Friday, October 24, 2014

Spotlight Friday: GrandJediMasterYoda

Ahh, this guy. One of the best. I've been saving him for a long time, since he brings the crazy consistently. But Ebola has him extra crazy.

He's another Freeper who is hard to place, his crazy is so all-encompassing. Conspiracies, genocide, misogyny, he's into all of it. He was born and raised in NYC (well, Staten Island), and he talks about it a lot. He is not a fan. Also has a notable anti-intellectual streak, triggered by *a friend* having some trouble getting a book published, I daresay.

Osama killing truther:
I don’t think OBL was taken out. It was all a sham which is why Matt Bissonette said the guy he shot looked nothing like Bin Laden and why to this day we have not seen one shred of evidence. OBL - THE #1 enemy of the USA, you would think after 3000 deaths plus all the vet deaths looking for him they would have LEAST shown a photo of that scumbag with a bullet in his brain, but NO because it NEVER HAPPENED and that’s why those Seals were taken out, to shut them up. It was a SHAM put together by Al-Qaeda and this Islamic enemy agent in the White house.
Obama's awfulness makes people kill themselves:
A lot of people are killing themselves ever since the worst President in US history took office, and that is no joke. Two people I know killed themselves. I’m 51 and I never knew anybody who committed suicide, yet in only 4 years 2 of them who couldn’t deal with depression. . This world is going through some major evil crap and people can’t deal with it, and this piece of rat filth is living it up playing golf.
Also kids kill themselves because schools are liberal:
Look at this, where I grew up NYC, the liberal sewer hole of the east coast: 10 SCHOOL KIDS killed themselves in 2014 alone and this was back in 2014 so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s double that now. When the hell has that ever happened? The kids can’t stand the indoctrination
It's common sense, and if you don't agree you're crazy:
It is plain sense, just basic common sense which obviously liberals do not have which is why I truly believe liberalism is a mental disorder, it really is. Sometimes I like to read the comments on Huffington, it’s unreal the head cases out there.
Going a long way to joke that liberals hate facts haw haw
I have a better method for making a hoverboard - What you do is make a liberal lay down on his or her belly then attach the board to their back, then place a piece of paper that has some facts printed on it under their face. The liberal will instantly be repelled by the facts and float in the air.
The horror of smiling Obama supporters:
UN-REAL....Look at that pic, is that the definition of insanity or what? This is exactly the kind of sh*t that went on when Hitler was gaining power. Promise the world to the weak minded and they eat it up. Logic goes right out the window. Just like Hitler they focus on race, absolutely no difference whatsoever. All these incredibly naive women, ADULT women with the logic of 3 year olds. “Oh he is the correct race and he is handsome” My Aunt fell for that bullcrap, and I begged, pleaded with her not to vote for this fraud but she did anyway because she fell so far into the con, now she regrets it big time. I blame this on Republicans though. They do absolutely nothing to counteract.
He has some liberal 'friends' from NY
Thanks, I use to unfortunately live in New York city and have about 50 liberal friends connected to me on Facebook from the time I lived there. I am sending ALL of them links to that video by personal message.
His black best friend in NY:
One of my best friends while growing up in New York city was black, I would even say my best friend. We use to hang out almost every day after school in the 70s, about the same time the twice unconstitutionally elected Kenya says he could have been Trayvon.

Just as Allen West says, not ONCE can I EVER recall my friend Patrick “being treated like Trayvon” “being profiled” or experiencing ANY kind of racism, and we hung out all the way from elementary school to High school.
Its hard to be a Freeper in New York:
My condolences to all the Cali Freepers out there who have to deal with this crap, I know exactly what it’s like as a I grew up in the liberal sewer hole of the East coast New York city. I like to tell people “How liberal is New York city? So liberal that only 7 years after 911 they overwhelmingly supported a radical Muslim for President.”
He hates Starbucks:
Starbucks coffee literally gets me sick. One or two sips and 1st comes the hiccups then the vomit, every-single-time I’ve drank their coffee. It’s poison that stuff I don’t care what anyone says, like someone sprays their coffee beans with anti-freeze. I can drink any other coffee but Starbucks.
Nancy Pelosi loves the drugs:
Oh absolutely, she is definitely a cocaine user. My niece is a drug counselor and told me years ago that Pelosi consistently displays all the symptoms of cocaine abuse. The numb nose, the licking of the chops, the hand flapping, the bugged out eyes. Real nice isn't it? Any other government worker has to pee in a cup but not members of Congress whose decisions affect millions of lives.
His niece's diagnosis really made him happy, and he can't stop bringing it up.
My niece is a drug counselor who told me she is absolutely convince 1000% that Nancy does the hard stuff, coke and/or meth, as she displays all the symptoms when she speaks in public: Twitching, constant licking of the lips, mouth grinding, flapping arms which she tries to keep steady by always grasping the podium, bugged out eyes, paranoia and delusions of grandeur (remember when she called herself “The most powerful woman in the world” and demanded her own Airforce 1?) She’s a freakin’ crackhead and she gets away with it.
The problem is women voting:
My Aunt says she’s still going to vote for Obama because he’s the better looking candidate. Uuum, whose idea again was it to allow women to vote?
He doesn't understand perspective:
Is it me or does this creature have the shortest legs I have ever seen on any woman? There are hips then two stubs. Are those false legs? Is she an amputee?

Obama loves Ebola!
"And and...then I told them to bring the Ebola patient to Atlanta then "accidentally" have him kiss people in the street! Bwa ha ha ha ha!"
Ebola is a virus, which means it's like the flu:
Just the fact that it can survive outside the body for up to 6 days means it is airborne and can easily spread. It’s a virus no different from the common cold, or the flu which is an RNA virus just like Ebola. When someone at your work has the flu or a cold does everyone at your work get it as well? You’re lucky if you get one or two. But that doesn’t mean millions of people do not get it every year nationwide.

What we don’t want is Ebola becoming “common” because when that happens we are effed. A sure sign will be when several people from different parts of the country get it and they don’t know how they got it and this piece of rat slime in the White house is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever trying to make that a reality.
Obama's covering up a million Ebola cases.
I placing bets with my brother, we all know as usual Obummer is withholding info till after the election....How many you think are really infected? A million or 10 million?
Wow, his brother is also crazy.

Proof of Obama's foreignness:
Obama doesn't know his basic Star Trek lore???

Oh, that's right, Barry Soetero was in Indonesia during that series.

That’s exactly what it is, EXACTLY. This is exactly what you get from foreigners. They get mixed up with different things that come out of the US. I use to drive a taxi about 5 years ago in New York city when I was unemployed, and all day long I would be driving tourists from just about every country on earth, and allll day long it was one mix up after another, combining one thing with another. “I like the Steve Allen who made Annie Hall” or “John Wayne in the Rambo” huh? what? or “Times square in Harlem” Uh say what? This freakin’ putz just gave himself away AGAIN!
Top problems in America:
How about “Having a foreign born radical Muslim and enemy of the United States as President - 99.9999999999%”
Upon the GOP winning the Senate:
They have to file articles impeachment and remove this son of a bitch ASAP. That should be priority #1 ASAP. He is an ENEMY of the United States, he’s committed 6 blatant acts of treason now he’s going for #7 with issuing 32 million green cards to foreign invaders, this is what Democrats put into the White house. I do not give a damn if Republicans think it will affect the next POTUS election, this scumbag has and is siding with the enemies of this country and DELIBERATELY doing things to harm it! Impeach him, let Biden take over, he’s too stupid to do anything. This psychopath Obama on the other hand, God knows what he’s been setting up for the past 5 years
Civil War time, I'm serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is it: This is crossing the line. Time to go to civil war, I’m serious. How can we start this off? This piece of sh*t has to be removed from office ASAP. He is literally assisting foreign entities to conquer the country and everybody is just sitting around going duh duh duh duh.
The free market is liberal:
A friend of mine has been trying to get a book deal for the past 5 years and he gets kinds of excuses "It won't sell - its not what we are looking for" Yet these same publishing companies have no problem burning tons of money for these wacko lib politicians. What is the point? If they are so eager to burn money like this then how about donating some of that to Wounded Warriors or St. Judes hospital for kids instead of giving millions to Hitlery or Evil eyes Cuomo so they can write a book that sells 2 copies?
Stupid Harvard
Well “Hah-vad” is the Alma mater of Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Barry Soetoro, Jamie Gorelick, Al Franken, Al Gore and virtually every every other liberal who has screwed up this country, so it’s no surprise in the least Haaahvaaad would embrace Satan.
Some advice for Candidate Mitt Romney
He’s still talking like a wuss though which means he is going to LOSE if he doesn’t toughen up. Hey Mitt: It’s called MARXISM! USE THE WORD! Tell the history of it, tell how many MILLIONS have died because of it, how many have starved to death because of it. Don’t say “I disagree” like you’re having a discussion with a child! Give me a freaking break with this guy! ARRRGH!
Though in the end, Romney didn't lose, it was stolen:
Of course it was stolen. Even without the IRS scandal, all anybody had to do before the election was look at the general consensus of the population and it was ridiculous, almost 10 - 1 AGAINST Obama. Forget the polls, those things are so bias they make the IRS look impartial.

Just as one example, if you went to any news website before the election, the ones that allow reader comments, I’m talking about newspaper websites, BB websites, anything involving news of the day, politics, entertainment etc etc, you would have found the comments were almost always against Obama by a huge margin, probably 90% (which is true today as well). The only exception are the ones that slant left like Huffington or Moveon.

Yet the guy wins a 2nd term? Do liberals avoid posting their opinions on websites? With their big fat mouths? I don’t think so.

There’s a lot of corrupt BS going on in this country, and the IRS is just the absolute tip of the iceberg. This election was stolen, not only stolen, but stolen by an ADMITTED foreign born communist which means even if he did win the election, he was unconstitutionally elected for being just that: Foreign born. But being that we no longer have a GOP but a slimy ass RINO party, he gets away with it.
Wait, it wasn't fraud, it was stupid Americans:
Like I said many many many times: If something is promoted enough people will buy anything, including a foreign born radical Muslim for President.
Warren Buffet has cancer:
Amazing how fast Karma works.
All crimes are committed by blacks:
OK...Time to play the game again...Anytime I read a title that involves crime, muggings, robbery, murder, before I read one more word I always play this guessing game. So far I am batting 100% and I’ve been doing this all year.

Alex I will take “What race they are for $100”

“The opposite of white”

“What is black?”

OK, now let me read the rest of this article......

“You are correct!”
On legitimate blackness:
This guy Anthony Brown has been in the Army for 30 years and he's siding with punk ass race baiters? What a pathetic individual, and looking at his photo he looks whiter than me but I suppose he's going to play the race card for all it's worth anyway.

I looked up his bio, he grew up in Huntington Long Island which is right near me, one of the richest whitest neighborhood on Long Island. What a joke this guy is, piece of rat slime. Comparing voter ID to Jim Crow laws, F you cracka. Oh and he went to Harvard. Yes, he knows all about the black experience doesn't he. Grows up in a rich white neighborhood, went to "Haaaah-vahd" but "Yo! He knows how the man oppress him!" Another Barry Soetoro type fraud.
Gay people are all traitors, due to bitchiness:
It was over when they allowed gays in. It’s no coincidence that the man responsible for the greatest military security breach in US history, Bradley Manning, is gay. Talk to any shrink and they will tell you flat out gay men have a bitchiness to them that straight men do not, which to me makes them absolutely not qualified to serve in the military. And what was the result of that bitchiness? Flat out treason. And how did the Obama cabal respond after the arrest of Manning? By immediately overturning DADT. Just another example that if it hurts the USA, liberals immediately want more of it.
on illegals:
I mean let's forget for a second that illegals are even people. Make pretend they are plants. If poisonous plants were floating over the border killing people and we had a way to stop it but instead our reps go "No no no, let them come over and kill people...matter of fact we will even help the plants come over" well what is that? That's treason if not a flat out terrorist act. Life in prison for all of them!"

Pregnant Austrian teens in ISIS: We’ve made a huge mistake

I suffer fools quite gladly. That's probably a good part of why I can do this blog.

So I'll admit my impulse to forgive teenaged girls who join ISIS for some reason (I presume daddy issues), and now want to come home. Maybe keep an eye on them, but I suspect they've learned a rather humbling lesson about perspective.

Freepers, though, try to one-up one another in their lack of sympathy and suspicion.

rktman wants this mistake to be permanent:
Attention dumbass Austrailian lass. T.F’n.B. Made bed. Lay in it. No apology required.
dfwgator knows what's really going on:
They want to come home to blow up their home countries.
dfwgator further explains:
I think they are engaging in Taqqiya.
Safetgiver knows what these girls really are:
Oh, Horseshiite! They are MUZZIES, first foremost and forever. Hopefully Austria has revoked the passports, visas and said “Too bad, shiiteheads.”
Individual Rights in NJ - nice try, Muslims!
Sleepers. Nice try Muslims!
Huskrrrr adds an Ebola twist:
They want to come home to blow up their home countries.

Or bring back a deadly virus, courtesy of their captors.
Albion Wilde thinks this is a Democratic thing?
Oh and another thing. I don’t believe you are pregnant. That’s just thrown in there to whip up more emotional support for your (lost) cause.

Sounds like a Democrat talking point. Maybe they are trying to exploit sympathy to get back in -- then blow up a shopping mall. They made their beds, so let them lie in them. Tough titties, gals.
DoughtyOne wants to sue a mosque for radicalizing these women:
There is such a massive disconnect going on here.

These girls were turned. An entity did that. What was that entity if not the local mosque?

So while everyone says Islam is okay, there are just a few radicals here and there, the truth is the whole shootin’ match is corrupt to the core.

Every child that has been co-opted to participate on behalf of an Islamic Jihad, is evidence for a criminal indictment.

I’ll bet there isn’t one prosecutor in the U. S., Britain, or Australia that is developing a criminal complaint based on this.

Why not?
taxcontrol does not think these girls have been punished enough by ISIS
STUPID should hurt
stupid SHOULD hurt
stupid should HURT
Uncle Miltie wants some kind of sick reality TV show.
Make examples of them.

Make them stay in Syria, and follow them with news crews whenever possible as a warning to others.

Shoot them if the terrorist f****** and bearers return home.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A shooting in Ottowa

So there was another shooting. This time in Canada. And it seems to have been ISIS inspired.

The usual Freeper shooting dance "More guns! Probably Muslim! Media will blame Tea Party!" has a few variations to it, because 1) it's in Canada, and 2) the guys is a convert to Islam, but he's basically a white hipster-looking dude.

mylife - Canada is infiltrated.
France has a long history with the Muslims and is full of them.
Canada has been full if them since I first visited in the 70s
Poor BlueNgold didn't get the memo this was a white guy.
Clearly a blonde Norwegian...
Alas, your 'deport all the dusky people' agenda will have to wait until the next shooting.

mass55th demands we shut down everything.
In this day and age, you have to assume it WILL happen, and prepare ahead of time to have response systems in place for when it does. What is wrong with these people. Heads in sand policy.
hoagy62 loves the Canadian Prime minister, but not Canada.
Remember...this ain’t the Obola administration we’re dealing with here. PM Harper usually calls ‘em straight.

One hopes that the Canadian government calls a spade a spade and names the problem...MUSLIMS!

(although...Canada is more rabidly ‘multi-cultural’ than just about anyplace)
Dallas59 is sure many more mass shootings are coming.
The Muslims will see how easy it is to destabilize a country with simple acts of martyrdom.
proud American in Canada doesn't understand the shooter. Which means it's gotta be some evil agency at work.
I can’t believe this. Apparently he grew up in a good home and was completely normal, and then a switch went off somehow.

There is something truly evil with this “radicalization” process. Seriously....
Hootowl99 found a pic. Time for gun speculation and judgement!
I don’t see the lever either but the hammer sure looks like one. There another type of rifle having an external hammer like that?

Also, he’s holding it like a sissy.
Kartographer thinks there is a media coverup of the shooter's religion.

1. Workplace violence
2. Racial/Islamic intolerance
3. It didn’t happen Made up by Fox News
4. Act of civil disobedience against unfair immigration policy
5. Rush Limbaugh’s fault
6. Bush’s fualt
PapaBear3625 knows 9-11 woulda been covered up if the media could have done it!
If only one plane had crashed into the WTC on 9/11, it would have been explained as a freak navigation equiptment malfunction. Indeed, that's what the news was discussing just before the second plane hit.

With multiple assaults over two days, it becomes really hard to convince people that it was "just a random crazy, move along, nothing to see here".
Innocent people being shot just makes Isabel2010 hate her fellow Americans all the more.
Rats, cockroaches and Ebola....and those who voted for Obama~ all the same!

Palins throw the classiest brawls

I'll admit, I shouldn't be but I am amazed.

I would think that Freepers would at least address the charges of hypocrisy.

But nope, they completely ignore their condemnation of blacks (and Michelle Obama in particular) for doing a lot less.

I was hoping for some twisted logic. But, nope! They just explain how the Palins fighting and swearing on camera is totally American and classy and awesome with no regard for their past at all.

prisoner6 is totally a scrappy guy like these scrappy Palins:
In my house/family that would be a, good, fun Friday night.
Califreak also goes with the 'fights are totally normal behaviour'
Wow they know how to party!

Rock on Palins, rock on.

Straight to 1600.
jwalsh07 knows fighting is all part of American chivalry.
I don’t know about you but there was a cardinal rule in my house laid down by the old man. If anybody laid a hand on my sisters or my Mom, my brothers and I were to beat them down or take a beating trying. We follow that rule to this day 50 years later. It has worked well for us.
Jane Long goes truther.
Gee....too bad the photos *evidence* come no where near to matching the story line.
GraceG knows that any coverage of Sarah Palin is a triumph for her over liberals.
I find it amusing how Sarah has basically built a house in the MSM brain that cost her nothing to build...
Whereas Obama's house in Freeper's brains...

Sarah Barracuda gins up a double standard to deflect things.
Meanwhile Joe Biden’s son does crack and not a peep from the press
  1. Politicians doing coke is a dog bites man, unlike politicians getting into a streetfight.
  2. Its not on camera.
  3. No one calls the Bidens the height of American virtue.

Publius points to a noted conservative President
If you could wake up Theodore Roosevelt and apprise him of the fight, his response would be, "Bully! De-e-e-elighted! How many rounds did it take to knock out the troublemakers?"
Yeah, Teddy Roosevelt was always fighting people in the street.

SevenofNine argues that Ronald Reagan was a tough guy because he knew actors that played tough guys!
Yeah Ronald Reagan be kicking a*** too he probably know how to fight from hanging out with John Wayne, Dean Martin and Bill Holden LOL!
SevenofNine also predicts that everyone will love this.
It not going hurt her one bit

I like see First family know how take care of themselves

This so common in Alaska it typical Saturday night in certain villages and small cities
HiTech RedNeck - people who say there's a Sarah Palin cult are just cultist types themselves!
Many of us are moved to wonderment why very few people are daring to say what Sarah dares to say.

And then her daughter gets roughed up by the host at a party she went to (Sarah not there) and whoa, it’s supposed to be the worst scandal since Judas Iscariot.

I daresay the ones who accuse the most of idolatry are the ones who want idols to worship.
Christie at the beach attacks the one guy on the thread who thought this made Palin less electable.
Man, you really have the Palin bash down, if you actually think that was a brawl. Do you live in a gated community with security cameras or something. In the real world, that was nothing and looks to be an attack on her family. I would like to be making that kind of money that she is on TV. Maybe, she will have all of that money saved for campaigning..won’t that blow your mind along with the liberals. HHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAA.
Friendofgeorge wants to ban the apostate!
I am disappointed that Jim would allow the anti Palin remarks to stand.

I thought this was Palin Country, I say the haters here have crossed the line

I would ban them
DJ MacWoW holds forth on class.
And the only ones not talking about it are the Palins. That’s class.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Ebola madness continues

Its looking like the danger of Ebola spreading on American shores is momentarily decreasing (though until it burns out in Africa, the danger remains). And Freepers have reached the peak of their paranoia. You can tell the peak because that is the point where they despair that no one is going to shoot Obama for this latest obvious (if convoluted) plot against the US.

And, of course, this maximum conspiracy will now be saved to refer to in the future whenever Obama is brought up for decades to come, just as Vince Foster and all sorts of other Clinton stuff remains Freeper gospel. The Eisenhower conspiracy theories have died down these days, as the proponents have died. But I wonder with the digital immorality of the Internet, whether we will have birthers and the like forever.

arasina doesn't really have a theory, just inchoate anti-Obama paranoia.
The Ebola “patients” and the illegal “immigrant children” from south and central America are essentially the soldiers emerging from Obola’s Trojan Horse.
Zuben Elgenubi fears there's Ebola everywhere now.
Is Obama Planning to Flood the System With Foreign Ebola Patients?

Yes, I fear he's doing it right now.
taterjay thinks it's time to kill Obama!
I’ll be brief. Yes.

If so we need to have a Caucesceu Christmas!
kiltie65 has a great baseless theory:
Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I have a suspicion that there is a vaccine for ebola, and Obummer has already had the shot, along with the chosen few, which is why he is taking the “risk” of embracing/kissing nurses.
fivecatsandadog made some intern really tired.
I just emailed Congressman Walberg (Michigan) the article with a plea to use his authority in stopping Obama. It’s no secret anymore.
BuffaloJack knows how Obama thinks:
Would not be surprised if the Kenyan wants a full blown epidemic so he can declare martial law and freeze the elections.

I thought that was the plan.
Come a new President in 2017, Obama's plan will have been stopped by some happenstance or patriotism or something.

mikey_hates_everything explains why Obama is going to kill over half of America:
Perhaps it’s to finally “justify” nationalizing the health care system. Of course the consequences will be a lot worse than any benefit with Ebola in the mix.
hal ogen is so lazy.
Everything Clown Prince nobola does is intentional...EVERYTHING. Can you spell T R E A S O N ?
"What is the Obama conspiracy? I dunno, everything. TREASON!" L A Z Y!

GrandJediMasterYoda - Ebolas are gonna flood the country!
After the election he’s going to go into overdrive so I certainly expect Ebolas to flood the country. The question is Congress going to let the Obama Holocaust continue or are they finally going to get off their ass and remove this piece of rat slime once and for all or are they just going to let him raze the whole country to the ground?
mdmathis6 thinks Obama is using Ebola to cover up some other dieases:
He already flooded it with Enterovirus, 7 kids dead and “crickets” from the media. I think this Ebola stuff is a stalking horse to cover the real killer set loose among our children killing them!

Yea...the ebola virus makes for a lot of wind but dead children due to “hondyranflu”(what it’s real colloquial name is) makes for much worse election year optics! Which dog is worse to be wagged? Isis? Ebola? or Dead American children due to a plague brought in by Obama’s evil? The enterovirus disaster is much worse than a dozen Sandy Hook shootings!
It's rough when the story you were gearing up for gets overtaken by events, so why not fold it into a conspiracy?

Amidst all this speculation about Obama's evil, ImJustAnotherOkie's comment seems really out of place.
Obama is the King of the Turd in a Punchbowl.
I think he just wanted to call Obama a turd.

InABunkerUnderSF wonders if Agenda 21 will accidentally kill all the black people:
Would not be surprised if the Kenyan wants a full blown epidemic....

Reducing the population has always been a component of the "Green Agenda". Culling the population with Ebola would fit that strategy.

Problem is, all ethnic Europeans and Asians are descendants of people whose distant ancestors survived the black death and the other great plagues that swept across Eurasia for centuries. They tend to have stronger immune systems than other ethnicities.

If culling the populace with Ebola is Obama's strategy he should be aware that he may not end up with the demographic he wants.
GrandJediMasterYoda is also a proponent of the Ebola is a black disease theory:
There was some speculation on a thread last night that those of African descent might be more vulnerable to Ebola than Caucasians are. The irony would be mind-boggling, if that’s true.

And another thing is it would hit the liberal cities first as they have the largest illegal population, for example New York city which has a high Liberian population and is the city Obama went to more than any other city for fundraisers when he was running. Gee is that Karma I smell?
Actual racism takes you to some weird places, dude.

And of course grumpygresh wants a military coup.
The 101 Airborne needs to be diverted to the WH, and put the Obola virus in permanent isolation.
mrsmel knows Obama's real agenda is spite:
He’s doing exactly what he planned do, and Valerie Jarrett made no secret of it before his re-election—wreak vengeance upon those who opposed them—namely, law-abiding patriotic Americans.
Amusingly, mrsmel is advising a Freeper uprising.
No one. No one has our backs, but ourselves. We’d better get serious about recognizing that fact. I have to wonder if we even have the right stuff anymore, to make the sacrifices our forefathers did to bring this nation into being as a free republic.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Liberal God Complex edition:
Here’s the part you are missing. (deep breath)

Like most normal people, you look at leftists and wonder how they can side with people that want them destroyed. that ultimately the alligator eats them too. that is a sane way to look at it.

It is also a case of category error. The issue is being so poorly defined that there is no way to solve it.

Hill and other leftists believe in superiority. They believe they are smarter, wiser, ect. than everyone. They believe they are better than everyone and they believe that only they PERSONALLY matter. Such is life as a godless leftist.

Not to go down that rabbit hole, but the whole God thing is the core of the issue in several ways. For muslims, Allah is the core of their whole deal. For leftists, ‘God’ is a lever to pry stupid believers with. Because they are above all that ‘God nonsense’. They are personally supreme and gods of themselves.

Now to the issue: Libs are racists. Real legit ones. They believe in the whole master race thing with them at the top. This is why you see them U S E minorities to achieve their power goals while never benefiting the minorities themselves. Minorities are pitted against each other, each begging for scraps from the table of the liberal power structure.

In Barry, you get a complete package. A mixed race, mixed faith blank slate that has worked hard to hid what he is so that he can be whatever the situation dictates. One day a christian telling the faithful that God believes in gay marriage, the next a muslim friend of the Jews who would reach across the aisle if only the Jews would accept his kindness.

Throughout this fecal storm of category 5 proportions, he manipulates people who he sees as stupid inferior bitter clingers. And those that don’t get on board are carefully Alynskied by the media and his legion of nameless/faceless “White House Aides” who are quoted in said media but who never seem to have corporeal form.

Hillary is exactly the same. She and Bill used the same routine in the 90s and she used it as senator and SOS.

Before her, Carter used it. Before him LBJ. Before him leftists throughout history. Because it is who they are. Gods unto themselves and the lives of the unliberal are pawns on a board to be played and manipulated.

It is hard for people to really grasp the mindset of megalomania. It seems like a funny word. It is hard for people to understand true evil because they can’t relate to it. There is no point of reference in the life of the average human that lets them crawl inside the mindset of commanding as a God. How could there be? And in earlier eras, people that thought as the modern Liberal were placed in padded rooms for their own protection and allowed to self identify as Jesus or Napoleon, lest they throw themselves into walls and bang their heads on hard objects.

And it is that mindset of Godhood, of racial superiority that leads liberals to believe that they personally and ALONE can control the muslim hordes. They are better, smarter and gosh darn it! Muslims like them! They believe to their core that they will be feted as the great one who helped Allah rout the infidel hordes and sit in a position with Mohamhead.

And they arent concerned about the fellow liberals who will die. Because they do not matter to a God.

If you think the above sounds too insane to be possible, I invite you to carefully go through it and compare the statements to examples, many examples of the actions and behaviors you have seen leftists exhibit toward us, toward their fellow Libs, toward minorities and toward Muslims. I think you will find there is a credible case to be made.
Carefully constructed insanity provided by Norm Lenhart (How's that 'lesser evil' workin' out for ya?)