Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Spotlight: Romans Nine

Another loud and proud Freeper Christian. This rural Missouri engineer has no glimmers of empathy, faith-driven White Supremecy, demon-haunted cosmology, old man eccentricity, theocratic tendencies, or actually being in some rural Maine cult. In fact, other than his screenname and dickwaiving about how powerful his God is and how deep his Bible study is, his faith doesn't seem to have any actual presence in his life at all. Even his Pastor seems mainline Freepish, when he comes up.

His name refers to a Bible verse about how the Jews kinda suck now that they're not into Christ. Odd choice, seems to me.

Kinda racist, kinda hates Muslims, spots so many bull dykes among liberal women, was for Cruz, now was always for Trump. The usual.

Seems particularly into pissing on graves (especially Jane Fonda's) and hating MLK, and laments the youtube conspiracy that keeps anyone from watching the youtube videos he totally didn't make but thinks are the best:

Lives in rural Missouri and racism is totally over, guys!
I live in rural southern Missouri and I he answer is no.

I never hear “nigger” anymore except by blacks.

Sorry to tell the race baiters but cultural racism on behalf of whites towards blacks has been dead for many years. Now black on white racism is getting ginned up since the Obama administration has decided it needed a distraction for other nefarious actions.
Also, kill all the black ferals:
These feral hood rats need exterminated before they do this again.
Mercy and forgiveness are for God to dispense. I am not God.
Also on the no-racism beat, his Pastor keeps a Martin Luther King hate-file:
One day at lunch I asked my Pastor if MLK was a communist. My Pastor is 75 years old and followed politics closely his whole life.

He answered yes and them said let me show you something. He went to his study and came out with a file about two inches thick. It was all articles from the 50’s and 60’s about MLK. I was floored with what I read. The Rev. was a serial womanizing commie. He loved his white women. Very common knowledge back in his time. I refuse to acknowledge MLK day. I will never celebrate commies.
Same story, no Pastor:
I remember thinking that King was a Christian. I was reading an old newspaper when I came across this article about him. I was shocked so I asked a good friend of mine who was in college during Kings heyday.

He brought me a file with hundreds of articles some of which chronicled his communist connections and behind the scenes actions.
The FBI files on him also documented his extreme womanizing. He makes BJ Clinton look almost celibate.
Conservatives have forgiven past sins by Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Robert Byrd, SOROS when he was a twelve-year-old.
Liberals never never never stop. They still want to trash Reagan 30 years later.

We conservatives trash each other. Go figure?
Gays and sexuality:
The act that homosexual males engage in is of a violent nature so to try and make me feel surprised by this is not effective.

All the real life lesbians I have known had extreme mental problems beyond thier sexuality. They were not like the Hollywood portrait painted in movies and tv shows. Most were militant bull dykes.
Personally I think most rape cases we hear about are actually people who regret what they have done or wish to cause thier “partner” shame.
So many Bibles!
I have approximately 50 study bibles. Let me know what you are looking for from a study Bible and I can help you pick one that is best suited for you.
The CDC are hoaxters:
Every year the CDC and WHO comes out with some new scare that is going to infect the world.

I am the only one that notices this?

Hmmmmm let me think why would they do that?
Bill Clinton only supports Hillary because she feeds him celebrities to bang:
Elizabeth Banks? I guess she she swings both ways. I bet she is the price Hillary had to pay to get Bill to pull out one more good speech.

If I had been in that room I think I would have puked.

Bills son in law looks like a real firebrand. What a sissy boy looking metrosexual.

That whole place was devoid of alpha males except for the bent one.

Anybody else notice all the bulldykes in the crowd? Some fine looking specimens for sure. I bet a bunch of their breaths smell like rotten chicken in the morning.
Wimpy Obama would be beaten up by FOX News tough guy:
Obahole is great at answering with non-answers. The main stream love it.

Major Garret would eat Obahole for lunch.
I bet that smirk on O’s face would look good on Majors hand.
He wants to beat up Joe Scarborough:
I will never be close enough but if I was I would punch him right in his €0€#$ucker and happily take the punishment.

These people are our enemies same as ISIS.
Grave pissing:
I would (and will, if I live long enough) piss on his grave.

I hope to share in this pleasure. Him and Hanoi Jane and Hillary.

Never forget Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Ambassador Stevens.
More grave pissing:
Pelosi, nothing can stop her from showing off her stupid.

Can’t wait to read of her demise.
She can join Hanio Jane at the end of my piss stream someday.
“ex nihilo”

What a wonderful Creator we have! I will worship Him.
Where have all the birther videos gone?
Anybody know what happened to the video called “Dreams From My Real Father”?
You could watch it on the internet for free and them it was gone.
It did a great job of telling the story of his childhood. It claimed Frank was his real father.
Who does no one watch these awesome youtube videos?
YouTube is a terrible site.

Ever notice a lot of videos with a right sided message only have 231 views?
Trust nothing!
I do not trust anything anymore.

A very large part of pro-Trump or pro Second Amendment videos on Yuotube only show 237 views even several days after the first time I look at them. Videos with links from sites that I know are getting many many hits.

The ruling elites (D and R), big banks, media, and social media giants are all working to destroy our Nation. We need a plan to destroy them.

I’m afraid no election is going to make any difference.

Hillary bitch slapped the FBI. The FBI ran and hid.

The Clinton Foundation ownes many many key official and key officials families.

The Mafia is jealous.
Israel is too liberal these days:
It is my understanding that the Isreali culture has become very liberal.
I have read several articles that elude to this. I have no first or second hand knowledge only what I have read.
Is this real language? self-hating union memeber:
I have been a member of two unions Local 541 Teamsters and Local 101 Operating Engineers in Kansas City. My father was Local 2 Sheet Metal Workers, grandfather and my uncle were union plumbers, my grandfather and uncle on the other side where union roofers, my fathers in law was a boilermaker and my wifes stepfather was a teamster.

I cannot believe how uninformed most union members are especially since they allow the unions to control such a large part of their lives.

Union pensions are exactly like a pyramid scheme, without more coming in on the bottom the top gets lopsided and falls apart. I wish no ill on any union member but I despise the unions unyielding blanket support of democrats and their Anti-American ways. I am amazed at the total ignorance of union members as it concerns politics and the results of democrat policies.

Union pensions will be cut drastically, there is no way around it except for the Fed gov to bail them out. This is exactly what the illegal bailout of GM was all about.
No way to tell how many tyrant traitor Hillary has killed:
she should be tried for treason and hung.

No way to know how many American lives she has cost and the amount of damage to our intelligence networks that has been compromised. Years and years of sacrifice down the tube to finance her quest for ultimate power.

We need to understand she is just as evil as any despot that has ever lived.
A Cruz guy back in the day:
I guess you do not know much about Cruz. Lazy he is not.

Are you angling for Trump?
An adulter, a promoter of greed and sensuality, a man whose word is so good he has been married 3 times.
Sorry but as a Christain when there are other options I will take the better man.
The Constitution, the Country does not need a business owner to “run” it especially one who has had habitual bankruptcies in his businesses. That kinda negates the whole business man mantra.

Bill Clinton, he claims to be a Christian doesn’t he?
Cruz-Hillary debates:
Can you even imagine Hillary Clinton debating Ted Cruz?

Makes me giddy like a school girl thinking about it. I bet Cruz would loose part of his tongue by biting it to keep from smiling. That old hag would scream like the witch on the Wizard of Oz.
Now, of course...
These polls are bunk.

Trump is going to beat Hildabeast like a drum.

Top it off and I bet she knows Trump will appoint a special prosecutor that will be honest and she will be indicted.

I believe Trump will win in a major landslide.
The wheels are off the Clinton machine. Bill has lost his mojo the butcher of Bengazi never had any.
Laws don’t matter.

We the people are allowing this to happen because we are collectively too scared to do anything about it.

The DOJ is not for Justice anymore.

The country is lost. Trump cannot save it, no one person can yet we lack the fortitude to stand together so here we shall fail together.
He wouldn't mind shooting some libs before he gets into heaven:
I will not give up on the land my forefathers fought to protect and preserve. If that means my death to do the same then so be it. I’m only passing through heading to my eternal home anyway.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Connecting the dots and they all lead back to Soreass.

I know I just did a Soros post, but this one is pretty diverse. Turns out Soros gave some money to Al Gore to publicize global warming. You'd think a liberal giving to a liberal cause would be pretty normal, but with SOROS evil plots are assumed.
Between Soros and Al Gore you get an almost potpourri-like melange of craziness on all sorts of topics, from Soros scapegoating stuff Freepers don't like, to calling global warming advocacy anti-white, to some amazing junk science; I cannot let this thread go unmocked.

Freedom'sWorthIt explains that global warming is because Soros is leading the elites who want us to be poorer so we are easier to rule, which is some questionable sociology, especially if you believe Freeper CW2 chest-beating.
Global Warming is a lie meant to degrade the way of life of all so that the empowered elite can rule over us without a whimper from us “peasants”. It is also meant to bring the USA down to a third world status so that tyrants around the world can flourish while the majority of people in the world suffer.

Soros is truly evil and Algore is one of his many puppets. Obama is another one. And, of course, Hitlery makes three.
b4its2late has decided Soros is behind all bad things:
Scares the hell outta me how engrained the corruption is.

Connecting the dots and they all lead back to Soreass.
Bringing back the oldies, ichabod1 cites abiotic oil:
I don’t know the final answer on Global Warming. I do know we have been dependent on unfriendly countries for oil, and I don’t like the idea of using up all our own oil or coal to be free of those countries influence. It just does not make sense to me to waste a perfectly good resource like sun to make oil and coal companies and unfriendly foreign countries happy. I have grandchildren and they will have grandchildren, and I hope we still have resources in the ground by that time.

IT’s ok, because the oil replenishes itself. It’s sustainable.
WENDLE does a level of cherry picking such that I cannot believe he himself is sincere:
There is absolutely no “global warming”. In fact, the Ant Arctic Ice has reached all time records in covered square miles. This is all a lie to get your stuff.
Yeah, lets concentrate on 2014 and ignore the Arctic, that's the ticket!

DoughtyOne has this amazing post about how global warming is a plot to take our cars and depopulate white people:
We have a bunch of Leftist think tanks driving all this, and I think it is related to wanting to destroy personal car ownership, reduce the global body of White people, and the ultimate destruction of Western civilization.

Nobody but White’s are being asked to stop reproducing in top level nations. If a Hispanic or Black family has a lot of children nobody says a word. Whites? OMG how could they?

Where is diversity pushed?

Central and South America? No.
Africa? No.
Asia? No.
The Middle East? No.
North America? Yes.
White dominated Europe? Yes.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on here.

We are seeing a systematic attack on the United States and Europe.

We better wake up and grasp what is going on as a people, because if we don’t in less than 30 years there may be no White self-determination on the planet.
butlerweave offers the weakest of burns:
Did Al pay taxes on his being a Phony ?
When politics interferes with your faith? angcat, get off Free Republic!
It seems evil has won. I don’t know what to ask god anymore at night.
LUV W manages to switch tones from fury to joking pretty fast...
God help me, but someone needs to take that evil bastard DOWN.

Stand back, I feel the lightning about to strike! LOL!
Soros scapegoat time! butlerweave:
Is Merkel on the Soros payroll ?
E. Pluribus Unum:
I’m waiting for the email that proves Soros bought Glenn Beck.
sevlex is angry about some fancy car?
Was Soros involved with the CCX?
Jenny217 knows SOROS is everywhere and in everything. Except Trump.
Seem everyone has been on the Soro’s payroll one way or another. Diabolical, destructive and cynical in his plan to take over with a One World Order Government. Only thing standing in his way is ‘America’. God help us! Go Trump!

Hillary's Diapers

For whatever reason, Wikileaks has pretty quickly slid down the road to Freeper level Madness. First it was promising anti-Hillary scoops that never materialized, then posting anti-Hillary cartoons, then calling for Hillary to be jailed, and now it's full on tin-foil stuff including ole Vince Foster.

Including taking the fact that someone at the DNC once searched for adult diapers and deciding it could only mean one thing.

Well, this broke the brain of Freeper 2harddrive who has been spamming every thread he sees with off topic pleas to get the word out. Check out his posting history to see his obsession.

This Hillary health thing has a lot of Freepers pretty excited. It's got the Internet sleuths scrutinizing her every photo, it's got the death wishers' hopes up, it's another bullet on the list of 'Hillary lies,' and it's got more than a whiff of pettiness as well, which brings all the Freepers to the yard.

2harddrive knows the occasional CAPS always help you look SANE:
WHY does Drudge NOT carry the Wikileaks news about Hillary Clinton wearing DIAPERS? That was 3 days ago! Especially since Julian Assange's TOP lawyer was murdered 2 days later? To send a MESSAGE to Julian, perhaps?
ground_fog knows when you add conspiracies together you get a narrative:
she has a catheter patch on her leg it was just exposed too..the old bitch is falling apart..not healthy enough to be working in a toll booth much less the Presidency
I don't think Cats Pajamas is taking this seriously enough:
What is that protruding from her stomach? .

She eted a baaaby.
UnBubba starts with what I thought was a joke, but then makes it dark:
I heard Hillary wakes up three times a night.

Twice to pee.

Once to change her diapers.

P.S.; My late friend had the same problem.
Daffynition posts a pic of Hillary with a shit-stain on her butt. A bunch of Freepers believe it; she doesn't give a damn when it's debunked.
You do know that image is a photo shop right?

Here is the real one that was taken in 1996.

Congrats. You found the missing linx. Pffft.
MarMema has a whole new theory!
insulin pump?
Catheter, diapers AND an insulin pump? Wow, news just keeps getting worse for Hillary!

AnthonySoprano wants to point out the serious issue of Hillary's secretly narrow shoulders:
I work with lots of women that age, but none exclusively wear pant suits.

And the Mao jackets have HUGE oversize shoulders. She was snapped on some trip and her shoulders aren’t much wider than her head. She has narrow shoulders.

The media likes to put up stock photos of her during stories, and they show her 10 years ago. That’s purposeful.
jazminerose argues that this is totally an important issue that Hillary's medical records do not clear up somehow:
Anything to do with her health is a legitimate issue.

And don’t think our enemies wouldn’t jump on
the opportunity to embarrass the US.

Bowel or bladder incontinence are symptoms about which we have the right to know.
caww is amused that some are indulging in some wilful ignorance of the publicized fact that Hillary has briefly left the the campaign trail to do some fundraisers:
"Where's Hillary" hashtag still ongoing....folks reporting their last sighting...LOLOL
I guess having never seen Trump, ZagFan is pretty sure 'Hillary fat' is the message that will catch fire with the American People:
If you want to focus on Hillary’s health I would focus on her bring overweight, something that’s obvious from photos.

Ask the question, “Is Hillary Clinton OBESE?” Most people would understand this and it’s not complicated like all of these other suspicions. When greeting Biden the other day on the tarmac her thighs looked huge and a spare tire was evident.

Emphasize that she wouldn’t pass Michelle Obama’s fitness test.

Heck, Michelle wouldn’t even pass her own test. Her butt looks huge lately and her toned arms look flabby.

Trump's immigration confusion sewing Freeper chaos

I'm quite a bit less worried about Trump bringing in a Trump whisperer to keep him on message, since Trump's latest messaging has been as unwise a move as I've seen him make.

Persecuting illegal immigrant is the one principle Freepers will not trample to worship at the altar of The Donald. More than that, Freepers tend to be on a hair trigger on the issue, ready to come down upon any who evince a hint of empathy or pragmatism. This is somewhat cancelled out by their cult of personality around Trump, but Trump still has a lot less room to maneuver than he does in any other arena.

And yet Trump has decided to try to finesse this issue. Of course, to Trump finesse means to both soften and stand firm simultaneously. So you get '"There could certainly be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people," followed shortly by "....but we’re going to follow the laws of this country and what people don’t realize--we have very, very strong laws."

On most other stuff, Freepers are content to listen to the dog whistle and ignore the first part, but this issue the muddy message leaves Freep riven with chaos and angst.

Arm_Bears will give Trump one more chance...
Trump is on the verge of shooting his candidacy in the head.
ncpatriot is all in still:
Trump is very tough, but he has a lot of compassion too.
Sir Napsalot is trying to focus on the red meat and ignore everything else:
The excerpt is misleading.

In the same sentence Trump talked about softening, he said

....but we’re going to follow the laws of this country and what people don’t realize--we have very, very strong laws,” he told Hannity.

To me, that's the strong indication of where Trump's so-called softening is going to come from.
SharpRightTurn is not amused:

How about enforcing laws, deporting illegal aliens (just as Mexico does), and regain control of our borders? Anything wrong with that?

I’ll take sovereignty; Trump can keep the softening.
Will88 is already blaming the GOPe:
I’m afraid some of the GOPe types have gotten to Trump and convinced him that the party must pander specifically to Hispanics rather than appealing to them with issues that affect all citizens and legal residents.

It worked so well for that master panderer Juan McCain. Trump will damage his chances with this by causing some number of voters for whom immigration lawlessness is a top issue to stay home, and it will win few if any new Hispanic voters.

They just can’t figure out that such pandering will likely subtract more votes than it adds.
Donglalinger's crisis mentality is not having any of this Trump nuance:
The wall needs to be built asap,if not Reagan amnesty 2.0 is coming
9YearLurker would like to remind every Freeper of all the ridiculous things they believe and how much they hate illegals:
let’s not pretend that there are only 12 million of them. There are 30 million, at least. And every single one of them — and their offspring — immediately get affirmative action placement at the front of the line of white Americans.

They also already are a majority on the dole, at least three generations in, even if they are those “great, great ones” Trump is talking about that he now more openly admits he wants to legalize.

This population votes overwhelmingly Democrat. It is also overwhelmingly low-skill, at least three generations in.
TheStickman doesn't trust FOX News's transcript of Trump's words:
Are suggesting that Fox News and Trump are part of a left-wing conspiracy to elect Hillery?

FNC has proved this to be the case going back to the very 1st “debate”. eMost of FNC’s talent spend hours daily bashing Trump.

Vote Trump 2016
GOPe Means Bend Over Spell Run is another who picked a sentence he liked and ignored the rest. But how long will the halflife of these denialists be if Trump continues down this path?
This Fox story must of been written by biased liar Megan Kelly.


Which means all illegals have to be deported. As such, Trump’s simply softening his statements to appease those ignorant offended soccer moms that want to appear compassionate while they commit suicide via illegals!
Windflier blames the messenger for asking those trick questions:
Hannity, you frikken dope. What have you done?
Jay Thomas knows the problem is that you always read or hear Trump's words via that evil media:
Listen to Trump not the media, people. It keeps the blood pressure in check. (not you)
Jay Thomas has decided townhall is not media, I guess:
Smell like shamnesty.

Smells like not reading the article nor watching the town hall.
anti-Trump lurkers begin to smugly unveil, like AmericanInTokyo:
Interesting to sit back now, and watch this unfold on FR, a day many of us warned would come.
central_va has always been single issue. Well, plus loving the Confederacy:
Trump is about to lose me. I am not sending any more cash. He is lightening to the squishes.
bobsunshine explains that anyone who doesn't like Trump's new position is just too dumb to see the cleverness in Trump's new position to not do anything different from Obama:
Agree 100% Trump didn't change. He is being very smart on this issue. We all know he can not immediately round up people and put them on a train back to Mexico or wherever ( except for the criminals - Send them back ASAP). Now think what Trump is saying – “we will be humane – we will follow the law” . The Law says deportation if not here legally or overstayed your visa. He is trapping everyone into believing he wants amnesty or something.

Second, who is our “Deportation Force” – — ICE, yes our own government agency. Since the Law is already on the books, they just need the go-ahead. So if you are caught here illegally, then you go back. Period. That’s the law which hasn’t been enforced. Now Congress might not like the law, then they’ve got to change it. I don’t think anyone will fault Trump for “following the law”. So get on board the Trump Train, we still have a few more cars with empty seats, and vote for Trump.
Luircin knows all who doubt Trump on Free Republic have an evil agenda:

Sore Cruzers, sleeper trolls, and accounts I’ve never seen before all getting together for one great big circle jerk of hate on this thread.

I guess they had to go somewhere.
 A commenter hoped Trump never tried to pivot and drove the Freep-train all the way to losevill. I think I agree that would be both the most fun and the best for the country. But seeing Freepers tortured by slowly increasing cognitive dissonance has it's appeal as well.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

NASA: Last month was Earth’s hottest in recorded history

Freepers love to scoff at global warming whenever there's a hint of snow on the ground. But it's been a really hot summer. Record-breaking apparently.
This leads Freepers to have to reach a bit more to discount claims of global warming. And the fallacies they reach for are really quite a testament to motivated reasoning.

dasboot goes with the usual imputing an agenda and refusing to engage:

Trying to stay relevant.

Want more dollars.

Their product is fear.

They must needs to debauch our virgins and throw them into the volcano.

We gots trouble! Right here in River City!
Another of those anti-human environmentalists, Bryanw92 wonders if maybe the temperature we evolved in might be suboptimal for 'the planet'
Statistical obfuscations and outright lies.

The big question is always “what is the perfect temperature for the planet?”
blam is sure the data was skewed somehow! Doesn't bother to look into how:
"NASA: Last month was Earth’s hottest in recorded history"

How many standards did they have to change to reach this conclusion?
MichaelCorleone hates NASA now, which reminds him he also hates Cruz now:
I remember when NASA was a respectable organization.

BTW, isn’t Ted Cruz on some committee or sub-committee for Space or NASA? I don’t hear much from him. Too busy trying to trash Trump I guess.
556x45 is also sure NASA has changed and is probably full of minorities now:
I remember when NASA was a respectable organization.

Was just thinking the same. There was a time when real scientists and engineers worked there. It seems anymore its a parking lot for ‘diversity’ and PC. Sad really given its legacy.
Actually, NASA has a problem with their staff staying on much longer than other agencies and not moving on.

Innocently, I'm sure, The Great RJ mixes up the hottest year in the US with the hottest year in the world:
Has NASA conveniently forgotten 1934?
pfflier explains that you can't break a record twice!
They have said that for a year or two now. Repeat a lie often enough...
BlueYonder proves humans collecting data on anything is useless:
The thermometer was invented 400 years ago (plus or minus a couple of decades).

The Earth is 5,000,000,000 years old.

The thermometer has been around for .00001% of the earth’s history . Temperature records haven’t been kept for all that time - but let’s ignore that for the time being.

The question is, at what point do temperature records even become relevant, scientifically speaking?
mountn man prefers speculation to any sort of data:
I wonder if they took into account May, June, or July of 1956?

When 5,7 and 5 nuclear devices were detonated above ground, by the United States.

6 of which were hydrogen bombs.

Those would skew your temperature readings.
Talk about man made global warming.

in 1961, the USSR had a total of 57 devices tested in Sept, Oct and Nov.

Something tells me the heat from these blasts would tilt all the other readings combined.
Moonman62 starts with hyperbole and then declares it was strawman NASA's hyperbole all along!
According to NASA every month is the hottest on record. The temperature shouldn’t be dipping below 100 by now.
sarge83 blames sequestration on 'king of science' Obama:
NASA’s attempt to be relevant and get funding for anything since they voted their king of science in obama. Then he promptly gutted their agency. You made your bed NASA.
AllAmericanGirl44 - trust no one!
I’m more convinced then ever that ALL the agencies have been co-opted. 
minnesota_bound - SOROS! *mic drop*
George Soros gave Al Gore $30 million over 3 years to lie.
How much has he given those that run NASA?

Freepers getting less thrilled with defending George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman, of shooting Trayvonn Martin fame, was boasting about it in a bar and got punched. When last I posted on Zimmerman's saga of post-shooting violence and trouble, I wondered whether Freepers' paranoia was up to the task of continuing to cover for this guy.

So far, it's holding, but you can tell they're not super into it anymore.

sagar does not understand how shame is different from guilt:
If True, Zimmerman is an absolute moron - he should never, ever mention that event again. Even though he did the right thing, many people only know the caricature of events as narrated by leftists, i.e., liars.

Why not? Since GZ did the right thing, talking about it is NOT wrong. It is his first amendment right to talk and speak up so that others know what they can do to defend themselves. Since he was acquitted of any crime, he has first amendment rights.
bigtoona is pretty willing to write this guy off:
He was a democrat at the time of the shooting if I remember correctly. It may explain his wacky nature...
digger48 doesn't bother with any spin, and just relies on all the past work he's done rationalizing Zimmerman as not a violent ass:
When it comes to George Z., you can pretty much take it to the bank that this headline and story are 180 degrees from the truth..
Altura Ct. is even lazier than that!
I trust little to nothing of what the press says about racial issues
Now SaraJohnson brings the specialized reality denying I was expecting!
I don’t believe the story that he was bragging. That is a cover story for the aggressor to look justified, is my guess.
Maverick68 forgives Saint Zimmerman for all he does:
Some people say :”Zimmerman has been acting like an idiot”...
After the treatment he received by the press and the thuggish culture, he has every damn right to act any way he pleases.
But Gold Star families had better watch themselves!

RetiredArmyMajor smugly points out that Zimmerman is a killer:
Not sure I’d go around punching people who have been known to defend themselves with deadly force against people who started punching them.