As you will see, it's become more like a mantra than a statement.

No one cares about Bernie anymore. Hillary is doomed!
After I saw how many turned to hear Bernie pitch for Hillary in Akron OH, I feel better already.

Liberals don’t like Hillary, period. Especially millenials.
Trump is the strong horse
I’m reminded again of the old adage: “Victory has a thousand fathers. Defeat is an orphan.”

Trump is the strong horse and he has the mo’. Hillary is in the rear view mirror.

Care to guess who is the orphan?
Trump is sure to win if liberals all stay home!
They say Hillary still has a 60% chance of winning.

They hedging their bets - they have a tab showing Trump would win if liberal voters stay home - its 95% chance for The Donald.
Hillary is done.
Just what we need in a CinC. Someone who looks half-dead.

Bad optics make voters feel afraid. Hillary is done.
This election is over
Hillary can’t seem to catch a break.

You know, this is going to be an indelible weekend image, just like her 9/11 fall was.

The election is over.
Did I mention Hillary is done?
For Barry, its all about him.

Hillary is an afterthought. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Yeah, he’s insulted he has to share the limelight with HER.

Hillary is done.
It's a coverup! Hillary is done!
Trump will win.

When the MSM calls the race a tie, its MSMspeak for our candidate is losing.

They’ll never admit Trump is winning.

If Hillary was winning, they’d already be calling the election over.

So they’ll portray it as a horse race just to try to drag Hillary over the finish line.

The bottom line ain’t great. Hillary is done.
The Washington Post secretly knows Hillary is done.
Washington Post is in meltdown mode today.

Love it! Trump is rising in the polls, so the WaPost’s Hillary Concern Trolls are coming out of the woodwork.

Hillary is done.
The way to tell a winner is that they stop campaigning.
If Hillary is really leading in PA, why does she need her surrogates to go campaign there for her? Doesn’t she have the Keystone State locked up?

There’s your tell. Hillary is done.
As he said...
Trump’s surge is resuming.... like I said, Hillary is done.
...Or is is AMERICA that is done?????????
We’re a dying country.

I’m the last of my generation to be brought up with respect for authority, to fear the police and to do the right thing.

The values that defined America are breaking down and we’re regressing to a feral society.

Not the kind of sight I expected to see in my lifetime.
Also with blacks - Hillary is done.
Trump is winning over more black voters than any recent GOP candidate... a record.

Democrats dimly realize this, which why they’re playing the race card early. It isn’t working.

Hillary is done.
More funny numbers on Hillary and blacks and done
Trump is grabbing almost 20% of the black vote in PA??

Mitt got only 8%! There’s your tell. A Democrat can’t win with 68% of the black vote.

Hillary is done.
In 2012, same delusion:
Americans like someone who doesn’t take himself seriously. That’s why Mitt Romney will be our next and 45th President Of These United States!
Rhode Island, Massachusetts are in play
CT, RI and MA are in play.

Hillary’s support there is in the single digits.

She has to run ads in a Blue State 50 days out from the election?

Hillary is done.
More on Massachusetts going for Trump
I wouldn’t rule out MA.

Last time a Republican carried it was Reagan in 1984.

Trump won the GOP primary there by a landslide earlier this year.
Trump's gonna win NY
NY is winnable - Trump has big leads upstate and in the downstate collar counties.

NYC is always the 800 lb gorilla in the room. Hillary needs to be held down to 60-65% out of NYC for him to win the state.

Tough but doable. Hillary’s support is so soft there an upset is quite possible.

Why? Her national numbers are underwater.
Trump's gonna win Vermont
Liberal VT?

If Trump wins there, NY is also gonna go Trump. Ditto for CT and NJ.

It would be a short night, indeed.
Trump's gonna win PA
Trump has a good chance of winning PA.

I’d trust Reuters/Ipsos before I trust Morning Call/Muhlenberg.

Funny party ID math.
New Mexico
Poor Hillary - she can’t get liberal voters enthused about her.

Every one else is going Trump.

Heck, NM is going Trump! And Trump has jumped out to a big lead in UT!
Any place Hillary isn’t up by 10+, should be considered a toss-up.

Yup, you’re looking at Blue State MN.
Obama only appeals to racist thugs who hate Hillary!
What progress?

And do racist black voters give a rip about an old white woman?

I have the feeling Barry’s appeal leaves them cold.
More analysis of racist black America:
Racist Black America will never vote for Carson because he’s the house ni***h. Quite simply, a black Republican is an Uncle Tom.

He will never be President.
Trust only the comforting polls!
Another poll oversampling Democrats.

They must have polled Philly & Pittsburgh to obtain the spread.

Toss this one in the wastebasket.
And of course he trusts Russia's polling about Putin's popularity:
Merkel wishes she had Putin’s popularity.
This in the bag election is the most important ever.
Our country is headed for despotic totalitarianism if they’re not stopped.

Two centuries of American freedoms are on the line.
Hillary will get no convention bounce
Hillary will get no convention bounce.

I don’t think any sane person is watching the freak show.

If they had held a Democratic convention and no one cared, what about the rest of the race?

Hillary is gonna leave Philadelphia weighed down by baggage and more damaging email dumps yet to come.

Plus, we’re entering the dead zone of August when people are looking to the Olympics and she’s gonna struggle to be seen.

Love it!
Those 2016 riots are good news for Trump
Good news for Trump.

If it looks like a long hot summer of riots, mayhem and Get Whitey, Democrats are going to have to defend it.

And Trump like Nixon, is moving to present himself as a Law And Order candidate.

If the racist BLMers want to sabotage Hillary, they’re doing a bang-up job of it.

I hope she goes on the White Guilt tour.
October 2012
I agree with Dick Morris.

Its not based on anything scientific - just a feeling we’re looking at a landslide.

The polls are all converging now and state polls - always lagging indicators, appear to be following suit.

And folks on Intrade are dumping once sure fire Obama stocks as fast as they can.
I take it that was not a learning moment.

How could Scotland vote against freedom and stay in the UK?

You’d expect the vote for independence to be overwhelming.

Don’t people want freedom? But that’s a rare thing in the history of mankind.
Except for every state in America, it seems.

Only suckers pay for health insurance.
Only suckers pay for health insurance.

I’m happy on Medicaid. Why on earth would I want to pay exorbitant premiums for health insurance?

The perverse consequence of ObamaCare is single payer is in our future - whether by accident or design.

We’ll see it in place before the end of the decade.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

WiFi activism

Commenter RomneyGuyHere found this little group of Freepers trying to feel powerful and activist while maintaining their lazy and passive-aggressive lifestyle.

I don't know if it's the politics of the profession, the nature of Internet forums, or just random chance but A lot of Freepers are computer-tech types. So when a Freeper posted about how he's naming his wifi with Freepish terms in, "My WiFi Yard Signs," some Freepers got pretty excited.

That's interesting enough, but Freepers' gloating at the reaction of hypothetical liberals is almost as lame as their planned wifi burns are.

WMarshal loves making people using Starbucks' wifi roll their eyes for a moment:
On my iPhone I named the WiFi personal hotspot “Obamasucks” and when I work remotely from a Starbucks I am sure it upsets a lot of Libtards.
RW_Whacko is also stoked for some Starbucks activism:
I've ordered the components to make one of these.
I hate Starbucks coffee but gonna take it there and 'socialize' it, just for laughs.

Hillary for PRISON - 2016
Typelouder has allowed himself to have a liberal neighbor. Unclean!
Ours has been NOBAMA for about 7 years. Have a neighbor with Yes Hillary, 2016. He’s a old liberal lawyer.
usconservative is really excited to troll his coworkers, and has all the tech-specs planned out like technobabble in some 1990s Internet thriller:
That's HILARIOUS!!!!! I have a few (read that: at least 4, probably 5..) old wi-fi routers laying around. I'm stealing your idea, it's AWESOME!

I'm gonna drive our Security Ops guys nuts at work too on Monday. One of 'em is a big Obama and now Shrillary fan. I'm bringing in my Pine64, making it a hot-spot and turning on the Bluetooth and doing the same thing. LOL!! I'm gonna SPRAY the place in wifi with HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016!!
Zeneta gets the most replies, though, by changing the subject from anti-Hillary campaigning to more purestrain bigotry:
I live in an apartment building that is full of Muslims.

What should I re-name my Wi-fi?

Islam is a death cult?

Mohammad is a Pedophile?

And there are soo many more.
Jmouse007 responds with these:

Jesus Loves You

allah wants you DEAD
LizardQueen is far from the only one to make a pork joke:

Yaelle knows group insults never have the punch as picking an innocent target to tear down:
Thought of another one for ya.

Achmed Boom Boom Clock Factory
Yaelle then follows up with more prosaic anti-Muslim insults:
Since you don’t want to be vandalized, raped, etc, you might try something more tempting for them like Omar’s Pretty Goat Farm or Halal Meats and Brides.
VanDeKoik remembers, hey, wasn't this about Hillary once?
Another good name would be “Leaked_Democrat_Emails”.
But mostly Freepers revel in hating Muslims, not Hillary/Trump stuff, for whatever reason.

What Will President Trump's First Act In Office Be?

Commenter Anon posted this, with the quite apropos comment: "Turns out what a lot of freepers most want from their dream fascist candidate is interior decorating change?"

Freepers put a lot of stock in symbolism, as mere reality cannot contain the focus on their rage and hate. So in Freepers' realm of pure fantasy, you get calls for kicking out all the illegals and purging and jailing of liberals along side have fumigating the White House and putting the Churchill bust back.

Windflier is a case in point:
I think he's going to call the British Ambassador and ask them to return the Churchill bust.

How about you? What do you think his very first act in office will be?
stars & stripes forever wants everything to be tastefully bright red white and blue:
I hope TRUMP’S first act will be to take down those ugly gold curtains OBAMA uses for his new conferences and replace with patriotic colors!

I hope the Post Office will print patriotic postcard stamps too.
stars & stripes forever also has more substantive hopes for Trump's magic wand:
TRUMP said he was going to fix the VA.
Speaking of Magic Trump, Zathras:
Hopefully, fire Ryan and McConnel
Remember when Rush made fun of Obama voters for thinking Obama was the lightbringer? If you had any doubts that was projection...

TheCipher hits immigration:
Probably rescinding Obamas executive orders relating to immigration.
Windflier explains that Trump WILL be magic, because private sector experience is magic:
One thing about Trump that will greatly help him in taming the federal leviathon, is that he has decades of experience at the top of a large organization. He’s already got finely honed instincts where it comes to rooting out trouble makers and misfits down the chain of command.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that he’s done it for so long, that it’s just standard operating procedure for him. A successful exec like Trump demands compliance and performance from his immediate juniors, and insists that they ruthlessly root out the non-compliant dead weights directly below them, and so on.

He’s an expert at that sort of thing.
2ndDivisionVet is one of a number of Freepers to target North Korea:
Telling the DPRK to give up their nuclear fuel and rockets or else.
Suuure, Jonty30, 'just to annoy liberals.'
Hiding his tax records to annoy Liberals.
blueplum enthusiastically mixes immigration BS with very expensive VA BS:
My guess: He will sign an executive order authorizing local PDs and INS to arrest and deport every single illegal gang member (of any nationality) within 30 days.

And within minutes he will sign an executive order that members of the military will be given access to urgent care centers and/or hospitals of their choice.

The rest of the day will be even more fun.

Trump Train comin’ thru!
Of course DiogenesLamp is the first to bring in a purge:
I don't know what it will be, but i'm thinking one of the things he needs to do is to order the Federal agencies to recalculate all of the inflation and unemployment numbers by the methods in place prior to 2009.

We need to correct the historical record so that it will not lend succor to Liberal claims in the future.

And then he needs to order investigations of various personnel in the Federal agencies that conspired against Conservatives during the Obama administration.

Lois Lerner and her rotten crew of IRS people immediately come to mind.
DiogenesLamp looks forward to a world terrified of us:
I told my daughter tonight that the tone of foreign heads of government are going to change as soon as he’s sworn in.I think they are going to perceive him as "Reaganesque", but with more crazy. :)
TauntedTiger wants Trump to make a whole new Internet, just for America!
If we can’t retain ownership of Internet 1.0, I suggest Trump order the creation of Internet 2.0 just for the USA. Allowing Obama to go micromanage Internet 1.0 into the ground from Brussels, Kenya or wherever.
alisasny doesn't care what Trump does, the point is the bad guys lose!
President Trump is going to escort Obama and Michelle out of the Capital after the Inauguration and all of America is going to be shedding tears of happiness. I can not wait to see Trump wave to them as they pull away LOL
jamaksin is clearly a Thinker:
Freeze all Federal spending.
Electric Graffiti wants political trials:
In order to save the Republic, Trump needs to deport 60 million illegal aliens and hold Nuremberg style trials for all the traitors and anti-Americans infesting the federal gubbermint.
Sgt_Schultze has birther wishes:
He’ll order and release an official copy of obama’s birth certificate. Sheriff Joe can take it from there.
political1 keeps it simple:
Prosecute Hillary Clinton
Among other crazy ideas, Fai Mao wants Trump to legalize the hunting and killing of Hillary Clinton:
I’d use the acceptance speech to Fire James Comey, require Lois Learner to surrender to US Marshall’s and have the IRS shuttered pending an investigation. I’d then call or an audit of the Federal Reserve. I’d then announce that every lawyer hired by the previous administration was laid off at 1/2 pay until I could figure out which ones of them were going to be fired.

Lastly, if Obama had pardoned PIAPS I’d announce a preemptive pardon to anyone that could kill her unless she wanted to waive the pardon and confess to her crimes.

But Trump is more moderate than I am

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Trump's family leave plan

Trump put out something approaching a policy proposal on family leave - let new mothers go on unemployment! And fund it through cuts in waste in unemployment! It's pretty lame.

But it's also directly against Freepers' knee-jerk worldview, where all entitlements that don't go to old folks are bad. So Freepers do their Donald Trump is just lying to the rubes dance.

Fungi is not a fan:
Another entitlement. Let them do it on the private level, not through government. Ivanka needs to campaign in person, not through this worthless crap. Another law, as if we do not have enough?
mia is cool with it, framing this as an anti-tax:
We are taxed to death and families are the ones who have been hurt the most. There are ways to make this affordable for everyone. But, first I’d like to read what he is presenting.
magna carta loves how efficiently Trump panders to liberals:
its obvious he will get rid of crap and crack down on fraud then he can slide in this program to give families a boost. If this is what it takes to give Trump a liberal outlet I’d say we are getting off pretty easy.
MinuteGal loves how Trump is sounding more like Hillary:
A well thought-out political move by the Trump campaign.

The issue will resonate with undecided women and minorities, but will never be passed to any extent by Congress....and the campaign brain trust knows it. So let's relax.

In the meantime, he snatched the issue right out from under the missing Hitlery, leaving her grasping and gasping for air as she bemoans the fact that this was HER issue.

HarleyLady27, of course, is down with this entitlement since Trump proposed it:
I just love that Trump is a year ahead of his opponent...

But the plan does sound good to me, so many women have had to leave the work force because to have child care, it takes their whole check...

And the single mothers, so hard on them...and then there are the kids trying to take care of the parents...

I can’t wait for a Trump Presidency!!!
bigbob - Trump can say anything, because the Democrats are infinitely bad:
If Trump can’t get elected, its President Hillary, Joe, Tim, or Fauxohantas. Just remember that.
little jeremiah also argues Trump is axiomatically better than Hillary, so all principles can wait until after the election:
Anyone who is totally freaked out by this:

Imagine what Hitlery will do in this regard....paid abortion leave, after the gov pays for the abortion. Paid “parental leave” for trans-whatever so the male/female/whatever gets leave after being artificially inseminated by 3 different something or others, ALL on gov dime.
Say the opposite of what Freepers said after McCain and Romney lost, entropy12 - argues that doubling  down on conservativism is a bad strategy:
Trump finally discloses that, yes, he is a demo-commie.

And you just confirmed my suspicion that you lack simple strategic thinking.
nopardons gets on the thread. This means she's gonna sit on this thread and smother any naysaying with her angry enthusiasm.
it's something to win over the idiot suburban women, who fell for the crap that he is a misogynist and hates women. And in that respect, it's a genius ploy!

The Dems have played the morons, FOR MANY DECADES, promising FREE STUFF FOR ALL....most of which never materialize3s, once the votes are in.

OTOH, we all HATE that garbage, but as far as I'm concerned, he needs to win this election and I don't care HOW he does it, as long as once he is elected, he governs the way he has pledged to, from the beginning of this.
"This is Trump's way to tell idiot women he doesn't hate idiot women (even though he does!)

nopardons further explains that Trump is lying, and Hillary will destroy America:
I just do NOT understand anyone who refuses to vote for Trump; especially over today's announcement. This is something that Ivanka dreamed up, is NOT one of The Donald's top priorities, nor anywhere near a priority with him at all. But what is IS, is a way to get the mushies to vote for him and he is jollying Ivanka.

OTOH, not voting for Trump is actually voting for Hillary, who WILL finish Obama's dream of completely destroying this nation. Ergo...the CUT OFF YOUR NOSE TO SPITE YOUR FACEers, are complete idiots and an ENEMY of this nation!
nopardons soon argues a Hillary Presidency is Sharia Law, whereas Trump's liberal impulses will be kept in check by our liberal Congress:
At least with Hillary I can count on having an fierce opposition party trying to stop her from installing socialists policies that destroy freedom. Seems like with Trump most of the so-called conservatives will give him a pass and we end up with 2 parties both hell-bent on giving us more socialism.

How about instead of lecturing me about Hillary you Trump supporters stop giving him a free pass, and make it clear to him that drifting leftward is deal-breaker and he should cut it out.

I never said in any post, that I approved of this childcare thing! The GOPEers in both Houses will give Hillary EVERYTHING she wants; just as they all rolled over for wee barry! OTOH, they'll give President Trump a very hard time, sadly, especially when he brings up really good things that ALL of us want!

With can kiss this nation good-bye and shall wake up under Sharia Law, quite quickly. The SCOUTUS will be lost forever. And Your taxes WILL be higher than you can even imagine.
nopardons then goes straight off the deep end:
I am neither for nor against the latest baby stuff.



You want ME to write to Trump and tell him what to do?


You just don't like Trump, have NEVER liked Trump, and don't want to be banned, so post this crap.
Alberta's Child also argues that liberal Trump will be stopped by Congress. Unlike liberal Obama...?
I don't like using the tax code to push an agenda (I'm a big fan of the flat tax), but I'm OK with this proposal. It's a political winner for two reasons:

1. Nobody is going to come out against it.

2. Congress is never going to pass it, so Trump will never be in a position to sign it.
Alberta's Child explains that Trump making fake political promises just shows he's an awesome salesman and American:
Well with Trump being the anti-politician one would hope he'd be different. But he's learned his lesson well and is issuing empty promises and buying votes with the best of them.

He's an anti-politician, but he's also a salesman.

People like to point out that he's a successful real estate tycoon, but at the same time he's also a reality TV show personality.

Welcome to America. We wouldn't have it any other way, would we?
Pollard also hits the Muslim scare tactics to allow Trump to say anything he wants.
With Hillary, we’ll get 110,000 muslims in 2017 as that is what obama just promised. (she’s apt to increase that number knowing her)

With Trump, we’ll instead get 110,000 new US born babies because some people aren’t breeding due to the cost of child care. Working type people that is. The welfare types already out-breed the working people.
I do hope Trump comes out against the wall. It'd be the final test of Freepers' awful principles versus their awful cultishness.

Trump no longer a Birther?

In advance of the debates, the Trump campaign has been trying to clean up Trump's kooky birther past. As usual, they're being confused about it, releasing statements Trump contradicts before Trump goes back and agrees with the old statement. And, as usual, Freepers fasten onto whichever version of Trump they like the best, and ignore all the rest

But this birther thing...Freepers are confused about it themselves, but always enthusiastic. So you have birthers reahashing all the weak evidence Freepers have picked up, going over all the theories about where Obama was born, who his parents really are, and whatnot. At the same time, you have posts about how this is super bad news for Hillary because she's about to die. And you have the more and more common spectacle of Freepers explaining away Trump's latest move as a strategic masterstroke of lying to the voters to hide his secret Freepness.

BlackFemaleArmyCaptain knows principled stands are for rationalizing after the election, not before!
Can't fight every battle. This isn't a battle Trump should pursue. Good decision. Keep the momentum going!
mrsmith is sad, but will maintain her personal crazy and soldier on:
Yeah, gotta pick ‘em.

Shame, seen reports Hawaii wasn’t all that careful about their BCs back then.
faucetman is also ready to abandon all in order to win:
The birther hill is NOT the one to die on.
(said by an original and proud to be, Birther)

They have fanned the flames by even addressing it.

REFUSE to talk about it PERIOD! Katrina had it right, it’s not an issue in this campaign.
BlueStateRightist is pretty sure this birther morass is great news for Trump:
My guess is that they see the black vote trending positively and they don’t want to interrupt that trend.
Carl Vehse shows up to do his one trick: calling everyone traitors!
After Trump is elected President the question that can be asked in a trial is whether CNN’s actions over the years have given aid and comfort to the enemy.
Aaron0617 knows who the real birthers are!
Once again this drama started due to questions from the Washington post.
Wilderness Conservative would like to advertise his preferred crazy theory:
The birth cert issue is not about where it’s about who. Who’s the daddy? Frank Marshal Davis.
profit_guy worries birther-esque tricks will soon be used on Trump:
Yes, they most certainly are desperate. Today I read that Trump had previously said that he had an appendectomy when he was 10 yrs old, but in his medical filing it said he was 11 yrs old. The corrupt so-called ‘reporters’ in the media thought they discovered plutonium.
Whenever Rome2000 feels confused, he just blames the media:
SamAdams76 agrees that this birther thing Trump is going on about is a media conspiracy:
What silliness. Shows the desperation of the media to try and tar Trump with anything at all. They have nothing and Trump gets stronger and stronger every day.
dowcaet knows who looks foolish is the press:
The media is grasping for anything because their beloved Hillary is sinking fast! Love seeing the left in total panic making themselves look truly desperate and not hiding their bias.
Cololeo has the best of all worlds - if Trump keeps his birtherism under the radar, soon he can roll back time to 2008!
He should lay low on this. As President, Trump will be able to have a good look at ALL of Obama’s past. The evidence is overwhelming that he is not even a US Citizen.

Once proven, every action of the usurper becomes null and void, including any pardons he issues. That my FRiends, is where the true swamp draining begins. Eight years of complete and massive corruption laid out in the sun to shrivel and die a proper death.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Deadly Powerz

Freepers deal more in myth than in facts. When your defining quality is your tribe, you imbue every event with some tribal significance.

Drudge screwed up and posted a flipped video of Hillary's 9-11 fainting spell as a different angle. He quickly took it down. Freepers turn this into a mythic event - more evidence of the towering, nigh-supernatural powers Freepers stand against.

quesney knows to keep it shadowy and mysterious:
Thing have a habit of disappearing around the Clintons
perfect_rovian_storm doesn't add anything new, just invokes some old Clinton death myths:
Whoever uploaded it better stay away from gyms, nailguns, and Fort Marcy Park.
roadcat 'read somewehere.'
I read somewhere that the owner of the video sold the rights to it. Gee, the Clintons have over 100 million dollars to spend before they croak.
Pollster1 is sure there was blackmail involved:
Nice wife and children you have. It would be a shame if something happened to them.

I imagine Hillary’s people were able to buy the rights to this video cheap - maybe even a free gift, given with an apology and proper contrition.
Enlightened1 has decided the video is getting censored across the web:
It’s getting removed across youtube, but people keep re posting it.
dragnet2 is doing such good work against the evil forces from the comfort of his computer!

Here is another working
Even if the video is freaking everywhere, quesney thinks there's a telling longer cut that's being suppressed:
Have you come across any links to this longer video that haven’t been expunged yet?
LaMudBug doesn't quite get that this thread is for weaving a new sinister scenario, and speculates on false flags and drunken Hillaries:
Two causes of her collapse in addition to all the medical reasons that have been submitted:

1) A STAGED EVENT to move the news cycle off the DEPLORABLES speech.

2) A SEVERE HANGOVER from excessive alcohol consumption the prior evening as result of the DEPLORABLES speech and the harm it was causing. She was still drunk at the 911 event and simply passed out.

Dear God, please do not let her die before the election in Nov.

A Deplorable Trump supporter...
Feeling heroic, Jmouse007 declares victory, while noting the might of the shadowy foes:
Even Matt Drudge's video link on his front page to the clipped, edited, SHORTER VIDEO HAS ALREADY BEEN SCRUBBED! Check his website for yourself.

This "Ministry of Truth", "1984" tactic of denying, replacing and expunging reality with a false narrative/false reality/false "truth" is truly damming and frightening!

The corrupt main stream media, INCLUDING FOX NEWS; along with The Clinton Crime Family Machine are doing everything within their collective power to try and distort, deny, minimalize, and erase any trace of evidence as to what actually happened!

Fortunately, too many people have SEEN the videos, SAVED the videos, are REPOSTING the videos, and SENDING COPIES OF THEIR SAVED VIDEOS of what actually happened to family, fried and associates. Try as they might it is impossible at this point for the MSM and CCFM to "put the genie back into the bottle" because MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN AMERICA AND AROUND THE WORLD HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT AND THE VIDEOS OF WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED HAVE "GONE VIRAL", and this information is speading EXPONENTIALLY!

Hillary has "Fallen and I can't get up!"

Ths is Hillary's "Humpty Dumpty" moment and "All the kings horses; and all the king's men, can't put Humpty Dumpty Hillary Clinton back together again".