Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

ROCKLOBSTER on Hillary's powers:
Hillary Clinton is that powerful?

She's a traitorous serial killer.

She can single handedly determine that this news will not be aired?

No, she has lots of willing accomplices.
Sacajaweau knows all events that seem even tangentially good to Hillary are Hillary's doing:
WikiLeaks Confirms: Ecuador Cut Off Assange's Web Access

Just another confirmation of Hillary’s conspiracy.
Yaelle thought Hillary's debate performance was really poised and well-done. Proof of cheating!!
I was listening to the debate in the car. Her sentences were AMAZING in vocab and structure. I thought she must have been reading or wearing a wire. Who can speak off the cuff like that with complex, perfect sentence structure?
Bellflower wonders if maybe Hillary was using science fiction to win the debate!
Maybe it’s not her lectern, but her note pad. maybe it is really electronic paper that can is programmed like a computer. Then it would look like her notes, but it would be their messages to her. I think technology is definitely at the point where computer messages can be displayed on special computer screen paper. It’s just not been made commercial yet.
chris37 - if you can't military coup right now, President Hillary has infinite power.
“Pentagon Officials” have the same authority to arrest Hillary the traitor as you have.

Then I guess she can do whatever she wants.
Lurker is too busy to assassinate this guy himself, of course.
Ryan McElveen is a liberal school board member who has repeatedly pushed for transgender-related school indoctrination and other policies.

Ryan has an address. I’m just saying.
bert similarly calls on other people to do his assasination:
Federal judge orders reopening of voter registration in Va

The judge has forfeited his right to live
bert calls on Trump to kill Bill Clinton as soon as he wins the election!
Trump is in real danger from the Clinton hit Squads

Bill should be neutralized ASAP after Trump wins

He is vindictive and too dangerous to be among us
bert fantasizes about torture.
killing is murder
Cutting the balls of rapists Will never get a convictiont
On a website where bert exists, Mad_as_heck wonders why liberals are the violent ones.
Why do they always resort to violence or threat of violence?
That is a very good question. The hate and violence is always very close to the surface with these people. I take the desire of the left to kill me and my family very, very, seriously.
I checked his posts, and LaRueLaDue seems pretty committed to the 'Michelle is a transexual and Obama's kids are fake' line:
I bet his password is the name of one of his daughters.

You mean one of the rent-a-kids?
At this point, henkster NEEDS there to be voter fraud.
Actually if the website crashed, and nobody could register before the deadline, this ruling is probably not unreasonable.

Unless a flood of fraudulent registrations is what caused the website to crash.
Dansong's Trump-boner has become self-reinforcing; how could Trump lose now?!
Trump is fearless. He is the most confident man in America. He’s either been incredibly lucky his whole life or he’s forced his way to the top. His “bad hombres” line spoke to millions and said, in effect, “ Yeah, I’m a billionaire but I’m you, too...”

Game over...Trump in landslife
Gargantua spins a whole life story from pure spite:
This author is obviously a very frustrated homosexual. Mommy probably liked his older sister better, and Daddy always disapproved when he played with dolls. And Trump likes girls!

Poor, sad little butt-hurt bee-yotch will probably commit suicide when Trump wins with over 65% of the vote. At least then he'll be at peace... not to mention, he'll finally be a good fag.
WENDLE loved that Al Smith dinner!
Trump’s roast tonight propelled him to the presidency. It was the smoothest most artful disembowellment of that criminal lying bitch in history,just in time for his massive victory from an adoring that.
GraceG has no idea how abortion works, but came up with a pretty badass feminist dystopian novella idea!
Make “partial birth late term” abortion perfectly LEGAL....


Condition 1: Baby to be delivered to term Live and Kicking, and put in basket next to mother. Everyone besides the mother and baby leaves the room.

Condition 2: Mother has to perform abortion herself by taking her own two hands and strangling the newly delivered baby to death. No doctor in the room, no breaking of the doctor’s Hippocratic oath.

Condition 3: IF mother doesn’t want to strangle her baby she can put the baby in a “Baby drop Box” across the room, baby will be adopted off.

Condition 4: If mother wants baby and to raise baby, she can keep baby.

Force the mother to make a CHOICE, like all the pro Choice people say they are for....

Harsh, but I believe in the laws of nature’s god, not men in white coats.
captain_dave looks forward to an attractive President after Obama looked like a servant the the whole time:
Trump knows how to wear formal white tie. A nice alternative to Obama screwing up even that and looking more like a waiter.
Califreak - Save us using your assassination skills, Putin!
One of these days I’m going to wake up, and a lot of major players for the Democrat party are going to be in prison.

Trump will be president, and it will be the Democrat party on the ropes, possibly dying on the vine.

Soros is vulnerable also. He has been paying people to riot, to break the laws of our nation.

Any Justice Department worth it’s salt would take the guy down.

I’m surprised Putin’s people haven’t gotten him yet.

Somehow, I don’t think they really want him that bad.

But he’s probably got enough evil progeny to carry out his evil agenda so they’d have to get them too.

Monday Potpourri pt. III

chris37 wants a 'self destruct' Amendment.
At this point I am for an amendment completely deconstructing the federal government.
DarthVader finds the denial of everyone who isn't Freepers to be very Hitlerish.
The numbers are not believable and the Uniparty and MSM are in a full blown panic. Reminds me of being like Hitler being in the bunker moving around divisions that did not exist while the Allies were getting closer and closer.
beaversmom joins many other Freepers in declaring Hillary extra ugly because of all the evil inside.
Wow. There are really some horrible pics of her out there. Every day she looks different.

Yeah, I came across that one last night or the night before on FR. She really looks evil in it. I think there’s a reason why.

I used to never think of Hillary Clinton as an attractive person, but upon revisiting some of her interviews and appearances from the 1990s when she and BJ were trying to get into the Whitehouse, she was actually quite nice looking. I’m not sure why I had never picked up on that prior.

I don’t blame Hillary for getting old. I don’t particularly care about people’s looks, in general, but I think there is something about one’s true colours showing on the face. You have to be a pretty good actor to mask it all the time. So she was a physically attractive person at one time when she put some effort into it, but she’s always come across to me as colder and meaner than a snake.
"I don't blame Hillary for getting old. But for her, it proves she's evil."

snuffy smiff hopes Axelrod is in Wikileaks so he can be lynched.
Has anything turned up in Wikileaks or emails on Axelrod? Because he lived in the same building as one of Cain’s accusers, etc.

I certainly hope so. He is another that should be decorating a lamp post.
Chaguito does not know what video editing is:
In my opinion, the O’Keefe video is the most powerful thing that has come out, including Clinton Cash. This is the actual instigators describing it in their own words, boasting about inciting violence. The emails might be subject to interpretation. This is very simple and straightforward.
Sioux-san graciously spares Sean Hannity from the mass press jailing coming down the pipe.
This is good for Hannity - when the RICO charges come down in Trump’s new Administration, he won’t be named in the Cabal of Traitors who colluded to destroy this Nation.
lexington minuteman 1775 moves from squeeing that Trump retweeted his wife to crowing that Trump is so blue color because he's an asshole:
Wife Tweets him almost everyday she was elated the other day when he personally retweeted back to her “the Truth is a powerful weapon” It’s kind of like George Orwell saying that one day the telling of truth will be a revolutionary act...

And I love having a fighter.

A few months ago I recall hearing somebody talk who grew up in same Queens neighborhood as Trump he said...”this is the way people in that hood talk you talk tough thats your image in the community he said if you live in LA or some other place you go...whoa...that’s a bit over the edge no it isn’t.” 
WE have waited for a whole lifetime ( I am 69 years old) for sombody to break some balls of the democrats like Donald does. Go Trump!
Inevitably, Billthedrill is unsatisfied with just 'Lock her up.'
Why would anyone be worried about that 'lock her up' chant, I wonder?

V K Lee finds himself using lots of dark metaphors about Obama's fate:
This dark, soot of a snowflake is melting and soon will be nothing more than a puddle on the floor, similar to the puddle that Fido left behind. America’s first bully who will soon put his own black tongue on the frozen flagpole of America’s flying colors. Should that happen, we would be blessed as a country that we have heard the last of him and the flying monkeys working with him.
little jeremiah used a Ouija board to contact Jesus!
When I was an older teenager I played Ouija board sometimes with friends; not a whole lot or obsessively. Usually just meaningless letters.

Once when we played, right away the message appeared:

God is love.

I figured that was all I needed to hear, and never played again.

Interestingly, the letters just formed right away. Other person was just as surprised as I was.
LydiaLong probably thinks Colonel Kilgore is a hero:
I love scorched earth debates.
Senator Goldwater knows how to win a debate with Hillary!
Good. Nail the bitch with Benghazi. God knows she deserves it.
GoldenState_Rose's prayers for lots of retweets are getting a bit desperate:
Dear Father in Heaven,

Please bless James O’keefe and the likes of him — the TRUE journalists in our country.

Please keep him safe.

Please keep these videos VISIBLE and TRENDING and SHARED and RE-SHARED and protected should even Youtube and Twitter attempt to shut them down.
edie1960 heard from an Internet lunatic that Trump is about to win the election!
Linda Suhler retweeted Mike Cernovich who claimed that Trump’s campaign’s internals have a LOCK on 264 Electoral Votes (just 5 or 6 shy of the necessary ones for either a tie or outright win). This is why the MSM is freaking out.
OneVike has his finger on the pulse of the black commuinty:
Watch, I bet that when its all said and done that less than 50 % of the black voters vote

Even if it’s 60% it is not enough

They will need 99% of blacks to vote, plus about 40% more young people to vote for Hillary to pull this out

That is using the liberal polls which I already think are giving her way too much of the vote now
NKP_Vet knows when Trump calls a woman ugly, he's not being so crass as to talk about her body!
When he says he wouldn’t grope or kiss that one because she is too ugly, by implication many, especially woman

Thats a lie being repeated by nasty Hillary Clinton. He was referring to 74 year old woman’s persona, not her appearance. She is a 60s bra burner who’s story was immediately debunked. She has already been exposed as a long time Hillary Clinton shill.
Hillarys Gate Cult has found herself in unfalsifiable-land.
When in the post debate analysis after ABC News declared that Hillary won, that confirmed for me that Trump stomped her.
VRWC For Truth was not a fan of Hillary's debate performance.
Canckles sucked donkey balls...Screech city ...
Fungi is what happens when you see the world through a Freepish lense...
Al-reuters does not have an objective bone in its entire organization. Being based in London, are they subject to Sharia?
SMARTY works with grad students, and resents them all.
I work with Grad Students at a university.

• They can’t find their way in the building
• There is a girl in the program who lost her keys, 3 times in one week
• They lose their phones
• Their ID cards
• Their wallet
• Their purse
• Their books
• Their watch
• Mid-term, and don’t know the professor’s name
• Can’t tell me the name of the class
• Don’t know the room number for their class
• Can’t keep appointment dates or locations straight
• Forget meetings
• My desk drawer is filled with the stuff they lose and on any given day I have all this stuff in there.
• One of them totalled my car at a stop light-then jumped out and ran away. He told the police: “Oh yea…that wasn’t ME-someone stole my car and I wondered where it was…”
• There is trash all over the place even with a bin two steps away, at all times. These are your ‘earth first’ Liberals

These are ‘adults’ who are being paid on grants, etc. and can’t keep their sh&^ together from one minute to the next.

THEY vote!! Can you believe it?

Monday Potpourri pt. II

Talisker sees a lot of Jesus in Ayn Rand's writings:
Ayn Rand was right about a lot when it came to people.

That's why I like her work, she starts from fundamentals. Christians say everyone is a sinner and needs Christ. Ayn Rand agreed - and then observed that most people do NOT receive Christ in their hearts. So she simply asked, okay, how would such people, who refuse Christ, act? What WOULD govern their behavior? How would they justify it? What would they actually do?

Simple, but brilliant.
Dilbert San Diego heard Trump won all the debates from 'liberals.' So how can Trump be so far down in the polls?!
What the heck??

Hillary up by double digits, in a poll conducted entirely after the 2nd debate?

After the 2nd debate in which even liberal media talking heads said that Trump performed very well, and arguably “won” the debate??? That debate?????

But Hillary is up by double digits nationally, but Trump is ahead or within single digits in many of the battleground states??

Can all of these statements be true???
wastoute on the resurrection of the Tea Party after Democrats thought they'd killed it!!
So, the Rats have succeeded in two of the LONG range goals they have had for years in this cycle. They destroyed Fox which is now just another bad version of MSNBC. They destroyed the GOP. The thing they failed to accomplish and this was not even on their “to do” list was destroy the Tea Party because they thought they had done this already.

So they risked everything, allowed the mask to come off in regard to their collusion with the Brown Shirt Media. The BSM was already into single digit territory. Even they note that cockroaches poll better than journalists. The Rats were willing to sacrifice the strongest weapon they had.

Because they realized too late the ghost of the Tea Party has come back to life and is bigger and stronger and more pissed off than ever they are facing a battle for their very survival and LOSING.

You know it's not a cheer if you're yelling it through clenched teeth, right?

MichaelCorleone has been totally fooling young women that he's a Stein supporter:
I’ve actually been trying to move the feminazi vote from Hillary to Stein.

As I identify those brainwashed, shallow thinking 20 somethings, I ask them who they are voting for (knowing the answer is Hillary), and I tell them I’m trying to get votes for Jill Stein (they incorrectly interpret that as working for the Stein campaign). Now I go right into the flight plan.

This opens them up to hear me out on why NOT Hillary. They already emotionally wedded to the ‘I hate Trump’s misogyny’ meme, so there’s no point of even mentioning Trump.

Unclear if it will work at all, but the fact we’re discussing only women candidates makes them listen with an open mind. Who knows - maybe they’ll see the light on what we’ll face with a Clinton as CIC?
HWGruene knows who resents losing the Civil War.
It’s terrifying. The demokkkrats are still pissed about losing the civil war, and have yet to surrender.
The alternative is a blood bath again but this time it will be in the tens of millions and not hundreds of thousands like the last time.
A GOP HQ got bombed. Freepers went from hating the GOP to briefly loving it, if that'd be an excuse for digger48 to fantasize about violence:
They burn one of ours, we burn ten of theirs.

Don’t bring a match to a gunfight.
Joe Marine 76 is one of many, many Freepers to make this parallel:
“Nazi Republicans leave town or else, “ said the Kristallnacht re-enactors.

“Kristallnacht.” Damn, I thought the exact thing, no lie.
I'd never have guessed Jews would be so envied for the Holocaust as they are bu Freepers.

Sarah Barracuda explains why liberals love abortion and Muslims...mostly Muslims..
Because with liberals, Muslims and Abortion are their holy grail..they adore Muslims because Muslims despise America as much as they do..its why they want so many of them here..#1 to change the demographic forever..and secondly if they kill a bunch of Americans who cares, as long as those Americans are from Republican states it wont affect them one bit
JudyinCanada hopes maybe Hillary will be caught having lots of affairs:
A pile of affairs, both hetero and homo, would certainly take her out of “poor victim” status. They always say that her husband’s affairs are nothing to do with her, and she’s been portrayed as the long-suffering, loyal wife. This would certainly change that narrative to them being a couple of low-lifes, with a sham marriage.

Could expose her as the phony, ambitious, liar that she is.
ProtectOurFreedom can't believe how many Republicans are hoaxed as cheaters and gropers by Democrats!
Gin up patently false charges about Trump’s behavior toward women at the last minute in the campaign; ignore all the women who say his is a great guy and a gentleman; be not the slightest bit curious about why nobody made these claims in the past 30 years; totally ignore the women her husband brutally raped; totally ignore the fact that Clinton did the real dirty work by sliming the raped women and discrediting them...then have the chutzpah to claim his campaign is “stumbling.”

It’s the same damned Democrat playbook used in every election.

The problem is it seems to work.
Roger stone's frantic story never came true, of course. lavaroise still sticks to the conclusion he's already drawn, though:
Roger Stone Says Kerry Threatened Ecuadorian President Over Assange: Brits Storm Embassy Tonight

Demoncrap Ayatollahs
Speaking of Ayatollahs, Flavious_Maximus wants Free Speech to give way to Christian Freedom.
The New York Times is ground zero for the persecution of Christians.

Those NYT officials need to be put on death row.
Also into an American version of the Iranian Revolution, wakibeach has lots of plans to kick out all the wrongthinkers:
Clean out all the sewers and the people who live in them.

Start with the Judiciary, Legislative and left over bureaucrats in the Executive branch from all prior occupants of the White House. Fire all the Department Heads in every government office or Agency.

Ask all the University and College Heads to resign if they are unable or unwilling to teach about America the Beautiful, Home of the Brave, and unabashedly Patriotic Flag Wavers.

Tell the United Nations to take a hike to Belgium, no more slush funds for these tyrants.

Cut all ties with Saudi Arabia, the most evil of all empires.

Media will have a code of conduct that is befitting a Benjamin Franklin ethics review, OR be shut down until they are able to comply.
No more free money from taxpayers.

ALL Planned Parenthood’s be defunded.
As soon as possible overturn Roe v Wade.
Take America back to its Godly roots or shut the whole failure down.
My two favorites were History being revised to be only hagiographic, and the idea of a 'Ben Franklin ethics review.' Mandatory French whores for everyone!

Someone else's list of post-Trump purges lead backwoods-engineer to show why Freepers can't have awful things"
Pass the Federal ID act.
I will not comply, and if Trump does it, I will oppose him as much as I oppose Obama.
jimjohn has a whole list of people soon to be assassinated, right before they shut down electricity.
we are at a stage of high alert, between O’Keefe and Assange. God protect them both. 
I think the establishment has spent most of their false ammo. They only have war with russia and a grid attack left, besides the unspeakable which i won’t mention. Pray for our land, pray for Mr T

Might as well through in Rush, Drudge, and a few others to that list.
sockhead reveals an insufficiently majestic moving van scandal!
Hillary is brazen. If it isn’t nailed down, she takes it.

I’ll never forget Bill’s first inauguration. Before the ceremony, before the Clintons arrived at the White House for the traditional meeting with the outgoing president, their moving vans were outside the gate.

One was a standard large white semi, and the other was an embarrassing small, local mover’s type beat up truck. The scene was beyond tacky. White House staff were appalled.
tbw2 tried to argue to some STEM-types that ditch-diggers love it, and free time is bad.
I had an argument with several research post-docs regarding their utopian vision of what people will do when we get rid of all the jobs.

* Just because you find such work boring and demeaning doesn’t mean those with an average or below average IQ do. In fact, it gives them social status, purpose and interaction. Your biases are clouding your decision on what is best for these people.
* You imagine a paradise when many jobs are eliminated. Want a real life precursor? The inner cities already relying heavily on welfare with drugs, crime, broken families, despair. And by driving automation on purpose regardless of the human cost, you’re creating more of said crime.
* The idea that people will suddenly volunteer more is disproved by the same worldwide phenomena. It is the people who already have jobs who volunteer, the janitor who then works an afternoon picking up trash at the park. Instead, we have welfare recipients and able bodied people on social security with ADD unwilling to pick up trash where they live.
* You are assuming that shifting to AI to make decisions is unbiased. No, it will have the biases of the programmers - and those are currently people who programmed the decision making algorithms that denied a woman in Oregon cancer treatment and sent her info on assisted suicide, or HMOs that denied care due to cost but now the doctor will be even more limited by the all-powerful computer that puts little value on human life.

I don’t know if I actually got through any of their heads. They’d never even HEARD pro-human arguments like this. If I hadn’t been a female engineer talking about the future of STEM and technology, thus a novelty, they’d likely have ignored me.
Searching for empowerment of his dying worldview, dp0622 is spamming Freeper crap with every trending hashtag he sees.
I’m all over it. Sent to 2 reporters at Breitbart and to ANY trending hashtag, as well as the networks.
Like many Freepers, TheConservativeParty is pretty sure rallies are election polls, and Hillary can only win with fraud. And terrorism. And abortion. And going to Hell...his mind wanders a bit.
I watch all the Trump rallies I can. He can get 10,000 inside the event and has nearly that many outside.

HildaBeast had a book store event this year where there were about 20 people.

I estimate her top crowd to be 500.

We all have seen this. Trump is clearly the actual winner of this election and the only way for him not to be elected is massive demoncrat dirty tricks and crimes.

The 2 fire bombings for instance....crimes.

The dems are terrorists. Bombers. Congrats Dems, you are actual terrorists.

The pics of the fire bombed Trump offices were horrible, complete destruction.

The Dems are more evil than we can imagine.

What else can we expect from the party of baby-killers?

Nothing is beneath them,,,except Hell, which they will all spend eternity in.

Look at how those at the 9-11 event, surrounded HildaBeast to keep The People from seeing how ill she is. All those people that shielded her from our view are traitors, part of the machine pushing to get her in power regardless of the truth, her criminality, her pure evil. Same for Comey, Lynch, and all the rest, the media, etc,,,,

If she steals this, they will have the taken from us the last chance to keep up from becoming a muslim take-over hell hole like Germany, France or Sweden.

end of rant

Monday Potpourri pt. I

I can't tell what grey_whiskers is defending so urgently - the comment got deleted :-(
It is fake. At least Monmouth denied it last month.

And Bill Clinton did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.

I've never heard of you before. You're defending the left.

Therefore, I consider you a lying troll.

The left lies openly through their foul teeth constantly because

a) nobody calls them on it

b) they shout down anyone who tries to.

The only way to handle this is to assume anyone speaking for, or defending the left, is lying, as a given.

With just the same smug air of intellectual superiority they have towards the right.

We need to find the original source, or get a mole within Monmouth: the left has already shown they literally hide and destroy evidence even when faced with a court order, and they have corrupted the highest levels of law enforcement.

Nice try, troll-bot.
cowboyusa has decided everyone reporting the polls are children of satan:
CNN just claimed that the beast is up in both AZ and GA..Lies are one thing, but these are stupid lies!

They are of their father the devil.
SkyPilot thinks anything freaky-looking must be demonic.
These are demonic objects. There is no question.
RoosterRedux doesn't care about proving that Scalia was murdered, only throwing a bit of mud:
Would these traitors stoop to murder? Hell yes. Is this proof? Hell no.

This is about the Court of Public Opinion. Jury out until November 8th.
More and more Freepers like Red Boots are turning away from a reality without much hope for Trump to the supernatural, where you can make up whatever you want.
I decided to spend the period of the second debate in prayer for the country. I cried out that we didn't deserve it in the slightest, but that God might have mercy on our country. I then had a long period of silence, then a firm impression that I should read Psalm 89:19. I looked it up and it says,"

Once You spoke in a vision, To Your faithful people you said: I have bestowed strength on a warrior; I have exalted a young man from among the people.

I have found David my servant; With my scared oil I have anointed him.

My hand will sustain him; Surely my arm will strengthen him.

No enemy will subject him to tribute; No wicked man will oppress him.

I will crush his foes before him, And strike down his adversaries.

My faithful love will be with him, And through my name his horn will be exalted.

i sometimes get messages through Scripture this way and I don't have the bible memorized, so I don't know beforehand what verse they are referring to, or what that verse is going to say. But this one really rang true and I thought I'd just throw it out there in support of your last sentence. I do believe he is anointed.
Speaking of the supernatural. stars & stripes forever has this analysis:

Recently numerous news websites have published articles on the pre-immigration spelling of Donald Trump's surname, Drumpf. They correctly point out that the English translation of this German word is trump card; ironic given the man's heavy involvement with gambling enterprises. But the real origin of Trump's name is less bombastic.

Donald: Trump's forename is Scottish. His mother, born Mary Anne MacLeod, immigrated to the United States from Stornoway, a large, sparsely-populated island off the coast of Scotland. Mary had an older brother, Donald MacLeod, and grandfather, Donald Smith. Donald is an Anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic name, Domhanll, which means world-ruler.

John: Trump's middle name is the English derivative of the Hebrew name, Yohanan, which means Graced by Yahweh. Yahweh was a god in the pantheon of the ancient Canaanite religion and later the monotheistic god of the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Trump: Donald Trump's father was a German immigrant. When he arrived in the United States, he spelled his surname, Drumpf, but Anglicized it to Trump. His earliest known ancestor was a lawyer, Hans Drumpf. This shifting of d to t in German has been common, e.g. vader (English: father). Drumpf is a corruption of Trumpf, which is derived from the German word, trumme, meaning drummer. It is likely that one of Trump's paternal ancestors was a military drummer, used set marching pace and communicate other orders.

Thus Donald Trump's full name literally means: the ruler of the world, graced by God and a descendant of a drummer.
HarleyLady27 has also returned from last week's funk thanks to leaning heavily on God speaking to her:
For a while now, I have felt a calm peace, I have listened to what people are saying about Trump, the media tearing him apart, or so they think...

And lately, I look back to when he brought up immigration and see people laugh at him, and the media thinking they were the righteous writers of the times, failed so badly...

I see arrows pointed at him and then they are flung and the people that throw them, the arrows come right back to the group or person that flung them...a good example is what the Clintons and media have tried to do to Trump this week...didn't work, but we now know more about Clinton and the media...

The government, the corruption, it's all been opened up for all of us believers to see, and see we have...our House, Senate, government from the White House to the Janitor's closet is corrupted, and we are now looking in and seeing just how bad it really is...

God has chosen Trump to be our mouthpiece and he is doing what God wants him to do, Trump has talked to people in our Country, and in the world on their level, he has gathered the flock that have prayed so hard to bring someone we could follow and trust, God not only brought Trump, but He has brought Pence also...

Trump will be our next President, and I have felt this for a while now...we prayed and God is answering our prayers...Thank You Lord for hearing us...
"all of us believers." Believers in...Trump, I guess?

usafa92 heard from some little pollster that Trump is unifying Republicans:
I follow Rich Baris on Twitter, who runs this poll. He said the Johnson voters are starting to break for Trump. They have always been Never Trumpers now coming home.
Attacks on Chelsea are up. Jolla rocks some of the purer guilt by association I've seen:
Chelsea, your mother is the most evil woman to ever walk the halls of Washington, she helped send your father to prison, your “dad” is a serial rapist and has had sex with underage girls.

You have one of the best apts in New York City and you never earned a days wages in your pathetic life.

Shut up.
Tilted Irish Kilt just re-purposes old Chelsea hatred from the '90s:
Chelsea Clinton is still a spoiled SNOT !
Older .. yes !
Married .. yes !
but still a spoiled SNOT !
Being older does NOT include maturity !!
Catmom loves Freud:
This certainly explains Hillary.

She went full on Marxist because her Republican daddy didn’t love her enough.
BRL likes to keep the genders electorally separate:
When women got the right to vote it would have worked better for men to elect one senator, women elect the other senator, women vote for pres every 8 years and same with men and men/women alternate voting for congress.
So I guess doping has become the new go-to for why the GOP loses debates. o-n-money is already retconning:
In the 2012 VP debate, Biden’s urine would have glowed in the dark.
Kudsman is feeling that old Soviet fear and loathing:
Purge us before we purge you. High stakes game of political chicken. Whomever blinks first loses. Go!
Perhaps not feeling too manly these days, Ethan Clive Osgoode wants to murder him some drug dealers:
Probably the best way to get shot is to stick one’s nose is others’ business where it don’t belong.

Like, for example, when one sells drugs to someone's friends or family.
I can't tell whether lee martell's Clinton drug raving is a new conspiracy theory or an old one:
Hillary is not going submit to such a test. People used to ask about Bill too. I recall a tale of a White House doctor who was given a filled syringe and told to ‘inject the President immediately”. Like any real doctor, he refused to inject the president without being told what medication was in that needle. The next day, he was FIRED from his position,

for failing to perform all necessary duties to benefit the president. They are both very secretive about their medical needs.
Wallace T. knows the problem with America is not enough Christian nationality, like we had in the 600s.
Islam is only the terminal disease that enters the Western democracies after a century or more of leftist infection destroying the immune system of the Christian faith and rationality. 
Had leftism existed at the time of Charles Martel, Islam would be the only religion from Ireland to Russia and from Norway to Italy.
kiltie65 compares Hillary's America to the blasted husk of post-WW2 England. Hide your money now!
After WW11 we left Britain and emigrated to California in 1952. Britain, wanting to ensure the populace didn’t leave in droves, enacted a law that each adult leaving could only take the equivalent of $100 with them. I was under 12, so my parents, brother and myself, after selling their home and all belongings, came to this country with only $350 in their hands, and could only withdraw $400 every 5 years thereafter. 
The U.S. may consider something similar if people wanted to leave in droves so be warned and maybe figure out a lnvestment now in some way you can take your wealth with you.
ShivaFan agrees Russia is behind all the hacks, but his fear and loathing of Hillary has overtaken his nationalism:
My sense is they are gettubg bigger, and next coming will be more from Guccifer, and then from Russia.

My sense is, and rightfully so, Russia believes Hillary is mentally unstable and fixated to go to war with Russia.

So there is a good chance, since Hillary is a computer illiterate, that Russia has some damaging information on Hillary and if so, they will also dump that by next week.
Similarly plain talk has gotten over the Cold war. He doesn't believe Putin, except about everything:
He comes at his points through logic. Of course being a former KGB guy and you can’t believe anything he says. But at least his public statements make sense. They make more sense than anything Hillary Clinton is saying. It is quite a contrast listening to Putin vs listening to Hillary and the junior varsity league people we have in the WH.
Genoa also doesn't much care about foreign interference in our elections if it helps his side to win:
Honestly, I don’t care if Putin was behind the whole thing. Drain the swamp.
Arthur Wildfire! March calls out Hillary's self-hypnosis during the debates:
No way the real Hillary would have been able to laugh off Trump’s attacks like she did. She was probably feeling way too good to get upset.

The Clintons use Tony Robbins’ techniques. It gives you hynpotic-level self control. A powerful system everyone should implement.

But she is hiding something — blood test out of the question.
txrefugee has a plan for a few hateful yahoos to yell at Hillary during inauguration. It wouldn't do anything, but might piss of liberals, which is all Freepers have left.
Having hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters at the Inauguration of Clinton shouting, “Illegitimate!” and “Bastard President!” would put a chill on the festivities. But hey, we’d see how much the Left really believes in the First Amendment’s free political speech for ALL Americans, not just for the Left.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Spotlight: Dick Bachert

There are a few sorts of Freepers who are very influential to Freep culture, yet eludes spotlighting. One runs Freepathons or other high traffic lists, so their crazy is diluted. But there area also the filibusterers. The ones who post huge tracts of purple prose meandering their way to a Freeper talking point. One such is Liz. Another is this guy. Unlike Liz, he doesn't bother to exhaustively research laws and regulations to prosecute his fantasies - he just writes some crap, and then pastes it to like 10 different threads. And often he'll quadruple-post on the same thread! He also does some talk radio on the side, because of course he does.

Former Air Force, his main philosophy seems to be of the 'Global Elites' variety. Basically, everything he doesn't like is a scheme by evil bankers and/or the Fed. And anyone who is universally condemned must be super conservative for still standng despite said bankers' machinations to make them hated. That's when he manages to avoid losing control and ranting about women and Negroes, of course.

His profile page is full of quotes from the Founders about how liberty is super keen, and pretty boring in the end.

"How is a fetus not a baby when some people keep insisting it is?"
The absolute hypocrisy and duplicity of the American statist left defies logical explanation!

Putting aside for the moment that “statist left” and “logical” should NEVER APPEAR in the same rant, the just announced Hobby Lobby decision by the Supremes displayed it for all to see. All, that is, except the looney 47% who are receiving all the “free” chit and other goodies dispensed by the left to keep them voting for Democrat hacks who promise more and more of the free chit.

At the time the left rammed through the (Un)Affordable Care Act, there were loud protests from the few million or so sane citizens still living here that it would interpose fedzilla into the formerly sacred relationship between patient and doctor. The equally looney “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it” left quickly waved a collective imperious hand and uttered a royal “Tsk, tsk”, dismissed the objectors and returned to destroying the fabric of the country.

Comes now the favorable Hobby Lobby decision and comes now two pro-abortion radical feminazis to – where else – MSNBC to decry and lament over the decision. One was Rep. Nita Lowey from NYC (aka Gomorrah on the Hudson) and another woman representing one of the several Margaret Sanger eugenics inspired pro-abortion groups still murdering babies in the former safety of their mothers’ wombs.

Their first and only opposition argument? Though I suspect you have figured this out, better brace yourself: “It would interfere with the sanctity of the relationship between a woman and her doctor.”

And before you hit the reply button with “What about the hypocrisy of the pro-life right in celebrating Hobby Lobby?”

You may have overlooked the third and silent party in the discussion: The unborn baby!

The pro-aborts maintain that a fetus is NOT a human being either until birth or the third trimester. (I’ll believe that when a human female delivers a chicken or a cow.) And a number of courts here and in other nations regularly rule in support of that erroneous notion.

And while we’re discussing “hypocrisy”, can you explain this to me? How is it that those same courts correctly rule in cases involving intentional or accidental serious injury to or death of a pregnant woman that if her unborn baby is injured or dies, her baby constitutes a SECOND victim of the trauma or crime and the jury/judge nearly always factors that into the civil judgment or criminal sentence?

That concept comes down to us from the over 2,000 year old law found in the Bible.

And here’s one final piece of law from that Good Book: “A double-minded man (or woman) is UNSTABLE in ALL his (or her) ways”.

What does that say about 21st century America?

Just sayin’

Dick Bachert
6 30 2014
He loves Trump because JFK was assassinated by the Fed:
JFK was one of the last Democrats who, while he leaned somewhat to the left, LOVED AMERICA — THE IDEA. (Yes, he and Bobby screwed up the immigration laws and several other things, but ALL these folks are mixed bags!) That love caused him to do two things that angered the oligarchs whose ideological progeny are today opposing Trump: He signed an Executive Order authorizing the issue of United States Notes, a currency bypassing the Federal Reserve Notes the Fed creates from thin air and for which it charges us INTEREST for the privilege. And, as a war veteran himself, Kennedy was preparing to pull us out of the quagmire called Vietnam, angering the Military-Industrial Complex that 5 STAR GENERAL and PRESIDENT Eisenhower warned us in his Farewell Address!

I may be wrong, but all the indicators I’ve seen so far inform me that Trump “GETS IT” (understands the goal of the New World Order oligarchs) and he LOVES AMERICA — THE IDEA. He wants our kids and grand kids to have the same opportunities we have enjoyed in a sovereign and independent America and a unique economic system that, warts and all, has provided more people more liberty and wealth than any other in the history of the world.

Cutting to the chase: Trump has pissed off the same folks whose ancestors took out not only JFK but only God knows how many others who dared challenged the Utopian oligarchs who do not lightly tolerate such insolence!

Trump is literally betting his life that he can beat the bastards! Join me in praying that he is right!
More of his philosophy of supporting people based entirely on who hates them.

Simple new rule for candidate selection for conservatives: Find out who NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN (and FNN if they keep drifting to port) and the NY Slimes are supporting and immediately scratch them off your list.
As for finding your candidate, ascertain who NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, the Slimes and the RINOs and TURNCOATS in the GOPe are most actively and viciously attacking and you’ve found your pick!
Speaking of the Slimes, the joke going around when Castro siezed power in Cuba was the HE GOT HIS JOB THROUGH THE NY TIMES! If you want that to happen here, remain silent and FAIL TO SHOW UP NEXT NOVEMBER!

There ya go!!
More talk about MLK's affairs!
Not sure if Hoover’s FBI files on MLK have been released, but they’d make very exciting reading for the kiddies!
More ranting that the Financial Elites are behind all our evils:
The fight over Obamacare is about stopping the unvetted, unqualified, narcissistic megalomaniacal former community organizer and tyrant in the White House from bringing about his “transformation of America”. That phrase was and is code among his dumbed down and/or uninformed supporters for creating a despotic Marxist redistributionist Utopia. That it has failed everywhere it has been attempted and left misery and death in its wake is of no concern to them. The magic Obama can make it finally work.

One element that may puzzle some of you is why more of the wealthy captains of industry and capitalists – who ostensibly have the most to lose – haven’t spoken out in opposition.

Two reasons (there may be more):
1. They believe they will be princes in the new order, their lives of wealth and ease little affected by the distress inflicted on the us down here, the mass of the great unwashed. They really should restudy the histories of those who collaborated with other tyrants who, once in firm control, dispatched those who had the resources and intellect to topple the new “king” once the inclination to do so took hold of them.
2. During the Cold War, the head of Citibank, one Walter Wriston, was asked why his New York based organization continued to provide financing to the tyrants running the Soviet Union and the slave states the USSR dominated. He replied that it made little difference to him what sort of government these nations had and his only concern was “Can they pay their bills?”

The WWII era Norwegians applied a real world name of real world fellow Norwegian for those folks: Quisling.
Not a fan of those two broads on the Supreme Court.
The low-information, low-IQ MORONS who put obozo in a position to pack this court with IDIOTS like these two broads will — I pray to God — live to rue the day.
Michelle Obama can't fight her Kenyan blood:
Michelle Obama insults flag folders at 9/11 commemoration

Many of us in the country fully reciprocate her feelings.

And if that ceremony had featured 100 men in loinclothes playing the Kenyan national anthem (both notes nearly simultaneously)on meat whistles and bonaphones while the Cuban flag was being folded, they’d both have been weeping uncontrollably.
Hillary's evil debate tactic of talking about policy:
As I watched the “debate”/cage match last night, I felt my last 3 alcohol saturated cerebral neurons begin to stir.

One of those on the stage was a 30+ year “politician” and OPEN BORDERS MARXIST GLOBALIST whose primary goal throughout her largely otherwise unremarkable existence has been to seek out the highest publicly paid sinecure. The other was a successful, clever businessman, builder and NON-POLITICIAN who loves America enough to put aside his comfortable and affluent private sector life to do battle with the entrenched establishment “elites” and political hacks (but I repeat myself) who have driven America into the deep ditch in which we now find ourselves. That he was largely self-funded early on and was, ergo, NOT beholden to the usual suspects, was a BIG plus for this citizen.

After 30+ years in the “Game”, Hillary “The Deceitful Dissembler” Clinton understands how the “Fool the Voter” scam works. Bog down the “debate” with the minute and wonkish details of plans and programs that cross the eyes of most of us out here among the great unwashed BUT create the impression that she is far more qualified for the job. That ploy DOES often get those “elites” elected.
Let me wrap this by making THE case for Trump.

No, he doesn’t have a list of glib, sound bite worthy, detail and data laden plans and programs for his administration. What he DOES have is a deep understanding of just how deep is the ditch into which Obama, the Clintons and their characterless clones have driven the country and the “system” wiser men have called “the last best hope for mankind”, became angry and tired of watching the process from the sidelines. He felt he had no choice but to become “the man in the arena”.

And he has the agile mind of a successful businessman and BUILDER – and that aspect of him is more important than you may know. THAT sets him apart from most of the current crop of political hacks (like the Clintons and Obama) that are more concerned with THEIR prosperity and well-being than that of the nation. It’s how we got into this deep ditch and are literally on the eve of destruction.
This classical music buff believes that we’re choosing someone to conduct the symphony orchestra that is – or WAS – America. The conductor intimately knows the overall score, the expression marks and the notes each instrument is to play, when and how loud or softly. But the conductor cannot play all the various parts himself. What he CAN do and DOES is AUDITION the best players to become a part of his musical TEAM. America today is more a very poorly equipped and led steel drum band (which music, if played well, your humble writer also enjoys).
Since mid-2014, we've been doing a 30 minute weekly Wednesday radio show (aka "rant") with Dr. Lori Wilson out of WLBB in Carrollton, Georgia. If you have an interest in listening, go to this link: and the center "PODCASTS" Menu and click on "The Wednesday Show with Dick Bachert" for the current program.

If you want to listen real-time, the show airs between 8:30 to 9:00 AM, Eastern.

TOPICS TODAY: The EXISTENTIAL nature of the November Election. Newt Gingrich's DYNAMITE 17 minute WARNING to Republicans (and ALL of us) that we face perhaps the most critical choice since our founding!
Keeping his powder dry.
Let'em come. But some of them will NOT leave in a vertical position! When that time comes, THEY can discuss who that will be.
The media is liberal blah blah Nazis blah Hillary die in jail blah Marxism..zzzzzz.
The co-opting and subversion of the media and our other institutions here began a long time ago and we foolishly failed to nip it in the bud.

This long forgotten – or completely UNKNOWN among the “snowflakes” and “yutes” — HISTORY of the close relationship between the leftist “educated” (indoctrinated is more like it) “pseudo elite” dumb asses being churned out of colleges and universities here and the Marxist socialism (which, if not strangled in its crib, has ALWAYS morphed into communism) that has failed everywhere it has been tried may aid your understanding of the media’s vicious hatred of Trump and his supporters (the now infamous “DEPLORABLES”).

The sad fact is that the media here is overwhelmingly populated by these deluded dumb asses! Any nefarious, otherwise disreputable act by them is acceptable — even encouraged — because, according to Marxist/socialist methodology, all that matters is “THE STRUGGLE” for their insane Utopian workers’ paradise where all will be equal but some — including most of THEM — will be more equal than others!

You may be growing weary of hearing this but I’ll keep reminding folks until we reach the critical mass needed to defeat them. During Hitler’s rise to power as head of the Nazi (National SOCIALIST) Party in the 30s, he was greatly aided by one Ernst Rohm, head of the SA. Once Hitler had gained total control of Germany, in 1934 he purged (as in KILLED!) the party of EVERY member he felt might challenge his position. His old friend, Herr Rohm was rewarded for his help with a bullet in his brain in a jail cell!

Should this — this — WOMAN and her criminal crew prevail in November, it is my fervent prayer that those who aided her rise suffer similar fates — especially those in the media who have committed countless acts of the sort now the norm in the mendacious media here.
The roots of the problems in academia flow back to something referred to as the Frankfurt School and their 1935 move to COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY and the spread of Marxist thought (now there’s an oxymoron for ya’!) into every area of learning here.
If one examines the life of Karl Marx, we find a bum who abandoned his wife and family to advance the socialist struggle and never worked or dirtied his hands at day in his life. That sort of thing was for the bourgeoisie, not such an exalted personage as himself. His guilt over that abandonment probably explains Karl’s fondness for state welfare paid for by the labor of others so that his abandoned family wouldn’t perish (not that a mensch like Karl gave a rat’s ass).
More on the Frankfurt School controlling us all.
I’ll keep posting this rant until EVERY citizen who still loves AMERICA — THE IDEA — “GETS IT”.

Still perplexed about WHY this CRAP keeps happening in and to this country and just never seems to end? This will clear it all up! THE US MEDIA and OTHER CENTERS OF INFLUENCE AND THE MARXIST FRANKFURT SCHOOL!

This long forgotten – or completely UNKNOWN among the “snowflakes” and “yutes” — HISTORY ....
The Gold Standard is the only way to fight the tyranny!
Why “sell” the gold when fedzilla can just keep printing FRAUDS, destroying their value and screwing not only the nations holding US paper but all the rest of us with the same hyper-inflation.
Pulitzer was just another evil Democrat:
Pulitzer introduced YELLOW JOURNALISM as a technique. We’re sure as hell seeing a lot of THAT today. Of course, he was a Democrat.
Conservative sex scandal, or Alinsky conspiracy?
Rep. Chris Lee (R-NY) has RESIGNED after being caught up in alleged craigslist cheating scandal

Gotta wonder if the leftists are ENTRAPPING these guys in the same way their buds in the KGB use “Foxes” to compromise enemies? Sounds like Saul Alinsky to me.
'let me ramble about illegal immigration and health care costs.'
A prime technique for bringing down an existing social order is to OVERLOAD and OVERWHELM the governmental systems, creating economic and social chaos. What’s going on today straight out of Saul Alinsky’s “Handbook for Radicals.” Because we have NOT sent home 20 million illegals, WE NOW HAVE THE FORMER AND ARE CLOSING IN ON THE LATTER. BOTH parties have been applying those methods but Obama, who studied those methods under Bill Ayers while a so-called “community organizer,” is using ALL the tools in the radical toolkit. If it continues much longer, YOUR kids are doomed to life as serfs in a nation that will more resemble Nazi Germany or the old USSR than the America the Founders ATTEMPTED to leave us.

A member of the family is an OB/GYN who took her pre-med at HAAAAVVAAAAADDD! Needless to say, she emerged from that experience a LIBERAL. (She stopped catching babies and went into research when her malpractice premiums exceeded her annual earnings.)
Before my oldest daughter was born at University Hospital in Cleveland in 1967, I sat in the main lobby as welfare mother-to-be after welfare mother-to-be shuffled through the door to the maternity ER for THEIR free deliveries.

Before WE could take OUR daughter home, I had to cough up over 3 grand. And that was a great deal of dough in 1967, especially for a guy just out of the USAF.
Keeping the appropriate perspective the day of the Orlando massacre:
There are no political parties, only The Global Elites.
I would only add that, with several exceptions (conspicuous by their rarity) this entire gang of brigands, liars and criminals is the biggest aggregation of “PLICKS” since the Bilderbergers, Skull & Bones, the CFR, Trilateral Commission and the UN all gathered at Bohemian Grove to anoint the inter-changeable little Jebby Bush and Hillary to be the next presidential candidates! (What’s a “PLICK”? That’s a guy who leaves a dime tip in a Chinese restaurant.)

Subject: Washington Club.
My friends, I have news for you. There is no longer a GOP or Democrat party. Oh sure, they exist in name only, but Washington has evolved while the rest of us weren’t paying attention. Washington is now a club, and you’re either a member, or not. Folks like Speaker Ryan have been charter members since the day they entered Congress. Trump, on the other hand, has never been a member, and does not seek membership. Therefore, members such as Ryan, Bush, and yes, Clinton will do whatever is necessary to keep outsiders like Trump from being elected. And in case you were wondering, you and I aren’t members either, which is why I’m supporting Trump. The Washington Club can go f**k themselves.”
(Sadly, they’re too busy f**king US to devote time to David’s excellent suggestion!)
Jail all those who don't vote as I say!
I’m a rather peaceful guy, but I keep thinking how I could easily support the new president negotiating with the current owners of what the French owners at the time called “Devil’s Island”, buying the place then PACKING ALL CLINTON VOTERS – EVEN THE DEAD ONES FROM CHICAGO – OFF TO SPEND THE REST OF THEIR LIVES GAZING AT THEIR (OR THEIR SAME SEX PARTNER’S) NAVELS AND THE SEA. We could air drop them in (parachutes optional).