Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Spotlight: dalereed

The Somethingawful forums has a Freeper thread. And their favorite Freeper by far is dalereed. It's hard not to see why - there's a performative aspect to his pithy, broad-spectrum hostility, but is incredible. There are crazier Freepers but he's up there.

Add in the tantalizing hints about his life - his love of drag racing and violent rejection of everything from acronyms to music, and its hard to deny he is pretty special. From Somethingawful's Internet detective work, he lives in California, and seems to know Jim Robinson from way back.

His conservative anger started early:
Take FDR and shove him up your backside, he was the worst President this country ever had!

I not only grew up with that AH communist as President but was taught to hate him at home!
A bit of the old racism re: Michelle Obama
She should put a bone through her nose ang go to Africa and never return!
Also racism re: Jeb Bush:
He lying to get support knowing Congress and obama aren’t going to do anything about it!

He should take his mexican bitch and go to Mexico and never come back!
Unsurprisingly, would call Obama a nigger, though on the Internet it's all "N-word."
conservative calls Obama the N word.

He can use me, I’l poroudly call him that in public or to his face.
His boastful need for speed is legendary:
In 1949 when I was 12 I went 124 in a flathead rail at the drags.
He loves the term 'rug rodent,' here used regarding Chelsea Clinton:
Why would anyone pay one cent to hear that ugly rug rodent speak.
Kill all the Muslims.
Simple solution, butcher all California muslims for dog food!
Really, kill them all!
The only good muslim is a dead one!

Kill them or you will be killed by them.
Kill Muslim Europe!
Almost all nations in the EU are muslim or about to be and the EU needs to be destroyed including the countries that belong to it!
Another Freeper: It's My Birthday!!!
who gives damn except you!
Fuck music
I shitcaned music 69 years ago is probably I don’t know anything about what you are talking about.
He also likes the occasional conspiracy:
The muslim rebels that threw out the elected President and government were trained in Poland and financed by obama.

They wanted to join the European Union which has been taken over by muslims and needs to be destroyed!

It was origionaly invented to make way for the One World Government after NAfTA got this Continent and there was a similar organization of asia which is all that is missing to create the planned One World Government that has been in the planning for over 50 years.
Keep California big and Democratic!
We are 5th generation So. Californians and draper can take his 6 states and shove them up his backide!
re: marijuana
I hate everyone that has ever used it!!!

That includes 2 cousins who are now dead, good riddance!!
Entitled to social security:
Screw you!!!

We paid our money into the system and expect to get every cent back out as the law WAS WRITTEN, not as some socialist wants to change it!
Even though he wants to treat it like a pyramid scheme:
I got back at them in 1978, i put all the Corp assets in a dummy company and never took another pay check, I took all compensation as rent and never paid in another cent into Social Security.

I hope I live to be 100 and still collect it!!!!
Entitlements for the poor, though?
The poor are using all the taxes, tax them more than the rich!!!
In fact, we really should be letting more people die
It is bull crap!

Eliminate all government from medical care including paying for care for the poor!

Health care isn't a right, it's a privilege to be paid for by the recipient!
He saves his social security:
I have no sympathy for anyone living on credit!

I’ve had at least 6 months expenses, most of my life at lest a year or more in the bank, starting when I opened my first bank account at 8.

Eacept for a mortgage on our home that has been paid off for 24 years I have never borrowed one cent for personal or business.
Which means if you don't save...
take out everyone living on credit.
(Posted in 2008)

Killing people different than dalereed, is there anything it can't solve?
Cure AIDS, make it a felony to treat it!

In 10 years AIDS will disapear and there will be a lot less queers!!!
Nuclear power is TOO safe
Their scrutiny for safety is so closely monitored any further inspection will have more inspectors on site than workers!

They are too safe now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I live 12 miles from San Onofre and want the safety bullshit to be reduced!
Race war go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
“Riots would ‘erupt’ in the black community should Zimmerman be tried on the evidence and found innocent. “

Bring it on!!!

Time for a full blown civil war nation wide!!!!
He rather enjoys playing up his belligerent ignorance:
what foriegn language is Uber and what does it mean?
Who the hell is Kayne West, never heard of him/her.
Israel kills some children...not far enough!
Too bad it didn’t get the reporters.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Torn on impeachment

The GOP media seems to have come around to say that impeachment is exactly what Obama wants, so therefore it is the opposite of that they are going to do. Well, at least till after the midterms.

Though some of the House members are having some trouble staying on that messsage.

Freepers are also confused by this sudden 180, splitting between the damn the consequences id and the complete tools who say whatever Rush does. There is not much internal conflict yet - they're just talking past each other, but it's bound to happen.

BenLurkin is still trading off the idea that Obama will destroy America...any day now.
Would only make sense if Biden was removed at the same time.

Not that I’d have a lot of confidence in a President Boehner — but it at least would give our nation a chance to survive
cripplecreek sees the political reality, but only through 2016, then it's crazy town.
We need to get them talking about convicting Obama and cadre after they’re out of office. We’ll get no where in the political area.

I think it would be interesting to see how the democrats choose to deal with the possibility.
DaxtonBrown takes the position that impeachment cannot be stopped.
Obama might be lucky if he gets impeached. He will be twisting in the wind for 2.5 years.

But i think impeachment is inevitable, he will cross toooo many lines. He is a radical revolutionary.
VerySadAmerican thinks even the lawsuit is a conspiracy:
Boner’s lawsuit will be the final push to a dictatorship. Once the courts rule in Obama’s favor he’ll be free to do any damn thing he wants.

That’s the problem with lawsuits. You just might lose then you’ll have to stop your bitching. Boner is doing this to help Obama.
hummingbird advises against it, to Real Republicans and RINOS alike.
"They are trying to get the Pubbies to bite."


Yes, I agree. GOP and GOPe - don't bite.
In Graewoulf's eagerness, he forgot about the Vice President. And the Senate.
Force Boehner to resign as Speaker, and THEN Impeach Obama with New House Speaker Louis Gomert, Jim Jordan or Trey Gowdy.

Do nothing, and US Voters may find no EFFECTIVE reason to vote for a do nothing Republican slate of Candidates in November, 2014.

BTW, BTW, just what is the difference between a do-nothing Republican Politician who always caves-in to his Democrat betters, and an Obama Democrat Politician?
Acknowledging political reality? aces thinks your pussbait.
Why don’t you pussbait pubs just do it, no other way without revolt to take this land back..
Republican Wildcat has not heard all the Republican house members hinting at impeachment since the shutdown at least:
That would actually be a good counter argument - paint them as delusional and paranoid - therefore unfit to govern. Turn the tables on them and beat them at their own game...yes, I know I’m probably dreaming to expect an effective campaign strategy.
Yorlik803 has a simple algorithm:
If the left is looking for it, then we shouldn’t even try it.
Wait til after the mid terms.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Liberals love Female Genital Mutilation

There was a rumor that ISIS might be forcing genital mutilation upon the population of Iraq. Obviously horrible, and it made headlines just as an accusation. Freepers were horrified too. Of course, they never feel empathy unless they can turn it against liberals somehow.

Diogenesis doesn't get why the National Organization of Women only pays attention to this nation.
The National Org. of Women will get right on it.
Just like they have with the sex slaves
from Gatwick to Syria. [crickets]
NonValueAdded blames Obama
Ă˜bama's War on Women

this one is real.
GrandJediMasterYoda knows who speaks for all women worldwide!
Paging the slut...Oh excuse me, the "warrior for womens rights" Sandra Fluke.
SkyPilot drags Justice Sotomayor way beyond her jurisdiction:
The Wise Latina stands dumbfounded.
ThomasMore knows liberals never speak about genital mutilation:
Very very few on the left will speak out.

Aria totally heard liberals multiculturalism makes them love FGM!
Didn’t you see the article from American Thinker - something about Why I Left the Left by a woman who grew up with communist parents? She has a Polish name.

In the article she explains that the left think of FGM as a cultural practice that we shouldn’t be intolerant of. How shocking, blind and COLD is that!??
COUNTrecount may not be taking Benghazi seriously enough. Or FGM, really.
Where is Hillary! on this massive forced female genitalia attack?

Not content with just liberals, Pearls Before Swine blames all women in America.
Massive crime against women. Will American women speak out?

No, they're afraid to. They'd rather yap safely about the GOP's War on Women.
Conversely, many like blueyon mocks the idea of speaking out.
Hubby says Michelle O should take to twitter right now and do a hashtag against this....that will take care of it, right
Speaking out makes Diana in Wisconsin rage!
Where’s Moochelle and her flippin’ hashtag sign on THIS issue?

Have ‘our girls’ been returned, yet?

The whole WORLD is on design.

How I LOATHE these people!
cherokee1 blames the people in Iraq under ISIS's reign of terror:
My question is: Will this be enough to get the buttdragging, goat humping guys to maybe fight a little? Or will they all be setting themselves up as professional “snippers?” But it’s still muzzie-on-muzzie violence so it has to work out OK in the end.
Jay Redhawk knows Christians would totally rise up:
To bad there are no men with the courage to protect the women. Muslim men seem to fall within two categories: Savages and Cowards.
Red Badger just hates Islam, because all of Islam is all about FGM.
All ‘cultures’ are equal....................Islam is not a ‘clash of civilizations’, it’s a clash WITH civilization................
Neoliberalnot stretches real far to use this to hate transgendered people.
Same procedure occurs here in the U.S., but by choice, however; other people are often forced to foot the bill. We call these freaks transgenders.
sagar wants Islam to be more barbaric to justify his hate, and damn the consequences!
I honestly want the Islamist wackos to go ahead with their koranic laws in this party of the middle east. Let the World see what real Islam means to the rest of us.
Gluteus Maximus can't think of Muslims as human at all, it seems:
We’re talking about sub-human Muzzies doing it to themselves. Why should I or any other human being give a rat’s behind?
And then there's aces precision nukes:
Nuke isis get it over with

Obama hates Israel, and is unbelievably Muslim.

There's some clearly fake transcript of Obama talking to Netanyahu. It contains lines like: "the ball is in Israel’s court, and it must end all military activities."

The right is really eager to use the charge of insufficient support of Israel to bash Obama with, which might be part of the reason the latest round of violence has been in the headlines much longer than expected.

It may not work on the electorate at large, but everything works on Freepers! Sometimes too well.

dennisw hopes Netanyahu was super passive agressive.
Netanyau probably held the phone two and half feet away while Jug Ears was issuing demands and bloviating, I sure would!

The conversation was taped and analyzed later
maddog55 wishes for the leader of Israel to be racist:
Netanyahu in response: “Pound sand you half-breed Muslim POS.”
FreedomStar3028 has no idea where Gaza is in relation to Israel:
Netanyahu: “It will end shortly after this phone call ends”

Obama: “Thank you”

Phones hang up.

Oval office interior, 20 minutes later: A man rushes in saying to Obama “The Israeli’s have just nuked Gaza.”
PetroniusMaximus finds the use of pronouns a sign of madness:
“and it must end all military activities.”

“It puts the lotion on it’s skin...”

Typical malignant narcissist.
I love the rage-lists of adjectives likeupchuck's:
Trashy, insulting, worthless, cheesy, pathetic, foolish, pushy, cold, abusive, offensive and downright evil.
Veggie Todd is hewing to the ridiculous idea that Obama plays golf too much:
BamBam wasn’t being rude - he was just trying to get Netanyahu off the phone so he could go play golf.
Sarah Barracuda hates soo much!
Obama is an EVIL EVIL son of a bitch..yeah I said it and I know no cursing is allowed here but I just had to say it. I absolutely HATE him..and I have never hated any President before..not even Bill Clinton..I didnt like him but I didn’t hate him..but I HATE Obama..I hate every ounce of his being
Sarah Barracuda also hates all Democratic Jews:
People in Israel knew in 2008 how evil Obama was, because anyone with an IQ above 5 knows that he is a me a Muslim that is Pro Israel, its like finding Waldo or a needle in a haystack.

Jews in this country who voted for Obama KNOWING what he was are to me worse than Muslims..because at least with Muslims they are raised from the moment they come out of their mother’s wombs to hate Israel..Jews in this country who would support an Israel hater are no different than the traitors during the Hitler era who would tell the Hitler army where to find Jews
E. Pluribus Unum is rolling evil not stupid today:
Ubama. Not stupid. Evil.
DoughtyOne amusingly tries to hypridize both stupid and evil, or at least Muslim:
I keep saying it, but it’s true. He had a nine year old’s view of what he could do as president. He thought this made him world ruler. Over and over again, we see proof of it.

Here he’s mad that a nation’s leader doesn’t simply give in to his will. He’s a child. He’s an Islamic child...
ConservativeInPA really really wants to say nigger:
Obama is clearly a mental midget. He is a product of his race - that is to say he is a quota child. If he was white he would be digging ditches because of his diminished mental capabilities. It takes intelligence to have original thoughts, but it does not take much to repeat indoctrination and brainwashing. From his upbringing as a child Muslim to his attending a social-justice, anti-semite church that damns America, Obama has never had an original thought. He is a poor student of history and lacks the intellect to solve any problem. He is doomed to repeat mistakes past.

And now what I feel.

I hate the niggardly bastard. (yes, he is lazy and has no father)
Pearls Before Swine is sure Obama is a Muslim, despite all evidence to the contrary:
1) He smokes
2) He eats pork
3) He's so narcissistic that he doesn't recognize any being greater than himself.
And probably 4) he's on the down-low so he'd have to stone himself, and I don't mean with drugs, which BTW we know that he indulges in, which would be reason #5.

I wouldn’t necessarily draw the same conclusions as you have from his inconsistencies. He’s obviously got a very grandiose, narcissistic view of himself. Maybe a bit of vice in both drugs and sex is OK for the man at the top. Hell, Mad Mo himself blazed new pathways of misbehavior.

But, we’re basically on the same page.
GraceG explains that anyone could be a secret Muslim, based on a misunderstanding of doctrine:
Taquiya, checkmate...
Secret Agent Man lays out the proof:
he wears a ring with the first part of the muslim credo of faith on it, in arabic. second he says the sweetest sound on earth is the muslim goat strangle call to prayer.

there is no real christian who believes and does this.
RaveOn figures it out - Secret Nation of Islam!
He’s a black Moslem who follows the Nation of Islam tradition. They have a shared ideology with Islam but don’t necessarily follow the same edicts. That’s why his true religion is so hard to figure out.

PS — they also hate Jews.
ROCKLOBSTER thinks Muslims put a bomb in his head or something:
We know he's not a Muslim because

He was born a moslem.

If he stops being a filthy moslem, the other filthy moslems will kill him.
Wiser now is undeterred by facts:
Yes, he is evil, and a muslim. I’m sure of it.
okie01 Obama is a Communist by day and a Muslim by night!
The Chicago Communist cell owns our domestic policy. The Muslim Brotherhood owns our foreign policy.

That is because, between the two of them, they own Barack Hussein Obama and his Presidency. He speaks and acts for them alone -- and for nobody else.

We have elected a traitor. Twice.
RatRipper knows there are secret Muslims everywhere:
Too many in the US government are bought and paid for by the muzzies. It is obvious to people who know nothing about foreign policy that obama is on the wrong side of this issue . . . he wants us to boil over. Keep our composure until the election. If we don’t take the Senate, it will probably be because we were cheated out of it, for the umteenth time. I think THEN it will be time to boil over.
Graewoulf seems to think all Democrats are Muslims:
This has been a very revealing tutorial by Obama on THE DEMOCRAT BROTHERHOOD MUSLIM GOVERNMENT fundamental transformation.
proud American in Canada supports Israel because we can't let Muslims take the Holy Land:
IF this is true, O’bumbler, O’dumbo... they don’t cut it anymore. I think he is truly evil. Or at least controlled by someone who is.

Even some conservatives I know wonder why we should back Israel. I answered, “They are God’s chosen people.” I basically said, do we want the Holy Land overrun? That cannot happen.

We’re basically fighting the Crusades here, still. Although it’s been 40 years since I was in college, so I’m probably wrong.
There is nothing more adorable than Freepers like Sooth2222 who put their worship if Mossad together with their conviction of Obama's secret Kenyan homosexuality:
Look for Mossad to post some of the video they took of Obama and Reggie to YouTube shortly.
Secret Agent Man explicates Freepers' level of analysis on the matter:
Nero the Second.

i like Hitler II, or the related pun Hitler’s Deuce.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Gay Freeper!?

On a thread about a nun getting in trouble for giving a speech against homosexuality in a Catholic high school, a married lesbian pops up.

Wait, what?

TheArizona, folks!
As a homosexual myself the good sister is correct. A vast majority of homosexuals are not “born” that way. They are products of their environment. People should be more open minded and not be so quick to shut people up because they don’t like what they hear. It only proves how intolerant they really are, that includes homosexuals who are intolerant to deeply held beliefs by millions of people for thousands of years.

I commend the sister and the church for not softening their position on social issues. Certain values stand the test of time.
HiTech RedNeck kinda passive-aggressively nudges to see if there's anything worth preaching about:
I sympathize with anyone who got into this habit and now wants to get out.
Though lest you doubt where he's coming from, HiTech RedNeck clarifies:
Who, the nun or the homosexual?

the homo
TheArizona engages! She's one of the few people who are born homosexual and plan to honor her marriage vows, it seems. “Habit” is an interesting word to describe it. Although I am not sure how your statement is relevant to the article.
If your referring to me personally. Don't hold your breath. Unlike most of the degenerate homosexual population (for the sake of argument lets call it 2% and even that is probably too high). Only a very tiny fraction was actually born homosexual. Whats the difference you ask? I'll be the first to say that homosexuality is not normal and anyone that says otherwise is lying or deluding themselves. I am completely opposed to the homosexual Mafia and the way they go about achieving it. They are dangerous to society. I do not wish to teach your children about it or even expose them to it.

Those of us that are like me, you would never know we were homosexual. I for example, do not have short hair, I do not wear flannel shirts or belt buckles, I do not wear men's shoes or clothes or dress like a man or pretend to be man or wish I was a man. (I do dove, quail, deer, and javelina hunt so that's the only exception). Nor do I hate men. This distinguishes me from your average, run of the mill, typical, self hating, homosexual woman or a dyke as I refer to them.

Even so, it wouldn't be that easy to stop my “habit”. 13 years ago I did Evenings for the Engaged and made vows to my spouse's Deacon, promised to raise any children Catholic. I also have 2 sons and a daughter so I am not walking away from my family. My spouse goes to church every Sunday with our sons and gets Communion and yes, the Church is well aware of our family. There is no govt license, it is a Precious Moments certificate with a few legal docs behind it and a lifelong vow. I don't need the govt or by extension the people to approve or disapprove of our commitment. Do I call it Marriage? I try not to because we do not wish to intrude upon something that is historically and rightfully something that belongs to 1 man and 1 woman. Do I call it a civil union? No because that is a concept created by the homosexual Mafia to eventually hijack marriage and I am opposed to that. We are merely a committed monogamous couple that live by church teachings as best we can. Yes we have our one sin, but who among us does not have one?
HiTech RedNeck is having none of it.
You’re in the devil’s chains. If you do not renounce them in the name of the Lord, you will go where the devil goes. Don’t give me a miasma of lies.
TheArizona explains how she's not even going to call it homosexual marriage, and that hatred of the gays is totally legit - except for her.
Since I’m a Jew there is no such thing as the “Devil”. I’m not sure what you think I’m lying about.

Evenings for the Engaged? Ours was a group class there was a some mixed faith couples and even one that included an athiest. We talked about things a lot of people prolly don’t discuss before they get married; expectations, the future, even the Church’s opposition to birth control and why they oppose it. The average person who thinks that is silly might change their mind if they heard the whole explanation.

A Deacon presided over a (for lack of a better term) “joining” ceremony where we vowed to all who was in our presence to be true and faithful to each other. Who also agreed to raise any children Catholic.

I do not seek to hijack marriage as the homosexual Mafia seeks to do. I do not believe the church should change its stance on social issues.

I am not a Catholic so your comments don’t really apply to me, but my spouse is, there are many Catholics in good standing that have committed the 7 deadly sins, as far as I know being a lesbian is not one of them. Are you saying she and our children should be excommunicated for this. We both acknowledge homosexual is not normal and she goes to confession at least twice a month.

Just for the record we do not bring up our kids to be homosexual. We expect our boys to meet nice girls and get married and have a family someday. We hope our daughter will meet a good man and also marry and have a family someday. Although I prefer that she not get interested in boys until shes 40 but that is a pipe dream.

Bottom line, I don’t blame you for your mistrust of homosexuals. A vast majority are degenerate and depraved and very dangerous to society. Homosexual men are more than likely pedophile sexual predators, and homosexual women hate men and hate themselves and are very unhappy intolerant people. I do not hate men, in fact my father is the greatest man I have ever known. He protected me and kept me safe. He is my greatest role model. But I am still all woman.
HiTech RedNeck still makes with the fire and brimstone:
The devil does not vanish because you profess an (expunged) Jewish faith.

Same Satan that wrought mischief in the book of Job.

You been scrod by this Satan and you like it.

Unless you turn against this, it will also take you to the shameful place he’ll go. See the book of Daniel.
TheArizona seems to realize that she's dealing with a zealot:
Your rhetoric is getting a little over the top for my taste.

I hold no ill will toward you.
HiTech RedNeck continues to yell about hell and wickedness:
I don’t care about your taste.

Your condescension is from wickedness. Wickedness will get punished. There is no good, righteous way to bugger and get thrills out of it.
TheArizona ends the conversation.
You are indeed entitled to your opinion.
But here's a new challenger! BonRad thinks that homosexuality is the worst sin there is!
What tree trunk spat you out?

OK, got me- among my many habitual sins I stick old wads of chewing gum under seats. At least I do so because its better than smoking, or is it? Am I seriously vexing the janitor? Am I being too scrupulous? Oh no!

Homosexuality is an abomination most thoroughly condemned in Holy Writ and traditional teachings. There are minor sins (venial), grave (mortal) sins but among the latter especially there are those against nature ( there are those privately against the self but far worse those that involve others then those that move into adultery...) and probably far worse those against Church Sanctity (term I use for brevity) but its Sunday AM here and thoughts of abominations in sacrileges, witchcrafts etc (Eph 5 such they are a shame to be spoken of) could ruin the day. I’m shuddering typing this.

Something had to understand about the end Romans 1 condemnation that ....well:

“...and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.”

The context of the Levitical condemnations...just incredible some who call themselves “christian” give you some kind of support.
TheArizona again explains that hating most gays is fine, but she's special and worthy.
Homosexual women were also victimized by men more than likely, there is very little documentation of adult women molesting little girls. I'm not saying it doesn't happen but its rare. They to are also social outcasts as they are usually very unattractive and don't typically get along with men or women.

Then there are those like me, a very tiny fraction of the homosexual population. I truly was born this way bit, I experienced no sexual assaults and was not an outcast of any kind. Unlike most homo women I do not hate men or myself for not being a man. I look like a woman, I dress like woman, I act like a woman, in fact if you met me or a homo like me you would never know we were homo.
TheArizona attempting to address evangelical ravings about the Pill and her secret liberalism:
“Well did you get flushed out by the Log cabin ref?”

I do not consider log cabin republicans to be republicans. I am not sure how I can be any clearer on that I oppose the homosexual agenda, the log cabin republicans do not.

“Father Paul Marx of Human Life International said The Pill would accelerate homosexuality.”

I have no idea who this or what the pill is. Homosexuality is accelerated by social breakdown at or just before puberty, it is simply another escape when one isn't accepted into the “traditional” peer groups or molestation has occurred or some other abuse.

“There can’t be 10 of you in the US. How in the world do you function?”

I do not know what you are referring to here.

“You are saying you forgot you entered FR or came in sporadically as a lurker? Which is it, or is it that you’ve lightly lurked say the last few months?”

I said I registered 2-4 years ago. I don't remember the exact date. I checked in often. I post on and off although until the last week I had not posted since 2012.

“There is NO SUCH THING as a born homosexual. Haven’t you been through or among others?”

If you say so. Although I can point to rare occurrences in nature to where it happens. I'm not sure what makes you an expert on biology, genealogy, or my life. It is your opinion and I'll accept it as such. Even in nature there are exceptions to the rule. I'll point to birth defects as an example.

I do not know what is or is.
BonRad then boards the express train to crazytown:
The Pill as in birth control pill. If you were a pro-lifer as you claim you should know what I mean.

Rev. PM was doubtlessly saying that once the procreative act is loosed (it was loosed before with all artificial bc, now its is chemically hyper-loosed) from God’s primary intention there is no real reason to hold to ANYTHING moral concerning sex. You have some very good insights into many “environmental” causes for homosexual drive (how the heck have you NOT run into narth or Reisman?) but we are talking what causes YOU to hold to YOUR positions...the backdrop of your early years.

You remind me of the analogy that one can point a fantastical powerful gun at the moon and, trying to hit it with a fantastical bullet, miss by a literal hair’s breadth thus to ride off into infinite disappearing space.

When I say you there can’t be ten of you in the US I mean ten unapologetic lesbians (or whatever you qualify as your plight) with such stances. Heck, you might be the only one.

Jewish lesbian mother raising her children Catholic. Ah the scourge of mixed marriages...all loosed by the apostate Vatican 2 “council”- the “revolt” of 2 Thess 2 [3] Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first, and the man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.

When did you “come out”? The scandal to your children’s innocence is incalculable.

Alas, they wouldn’t be so different than the minions being plied with the tolerance poison and appear ‘well adjusted’, eh?

It was a masonic-communist-HOMOSEXUALIST conspiracy that so corrupted the Vatican 1960’s. It was roundly prophecised at La Salette among other CHURCH approved Marian Apparitions.
Masonic-Communist-HOMOSEXUALIST conspiracy!!

TheArizona remains proud.
I have insights in causes of homosexuality because I am one, have known many and most were abused and most of them frighten me.

You can call me a liar about being pro life all you want, I don’t care.

I was born this way.
God loves me and my family and we will not be condemned.
My kids are perfectly normal and healthy. I find your hateful rhetoric disturbing. This is where I will end this.
On the one hand, I love her for her serenity in the fact of Freeper hate. On the other, her "I have insight into homosexuals - they're all awful like you think, except for me!" is pretty sad stuff.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Potpourri

SpaceBar should try this:
Obama AIDS has a nice ring to it, given that he’s the Grand Wizard of male-on-male sodomy.
Fantasywriter's doctor likes Obamacare, ruh roh.
I live in GA, which did not create an exchange. I saw my dr. yesterday. He said Obamacare is working great in GA, & that during the next open enrollment I should sign up.


This disturbing detail would be enough to convince me to switch to a new doctor.

I was quite surprised. He is as strongly against Obama as any person I’ve ever met. He was formerly just as exercised against Obamacare. What caused his turnaround, I gather, is that he signed up & his rates went down. I guess if he is really saving a few bucks it’s hard to be as bombastic as he used to be. Still wondering about the whole episode, though. It took me aback.
grania smugly retcons Free Republic's knowledge of ISIS.
What's appalling is that us average everyday no-account online posters saw ISIS for what it was, when they first marched out of their strongholds. Yet those who could've done something lacked the foresight, integrity, intelligence or ability to respond to fast-moving unexpected events. If any military power in the area had any one of those things, ISIS would've been blown off the planet before they even got to Mosul.
Age of Reason: A Freeper Luddite, who signed up in 1998.
Whoever wrote this article is a complete fool.

His valuing of modern technology shows no understanding of what is important in life.

Technology is mostly the business of making more of less, and that is usually a more of lesser quality.

In the process, our lives become burdened with increasing complexity and the natural environment pillaged and polluted.

We may have no choice but to continue to develop technology to cure the ills created by technology, but I very much doubt this process can go on forever.

And despite what scientists tell us about the statistical probability of other technological civilizations existing in the universe, I suspect any civilization that reaches the level of technological development to be able to communicate wirelessly, may be only a century or two or three from self-destructing.

So though there may be vast numbers of planets that should support life and “intelligent” civilizations, the odds of signals from another planet’s brief technological window coinciding with our technological window to hear it, may be slim to none.
Carl Vehse's hatred of John Kerry is visceral:
Whatever John Kerry does is soiled with his treason, which oozes from every orifice of his body.
traderrob6 is as assertive as he is ignorant of our judicial system:
Fed Appeals trumps circuit all day
Monorprise is the rare Pro-Lifer who hates the women not just the doctors:
A party for women who would kill their own babies just to avoid having to give birth to them.

I would call such murderous women whores but whore doesn’t even begin to describe that sort of despicable form of life.
rawcatslyentist wants Boehner to defund only Obama.
Q2 Why should We the People be expected to pay for an Illegal Alien and his tranny’s lavish lifestyle? Why haven’t you ganked his credit card yet?
reefdiver blames Democrats for overseas tax avoiding:
It’s not only companies that are packing it in, citizens of this once great country are also renouncing their citizenship in numbers never seen in our history.

It should give pause to the democrats that maybe their ideas are to blame
PghBaldy is falling out of love with Cruz.
If Cruz wants to run for President, there has been talk that donors won’t give $$$ unless POTUS candidates push amnesty. Not sure if this is true, but would not be shocked.
humblegunner has advice for Glenn Beck.
He needs to get back on the bottle and bail out of Mormonism.

It sure as hell couldn’t make him MORE ate up.
Greetings_Puny_Humans is having trouble moving on to Islam after the Cold War:
Russia and its allies are our mortal enemies. We either fight them, or we do nothing and watch them take the advantage. The difference between us winning and them winning is the difference between humanity alive and humanity dead.
Israel in Gaza reminds Dubh_Ghlase of the time his uncle fought superintelligent rats:
You remind me of a story from my uncle (long dead). It was termed "Burning a Rat".

Growing up on a farm, there were always chickens, and chicken coops. Invariable, rats would tunnel into them and steal the eggs. Trapping them never totally got rid of them, so my uncle devised a plan. He trapped one alive, doused it in kerosene, lit it on fire, and let it go into the tunnels, running for it's life and screaming in fear and agony...

The eggs poaching (pardon the pun) ceased...
cloudmountain has decided Hillary Clinton is too evil to have sex:
She's no lesbian. Sex with anyone requires some GIVING. After living with Bill's talent for "giving" (especially to TWITS in blue dresses) Hitlery give NUTHIN' to NO ONE, EVER!
dennisw knows why people in Detroit want water!
Whitey gotta pay our water reparations!!! He owes us water from the slave days when we wuz chopping cotton and he never gave us a drink!!
In his puritanical zest to get rid of contraception, fwdude doesn't believe in Syphilis, I guess.
Murray needs to be reminded that often-deadly venereal disease never enjoyed such a heyday than AFTER birth control came on the popular scene.
steel_resolve has a unique take on Civil Rights.
Since 1965 or therabouts, the federal government has been paying mentally deficient breeders to pump these defective feral criminals units into the streets in a war against society. This is the bitter harvest of that effort.

Well put
CivilWarBrewing is working hard to get Putin off the hook for that plane.
Muzzie pilot on a suicide mission, Putin gets the blame? The ‘perfect’ Jihad!
An old man shot some burglars in the back as they begged for their lives. The Freeper sociopath brigade shows up!
greene66 - She-thug.
She-thug got just what she deserved. Too bad the dude got away. He needed a bullet too.
greene66 again:
He was just taking out the trash. Some people just need to be killed. Viscious home-invaders are at the top of that list.
But the best takeaway is OrangeHoof's interesting take on deadly force for all crimes:
My belief is that if you have no respect for the law, you should not expect the law to have any respect for you. If you are in the process of committing a crime, you should have no rights - PERIOD.

Pregnant or not, the blame for her death is squarely on her. If I were on this man’s jury, I’d let him walk.
OrangeHoof, calling Obama a girl.
But, but, what about the crease in Obama’s panties? Surely that was a sign of leadership. /sarc
Better believe I added him to the spotlight watch list.

vette6387's paranoid bigotry could get pretty restrictive.
[A]sk yourself, are you comfortable flying with Muzzies at the controls? I have done my share of international flying and I would not set foot in a plane even owned by a Muzzie country.
Elsie laments:
 it's OUR FUALT for subsidizing so much sloth, sin, bastardly and abortion.

Goodbye; America...

Classic Freep overreach. jsanders2001 takes what could be construed as a screwup by Democrats, and decides it's a crazy conspiracy:
When you orchestrate something of this magnitude there are always witnesses, many of which were involved who will come forward to tell the truth because they know it’s wrong. There are also those people who figure things out no matter how much you compartmentalize it for the sake of secrecy.

I have already been hearing rumors about a nameless federal contractor’s employees who have been talking about being involved in transporting the illegal immigrants to the border. I don’t have the name of the company yet but some people are looking into it from what I’ve been told.

There’s a lot of indications that FedGov is complicit with the invasion so far. Now to confirm.
Speaking of conspiracies, bert's got the Vince Foster death so figured out he's on a first name basis:
The body of vince was driven up a weed overgrown drive and then carried through the woods a hundred yards or less then arranged on the back slope of a gun emplacement at the extreme edge of the park.

Vince was killed elsewhere, probably the White House