Wednesday, May 4, 2016

*Authoritarian chortling*

So Cruz and Kasich are out, and GOP head Priebus has bent his knee to Trumpmentum. Freepers are not ones to be gracious winners, however, and even in triumph they demand degradation for the anti-Trump apostates. Then it gets weird.

dp0622 keeps things condescending:
good boy reince
connyankee is redefining conservative:
Frankly...I don’t need this rnc joker to tell me what to do or who is the nominee. He needs to go just like all the other fake conservatives.
VerySadAmerican is confident that GOP leaders love their jobs more than their integrity. I do not disagree:
The gop is finally getting it. If they want to keep their jobs they will NOT fight Trump at every turn. This is a movement and they’d better get it. Paul Begala said he didn’t think they got it yet but they’re coming around.
novemberslady does not like it when her paranoia doesn't get validated:
Remember those old Scooby Doo endings, where the evil guy gets busted and blurts out:

“I would have gotten away with it IF IT HADN’T BEEN FOR YOU MEDDLING KIDS..!!!”

Interesting how I have the same funny feeling you do.

Donald Trump isn't a seasoned politician, but he didn't just roll in on the turnip truck either.

Pretty sure he's not going to take anything for granted...
VerySadAmerican is pretty excited about Trump going in on Clinton conspiracies:
I’d love to see Ms. Broaderick on the stage with Trump. It will scare the hell out of the Clintons and might make them quit. hee hee
Freepers are ever convincing yourself that doing your pest to personally hurt your opponent is also politically smart.

MotorCityBuck is really looking forward to abusing the power dynamic:
He OWN's them now. Evil laugh!! Lol Go TRUMP Eat it Rush-bot, and the rest of you Con's. Never forget these Ass Clowns that decieved us. Forgiveness is not an option for these Traitors as the go forward, and Kiss Trumps ass. F'em. Go TRUMP ☺
gaijin wants humiliation:
I’d feel MUCH better about it if Reince would kindly WASH TRUMP’S CAR in a very public place.

I’m picturing Trump looking on, smoking a cigar, with his feet up and crossed on a table.

Objective Scrutator is getting kinky:
Reince should be Trump’s human footstool, because he has failed miserably in all of his other jobs.

Cruz, no longer SCOTUS material

Well, it was bound to happen some time. I heard Cruz dropped out from the commenters on this very blog!

So what's next for Cruz? Freepers hate him now. They don't even want him on the Supreme Court. He has has become public enemy number 1, so for at least a while they cannot like anything about him.

proust knows a meme when he sees one:
Trump is right: Ted’s a mess.
Hedge-lawyer Amendment10 demands a justice that agrees with his own idiosyncratic jurisprudence:
Please, not another Ivy League law school-indoctrinated justice.
When asked who he might like, he later sites Roy Moore. Oy.

Cicero has decided Cruz is a power-mad liar:
I don’t think we need any more power-mad liars on the Supreme Court. Let’s pick a real conservative with principles, who can be trusted to do the right thing.

I don’t see why anyone owes Cruz anything at this point. Let him find a real job somewhere and earn himself a living.
HarleyLady27 is as enthusiastic as always:
AGREED...NO, not only NO but HELL NO!!!

And all this talk about Rubio being a V.P. the same!!!
taildragger has been testing Cruz, and found him wanting:
Cruz blew the job interview for SCOTUS with his increasing bizarre and manipulative ( or whatever it is, I am not a shrink ) behavior. No freaking way he should be on the SCOTUS. He is so over it ain’t even funny. Used Cars or Lobbyist is his future.
Red Steel is far from the only Freeper to bring up Cruz birtherism:
He would not rule correctly on NBC.
Lazamataz thinks conservative lunatic Cruz would become liberal:
NO. Cruz is a weasel and a creep. He’s part of the Globalist cabal. He’d become liberal in a minute. Besides, he’s a prick. Everyone on the SCOTUS would hate him.
napscoordinator takes it further than Laz - Cruz is like beyond liberal:
Trump’s sister is a million times more conservative then Cruz. Cruz is worse then a liberal. Liberals are jealous at how natural Cruz lies.
doug from upland us one of the few old guard remaining, though he thinks Justices are litigators:
I still want him. On the court he will be a strong voice for the issues in which I believe. I don’t want him to have a mild temperament dealing with the far leftists on the court. I want him to go for the throat and eviscerate their arguments. Ted would be an outstanding justice.
I do like Randy Larsen's phrasing:
Absolutely no freaking way!

He would stab us in the back forever or until he dies!

No way!
JudyinCanada - once you're nicknamed...
Not possible to appoint someone named Lyin’ Ted to anything.
nopardons hates them all:
I want Cruz, his extremely disfunctional family, and everyone connected to him to just disappear and never be heard from/about ever again.
jwalsh07 seems proud of how robotic Free Republic is:
It is currently impossible on FR to hold the following two thoughts: Cruz would make an excellent Justice and Trump would make an excellent POTUS. The two are mutually exclusive. Either you have to believe that Cruz is a globalist GOPe guy drenched in Goldman Sachs money and Trump is Ronald Reagan reincarnate or Cruz is Ronald Reagan reincarnate and Trump is a Manhattan liberal running the long con. No AND gates, just OR gates.
Arthur McGowan knows Justices are bribed like all the time:
A Justice Cruz would be for sale. He would join a long, long line of Republican appointees who gained a Strange New Respect by Growing in Office.
onyx graciously allows that Cruz could earn his way back into her good graces:
NOT during President Trump's FIRST TERM.

Perhaps during his SECOND TERM, depending on the 4-year actions and behavior of Senator Cruz.

IT was a STUPID/MEANT TO INCITE question to pose to Mr. Trump, but he answered it quite excellently.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trump veepstakes

Now that Trump is most likely the nominee, Freepers turn towards the future. In this case, it's figuring out how to properly handle Trump's problem with women - ignore, double down, or give them a token Vice Presidency? Now that they hate Rush, Freepers have no external authority to unify them, so things get pretty contradictory.

Buckeye McFrog does not like women in his Republican Party:
“GOP Women” are at the root of most of what’s wrong with the party IMHO.

They’re the ones who assemble voting blocks to scuttle pro-life legislation. They’re the ones who, according to Rush Limbaugh, browbeat and henpeck their GOP husbands to the point that they don’t dare actually DO anything about abortion.
Art in Idaho wants Trump to spite-pick Sarah Palin:
We are at War with the left.

The left, the MSM, pundits and the D.C. beltway would explode if Sarah Palin were Trump's VP pick. Talk about grab the popcorn. Talk about a dynamic duo. America would fall in love with them.
Buckeye McFrog eases Sarah out of contention, though:
I love Sarah, but it’s not going to be her.

The media has simply beat-up her image to a point where she would be a drag on the ticket. I think she knows this.

Besides, she has a special-needs child, and a husband who was cracked-up in an accident and is facing a long recovery. Her focus needs to be at home.
xzins has all sorts of ideas. In fact, it seems any conservative women would be great!
I don’t think Sarah wants it. She wants to be an activist. I understand that and respect it.

The women on my list who would help Trump are (in no order):

Brewer, Rice, Martinez, Blackburn, Parker, Haley, Ingraham, Hasselbeck, Cheney, Brown, Ayotte, Chao, Black

They aren’t all conservatives, in my opinion, but they would all be worth doing background analysis on in terms of WINNING in the fall.
Donglalinger doesn't want Trump to lose the bitter misogynist vote!
Hillary has already locked up the divorced men vote for Trump, don’t blow it
A few Freepers want everyone to know they disapprove: lacrew
I hate identity politics.
Then, it's back to tokenism!

Snowybear adds in some ethnic flavor:
I’d bet money on Susana Martinez from NM.

Kills two birds with one stone.
SoFloFreeper thinks the female Justice Thomas would make a great politician:
Blackburn of Tennessee would be a good conservative choice.

Janice Rogers Brown would be better, unless he wants to put her on SCOTUS.
central_va brings us back to the woman-hating:
Repeal the 19th.
Snowybear has an idea to double down on personal baggage:
As I read that all I can think of is one man.

pepsi_junkie also doesn't think women can be conservative:
In aggregate, women support bigger, more powerful government and PC feel-good policy making. The country more and more is being driven by women, either directly or indirectly via political pandering to them. And the results are gays everywhere, no more ladies rooms, and massive increases in social program spending.
PreciousLiberty has forgotten Brewer's apostasy on gay marriage and birtherism:
I personally think Jan Brewer would be a brilliant choice. We’ll see though...
Sacajaweau knows you don't need a token women when you have a daughter!
Trump doesn't need a woman card for VP. The country will get on just fine without a female VP.

Look at his family....Look at his daughter.
MichaelCorleone explains that the only people who don't like Trump are all the non-Freepers:
The premise is wrong. Mr. Trump doesn’t have a problem with women, unless those women are anti-American feminazi’s.

I suspect many of these Republican ‘women’ are of the same mindset as most of the Republican ‘men’, namely, RINO’s.

At this juncture, anyone who is stupid enough to put political correctness above saving this country can stick it.
bert also believes that there are no actually conservative women:
GOP women persist at the convention so they can flaunt their funny hats with all the pins
Fuck. Yes. wtd!
Jan Brewer .... excellent! So would Michelle Bachman.
TheNext may be joking, but at this point, I think Freepers would get on board:
Donald Trump Jr for VP.

We are beyond gender. Father Son would be historic.

"I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.”

Never have I seen a man go from tool to human more quickly than Boehner. Why he kept that job for so long I will never know.

I found his excoriation of Cruz quite amusing, and Freep's reaction also did not disappoint.
Once you get partisan enough, your analyses become robotic; digital - all things are all bad or all good. And - more importantly - never the twain shall meet. If something good praises something bad, then obviously neither was actually good. And, if something bad hates something bad, then one of them must be better than you thought. How often do Freepers say Trump has all the right enemies, or smugly state that if Obama's for something, that's all they need to know to be against it?

So to to the hated Boehner mocking the hated Cruz, Freepers have this one trick to keep them from sparking and exploding like a computer Captain Kirk has asked to define love.

astrat7 - Cruz: bad; Boehner: x
OUCH....Cruz for real is so hated.....harsh!
matthew fuller - Cruz: x; Boehner: bad.
John Boehner, protegee of Dennis Hastert....May they both burn in Hell.
Behind Liberal Lines - Cruz: good; Boehner: bad.
Interesting how many elected RINOs are happier with trump than Cruz. You would almost think they know he’s secretly one of them.
faithhopecharity - Cruz: good; Boehner: bad.
Wow! That would’ve been the very best endorsement any candidate ever got — if Boner had said it a few months ago when Cruz looked like he still had a chance As usual, though, Boner’s a loser. Alas.
vlad335 - Cruz: bad; Boehner: FALSE FLAG!
The Boner statement calling Cruz a SOB and Lucifer is a pathetic attempt to create a fake narrative that Cruz is anti-establishment. Of course, Boner also loves Trump.

Propaganda 101.

This is the kind of stuff that lawyers dream up. Which Boner and Cruz both are. Like I am watching an episode of Better Call Saul.

Anyone who falls for this Kubuki is a total dimwit.
vlad335 - Cruz: bad; Boehner: FALSE FLAG!
Ah the timing. So convenient for Cruz is it not?

“See! ‘He is anti-establishment! “Boner who epitomizes the establishment hates him!”

So fake and so pathetic. These are the schemes that lawyers concoct. I don’t believe this for a minute!
What would Freepers do without their false flag narrative?

Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. III

The increase in suicide makes fruser1 want other people to go out in a blaze of glory:
Suicide rates are usually pretty high in communist countries. Just another indicator of where the U.S. is going.

If you’re going to off yourself, I’d recommend going on a rampage, taking out commies, socialists, eco-nazi’s, etc., that you know.

Cops will take you out somewhere along the way, but hopefully you’ll improve the country more than hurting it by the loss of a good conservative patriot.
It's H1-B visas that make Snowybear contemplate mass murder:
This crap cost me my last job. These bastards better hope I never get cancer because if I do I’m going out in a blaze of glory like nobody has EVER seen before.
LeoWindhorse wishes the Queen hated Obama like he does:
why she even allows this Honolulu hapa papolo lowlife to visit her domain I cannot understand
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper seems to think that only the poor should want to help the poor:
Rich, white Marxists. Talk about hypocrisy.

These guys should be living in paper boxes, eating only oatmeal and quiche, wearing Salvation Army clothes, and pretending to be sane.

However, they are dangerous reds and should not be taken lightly.

Take names. We need to know who the enemy is and where they are getting their money.

Post here at FR if you find out anything.
Bonus kill list at the end! Does he think FR is a private forum?

faithhopecharity focuses on the real evil in this country - teleprompters!
a very well-delivered speech OK but PLEASE Mr trump ditch the idea of using teleprompters

you have no idea just how SICK we are of having TOTUS read to us

just give your speeches like a real human being please (bring a few notes if you need them, no harm that)

thank you
Ouderkirk wants some extreme methods to fight the eggheads:
And what have those last three presidents had in common?

Harvard and Yale.

These two schools should be burned to the ground.
blueyon counters another Freepers' paternalistic sexism with more hateful sexism:
Dear God, I hate what this country has become. Sending women to death? Women that are supposed to be bearing and nurturing the next generation? It’s evil, pure evil.

As much as I am against drafting women, you do understand those being drafted (not all of them) support ripping babies up in the womb which to me should be the most honored place in the they are not totaling into “bearing and nurturing”, like they should be
dp0622 loves how Freepers accept his rants:
the WORST nominee in the history of nominees EVERYWHERE is running :)

babbling about equal pay for women as if that is even (if it were true) in the top 1000 of what people are concerned about)

filthy backwoods piece of @#@#$ dyke.

I love FR. You get to ACTUALLY SAY what you’re thinking, unlike the rest of the time when you’d be thrown in jail or attacked by a mob :)
dp0622 manages to shock even his fellow Freepers with his callousnes towards the Indians:
I hope you’re kidding about the Indians.

no, couldn’t give a ####. sorry. they got suckered into helping the settlers alot then massacred.

life’s a #####. Anyone told you differnt they’re lying.
Brooklyn Attitude has hit on a metaphor for how far the American white male has fallen:
Ironically the Bison is an appropriate symbol for what is happening to the US. A once strong species almost driven to extinction. Also works for white males in America.
armydawg505 - corpse of Reagan for Prez!
I would vote for Reagan with dementia before I would vote for Obama or Hillary.
Really? Romans Nine? What about Carter. Chappaquiddick. Lincoln.
Liberals never never never stop. They still want to trash Reagan 30 years later.

We conservatives trash each other. Go figure?
fwdude totally heard all about the hot sluttery in gay movies from gay former friends:
I was close enough friends with several homosexuals (before Lawrence made them into monsters) that they confided in me the content of their homo-themed movie collections. They had extensive porn, but also "serious" movies with "gay" themes. Now even the movie-streaming services offer entire categories of these propaganda flicks. Anyway, the movies almost ALWAYS involved extensive sluttiness, understood and accepted as an amoral and integral part of the homosexual lifestyle. There was no question, and no attempt to paint them as illegitimate or wrong.

Even the well known, fairly mainstream movie Philadelphia feature the main character (Tom Hanks) fighting against "discrimination" because his law firm wanted to fire him after he was diagnosed with AIDS, acquired, not surprisingly, during a public sexual tryst with another anonymous queer IN a movie theater while being in a "committed" relationship with another man (Antonio Banderas.)

All of the other homo-movies are the same, or much much worse.
ShivaFan Hillary is unelectable!
Hillary has no chance of winning the general, everyone in the street knows it, feels it, says it, engage in her defeat. She will not win, period, facing Trump. The Democrats fear Trump and so he is their enemy number one. Gone are the “I hope Trump wins the nomination, he will lose in the general” line which was actually an attempt to talk some Republican voters into believing it and voting for some loser instead of Trump... but now it will be instead that Trump is a monster stuff. However the GOPe and worms sucg as Rich Lowry will continue the false narrative about “Trump’s overwhelming negatives” nonsense coming from the scum that now tells us “conservative” means you must be for amnesty and open borders.

However, the one ticket that would lose to Hillary is the Cruz-Carly idiocy, that is a total loser even if Hillary gets indicted.
henkster is writing some Baltimore fan fiction:
All big city police departments are going to do what Baltimore did last year. They will de facto recognize “no go” zones for public safety. The locals get free rein to go “Escape From New York” with each other, and the cops, EMTs and Fire Departments just stay out.

Of course, the murder rate in Baltimore skyrocketed as a result. The police weren’t killing any unarmed black men. Other black men were killing armed and unarmed black men. Black lives only matter to blacks who take black lives.

That’s what they wanted, they shouldn’t complain.
euram knows Trump never makes personal attacks:
So, men are supposed to be on a reservation, and not allowed to speak their minds, is that it?

I haven’t heard Trump make any personal attacks against her, just stated the truth about how horrible a secretary of state she was.

Trump should also start saying that the only reason Hillary got to be in the senate or picked as Secretary of State was because she is Bill Clinton’s wife, not on her merits at all. Matter of fact, if she hadn’t been married to a former president, she would be an ambulance chaser in Chicago.
Poor Tzimisce keeps getting laughed at when he explains to liberals that the Communist revolution they want will end badly for them:
The sad thing is that middle class Marxists think they’ll be at the top of the food chain if ‘glorious people’s revolution’ occurs.

Little do they know they’ll be among the first thrown into the mass graves once Marxists seize power. They don’t want useless eaters living among the scared, yet productive people that generate their, sorry, ‘glorious state’s’ wealth. Moreover, they’ll be the biggest threat to their power once they figure out that communism isn’t all its cracked up to be.

I’ve tried explaining this to them.

And I get laughed at, mocked, made fun of, talked down too and called a racist.

So what do you want me to say?

When the butchering begins, I’ll just remind these people that they’re racists to complain....
Might want to check your assumptions about what liberals want before you rant about Marxism to them....

Monday Potpourri pt. II

kaehurowing thinks vigilante justice is more orderly than due process:
I’ll make a deal.

Release all the criminals in exchange for issuing all Americans who want them free firearms and ammo and the right to carry.

Let the free market sort out the problem. You won’t need police after a few months.
boop is sure everyone in jail murdered someone:
How many times must it be said?

People go to prison, NOT because they smoked a joint.

NOT because they may have had a little "recreational" drugs on their person.

These POS's go to prison because they have done much, MUCH worse.

Kind of like Al Capone going to prison over tax evasion.

Sure you can plea bargain down many felonies. But at the end of the day, these blobs of human waste are in prison for a very good reason.

More than likely murder over drugs.

Not drugs, the MURDER.
jmacusa is a former liberal who not rants about the left and homos and Muslims:
When their friends in the caliphate who they are vehemently encouraging supporting and funding come into power they will become the useful idiot and get their due, hang on to your heads my friends

Yup. You got it. As a former liberal I know exactly what you mean. The Left and the homos really are stupid enough to believe they’ll be able to control the head choppers. Boy will that be some political cold turkey if the head choppers ever really get their way.
Iron Munro has a nicely pure paranoid Obama rage:
Obama grew up influenced by homosexuals, black racists, leftist anarchists, attending muslim school, worshipping Allah, smoking mass quantities of dope and snorting cocaine.

It’s no surprise that his primary interests are:

Promoting Homosexualism

Advancing Islam

Demonizing whites

Smoking dope and protecting dope dealers

Transforming America into just another third world Islamo/Communist craphole by eliminating Christianity, capitalism, patriotism, law and order, white history and culture.
Elsie is pining for a smiting:
How much longer will it be until God steps in and takes the action only He is capable of?

He created us, and this universe, and He will someday end this miasma.

Then the LORD said, “The outcry against America is so great and it’s sins so grievous that I will go down and see if what it has done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me. If not, I will know.”

How much time passed between the ‘knowing’ and the smell of brimstone?

We apparently are still in the 50, 45, 40, 30, 20, 10 bartering stage.
JonPreston explains why Trump wooing delegates is more moral than Cruz wooing delegates:
Unlike Cruz, Trump is playing the delegate game to win on the 1st ballot.

This point is missed, most likely intentionally.
SERKIT is sure the real chaos is with the Dems:
While many are preparing for virtual funeral of the Republican Party in Cleveland, the real story is the demise of the Democrat Party.

Their lead runner was set for an automated coronation will soon be “Scooterized” by the FBI (we hope). The second pony is an Independent, self-described socialist, who has only been in the Democrat Party for four months. Lil’ Debbie has driven the party into near-bankruptcy.
Real demon-haunted Christian theology finds it's true home elsewhere on the web, but I always find it fun when it turns up on Free Republic. Here, tired&retired is mixing sci-fi with his theology:
When I am around women who are pregnant, I feel the unbelievable radiance of Love coming from the fetus. Often I will know they are pregnant before they do. It is beyond words in its brilliance and purity. This is why Jesus said you must be like a child in order to know our Father. Pure...

Any higher consciousness is perceived as Light from a lower level. God, the Holy Spirit, and Angels are all perceived as Light or Fire. The fire is the transmutation process of the higher consciousness changing the lower density thoughts and/or illness to a higher level.

The intrinsic energy of a higher consciousness is similar to the attributes that Neals Bohr, the Danish Scientist and foe of Einstein discovered when he observed that an electron going from an outer orbital to a lower orbital gives off light!!

This is the same energy that forms the halo or light around the spiritual teachers.
The rant on how liberals always win is nothing special, but I did like oldmomster calling Cruz the 'smartest tool in the box.'
doncha always wonder why it is that dems ALWAYS come up with something that defeats the laws we pass, rules we live by?

they KNOW the game - they play it - they dive deep down into history and find the loopholes that are killing our country.

so what do we do? crucify the guy who is the smartest tool in the box and has tried, repeatedly, on his own, to stand up and take back control for the people. and what does he get? lies, half-truths, smears.
nikos1121 is convinced Trump is as pure as the driven snow:
I’ve been waiting for 11 months for the Bill Cosby like womanizer stories, the drunken sorays, the cheating etc. You’re not going to find it with this man.

He will tell you he’s been tough with people who are tough, but to discredit him as having many many people whom he fleeced, is really kinda pathetic.
stephenjohnbanker defends child molester Hastert by hating Obama:
2 heartbeats from the presidency

So? We have a perv in the WH right now.

2 if you include the Beard.
Looking to the future, haircutter defends the admitted child molester by hating Hillary:
granny Benghazi, who allowed four American Men to be murdered and butchered 3 1/2 years ago walks FREE...


take an old man in a wheel chair, who had sex crimes forty plus years ago...and used HIS OWN MONEY to pay black mailers.goes to prison for 15 months...A man who served the United States in Congress for many years...

yep this Nation sure is strange.
Thibodeaux prefers defending Hastert with a conspiracy theory:
he was sentenced for impeaching Bubba Clinton.

there should be revenge, deathly revenge
I'll admit Freepers defending Hastert surprises me. Turns out their bloodthirst about child molesters is another principle they can leave aside.

Logical me's friends and family all have jobs, but their wages are not livable. But rather than raising the minimum wage, he just shakes his fist at OBAMA:
All of my family and friends are in real trouble. Their take home is not covering basic cost of living. The economy is in the tank. Thanks to King Obama, America's first real communists black Muslim TERORISTS. No terrorists in the world can do what he has done to America.

Trump for President. It will take Trump and years to back track to save millions of the once middle class people.
T-Bone Texan proudly tells about jerking around his neighbor who works for the census:
I am proud that I was the very last person in my area to respond to the census. I never mailed it in, and the census guy haunted my front door for WEEKS. I’d come home and see him camped out and just keep on driving.

When he finally cornered me (with the help of his supervisor), I gave the most outlandish answers possible.

I claimed Hispanic ancestry just for fun. He did not bat an eye.

He wanted to know what I paid for my house. I said it was a gift, and when he pressed further I admitted I stole the house from the rightful owner, forced them to sign it over to me, and then I killed them. He did not bat an eye.

For my ancestry, I claimed to be “East Atlantean”, because my ancestors came from England and Scotland, and those places are on an island in the East Atlantic. He said he’d never heard of East Atlanteans, and I said that’s because of the genocide; not many of us left.

He did not bat an eye.

I felt bad for him because he was a neighbor from down the street trying to augment his income; otherwise I would have forced him off my property physically.
odawg hates Limbaugh now:
Limbaugh is deranged. Why listen to someone who irritates you. I have been listening to him since 1992. It is over now.

Makes me think that he got a call from some official who casually referred to Breitbart.
Cobra64 seems to think Gingritch was working for the Commies:
Yeah, his Contract with America was so much Alynski and balancing the budget sure made the Cloward-Piven folks happy.

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

ColdOne knows why Obama really went to Cuba:
I think his main reson to visit there was just for that Che photo-op. He has it all over the WH I bet right now. In his private residence and in his wallet. It will be the first thing you see at his prez library.
Grampa Dave has kept a roster of everyone who fell in the Cruz Purge:
dforest toes the party line:
Cruz has really become enemy #1.

Just deplorable.
winoneforthegipper has come around on hating Cruz as well:
but honestly when he says miserable son of a b...before I would have sided with Cruz. Now? I kinda see it myself.
blackdog totally blew the mind of a liberal by noting how Republican Presidents haven't been full Freeper:
I was in the checkout line at the Kroger yesterday and got to chatting with the gal behind me. She is a young lawyer. She was talking about the upcoming election and lousy candidates. She then proceeded to dump on Reagan for some odd reason? I reminded her that he carried on with many liberal ideas worthy of their admiration. Amnesty. The unified budget act. I even mentioned Nixon formed the EPA!

She knew none of those things and didn't know what the unified budget act was? I suppose just as many stupid males were in the Kroger lines, but I found the stupidity of the woman to be discouraging, being a lawyer.

Point being I wish we could all wish for smarter voters period.
Conversely, ColdOne is amazed to hear that there are those on the left who think everyone is conservative, even as he thinks everyone is liberal:
West Side liberals think Clinton is center right.

No a female last night on Cnn complain about that on her.
iontheball is ready to surrender on social issues, but spitefully:
I have news for the sleep at the switch conservatives and Republicans who believe there is still time to win this war. The social issue war has been lost a long time ago.

Take the bathroom issue. No one seems to recognize that the liberal 4th Circuit drove a nail in the separate bathroom by gender debate the other day.

Furthermore, abortion has been legalized by the liberal courts years ago. Religious freedom has been done in.

The debate is no longer a right versus wrong debate, it is rabid Fascism against rational sanity and I'm sorry to say insanity has won. It is getting weirder and crazier by the day. The crazies are in our colleges, the courts, political halls and in the streets running amok and their behavior has now become the new norm. I do not see how this snake can ever be driven back into its basket.
BobL explains how conservatives kept appeasing liberals:
Our side figured that if we just leave them alone in their bedrooms, all would be fine...if we just let them marry, all would be fine...if we just let them in girls’ locker rooms, all would be fine, if we just (in the future) let them have ‘access’ to our little boys, all will be fine...

We didn’t fight them when it counted, now they smell blood.
MayflowerMadam tells of how she and her friend made sick burns at some guy with a Bernie bumper sticker:
My friend and I were picking up a truckload of flowers at a local nursery and we noticed a dweeby little car next to us with a “Bernie” bumper sticker. We made fun of it, made our purchases, and drove away.

We stopped at a restaurant for lunch and the self-same deweby little car with the Bernie sticker pulled in next to us. (What are the odds?) Then my friend decided we needed to pull up closer to the window so we could watch the truck, because “the Bernie guy will probably steal our flowers”. I said, “Yeah; because we have some and he has none.” Then we watched the old hippy get out of the car, looking like a dandelion gone to seed. You just knew he stank.
cherry would like to make up some stats on pot:
weed is NEVER enough...crime does not stop nor decrease when pot is does every societal problem....

nothing good comes from people living in a state of intoxication either from booze or drugs...
Wolfie focuses on tactics rather than truth:
Ceding that there is such a thing as “climate change” is a big mistake.
Farmer Dean knows the best sexism comes from women:
My wife said this about Hillary a long time ago,”Women know a bitch when they see one.”
doc maverick packs a lot of crazy into a few words:
The Obamatollah doesn’t want Trump thwarting his plans to rule the world under sharia from Dubai as UN Sec Gen. He would nuke the US in a second as long as he’s not living here.

Did he try to save anyone in Bengazi? Did Hillarita Clintonista? NO! He hates Americans and their Christian- based culture. That is why he’s flooding us with ISIS operatives.

He’s an enemy combatant.
If IamConservative worries about the impression Obama leaves, what does he think about Trump?
His “Pompous Ass” European tour. I listened to his press conference in the UK last Friday. I reflexively looked away I was so embarrassed for the country.
tanknetter explains that Nazis are European Right Wing, not America Right Wing:
In Europe “Right Wing” has a very different meaning than it does in the US.

The US Right Wing is Conservative. The Euro Right Wing is the Fascist/Nationalist flavor of Statist/Socialist.
pepsionice seems to be confused about whether or not to praise mass murderer Anders Breivik:
Regardless of what one thinks of his crimes, it’s OBVIOUS that the government there is SCARED TO DEATH of what he might say and, no doubt, would love to see him dead - so they do the next best thing, which is to isolate him so badly that even judges in Texas would wince.

If you read over his writings, his strategy, and discussions...he’s not stupid. He is extremely knowledgeable on control extends out over different classes of people....and believes in a Sweden with Knights of Templar slant on things. With all the mass killing that he’s done...he’s absolutely proud of the outcome, and I think the government is worried that he might say enough to pass on his wisdom to dozens of others.
After the latest white perpetrated shooting, Fightin Whitey is adding some nuance to his racist take on media stories:
You can tell the race of the perp by the title. It was an 18 year old gunman, as opposed to “Teen”

That is a fine observation.

Of course when it’s a ‘teen’ we know the race.

But I have been to thick to execute the principle backwadds, as they say.
Today's coup hope comes from Old Retired Army Guy:
It is time to return to the Turkey “Good Old Days” when the Military staged Coups and took over the Government.