Friday, March 6, 2015

Spotlight Friday: DoodleDawg

Freep's been ramping up the crazy lately, much to our amusement. But lets take a brief break.

She thinks like a Freeper, but doesn't feel like a Freeper.

As such, DoodleDawg spends a lot of her time correcting Freepers outrages, and not a lot of time discussing how awful Obama is. Still, she's no Strategerist, and will Freep out upon occasion.

Despite her constant combats on the side of reality, she hasn't been zotted yet, probably due to a combination of knowing when to keep her head down and jabbing at Obama/Romney every once in a while.

If she's not careful, debunking Lincoln myths could become her full time job:
Habeus Corpus was suspended, the draft was a disaster and the first income tax was imposed West Virginia was admitted as a state, unconstitutionally. Maryland and Delaware legislators were barred from meeting to vote for secession. Nevada’s constitution was imposed making the state subservient to the feds.

Only about a third of that was even close to being correct.
Netanyahu isn't all Jews:
In effect, JEW HATERS.

No, Labor Party supporters. Most American Jews who vote Democrat are probably not Likud backers.
Health care via emergency room is not a viable system:
You don't get routine physicals at an emergency room. You don't get mammograms or cancer screenings at an emergency room. Emergency rooms are the most expensive way to take care of routine ailments, and those without insurance generally stick the hospital with the bill as well.
Not every non-Freeper is a traitor:
Hard to tell which is the more misused word; racism or treason.
Sorry, Kansas doesn't suck due to Obama:
I imagine what is messing up KS is the same that is dragging down the rest of the country - Obamacare, more regulations, and lib policies in general.

No. Kansas refused to join in Obamacare and the Republicans have controlled the legislature for decades. The problem is that the revenue stream promised from cutting income taxes and taxes completely for many small businesses has not materialized. Revenue is way below projections. Job creation lags neighboring states. The legislature had cut all the easy stuff and are forced to cut the programs, like roadwork, that their people like.
But she buys into the dumb Romney=Clinton nonsense:
if it's a Romney vs. Clinton election then I'd be hard pressed to tell them apart.
Corporate layoffs are not all due to Obama?!
Obamacare, Obama economy, Obama hates businesses and has created anti-business laws they are responding to.

Where have you been? Cutting headcount to goose the stock price has been corporate strategy for decades.
Waiting for statistics to prove facts?!
The true test of right-to-work is identifying its impact on job growth and income growth. And the answers to that will take years to uncover.
Hillary's ambition doesn't make her a monster?!
For Hillary, it's all about the power of the office. She could care less about the rest.

That's true of anyone who runs for the presidency.
Audit the Fed is populist bunk?!
Every Fed bank is audited once a year by an outside auditor. How many more do you want? This is addition to being subject to oversight by the GAO and the Federal Reserve Office of Inspector General.
Handling a Freeper accusing her of approving of Wal-Mart's politics:
I didn’t think that their politics would disagree with you, I guessed that one correctly.

I don't shop there for the politics. I shop there for the quality goods at low prices. If you think that's leftist then it's you who is questionable and not me.
She has no time for creationist shenanigans.
If it's all settled, why is it still called the "theory" of evolution?

Why is it called the "theory" of flight? Or the "theory" of gravity?

Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Fun" times

anon1 again.

Among the many interesting edge-cases of humanity Freepers offer is their relationship with humor. I'd divide them into two categories.

The first, have no sense of humor at all. They see the existence of non-Freepers as a crisis, and do not have any time for funny business.

Type 2 see humor as an avenue to vent their spite, or a weapon (Alinsky!). They will laugh at the death of non-Freepers, and rush to call Michelle Obama a man and Barack Obama a woman. Needless to say, they see other humor as offensive, or Alinsky. At the extreme end are class clowns like MeshugaMikey or Lazamataz, who veer between jocularity, angry sardonic jabs, and sincere rage.

When Lazamataz makes a thread with some gleeful hyperbole about liberals, it's amusing to see type 1 Freepers say "I sincerely agree with your truths" and type 2 attempt to leverage their bitterness to somehow beat Lazamataz at his own game.

First, Lazamataz's sorta-joking-but-kinda-for-reals post. I've added the paragraphs.
What Are Liberals? (fun little vanity)

The American Left is an enemy every bit as dangerous as Al Qaeda, every bit as treacherous as ISIS, every bit as murderous as Nazis, every bit as power-mad as Stalin.

They are a vile, foul, Satan-revering, repulsive Orc army.

They are odious, hideous slime-covered slugs, they are atrocious diseased vermin.

They are not even human beings. They are loathsome demonic,sub-human animals and must be cut out of country before they poison and destroy it.

Jesus once said, "Yea verily, I love all mankind, except for the American left. My Father shall damn to eternal hellfire, for they cannot be saved."

They are nauseating child-killing pedophiles and murderous rapist pigs.

They are genocidal lechers and foul leeches that have embrace corpses, and death, and decay.

Each and every one of these foul, despicable non-human detritus should be stricken with painful pancreatic cancer.

No animal can look upon one of the leftists without feeling revulsion and fear.

If every one of the abominable parasitic worms were wiped off the Earth, it would not be enough.

They revel in the torture of small animals and infants, and claw and tear at the skin of children with their terrible claws and dangerous teeth.

They are heinous, twisted, demented evil demons of putrescence and corruption.

They cannot find it in their hearts to tell one single truth.

Angels curse their names, and they are written on the heart of the Prince of Lies, the Devil.

They have no redeeming features, they are ugly both in appearance and deed, and they cherish and revel in the rot of their souls. They venerate death and embrace oppression; they loot and steal and destroy; they burn all that is Holy and good.

They despise God, and God hates them back.

They are pure, crystalline evil, utterly contemptible, and beyond redemption. They worship all that is unholy and immersed in decay.

They are of sulfur and sin, and abide no good, but are utterly wicked in all their ways.

They are so despicable, they even have the wisdom to hate themselves!
Blah blah blah, that sure gets repetitive after a while.

dware is in the humor as weapon camp.
Get em’s time that the leftist scum be treated exactly like it.
humblegunner immediately sees a jape Laz forgot:
Plus a lot of them are fags, too.
fieldmarshaldj has also not left the schoolyard:
"What Are Liberals?

" GAY.
CatherineofAragon tries so hard.
I believe this is an excellent start, and I am fully confident you will exhaustively analyze the queer-infested pestilence that is liberalism.
Impy has commented here, so he can clearly laugh at himself. But not this time!
I would say, based on the damage they’ve done, that they are much more dangerous than Al Queda.
Of course, by a purely utilitarian definition, every politician of both parties, captain of industry, and banker is also worse than poor widdle AQ. That's why such a definition is dumb

qam1 does some awesome sample bias, but forgot to tell a joke:
Look at Healthcare, the educational system, Detroit, Ferguson, Newark, Philadelphia, Illinois, Malmo, California, Venezuela, Greece, Spain, Cuba, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, etc.

All once prosperous, then the Liberals took charge and now failure, corruption, decadence, misery, violence, bloodshed are the norm.

With all the misery and horror Liberals caused the human race, one wonders how they can sleep at night.

Oh yeah, they childishly name call, mindlessly parrot silly sound bites, habitually lie and blame everyone else but themselves. Being a Liberal is having no shame, no empathy, and no morals and never having to say you are sorry.

Liberals are nothing but a blight and cancer on the human race.
Responsibility2nd is totally type 2. See how he jokes about killing liberals? Haw haw!
Liberals are easy to spot. When you are out and about driving and see a VW or a Subaru with this sticker on it...


You are free to kill anything and everything inside it.

Then burn the car.
huldah1776 found liberals in the Bible:
In the Bible they are members of Babylon and live under the rule of the 10 kings given authority by the beast. Rev 17:16 “16 And the ten horns which you saw, and the beast, these will hate the harlot and will make her desolate and naked, and will eat her flesh and will burn her up with fire.”
GodAndCountryFirst makes up some stats that other Freepers will doubtlessly quote as truth on other threads.
Other stats about liberals:

- 90% have used illegal drugs and 20% use them on a regular basis.
- “Only” 35% are homosexual. But 70% have had a “gay experience” at least once.
- 60% are or have been on some kind of government assistance.
- 15% have been to prison.
- 98% are atheist or agnostic.
- 85% admit to have shoplifted.
- 75% of married liberals have had extra-marital affair or have “open marriages.”
nanetteclaret's worldview is too hyperbolic for humor:
Laz, you said it was going to be a “fun little vanity.” Instead, it’s a perfect word snapshot of the cancerous scum who infect our country. :(

I especially liked this:

***They revel in the torture of small animals and infants, and claw and tear at the skin of children with their terrible claws and dangerous teeth.***

So fitting for the 42nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the decision from Hell.
:( indeed.
At least Laz seemed to be having a good time. Can't say the same for most of these posters.

The end of the America

Freepers' sexism and racism wax and wane depending on which Democrats are handy to hate at the time. And their conspiracies are all similarly oriented towards partisan ends. But their nativism is always there, running underneath their posts like that slime under NY in Ghostbusters II.

So I suppose I shouldn't be as surprised as I was at their apocalyptic despair when Boehner refused to shut down DHS over Obama's executive action on immigration. But wow, are they over the top.

stephenjohnbanker knows America has changed:
This is the end of the USA as we know it.

Destroyed March 3, 2015 by Republican traitors.
Mouton has a list of people to kill:
When the end comes, remember to keep the list of those whom were the traitors.
hosepipe knows all Democrats have assassin squads:
Only thing remaining.. Obama to annex the republican party..

Just claim it... and maybe purge a few warts.. which is doable.. i.e. Vince Foster..
Gator113 thinks Democracy in general is over:
We are not going to get our country back, not with a ballot.

Today, I think the experiment is actually over.
conservativegranny is ready for people who aren't her to start shooting:
It’s too late for that. Do you realize how many immigrants are coming? And they will be fast tracked to the voting booth in time for 2016. It’s over.

There is only one option left.
brownsfan takes his nihilism to the appropriate extreme:
I’m seriously considering voting a straight D ticket. Give them total control, because the sooner they burn the place to the ground, the sooner LIVs will take notice and we can rebuild. If the LIVs don’t take notice, there was never a chance.
RatRipper remembers when America was owned by Freepers:
We had a great country while it was ours.
I never dreamed it would be in my generation that we lost it all, but it seems we have.
biggredd1 - RIP, America.
Millions of illegal scumbags have just been approved by scumbag boehner. The end of USA came today. RIP.
Noted Freeper psychopath Dead Corpse is resolute and smug:
I warned you all.

Just so no one forgets during what’s coming...
Truth29 wants secession:
I am at a loss as to what to do now and to escape the normalcy bias of almost all of us. The only thing I can think of now that is remotely still within a governmental structure is for some of the states to secede.
Rodamala sounds like a defeated supervillain:
Rot in hell scumbags.

The 2010 TEA party takeover was NOTHING... you are ALL effing TOAST.
dforest looks forward to more overuse of a word he doesn't understand:
I am like others, elections are not going to fix this. I will no longer bother a “hopin’ and a Dreamin’.

2016 means nothing to me other than it will be a couple years more of pure tyranny. After that, more tyranny.
INVAR knows he will soon be killed:
We are beyond stopping or fixing this tyranny by civil means.

If you folks will not wake up to this fact now, you never will - not even when you are standing over the trench you are about to be gunned down into.

No one understands net neutrality

I had hopes after Freepers' initial take on net neutrality was that it was going to immediately shut down their website. But Freepers' reaction to the FC passing net neutrality regulations has mostly been super boring rote "the GOP Is full of RINOS, never vote Republican!" crap.

But a few actually venture to discuss what net neutrality will mean, and in those few Freepers one can find the unthinking idiocy I was hoping for:

central_va is, of course, ready for Civil War 2.
The Obama juggernaut continues on its destructive path.

Immigration, net neutrality and keystone dead. Man this guy doesn't skip a beat. He's turned the Presidency into a dictatorship.

Payback is hell.
central_va is pretty sure the entire country is as negative as Freepers.
The GOP candidate that simply says "I plan on reversing everything the Obama Admin did to the USA" would win. That is a simple campaign message.
CincyRichieRich joins the crowd that will be surprised in January 2017.
Why does anyone think Obama will just leave in 2016?

The upcoming “green tip” ammo ban should be a big hint ..

I believe you are correct, and the amount of blackmailing these R’s have against them must be staggering. If he didn’t leave and refused to leave, what would change? Who would physically demand he leave and actually evict? What would be different than him doing executive orders (oh, without actually putting them on that matters)?

Not a thing.
joethedrummer is ready for war. Again. Always.
How much more are we going to take?
__rvx86 loves acronyms!
It gets worse: My ISP could decide to STOP their LTE rollout, then shut it all down later thanks to the Obamanet...probably taking the UMTS with it too, since 3G and 4G are more expensive to build and maintain...after all, the bare minimum 3G standard (according to the CCITT) is EDGE.

Thanks to the Obamanet, they’ll probably only be able to profitably maintain the bare minimum...wonder why the UK only got LTE in 2012? This.
GraceG recalls an oppressive and overregulated time.
The 1930’s called, they want their regulation back...
Political Junkie Too knows what the secret real regulation is:
I think one reason Obama is keeping his net neutrality regulation a secret is that he's going to eliminate anonymity on the internet.

No more anonymity means they can find you if you post something they don't like.

Also, anything political will be treated as a campaign contribution and must be reported to the FEC.
John S Mosby is really angry:
If you think this is good government, you have no business on FREE Republic.

This is a Republic. Not a God-damned oligarcy. Unless of course your idea of conservative is the company a@@hole at the country club clubhouse who lives off our tax money teat.

Differentiate this OBAMAUMAO driven FCC regulation from ANY kind of yet again crony capitalism, just like Solyndra. Comcast kicks back Democrat donations, just like Buffett (for more than 3 decades). The mack daddy in the White Hut is lining his (and any other dem’s) pockets, for their pals in... media. To control us.

How do you derive from this, that I “sound” like a socialist, since it is the socialists who are driving this entire issue. Hillary’s dream— control the internet, control the content. Put FR out of business. That is a FACT. Deo Vindice (look it up).

Another big govt. FReeper. Consult our Constitution.
He's arguing with lavaroise, who is similarly incoherently angry about the same thing:
it is not Net Neutrality in the Swiss term of the word, but a definite war aiming to equalize the bandwidth advertisement by siding for “minorities” leftist fraud products, a complete government gender and race division justifying rationing of so called “allied” and conspiring non minorities.

Since Soros is behind it and is for a totalitarian view of Open Society and against Laissez Faire, the ultimate aim is campaign finance and information controls, forcing us into 501c type abuse.
Lazamataz predicts oppression. Any day now.
Enjoy being able to post what you just did.

By this time next year, or maybe the year after that, that post will be something that will get you arrested.
If these are insufficiently crazy, fear not! Freepers overtopped themselves when Boehner refused to shut down DHS. That post is coming this evening.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Obama: 'I loved Spock'

Freepers were nice about Leonard Nimoy's death. But then Obama got involved, and they classed up the joint as they always do:

mass55th's gaydar is outta control:
He’s a homo. Of course he said he loved another man. If he was a heterosexual...he’d would have said he loved Uhura.
ZULU is still hoping:
Yeah, live well and prosper skunk until we impeach your @$$.
BillyBoy is one of many, many Freepers to try to reconcile this with Obama's well-known antisemitism:
10 to 1, Obama doesn’t realize that Nimoy was Jewish.

10 to 1, Obama loves HOLLYWOOD Jews.
faithhopecharity on Spock's Christian Jewish Vulcanness:
1. Spock’s ears were fake
2. Spock did in fact read his Bible
3. Spock was one of those d***ed Jooooos (yup! they got Jooos on Vulcan!)

sorry about that, BHO!
Sirius Lee hates Obama saying things:
I wish homobama would just STFU and not taint the passing of a cultural icon with his own marxomuzzie filth narcissism.

Please homobama, just for once, STFU!

Jeb Bush is a maggot.
Ezekiel tries for a joke:
The president said he saved a special greeting for Nimoy when he met the actor in 2007. "It was only logical to greet him with the Vulcan salute, the universal sign for 'Live long and prosper,'" Obama explained.

How cheesy. Mr. Nimoy should have responded with the Vulcan death grip. We would have all... prospered.
"If only Nimoy had killed Obama. That's the joke!"

dfwgator reminds us Obama, and the new Spock are both gay:
Bet he “loves” the new Spock even more, if you catch my drift.
Secret Agent Man knows Obama has screwed every gay man in the America:
I am sure he thought they were talking about sodomite spock, and that he literally “loved him”.
lowbridge heard Klingons were bad. Therefore...
He really loved the klingons from whom he gets his lessons in backstabbing.
More on Obama in the bedroom from bobby.223!
Reggie loves it when Barry gives him the old ‘split finger hand jive’. Mooch?......Not so much.
John S Mosby knows this is all calculated based on Obama's being mulatto:
Well he is trying to associate his “incredible professorial intelligence”(NOT any proof) with his little IT internet twit supporters who associate electronic programming with..... human logic. In other words a COLD technocrat like him and all his lib buddies in Silicon Valley.

Since Spock was half-human, this idiot thinks he gets a twofer since he’s a mulatto. So, which half liked Spock? The black or the white one.

Not one shred of evidence of this clowns intellect or logic. AND, he is missing a major component of Spock.....his character, as a Vulcan, was incapable of lying.

Someone should fire back— “if you loved and identified with Spock” why have you been shown, time after time, to be a LIAR?
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper has his own random axe to grind:
The problem here is that Obama was talking about loving “Dr. Benjamin Spock”, the Marxist and childraising advisor leftist.

Spock was the presidential candidate of the Marxist “Peoples’ Party” in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, along with avowed Marxist VP candidate Julius Hobson.

Later the PP ran Marxist Barry Commoner as their presidential candidate before it disappeared, with some of its members merging into the newly rising Marxist Democratic Socialists of America (from the old DSOC and SDS/NAM movements).

Sometimes we folks out here in the boondocks just have to tell you what the MSM won’t.
"I always thought Moochelle resembled the Salt Monster athough she;d also make a good Mugato if she donned a fur coat."


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Netanyahu gets The Full Palin

Man, I have not seen Freep's furious love in a long time. It kinda made my day to see the orgy of Freepers in full cult of personality mode for Netanyahu.

From what I hear, his speech this evening was eloquent, but offered nothing revolutionary. About what I would expect for a veiled campaign event.

Freepers, though...well...just watch. I'll refrain from most comments, because there is very little to add to their frenzy.


I pray he pulls out Obama’s real birth certificate and passports...that might help scales fall from eyes.
Whether it's Barry or Val Jar who has their panties in the tightest wad right now is open to conjecture, but this whole Netanyahu speech has really highlighted Obama's latent "bitchiness." He is definitely a drama queen.
matginzac sees signs Congress just isn't partisan enough:
Does anyone else think this is like looking at a frat convention?
All this back slapping, hugging, etc....
Collegiality is going to kill this country....
I FULLY expect Democrats to disrupt this speech, and likely stage a mass walkout.

That is the ONLY reason Rangel would be there.
Wouldn’t be surprised if Zero decides to make a brief appearance and emit some ad-lib snarky remark just prior to Bibi taking the podium. Obama The Narc - attention whore.
Bibi is in the Obama viper den now. I am praying for Bibi’s safety.
What, think the Democrats are going to rush the stage?

WalterSkinner: irony of history, when a leader outside the US has to be the voice which speaks for the American people, who are undermined and ignored by their own government

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem...

Hardens Hollow.
He is a gracious and warm man.

perfect words. I was thinking how kind and engaged he looked when greeting people.
This is already one of the great speeches ever given.
Hardens Hollow:
Geesze. This is UN believable

Brilliant and perfectly delivered.
Every word Bibi shouts out with TRUTH.
{Lamenting our feckless pretender]

We are not descended from fearful men!
Bibi makes 0bama look like amateur hour. This is highly embarrassing for our pansy ass crew of Bama, Kerry, Biden, Rice, Harf, Psaki.. God save us.
God be praised! WHAT A SPEECH!!!!!
Which brings us to THE RAW EMOTION

Clint N. Suhks:
Tearing up a little.
I have chills this is really something to see
I finally have heard a speech that has given me faith in those who lead...

God bless Bibi...
My screen is getting blurry and my heart is full. This is the first time, in a very long time, I’ve been filled with pride. Loving this man more every day.
Holy Crap - I can’t stop shaking...chills... we need a man like Bibi. Standing ovation..
Jane Long:
Bibi....lead Israel AND America!

Victory is a strategy

Freepers sense weakness about Obama and ISIS. But they're rather at a loss about how Obama could actually be tougher. Luckily, Freepers are never ones to shy away from empty triumphalism. So when an Obama spokesperson notes that "We can't kill our way to victory" Freepers start up the simplistic chanting:

Forward the Light Brigade goes in with the obvious strawman:
We can only win with HUGS! Lots of hugs! the hugs of a powerful bear—the kind that breaks ribs and cause the lungs to be punchered, Spines to crack and severe internal injuries! The kind that leaves people in Wheelchairs!
SeaHawkFan - all we need to do is kill everyone in ISIS. Easy!
The only way to keep people from joining ISIS is to kill all of those who are already members. Do that and people will figure it out on their own.
Reno89519 wants more destruction of Mosques:
Personally, if US troops or military are used against Islamic groups, it should be by first destroying their mosque, then anyone coming out to defend it.
More of Reno89519's homespun military wisdom:
On the battlefield we cannot give quarter to Islam and its supporters. Coddling the Islamic state is weak and self-defeating. What I’d like to see is that every time someone drives around in a truck or march anywhere flying the Islamic flag, that it is immediately destroyed by a UAV.
bluejean knows the problems is that we're not fighting World War 2.
Back in the “olden” days before “modern” ideas began dismantling reality (as a mental construct), when people believed in good and evil, we could go kick @ss for the good guys and leave the evil dead to be eaten by crows and claim victory.

The muzzies would have been banished to obscurity by now instead of raising hell all over the planet.

I miss the good old days.
Secret Agent Man agrees - war is super simple.
what makes this war different than any other war? we won those by killing more of them and threatening to keep doing so unless they surrendered.

marie can’t say it’s different b/c the president is a muslim and isis is his fellow muslim jihadi brothers.
StAntKnee blames liberals for all defeats:
After the first shot is fired and the enemy fights back, liberals and progressives in the vicinity of any war begin the cry that they cannot kill their way out of war, after which they begin a campaign to fulfill the prophecy of losers, undermining any strategy or person with the power and will to win.
Repent and Believe thinks we can birth our way to victory!
(It would sure help if we would populate the earth with Christians rather than insult God with birth control and abortion. Then the invaders wouldn’t be demographically overwhelming us and God might actually fight against them with us. But until then...)
Albion Wilde - we've been thinking too hard for decades!
There’s an excellent companion piece titled “The Only Strategy to Defeat Jihad” by Jonathan David Carson, Feb. 11, American Thinker. The author posits that the enemy is no longer afraid of us due largely to the end of colonialism.

IMHO, the other big reason this particular enemy isn't afraid of us is the ridiculous win-on-the-ground, surrender-by-the-Congress mess John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy made of the Vietnam war. If not for the bleeding hearts in DC hamstringing our military, we could have been in and out of there with a clear victory. But no.

Surely the islamists made careful note of that, followed by Jummah Cahtah's mess with the Ayatollah and not being able to summon the strength to get our men out of captivity.

It reminds me again with yearning for the simplicity and profundity of Reagan's foreign policy: "We win; they lose."