Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday Spotlight: TigerClaws

Ever wonder who the gullible audience for fake news is?

TigerClaws has been rather a lunatic for a while. But the election seems to have sent him spiraling away from reality much further than before, and the Trump victory has not pushed him towards sanity. Used to be, he just thought everything was a false flag. Now he sees pedophiles, cannibalism, and voter fraud everywhere.

He doesn't make his own conspiracies, he relies on 4Chan and the like for that. Most of the time; sometimes he can't resist speculating. Thus, he has become the go-to Freeper for Pizzagate, though that is far from the only silliness he's pushing at the moment.
When Freepers call him out, he claims he's just sharing stuff for public interest, And while I at first thought he was super into these theories, he later says he doesn't believe any of it, but posts it to keep Freepers motivated...

Hiding your crazy behind the mask of an amoral propagandist doesn't seem like a recipe for a great self-image, but here we are.

False flag?
Tip Leads Bomb Squad To Man Suspected Of Making Bombs In Richmond Home To Harm Muslims

Read the last sentence. False flag?

How quickly will the media jump nationally to blame Trump for this? He should say, "This has nothing to do with Trumpism!"
False letter?
Father disowns his gay son in heart-rending letter after he comes out

Fake letter from drama queen seeking sympathy for political gain.
False Flag?
Six protesters were arrested in California border town.

Setting the stage for a false flag attack here soon.

It’s what kept Clinton in office for a second 4 years.
OKlahoma City, of course.
Clinton knew about McVeigh before the attack but helped him do it so he could win a second term. Hope it doesn’t come to that before next November.
All bad guys are preemptive Democrats.
Active shooter in Linden, New Jersey in custody

One less vote for Hillary.
Even when things turn out to be hoaxes, he still believes.
Teenage Girl Admits Making up Migrant Rape Claim That Outraged Germany

I’m sure the government had no interest in finding out the truth here.

Remember, Hillary told us to ALWAYS believe the victim...
Protester at Trump rally was unarmed and had no violent plans. Maybe a dry run assassin?
If he is a Clinton operative, this might have been a dry run.

What did they learn?

1. How Trump would react?

2. How his typical crowd would react?

3. How his Secret Service would react?

They learned the Trump crowd reacted quickly, altered the SS (”Gun!”), tackled the guy.

A Hinkley-style ‘lone wolf’ setup won’t work with a Trump rally.

So they’ll probe for other weaknesses.
You know what's awesome? Poverty! So he's an asshole as well as a crazy person.
Free rent via Section 8. Free Obama phones. Free groceries. Free healthcare. Free schools. Free breakfast and lunch for their kids. Free pre-school.

Yep. Sounds pretty easy to me...
Not a fan of Kasich:
Kasich needs to retire. NO MORE CUCKSERVATIVES!
Kasich: Gay pedo.

He into guys or the under-18ers as well?
Tim Kaine: Gay.
Gay boy messed up big.

They want this closet case as POTUS because they’ve got him under their thumb.
"I get away with the occasional Conspiracy post..."
I get away occasionally with ‘conspiracy theory’ posts. I do them maybe 1/10 posts and do have a bit of a track record. Know they aren’t for everyone and respect the Mods here to weed out my b.s.

Occasionally the ‘right wing nut jobs’ come up with some good finds!
Hastert proves pedophiles can happen in Washington, so why not a massive conspiracy?
Hastert was Speaker of the House. Leading Republican. Pedophile.

Do you think the people who voted for him KNEW this when they voted for him? Was he that good hiding it?

Go look at the video of Spirit Cooking. Tell me THAT is normal behavior. Podesta was, what? 50,000 votes from being Chief of Staff for President Hillary Clinton.

You’re experiencing Cognitive Dissonance. You’ve limited your mind within certain parameters to create a comfort zone for your life. We all do.

Now that you’ve been exposed to the truth you’re rejecting it because you really don’t want to believe the people who rule over us are capable of these terrible deeds. But they are.

Wikileaks has exposed much.

More will be exposed.

We can’t rely on the MSM or FBI, as we’ve seen.

Citizen journalists and leakers are the new protectors of our Republic. They got Trump elected.
Something about the Podestas kidnapping some girl? Or assassinating Scalia, it's not clear.
Latest is “insider FBI sources say” the podesta brothers were in Portugal at the time of her disappearance.

Interestingly Clement Freud, friend of Podesta and later revealed as a child pedo, invited the parents to stay at his house following the abduction per Daily Mail.
Is Pizzagate really about cannibalism?
Another theory on what happened to the victims.

With Pizzagate we have focused on child sexual abuse primarily relating to Pizzagate, but let’s not forget where we started on the Podesta Wikileaks and the occult: Spirit Cooking.

Tony Podesta had a piece of ‘art’ that had long pigs with faces of humans instead of the pigs. Go (and it’s graphic) search “long pig art” and see what you find.

Other images at the Spirit Cooking parties were of people eating cakes that were shaped like full life humans as well as actual cannibalism ‘art pieces’ such as human heads popping out of tables and human bodies mixed with food.

We also found out that John Podesta spent summers while attending Georgetown Law School not clerking for high-paying D.C. law firms but... slaughtering pigs.

Is Pizzagate really about cannibalism?

Would explain a good use for a 1,000 degree pizza oven.

Explains the cages we saw in the back room at Comet. Explains all the food talk and talk substituting people for food (pizza, hot dogs).

Also remember Sir Clement Freud was a ‘celebrity chef.’

WARNING: Searching for “Long Pig Art” leads to GRAPHIC IMAGES you will not want to see. SICK material out there.
VIDEO: Bill Clinton's Hand Trembles at Iowa Rally
LIBS! Stop the mental rape!! LIBS!!
All the libs say this, but never deliver.

THEY are the real enemy of our country. They spit out vile anti-American sentiment, rape the young physically and mentally, allow invaders to come in, spend us into oblivion, and need to be pushed aside.

Trump's gonna win so many blacks!
He’s polling 25% of the black vote.

There’s a reason ALL the networks and newspapers in the country are attacking Trump non-stop. He can destroy the Uniparty and create a new coalition of Reagan Democrats, conservatives, and young people suffering under the Obama recession.

Exciting times!
Muslims can't handle Democracy, and deserve dictators.
George W. was delusional to think that with Saddam gone the Iraqis would embrace freedom. Their Muslim ideology is anti-democratic. The choice is secular dictator or religious dictator. Take your pick.

I’d prefer the secular dictators.
Of course, he's one of those guys...
American women = the problem.

Sorry gals!
Trump should stack the Supreme Court to get his agenda through!
The USSC can also be stacked. The number of justices is not set in stone. 5 new Trump justices could ‘evolve’ on many issues and interpretations in a conservative manner.
Jon Stewart - part of the Vast Liberal Conspiracy:
Jon Stewart has Dem operatives providing him “comedy.”. It’s all coordinated. He’s the youth wing of the DNC disinformation campaign.
Anonymous says recounts will only help Trump!
Trump won the popular vote, except for all the fraud, according to these legit websites.
"Can't do voter fraud - tonight was Pizzagate!"
TigerClaws, I have heard the 5 states referenced before as the ones she stole...Do you know which ones are the five??

I don’t.

Spent the day on pizza gate instead.

Let me know if you find out. I think a link is mentioned in my comment 50.
Scalia murdered, of course.
Anyone see this info on Scalia being murdered? [Broken Link]
Is Assange an imposter, or a lady?
Not seen for 30 days or so in person.

He (?) did a phone interview this weekend and mentioned Castro’s death. But some think it’s an imposter and some think the CIA actually has him in custody.
Assange wants us to believe, don't believe he doesn't!
Assange has released some more Wikileaks and is asking people to stop spreading rumors originated by Alex Jones.

That’s a whole lot of denial in one article. Smells like Fake News.
Liberals are the ones that don't care about truth.
You have to consider to leftists there is no TRUTH. There is only the narrative. The narrative is the economy is great. The narrative is we are defeating ISIS.

Don’t confuse them with facts. The truth is what they SAY it is and if you question that you are engaging in ‘fake news’ or you are a racist.
Conspiracy Theories may be lies, but if they further the goal of beating liberals, who cares?
You’re Republican, I’m assuming, so we’re on the same team. I’ve been fighting the fight for decades.

We need to fight to WIN.

If you saw a video of a partial birth abortion (baby murdering basically), you’d say there’s no way any society would allow something so inhumane. It’s inconceivable that a moral and just people would allow its most innocent to be butchered.

Happens every day and Democrats like Hillary are perfectly fine with that.

We need to treat these people for what they are: A clear and present danger to our Republic.

Anyone who supports or associates with them must be destroyed. Take off the gloves.

That’s what Trump is all about. WINNING.

Once they are under our heel we can talk about what’s fair and reasonable. Until then, we must expose their darkness to the light. People will know what to do. Truth will come out and we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Yeah, fuck truth, all that matters is the movement.
It’s the right wing version of Black Lives Matter.

Sure, might be hit or miss on the truth, but it keeps the base motivated. 30-40 million views on YouTube right now.

Anyone who affiliates with Podesta and Hillary are worthy of serious investigation. When they can’t get a table at any restaurant in D.C. or New York, our job will be done.  
Trotsky's got nothing on these guys.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Flag burning

I would not expect Freepers to be split on flag burning. They love symbols, especially our flag, and they love to disapprove of anything a protester does (now that they are no longer the protesters).

But they don't seem quite as universally gung-ho about Trump's 'strip the citizenship of flag burners' plan as I would have thought. You still have a good amount of idiots, but a bunch more seem down with the free speech thing. Times change, I guess. Now it's race and gender and cults of personality.

(Though I will note that when given a concrete liberal flag-burning villain to hate, they are much less forgiving)

Will88 demands an official message for each flag burning incident!
I’ve always opposed flag burning and denying a ‘right’ to burn the flag does not deny free speech. Require them to be more specific, specifically what are they protesting. Burning the flag could mean anything. Spell it out.
Will88 soon comes clean - he doesn't believe flag burning can ever have meaning.
Lol, what nonsense. Flag burning is not speech, but a childish and emotional hissy fit engaged in by people who express themselves through emotional outbursts and attention whore stunts.

Real free speech involves some thought and expression that can at least be heard and interpreted by whomever the protest is supposedly directed toward.

But at least you got in your silly Nazi reference in an impressive imitation of the American left.
ari-freedom has an odd definition of property that could get real Communist real fast:
The American flag belongs to America, not you. Therefore you should not be allowed to burn it just because it is not yours to burn
Wissa lays out a slippery slope for why this is dumb:
I find flag burning a deliberate attempt to incite the public.

Colin Kaepernick is inciting the public by refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Maybe we should make it illegal to sit or kneel while the national anthem is being played. While we're at it, we might as well make it law that you must put your hand over your heart during the playing of the anthem, or any time a government vehicle passes by displaying the flag. And absolutely no crossing your fingers while you do it.
castlegreyskull is feeling microagressed upon and needs a safe space:
Kneeling during an anthem is not violent or destructive. Burning a flag contains a veiled threat.
I guess not reading this thread, allendale explains that Trump's tweet was actually a plan, because America cares deeply about the flag:
Now that Trump has said this, flag burning will become the preferred ritual of the demented anti Trump Left. It will of course disgust most Americans and will be associated in their minds with the Democratic Party. The Democrats will lose even more of their traditional base. 
Trump may in fact be some sort of devious political genius.
TheConservativeBanker solves matters the Freeper way - fantasizing violence!
How about a federal statute defining beating the snot out of a flag burner as “performance art” and protected as free speech under the First Amendment?
ConservaTexan too, because Freepers think along similar lame lines:
Flag burning should be legal. Beating the crap out of a person burning the American flag should be punishable by a fine not to exceed $25.

Freepers are against changing Medicare

Trump seems to be signalling he's into the Republican dream of dismantling Medicare. It's on his website, it's the main agenda of his proposed HHS secretary.

And it's something Freepers are very much against. Trump's campaign more or less decoupled the pro business establishment from the inchoate anger base. Freepers hate the government, but they don't want small government.

This is gonna be a helluva lift for Trump and the GOP.

Dr. Sivana wonders where all Trump's campaign promises went:
Trump didn’t run on it. He ran on a lot of stuff, some of it big government stuff I am not big on, but I think he should work on the numerous promises he made. No free riders. Wait till 2020 for that stuff.
JonPreston with the usual Freeper go-to easy fix:
Kick illegals off Medicaid and we’ll be fine.
Whenifhow just makes up some comforting facts:
It seems like obamacare is taking money from Medicare so if obamacare is repealed the depletion of funds will stop.
M. Thatcher blames Paul Ryan:
Ryan is trying to clog the schedule to derail Trump.
rocksblues is sure Trump can't really want this!
So Ryan pushes for this, Trump vetoes it and Ryan cannot overturn the veto.
WilliamIII agrees about the veto, and his faith in Trump may be wavering:
If they start pushing this, Trump needs to publicly promise a veto

Trump promised that repealing and replacing Obamacare would be job 1. I haven’t heard anything in recent days - are they going to move forward or chicken out?
catnipman..."but what about ME?!"
Just in time for my retirement.I paid into it...since I was 16...and now they’re gonna shut the door on me.

Same here. Worked myself nearly to death and now beset with large numbers of health problems as a consequence, and that pissant P.o.S. Paul Ryan wants to fuch me.
pieceofthepuzzle has a plan, based on the premise that Medicare is as inefficient as healthcare generally:
The first thing I would do with Medicare is mandate that no more than 12% of every health care dollar spent by Medicare can go to administrative costs - with cheating punishable by mandatory imprisonment for at least 2 years. Administrative costs are over 26% in US healthcare, as opposed to 12-15% in Europe and elsewhere.

By doing this, you wouldn't have to specifically address how to decrease administrative costs. The administrators whose salaries are paid out of that money would sort themselves out - likely by decreasing the number of administrators markedly. This would be an automatic cost reduction of at least 10-15% across the board. Insurance companies would follow suit. It would streamline medicine, and put more of the money where it's supposed to be, in the direct care of patients.
Medicare overhead is like 2-3% chief.

Then Rockingham comes out in favor of administrative costs:
The logic of trying to gain efficiency by squeezing administrative costs is one of the arguments for the government running health care. The supposed gains in efficiency are illusory though because, when the malign effects of unnecessary regulations are factored out, many administrative costs are in fact associated with the quality of patient care.
The Westerner fondly remembers when we didn't worry about the poor. Also GOLD!
To end all government involvement in medicine, it has been proposed that there be a cut-off age where those younger will not receive Medicare. But they will retain their own money to save for old age health costs if they so choose. 
This was the way our free country worked before the rise of the Welfare State. I remember because I was there. My father gave me $200 for emergency room treatment should it ever be necessary when I left home at 18. Imagine a world like that before Medicare and the end of the Gold Standard?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Will Jill Stein's Recount Lock Hillary Up?

Freeperville is a bit scattered and crazy lately (as opposed to their usual state of focused and crazy). In Obama's eight years, I guess they started to define themselves as the resistance and aren't quite sure how to cope with a sweeping victory.

A surprising number have gone kooky-religious, seeing Satan around every corner. Many others are still super paranoid that Trump will be killed or blackmailed or Hillary has still won somehow.

Jill Stein's well funded but IMO Quixotic recount move feeds directly into this later narrative, and Freepers have been alternately dismissive and frantic about it, as they all blame Hillary and SOROS.

A more clever Freeper ties this to Trump's disappointing move not to prosecute Hillary, and the combination of paranoia and hope make for some impressive creativity, along side Freepers who are unable to focus on both things at once. Sad!

Sasparilla seems to think Hillary and Jill Stein are the same person?
Money drying up so ask for a’s all about money with Bonnie and Clyde.
GrandJediMasterYoda is having trouble moving on from 'lock her up'
If he does not go after Hitlery he is only screwing himself. The Clintons are CRIMINALS and when CRIMINALS are allowed to run free, they commit CRIMES and I can’t even imagine what kind of stuff they are planning against Trump and his family, but you can bet it is bad. He should do everything he possibly can to get both of them, at least her, incarcerated ASAP.
hapnHal would like to blackmail Hillary on Trump's behalf so she stops something she's not doing.
Hillary needs to drop her recount effort. Actions have consequences. If not, I see Trump going full steam ahead on Hillary’s criminal activities.
GeaugaRepublican is still really hopeful Trump's using his master stratagems to get Hillary in jail:
I like the idea of going to other sovereign nations who can read the writing on the wall.

Obama’s pardon does not work against the entire world.

The Democrats have a lot to think about right now.

Trump likes to set up different ways to win; never a single path.
Diana in Wisconsin is hopeful some foreign government will 'take her out.' Her being the imagined version of Hillary Freepers continue to build up:
If That B*tch can't deliver as promised to her foreign contributors, what's to prevent them from taking her out, or at a minimum, demanding their cash back?

quid pro quo

...a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something. "the pardon was a quid pro quo for their help in releasing hostages..."
reasonisfaith is hopeful!
It’s probably the whole four dimensional chess vs checkers deal again.
riri tries to pretend he's only now coming around to the Freep point of view. No one is buying.
You know before this recount biz I wanted her pursued but I wasn't overly passionate about it.

NOW, I want to see her pay. Hard time. Financial destitution. Suffering.
SkyPilot has all the secrets worked out:
Supposedly the deal was that Hillary said she would concede if Trump agreed not to prosecute her.
AlanGreenSpam puts things in a list, which does not hide how he is letting his wishes author his facts.
Actually, maybe this is the best of both worlds:

1. Hill’s recount will fail
2. Hill’s recount will polarize the country
3. Trump can be the unifier
4. Trump will retreat on his recent “kinder & gentler” approach to the Clintons and go in attack mode for justice against them. Don’t F with Trump, folks!

The Clinton Machine needs to be put in jail. Both Hill & Bill. There would be enough pedophilia/jailbait evidence to put Bill in Jail for sure.
Fantasywriter's rich fantasy life makes her a poor prosecutor:
What I’m saying, in a nutshell, is that if you want to nail the Clinton Foundation, go for the worst, most criminal, most brazenly illegal activities it engaged in. This would be stealing billions of aid/relief money, etc., from some of the poorest and most desperate countries on earth. 
These would not only be the easiest crimes to prove, but also the most egregious.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


I had a pleasant Thanksgiving. Enough of my family are computer professionals that I spent the time getting to know my ten-year-old second cousin as they all talked nonsense-jargon in the living room. Politics was touched on, but not dwelt upon.

Meanwhile, Freepers are taking a different joy in the holiday. In the past, Freepers have seized on Thanksgiving to be paranoid, bitter, and hateful.

Now, in their empowerment, we can add petty and spiteful to the list!

A validated Freeper's assholishness unleashed is a sight to behold. With a bit of perspective, though, it's clear how Free Republic is encouraging them to punish themselves.

x1stcav was looking forward to laying down some smug, but instead got avoided:
For us, it was a time of healing.

Yeah! Right!

Rubbed their faces in the dirt. Healing? Here's some carbolic acid.

Actually it was very pleasant. I guess the lefties I know make it a point to stay away from me.

Healing? After they tried to ruin this country the last eight years! I’ll show you healing....
wgmalabama proudly discriminates. In Alabama, I don't think that's too hard.
I don’t allow communists in my house period. Liberals, progressives, communists, tree huggers .... they get the boot. Life is short so leve them out. No quarter no prisoners no invite. If there were any at the house they kept their mouth shut. I have no problem sayin get the hell out. I will say we did only have 16 people this year.
Pollster1 is another Freeper looking for approval for choosing hate over family:
Liberals were not invited to my home for Thanksgiving or any other day. Perhaps when America is not facing a leftist threat to its existence I can tolerate them again. Perhaps not. But until then, my liberal brother and his parasitic family are not part of my family.
Yaelle's sexism dressed up as false sympathy is just cloying and awful:
My mom’s pussy of a new boyfriend cancelled his Facebook account because he couldn’t “tolerate” the Trump talk, and now gutlessly posts under her name (non-political stuff). If only my dad were alive, Thanksgivings would be so much better.

I’m sorry. I wish your mom hadn’t felt so desperate and now probably invested in this jerk. Women need to feel strong enough to not cling to idiots when their new flame is seen to be one. Best to back up and be alone than to feel stuck to some guy whom your kids do not even like.
CassieL boasts how she ruined Thanksgiving:
My sister and “mixed-race” brother in-law hosted. I knew I was in for a day of “highbrow” discussion amongst them and their liberal friends, including lots of NYT quotes, and praise for Nicholas Kristof. 
Each guest was given an index card to write down, anonymously, three things they are thankful for. I wrote, “Donald Trump, Donald Trump, Donald Trump”. The cards were placed in a turkey hat, and before dinner we each had to pick a card and read out loud the three things someone else is thankful for. Well, my brother in-law drew my card... Long story short, I was tagged as the person who “ruined the day”, “wrecked Thanksgiving”, blah, blah blah. It was great.
etabeta also boasts of a dick move:
We had two relatives mildly before I was warned that we would leave politics outside the door as they knew how vocal I can be in my pro-Trump stance...I got my saying when we prayed, at the amen I added “and God thank you for the gift of Mr. Trump”....long silence, stern stares and “we were told no politics at the table”, to which I said “A prayer of thanks has nothing to do with politics”. It was altogether a great family gathering.
HokieMom has introduced me to the 'Trump-bump,' which is pretty lame. But it's saved by how amusing it is that she thinks she hid her smug condescension from her relatives.
Lots of Trump-bumps and

Trump wine at our Trumpsgiving. The two #crookedhillary and naive Gary Johnson voters never mentioned it. We tried to keep our Trump conversations among our own 'tribe' so as not to appear boorish to the young skulls full of mush.
zerosix laments her grandchildren somehow turned out liberal:
Had dinner and pleasant evening with my grown daughter &a her hubby, who had both voted for Trump.

I adore those granddaughters and even paid their tuition to private Christian schools but they've been tainted by the culture and their dad's leftist family, though I doubt if he even bothered to register, much less vote!
XEHRpa is stoked she drove liberals away:
At our family Thanksgiving, the leftist families retreated to their safe zone, whenever we Trump voters expressed our joy on the subject. I should have brought the Preparation H for all the butthurt.
workerbee totally doesn't care her family is splitting up over politics:
The most liberal part of the family canceled for Thanksgiving. *shrug* We’ll see what happens at Christmas.
TNoldman is super happy his family is shrinking:
The Hillary voters in our Family did not attend the Family gathering. Only Trump voters showed up.

It was a good - happy day.
Guenevere is cutting her family down to only Trump:
We chose NOT to go to our extremely liberal relatives for Thanksgiving this year!!!!!!

INSTEAD we had the loveliest TRUMP only Thanksgiving with our daughter and her family!!!!!!

And the next day we all went to the Magic Kingdom ( yes, I know).....but we were as happy as little kids and felt like acting silly and giggly!!!!
elcid1970 is on the wrong website for perspective!
In Dodge City & Tombstone gunslingers left their weapons at the saloon entrance, sheriff’s orders.

Why can’t guests at family gatherings do the same?
Crusher138 certainly made an impression on his family!
The discussions kept sliding into political talk. My wife, my youngest son and I are conservative. My eldest son sort of is, but he has been corrupted by his bleeding heart wife. She is a sweetheart, but she quietly thinks Trump is a horrible, horrible person. She talked my son into not voting at all.

Every time the election came up, one of my sons would say, “hey, no political talk!”

It seemed that no matter what I said it was being interpreted as political talk.

Finally, after being chastised for the umpteenth time, I growled...

“I don’t see any of your names on the mortgage bill. Or the electric bill. Or the water bill. When you start paying those, you can tell me what I can talk about in my house.”

No problems after that.
SamAdams76 seeks approval from the 'older folk.'
Surprisingly, all the older family members, even if they were Democrats, said that Trump should be given a fair chance to show us what we can do. I got the impression that all the mature people were pretty pleased that Trump got in and not Hillary. The young ones needed work though and they started getting shrill and yapping about the "popular vote." I schooled them pretty well on the Electoral College and even the older folk were impressed with the way I laid it out.

Even the Bernie-bots agreed that it wouldn't be a good idea for Los Angeles and New York to decide the election for everybody else. Which is what we'd get in a popular election scenario.
ntnychik...who the crap brings up Jeb! these days?!
Trumpsgiving! Daughter’s new bf is an enthusiastic conservative. Son’s new bride’s Dad was on Team Jeb(!) She voted for DJT. There was some conversation on Jeb’s candidacy and his future. At some point I said Please clap. The devil made me do it.
Grampa Dave  boasts how conservative he's managed to twist his sons:
No problem at our Thanksgiving Dinner. Our grandkids participated in surveys at their private schools, and both were told that they were the most conservative students in their classes, Sophomore and Senior.

Our guests donate free time to feed the those in Need at our Local Salvation Army and believe there should be no welfare.

One of our sons makes me look some what moderate. His younger brother is an independent, who hates socialist liberals and the GOPe. He is laughing at all the liberals claiming that they are going to Canada. He asks them why not Mexico.

My wife and DIL despise liberals, who try to make them, their sisters and daughters look helpless and in need of someone like H. Clintoon.

So the basic politics was thank you Lord, for our new president, Donald Trump, Amen!
Bluebeard16 tells an uplifting tail of how his son-in-law became a bigot:
You cannot change a person if you do not communicate with them. Case in point, my son-in-law has listened to me rag on about islam/muslims for years now. He always thought I was being extreme in my views. Well, after many years his light bulb on been turned on and he realizes what islam really is now. Try not to give up all hope on your brother. He really needs your help right now.
glenduh mostly mixes up opinions and facts, and demands citations:
Liberal millennial nephew. Didn’t vote. Trump too arrogant. Obama deported more than any President. Legalizing pot all good! He had no idea who/where his “facts” are from.
One-note Ann Archy hints of a really fraught family life:
With an old Jewish aunt who just WRITHED in pain at even saying that "T-word" won!! ANd then started railing about how Global Warming was going to kill us all, and COWS emit a GAS and that there were too many of them!!

When asked if she used her air-conditioner and car, "yes, of course" and when told that Sheryl Crow said to ONLY use one sheet of toilet paper, she laughed....then told her that Babs Streisand told everyone not to use their clothes dryer, and she said that Babs's maid probably uses a clothes we thought she had come to her senses, and then she said..."MIAMI FLOODED, so Global Warming is REAL"!!! My husband and I in unison said..."It was the SUPER know, Aunti, that the MOON CONTROLS the tides, right"?? omg.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday Cleaning: A Coup Against President Trump?

Another Trump post I somehow neglected. I should check my drafts more often. Maybe do a weekly thing to get rid of the chaff.

Anyhow, Freepers were sure Trump was going down, weren't they?

The LA Times has an op ed by a guy named James Kirchick who wiki calls conservative. It calls for a military coup if Trump tries to nuke somewhere.

Freepers love this. For so long they've been fantasizing about their own coup, but that almost makes them sound like deranged lunatics. Now, thanks to this editorial, they can at last pretend that the hated liberals are the aggressors, and fantasize about killing them without guilt! Though the Freepers that have already reconciled and want a coup no matter what also show up, so it's kind of a wash.

MrEdd knows Trump is coup proof because the military loves him and will nuke anyone for him:
If Trump wins a coup isn’t possible because the people who will elect him largely comprise the military.
Madame Dufarge thinks this is proof liberals are terrified of Trump:
They’re so scared that they’re soiling themselves.
Trying to equate Trump's crazy with Hillary's is hard, but Paladin2 wants a coup if HILLARY chooses to nuke someone for no reason:
This argument works WAY better should H->! get immaculated.
Jim Noble is another who thinks President Hillary will mean military coup:
He says if Trump wins, there will be a coup.

I say, if he loses there will be.
ColdOne doesn't bother to explain, but I suspect it has to do with Democrats winning elections:
A coup has already occurred. We have been taken over.
Buckeye McFrog wonders if the military has been lulled by their greed:
Why would they rise up against him when he’s their last best hope for survival?

Because Hillary is their last, best hope for a cushy Government pension.
Repeal 16-17 does not hide how excited he is:
We’re headed towards civil war.

I can't wait. Just let the Liberals fire the first shot, like Lincoln did with the South (Fort Sumter).
TTFlyer is also into it:
Bring it on Leftists. Bring it on.
And max americana, of course.
We’re headed towards civil war.

long past due. Tom Jefferson predicted it so.
JimSEA does not explain how Obama would nullify a Trump victory:
Obama is leading on this probability. Right now, they are trying to scare off potential Trump voters but I do believe Obama is actively planning to nullify any Trump win. If Clinton wins, they are going after the Bill of Rights with a passion - a first priority.
Forward the Light Brigade doesn't even mention the coup, so fixated is he on the coming Hillary oppression:
When Hillary and her crowd are appointed president —when repression becomes common—free speech will be the first to go—then it will be guns that will be banned. 
Then Taxes will become oppressive. Maybe that will cause the sheep to raise up and pull down the power of the Banksters, Progressive elitists, activists and the rich. 
I fear not—America has been dehumanized. When people march in the streets—US Soldiers will gun them down to establish “Order” and obedience. Sad day for America—but predictable.
Getting confused, Seajay  argues Freepers fight against a pro-Trump military coup:
What if the military and police want Trump to be president?

That’s why we have 2nd amendment
WashingtonFire goes with the old Martial Law biz.
It wont take a coup.

The Elites will NEVER allow Trump to become President. He is everything the Gloablist elite have feared for the last 30 years. A true patriot dedicated to defending the concept of the nation state.

If in October it looks like Trump might win then a false flag crisis will be manufactured to give Obama the excuse to declare martial law, cancel the election and arrest Trump.
Perhaps worried Freepers' craziness might look bad, carriage_hill thinks this is the time to discuss how liberals are far crazier than they've ever been, talking about coups and all:
Rush pointed out that they became seriously unhinged after Florida, 2000, and the train has only continued to accelerate since then.

It far, far worse than I remember from back then. 

Monday Cleaning: Jews do not like Trump

A post that was overtaken by events before I could put it up.

Been a bit behind on my SomethingAwful Freep forum reading. But ay-nony-nony kept up, and found this!

Freepers have always been super into defending Israel. Originally it was religious, but it's become pretty clear in this age of Trump that the Christianity has left the evangelical movement some time ago (it started about when they started getting political, IMO). Nowadays it's mostly because Democrats are skeptical of Israel.

And so the always eager to generalize Freepers are left with Jews: a group that tends to vote and donate to liberals. And yet many Freepers are Jews themselves...confusing.

And when Freepers get confused, they go for delusion or anger. Trump's nativism has fueled new heights of Freeper antisemitism. And for Freeper Jews...I hope you like pop-psychology!.

Netz pulls the same 'plantation' act Freepers go for with blacks:
Jews, wake up. The Demoncratic party is not your parent's or grandparents FDR party. They are comprise of rabid antisemites and Israel haters and many of them are...Jews!
ABN 505 had this ready in his pocket:
Earn like Episcopalians, vote like Puerto Ricans.
windsorknot generalizes, and it's not pleasant for most Jews!
In general it is the Orthodox Jews that I tend to respect and trust the most.
stocksthatgoup just excizes everyone he doesn't agree with from the Tribe:
Liberals. JINOs
anton is done with liking Jews:
American Jews are hard core liberals. Nothing to do with economics. Most every one of them cares more about the “struggle” than they do about their religion.

We have a large jewish population in Cincinnati and even the jews selling used cars and vinyl siding, working for the EPA, or running a second hand store are dems up and down the ticket.

I’m sick of them. Stopped defending them after the Obozo debacle (vote for the anti-Semite with the D next to his name).
Disestablishmentarian wonders if maybe the diaspora makes you dislike nationalism:
Sadly, a great many Jews have always seemed to have an affinity for globalism and opposition to nationalism.

Maybe it stems from being without a country of their own for so long.

My best Jewish friends are strongly pro-Israel, and fully understand and emotionally agree with Trump’s efforts to ban or extreme-vet Muslim immigrants . . . but they cannot break with their democrat/U.N.-oriented politics. I’ve told them it seems insane, but it does not seem to register. So we talk mostly about our kids’ sports.

mazda77 agrees - Jews just don't know the joys of nationalism that comes from suffering to earn your own Europe did?
How would they have learned nationalism if they hadn’t had one. But one would have thought that with the war victory brought to us by the stewardship of FDR and cleaned up by Trueman, the creation of their own ancestral lands as their new homeland would have counted for something.

Maybe it is because they didn’t have to do the heavy lifting for that creation although giving all due respect for those who served. Maybe they were actually strains of the Communist Jews who fled here? It is very perplexing.
Ulysse goes full-on antisemitism:
Some jews are filthy globalist traitors ! We must face it !

Specially the wealthy jews . Don’t care about those GOP jew “donors”
This is an old story
LeoWindhorse, as usual, threatens doom:
the Liberal Jews will be judged and condemned for their pigheaded ignorance . They never learn
Alberta's Child points out Israel isn't super awesome either:
Keep in mind that compared to the U.S., Israel is a den of Marxism. So when I hear that someone is “strongly pro-Israel,” I give them the same credibility that I would have given to someone who was a strong supporter of East Germany during the Cold War.
Alberta's Child goes quite a bit further:
As I’ve said before, one look at the voting patterns of Jewish voters in the presidential elections over the last 40 years would lead me to conclude that they are collectively a bunch of mentally retarded voters.
MaxistheBest understands Antisemitism since Jews are greedy whores:
They get to spend their money for influence and make a fortune while we get to spend our tax dollars to defend Israel. A damn shame, Trump has been a friend to the Jews and this is how they pay him back and for a Clinton Beast at that. They come off as greedy whores and they wonder why there is so much anti-Semitism.

It’s too late to worry about their money, Trump is where he is because of our money and we’ll get him home with our money.

Go Trump!
Rebel2016 thinks this is because Trump is going to abandon Israel:
Well, no surprise there. Trump wants America first, end those futile wars I the ME. Not everyone likes that.
FreedomStar3028 isn't threatening another Holocaust, he's just prediction one...
It’s like they want to go back into the train cars and death camps.
TheNext knows all about Jews:
Captain Obvious.

Jews vote Democrat big govt at 90 percent. They are control freaks.
RitaOK - there is only one reason to vote Republican:
YAWN... Whut?

American “Jews” are not even *for* Israel, so why would they ever be *for* Republicans?
Having more anger than logic as usual, dp0622 stumbles his way into Jewish conspiracy theorizing:
Getting kind of sick of their bull ####.

If they were average income like everyone else it wouldn’t hurt but there are a lot of billionaires among the American Jewish population and their wealth to them should be a sign of how great capitalism is.

No. It seems like a way to use the wealth to attain one world govt or communism for thee and not for me.

If this was catholics donating by this percentage some here would already be out buying the crosses.
Netz seems to be a Jew. I hope you like text!
Why the attraction for Jews? I don’the understand.

I have a long-winded but I think accurate answer for you. I am a Conservative Jew so what I have to say, I think, is pretty accurate.

Ever since Abraham rejected idolatry, some 5,000 years ago, Jews have been “Revolutionary”, never accepting the status quo.

Jews are JUSTICE oriented and have always favored change and the improvement of the human condition, all over the planet since the dawn of civilization.

Why do you think so many of them bought the Obamian logo of Hope & “change” and “yes we can” B.S.? Jews LOVE change, crave change, almost worship questioning current accepted norms and changing things. It's part of our education. So, it is no surprise that throughout history, Jews have championed change, revolutions, movements and even radicalism.

Jews MISTAKENLY embraced Socialism and Communism, because it promised to, one, make them EQUALS to their Christian neighbors and two, promised to help them throw off the chains of the Ghetto/Shtetl existence and finally bring them into the mainstream culture. Little did they know that about 100 years later after their emancipation, they would be not-accepted again by their neighbors and annihilated by the Nazis and all their collaborators.

So, the Jews threw their lot in with the Communists, who used and abused them and then with the Socialists who use and abused them too. Every movement the Jews joined, eventually spat of them and booted them out and persecuted them.

Today they support a growing, radicalized and very hostile Democratic party but they refuse to see it. Only in the late 19th century did some Jews cling to a new movement, for and about Jews, Zionism.

Now, after 130 so years many Jews have even turned on their own national liberation movement. These are self-hating Jews who believe in Progressiveness for all peoples all over the world EXCEPT their beleaguered brothers &* sisters in Israel fighting the West's fight.

So, Jews support movements for change and have always been in the forefront of that change. From the Bible, through the Middle Ages to the 19th century Liberation and syndicalization movements down to our very own Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman and to Bernard "Lefty" Sanders. Jews, (mistakenly) want change and a bizarre sense of Justice for all, except themselves.

It's all about hoping for the best while not being realistic. The ONLY realistic Jews today are the Israelis who face death on an hourly basis because they are...strong Jews who have a strong sense of purpose and the most truest sense of REAL justice,,, survival. BTW, most Israelis would vote for Trump.
That's a lot of writing for 'non-Israeli Jews be dumb.'

Netz next compares his fellows to 'terminal hemorrhoids.'
I see Jewish heavy involvement in Liberalism equivalent to terminal hemorrhoids. I just don't get how a Jew could support Obama or any other Democrat yet, it goes on...

Jews who are Conservative or Torah oriented naturally cling to the Right along the political spectrum while assimilated, ignorant Jews, cling to the Left.
Mr. Mojo doesn't get it - Trump isn't trying to evangelize them, so why would Jews fear someone stoking racial resentment????
In recent history (the last generation or two), liberal and moderate Jews’ main (stated) objection to the Republican party is that it’s turned too socially conservative, too “Christian” for them.

The strange thing about their aversion to Trump is that he does NOT fit that profile — he’s quite moderate on abortion and LGBTQWXYZ nonsense. And he keeps his faith very private. And his tax plan kicks azz for all taxpayers, across the board. And he seems to be pro-Israel and to have rational, realistic views about the Mid East.

So all that being the case, why their hostility to Trump? I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of it by questioning relatives and old friends and acquaintances, but haven’t received any satisfactory answers.

When I bring up Trump’s positions on the issues I listed above, they grudgingly concede the points and then mumble BS about him being tactless jerk and a loose cannon and uneducated about the issues and various idiotic PC pejoratives with “phobic” suffixes. Temperament and personality issues, mostly. Not so much policy. Many (but not all) even have no problem with the border wall or Muzzie immigration restrictions.

Bottom line: it’s still a conundrum. But relentless MSM brainwashing plays a big role, as do longstanding voting habits. They’re hard to break.
Yaelle is a conservative Jew, and laments how no one likes her:
It’s sad. I’m Jewish and conservative and understand what Trump is doing for us. Something I have prayed for.

My daughter goes to a new preschool in a synagogue and I am sure if I mentioned Around the school that I was for Trump it would be like saying I drink owl blood for breakfast. My extended family know I am conservative barely tolerate me.

I don’t know why many Jews don’t like Trump. He seems so NY Jewish in a way because he grew up among them.
piytar, on the other hand, declares Trump is gonna win the Jewish vote too!!
Smells like propaganda.

I have several Jewish friends, and they have many other Jewish friends whom I have met but don’t know well. Many of them are very wealthy and politically active. They all despise ILLary and actively support Trump.

But I’m in Texas, so maybe my experience is not the norm.