Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ebola: Obama is quite literally doing all he can to kill us

So the usual sensationalist suspects (Drudge, Breitbart et. al.) are really whipping the Ebola horse. Normal people are thinking: it's scary, but I have no control over it, so I'd rather not dwell on it.

But at this point, Freepers have had enough sustained paranoia about Ebola that the calmer people have given up and only the fearaholics remain.

And then some guy who just flew into Texas from Africa has it. So now it's in the US. The CDC explain why the threat is small, but why believe them, they only told you about him - now's the perfect time for them to lie for Obama!

Anyhow, it's pretty high-level crazy, even for Freep. And one of the best parts is that it's only tangentially political, so they have zero message discipline. This is the Revolution! Wait, no it's gonna kill us all like Obama wants. Wait, no it's Obama's excuse for Martial law. No, it's the Muslims. OBAMAAA!

Lots of oilfield traffic between Houston and West Africa. Nigeria, Angola, Congo, EG.

I see panic coming.

Batten down the hatches.
dragnet2 suggests panic, mostly to spite the government:
Now we’ll all be told EBOLA is not big deal, and there is nothing to worry about....It’s like a cold or hang nail...

Everyone relax...Get back to work and shut up...

The U.S. government is on the case....
Vaquero thinks this is all Obama's environmentalist depopulation plan, which means Civil War II!
Huzzah. The POSOTUS has succeeded in infecting the U.S. so we can be like his beloved third world and in the process satisfy the Algore tree huggers who want humans dead to make way for mother Gaia and a human-less wilderness !!!!! (Mega friggin sarc).

“We willll not go silently into the night” president, ‘independence day’
CorporateStepsister is sure this will be the end of Obama.
No way; if this spreads, Obama will be kicked out of office, Biden replaced, then we’ll put real leadership in charge.
Diogenesis commemorates the moment by being even less coherent than usual:
Soon, the incidence will be enough
for the undocumented Moslem TYRANT
to send to all of his 57 states
for Quartering along the EV-68
and the incurable tuberculosis railroads
already established.
Mr. K is sure weaponized Ebola is coming:
Wasn’t it about 21 days ago that some terrorists BOKE INTO an Ebola clinic and STOLE INFECTED ITEMS?

Why invest $millions in biological weapons when you can just steal some bed sheets.

Infect a few hostages and ‘release’ them is also a good idea.
Delta Dawn laments that Obama hasn't shut down all flights from Africa:
Who else is flying into this country with Ebola? Odumbo should be arrested for not protecting the border...
Delta Dawn also thinks this guy was brought over to spread Ebola:
He is here to spread the virus...That is why you would let someone, ‘visit’ the US at this time...
Delta Dawn finally lays out Obama's well thought out plan:
This was Obola’s goal from the start. America isn’t so exceptional after all. We are just like the turd world of Africa...Martial law in 3...2...1
patriot08 assumes the worst:
You will get it by sitting next to him on a flight, cab, train, etc. Not likely several rows away

Official word; could mutate into airborne any time.
Lady Heron is sure all good news about Ebola is lies, and all the bad news is the truth:
Only when symptomatic are you contagious. Blood from nose, rash, vomit. Read about it.

Supposedly a Nigerian nurse gave it to a patient before she showed any signs of having it. Most of what the news media is crap to keep panic at bay.
RipSawyer disbelieves everything:
Everything I am hearing about this strikes me as totally absurd, there must be a frantic coverup going on, I am afraid to even consider what the truth might be.
TurboZamboni - Ebola Death Panels!
Just as in ‘hide the decline’ with global warming nuts, open borders Congresscrittrs will insure the CDC withholds the truth via the threat of loss of ‘free’ money from Congress if they don’t toe the party line and help ensure future democrat voters .

Imagine Obamacare costs with Ebola added to the mix-your death panel awaits.
tcrlaf finds patient privacy laws to be very convenient...!

Patient Protection Act prevents them from releasing any info on the victim.
combat_boots seeks to unify his evils.
I would like to know if the carrier is moslem.
Dallas59 also works on the Muslim angle:
How many places did he visit...coming back from Mecca with a stop off in Africa?
dforest Finds the timeline proves the Obama Ebola Conspiracy is real.
Obama visits the CDC on September 16th to talk about ebola readiness. This Liberian infected with ebola travels from Liberia, a HOT ZONE, to the US DFW airport on the 19th.

I find that odd and troubling. I, myself, think this is a planned event. As evil as it can get.

Obama is quite literally doing all he can to kill us.

The Black Problem

The Anon who brought this to my attention thought this would be pulled. I'm amazed it wasn't.

One interesting thing about Freepers' amazing levels of racism is that despite it's extremism, it's not their focus. People just casually mention that there's a race war on and soon they will have to kill some ferals, and then go on to talk about Scotland or ISIS or what have you.

But its always there. Things have died down a bit after Ferguson, but only in frequency, not in amplitude. And when some right wing blog posts yet another anecdote about some black teenagers behaving badly, Freepers leap in like racism is all they think about.

This is one of the more amazing threads out there - I bolded its greatest hits

tom h knows after Bernie Goetz executed some blacks, crime immediately ended in New York.
It happens because we are too cowed to fight back. The black teens are laughing just like the Muslims laugh at us. They are fearless, we are afraid.

Where’s Bernie Goetz when you need him?
boycott thinks the Free Market needs a bit of spite added in.
Too bad several rounds weren’t unloaded into those thugs. People have had enough of this BS.

If some of these animals aren’t put in jail soon, Kroger should close the store. Animals should learn that if you cannot behave, you won’t have anything — even a store.

You know the theft rate would be extremely high in such a thug area. They put on a show in the video of how uncivilized they are. If I owned such a business, there is no way I would have locations in such places. Screw them. They don’t deserve it.
vladimir998 knows the problem is black's "culture of savagery," which comes from rap music, not unemployment.
This is about culture - a culture of savagery. Absentee fathers, no regard for education, deliberate choosing of a welfare dependent life regardless of jobs available, drugs, gang life, rap music, love of violence, and racial hatred made this happen, not the lack of decent jobs.
21twelve recalls some Freeper data on black mobs:
I think I bookmarked it SOMEWHERE, but there was a very good article on FR about black mobs. Not only do you have the mob mentality, but also a higher likely-hood of people with lower IQ’s in a black mob. Not a good combination.
Holy shit, dsc defends the KKK:
wasn't the Ku Klux Klan comprised of DemonRATs? As I understand things, they opposed the Republican party. Is that correct or do I misunderstand?

Yes, I believe there are some things that the indoctrination centers and evilstream media may not have presented.

During the occupation, Southerners had no citizenship. The divide was not as much between the Stupid Party and the Evil Party as between rebel and yankee. Of course, Lincoln was a Republican, so there was some hostility toward the Stupid Party during reconstruction and subsequent decades.

We have to remember, though, that the democrat party back then was not the same as today’s demonrat party. It was possible to be a democrat and a decent person back then, or to be a republican and a carpetbagger.

During reconstruction, violation of curfew was punishable by summary execution. Indeed, Scarlett’s husband was killed on that punitive expedition. However, the yankee occupying force would not protect Southerners. Rebel woman got raped? Good.

Since there was no protection under the law, the men of this area and that would go out after curfew and punish the guilty. The KKK popped up like mushrooms after a rain; independently of one another, in response to a need. It is not an exaggeration to say that the dereliction of duty by yankee occupying forces created the KKK.

Since they were out after curfew and therefore subject to execution, it behooved them to disguise not only themselves, but their horses, as a man could readily be identified by his mount back then.

Of course, the yankee press misrepresented these meritorious actions as an attempt to restore white supremacy and terrorize blacks. Since these groups were made up of human beings, I have no doubt that there were some abuses. However, their raison d’ĂȘtre was to protect those who were not protected by the law.
"the democrat party back then was not the same as today’s demonrat party." Way to ruin the "Democrats are the party of racism" meme, DSC! aquila48 knows black people's genetic inferiority makes war inevitable.
I’m firmly convinced that easily identifiable groups of people who have significantly different AVERAGE IQs (say more than one standard deviation) cannot peacefully coexist in the same society. And it’s the case regardless of which group is the majority. (Examples abound - Zimbabwe, South Africa, the US, UK, etc.)

This stems from certain aspects of human nature, that though mixed societies may try to forcefully suppress through laws and societal mores (as we’ve done with anti discrimination laws, and the demonization of anything that smacks of racism), in the end they will always make their presence felt because they reflect reality.

So if one believe the data presented in “The Bell Curve”, and the propensity for humans to “prejudge” as a way to make decisions based on available data, then it logically follows that whites and asians will not be able to coexist with blacks.

This is a sad and tragic conclusion, but given human nature I don’t think it can be easily avoided.
With racist teachers like Leaning Right, it's amazing black children can't get ahead!
I have more than 20 years experience as an inner city high school teacher. I might have taught the children of the welfare recipients you dealt with. I'm sure you'd agree - the acorn does not fall far from the tree.
F15Eagle knows Obama is using black people for Satan.
They are Alinsky/Lenin disciples after all. They firmly believe in progress from chaos.

The Devil loves chaos and tells constant lies.

I’m sure it’s probably just a coincidence. /s
OK, that's it - F15Eagle is back on the spotlight list!

patriot08 - no white is safe on the street anymore!
Blacks have been emboldened by the election of Obama and the actions of Holder.
They are taking advantage of this to ‘get even with whitey’.
No white is safe on the street any more.

Being armed will do little or no good when you are suddenly attacked from behind.
2ndDivisionVet - we're at war.
Is truth “controversial” now? We’re in a war where only one side seems to know there’s a war on, except for a few like us.
2ndDivisionVet is related to a dumb white guy who had opportunities, which proves blacks aren't really trying.
My cousin, who is white, as I am, was one of McNamara’s One Hundred Thousand and after serving in Vietnam, worked in a pallet factory. Very simple work. Well, pallet factories really don’t exist any more, so he lives on Social Security. He has never committed a crime or made any mischief that I’m aware of, despite his room temperature I.Q. Why is that, do you think?
2ndDivisionVet then explains that slaveowners raped some smarts into American blacks:
American blacks have higher I.Q.s than those in the Motherland because almost all of them are actually mixed race, to one extent or another.
Holy shit again, 2ndDivisionVet ends off by explaining the real reason Lincoln was assassinated:
[Lincoln] wanted blacks returned to Africa or sent to colonies in South America and the Caribbean, which is, in my opinion, why he was assassinated.
That John Wilkes Booth was just really against expropriation, guys!

I could not understand a word the girl said. These kids are losing the ability to communicate.

In a few years she’ll feed discriminated against because some company doesn’t hire her as a CEO.
It’s the new official Obama language...EBONICS.

It will be taught in public schools across the nation as a required credit very, very soon.

However, they had to remove one subject in order to fit this new class into the schedule.....MORALITY.
driftless2 used to be a liberal, until he realized blacks couldn't learn.
I was one of those libs back in the sixties who supported all the Civil Rights bills passed and all the provisions in them. I firmly believed passing those bills would send black Americans on the road to parity with the rest of the country. It didn't happen. Some progress has been made, but the Black Underclass resists every effort to transport its members into civilized, productive society. Harsh measures are needed.
The harsh measures driftless2 requires? Eugenics.
The first time any punk...white or black...commits a crime, they’d be given an IQ test. Under 90...castrated. Any female of whatever color applying for welfare...IQ under 90...sterilized.
The eugenicists are on the rise! freeangel:
Why I am no longer strongly “pro-life"

I don’t think you are alone. Maybe Sanger had it right.
Ladies! Over 18? Never had kids? Step into the Easy Money Tube-Tie Clinic and step out with a check for $25,000. (Weave and nail salon on the premises!)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dinesh D’Souza becomes a conservative martyr

Freepers were pretty down on D'Souza as a fake conservative when he had an extramarital affair and divorced his wife.

But now he's gone to jail for violating campaign finance laws. Freepers love the idea of the persecution they claim to finally be evident, and they hate campaign finance laws as an assault on free speech. So - for now - he has become the new Freeper genius darling who can do no wrong.

This thread also serves selective sympathy for people on probation, as Freepers find it really unfair, for this one time only.

Avoiding_Sulla is sure this was civil disobedience. Sneaky, covert civil disobedience.
A patriot sees an unconstitutional law, then willfully breaks it for the purpose of gaining standing in court with the intention of getting the law overturned by court ruling.

Doubly so if he suspects that he will be sought out for selective prosecution (as D’Souza says).

What do you label it when the law-breaker decides not to fight, but to plead guilty as charged?
july4thfreedomfoundation wishes his side were as unprincipled as the Democrats in his head:
He should have taken a ploy from the dems playbook, pled not guilty, and denied any knowledge of wrong doing. Then, blamed his opponents.
Albion Wilde knows the real reason why D'Souza didn't go to jail:
Holder, Inc probably didn't want a man of D'Souza's intelligence and communications skills to observe what is going on in the prisons, especially the aggressive muslim prosetylzation gangs.
Jumper finds the sentence criminal. Which is awkward.
This is criminal. He is not insane, nor a threat to the public... his crime is give $15,000 too much to a non-democrat party candidate.

This should spark some type of legal action and political debate. If America is to start interning political opposition and then be forced to undergo therapeutic counseling for their political beliefs, we are in deep trouble; the 8 hours of community service is also excessive.
BuffaloJack - it is time for melodrama!
We have truly become a soviet state. A man is imprisoned for exercising his Constitutional right to free speech.
Tilted Irish Kilt explains that 8 hours of community service is to keep D'Souza from writing, somehow.
#1)“For the first eight months of his probation term, D’Souza will have to live in a “community confinement center” in San Diego,.."
Where the Feds can watch him
#2) "..Judge Richard Berman, who also fined D’Souza $30,000
Which is 50% over the alledged amount of the illegal donation to campaign funds
#3)"..and directed him to undergo “therapeutic counseling.”
Which means supervised state-sponsored indocrination classes, which he must pass.
#4".. D’Souza will also have to perform one day per week of community service during his probation term”
which means that they can keep him silenced for 5 years.

Any violation of community service and he can be considered 'in violation' of the terms of sentancing, and could be returned to Fed Court
and 're-sentanced' for any failure to fully comply with community service directive.
Thus , the sentancing is designed to 'box him in' with rules and regulations, and to quiet his voice for 5 years.
While at first look this judicial determination looks humane , it is designed to muffle his criticism .
CivilWarBrewing is sure D'Souza will be assasinated by Obama's ever-ready army of false flags. Also, probation is worse than prison:
So, how many 'psycho Army veterans with PTSD' are lying in wait for D'souza at the Community Confinement Center? We all know this is what's going to happen to him.

Mark this thread for when it happens. This is a travesty. I'D RATHER BE IN PRISON THEN BE UNDER THE TERMS OF THIS 'OVERKILL' PROBATION!
lentulusgracchus also thinks Obama's an assasinatin' fool.
Bad news, Dinesh .... if they'd won that one, you'd have ended up dead. They'd have killed you in prison.
combat_boots knows what the counseling will be!
Cultural Revolution training, 1960s, under Mao and his ‘young people’ with their screaming and loudspeakers.
SoFloFreeper plays the race card as ridiculously as any liberal partisan:
Racist judge. If it was a white liberal Demon Rat, there’d be no sentence. Or conviction.
pieceofthepuzzle thinks D'Souza's films are community service. Also, Bill Clinton arglebargle:
From my perspective, making films like his is a form of community service, and should count as such. By the way, violate campaign finance law and get 8months of confinement and 5years probation, but abuse your power by having sex in the White House and then lying about it on international television, and get sentenced to reelection and adoration by the left.
You know, a lot of black people would agree with annalex:
I don’t think we have a functioning justice system in this country anymore. It simply persecutes the politically disfavored.

Boobs on the ground

FOX Host Eric Bolling followed up yelling at Obama for saluting the troops with with a coffee in his hands with calling a female pilot "Boobs on the ground." This has not played well. Freepers got nothin', so they bloviate most amusingly.

To be fair, some Freepers' know a bad joke when they hear one. gunn:
Zing. Well done, Eric. Unfunny and shameful. Grow up. Also, it makes no sense whatsoever.
FlingWingFlyer - it was just a joke, guys!
The aholes living in this country don’t know how to laugh anymore. Everybody is too busy looking for something to be “offended” about. Wusses.
flaglady47 explains that rich Catholics get to make sexist jokes:
By the way, Bolling was a Wall Street trader for years, made lots of money in oil trades, knows everything about the oil business, and is a real smart cookie. He is independently wealthy, a great capitalist, is a good Catholic (goes to church just about every day before going into work at Fox), is good looking, has a beautiful and wonderfully nice wife according to all who know her, and a son he dearly loves. Eric also played professional league baseball for a while when younger. His Saturday morning show “Cashin In” on Fox Business News is the highest rated show than all of the other Saturday shows on other channels, combined.

And what are your accomplishments as you hurdle out the insults towards Bolling when you don’t know squat about him.
Kickass Conservative knows liberal comedians are always mocking women and our troops!
Both he and Gutfeld are apologizing for making silly jokes that nobody would even give a second thought about in a sane world.

The fact that are making jokes about a Foreigner makes the supposed “outrage” even more suspect.

Meanwhile, Letterman, Stewart and any number of Liberal Comics can say anything about Conservative American Women, joking or not, and it’s all good.

The double standard is alive and well.
SamuraiScot really hates ladies doin' dudes jobs:
while I wouldn't do what the guy did, out of good manners and morals, I can sympathize. His description of the purpose and effect of putting some lady-commander in a plane so she could be a tourist in a Mideast hot zone, and so some Obama suck-up in the brass could check off a box, was 100-percent accurate.
"lady-commander." Jesus, if he were in a book he'd be an eye-rolling cliche.

molson209 tries to move the conversation to safer ground - bashing Obama!
He meant “Boob in the White Hut"

ya , Barry The Boob

Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Potpourri Pt. 2

RetiredArmy Muslims Obama as hard as he can.
Obama is a muzzie. He is a sunni muzzie. He prays to that allah sun god every day. His fat butt wife probably does also, but behind him. He bows to the sunni saudi king, thus showing the king’s dominance over him. He is not going to do anything that will put him in a bad light with the false sun god. Obama is a wimp. He is beyond a joke. I know 13 year olds who have a bigger set than he does. I bet in high school he was a cheerleader for the golf team.
Wait, Allah's a Sun God Now? There really needs to be a made up Islamic doctrine summit to keep things consistent.
Also, Obama's balls!

Thumper1960 on all the liars who disagree with him:
Socialists and Liberals are like Muslims: they willingly and instinctively lie to everyone when those lies serve their ulterior purposes. One simply CANNOT trust either a Muslim OR a Liberal. They are both malignancies best cut out and destroyed.
After all these months, Darksheare has melded Bergdahl with Benghazi.
He couldn’t trade the blind sheik for a “captured” ambassador, but he could trade five Taliban for one traitor.
And spin it to look good.
allendale - "true incident"
True incident when a Psychiatry consult was called on an older woman admitted to hospital for pneumonia. She kept talking to two imaginary children she called Timothy and Margaret who she insisted were sitting on her bed. She had no children but did have two abortions as a young woman. Psychiatrist said the infection and medication probably was responsible for the hallucination.
OrangeHoof knows his feminism!
Chelsea didn't have her "trophy abortion" that most feminists trumpet. Instead, she added to the overpopulation and global warming crises that liberals try to guilt the rest of us into believing. Not to mention all the pollution caused by all those diapers.
arthurus knows why Eric Holder doesn't kill criminals:
Holder is sending them to prison to be Converted. They will eventually get out of prison, perhaps with a pardon, to wage Jihad.
Straight from Stormfront, nothingnew, folks!
The next Civil War will be to be freeing of the white slaves.

Mr. Lincoln, RIP
Speaking of Stormfront - After a black man kills his white wife, Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America:
Another IDIOT white woman, but at least the sex was good.
Wow, haven't seen the black guys are sexual champion on Freep much before this.

bert - revolt is coming:
I think Obama is at panic........ he may even have had or certainly is near the Ceausescu moment

He can never go into the public, before such a crowd as those that gathered to hear other presidents. He doesn't dare. He is a prisoner contained by extremely vetted very small audiences
Arthur McGowan outsources his conspiracies to hippies:
Everything the dope-smoking Left said about LBJ was true.

They didn’t know, but he murdered JFK. (Who stole the 1960 election, so he got what he deserved.)

LBJ and Lady Bird made tens of millions on the Vietnam war. Huge investments and bribes from the military-industrial complex.
Zotmistress TheOldLady tries to be cute. No one believes her:
I did not and cannot ban anyone, nor can I reinstate. I am not a mod and do not have any more sway with them than you do.
RinaseaofDs makes things up, for God:
Engineers and scientists tend to be religious. Once you get a glimpse on what it takes for all this to be random, you become a believer.
Sequoyah101 sure sounds like an adult!
If tanks surround the white mosque I’ll stand up and cheer. If they break down the gates and go drag that damned muzzie freak and his entourage out in the street so they can be beat to pulps with baseball bats I’ll stand in line for a ticket and bring my own bat.

Maybe then some adults will take over and lead this country.
alloysteel wants our troops to act just a bit worse than ISIS.
If an entire platoon except one were to be slaughtered, their remains doused in swine blood, and left to rot upon the surface of the ground, and the one lone survivor were released to return to his unit, he, too, would probably promptly be executed for telling such a tale. If this happened a couple of dozen times, word would start to leak upward to the higher commanders in ISIS, and they would be a little more cautious about throwing more of their members into confrontation with the opposing force.

After all, ISIS has set the “rules of engagement”, we may only follow their example, even upping the ante a little.
ComtedeMaistre - America will end, not with a bang, but with a gay married President.
We may one day see an American president engaging in a gay marriage, preferably in his second term. America will become a global laughing stock, and that will be the end of America as a nation. By then, practicing traditional Christianity will be a crime.
Archie Bunker on steroids has take drastic action after Chelsea Clinton named her daughter Charlotte.
They named her after my daughter and from this point forward I will refer to my daughter by her middle name

Monday Potpourri Pt. 1

Bumper crop this week because I went off on a quest to find the Freeper article talking about Rep. Lamborn trying to get generals to resign. Never found it, but I came across some serious crazy on the way!

DoughtyOne wants to be clear that he's as irrational as the next Freeper:
Look, I’m not defending Obama here. We all think he is a traitorous man. Assuming the worst is almost always the best way to go with him.
ansel12 tries real hard to make Reagan a military man:
To me Reagan’s almost secret desire to serve in the 1930s when the military was seen as low grade and wasn’t popular, (and was tiny) showed his heart, as you describe, to me that shows a guy who has a private, personal desire to serve.
NorthMountain thinks America may be becoming anti-White Nazi Germany.
Our crony-capitalist beltway symbiosis more closely resembles Nazi Germany than any other economic system.

I used to think it more resembled Mussolini than Hitler ... I'm re-thinking that. The Hiterlites were racist with regard to Jews ... the 0bamorhhoids are racist with regard to white Christians.
Graewoulf knows training troops is really just wasting time:
Yesterday, Speaker “Blank Check” Boehner approved the spending of $ 500,000,000 of US Taxpayer Dollars to “train” 5,000 Syrian Muslim Rebels in Saudi Arabia for one year.

Here are a few discussion points that were NOT mentioned by Boehner:

* Each Syrian Muslim Rebel will cost $ 100,000 to train.

* 5,000 Syrian Muslim Rebels will be removed from the battlefields in Syria to a training site in Saudi Arabia for one year.

* The removal of 5,000 Syrian Muslim Rebels will leave their families with reduced protection from attack by Syrian Army troops, for one year.

* The removal of 5,000 Syrian Muslim Rebels will leave their families with NO protection from attack by ISIS troops, for one year.

* The removal of 5,000 Syrian Muslim Rebels from the battlefields of Syria will help both the Syrian and ISIS troops to more easily take over areas controlled by the Syrian Muslim Rebels.
Marie's feminism.
by the way, our children are grown AND conservative and he was a fantastic father and provider. At this point, he’s sacrificed EVERYTHING for his nation and for his family - he’s making plenty of money - and he can do *anything* that he damn-well wants. He’s earned it.

(I am his wife and I’ve given my permission.)
Oh that Ann Archy!
Why are you yelling?

Because the world has gone CRAZY!!! if you don’t realize it, you are part of the problem.
Enterprise on some terrorists we caught:
They’re terrorists, so by association, they’re also Democrat constituents. They will be sent to a Republican area for voter registration.
Now that the Middle East is back in the news, Freepers like abclily are hitting the Obama is Muslim drum as hard as they can:
He is a loathsome creature unfit to serve.

Since Islam is evil incarnate, what else should we expect from the Islamic occupier of the White House?
Arthur McGowan:
Only men who are married with children, and living with the mother of their children, should be allowed to vote.
Also only men named Arthur McGowan.

cripplecreek has a plan for newly minted felon Dinesh D’Souza's non-jail incarceration:
If D’Souza is as smart as I think he is, he’ll see it as an opportunity to research leftist indoctrination techniques which will be the subject of his future works.
To be fair, whatever BS Conservative Martyr D'Souza writes for the next while will sell well.

tumblindice lays out all the Democratic President's planned disasters:
Carter had his catastrophe, the helicopter rescue attempt of the embassy hostages. Clinton had Mogadishu.
Obama has something really special planned, I think.
Imagine a room filled with mouse-traps. The traps are snugged up against one another, all sides, and each mouse trap is armed with a ping pong ball balanced on the trigger.
Hundreds of traps, wall-to-wall in this room, and someone tosses in a ping pong ball.
It will be something like that, I suppose. Like the Black Death.
digger48 blames Obama for the price of food:
A trip through the grocery store for me just about covers every expletive I’ve ever known. And a few I haven’t.

With a few “Obama”s thrown in
rey fears the Mexican Ninja Dog:
I had a buddy who was a cop in Spanish Harlem. He said the dealers in the drug houses had dogs with their claws removed and their larynx cut so they didn’t make any noise when attacking you.
Bigg Red gets emotional:
Yes, I reluctantly voted for Romney, as well. And I literally cried myself to sleep on election night. I knew that the election was stolen, and I knew that our nation would never be the same.
Diana in Wisconsin hates how easy Congressional Republicans took it on Eric Holder:
But…why would Holder subject himself to that after battling Republicans for six years?

OMG! That made me spew my Diet Coke. BATTLING the Rollover Republicans? *SNORT*

Yeah, they held him in contempt. Big whoop. NOTHING will come of it. This evil Communist is free to roam about at will, while We The People pay his friggin’ bills!

Some days I really HATE the world we’re living in. Seriously. And it’s all of our own doing! We are totally, ‘The Party of Stupid.’ Grrrrrr!
Thing is, there's no need for Assholder to resign for the Mulatto 'n Thief to nominate the racist nazi scum to SCOTUS.
Wagglebee had one thing right, there is a growing moral nihilism in Free Republic these days. Witness Professional Engineer Robert A. Cook, PE
A tough statement, but true:

Notice that any woman who has (deliberately) aborted her baby has decided not to breed another liberal/statist/socialist.

Maybe Darwin had a point, after all?
Jim Robinson can roll conspiratorial as well as frothy:
Atheism is practiced and advocated at ALL LEVELS of government, from the feds right down to the local school districts, all while unconstitutionally prohibiting us the free exercise of OUR religion.