Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Potpourri pt. IV

Oh noes, dp0622's sister believes the wrong conspiracies!
I fear my sister has gone off the deep edge because she follows this site religiously.

Speaking of which, her miserable husband has driven her, inho, to an over-religious state. Religion ain’t for hiding from life behind.

She sends me a kooky story every day from infowars.

The army was gonna take over the south. obama had a million man service group akin to the nazis, ebola was gonna kill everybody because obama wanted it.

Obamas a POS more than enough without making up silly stories.

Jade Helm was the southern takeover thing.
Pollster1 is having fun with is flag:
This morning, I replaced my Gadsden flag with the Stars and Stripes (flown right side up for the first time in eight years).
Wyrd bið ful aræd spends a lot of time analyzing Olivia Munn's looks:
Her nose is quite aggressive, and she’s got a large forehead and mouth/teeth. Coupled with that skinny neck, jutting collarbone and clavicles, and eyes not big enough to set off that big ol’ “fivehead”...She’s alright, but you see better on any college campus. She’s got a hard, mean look to her face as well.
gaijin thinks photopshop is the window into the soul.
You take the brows off, and sorry, there's NO WAY to make it look normal:

Strongly connotes some type of dark mental problem. 
More visual silliness when ChinaGotTheGoodsOnClinton knows how to bring liberals to heir knees!
We need a table comparing Ivanka to ValJar and then post it ALL OVER FB...
Liz gloats that Latinos are not AMERICANS:
Latinos threatened Trump time and again——if he didn’t see it their way, he could not be elected.

Fact remains.....AMERICANS elected Trump-—not some insidious third world bund plotting to overthrow the US govt.

Nyyyaaaa, nyaaaa, nyaaaaa.
As Liz goes super racist, Toughluck_freeper knows the real racists are those who think aren't completely color blind:
Another Racist comment by liberals. They don’t even realize how racist they are.

In their view a person should be part of the President’s cabinet based on the color of their skin, instead of the person’s capabilities and skills.

What? an Asian and a Hindu and a Black was not good enough for them?
Though he no longer matters politically, DaveA37 still wants Obama to die:
Perhaps he will get by a stray bullet next time he visits his place in Chicago. We should be so lucky.
HypatiaTaught is another woman-hating Freeper woman.
Sad to say, and I am a woman, many women are absolutely out of their minds. As a woman it is a lonely place.
LydiaLong embraces objectifying her own gender:
Can you imagine the ‘ugly’ in that march?
SAJ is pretty smug about not being in America, because Panama is much more free:
this minute, I hold both US and Panamanian citizenship. Both legally and lengthily acquired, I assure you.

Had Hitlery won, I should have renounced US citizenship and become a full-time resident of Panama.. Now,I've a dilemma; fortunately, there's no deadline for the decision. If Mr. Trump looks like keeping his promises, I'll return. If not, I'll think some more.

Just FYI, renouncing US citizenship now costs approx. $2500 and takes some months of bureaucratic delay. In return, one becomes exempt forever fr/FATCA, FBAR, and a host of other things, including both taxes and filing the forms.

Yes, I'll do a post on Trump's crowd silliness tomorrow. Gaffer found a pic he likes, and declares it the authoritative one:
Incredible resolution with the full 180 degree coverage from Trump to the Washington Monument.

The pictures media are showing elsewhere are lies. I’m surprised CNN showed this, actually.
Sidebar Moderator continues to unskew:
Like I said, I generally don’t trust polls. But most of the polls that have President-elect Trump under 50% are corrupt media polls, rigged by the fact that they don’t even screen for likely voters.
Sidebar Moderator does not understand how addition works:
The only way Hillary “won the popular vote” is by excluding 49 states outside of California! Hillary is basically president of California LOL
WildHighlander57  wants to let the media know he counted Trump's crowd and it was lots!
This message is directed at CNN and the msm.

Hey, CNN!

Press secretary Spicer showed screen caps of the crowd size at the press conference, at half an hour into the ceremony.

I’ve got the same screen cap, that —I— took at the same time, and guess what?

—they MATCH—

Same massive massive crowd, going from the Capitol to the Washington monument; an ocean of people.

All y’all were shown visual proof by press secretary Spicer, but even after that, —still— you lie.

-—end message-—
realcleanguy strawman's the women's march as all about sluttery:
Most women would jump into bed with any man, if they are attracted to him. This is what I call ironic. They march to hate men, but can’t wait to get naked with him and let him screw and humiliate them. They call out men as evil, and will turn around and cheat on their spouses and boyfriends either physically or mentally for sexual satisfaction or gratification, and then piously claim to be a woman of virtue.

So this wasn’t about Donald Trump saying “Grab them by the pussy”, Its about women’s rights to chose to have sex with any man they like, to kill the fetuses, and to demand the right to be honored for screwing any man they want and that the man must pay for everything while they pay for nothing.
brucedickinson has a different set of people he'd like to decide were the womens' marchers.
Yes, middle-America is coming out in force against President Trump. Gays, Satanists, angry spinsters-- the people who make this country work are up in arms.
Oops, in his tribal competitiveness, MeneMeneTekelUpharsin forgot about making policy!
You want to see crowds? President Trump, please hold celebration rallys across the nation on Saturdays and we'll give you crowds. The media won't know what hit them. Literally.
Windflier gets really pissed off when a Freeper wonders how he actually suffered under Obama:
Hmmm.... I'll bet you know a great deal about the sacrifices my family made during the Obama years.

Yep. That's the only way you'd make such a snarky comment.

Yeah, you know all about our inability to sleep well at night, not knowing how on earth we were going to make ends meet at the end of each and every month.

Yeah, you know all about the incredible humility we experienced when showing up to the local food bank to accept the kindness of strangers, while trying to feed our kids.

Yep. You know all about the extraordinary lengths I had to go to, competing against illegal aliens, while trying to sell my services to homeowners in the marketplace.

Question: Have you ever experienced a 50% pay cut? A pay cut that lasted over ten years? Well, I have, and so has my family.
That President Obama was pretty rough ten years ago.

Monday Potpourri pt. III

Jim Robinson spent a lot of time espousing the 'Liberal Fascism' line to prove Trump isn't fascist.
The left tries hard to draw a left/right contrast between Marxism and fascism but there’s really not that much difference between them. Marxism and fascism are both totalitarian forms of government where the individual is subservient to the state and has only those rights the state happens to allow on any given day. The state literally holds the power of life and death over the people and eventually descends into mass murder, chaos, revolution, war.

Marxism/fascism are extremely authoritarian (totalitarian) forms of government, usually godless, lawless, statist dictatorships that place the interests of the state over the individual and tries to control every aspect of human society and economic/political activity.

Examples of Marxist/fascist totalitarians include: Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Castro, Obama (wanted to be a Marxist/fascist dictator, but blocked by we the people).

Our republican form of government with its God-given individual freedoms and liberty for all guaranteed by the US Constitution and with its governmental powers limited by the constitution and supported by conservatives is exactly opposite to the Marxist/fascist totalitarian forms of government supported by godless democrats, progressives, liberals, statists, socialists, Marxists, fascists, and communists, ie, leftist revolutionaries.

The real distinction is between statist Marxism/fascism vs god-given freedom and liberty.

Freedom is a Judeo-Christian principle and is hated by Marxists and fascists.

America’s founding and our republican form of government and constitution was inspired by and based on Judeo-Christian principles and is hated by godless Marxist/fascists (democrats) who constantly try to subvert it and make it fail.

Trump supports our constitutional government and freedoms and Judeo-Christian way of life and therefore is no fascist.
Buckeye McFrog excuses plagiarism by making up the fact that everyone does it:
If we were to sit down and read every Doctoral Thesis ever written, how many do you think were plagiarized?

30%? 50%? 80%?
PCPOET7 tells how Trump won him over because Trump attacked liberals.
did not think in the beginning that he was right for the job but he has won me over. I think that what scares the left about him is that he really does not care about there opinion on anything and rather then ignoring them when they are foolish in what they say he points out what ever the hypocrisy is. My biggest fear is that he will be assassinated by one of the power brokers in Washington.
Blue Jays has some made up numbers, and a made up legacy.
President Trump has prevented the arrival at least 1 million (and possibly even 2 million) refugees from Muslim nations onto our shores.

I concur with you that if he continues to make excellent decisions, he will be viewed much like President Lincoln and President Reagan.
reg45 takes the death of the last man to walk on the moon and repurposes it for some short term bullshit.
A greater hero than John Lewis.
SamAdams76 blames liberals for cutting our space exploration budget (because they hate America, of course). He might want to check out Johnson's space budget did versus budget hawks Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes...
I remember watching the moon shots as a boy and wondering what planets and even solar systems we would explore by the 21st Century. Back in 1972, it was easy to believe that fifty years later, we'd all be living like the Jetsons. After all, the world of 1972 was utterly unrecognizable and far more modern than that of 50 years prior (1922).

But as you point out, liberals made us ashamed of our progress in space when there were still "hungry people" down here on Earth. How many times did we hear variations of "We can put a man on the moon but we can't feed the children of Africa".

Ironically, our foray into space in the 1960s and early 1970s introduced technologies that greatly improved our overall standard of living today. Imagine how much better our lifestyles would be if we had continued to explore and discover.

Thinking back on the Dark Ages when we had the New World - a land of riches - just a few thousand miles across the ocean but we were too timid to explore out of ignorance and superstition. In a way, we have been in a new "Dark Age" since the last moon landings.
Seeing More Clearly Now declares a rabbi who doesn't like Trump must be one of those counterfeit Jews totally mentioned in Exodus:
One thing for sure. Despite that the article says, this guy is not “orthodox,” no way, just because he says he is and just because he puts on some hippy garb. He’s without a doubt, a Leftist poser and a Marxist enemy combatant within the Jewish community. 
Tradition has it that there is a group of not real Jews called who left Egypt with the children of Israel and have been a thorn in their sides ever since. This person is clearly one of this Fifth Column. Trump has major support from Jews who can think clearly and see that the Trump’s becoming president included help from the hand of God. Shmuly whatever his name is apparently thinks he’s God.
terycarl thinks maybe caps lock and lots of question marks will help ignore all events from 1965 on.
It amazes me that everyone seems to forget that the people who attacked Lewis were DEMOCRATS....Alabama, George Wallace, KuKluxKlan are all DEMOCRATS and when Lewis recovered from his injuries having his skull fractured by a DEMOCRAT....he joined them...?????????????????
I guess still feeling a bit scared, hal ogen continues to reassure himself that Obama was elected only due to his blackness:
Clown Dunce nobama...the ultimate affirmative-action hire. Loser. Pathetic.
Eaten up inside from bitterness, MadMax, the Grinning Reaper writes a long screed about how many people deserve painful deaths from cancer, like his parents got. Spoilers - it's all Democrats.
No one deserves the full ravages of cancer.

Some people do.

Arthur, right on, re “Some people do” re “No one deserves the full ravages of cancer”.

Can you think of a Nazi SS torturer or execution who you wouldn’t wish cancer on? The same for the Japanese torturers and murderers of tens of thousands of our men and women, often in the styles of ISIS today.

How about the Communists of the Soviet Union and Red China, No. Korea, No. Vietnam, and the Khmer Rouge, who made torture, starvation and mass executions into an “art”?

Would you wish Charles Manson “Good health”? How about the Marxist psychopath and FOObie Bill Ayers? Would you want the murderers of the KKK to have “good health”

HELL NO!. I wish them all the pain and suffering they deserve because they have EARNED it.

I’ve known Communists in this country (plus some bigtime white racists, black extremists and plain old traitors) who I would love to see die a slow death. In fact one did, Sen. Frank Church (D-IO?) who sold out our intelligence programs and agencies in the 1970’s which led to 9/11 (long story but trust me, I saw it happen). The last time I saw this POS he looked like a POS. He earned it.

Now, both my parents died of cancer (Liver and Leukemia) and I just had a minor skin operation last week, so I know what serious suffering is in a person, but my parents were good Americans, both served in WW2, my father in the Army, my mother in the Dept. of the Army. They raised a family, helped the poor, gave a black young man a job when others wouldn’t, and worked hard (my father literally died when his first Social Security check came in, from his medically forced retirement).

I’m sick and tired of wishing evil people or even stupid people who were warned about the dangers of their actions, “good health”. Screw them. They sold us out - our country, our children, our exceptionalism. I don’t care where they go when they’re gone. I want them to suffer while they are still alive so that they can think about what they did to a whole country.

I’m not an officer and a gentleman though I’ve been called that. I’m an old street fighter kind of guy who has seen the betrayal of America by the traitors and the stupids. It is time that they pay for their actions.

I’ve met Communists in Vietnam and Cambodia (POWS and defectors) for whom I had more respect than the shits we have who have continually sold out our country. The sooner our human termites are gone, the better.
libh8er keeps his perspective on H.W. Bush's ill health:
Hope it doesn’t overshadow Trump’s inauguration. Trump’s inauguration is a pivotal moment in American history.
Dude, it's a party, the ceremony is never the meaningful part.

JPX2011 explains why Trump's cabinet doesn't need to know anything:
Actually, I don’t care that Perry knows next-to-nothing (supposedly) about nuclear weapons, nuclear stockpiles, or nuclear energy. There is a fallacy in thinking among liberal technocratic circles that it takes ‘experts’ to run things. Not so.

Consider: why do companies hire CEOs from other companies that previously had no experience in their sectors? Because they know how to run organizations. That’s what I expect from Perry. How good is he at sniffing out B.S.; that’s the true test of his ability to run DOE.
tcrlaf has a really rarified idea of why Democrats are:
There is no “Democratic Party” anymore, and it’s last gasp was 2004.

There is only the Radical Academic Socialist Billionaires Part now.
Grimmy disbelieves direct quotes from Trump, because they are quoted by 'the msm.'
Did Trump say it? Or did some piece of msm scumsuckage make it up and project it as wish fulfillment rebranded as “news”?
9YearLurker worries Trump may be weakened by scheming women.
Ivanka with the “senior advisor” Democrat husband.

The same Ivanka who just spent an hour on the phone with Michelle Obama.

Add in the GOPe Priebus and three out of four of Trump’s top advisors are not on our side.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin really leans hard on the slave narrative for Freepers.
No more bowing down to the radical racial dividers. We finally have a statesman instead of a politician. Finally, a light at the end of a long tunnel in which we have been living, cut off from reality, contact with others who think like we do and hopeless in the world. Thank God almighty we are about to break out into the light and freedom again.

We are no longer slaves under tunnel vision taskmasters trying to force their will upon us, force their thoughts into our heads and control everything we do, everything we buy, where we wish to live, how we practice our religion (if they disagree with it) and how we shoot our guns.
Thank God almighty, we are free at last. Everybody sing, "We shall overcome....." 

Monday Potpourri pt. II

kvanbrunt2 was prepared to go full tactical badass to keep liberal violence down:
that’s ok i am instructing everyone i know about our people sticking together in groups of 20-40 in order to creat hollow squares as a defense mechanism armed with pepper jell. I will have a back back with as much as i can get a hold of prior to the event.
CivilWarBrewing still wants Putin to save America by revealing all the Freeper conspiracies Russia has been pushing online.
Trump needs to ACTIVELY PURSUE the arrest and prosecution of George Soros for funding domestic terrorism, among other things. I'll betcha Putin can tell Trump a thing or two about Soros. Gitmo, Bundy land issues, border invasion, Bergdahl, Hillary/Huma/Weiner/Jarrett/0dunga/Brennan/Rice/Kerry/etc, Iran deal, etc.. So many things to wonder about with regards to how and how fast Trump deals with them.

I wonder what is happening along our border right now.. ANY CHANGES YET?

Oh yeah and I'm pretty sure 0dunga bombed as many terrorists as he could this week IN ORDER TO PREVENT THEIR U.S. CAPTURE, INTERROGATION BY TRUMP'S MILITARY AND POSSIBLE DETENTION IN GITMO!
Obama kills terrorists so hard because he doesn't want Trump to capture them!

bgill wants to arrest all protesters lest dissent grow:
Nip it in the bud on Day 1. Arrest them and lock every one of them up for everything from littering to protesting without a permit to blocking traffic to attempting to harm the POTUS. Fill GITMO up with them.
Except bgill also thinks growing dissent isn't a big deal:
A real civil war will end in the first half hour with them on the losing side.
Poor JohnBovenmyer, like so many Freepers, got so over-the-top with hypothetical pardonapalooza they couldn't really get it up for pardoning Chelsea Manning and some 1970s Puerto Rican terrorist.
Less than 5 days remain for her pardon.

It would be interesting if something came up to medically excuse Obama from attending his dethroning. And if it were just sufficient that he wasn't up to officially signing Hillary, etc.'s pardons. 
Now, under the 25th, Biden could take over and willingly, shamelessly, sign what is necessary, without having to stain THE LEGACY. 
And the MSM would leap to deify Biden for that. But there is a bunch of process that would need to be co-ordinated between VP, most of the Cabinet and congressional leadership before Biden could take any official action. 
Remember the fun when Al Haig said he was in charge after Reagan was shot? Consider how well organized this administration normally is compared to Reagan's and recognize all the needed endorsers will be in the process of cleaning out their offices and moving. It would be ironic if they had to blame their own inefficiency for failing to get a valid pardon signed in time or if Sessions was able to show an alleged pardon wasn't valid. That would really be fun winning for our side.
blackbetty59 tries to get his back up about Manning, but ends up derailed by the transgender thing into an anti-Obama rant.
The more I think about it, the more I understand that this is just one queer, pardoning another queer. 
I don’t say that lightly. I have never believed Obama was born in Kenya, or was in any way ineligible for president. 
He was, in my opinion, born in Hawaii, of an American ugly slut mother, and a very black, very ugly, very stupid, very muslim, very in-bred Kenyan father. He is the reason that faggots, trannies, and stupid ugly things like manning and liberal arts majors even are allowed to exist.
GrandJediMasterYoda continues to overpromise on Obama's evil, though I presume he forgot about it when Obama underdelivered.
I predicted Manning would be pardoned only two days ago, that was a give. He has all the requirements for Obama: He is an enemy of the USA and a tranny freak. He might pardon Hitlery as well but remember, if he does that would be him admitting that he endorsed a criminal for President so he might not plus he doesn’t like her.

Bowe Bergdahl definitely will be and 911 architect Khalid Shiek Mohammed absolutely. Why? Because like I said in 2009 when Obama first took office: He’s an Islamic agent working for the Muslim brotherhood. What else has this guy done but empower, defend and help spread radical Islam while kicking the legs out from the USA and our allies on every level? This is a guy who has been reinforcing the enemy through Gitmo for the past 8 years, who arms our enemies, helped them take over entire countries and these same subhuman pieces of garbage in Congress who are now bashing Trump never said or did ONE thing about it, even when he released those 5 Taliban commanders.
So if Obama didn't pardon those people, does that mean he's not an evil Muslim?

txrefugee explains that genocide is OK if you feel your claim is legitimate.
Bill Clinton gave the Muslim Albanians Kosovo, a part of Serbia, because the Albanians had illegally come to live there. They had squatters rights, according to the Philanderer in Chief. Serbia rightly considers Kosovo theirs and will never stop trying to get it back.
Trump bumbled into endorsing single payer healthcare. kiryandil forgives him because Hillary.
If it wasn't for Trump, we'd be preparing to take The Felon Queen, Hillary, like a dry rhino horn covered in sandpaper, straight up the patoot.

So I'm not going to wring my hands and wail, considering that he's done and is doing that which I asked from him - destroying the Media DeathStar.

Everything else is gravy.
Gasshog is suddenly OK with national healthcare, so long as we keep some nationalism in it.
Lets have insurance for US CITIZENS.

Thats all.
proust has also thrown over the whole party of small government for the party of Trump.
I tried to warn the trumpites that this was his position. I even posted a video of Trump making that very statement. And for telling the truth, I was suspended for a week.

That he wanted insurance for everyone? The horror!
Neidermeyer tells of how he was part of a mock jury and was separated out due to his logical thinking skills.
Don’t know ... I do know they took it to trial .. on the “mock jury” they separated us into 2 groups I was put with the logical thinkers (they didn’t want us to “pollute” the second pool) ,, the second group was your more typical jury pool ,, older people , people with no accomplishments , people that watch a lot of TV...

They probably got millions from the hospitals insurer if at the real trial they got “their” jury ,, in the mock trial the second pool didn’t ask any questions and assumed guilt without hesitation ,, went right to damages...
Sivad fears for Trump's life, because no one wanted to kill Obama.
I am not the Chicken Little type but with unprecedented
amounts of left wing hyperbole out there I actually fear
for the life of the new president. 
If harm did come I would predict a national wound that would rival that of the War Between the States. And, it would be made worse by many classless Trump haters who would openly celebrate.
COBOL2Java knows lack of evidence is the greatest evidence of all...
I also never saw any evidence that she did anything. Some people portray her as some puppet master but I never saw any evidence of it.

Many people say the Devil doesn't exist. It's his greatest achievement.
caver, totally not racist.
John Lewis books sell out on Amazon day after Trump’s tweets

More fake news. Lewis’s followers can’t even read.
Trump_vs_Evil_Witch wants to end the CIA in revenge for killing JFK and because they don't love Russia.
Just as JFK interfered with the CIA effort to engineer the Vietnam War, Trump may interfere with the globalist agenda to attack nationalist Russia

No president since John F. Kennedy has dared to take on the CIA or the rest of the national security establishment […] They knew that if they opposed the national-security establishment at a fundamental level, they would be subjected to retaliatory measures. Kennedy… After the Bay of Pigs, he vowed to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the winds. He also fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, who, in a rather unusual twist of fate, would later be appointed to the Warren Commission to investigate Kennedy’s murder.
Texas Eagle seems fully on board with Russia getting Trump elected.
What makes Barky think he can goad Russian into a war against the man they helped get elected?

He's doing this for some other reason. To deflect attention from something even more egregious.

Monday Potpourri pt. I

Gen.Blather reports that blacks have become much more docile now that Trump's President.
Obama is more “popular” than ever and Trump during the transition of power, has the lowest ratings ever.

My observations are, of course, just one small data point in a huge pile of points. The blacks I interact with at Gold’s gym, and they are about half the clients there, act completely differently towards the whites than they did two years ago. They have gone from surly, angry body language to very pleasant and accommodating. Some of these are the same men. My, what a wonderful difference an election makes.

I really wish I had a good enough relationship with some of them to ask about the change. How do they really see Trump vs. Obama?
And just like that jdsteel isn't worried about the debt.
The public debt numbers have never, ever been accurate in their predictions. So I’m not so worried about that.
Arthur McGowan is going to continue to play games with Obama's name forever. And from birtherism he segues smoothly into 9-11 truther. Lots of those among Freepers.
Obama is almost certainly not President now, since he’s almost certainly an illegal alien.

The article says he will not be the “active President” as he leaves Washington. He won’t be any kind of President. He will be SENATOR Obama. (Although, since he’s almost certainly an illegal alien, he was almost certainly never a Senator, either.)

I want the Trump Administration to publish the truth about Obama’s citizenship. I want the truth about LBJ’s murder of JFK. I want the truth about the controlled demolitions that took place some years ago, on a Tuesday.
LouisianaJoanof Arc knows why Obama changed our Cuban immigration policy to agree with every other country in the world!
Others have said it, I will chime in, Cuban’s lean republican.

He isn’t even trying to hide his agenda. Spitting in their face but after the election of course.

What a puke.
Proyecto Anonimo has been persecuted, man.
I have said over and over, I will take the take the word of Russia one million times before I believe the U.S. Government establishment once. I will believe and support Putin one million times before I support the U.S. Government establishment one time.

Those who have had their family members physically hurt or killed by their own government understand your comments.
Poor Proyecto Anonimo continues to float that hook out there just begging a Freeper to ask him about his persecution. None does.
For citizens, Freepers, Americans, etc who have never had human rights violations against your family....

ZERO human rights organizations will respond if you contact them alleging violations against the government if you are a white family.

They are exactly what you say: Soros funded creepy organizations with hidden global agendas.

Every one of them.
marktwain smugly questions one of Free Republic's most common sources.
The Washington Post is now a valid news source?
See, you use them, but you say your disgusted every time, and get to ignore all the parts you disagree!

The_Media_never_lie is pretty OK with the swastika these days.
I am more concerned with the BLM symbolism, because it is relevant today, than the Nazi symbol, that was relevant prior to 1945.
pasr trusts only Russia.
The Russians are the only in the election who did not use fake news
gaijin is also happily Putin's bitch.
It’s really weird when I trust Russia and a homo lib 200% more than my own Prez.

DoughtyOne looks forward to the glorious future, full of goal posts I expect he'll move.
We will until the economy is sparked by the tax cuts.

Then the growth will ease. Trump has a goal, and I think he’ll meet it.
Cowboy Bob has a plan for Trump to play brinksmanship politics that would totally not blow up in his face:
There are 8 RED State Democrats up for reelection in 2018. Trump needs to call the 8 in and say "I'm offering positions in my Administration to only 2 of you. I will campaign vigorously to defeat the other 6. Jump now, or be destroyed. I'm only taking 2. First come, first served. Now, who's it gonna be?"
Diogenesis knows why protestors aren't arrested just in case they are assassins - the government is in on it!
Protestors to Inauguration Paid In Tulsa

How is this not Pay4Sedition?

And when one takes a shot at the elected officials,
why did the SS and FBI not take them down BEFORE.

Answer: Just like the Boston Atrocity,
just like Florida and so many more,
they knew in advance — and are complicit.
ballplayer blames all activism in America on the unbelievable fact that blacks won a court case about housing discrimination.
Guess who is paying them.

Through the Obama Justice department,led by Loretta Lynch,the settlements worked out in the Housing Crisis with the offending Banks,the deal was made when they settled,part of the payments were made to community organizing organizations,also the Just US department skimmed some off the top,
So who do you think those community organizations were?
Where else do you think they get all that money for paying protesters and renting buses?
Erm, I hope Eleutheria5 means Melania, not Ivanka...
If they had pictures, you could take it seriously, but it’s a crock. I can’t imagine Trump hiring hookers. He’s got Ivanka, and if he wanted to fool around, he wouldn’t have to pay for it.
i_robot73 thinks the federal government is by definition immoral, and the solution is of course to limit voting:
There’s ‘ETHICS’ in anything related to taxpayer $$\power? Our Founders were not so naive, hence their limited power(s) and everything State\local!

Just some of the reasons why there should *ALWAYS* and *ONLY* be over-view made up of PRIVATE Citizens, none of which EVER had *any* dealings w/ govt\’taxpayer funding’\etc. personally or by blood\family (too many wink-wink nudge-nudge otherwise).
Happy MLK Day from Lonely Are The Brave. This 'denied the divinity of Christ' thing has been making the rounds this year for whatever reason.
The FBI had the goods on his voracious appetite for white prostitutes which were paid for by church money. Not only that but this "great man" denied the Divinity of Christ, said the Vietnam soldiers were traitors and kept in his inner circle known communists & homosexuals. The county began its inexorable downslide into the dirty abyss when it honored this total fraud.
exit82 is still unable to transition to Trump cheerleading.
Just stop already. The election is over.This crapola does not help Trump move us toward anything 
This is not crapola.  
These are excellent points to make with your Demon friends and co-workers as they continue trying to push the theme that Trump is not a legitimate President. Hillary and the Demons are mortal enemies of the Constitution and the United States of America.

They must be destroyed as a political force if America is to survive.

The last 10 years should have made that crystal clear to you.

And Trump is not going to be like Bush, having book reading contests with that idiot Karl Rove, while the Demons and the media savage him..

Thank God for that.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Free Republic is down

Free Republic went down the morning of Trump's inauguration, and has not been up since. Saturday Pix and Monday Potpourri are chosen and ready to post, but will have to wait for Freep to get it's act together. I know Freepers loved the 'patriotism means you can't be prejudiced' inaugural speech, but I am interested in Freepers' reactions to Trump taking the weekend off, to Obama's pardonapalooza being limited to Chelsea Manning, and other such.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Hoping for Inaugural violence

Friday spotlight has been preempted by Trump's ascendancy.

I live about 4 blocks from the White House these days, and so I'm getting the hell out of dodge for inauguration. But I leave you with a post about what the police-state wishing Freepers hope inauguration becomes - open violence against liberal protesters. Instigated by liberals, of course. Because once again protesting has become treason.

Fomenting treason?
gundog predicts dumpster fires.
These clowns love smoke in photos of events. It speaks volumes. Step one for professional protesters is to torch dumpsters. After all, the whole world is watching.
Tough guy CodeToad is ready to shoot people if they ever come to wherever he lives:
Rioters and looters should be shot.

They will be if I see them!
JerseyDvl unironically laments how liberals never have the real facts, followed by not trusting any facts about Russia.
I’m sick to death of this insane propagandist nonsense. NONE of the facts fit their narrative yet they keep digging the hole deeper.
I’ll accept that Russia hacked whatever as long I’m shown evidence of it. Anything, however flimsy needs to be revealed.
Da Coyote is pretty sure protesting makes people love Trump more.
I am loving this. We get 100 new votes for each low-T marshmallow brain that appears in these rallies.

Keep it up ‘tards.
Cletus.D.Yokel hopes for criminal charges against the New York Times:
And Trump’s recourse will be to bring the WWP and it’s associates (AKA: NYSlimes) to defend charges of...

wait for it...

That is exactly what the above sentence calls for.
Nuc 1.1 is pretty sure protesting is open revolt.
The time for trying to reason and get along with evil is over....time to start cracking their skulls.

Past time really. They are in open revolt now and as we know they have been for a while.
dp0622 lusts for death:
Just declare open season and let the police and/or national guard use batons like they were killing rodents.
lgjhn23 is explicitly joyful about protestor death at the hands of bikers:
They have no idea how bad of a hellacious azz-whipping they’re fixing to get.
Some of em may even die.
The bikers are gonna go “full Negan” on em...and the cops are gonna stand by and let em get it.
Bring it!!! Best election ever.