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Spotlight Friday: Le Chien Rouge

A resident of Austin, TX, this Freeper has quite a life story, if he's to be believed. He wanted to be a historian for the Smithsonian, but was denied because of his whiteness. Since then, he's the best trucker ever and also owns a restaurant....

His politics tend towards class and race. He's a big fan of inherent merit, whether that's rich people being better, or black people being worse. Add in a shocking lack of compassion, and he's really pretty awful.

Add in his fondness for lists, Random Capitalization and then CAPS LOCK for EMPHASIS and you have quote a character.

Fighting the good fight in Austin:
I live in one of the most LEFTY Neighborhoods in one of the MOST lefty City’s -Austin- in this Nation.

NOT ONE LEFTY has buyers remorse.

These folks bow to the alter of Collectivism, Barrack Obama is their latest high priest of statism and they are NOW eagerly awaiting their Messiah in Hillary Clinton while heavily promoting their “John the Baptist’ in Wendy Davis.

To their dying breathe, they will praise, excuse, and ignore the massive failing of the progressive agenda.

....and to those saying that maybe I should move—hell NO-—I am ON THE FRONT LINE OF THE BATTLE with the left and I do not run from a fight.
I actually hear this is quite true.
I own a restaurant.

If we produce/cook too much food we cannot give it away because IF the recipient becomes ill.....enter the sue happy lawyers with extreme prejudiced.

Damned if you do-—damned if you don’t
A Freeper is born:
Graduated with a Degree inn History in 1991 and moved to DC with a dream to work in the Smithsonian.

After 4 years of trying to gain a position at one of the museums of DC, denied due to ‘quota preferences’, I faced reality and obtained my Commercial Driving License .

I’ve never looked back.
The BEST trucker EVER!
It’s not very difficult to be one of the BEST in your industry.

I am the absolute BEST in the trucking field. ALWAYS on time, NEVER had an accident, impeccable customer service skills, etc and my company has acknowledge my brilliance with pay bonuses along with recognition.

However this industry is NOT going to make you rich and quite frankly, I’m rather bored with it as trucking is just a job.

I know my limitations but most people STILL do not.

Dreams are nice but in reality, 90% of us will work in jobs we don’t particular care for in order to pay for homes and feed our children.

It’s called LIFE and humans have been doing it for a couple thousand years.
Times are tough:
I am working LONGER hours with additional duties while my pay decreases.

Blame the Affordable Healthcare Act, a FED printing money like a drunken sailor and a Federal government that never met a regulation that it did not like.
All governments are basically mass murdering dictatorships.
The Government Does many things Well:

1) Create war on individual rights(Nazi Germany)
2) Create Economic chaos(Robert Mugumbe)
3) Create a culture of death(Khmer Rouge)
4) Create generational conflict (Mao’s cultural Revolution)
5) Create Mass emigration( Castro’s Cuba)
6) Create a police state( North Korea)
7) Create famine( Ukraine Famine)
8) Create environmental disaster(Soviet Union)
9) Create religious totalitarianism ( Saudi Arabia)
10) Create racial conflict ( Obama’s USA)
Another list, of pure BS:
Liberal wonk also wants folks to ignore:

1) Barrack Obama foreign policy is a disaster
2) Cuba’s universal healthcare for Cubans is a wreck
3) The world is NOT warming
4) The Affordable healthcare Act is a wealth transfer
5) Michael Brown was a thug
6) ‘Real World’ Black on white Crime rates are sky high
7) Illegal aliens are bringing toxic diseases at an alarming rate
8) The ‘real world’ ‘War on Women’ is led by Islam
9) Keynesian Economics has failed!! Miserably
10) So-called ‘Earnings Gap’ is very prevalent in Democrat voters
Like Obama before her, Hillary Clinton is very mentally fragile
If Warren runs for the nomination the Clinton’s will have a Chernobyl like meltdown.
I guess he doesn't really read the conspiracy posts on Free Republic.
Democrats NEVER lose an election:

1) It was stolen —2000 election Bush/Gore

2) Americans are voting against their economic interests—Bush 2004

3) FAUX News/ Extreme Right wing radio/ non-government, corporate controlled internet blogs fooled people —2010

All above are quotes from the lefties I know.
He knows some gays, and Do Not be fooled!
Homosexual marriage is NOTHING but a front for the legalization of pedophiles and their desire for sex with OUR children(they don’t have any).

NAMBLA is starting to gain traction and their will soon be a push for lowering the age of consent.

Are all Homosexuals pedophiles?? No

As someone who has spent a lot of time among the homosexuals( I am in the restaurant business and the homosexuals make up well over 50% of many staffs) I have heard the stories FROM MANY who were raped /taken advantage of by older homosexuals.

Do Not be fooled about the same-sex marriage nonsense.
Michelle Obama is the really racist one:
Obama Doesn’t See Race as a Factor in Criticism.

I agree however you can bet the present first lady Michelle sees nothing but white robes and burning crosses when pictures of tea parties are shown.
Obama is, of course, gay and on drugs.
If Hilary is an lesbian alcoholic, then she is even more electable according to the left.

We already have a coke head pole smoker in the white-house.
The left is so full of warmongers:
Never forget, the left LOVES WAR. Anything for an excuse to increase government power whether from illegal border crossings or Islam.

Deep down the left are totalitarians who will sacrifice MILLIONS in order to usher in Collective utopia.
End welfare, so the poors can finally die out.
End welfare, let Churches initiate charity and let human nature take it’s course.
Money is just a way to show who is a better person:
If we woke up tomorrow morning, all wealth was wiped out, and EVERYONE started from zero, within a year NEARLY all(except for Paris Hilton and the Kennedy’s) the same rich folks would probably be wealthy again while the same people complaining about wealth fairness would be STILL complaining.
And blacks trying to better themselves? Don't be fooled!
Community Colleges are full of ‘Holder’s People’ like Michael Brown who ‘enroll’ in college with FREE government aid, immediately placed into remedial classes because they can’t read on a 3rd grade level( THANK YOU public schools), and NEVER attend a class.

After a couple of years, when the free money runs out,’Holders People’ apply for government jobs and a given worthless desk jobs based on affirmative actions quotas.

It’s a racket.
Also, the war on whites:
The Knock out game. polar bear hunting and the EXTREMELY high yet VERY under reported black on white crime stats.......

Maybe the question should be are whites purposely being targeted by blacks ,IS LEO perhaps aware of this and are they acting accordingly??
Blacks run America.
These feral blacks ARE NOT interested in living under Anglo Saxon laws and conservatism WILL NOT change their beliefs.

We have a black run America—seriously—where nearly every issue is to be modified to fit black ‘feelings’-—Freedom of association is the only right that matters: boiled down, it means you have the right to discriminate.

Anyone offended??? Tough...

is the GOP STILL stupid enough to try and reach voters who will NEVER vote for a party that will not kow-tow to the gibtz me dat crowd.

Let Ferguson burn...
For a history major, he sure seems not to know a damn thing about the legacy of Jim Crow.

Speaking of complete historical ignorance:
My Grandmother(17 at the time) was in the French Resistance during WW2. She was caught and spent two years in a NAZI work-camp in force-able labor and ate NOTHING but a potato a day.

She married my American grandfather,settled in the states. When notified by the post-war German Government that she would receive compensation(reparations)for her time spent in the work-camp she REFUSED THE MONEY.

As a former slave she had more dignity(and grit) than EVERY slave descendent alive in the nation.
Yeah, 2 years of slavery is basically like generations of slavery, followed by generations of discrimination.

Yet another group he wants to kill:
Islam is a rabid dog and it’s always best to but down that rabid dog before you are bit.
Be fearful:
Intelligent people are not in a bad mood.....they are cautiously prepping, mentally physically,and emotionally, for the coming economic turmoil that will make today’s so-called issues look like the good old days...

be fearful...

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Is Keynes Misunderstood?

Freepers' Ebola freakout continues. As it ages, it's getting more and more conspiratorial, and thus less boring and more amusing.

But lets let that continue to cook over the weekend. For today, lets see Freepers take on Keynsian economics.

MrB loves economics by analogy:
Keynes only makes sense if you believe that you can take water out of the deep end of the pool and pour it into the shallow end to make the shallow end deeper.

However, Keynesian economics does fit hand in glove with leftist/humanist beliefs - that everything could be perfect if the right people were given enough power to make things perfect.
DUMBGRUNT thinks Keynes isn't so bad, but can't be bothered to look it up.
IIRC Keynes ‘stimulus’ was to use surplus funds for short term and quickly rebuild the surplus.

I would look it up and reread it; but it makes my brain hurt!
Pearls Before Swine knows the problem is in the interpretation, and the 1970s.
I have a BIL who is an economist. He says he had to read Keynes in grad school, and that it can be interpreted in many ways. What is called Keynesianism now is just the way it wound up be interpreted in the 70’s.
arthurus finds economics hard to understand, which means Keynes is a bad author.
Keynes cannot be anything but “misunderstood.” His writing is very poor. I have tried several times to read Theory of Money...etc and cannot make of sense out of it. Paragraphs do not hang together. His arguments do not fit his assertions. What people “understand” about Keynes is the official interpretation of his book and the things he later said he wrote. His writing simply does not make sense. Everyone should find a copy of the book and read it. Read it carefully. If you just skim the lead sentences in the paragraphs and go straight to the conclusions you may feel you know what it is all about. If you analyze it it becomes simply turgid and irrational ramblings
DaveyB is pretty sure Keyne's gayness meant he was a hedonistic nihilist.
Keynes was a homosexual with no vision for a sustainable future for his progeny. (Children are born and raised by hetero-sexual unions.) Keynes future outlook was summarized by himself, “ the end we are all dead!” His real outlook eat, drink, sodomize and then die ...the end. In contrast Solomon wrote wisdom for the ages “ A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children...” Proverbs 13:22
muir_redwoods is as charitable as he is simplistic.
Keynes was simply wrong. However, i believe if he could somehow see what things have been done in his name today even he would understand his error.
Rockingham educates us on post-WW2 history.
Keynes was a socialist. Here's why.

As WW II ended, Britain elected a Labor government that promised socialism in full measure, with the nationalization of major industries, public health care, and intensive regulation for the common good.

Since Britain was exhausted by war, broke and without credit, the new socialist government looked to America and sent the much respected Keynes to negotiate a package of grants and loans. Fortunately, Keynes' arrogance killed any prospect of success.

Keynes opened the conference in Washington with a long statement to the effect that Britain had a strong claim on America because Britain had fought longer and sacrificed more in the war than America had. In other words, in Keynes' sales pitch, Britain's wartime sacrifices meant that she was entitled to call on America to finance her embrace of socialism.

As it was, Keynes got nothing. Britain had to pay for socialism by herself. The dismal consequences of socialism eventually led to the election of Margaret Thatcher and the unwinding of much of the socialist state that Keynes had supported.
Still not seeing the socialism bit...

arthurus is pretty sure it was all a hoax.
Keynes suggested before his death that the original was a parody. It was, in fact, written very like those theses that MIT students and others from time to time get accepted into the peer reviewed journals after which the writers announce that it was all a nonsense conglomeration of jargon and tautology. Keynes got accepted and promoted before he got to the point of announcing his Hoax and kept his mouth shut, maybe.
Terry L Smith calls Keynes a baboon, and then thinks Galbraith came before Keynes.
For all the years before this Keynes baboon was given credence, the nation had been operating under the foundational work of one John Kenneth Galbraith, whose teachings I learned, while in high school.
Terry L Smith later falls back on the old standard:
who was “the man with the plan”, in the time of The Founding Fathers?

Might we return to THAT person’s writings?
If it's not the late 1700s, it's crap!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Freepers famously find all sorts of meaning in the eyes of politicians via photograph. There is an endlessly amusing segment of Free Republic that confirms their narratives with secret symbols everywhere. Sometimes these catch on, like the idea that Obama always has his middle finger out. But mostly, it's just highly musing paranoid crackpottery:

Thus, Freepers are inspired by a gossipy conspiracy blog post about Jay-Z to analyze the a dance move. On the way, they stop off at some rather kooky places where Freepers' ability to politicize everything comes up against the contentlessness of Hollywood gossip:

mgisthas noticed that some blacks like conspiracies. This means all blacks do.
What’s interesting is that black gossip forum’s think he is “illuminati”. The black community seems to realize these 2 are phonies. Pretty sure it’s the little white girls being those songs.
Jonty30 has his own conspiracy theory:
I can certainly believe much of it. Beyoncé was definitely not pregnant. She did an interview, where she was supposedly 6 months and her pregnant stomach completely collapsed when she sat down as if there was nothing there.
Of course, Freepers like RginTN are all about rumors of homosexuality.
I heard JAy Z was gay...this info about a female mistress is surprising...

/sometimes tabloid distraction from politics is necessary for good mental health
Sgt_Schultze sees a secret sign:

That's an anti-Semitic gesture known as quenelle
PhiloBedo also sees the significance of hands on the shoulder:
It is! It’s the “I hate Jews” salute.
mgist splits the difference.
Some of the female dancers in the video are brushing their shoulders off. Jay Z is definitly doing Quenelle gestures. He doesn’t even get close to the shoulder.
Talisker Found a very suspicious picture of Obama!


That’s not over his heart.

What a smug POS.
liberalh8ter isn't a conspiracy guy, he just wants Obama to get off his lawn:
Whether or not Obama and the clown posse are depicting the Quenelle isn't really the issue as there are discernible differences in what they are doing versus the Quenelle. The issue here is that it is unbecoming of the leader of the free world to be associating with controversial figures. Jay Z is a murderer turned-rap star. His wife is the equivalent of a highly paid pole dancer. We should demand better from the Commander-in-Chief and he should know better. We have sunk to the level of my septic system when it comes to the expectations of decorum from our elected officials.

Wonderful Days Of The Past

Freepers discuss 1950, when things were completely better than they were today, mostly because there was no Obama.

MeshugeMikey on the monstrous shadow of today:
many of us above in the fifties knew that evil existed.....but it did not at that point seem to be casting a monstrous shadow across the nation...centered on Washington D.C. and Hollywood...
yarddog remembers the moral and inexpensive time that was the 1950s!
I really do think the 50s were the high point for America. We didn’t have some of the modern medicine but at least we had anti-biotics and bacteria were not resistant to them.

The country’s morals were at a high point, Communism was hated by the average person even if there were many hidden ones just waiting to take over.

Cars were reliable and easy to repair. Gas was cheap. We went to Church twice on Sunday and also on Wednesday, and we were by no means unique in that.

The schools had little money yet were excellent.
yarddog also explains how Jim Crow was not so bad.
I grew up in the deep South. What we have now is actually worse than those days. Obama is President. A Black Panther is Attorney General. Blacks are literally worshiped in all parts of the media. We now have a system where incompetent Blacks are given almost total preference over qualified Whites.
norton made a list of things he assumes are gone, most of which have not:
Stick & paper model airplanes and real hobby shops,
Saturday double features with a serial and 10 cartoons,
B.B. guns & pocket knives,
Boy Scout marksmanship training and my first .22 (Savage #15),
Family picnics in places you'd avoid today,
Camping that didn't require a $100,000 RV (bus),
"public lands" that were open to the public,
Grandparents and neighbors who would tell you precisely why they left the "old country",
Actually looking forward to your first job,
Respecting the president even when your folks had voted for the other guy,
Respecting your father 'cause he worked two jobs, insisted you apply to college & was OK with the one you chose...OK, that was the sixties and the omens were already bad.

Like I said, don't get me started.
Rides_A_Red_Horse - noticing anything bad in the 1950s makes you a Democrat:

- And immunizations/cures were developed in that era.

Jim Crow.
- ...aren’t you happy we don’t have racially motivated crimes today?

Women relegated to serve as secretaries or teachers.
- There were no female doctors or scientists? What is the color of the sky on your planet?

Air raid drills every Friday at noon. Duck and cover.
- We swapped that out for attacks on our military bases by Islamic Terrorists. Ain’t it grand that we no longer have to deal with those pesky Air Raid Drills?

Yup. D’ems the good ol days.

- Yeah, you sound like a Dem alright!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Transgender Seal Team Conspiracy

If I had to pick 2 areas that are Free Republic's core and have never changed, it would be xenophobia and threatened masculinity. The first is almost cliche these days (though I seem to recall some time in like 2006 or so when every thread on whatever subject had someone breaking in to say "how could this matter, ILLEGALS WILL END EVERYTHING!!!" Good times), but the latter's layers of fear and hate and impotent rage and self image issues makes for some amazing interplay.

Freepers' are quite defensive about the idea that masculinity might not be inherent somehow. And, as if often the case, after bewildered thrashing, their first defensive impulse is elaborate conspiracies. Hehe.

Torahman starts by being really restrictive on what makes a woman. Also Jewish repentance?
Ovaries? Fallopian tubes? Cervix? Uterus? Childhood as a girl? Puberty and the onset of menstruation? How dare the government or anybody else call this self-created monster a Woman? Frakenstien had more integrity than these jackasses. Mental illness is nothing to be proud of. Repent, and learn to walk in Torah. You will find peace, and rest for your souls.
RoosterRedux cannot believe this
And there is no way that I believe this queer finished SEAL training.
Despite repeated debunkings, including this very story, Viennacon still holds onto one of the post Bin Laden conspiracies:
So they kill the real Seal Team in a chopper crash, then replace them with trannies?
Bigg Red has a gut feeling there has been a conspiracy:
I did not go to the link — nor will I — so I am just going on a gut feeling here. Do we know for sure that the record being presented is really this individual’s? Or is it possible that the real SEAL was done away with as someone suggested?
Bigg Red is also pretty sure Satan is involved:
Seriously, I do think the world is going insane. Much like the Roman world at the time of Caligula and Nero.

I really am beginning to wonder if there really was some world wide conspiracy. Maybe Fabian Socialism, maybe just Satan but whatever it is, everything which was good and true is being destroyed.

...maybe just Satan....


That’s my guess. With so many turning away from religious worship, the Evil One finds too many doors open.

Keep praying.

St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us.
RoosterRedux knows understanding the gender preferences of your squadmates is vital for unit cohesion.
I just don't buy this shiite. Seals are all about teams. If you don't know your are in danger.

Same for Marines or Army.
VerySadAmerican has yet another liberal he suspects of gayness:
I wonder about Hagel. Maybe he likes to be poked every now and then.
ilgipper - this will end America.
When the history of the world is updated to include the collapse of America, it will highlight these years as an abrupt and historically quick fall. This is unreal. We went from an iron clad military to this in a matter of months. It is hard to even grasp what is happening.
tet68 seems kinda excited about Muslim brutalization:
Those transwhatevers are gonna get a rude awakening if they fall into the hands of the enemy...
ohioman is too patriotic to care about military service:
This former SEAL was slated to speak at the agency that I support as a contractor. But I passed on the opportunity. I suspect that most transgenders are people who need serious pyschiatric and spiritual help.

But I have to say that his/her service record was impressive.

To hell with this deviant Seal. Hitler had a good war record and so did John McCain.
servantboy777 just can't believe it.
Damn, our guys were fighting beside this freak?
I do love how out of touch TwelveOfTwenty is.
You voted for this, America. TWICE!
madprof98 is also having real trouble grasping how other people don't share his loathing.
What is hardest to grasp is the mixture of public indifference and outright glee that meets each new outburst of depravity. I read a piece earlier today mocking conservatives who predicted that the American people would rise up against same-sex marriage. Instead, they are taking their kids (and their boyfriend/girlfriend's kids by various different partners) out to march in the Pride Parade!
cva66snipe is so left behind and bewildered, he wonders why it isn't 1940 anymore.
Is their a real honest to goodness man left in any service wearing Flag Stars? Or have they all gone Gay? Can anyone imagine what Patton, Ike, McArthur, or others of their stature would do & say if POTUS or congress even tried to pull this deviant perverted crap under their watch? Fire Hagel NOW!!!! Every Sec of Defense we get now turns out ten fold worse than the last one.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

rhubarbk - make sure you don't swear when you discuss killing Supreme Court justices!
When is it open season on these ice holes?
Ruy Dias de Bivar believes every e-mail FW: he gets:
I’ve read that some of the suicide bombers in the middle east also have AIDS. They use the bomb to spread blood and guts covered nails and ball bearings to innocents around them. Those they don’t immediately kill they try to infect.
maine-iac7 just hopes he lives long enough to see the revolution.
In the end, the darkness in the souls of ‘men’ like O’bummer and his minions will be withered in the LIGHT of I AM.

I just pray I live to see it happen - and it always does to these despots. May our current despot’s demise from power be as inglorious as others,

May this great country recover.
combat_boots wonders if Obama is only sending white people to get ebola:
Do you think that individuals are being pulled from units that are deploying, because they are black, do you think that units are being deployed because of racial makeup instead of what jobs they do in regards to the mission?

I asked because 1) I don’t know, 2) I believe 0bama hates Whites, and 3) I believe Whites may be highly represented among the types of troops being sent.

Whites are the primary KIAs from Iraq and Afghanistan. Whites are the primary race among SpecOps. These things I do know. Call it ignorant if you want.
"Whites are the primary KIAs from Iraq and Afghanistan" smells a lot like BS.

Speaking of smells, Da Coyote is still on his "Obama equals poop!!" crusade.
Find an outhouse.

An old, smelly, putrid one hole shack.

Put “Obama” on it.


We now have honored the fly drawing POS idiot in a manner appropriate to his intellect and accomplishments.
Ann Archy is coming after people not voting for Mitch McConnell.
LOSER! START THINKING!! We WILL remember you when the Harry Reid is again the Leader of the Senate...we WILL remember.
Poor mrsmel frustrated by her delusions not comporting with the real world.
Can no one put a stop to this arrogant, anti-American administration? He was elected, for freak’s sake, to serve Americans, instead he’s trying to kill us! He’s not a hereditary king, and even Charles I got his head lopped off! Do our leaders in Congress just not care because they believe themselves to be “exempt” from all the treachery being heaped upon American citizens?!
Never thought the anti christ would be a gay commie muslim with a wookie for a wife. Satan sure knows how to pick’em.
Yosemitest is so crazy! Here is the intro to a very, very long post:
How about THESE FACTS ?

If the Demon possessed Hitlary wants to be "saved", all she has to do is testify to Congress Benghazi Committee that the Terrorists used the very weapons Obama had shipped to them on that Libya Fishing ship named SHADA.

This has been planned for a VERY LONG TIME.
Obama is solely responsible for this.
ConservativeMind explains how liberals bad, conservatives good:
The two extremes described:

Lib purists: Sycophantic behavior
Conservative purists: Principled behavior
Morpheus2009 has seriously never read Free Republic.
They are doubling down on their positions of not restricting air travel and having haphazard quarantines of close contact exposures. They oppose reasonable concerns for no other reason than that their critics hold these concerns.

Because their opponents hold views? That’s stupid, potentially suicidal, an even more potentially putting all sorts of people in harm’s way. Sometimes the people back in the days where polio and TB were problematic had more sense in their heads than our government has now. Even NASA quarrantined Apollo Astronauts as a precaution against space germs.
SkyPilot waxes dramatic about immigration:
Israel should “give back” Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem, after America “gives back” Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California.

Under Obama the Indonesian, we are about to do just that.
jsanders2001 also sees a dark, Mexican future.
Let the history books reflect that President Obama made a serioustactical error in judgment by making ‘”friends” with the illegal immigrants to get their votes and importing them en masse in 2014. It became the pivotal factor that led to the U.S. being assimilated and then taken over by Mexico after the Mexican government overthrew our government and defeated our military in 2024. One of they key factors to their success will be that the Hispanic population reached 80 % of the 1 billion living in the U.S; the majority of growth coming from the Hispanic communities.
Fred Nerks found another pic of Obama!
you can see it in the eyes, hatred ate his soul
EagleUSA is really pissed about a caption another Freeper put on a picture of Obama.
“Death to America!”

Never thought I would see such anti-Americanism, such hatred for it, and it is clearly a SICKNESS.
Yes, he quoted the caption himself, so yes, he seems to be acting like it's real.