Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grappling with the Charleston Shooter's motives

Via Anonymous. Freepers try to find reasons other than racism for the Charleston Church massacre. Then, Iching basically endorses the shooting as righteous revenge for the black war on whites that the right has been ginning up for years. It's fucking awful.

FiddlePig isn't having a lot of luck with the "he's thinking like a liberal" thing:
Dylann Roof’s clearly learned his philosophy from liberals… their twisted thought processes are exactly the same! Blame everybody but the perps… pure liberal thinking! The only difference was the targets, Roof blamed ALL black people for the crimes of a few, and like liberals always advocate, he sadly “punished” only those who were innocent.
Using a broad brush to paint all liberals as painting with a broad brush is quite a trick. a fool in paradise tries to distract with some Obama tin foil:
If anyone knows about terrorism, it is the Obama Hate Department that had Gaddafi whacked in support of Islamonazi terrorists.
Chewbarkah weaves an elaborate narrative of this being a war on accomplishment:
By all reports, Dylann Roof was a slacker, ninth grade dropout, frequent drug-abuser, and obsessive video-game player, from a broken home with a violent father. He recently lost a bid for a girlfriend to a black guy.

People like Roof, of whatever race, find it hard to answer the question, “Why am I a complete loser and unable to change that?” by looking in the mirror. Racially-charged on-line rhetoric, crime statistics, news of hideous crimes chosen for publicity because of race, a culture that gives idiocy and criminality a pass, are pretty convincing to an ignorant coward who does not really want a solution.

Roof didn’t attack BGI leaders or crooked prosecutors or New Black Panther HQ. His first plan was to murder college students, then switched to elderly church ladies who most assuredly had never raped white wimin or taken over anything. I doubt these targets were picked for maximizing impact of terrorist deeds (i.e., grabbing maximum publicity via outrageousness to undermine public faith in their government to protect them). He chose people who had self-respect, who were trying to improve themselves, their souls, or their community, and as such were a major rebuke to someone who feels worthless but lacks the initiative to do anything positive. Anti-black propaganda gave Roof a convenient excuse. Calling him a terrorist dignifies Roof unfairly.
IChing then comes in and says this was a righteous massacre:
The AME hurch has been behind all the rioting and mayhem in places like Sanford, Ferguson, Baltimore, etc., and Roof’s attack coincided with the anniversary of a black slave uprising/slaughter of whites led by Denmark Vesey who also helped found the AME church. Roof knew what he was doing.
Lest you doubt him, IChing explains:
The bottom line is that Roof acted because whites are being slaughtered and raped by blacks across the land, for year after year after year, AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT; the information is being hidden from the public, etc.
IChing is still arguing for white terrorism:
You’re asking me if terrorism is justified, then. I suppose in some cases, it is. The firebombing of civilians in Dresden and other Axis cities in order to completely break the enemy’s will, etc., eh? And when is it justified for whites to do something like Roof did about the race terrorism blacks have been waging against random, innocent, defenseless old white ladies and other vulnerable victims for decades?
Wow, a real life terrorist wannabe idiot.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

ConservativeWarriors seems to actually think gay marriage will be mandatory soon:
I’m going to go out and marry a dude so I don’t get thrown in jail for being with a woman!
skeeter has a cartoonish view of the cartoonish views of liberals:
We should also remember that honorable Americans fought on both sides in the Civil War, including slave holders in the Union Army from states such as Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware, and that many non-slave holders fought for the South.

With the doctrinaire blockheads on the left this most certainly will not compute. To them, life is like a Disney movie where the bad guys are the bad guys - no nuance, no acceptable alternative perspective.

Their whole worldview crumbles into the fever swamp of their minds if they allow their brains to engage.
Democrat_media knows the TPP requires that all people in the third world immigrate to America:
Because of today’s vote Obamatrade now will pass . Today’s vote passing TPA made Obamatrade a certainty because TPA banned adding amendments to TPP . The Senate could have used amendments to stop TPP . Now TPP won’t be stopped. so those who campaigned here for it’s passage are also responsible for the destruction of America. FYI there are 6 billion people in the 3rd world. Obama is about to bring most of them to the USA .They are coming here now so the USA is done.
Art in Idaho knows Amazon's ban on Confederate merchandise couldn't have been the market:
So, Obama ordered Amazon to stop selling the Stars and Bars. . speaks volumes. . Time to water the tree of liberty before it’s too late?
Nea Wood joins the ranks of South Carolina shooting truthers:
I have wondered the same things about the Charleston killings. Hollywood could not have concocted a more “perfect” story. White guy has been pictured with Confederate battle flag, has gone to “racist” web sites, guns down innocent blacks as they sit in a Bible study in church! It’s exactly the kind of case the media and government have been salivating for. They tried to portray Trayvon, Michael Brown, etc. a certain way, but those cases did not work out for them. So they arranged for a case that would be “perfect.” I wouldn’t be surprised.
mrsmel loves her some KKK propaganda:
Hm. “Birth Of A Nation” is one my all-time favorite movies, at least in the top 5.
fella blames blacks for the coming race war:
I find it interesting that Mr. Roof’s dream of sparking a race war is being fulfilled by the race baiters, politicians and media. (The last 2 are kind of redundant)
john316 makes some associations:
NAACP==>Democrats==>the new Apartheid
Forward the Light Brigade screws up history really badly:
The Truth is much of the Confederate Army were black. If it was about freedom why didn’t the slaves revolt when all the white boys were gone fighting the Yankees? Its about Jim Crow—Repression, racism for political purposes. Its not a flag, its not hate—its about power in the Democratic Party and getting Hillary the all powerful Black Vote.
Bluewater2015 is worried God is gonna smite the US soon:
I’m especially concerned about what will happen if SCOTUS forces same-sex “marriage” upon the United States. This has me worried. There have been plenty of divine shots across the bow (mostly of a climactic nature) over the past 6 months. I fear that all you-know-what will literally break loose if SCOTUS forces same-sex “marriage” on the United States. Stock plenty of batteries and bottled water just in case. And check your sump pumps. Make sure they work. Not sure all this will help if you live on a fault line (something for Golden Staters to worry about).
LRoggy is optimistic Obamacare will bring down Hillary's campaign:
lose the battle, win the war.

Thanks to this ruling the Dems are now FULLY liable politically going forward.

And Hillary will likely be the defender in 2016 of this lemon.

When the ballot booth closes the reaction will be swift and angry. Particularly because the business side of the effects are going to come through by then.

Just wait until you see the large insurers try to merge with each other . . . pitchforks will be a blazing . . .
2harddrive makes SCOTUS RADICAL:
It is no longer the Supreme Court. It is the EXTREME Court!
Even before the gay marriage decision, GraceG thinks most of the justices are gay, or worse:
How many of these 6 (Roberts, Kennedy, Ginsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, and Kagan ) are HOMOSEXUALS ?

The gauntlets are off now....

Roberts is a Pedophile, there I said it!

My statement is intentional slander and libel, come get me fed gov, Roberts, Prove ME wrong you kiddie fiddling piece of crap!

This has GOT to be what they HAVE ON Roberts!!!!

What ELSE could they have on this Weasel???
tet68 wonders if blacks aren't guilty about being enslaved:
I have been pondering the idea that so much of the bruhaha over “white privilege” can actually be traced to black guilt over not revolting and freeing them selves but having been freed by whites.
Battle Hymn of the Republic has an even crazier website to go to:
I have to admit I have been following GLP more than FR since the shooting... as hateful as some of the GLP people are (which I don't agree with).

Seems some of GLP people have been right on a lot of things lately. They are like my crazy uncle... Just my 2 cents...
proud American in Canada has been posting a lot about her battles with her liberal daughter and husband.
My daughter kept saying, “you probably love that guy, that guy who kept out that group, that Lesbian group...”

I said, “Putin?”

“Yes, that’s him!” she said.

I said, “well, I don’t love him, but he certainly knows how to run a tight ship.” :)

I found it pretty amazing that she recalled that Putin did that (she’s barely sixteen!).

Like I’ve said, I spent a lot of time debating, trying to educate my daughter, and trying to listen to her. Unfortunately, I think I was so upset I spent more time trying to educate her than listening to her.

But, she was open to it. She is young. All we can do is pray and do the best we can.
Savage Beast may not be reading Free Republic very carefully:
Non-Christians are particularly angered by Christ's commandments for forgiveness and universal love.

This is fundamental to Christianity.
tflabo gives the Freep take on the gay marriage Supreme Court majority:
AnPhoney Kennedy is the swinging rainbow chameleon on the court.Some Catholic too ay? His friends there as..
Ruth Buzzard-—the atheist gargoyle missing from top of an old building facade.
Burglarized Breyer-—hairless leftist old woman posing as a wimpy de-balled man. No locks on head but he better have on his doors.
So NY Soda Made her-— head housekeeper of the Ritz hotel got a promotion to the SCOTUS building in DC.
She Leans a Hag— Mama Cass incarnated redux of no talent.
John RobsUS— nuanced chief Injustice utterly ObamaScarred bribed.
newfreep yearns for fictional nostalgic America:
I’m very despondent this morning and losing hope for our future. Friday, I saw “Field of Dreams” on cable and the message of American goodness brought tears to my eyes knowing we have just about lost that foundation the Founders gave us.
petitfour wonders if Reagan Himself wasn't part of the secret gay mafia...
Ronald and Nancy had many gay friends, they were from Hollywood after all. We know one of his pallbearers, Merv Griffin, was gay.

I didn’t know that. Hmm.

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Old Sarge doesn't know black helicopters are so Clinton Administration:
partly because of this fear that’s churned up the FACT that the federal government and the black helicopters are all coming to get your guns

As stated in your executive actions, Husayn...
SunkenCiv is not a fan of self-sufficiency:
self-sustaining community = collective hive
So all those Freeper preppers...

The thing is, demshateGod, yes ya do.
How many people voted to define marriage? How many people have tried to redefine it? We don’t have to put up with this.
clintonh8r GOT TO SAY IT!
WTF is a president doing on a program called “WTF” and saying “nigger”?
HarleyLady27 has a new nickname for Obama:
What’s the ‘slob boy’ you can’t hear the truth about you and everything your ‘muslim brotherhood’ stands for?

I’m not saying that FNC is what it used to be, but they are getting to the ‘slob boy’ and whatever they are doing, they should keep it up to unravel the POS!!!
jwalsh07 knows the GOP's only hope is voter suppression:
Defeating Hillary is an uphill (no pun) battle.

The demo that she owns is the swing demo, younger women and Latinos.

How she loses is, well, unimaginable. Scandals don’t matter to this demo. I doubt there is a violent act in her past that would cause defection.

It’s all about the feeling of security. She can pull this off as she is perceived to be a women’s President.

The Republicans would have better luck peeling off the other Democratic supporters: black, liberals, and various non tax payers.

You’re correct of course. People simply do not understand that we have already joined Rome on the fallen list in national elections. Clinton can be beat but only by depressing turnout among her special groups.
GeronL is ready!
time to impeach
conservatism_IS_compassion's Benghazi story is getting more and more outlandish:
She murdered four Americans in Benghazi.

She set up more than four Americans; it was the valor of some who disregarded orders and “rode to the sound of the guns” who kept the death toll as low as four.
central_va knows Cruz's Latin blood will out:
This is why I have trouble with Cruz. I like him but in the end race trumps all, except for whites. We are not allowed to go there.
central_va on the joys of slavery:
If I told you you could live to be 70 years old on a plantation and have many grand children or be dead at age 17 dealing drugs and gang banging which would you chose?
RipSawyer is also pro-slavery:
I’m for compromise, take the flag off the state house grounds and fly it over a new jail where all who walk around with their belts around their knees flying their underwear as a flag will serve thirty days for each offense.

Three time offenders will be locked up there for life. The facility should include forty fenced acres where inmates will grow cotton, corn etc. with mules during growing seasons. At other times logs will be hauled in so they can cut firewood with handsaws and axes.

There should be chickens for them to tend, pigs to feed and butcher when they are ready, cows to milk and vegetables to grow and freeze or can.

Before someone screams about how awful that is let me add that it is no worse than the way I grew up aside from the fact that I was not fenced in, little did that matter of course, I had nowhere else to go. No one ever accused my parents of mistreating me and I have never been charged with a crime in my life other than a traffic ticket.
"aside from the fact that I was not fenced in" is a kinda big aside...

who knows what evil? thinks the market is still on his side:
Businesses should start offering a discount to customers who can display an item with the confederate flag (lighters, keychains, and such). A great way to flip off the scum on the left.
Former Fetus is crusading for the Stars and Bars:
My house member has said yes to bringing down the flag. I won't forget it, when election day comes. My senator has not replied so far... he obviously needs a phone call and be reminded of Gov. Beasley's fate when he messed with our flag.
fwdude is now a noble 5th columnist:
I stopped displaying my American Flag 2 years ago when the SCOTUS undefined marriage in 2012. It now represents the federal government of an enemy nation to me.
wayoverontheright seems to have forgotten Byrd's heartfelt apology and voting record:
Any case made that the Confederate Battle flag represents historical racism could also be made against anything named for Robert Byrd, possessed of a more recent history of racism.
VerySadAmerican once had a liberal...?
They’ll never ban Nazi stuff. Nazis killed the Jews. Jews are bad. The KKK also hates Jews. Which proves the left does not believe the Stars and Bars represents the KKK. Otherwise, they’d ban the Nazi stuff and all other groups who have anything in common with the KKK.

This was written using what little is left of the liberal I once had.
Goreknowshowtocheat is rolling gold fringe tonight:
Neither the 16th or the 17th were properly ratified, but corrupt judges hold them in place.
cmj328 does not understand forgiveness at all:
If they truly wanted to honor him and what he stood for, they would build a Clementa Pinckney memorial - a statue of the Hon. Rev., surrounded by his eight companions, with the Confederate Battle flag in his loving hands, and an inscription on the base saying, “I forgive you.”

But this isn’t really about honor and healing, it’s about scapegoating and effeminate anger - qualities the gunman had in spades.
I think Scalia is calling for a rebellion of some sort.
odawg knows the South Carolina governor isn't really American:
The governor was raised by immigrants. Do you really think they could transfer the American mind to their daughter, when they did not have it themselves? It is impossible to cross a border and leave your alien ways of thinking at the border. Becoming “Americanized” doesn’t happen overnight. If you moved to Mexico, how long would it take for you to imbibe all the subtle nuances of Mexican life? And loyalties?

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday Pix

Of course Obama's a goofy, inept Satan.
The Constitution is rotten now.
Yeah, the main issue in Syria is that the regime isn't representative.
I switched from CNN to Lies, but then I found More Lies...
The Cold War ending sure does suck!

Gay marriage

And the hits just keep coming. Everyone, Freepers included, saw this coming a mile away. But, unlike the ACA, here they can turn to the Bible's more apocalyptic passages to aid them in their quest to be more outraged than they always are these days.

Dr. Thorne tries to hate Kennedy more than he already did:
Anthony Kennedy is the stupidest man to ever sit on the SCOTUS. His decisions are utter laugh riots as they meander through his rusted mind, short-circuiting and refuting his own premises.

Thanks Ronald Reagan for giving us this idiot. I fully expect that God's Wrath will fall on the U.S. sooner rather than later.
HomerBohn brings the drama, as always:
The nation is crumbling, dying under our very feet thanks to all the sodomy that is the central communist government apparatus. The SCOTUS is now meaningless to decent America!

Now it’s easy for the UN and the NWO to enter the fray and fold this now meaningless nation into Satan and the communist pope’s brave new world.
I'm not clear how sodomy is a government apparatus, but that does sound kinky!

longtermmemmory lays out his subtle plan to...purge all liberals.
we should not be whining but we should be planning.

1. Take over all local republican clubs (and democrat) and purge any liberals or meaningless moderates.

2. Purge unelected bureaucrats via attrition and not replacing their offices.

3. government union dues can not be collected by the government.

4. Purge law schools of left wing only professor staff. Shut down student loan mills, remove the ABA from the accreditation process.

5. Pick a target. Judges. Demonize it. Judges. Polarize it. Judges.

This is not the first time a judge has made up law. We just never see it because lower end rank and file judges have no fear of being reversed on appeal.
Chauncey Uppercrust blames black people for not being single issue anti-gay voters:
If anybody in the Liberal Black Church says they are outraged by this, I am going to scream. They voted for it every time they voted Democrat, along with anybody that voted Democrat, they all have blood on their hands.
concerned about politics forgot Muslims!
Of the Blacks and Queers, for the Blacks and Queers, By the Blacks and Queers.

That's because oboma is said to be both.
concerned about politics counsels Christians to shut themselves in superstitious fear of demons:
Evil has been unleashed. It's no longer in hiding.

Keep your own conscience and life clean. Teach your children to live a normal and natural life. Individualism and individual responsibility will save you from the plagues to come because of this. People cannot make war with nature and natures God and expect to win.
Christians - sell outside your community, but ONLY buy within it if you can. This will give you funding for your needs and the needs of your fellow Christians who are about to be persecuted because of this abomination.
Do not be part of this evil world.

Diabolical forces are formidable.These are eternal, and they exist today. The fairy tale is true. The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges upon which one we elect to follow.
concerned about politics then hopes for superAIDS:

They can't declare war on nature and natures God and expect to win. AIDs was their warning. The next plague will be bigger, stronger, faster, and deadlier. In fact, I believe this ruling has given nature the go ahead.

Watch for it. Buy your popcorn now.
Personal Responsibility thinks this legal case proves gays are above the law:
Situations where the letter of the law matters:

- If you are white
- If you are male (or a female who denies feminist teaching)
- If you are straight
- If you do not believe global warming is an issue
- If you have enough money to be ok

Situations where the letter of the law does not matter:

- If you are black, hispanic or some other racial minority
- If you are female (and a feminist)
- If you are gay
- If you believe in global warming
- If you have enough money to buy power/decisions in your favor

This is not a complete list but they are clearly true.
DBrow is also all up on the coming Christian persecution:
So now any pastor or priest who will not perform a gay marriage is a criminal. I expect that we’ll hear that any such church will lose tax-exempt status, to bring them in line without jailing anyone yet.
Leep's predictions are even more unrealistic:
I am guessing public sex.
Man/boy love.
They need the high of “pushing” social norms.
This isn’t about “homo marriage” Its about control, money and power.
ducttape45 - America is officially doomed.
This country is doomed, officially, it’s doomed. Black robed tyrants have now sealed God’s judgment upon us. There is no other way to look at it.
demshateGod is slowly coming around to the hate America kind of patriotism:
The only advantage America has over any other country is fairly good wages and gun rights. Nothing more. If anyone cites our history and our founding as making us exceptional, that actually is to our shame. Not since the Nation of Israel has a nation squandered so much.
Good luck with that, Impy.
I thinking of not using Google any more because of their pro-fag messages on their homepage.

Blow me, Google.
mn-bush-man maintains his Roberts = secret liberal hate:
Roberts ONLY voted the way he did because his vote wasn’t needed.
JimRed is fighting the terminology fight:
...now GAYCARE


HOMOSEXUAL, because there's nothing GAY about it.
liberalism is suicide exhorts America to mourn America's death, which is quite a trick.
This country is dead. Flags need to be at half-mast to mourn its passing.
Stay tuned next week, as Freepers are already turning from blind outrage to sullen claims of future persecution, and scrambling to find ways to not feel so impotent.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Spotlight Friday: HomerBohn

What makes this guy stand out is not his beliefs. Well, other than his habit to explicitly call for a conservative dictatorship. But his views are largely the usual - Muslims must be deported, the GOP is in league with the Democrats to destroy America, Obama is a Muslim, blah blah blah.

But Homer brings hyperbole and drama. They aren't illegals, they're "disease-ridden animals crawling towards the voting both." This coming election is America's last chance, just like all the previous ones. His ability to maintain such an energy level is impressive, really.

The other interesting thing is that he's one of those Catholics who thinks all the Popes since Vatican II have been heretical fake-Popes. A hyperbolic faith for a hyperbolic man.

the most IMPORTANT time EVER in the history of the United States of America
Fact is that upcoming is the most IMPORTANT time EVER in the history of the United States of America. We cannot elect another Democrat to serve in the White House, and more importantly, the SKANK Hillery Rodham Clinton. If you think things are bad with this Black/White ISIS supporting Muslim President in the WH today, wait until these American Idiots elect Hitlery. Talking about the SHTF, we will be kissing the US goodbye forever. 12 years of Democrat Marxist leadership will NOT be a good thing. We MUST prevent this from happening AT ALL COSTS, even if it means a RE-Revolutionary WAR.
Soon, everybody will be dead I guess?
When this current evil regime packs up and moves off to their new headquarters in the Obama Liebrary and Foundation, this nation will be in ruins similar to Dresden at the end of WWLII.
Who taught him to hate:
Wookie could be wearing a gorgeous gown of gold, spun by fairies and she'd still be what she is: a large caboose-d (you could play pinochle on that posterior) zombie-brained socialist so advanced that there would never be any reasoning with her.

Top that off with being wedded to the worst thing to happen to America since the civil war and you have two bottom feeders, much like the Clintons, but intent on completely destroying our nation now reduced to pitiful status.

A curse on them AND the damned Clintons: they've taught too many of us to hate!
pee-pee in the anus!
Homosexuals are only happy when either someone has shoved their pee-pee up their anus, or they are shoving their pee-pee up another’s anus.

The anus and the pee-pee are two objects of their adoration and love.

Ingesting fecal matter is another of their filthy practices where they either lick the stick or the anus itself.

Homosexuals are just not very tidy people and their health statistics are a horror.

However disgusting and evil their sodomy is they will still have their ‘gay pride’ demonstrations to convince themselves that what they are doing with each other is an honorable thing.

Skeeter Obama thinks it’s honorable and many people believe his butt rangering days were over when the idiots elected him president twice.

The Holy Bible explains what polite society did to homosexuals in olden times.
Note the advocacy of stoning the gays at the end there!

A growing problem.
This is why imprisoned negroes join the jihad.
Additionally, property owners should be the only ones that could vote. This would eliminate all of Manhattan AND boroughs.
An evocative description of Hillary:
Hillary is such a repugnant piece of work, that in a normal world and a polite society she would be relegated to cleaning ‘men’s’ latrines.

She looks like she has a serious vaginal disease. (No doubt due to a Muslim tongue.)
Our last pope was Pius Xii
The business of the new catholic religion is more about joining the rabid left and forget what Christ admonished Peter to do with His church on earth.

Francis, the talking mlule, now is foaming at the mouth over his new Eco-mania. He is joining the abortionists and the other Godless leftist crazies in a made dash to save the 'planet' from gorebal warming and those who call it junk science.

His recent statement begins thusly:

"Unsustainable consumption coupled with a record human population and the use of inappropriate technologies are casually linked with the destruction of the world's sustainability and resilience."

Like everything he's said since becoming pope, this makes little sense to adults with functioning brains.

No thinking scientists are being invited to attend the pope's little symposium on the ridiculous theory of the earth warming. As a matter of fact there's been no recorded warming over the past eighteen years.

Francis, like Obama, is a man with a devilishly evil mission as did his predecessors. Our last pope was Pius Xii.
A sober take in the issues of illegal immigration:
Who will be the next victim before our government takes a stand against ILLEGAL immigration and begins authorization of mass deportations? If Eisenhower could do it in the 50s, why can't we now? The reason is that the stupid Republican Party wants the Democrats to win elections with all these disease-ridden animals crawling towards the voting both.
What military drills really mean:
While the country has been sleeping and watching America's Got Talent, the preparation has been made to incorporate "control" for the Agenda 21 One World Government and economy that they are shooting for. It was very interesting when the operation organizers said : "please do not be alarmed".....that was what the Nazi SS Guards told the people entering the camps in Poland : "please do not be alarmed, the machine guns are for your protection only"......
His natural Presidential candidate:
Walker still looks acceptable, but Trump keeps looking better all the time.
The first completely black-hearted president
Wasn’t Hillay’s husband the 1st black president?

He was the first completely black-hearted president before the current parasitic foreign exchange student.

I know that covers a lot of ground when one considers FDR, LBJ and a host of others.
Obama poops in the White House!
With our Republican majority in Congress, how can he continue to eat, sleep and sh*t in the now disgraced White Hovel? After all, those Republicans we voted for are true Conservatives, aren’t they?

Third party, third party, third party......need a leader.
Bernie Sanders should be institutionalized:
Like all communists, Bernie's brain is severely damaged, but his vocal cords remain intact. He won't shut up.

He is, though, very much like a watermelon: green on the outside, red on the inside. This man needs to be admitted to an institution for the insane.
The time has come for an American Pinochet to save us:
The times are ripe now for a takeover of this nation by the far right! At this point I would welcome a benevolent despot like Francisco Franco or Augusto Pinochet. If this garbage that's running this nation doesn't think this is possible, then luck is on the right side

Such a takeover would not only affect the elite political class of asshats, but would sound the death knell for these prideful homosexuals and also our polluted system of courts.

The population would be emptied of all illegal housebreakers and Muslims. You wouldn't be able to see a minaret anywhere. The present exchange student occupying the White Hovel would be just a blot on this nation's history.
Yep, he's all for American Fascism:
The exclusive Congress Club should be forbidden to pass any legislation. They should just hold congenial meetings and retire afterwards to their tony quarters.

A benevolent despot, like Francisco Franco, would kick them out of the government buildings, tear out the phones and WiFi gear, then board up the doors.

The traitorous dogs amongst them would be sentenced to a life at hard labor....or something somewhat worse.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

ACA upheld, again

Helluva week for Freepers, from the white gunman to the Confederate flag, and now the ACA survived another challenge, albiet a silly one.

Some are calling this the height of Freeper rage. But if you look back at when the ACA passed, and when it survived a legitimate challenge, I think tempers and tears were actually higher then.

But just because their outrage banks are long empty doesn't mean that Freepers don't have some choice drama to give. If you're like me, you spent most of today basking in it. Here is my favorite of the many, many threads on the issue.

cuban leaf says this is it. This is the last straw:
And at this point we have lost our republic.

June 25th, 2015. A day of infamy.
Maybe it's just 'cause it's summer, but fwdude is one of an increasing number of Freepers taking refuge in flag wankery:
I refuse to fly or display the American Flag anymore. It now represents a Marxist nation.
Another trend is typified by Bob434, who thinks the recent liberal success is because God now hates America:
After growing up In the greatest generation- the 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s- it is heartbreaking watching the rapid destruction of everything we cherished and worked so hard for and died for-

It is very obvious God is judging this nation for turning our backs on Him- and what’s even sadder is watching this destruction happen with the full blessings and compliance of a supposed republican/conservative Supreme Court justice
Conservativism cannot fail, but for the Lord's almighty hand!

phormer phrog phlyer knows soon you will pray to your justice of choice!
They will transition from our black robe masters to our black robed gods. We are living in interesting times, I find myself praying more than I can recall, may God have mercy on us.

FlingWingFlyer is pretty sure Obama is banging all 9 justices:
SCOTUS! Barack Hussein’s DC harem. Da Kenyan owns da court. This is starting to remind me of an old gangster movie.
FlingWingFlyer knows the Supreme Court has never ruled against Obama:
I’m afraid the homo thing was a done deal a long time ago. The Kenyan OWNS the U.S. Supreme Court.
St_Thomas_Aquinas is sure this case will be forgotten, except for Scalia's dissent:
Good for Scalia. That phrase is all that will be remembered about this.
Leaning Right is horrified by the proposition that decent health care might someday be a right:
Obamacare will now be deemed a "civil right."

I think you're on to something. Eventually, and perhaps sooner than later, everything the far left wants will be deemed a "civil right". And everything the far left opposes will be a "hate crime".

But like so many other things, if these changes are introduces gradually, no one will notice.
Eric in the Ozarks is still hoping:
Nothing in the decision can prevent the wholesale destruction of this law when the Obamas leave DC...
demshateGod, though, concentrates on the alienation:
We have to understand Obama is the face of a revolution. The way government in America used work is over.
I think he called Boomers the greatest generation...

TheConservator hates the system now, man:
If you read this decision, it’s like the majority is saying “FUCK YOU” to the rule of law, and laughing about it.

There is no longer the slightest moral reason to obey the system.
annieokie just reflexively blames hippies:
This nation was ruined when those filthy hippies infiltrated and dominated govt, education and media. We’re just reaping the fruits now.

beginning with the hippie Clintons.
annieokie continues to prove she was no fun in the 1960s.
When the toons and his tree hugging hippie friends came on the scene, I said at that time "one day one of those filthy dirty pot smoking hippies will be president of the united states." far out.............man

Who could have predicted a muslim though? how did we not see that one coming at us?
GizzyGirl should probably cut down on the Freep.
I literally cried when they passed this law, and I cried again when Pelosi so ceremoniously paraded to the official signing. I cried again when SCOTUS ruled it a tax, and today, I have no more tears! We have lost our republic, I completely agree. Saying that brings tears...