Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Potpourri

jsanders2001 is poor because of Obama.
Well I’m poor now primarily because of their belief in and gullibility of The One. Does that make them happy. Pobably but that’s much more telling about them than it is me.
GOPJ is offended at Obama on behalf of the mainstream media:
Obama showed what he thinks of journalists... He spent more time with the deserter’s parents than with James Foley’s parents...
WilliamofCarmichael - castrate ISIS members. It's time. Do it.
Soviets Offer 'How-to' Lesson 1986 and Muslims had kidnapped four Soviets

the KGB castrated a relative of a prominent Muslim leader and sent the severed organs to the Muslim, with advice that they knew of his other relatives. The remaining three Soviets were freed immediately.

You can bet that these ISIS scum plan to kidnap scores of Americans -- including right here in the States.

It's serious.

It's time.

Do it.
Ghost of SVR4 is pretty excited that the Wesboro Baptist Church was going to picket the Michael Brown funeral.
hahaha....please tell me this is legit and is going to happen.

PLEASE tell me there is live coverage.
What kind of asshole wishes the WBC on people?

tomkat straight up calls Obama a lawn jockey.
Here's my statement in advance, lawn jøckey
sergeantdave is super pissed that someone thought Eric Holder's did something nice. Time for sexism!
“Eric Holder, to my surprise, appears to have helped calm the fracas in Ferguson by reassuring these parents that the investigation will be thorough and fair.”

I read the article up to this point, then I stopped reading.

Double, no triple Yuch!!

The racist Holder is a wanna-be Heinrich Himmler. If he could muster the logistics and manpower, which he cannot, he would march 10 million whites into the ovens.

Maggie Gallagher is not aware toward her political surroundings. She needs to go vacuum the rug, dust off the kitties and go bake a cake. She’s not cut out to be a serious investigative journalist.

I’d prefer a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, Maggie. Thank you.
JohnBovenmyer's Putin love is still going.
I bet Putin would be happy to re open some old prison space for friends of Obama.
2ndDivisionVet - one day, the lynchings will return...
12 : 1

One day that math equation will become self-evident even to the Michael Browns and Rachel Jeantels of this world. But too late. Rope and .22 LR are still pretty inexpensive items.
Rachel Jeantel? What the hell did she do?

amnestynone explains the White culture evolved while Blacks did not.
White privilege comes fro 3000 years of social and cultural evolution that took us beyond aboriginal existence. In that attitudes,values, talents, skills and knowledge conducive to advanced cultures becomes ingrained in our European culture. The persons who are supposedly damaged by this have only 200-300 years of social and cultural evolution.
rey knows having villains act like humans leads to fascism.
Children are not equipped for moral relativism. THey need hard and fast rules.

Watch the newer children flicks, all the bad guys have some redeeming quality, they are never all bad. WHile this is likely true in real life, this is a difficult concept for children to process. On Seasame Street monsters are our friends. In Grim’s Fairy Tales, monsters are nasty things ready to do great harm. When you start getting outside of religion evil ceases to exist and we seek reasons why people are bad, when the reality is there are some very nasty people in the world seeking to do great harm.

IF you can get children to rationalize that the bad guys have a misguided ideal of good, it isn’t to far off for the good to become misguided and seek draconian action in the name of good.
alloysteel thinks ISIS assassinated Bobby Kennedy.
ISIS has not only here, they have been in place for some time, as “sleeper cells”.

Not even the Soviets were this insidious, and they had fifty years to work on their infiltrations. The Muslim Brotherhood has been coming in force since when, about the time of the Carter Administration? They started getting mean about the time Bill Clinton assumed office.

Of course, one of their first forays was the assassination of Bobby Kennedy in 1968, when a “Palestinian”, Sirhan Sirhan, just jumped out of nowhere and took a shot close up at RFK. At the time, it was chalked up to an “individual crazy”, but in hindsight, maybe not so much.
wku man is still on the we surround them kick.
Just as cold is the absence of heat, darkness is the absence of light, and evil is the absence of God, CommieLib/union/homosexual/Leftist victories are not victories at all...just the absence of conservative opposition.

We can defeat the Leftist evil, if we God-fearing conservatives get up, lace up the Reeboks, grab the protest signs, and hit the streets like we did in 2009 and 2010. If we make our presence known, they'll shrink and cower like they did in November 2010. Remember, we surround them.
Kackikat - there is no sex for people who die unmarried and go to heaven.
ANY SEX outside of marriage is prohibited by the Bible, so there is NO SEX in heaven if there is NO marriage...those aren’t my rules, they are God’s.
Kackikat the great purge is just around the corner!
Population control measures didn’t just begin.

We are already dealing with the children and grandchildren of the controllers. To wit, the Rockefellers and their ilk.

True, but the great purge they wanted to start is just around the corner.
RaveOn thinks solar flares cause earthquakes.
Last week was a quiet solar week, then starting Thursday there was a rhythmic string of solar flares, all about the same magnitude. Sunday morning there was a very large solar flare, just a few hours before the Peru quake. Remember there is also a volcano brewing & stewing in Iceland.
hosepipe loves Pinoched because of all the killing he did.
Only good result (I know of) from commie take over was from Gen Pinochet in Chile..
BUT he needed to murder ALL or most all the commie sympathizers..
AND communist(socialist) community organizers..
THEN Chile could “right itself”..
The earthquake reminds sr4402 of how much he hates Pelosi.
Was it the extra weight of water in Pelosi's district during the extreme water shortage?

Or was it the weight of her immorality - the promotion of Abortion and Homosexuality?

Or was it the weight of her perfidiousness "we have to pass the bill to see what's in it"?

Or was it the weight of all those Illegal Immigrants flooding across our borders to take away our votes?

Your Guess is as good as mine.
laplata has decided Obama's foreign policy is too Freepish to actually be Obama.
Somebody must be overruling Obama.

The thought certainly crossed my mind.

People who realize the threat ISIS poses are taking over foreign policy in the ME. Maybe domestic policy is next. Obama might be relegated to playing a lot more golf.
TexasRepublic is pretty liberal with who gets to be a demon.
Islam is one manifestation of the devil and anyone that calls himself a muslim is a demon from hell.
tanknetter's liberal friends are always talking about killing conservatives.
I actually think thats what the other side wants: a fight to the death.

Whenever a Lib friend of mine starts going in that direction I remind them of the stats for gun ownership in this country and suggest that any “to the death” confrontation they seek to initiate probably won’t turn out the way they expect it to.
DJ MacWoW wants you to know she works hard to be a better Freeper than you are.
Btw, I work 10 to 14 hours a day on the FReepathon, 8 months of the year. What do you do for FR besides nag?
I'm sorry, but I don't believe you. No one thinks like that, CatherineofAragon.
For whatever reason, I don’t see myself on the donor list, but I do donate every quarter.

I can send a little more. Make it in the name of the whiners who don’t contribute because their feelings are hurt, their spelling is criticized, or they don’t like another Freeper.
Oh my god, Morpheus2009 is trying to kill us with irony!
We have a pile of cognitive dissonance for president, who has to oppose someone else because either they are not of his party, or they are simply below him. He has to go against them, much like a crooked lawyer, oh wait...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Spotlight Friday Objective Scrutator

I don't know. This vintage 2008 Freeper has a higher fallacy-to-crazy ration than most, but most of it is just this side of believable. Just when I think a comment is too over-the-top, he pulls out something that seems too quirky and horrible to be anything but totally sincere, if crazy.

His profile starts out with a quote that seems more like satire than reality:
"Let’s keep conservatism and Christianity in America, and stamp out the liberals, secularists, Islamists, unionists, the lazy poor, and the rest of the undesirables that are ruining our country under the Dementocrats and ‘President’ Osama!"
But then he goes on for pages and pages of tiresome crazy that no troll would take the time to do.
But THEN there's a shopped Jack Chick tract that no one could believe, followed by stuff from the satire in Bioshock: Infinite.

In 2008, he had some really really crazy "God invented the Internet via Ted Stevens" stuff on Balloon Juice. He also had his own blog, "Calvinists 4 Conservatism" that is now locked. Which seems like a lot of effort to merely pretend to be a lunatic.

I just don't know. Here's his stuff, what do you think?

God, strike down Romney!
I’m hoping that Mitt Romney gets struck down by God after he wins the election, letting Paul Ryan become President. That’s the best case scenario for conservatives, the best case scenario for America, and the best case scenario for freedom.
All environmentalists secretly agree with some loon he found:
Oh, he’s not a good person by any means:

-believes that people should willingly kill themselves to “save the planet”
-wants a WWIII to cull the human population
-advocates eugenics
-supports the Holocaust, 9/11, the 2004 Madrid bombings, etc.

He’s basically like Fred Phelps. Almost everyone in the “environmentalist movement” secretly thinks like Linkola, but they don’t have the gonads to admit they do. Al Gore would find a lot in common with this guy if he were honest (although Gore believes in an exemption for himself, of course).
If the Democratic Convention were held in Mosul, America would be better.
They should hold their convention in Mosul, where their ISIS buddies are in charge. If the Democrats are not killed by ISIS, this proves to the morons of the world that Democrats are terrorists; if the Democrats are killed by ISIS, this proves to the morons of the world that the liberal policies of multiculturalism and appeasement do not work, and America will no longer have to suffer Democrats.
The Internet makes you liberal
Facts have a definite conservative bias, going by the definitions of “conservative” and “liberal”. Conservatives may not always be right, but liberals are always wrong. (This is because everything is political to liberals.)

The article’s thesis is definitely hogwash (liberals have pestered conservatives since Eve ate the apple), but one could reasonably argue that the Internet encourages impressionable teenagers to engage in stupid liberal behaviors.
Use of modern Internet tropes spotted:
If the liberals and libertarians had their way, there wouldn't BE a police force. HOW DARE YOU KILL SOMEONE TRYING TO KILL YOU HERP DERP
Rejoice at the death of known liberal Lauren Bacall, or else you're a troll.
I have no idea why people mourn the deaths of Muslims and Leftists who would happily see that our rights to life, liberty, and property are taken away. Probably Kos/DU trolls.
Keep up the imprecatory prayers, everyone
Let’s hope that the Hollywood liberals keep dying en masse; one less liberal means less money in the coffers of Communists. Keep up the imprecatory prayers, everyone!
Robin Williams too.
He’s not just a liberal, he was also a major financier of the criminal enterprise which steals and murders casually, the Democrat Party. As far as freedom loving people are concerned, America’s liberals are not dying quickly enough. The liberal media advertises his death because they want children to emulate him in committing suicide.
Quirky and horrible
I honestly wish that we could go back to the day where public atheists were stoned to death in the town square. If we kill a few public blasphemers, atheist bigots will probably be deterred from their attempts at persecuting Christians.
We need a liberal massacre.
Argentina needs its own Augusto Pinochet. Socialists can not be adequately be dealt with by democratic means.
the Soetoro Assassins
I’m always baffled as to why Hussein doesn’t just slip cyanide into the drinks of a conservative Supreme every now and then. It’s not like our cowardly Communist media would bother to blame the Soetoro Assassins, anyways.
Fire on antisemitic protesters.
By simply announcing their support for ISIS, I would say that the threat level of the scenario was sufficiently high enough to fire on the protesters.
Liberals pay minorities less than Whites.
Not even liberals can escape the workings of the free market.
If they can, liberals will ALWAYS attack you
The man who was attacked should have had a gun, and should have shot the illegal scum who were beating him up. You really do have to be a little slow in the head to put yourself in a scenario where liberals and illegals can attack you, because if they can get away with it they ALWAYS will.
Jesus was a capitalist
Jesus was a capitalist, and would have endorsed the Founder's revolt against the British. "Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" is if anything a capitalist statement, precisely because the profits one makes off of one's labor and land do not belong to Caesar.

If you plan on citing Romans 13:1-2, please continue to read verse 3, which clarifies that the only valid governments are those which are "terrors to evil" (clearly, liberal/socialist governments would not be recognized as legitimate by Scripture).
After all the crap Zimmerman’s faced, he should have every right to become a sovereign citizen. That he hasn’t yet should prove to naysayers just how much he loves his country.
Michael Brown
Democrats mourn Michael Brown just as they mourn the alleged passing of Osama bin Laden; they are sad that someone who worked so tirelessly to undermine America was finally killed. Brown’s corpse should be fed to farm animals as compost, not given a burial.
A great plan:
Perhaps the best way to reduce Leftist influence over our federal government is to encourage all the liberal demographics to move to one state, leaving conservatives with 98 senators.
Also, 'liberal demographics?' Hmmm...

Conservatives don't need speed limits.
You occasionally get the liberal teenager who thinks that 110 is an acceptable speed, but conservative drivers are better at determining reasonable speed than government is.
Scotsmen, by definition:
Conservatives, by definition, do not commit identity fraud. Liberal RINOs might, though.
The Founders:
The Founding Fathers wanted homosexuals to be put to death (Jefferson wanted castration). It’s a disgrace that we’re even having this discussion today.
From balloon-juice, he's at least a little pro-slavery too, so points for consistency!

But slavery to the government is bad:
The Democrats are an existential threat. The Democrat Party is unapologetically pro-murder; without the Democrats, several million unborn children would have experienced life. Additionally, the Democrats also promote slavery to the government, and will happily murder their political opponents if they think they can get away with it.
Foreign Policy:
If we had a competent President, we would be demanding that the cowardly British government pay reparations to the Foley family, as well as any other groups who were harmed by ISIS. We need to force the British to deal with their Muslim problem by any means necessary, as their tolerance of Islam causes American lives to be lost. I suggest that they start by firebombing their Muslim ghettos.

That being said, it is almost certain that Obama arranged for Foley to be executed, so ISIS is going to continue their killing spree while remaining unpunishes by the appeasers and Islamists who comprise the so-called “Western leaders”.
Union members should probably have no rights
I'm not really sure why union members are even allowed to have rights to life, liberty, and property, considering that they are eager to violently deny those very rights to their pragmatic betters.
And Democrats don't get the Second Amendment
I don’t think the Second Amendment should apply to registered Democrats. Look at who has caused every offensive shooting in the country, almost 100% of those were done by Democrats. The remainder was caused by other radical Leftist groups.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Freeper Madness" - The Left Wing Is Reading Free Republic!

Contrarian commenter anon1 found this one, but alas it had been pulled. It's too good to pass up, though, so I used Google's cache-based infomancy to pull it up. All 3 glorious pages.

Beyond all the attention, what I really enjoy is when Freepers search themselves, find a particular post, and take issue with it. They seem to have a habit of misinterpreting themselves, which I would not have expected. I've saved those for the end.

I think this is the only Freeper to at least find me funny. Thanks, such an admission against interest means a lot to me!
I Google my screen name a couple times a year just to see what comes up. I got two hits on this guy's website. Both my posts were pretty innocuous. I didn't really understand the point of the guy's comments on either one of them. He does have a good sense of humor, though. And he does write some good one liners. 16 posted on 8/23/2014 9:26:16 PM by zeestephen
Many Freepers take mentions here as a sign of honor. As an external sign of "more Freep than you," I suppose that's hard to argue.
I’ve made it’s list a couple of times.

Like earning a stripe.

2 posted on 8/23/2014 9:17:19 PM by lightman
GeronL is one of the Freeper elite.
did you get spotlighted yet?
It’ a true honor. lol.

15 posted on 8/23/2014 9:26:15 PM by GeronL (Vote for Conservatives not for Republicans)
Hi, dfwgator! Your Romney Conversion was the best.
If you’re reading this, Hi Ozymandias.

5 posted on 8/23/2014 9:20:56 PM by dfwgator
Because when you call for killing innocent Muslim Civilians, think Ken Burns is gay for negroes, and complain about Obama's shucking and jiving, you don't have much choice but to double down.
He's not insightful and doesn't seem to make any sort of counter-argument beyond variations of: "Can you believe this guy said this?"

And for the record, I agreed with everything I said that I found on his blog.

7 posted on 8/23/2014 9:21:24 PM by ClearCase_guy

ClearCase_guy correctly pointed out that I'm not exactly engaging Freeper's arguments. This is true - that would be too much like work. Though this guy thinks differently.
LOL, I figured they read here but it they must be besides themselves because they can’t respond here and spread their BS.

So they have to create a site to respond. That makes me laugh. It sounds like being confined to the children’s table for them because the adults don’t want to hear their childish rants, LOL.


17 posted on 8/23/2014 9:27:05 PM by Conservative Gato

This is my favorite post, I think. The idea that Free Republic is so evidently true, only idiots can read it and not become Freepers. Also, never mind the constant zotting of apostates, it's intellectually super-free!
The guy has to be a moron. He can’t read FR for that long and still have his head wedged so firmly between the cheeks of his ass. Its Intellectual cowardice.

One of the nicest things about FR is the fact that we do disagree.

48 posted on 8/23/2014 9:42:22 PM by cripplecreek ("Moderates" are lying manipulative bottom feeding scum.)
A number of Freepers play the "isn't this pathetic" card.
I saw the guy remark that a particular Freeper posts all the time. That’s really a source of hilarity; he apparently spends every waking hour scouring FR, copying posts, and stalking individual posters to build up personal profiles on them. There’s no way this loser could have a job.

10 posted on 8/23/2014 9:21:59 PM by CatherineofAragon ((Support Christian white males---the architects of the jewel known as Western Civilization.))
Believe it or not, I am able to hold down a 60 hour a week job. It really doesn't take too long to assemble a post. And I wouldn't do it if I didn't enjoy it for some reason! I'll admit I will probably have to give this up when I start a family.
Also, the "all the time" poster? Probably little jeremiah...yeah.

Joke or actual conspiracy theory?
You misunderstand.
That is his job.

White house basement.
Reports once a week to Valerie Jarrett.

41 posted on 8/23/2014 9:38:29 PM by publius911 ( Politicians come and go... but the (union) bureaucracy lives and grows forever.)
And naturally, I'm gay for Obama.
He obviously is on the Whitehouse payroll... as Øbama's ballwasher.

58 posted on 8/23/2014 9:45:57 PM by Rodamala
It has to be something really extraordinary for me to note posting frequency (or typos) - I'm aware of the irony. Some, however, are not.
I’ve made his blog.

And a personal message to the blogger because we all know he will read this.

Dear leftist blogger,

You really need to get out more. Nice blog though, Your parents must be proud.

Thank you,

31 posted on 8/23/2014 9:32:39 PM by barmag25 (There is nothing that a man needs that he can't find in the North Georgia mountains.)
Other Freepers think my blog is big enough to be free advertising.
FReepers are blogging Rent Free on a lefty site. It’s a WIN!

25 posted on 8/23/2014 9:30:32 PM by TADSLOS (The Event Horizon has come and gone. Buckle up and hang on.)
Freepers do love the word creepy!
There are a number of those sites that exist solely to read our posts and respond to them privately, (in his own head, on his own little unread blog), it is creepy.

Some of us see personal stalkers who become obsessed with us, but nothing is like these private little stalker blogs set up purely for reading and responding to our individual posts from the freerepublic forum.

36 posted on 8/23/2014 9:34:40 PM by ansel12 (LEGAL immigrants, 30 million 1980-2012, continues to remake the nation's electorate for democrats)
Jeez, this one gets dark.
This person may have a worse life than I have.

73 posted on 8/23/2014 9:52:17 PM by machogirl
I'm pretty happy, machogirl. You, however...

The analysis that takes my interest as a sign of Free Republic's national significance is flattering, if silly.
Like Palin, they wouldn't talk about us if we weren't relevant.

Keep on Freepin' on!

39 posted on 8/23/2014 9:36:48 PM by Windflier (To anger a conservative, tell him a lie. To anger a liberal, tell him the truth.)
Though I will say that I think this current Tea Party moment is basically coming from Freepers' ideals, so they ain't nothin'.

Shockingly, Viennacon finds I complain about race too much.
He likes to cry ‘waaaaycist’ a lot.

12 posted on 8/23/2014 9:23:46 PM by Viennacon
Then there are those who looked themselves up and have specific complaints:
Wonder how it feels to not have a conscience? They mock you for believing a baby deserves life and not to have its arms, legs, head....cut to pieces. How cruel of me to disagree.

98 posted on 8/23/2014 10:02:57 PM by Linda Frances (Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.)
She seems to take issue with my posting her prayer for Sarah Palin in 2008, which included asking God to show America Obama's "associations with criminals and evil people" which I'll admit is at least consistent with Free Republic's understanding of truth.
She did not mention some other posts: her desire that men post that Obama is a Muslim on CNN because "I don’t believe women should serve on the battlefield, and that site is hot with the enemy." Or her seeing Obama's car failing in Israel as a sign from God, or her fear 'the left' would bomb a mall to distract us from the Benghazi hearings.

null and void recognizes why his post is horrifying, though he doesn't seem to care.
null and void may have the most tasteless comment I’ve ever seen on Free Republic.

“Because no one would vote for a democrat with brain damage, right?”

(Referencing Hillary Clinton who couldn’t remember anything under oath after banging her head, I did include a big picture of Gabby Giffords, though...)

112 posted on 8/23/2014 10:15:07 PM by null and void (If Bill Clinton was the first black president, why isn't Barack Obama the first woman president?)
Darksheare seems to have misunderstood his own post.
I made his list for correctly referring to Israeli action in southern Lebanon as having slammed Russian plans to a halt in 1982.
So what does illiterate liberal idiot boy do upon reading my post?
He tries to claim that my reference to “the 80’s” means “today”.
I laugh at him and would thoroughly enjoy making an Undead Thread out of him.
Especially since he is subliterate and temporally challenged.

50 posted on 8/23/2014 9:42:43 PM by Darksheare (Try my coffee! First one's free..... Even robots will kill for it!)
I do misread sometimes, but in this case the post in question ends the description of 1980 shenanigans with "I’d say Gaza is their backup plan" in a thread called "Russia Sends A Detachment Of Ships To The Coast Of Gaza." Better luck next time, Darksheare!

Yeah, I'm not buying that "sons of Obama" refers only to Obama's male offspring.
Barack has no sons and there is no draft for women. When I said how many of "Obama's sons" are going to Iraq as he gears up to send troops back in, it was a "trick question". The answer is ZERO. He has no skin in the game and will send other peoples' kids to the meat grinder just as he continually spends OPM (Other People's Money).

Nothing was implied about "how many black people are going to be sent there".

60 posted on 8/23/2014 9:46:47 PM by a fool in paradise
Surprisingly few actually completely miss the gist of my criticism, though there are some!
I was reported for having an issue with Haitians trashing residential and resort areas in the DR. I imagine the author wanted to point it out as a racist issue. I suppose if he had ever been to the DR, he’d notice that many of the people are black or of mixed heritage, as is my wife. The Dominicans mourn the destruction of their side of the island by a people who have no respect for them or the land. Interesting that lefties do read our site. I’d like to think they could become better people for actually being exposed to something other than the mung of leftist groupthink. 90 posted on 8/23/2014 9:59:13 PM by Caipirabob (Communists... Socialists... Democrats...Traitors... Who can tell the difference?)

The post in question starts: "The Haitians are crossing over into the DR enough to noticeably soil paradise." The issue is not with the truth of the events, dude.

And let us end this foray into the meta with a return to the Free Republic we all know: Darksheare tells a story of being a badass.
I had a physical stalker.
I scared him bad enough that I never saw him again.
I probably shouldn’t have stood next to him for ten minutes before offering him assistance.
He tore out of the parking lot by the house screaming.
What a pansy.

82 posted on 8/23/2014 9:54:52 PM by Darksheare (Try my coffee! First one's free..... Even robots will kill for it!)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rolling Coal

There's been some discussion on the left about "rolling coal," which modifies diesel engines to burn extra fuel on command, the only effects of which are worse gas mileage and some black smoke. Youtube has some yahoos using this to blow smoke at bikers, or Prius drivers, or even random women walking on the street.

The whole thing is so uncommonly immature that Freepers find themselves split between those who still retain a vestigial resistance to purposeless jerkitude, and those who live for spite.

rktman is a renegade.
Some smokey tips for you diesel drivin' rebels out there. Just to PO the epa and envirowackos. Me likey.
but upon the slightest objection, rktman backs off.
I used to work on commercial fishing boats and full throttle was called "smoke holing it". No engine mods were needed on a WWII era 6-71 Detroit diesel to make her smoke, just punch it.
That being said, the guy in the truck video is an ass.

I know. It was an attempt at subtle humor as a response to and to tweek the ecowackos. Maybe it just goes wrong.
Clay Moore's comment is on a digression about engines, but I liked it's style.
A guy in high skrool threw a Houston yellow pages phone book on a Detroit that was running away. He said it proceeded to shred it and blow it out the stack.
Note the use of "high skrool" for no good reason other than to say it. Freeper Shibboleths are the best Shibboleths.

Also in the engines digression, SgtHooper wants you to know no one loves engines as much as he does!!!
Wish they would make a perfume that smelled like diesel fumes. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Hot tar is my favorite!
IronJack really embraces the asshole side:
The green weenies will blow a gasket! It would be nice to see a Prius boxed in at a stoplight by half a dozen of these guys running full tilt boogie.
Boogieman has contempt for fitness.
Also works against those annoying Lance Armstrong wannabes
mountainlion explains the bicyclists war on traffic:
I could see smoking out protesters, but just some bicyclists minding their own business, what a d*ck.

You should see stupid bicyclists riding two wide on a mountain road under repair. The really enjoy blocking traffic and call it their right.
mountainlion further discusses that bikers have a smugness-created immunity to all non smoke-related measures:
Hand ... meet horn. For a LONG time. Sort of takes the fun away I would think

Done that. They just flip you off and smile at each other, after all they think they are superior.
US_MilitaryRules - calling the cops is for weenies. He must not read the forums much.
Just goes to prove they were liberal weenies. Conservatives would have just laughed it off and not called the authorities! zeros new army, turning in your neighbor. And you? Hmmm.
US_MilitaryRules wants to teach the controversy about thick black smoke's environmental benefits:
Who is to say that rolling coal is bad for the environment? The same scientists who claim a consensus that the earths climate is changing because of man? lol
Boogieman has decided being a jerk to liberals is good for them somehow:
Sorry, but this is just plain dumb. You think you’re going to win anyone to our side by going out of your way to be the stinking turd in the punch bowl?

FYI, that wasn’t me driving, I just think it’s hilarious.

As to your question, I don’t care about winning people over, because most liberals won’t be won over until life beats them over the head. They are too far gone to be reached with reason, they will only learn the hard way. So, instead of wasting my time with that, I usually go with something they do still understand: ridicule.
IYAS9YAS has no problem with this, though someone will probably be killed.
I have no problem with coal rollers. It’s their dime. That being said, one of these morons is going to get someone killed or severely injured because the rollee can’t see the road ahead, or someone else can’t see the rollee. Then the laughing stops.
catnipman - reporting on conservative assholes just proves your liberal bias!
Yes, some rednecks are conservatives and some conservative are rednecks, but REAL conservatives believe in conserving things, you know, like natural resources and a livable environment and so wouldn’t deliberately pollute the environment, waste energy resources, and potentially induce accidents by supposedly demonstrating some pointless point about the type of vehicle a fellow human being chooses to drive.

Clearly the author has exposed their personal viewpoint as to the nature of conservatives as well as promulgating the usual bias of the usual “Progressive” media “journalists”

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Now militarized police is awesome

Freepers went pro-police after Ferguson, but now Obama has said he's going to review their militarization. So now Freepers' paranoid anti-Obama knee-jerk policies mean they've decided the police need all the drones and MRAPs that our tax money can buy!

Sacajaweau explains that the police need it.
Disarm the police....good idea.

We just finished with a hostage situation near here. The high tech stuff helped.
backwoods-engineer's paranoia has lead to some pretty crazy suppositions.
Let me guess: he will decide that local police need to become part of Homeland Security. Stroke of the pen, Gestapo accomplished.
When nothing happens, it'll be on to the next conspiracy theory!

Ouchthatonehurt is working the latest FOX News talking point in.
The article isn’t very clear...
From what hole did he order the review?
gov_bean_counter feels Obama's lack of racebating proves that everyone else is racebating:
Pivoting away from the shooting???

The investigation must not be going so well for Prince Obie's crew.
RginTN's priorities are more paranoid and speculative than any actual shootings of unarmed blacks:
The focus should be on why Fed agencies like the BLM and Dept of Ed have swat teams not local police.
Mastador1 agrees - the real problem is Obama's Administration.
This coming from the clown whose administration is responsible for the largest weaponization of federal employees in the history of America as well as the arming of drug cartels and muslin terrorists?
Iron Munro knows Obama is arming black criminals.
He would rather arm black criminals and muslim terrorists.
Darksheare manages to be against militarizing the police and against Obama through serious and bad craziness.
It was a libtard idea to militarize the police to “counter” the “threat” posed by second amendment supporters.

I guess that when their pet sturmtruppen offend the wrong social group, the pet sturmtruppen must go.

How about returning law enforcement back to its roots and dumping the military hardware?

Obamatron will just create a new schutzstaffel anyway, the left wants their dystopian police state that badly.
CivilWarBrewing has fit this into his martial law fantasy:
To make future declarations of national Martial Law more effective, taking INVENTORY of all local and State police department’s toys under the guise of ‘reviewing the militarization of police’. Nice trick, team Obama.
bgill thinks Obama is going to militarize the police more!
He’ll use this as an excuse to send them more military harware and spy gadgets to turn them all into his civilian army when he declares martial law.
Tigen has a message for "boy zero."
SO YOU WANT TO ARM YOUR MILITANTS. IE government civilian army as well armed as the military.
Its obvious asshole.
SgtHooper brings race into it.
He will only block military stocks to the police forces operating in black neighborhoods.

The dilemma of being genocidal.

You can tell an election is coming. It started with impeachment - Freepers have once again realized that a lot of their craziness may be fun, but is certainly not popular.

It's always fun to watch them try to turn their craziness around. In this case, takes issue with a Daily Beast contributors assertion that conservatives "love seeing Arabs get killed."

Freepers respond with a hilarious mix of "How dare you!" and "Yes, so?"

JayAr36 has a pretty easy formula:
Dead Muslim = Good Muslim!
Rummyfan also sees no problem here.
Noted angry spotlight candidate bert takes issue with "Arab" vs. "Muslim."
Some do but rational conservatives restrict the view to radical Islamic wackos many of which are not Arabs.

I would seem to me that in his ignorance, Dean Obeidallah confuses Arabs with Islamic wackos.
Actually, he says "radical Islam," though Freepers usually reject that distinction.

newfreep's Christianity is of the old, imperialistic kind:
As a Christian conservative, I love to see any members of satan’s death cult (aka islam) bite the dust.

PS: see my tagline...
Said tagline: ("Evil succeeds when good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke). Sounds like he wants a crusade.

newfreep follows up to explain his nuanced thinking:
Actually, it’s someone who chooses satan as his leader.

There is no reason to feel compassion for any satanist - they are pure evil!!!

And evil should always be destroyed. ALWAYS!
Politicalkiddo pulls the old strawman-justifies-my-craziness move.
And Arabs love seeing Jews and Christians killed. What’s your point?
Alas Babylon! thinks similarly, but keeps things focused:
Liberals love seeing Jews and Christians killed.
American in Israel explains that "as a conservative," he thinks all Muslims are Nazis.
Liberals love to see American children killed.

Just borrowing the same broad brush to paint back with.

As a conservative, that spent a decade living around Palestinians I am who this idiot speaks of. I hate seeing Arabs killed. I however am glad to see Muslims eliminated from this earth, we will never live in peace with Nazis on a rampage.

Don’t like death cults, American or Arab.
Shimmer1 finds accusations of such bigotry to be lies!!!!!!!!! I guess he hasn't read the thread.
Just another way they are smearing conservatives. Why be accurate when you can lie and be inflammatory????!!!!
Mark17 loves death!
The only good muslim is a dead one.

That is right. I also feel the same way about communists.
D Rider pulls out an amusing old Jack Chick canard:
Allah was the pagan Arab moon God, hence the crescent moon symbology found throughout Islam. This was the predominant Pagan religion of the ancient Middle East. In Babylon, Bel; in Sumer, Sin; in Arabia, Allah;...etc. This is well documented by both archeology and historical documentation. It is strongly disputed by Muslims.

Also, no one tell him about Christmas/Yule, Easter/Ostara, or...Halloween.

Alas, the anti-mahdi's laziness got in the way of his craziness
I once contemplated starting a web-site Good muslim. com, as in, “the only good muslim is a dead muslim”.

Figured it would not do any good so I demurred, for now at least.