Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Obama's Ferguson

Ferguson will pass. It will not create a race war, and it will likly not really move race relations either way.

But the right is going to make of it what it can.

So the more media-savvy right is staying away from the Confederate talk, and is instead doing all they can to blame Ferguson on Obama.

Freepers, having already gone full racist last night, fall in line.

TheThirdRuffian explains that negroes can't be real Americans.
Western civilization requires westerners.

Obamasons have never had a civilization that was not imposed by outside any larger than a band of brigands.
Texas Eagle senses organization behind the protests, which can only mean Obama.
So far, Fox News has shown footage of protests in Ferguson, St. Louis, LA, NY, Oakland and Philadelphia.
A lot of the signs look pre-made and the marches all have a similar feel to them.

It’s almost as if all these communities have been, I don’t know, organized.

I wonder who would have the know-how to do this?
Eagles6 - a vote for Obama is a vote for riots in Ferguson 6 years later.
I wrote to folks about this before the 2008 election. I said this is what you are voting for.
Rome2000 sees the Communist plot:
Just like he did in Kenya in 2006, Hussein Obama intends to foment riots to further the MARXIST cause.

Class and Race war is a two way street.

The golfer just declared war on the working class citizens of the USA.
butterdezillion wants Obama arrested for Ferguson:
From the sounds of it, there is an army of outsiders that is qoinq from business to business, first lootinq and then burninq down buildinqs while police and fire depts are kept away by qunfire. This is not riotinq. This is systematic war beinq waqed on the locals by Holder and Obama’s lifelonq pals. This is “the course” that Obama told them to “stay”.

Ray76 said that Obama spoke as the leader of an invadinq army when he qave his executive amnesty announcement, and now we see his army LITERALLY committinq acts of war aqainst the people of America.

Whoever is supposed to arrest the “President” if he commits war aqainst his own people need to qet out the handcuffs and do what must be done. It is WAY past time.
Old Sarge - this is the new Vietnam.
I manned the walls for nine hours last night, trying to keep everyone abreast of the crap going down.

Nine cities were burning last night. Nine. This was an organized insurrection.

The Liberal Tet Offensive. It’s the Sixties all over again, but with crappy music.

The Bill Cosby rape allegations

As witnesses keep piling up, things are looking worse and worse for Bill Cosby, at least in the court of public opinion.

Unexpectedly, Freepers are either reserving judgement or (perhaps overzealously) siding with the alleged victims, at least for now. The current GOP attempts to cozy up with Gamergate MRA-types might change this, however.

Luckily, it's Freep, so I was able to find no shortage of people declaring conspiracy, or generally being bizzare asses.

Celtic Conservative gives Cosby a courtesy Freepers normally reserve for White people:
I’m gonna adopt a “wait and see” attitude on this one.
dennisw believes women when they're white:
Cosby looks guilty here. So far only white women are making allegations
SkyDancer thinks it may be a setup:
Is Bill running for public office as a Republican?
Secret Agent Man is sure Obama is behind this!
before the nationwide ferguson obama is planning any black who has said blacks need to be responsible for themselves,must be torn down.
GladesGuru goes a long, long, way to drop the name of Denise Richard's(?) sister:
A mother brought her 14 year old daughter down to an interview for a short video. The mother and my colleague and I spoke with her at some length regarding her hopes for her daughter. Seems she had a sister who had married some actor named Sheen, evidently a man arguably of less than exemplary behavior. Knowing this, she was still planning to send her daughter out to his place for the coming summer.

The daughter was pretty, but not a head turning beauty, and intelligent, a rather sweet, ‘girl-next-door’ in short. While that was what was needed for the video, and while the mother would have been present during all taping events, the mother seemed content to have no presence at all during the coming summer.

She felt the sister's hosting the girl around HollyWeird would be good for her future in the entertainment world. The daughter was on the intelligent side and seemed quite capable of becoming a functioning professional in a number of fields so selling surface was not her only possibility.

HollyWeird’s promising allure of glamor and gold (rarely actualized, sadly) can be said to all too often exert a less than salutary effect on parents and offspring alike.

What has the above to do with the instant case of Cosby v. whomever? I would ask why any person expects to discuss business other than “funny business” with a HollyWeird ‘Star’ who insists on meeting in a hotel room.

I am hardly a “HollyWeird ‘Star’ but I always hold all interviews in a public place. That is why God created coffee shops in book stores.

Think I am joking? Try interviewing hopefuls who have the intelligence, appearance, and three ounces of metal embedded in their face, or sufficient tattoos to have satisfied a squad of WW II Marines!

At least a cup of espresso and browsing a book shelf helps remove the lingering taste of cultural devolution left by such “happenings”.

In short, color me suspicious.

And a bit nauseous, too
Erm, what Cosby did my job listen to?
Lots of my friends used to listen to Cosby when we were kids, had his records, thought he was the funniest comic going. A few years ago I saw some old videos posted on youtube. I was really surprised to see how ANGRY he was while going through his routines. He seemed to be boiling over mad. Really disappointed me, I thought I had found something worth watching, but after one, well, that was enough. What a shame, he has really spoken well for people taking responsibility for their actions.
CorporateStepsister totally heard this seperate, non-rape story that makes her hate Cosby:
My better half, Mrs. Liberty, is from Southern California, and as it happened, her Dentist was the same as Mr. Cosby’s. One day, when the Great One was scheduled to come in for a cleaning and checkup after Mrs. Liberty, she noticed the entire staff of the office was packing up their personal items and heading for the door, while a new staff of people, all black, were coming in.

They were literally restaffing the office entirely with blacks for Mr. Cosby, because he didn’t want any white employees around when he was getting his dental work done.

She asked the Dentist why he puts up with that, and he told her Mr. Cosby pays for three appointments, so he accommodates. Otherwise, Mr. Cosby goes elsewhere.

The above story indicates a very hateful mind, belonging to one who knows better than to let that mask slip very often. He is the worst kind of racist.

Tells me everything I need to know. Hateful monster.
Inevitably, rlmorel sensed the evil from looking in Cosby's eyes:
I was telling someone earlier, pretty much my whole life, anytime I saw him talk, watching him would set off some kind of alarm in me, that he wasn’t the nice, funny guy he occasionally tried to act.

Something in his eyes or behind his face.

Obama proves he's Muslim once again

In responding to the latest episode of violence in Israel, Obama said "Too many Israelis have died; too many Palestinians have died. And at this difficult time I think it’s important for both Palestinians and Israelis to try to work together to lower tensions and to reject violence."

Freepers, who manage to get even more Manichean than usual when Israel is involved, decide that noting that Palestinians also die is still more proof Obama's a Muslim, but quickly spiral off the the usual demands for a Muslim Holocaust:

Iron Munro - "Obama's inner Muslim:"
Obama’s inner muslim cannot allow him to make a statemenmt critical of Islamic terrorists without working in his usual moral equivalency.
SkyDancer is just set off:
Piece of garbage ..... the man-child is sickening.
TBP also sees what Obama really means:
Once again, he shows his true colors. They are not red, white, and blue.
GOPJ diagnoses delusion:
Obama's so STUPID he thinks Democrats won the midterms because Americans (those who didn't bother to show up to vote) support HIS ideas. Now he's telling us how the Palestinians 'feel'... This is seriously delusional...
arthurus is no longer actually responding to what Obama actually said:
That is how Moslems think.It does not matter who or how many die so long as all who are left alive are Moslem.
logi_cal869 mistakes being shunned for craziness for victory:
I love it when a Lib decides to interject their own feces into a conversation about Israel.

The last time I stated categorically, “There is no such thing as a ‘Palestinian’...”...

The debate self-destructed with my ‘bomb’ and not another word of it has since been spoken in my presence.
realcleanguy equates anyone who thinks Palestine exists wants to kill all Jews:
Correct. When you educate the liberal on the history of the “Palestine” name and creation, they melt into the ground and disappear. They do not want to hear facts. They, like Muslim Arabs, want to see the destruction of Israel, death of all Jews, so that prophecy cannot be fulfilled. The power of Satan is great in the world. Liberals and Muslims have fallen under his spell
Capt. Tom has totally studied the Koran, guys. And you won't believe what he found!
Since the Jews in Israel are unlikely to be subjugated or converted to Islam, they must be killed.
That's what Allah wants done.
Read the Koran and Hadiths for the justification of killing Infidels. -Tom
huldah1776 is gonna be sooo smug when he's in Heaven!
I can’t wait to see everyone in this administration kneel before the Jewish Messhiah and declare Him Lord of all. I wonder how Reverend Wright taught the books of Isaiah and Revelation.

The race war is manifest at last!

So there is indeed violence in Ferguson. Freepers are pretending to be disgusted, but anyone whose read them in the past few weeks knows better.

Initially, before the right explained the proper message, Freepers did what they usually do when a story feeds into their narrative - take it to a violent, racist extreme.

LeoWindhorse starts us us off with this doozy:
the wrong side won in 1865
How was that not pulled?

ConservativeInPA agrees:
This Yankee agrees
Post5203 also:
+1 and Amen.
Maceman, dissents because this sounds almost pro-slavery:
the wrong side won in 1865

In this context, it sounds like you're saying that slavery should have prevailed, which is pretty appalling and an embarrassment to FR.

If you have any shame at all, you'll kindly hit the "Report Abuse" button and ask the moderator to delete your disgustingly ill-considered and unhelpful comment.
mikefive hates black people, yet has clearly never actually seen one:
Ok, I’ll be honest. I’m tired of you and your feral’s taking money out of my pocket so you can sit on your fat a$$ collecting welfare, EBT benefits, subsidized housing while wasting money that we pay for your schooling, which when you graduate, you can’t even hold a conversation in English yet still have enough money to get your purple drank on, all the while bitching about how my 6’3” white a$$ isn’t doing his fair share. F*** you....honest enough?
Pox is ready for the war already:
Bring it. I’m prepared and more than ready to see this ended once and for all, if possible.

You will lose, IMO.
2ndDivisionVet thinks maybe this 2003 article about urban insurrection may finally get some use!
What Good Can a Handgun Do Against An Army?
Pox is a badass:
A handgun, garrote or any other “weapon” is only a tool that depends entirely upon the resolve and fortitude of the individual that wields it.
RginTN equates Obama winning to police shooting a black man dead:
And yet white folks didn’t start a race war when Obama won twice. This lady is doing more harm to black people than the KKK.
Iron Munro knows blacks aren't like the rest of us:
There is no room in a civilized society for idiots like this.

It’s time to stop pretending that these are normal people.
Objective Scrutator is having some trouble with the nuances of this racial scenario, so he invents an even more fanciful scenario:
Actually, this isn’t really about race (because the Leftists and the Sharpton/Jackson/Soetoro crew are more than happy to have Bill Cosby smeared for daring to tell the truth about black communities). The Left and its ferals are upset that Michael Brown was killed because they believe in a fundamental right to be a criminal, and they also believe that their victims should be powerless to retaliate.
Mastador1 is eager:
OH HONEY! This is just a warmup for the race war that’s gonna be fought tween the Blacks and Browns over gubmint goodies and freebies, I don’t think we’ve seen nuthin yet!
Pining_4_TX knows who to blame:
Where is the National Guard? Are they just going to let these criminals continue to run wild? Shoot them! All of them!

Immigration flailing

I thought I would enjoy Freepers' reactions to Obama's immigration reform plan. But there really hasn't been much of a reaction. They'd already been at near maximum froth in anticipation, and Obama's plan is rather less than many on the right were predicting. So Freepers are left without anywhere else to go. Indeed, they're having trouble maintaining their heights of paranoia.

So, in the face of lots of lame 20-post threads, here is Freeper's initial, tellingly contentless reactions to Obama's speech.

Candor7 is sure Obama is about to get his at last: molson209 won't just listen to Obama's words, he wants some right-wing spin:
Is there a Translation ,so everyone can find out what he’s really up to ?
This is a declaration of outright demographic warfare on the People.

The systen is broken because Obama would not enforce the laws on the books, gaming the system to overload it.

Obama broke the system himself, very carefully planned that.

Now Obama is about to reap the whirlwind. He has no idea of the forces he has just unleashed.
VRWC For Truth also intimates undefined doom for Obama:
El Douchebag will be going down hard.
SkyDancer is not happy:
Sorry, can’t watch it. I’m throwing up in the bathroom. From now on, I live in 0bamarica.
SkyDancer continues with his 0bamarica odyssey:
Welcome to 0bamarica ... now the fun starts .... even after 2000 years we still look at Rome’s emperor’s ... can’t ever forget them, never will the USA ever forget the 0bama regime.
loungitude takes offense at the most unoffensive part of the speech:
My fellow Americans

Stop right there you flaming piece of crap.
GOPJ at last says it:
Obama’s crossed over to ‘creepy’...
Yeah, Freepers have been calling Obama creepy since 2009. (BTW there are 3 pages in that link. The third page is full of old oddities. And if you thought my editing is bad nowadays...)

Olog-hai also finds minor randomness significant:
Totally left out “America” or “The United States of America”. Even Captain Obvious cannot hold back projectile barf.
Old Sarge yells at the TV:
Even as we are a nation of immigrants, we are also a nation of laws.




Democrat_media wants an American Tiananmen
This socialist POs Obama just declared war against the American people

Are we going to live on our knees being the slave of this cretin and the rest of the socialists/democrats or are we going to fight for our freedom?

Are we men or are we mice hiding under the couch?

I don't know about you all but I've had enough: give me liberty or give me death!

If we all had the bravery that this guy had that stood up to thousands of Chinese tanks then we would win:
Texas Eagle is not very funny:
He left out one key word.

He should've ended the speech with...."NOT!"
kelly4c has almost cottoned to the basic inaction behind right-wing grumbling.
We’ve only lost if we sit back and take it! If enough of us would channel Heston and scream “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” and follow that up with demands and protests well then at least we can say we went down fighting. I mean, this is it. This was supposed to be the nail in the coffin. Do we stand by our convictions? Let’s wait and see, but not too long. If our reps actually represent us here and win great! If they don’t...we have some serious thinking to do.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hagel out

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is stepping down, reportedly under pressure. There's sniping from both the Obama and Hagel camps, and regardless of who you believe it does not seem like Obama dodged the usual 2nd term disorganization.

Freepers have hated Hagel for a while. But now they hilariously leap to his defense in a particularly stark reminder that consistency is at best a secondary virtue for Freepers.

caww is one of the few to remain unhappy with Hagel:
The buzz is make no mistake Hagel was fired....Doesn't surprise me in the least...he was a bad choice to begin with and should not even have been considered.
Hoodat also still hews to his crazy original hatreds:
Hagel was hired because of his incompetence. (Oh, and his hatred for Israel, too.)
livius, on the other hand, turns on a dime:
Yes, Hagel might not have been great, but he was obviously way too supportive of the US for Obama’s tastes. I do recall that there some of Hagel’s thoughts and goals became public this fall, and Obama was obviously outraged then.

He may seem weak and incompetent to us here, but by the standards of the WH, he was positively a Gen. MacArthur.

Betcha Obama appoints a Muslim now.
In the absence of a Muslim, Freepers will declare a secret Muslim.

Many Freepers, including jersey117 love the Muslim idea:
Betcha Obama appoints a Muslim now.

He would do that. Just to be in our faces.
GraceG's conspiratorial nature causes an odd conclusion:
Eric Holder is looking for work, and in his new position they can cover EVERYTHING up under the pretense of “National Security”....
sarasota blames Obama:
Under the bus. Who can he blame next?
Any day now, UCANSEE2!
The coup is almost complete.
Chgogal contradicts himself in one post:
Hagel’s view of America was closest to Obama (so thought Obama) but obviously not close enough. Hagel recognized dangers to the US and tried to defend. Obama sees the dangers and then aids the enemies.
"Hagel agreed with Obama on almost everything except for the minor detail of trying to destroy America!"

txhurl's comment got deleted, but Laz quoted her:
Why can’t I wake up to the news one day that a coup d’ etat has happened in my sleep?
Nothing earthshaking. In my experience, deleted Freeper comments are rarely something actually beyond the pale, usually the Admins just take a notion.

txhurl has a whole scenario for how the White House works:
The way Jarrett chose Hagel’s successor is how quickly he jumped to fetch her a drink. She really did ‘mistake’ 3 & 4 birds at the WH as waiters and ask them for drinks.
Wow, that rumor she's quoting sounds exactly like the rumors about the Clinton White House! Even the made-up BS isn't original these days.

Monday Potpourri

Better stay armed and avoid the inner cities like the ebola infested ghettos that they are.
skeeter is getting higher and higher standards for "One of us"
Like the Kennedys and Clintons, the Bushs obviously feel entitled to rule.

They certainly are not one of us.
wardaddy laments how Whites are not standing up to Blacks like the used to:
White folks won’t do shite.

They already give away their spoils to the petulant black Baal over whatever

Many even give up their daughters apprdciatively looking around anxiously for congragulations from peers

Never in history has the preeminent been so eviscerated with nary a defense

Only group bucks this is the group generally blamed for all this anyhow...southern whites....but admittedly the younger ones are weak too

But if Dessalines type roving black mobs hit other immigrant group enclaves like Viets or Hispanics

Then the story will be different

But except on the Hindu Kush where we still do most of the fighting and dying....white balls are in a velvet lined lock box for safe keeping

Its the saddest evolution I’ve seen in my life besides infanticide

The utter submission
gaijin insists Obama be impeached, if only to be fair to Bill Clinton:
Clinton impeached, but NOT Obama...?

That’s crazy.

Impeach him!
Norm Lenhart insists on impeachment for principle, and damn the consequences:
Barry has taken numerous highly unconstitutional actions, ignoring the law of the land. The Founders put in place a specific remedy for a president doing that. Impeachment. If we honor the law of the land, we impeach. If we do not, we are no different than Barry ignoring the law of the land.


There is no excuse. There is no rationalization. There is no win lose. There is either adherence to our laws or our country is a meaningless ‘thing’ with no value.
Jim Robinson's impeachment fever is also up:
Actually, amnesty opens the floodgates and the Republic is destroyed. No borders, no constitution, lawless, godless, unlimited socialist government. There would be no constitutional remedy left. We’d have to fall back on the last recourse as defined by the Founders in the Declaration.

As the man said, this one is for all the marbles. It’ll be impeach and remove or bye-bye Constitution, bye-bye Republic.
bert. Just, bert.
He fancies himself as Lincoln and the Emancipation Proclamation that was also illegal.

He was so tightly focused, he forgot about Boothe
I mean...that analogy...on so many levels...!

Today's "It's cold so global warmign is a fraud" brought to you by 2nd Amendment:
Right now, I could use some global warming. 23 degrees in Chattanooga this morning. Fired up the old V-8 and sprayed some hair spray at the sky to kill some penguins and polar bears!
SunkenCiv - the Clintons used Street Dope, which is worse than normal dope.
The only highs of those years was the street dope they were using by the crateload.
ExCTCitizen wants to bomb Honduras:
“Guatemalan President Otto Perez warns the US will be
inundated w/ even more contagious illegals if billions
of US tax dollars are not handed over.”

In sane times, that’s a declaration of war and a reason for a coup....

If we had a REAL AMERICAN in the White House, if Otto Perez said that, we could drop a few bombs there and say, “FU Perez”
Defending slavery is becoming a thing, I guess. Publius:
Slavery’s been around a long time. For individuals on the losing end of military campaigns, offensive or defensive, it was the alternative to summary execution.

Correct. Slavery was the original pro-life position.
No Obamacare for ottbmare! He'll just be his own doctor, and complain about it:
My sympathies to you and your family, but it sounds as though, with some struggles and sacrifices, your family is going to have insurance coverage. There are many of us who can’t dream of affording premiums and deductibles, and have no coverage at all. I have to be my own doctor.
5th grade sex ed makes steve86 ally with ISIS:
ISIS should head directly for the administrators of this school district or whoever in Satan’s name approved this.
pghbjugop will even defend Mary Landrieu, so as to better hate Democrats generally
Ignoring our common disdain for democrats, just try to imagine these rats who retired liked Levine, Rockefeller, etc. who are on their way out the door and know full well that the Kenyan would veto the bill anyway, still stuck a knife in Mary’s back.

How void of anything decent to do that to a loyal colleague who she and every other one were needed and voted for obamacare. They have no constituency now they are retired. Obviously, anyone who celebrates butchering babies at anytime time for any reason (and they all do) is not really human anyway, but I own dogs who treat each other better than these pigs in the rat party do.
Whose the real racist now, asks SaraJohnson as she dehumanizes foreigners who want amnesty:
I love the way foreign racists stand up on their hind legs and shout their hate at the white race in America. Classy.
Like Manson before him, contrarian hopes for a spark to trigger the coming race war:
I can picture a scenario in which an accidental discharge in the correct wrong time can trigger a tsunami of reflexive actions in which several things happen including reducing the looter populations, decreasing EBT customers and accomplishing urban renewal in one fell swoop. unintended and un anticipated of course..
Lazamataz has yet more proof of Obama stealing the 2012 election - the look on his face when he won:
Gruber was right. The American public is stupid. They elected this monstrosity- twice.

Once, yes. Twice, no. I remember Election Night 2012. Obama was the most surprised man in the room.
But wouldn't such a fraud expect to have won?

jsanders2001 doesn't understand how black women can straighten their hair and yet still all hate white people:
How many black women (or men) do you see sporting natural Afro hairdos these days?
I see more black wonmen with straight blonde hair than with Afros.

They’re trying to look like the very people they hate - .white women (people ) which is sort of ironic don’t ya think?
What job does ilovesarah2012 do, that everyone is on food stamps?
I worked with a lot of black women. They think nothing of spending $200 and hours and hours having their hair done. Doesn’t matter to me except when they are getting food stamps and Section 8, which many were.
Once again, liberals create a spike in gun sales. This time for self defense against them when they riot, pillage, and loot on the streets.
Sacajaweau is kinda strange:
Always said a computer mouse was designed after a sperm...not a mouse because of how it functions....blasts through the data to get to its target. Surely a male thing.
Bill Cosby sets PGalt off:
Lefties, liars, scumbags, socialists, totalitarians, criminals take what they want, rape what they want and kill what they want. Psychopaths, all.
Does blueunicorn6 realize he's become a parody:
Well, Obama and Hillary paid the ransom in BENGHAZI.
Mouton makes an odd distinction:
“Chief Justice Roger Taney, writing for the majority in Scott, also concluded that people of African ancestry (whether free or a slave, including Scott) could never become “citizens” within the meaning of the Constitution, and hence lacked the ability to bring suit in federal court.”

Hence, the 13th and 14th amendments made them junior (not second class rather in age order) citizens.