Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Defending George Zimmerman

Freepers the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case triggered something in Freepers, and they went deep into one side. Now, they are too attached to have any option but to defend George Zimmerman as he continues to get into minor violent conflict after minor violent conflict.

In the latest, Zimmerman got pissed some driver was pointing at him, and followed the guy to his work, where he waited in the parking lot. He also reportedly dropped a "do you know who I am," which seems to indicate a certain mindset.

Luckily, Freeper's speculative paranoia is up to the task. It had better be, I have a feeling it'll be called on over and over.

icwhatudo feels so much compassion.
I sorry for the guy. Getting accused of murder for simply defending yourself...its really mesed him up.
cripplecreek is quite skeptical:
What led the unidentified "victim" to decide against pressing charges?

Good question.
Given all the Freeper-types waiting to pounce, I can't imagine why.

Can’t say about George Zimmerman, but it’s certain that Trayvon Martin won’t be killing anybody.
Hell, by that logic, why not kill everyone?

Navy Patriot thinks Zimmerman should become more angry and paranoid than he is:
George Zimmerman’s problem is that he doesn’t understand the true qualities of his fellow citizens, and plan and act accordingly.
Popman finds the alleged actions of rational actor Zimmerman do not compute:
One of the main reasons I think this story is BS is because as. CC permit holder Zimmerman knows the quickest way to get your permit yanked is to threaten someone...
Ezekiel excuses Zimmerman any bad craziness as after the fact:
If not the head bashing itself, the trial and non-stop threats and character assaults by the local lynch mobs, communities perpetually “organized” against him, and of course the lies out of the drive bys in the media would have left him with PTSD.
Though IMO RichInOC gets to the heart of the matter:
I wouldn’t be entirely surprised to hear that George went around with a loaded pistol, singing softly to himself:

“I’m about to whip somebody’s ass,
“Oh, I’m about to whip somebody’s ass,
“Oh, if you don’t leave me alone, you’re gonna have to send me home,
“’Cause I’m about to whip somebody’s ass.”

And I wouldn’t entirely blame him, either.
To some, it seems like the only thing better than having a gun is using a gun like Zimmerman did.

The Booing of Ted Cruz

At least compared to Palin, Freepers still waver on Cruz. His name alone makes them suspicious about his immigration plans.

But combine his right-wing populism with some booing, and Freepers rush to cannonize the man!

See, Cruz recently went to an Arab Christian forum and went full-on pro Israel. The thing is, that Israel can sometimes be a bit of a dick in Arab world, regardless of your faith. So he got booed, said the crowd hated Jews, and then walked off the stage.

A minor political debacle. And one Freepers were eager to turn into a masterstroke.

Eagles6 knows what getting booed makes him think of.
He didn’t get booed off the stage, he stood up there like a man and told the audience that he wouldn’t stand in front of them if they didn’t support Israel. It was a great moment.

Though it's weakness when there's a hint Obama's unpopular with anybody.

tanknetter finds preaching to the choir to be another of Cruz's virtues.
Cruz is a master debater. He knows full well that sometimes you need to provoke the other side into a bad reaction to open the door to getting your point across to a much wider audience.
Heh. Master debater.

Arthur McGowan thinks this was all part of Cruz's plan.
Unless evidence otherwise surfaces, my gut tells me Cruz went there in order to bring the anti-Semite cockroaches out of hiding, and succeeded. 
No honest person will, in future, be deceived by this outfit’s claim to be “Christian.” They are clearly a Muslim Brotherhood front.
PoloSec follows on with the "if you don't like Israel you're a terrorist"
It appears Al-Qaeda has infiltrated the Christian Church.

Cruz 2016!

He exposes everything that is evil.
For all the Sarah love, "He exposes everything that is evil" may be the most cultish thing I've heard on Free Republic to date.

Navy Patriot senses false flags.
I would almost guarantee that these folks that started the booing were political plants and operatives ...

Ya got a point, it's standard leftist Commie operating procedure.
WaterWeWaitinFor agrees - whenever anyone disagrees with a Republican in public, they're paid by the DNC.
Plants... the Dems always, always, always do that.

Gee, Gov. Scott Walker was booed and harassed at an award ceremony for Special Olympic children/young adults here in WI during the ruckus of that recall. What class. But all low.
You'd think the "we surround them, Dems only win because of fraud" delusion would cause more political problems, but it seems manageable, as it's been around since at least Clinton.

bolobaby swoons at the toughness.
Cruz was brilliant. The last thing we need is another pvssy in the White House who won’t “diplomatically insult” someone.

Hey, Pootie Poot - you listening?
I'm not sure, but it sounds like matthew fuller hasn't gotten a boner since he 1970s.
Every time I hear him speak, I come away with the exact same feeling about him and his positions as I did when I heard the radio addresses of Ronald Reagan before he ran for President. Deja Vu all over again!
txhurl - loves him some Random Capitalization.
Fear the wrath of a patient man.

Do not be misled by the Left who target our most clean and honorable leaders.

They know we are coming for them, and they are throwing grenades everywhere to Stop Our Message.
fwdude isn't saying Ted Cruz is Jesus, but...
I believe Jesus was “booed” off many stages. Not comparing Ted to Jesus, only that the truth will often get you booed.
left that other site may actually be saying Ted Cruz is Jesus.
God Bless Ted Cruz!

BTW his name is significant.

Ted=Edward= (Old French...”Warrior”)

Cruz= (Spanish..”The Cross”)
hecticskeptic must find Free Republic remarkably unchristian.
I highly doubt that there were many in the room that Cruz was speaking to that would pass one of the tests for being a true Christian.... 
Matthew 6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: 15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.
Yashcheritsiy - Sola fide or else you tend to hate Christians!
Most culturally Christian groups in the ME, like the Copts, Assyrians, Maronites, etc., do not teach salvation by grace through faith on the Lord Jesus Christ alone. They add works, sacraments, liturgy, and all the rest of the trappings of what the Bible calls "will worship" - i.e. manmade worship that replaces the gospel of grace.

Obviously, this doesn't mean we should stand by and ignore it when ISIS or the Muslim Brotherhood rounds them up and rapes and kills them. But it DOES explain why a major fruit of genuine conversion to the Lord Jesus Christ - that of loving God's people - is vociferously absent from them, by and large.
1. I guess Catholics are SOL
2. Note you only need to love God's people. Convenient, if not super Biblical.

TurkeyLurkey - it's not just heresy, but infiltration, dun dun dun!
Not Christian, but an infiltration—Palestinian Liberation Theology—based on Replacement Theology of several major denomination, who believe that the church has replaced Israel, a belief based on faulty biblical interpretation that ignores the Old Testament and is anti-Semitic. It is pervading churches, schools and universities in this country. Soros funds over 30 organizations that spread it.
Texicanus is a regular Holden Caulfield with all his phonies.
Do not be confused because we are surrounded by fake Christians, fake Jews, fake Republicans, and fake patriots. People who claim to lead us but do not support G-D, our Constitution, and his Word. The truth exposes the real haters. Notice the hate they have for Sara Palin and now Ted Cruz. The true Christians will be hated in Jesus’ name.

The devil and his many antiChrist followers are out to misdirect, mislead, and confuse. Do not be deceived by their lies. Truly these are the latter days unfolding before us.
"The true Christians will be hated in Jesus’ name." Obama must be the most Christian of all!

SamuraiScot will hate Middle East Christians until the next news story about Obama not invading to save them.
Middle East Christians are the biggest Jew-haters I've ever seen. They act like coward dhimmies. Get their butts handed to them by the Moslems, getting exterminated—and they come to my church at Christmas time selling carved knick-knacks and complaining about how the JEWS in Israel are hurting their business by taking security measures.
Finny declares them all liberals, and that, as they say, is that.
Amen. Me too. In real-life experience, the only Jew haters I know are leftists. People I know on the right are ... like Cruz, and you. And me.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


One interesting effect of partisanship is suddenly finding meaning in the mundane. From Hollywood movies to Michelle Obama's inauguration dress, everything confirms your views, once you reach a certain level of commitment. Thus, even when the hardly liberal NRO says that ISIS and ISIL are the same thing, Freepers figure out amusingly flimsy ways to explain how Obama's use of ISIL is proof of his nefarious intent.

Lucky9teen is a devout Obamaologist.
I believe EVERY word this jackal says means something, since he and his admin have taken to creating new meanings and changing the definitions of words.
arthurus knows every Muslim Obama kills is just to fool us.
The difference reflects the hopes of the Sultan in Washington. ISIL- Islamic State in the Levant includes Israel. The Sultan is being forced to drop some bombs and is doing that as sparingly as possible. He doesn’t want to hurt his heroes and coreligionists. He also intends that if ISIS(L) wins out then the Islamic Levant will include a destroyed Israel.
Boogieman thinks the problem is that Isis is an ancient Egyptian goddess.
But I use ISIS, because how often do you get to reference an ancient Egyptian goddess in modern political discussions?

I think this is exactly why Obama doesn’t use it. He knows that calling their group by the name of a pagan goddess would be viewed as an insult by devout Muslims, which is why he avoids it.
Fletcher J sees yet another sign of Obama's narcissism.
That could be it, but I think Obama says “ISIL” out of sheer arrogance. Saying ISIL instead of ISIS like everyone else makes him feel superior to his American subjects. This is just part of his ego-driven personality, such as when Obama insists on pronouncing Pakistan as “POKistan”.
In a common Freeper trick, Eroteme uses past Obama offenses to bootstrap this into an offense.
With a straight face, Pipes ascribes an arcane and benign rationale to this administration's choice of the term ISIL--this same administration that struck the terms Islamic terror and Jihad from the lexicon, that called the Fort Hood terror attack (performed in the name of Allah)"workplace violence". And this same adminsistration that told us, just the other night, that no matter how you slice it, there's no Islam in the Islamic State of Whatever.
plain talk does not need any thinkin' to disagree with Obama!
I say double down and refuse to accept the premises and terminology of the enemy (Obama)
WayneS thinks this is to fool people about where ISIS got it's arms.
I KNOW they are the same thing. I do not need a democrat to lecture me about it.

I think the REAL reason Obama uses ISIL instead of ISIS is that he sent money and weapons to them in Syria when they were using the name ISIS.

It is in his best interest to call them ISIL now, so that he can continue to fool his low-information supporters (who are the only people who still think there might be a difference) in to believing his claims that he has always opposed them.
Democrat Daniel Pipes? Hahahaha.

Django Unchained actress, or prostitute?

Many commenters have been circling this thread like sharks. And for good reason, it is a meaty one!

Daniele Watts, an actress from the movie Django Unchained, was canoodling with her husband in LA. A cop, thinking she was a prostitute, asked her for her ID. She refused, and was handcuffed. There are also some pictures. She was black and her husband was white.

It's hard not to see race in the motives here.

Certainly, there seems a problem with police intrusion on a couple behaving legally. But, of course, since race is involved, Freepers tribal instinct is to to side with the police. So, with just about all the evidence against them, most of them strain mightily to justify the unjustifiable.

Like all good small government lovers, liberalh8ter knows you obey the cops at all times.

And there it is.....cops are racist because they stop you to make an inquiry and you're completely justified in just blowing them off. When those actions take their inevitable course, it's time to cry racism.
As is becoming increasingly more common, Rummyfan goes straight to hoax.
Never heard of Watts. I suspect there is more to this story and it is a very lame attempt for publicity for a sagging ‘career’.
I'd say Oliviaforever should be more careful, but no one batted an eye.
This whole situation may be explained as simply as, the police officers were walking down the street asking everyone for their identification credentials, and Watts was the only person to refuse and that’s why she ended up in the police car wearing handcuffs.
jacknhoo knows who is responsible for racial profiling - Marxists and blacks!
“’The tears I cry for a country that calls itself ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ and yet detains people for claiming that very right.”

Yeah, the atheistic Marxists have long ago removed those qualities from this nation’s list of exceptional attributes...and many of those removals have occurred at the hands of atheistic Marxists pimping racism. I suppose blacks think they are punishing whites, by the destruction of this nation’s Judeo-Christian values and the tenets of our Constitution. Kind of cut off their own noses, to spite their face, so to speak.
Sweet Jesus, GrandJediMasterYoda Manages to blame the victim, because she probably voted for Obama, whom he also blames.
No doubt she’s an Obama fan and of course complains when she gets a taste of fascism. “Oh I’m voting for the guy who supports communism and radical Islam, you know those two great wellsprings of freedom!”
SkyPilot found a picture, so it's tie for pettiness!
This is a "Hollywood Star"?

She looks like the lady who cut in front of me at WalMart.
But wait, SkyPilot also shops at WalMart...
Sirius Lee always dresses up before leaving the house:
Why is she dressed up in a tattered garbage bag?
Rodamala has never seen a hooker.
I think she looks more like a street hooker than a Walmartian.
lepton asks the important question:
How long we’re they kissing?
Kissing for too long in public? Probably a whore.

Man, Moonman62, that's sad.
Married people rarely kiss in public. I think this was a setup.
Jonty30 can't believe the LA police could be racist:
Does it make sense to you that the police in the most liberal county in the most liberal state in the country, a place where morals is a quaint word from a bygone era, even 60 years ago, are going to react to some interracial necking?

Do you think it is possible the police may have had probable cause and it is the couple who were lying about what they were doin? That perhaps they went well beyond what is considered in good taste, even by Hollywood standards?
Popman also trusts the police, but hedges his bets.
Police especially are trained to be colorblind so I find it hard to believe that was the motivating factor...unless the cop was a jerk which could easily be the case..
PghBaldy finds silence very damming.
Said actress was on CNN and the large black female actor asked her what she was doing in the car, and she would not say... Case closed, IMO, she was having some time of sex.
Oh, man PghBaldy, that's not irony...
It is amazing how much better she looks in the maid outfit, ironically enough.
roofgoat laments he can never have such hotness.
what is this female attraction to over the top metrosexual, stick thin, pajama boy types?

I mean I’m no Robert Redford but what the heck is going on these days.
But, then you have PotatoHeadMick who gets it completely:
You know I really love this site but I despair at the number of posters here who just don’t seem to get it. What? Is the title too complicated? Are the concepts of “free” and “republic” ideas way above their pay grade?

“Ooooh, she’s black, I don’t like her clothes, she’s not very pretty, she’s probably an Obama voter, her husband has tattoos, she was uppity to a cop.....blah, blahh, blaaah,”

Because as we all know the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution only apply to people like us, people who think like us, people who dress like us, people who vote like us, people who have the same skin color as us, people who agree with us....

George III would have loved some of the people on this site.
Why he's still a Freeper I cannot say, but I hope he keeps it up, if only for the orgy of self-rationalization we'll get in the zot showdown that will someday follow.

Another round of the Freeper shooting blame ritual.

Seems to me, Freepers are at their worst when it comes to shootings. Their drive to blame everything their opponents (liberals, blacks, Mexicans, Muslims) manifests to such an extent that it overwhelms any sense reality, or propriety.

Plus, their inability to wait for evidence means it's always the same.

Anyhow, here's some of the greatest hits from a shooting that happened last weak in Pennsylvania police barracks, leaving one trooper is dead and another in critical condition. Nothing concrete that I can find about a suspected shooter.

I have no doubt Viennacon will see it that way.
Another lib... calling it
Viennacon then moves from liberals to blacks.
Remember, the Obamas, Al Sharpton, and Holder have been baying for the blood of cops since Ferguson. Michelle and all the others demands cops die as payback for Brown and the key witnesses in his case, also known as ‘Thug #1’ and ‘Thug #2’
What with ISIS in the news, Mark17's knee jerks in a different direction:
I wonder if there is a Muzzie involved?
ExSoldier seems irritated that Freepers didn't pre-judge fast enough:
I wonder if there is a Muzzie involved?

Fourteen posts before the first thing that popped into my mind is displayed?
ExSoldier goes on to explain that Muslims are Worthy Foes.
Cowards prefer soft (disarmed) targets.

While I mostly agree with this sentiment, I think too, that you do an injustice when such things are discounted. Look at the Fort Hood shooter. He opened up on an army post. Granted, he probably knew that there would be no guns near his victims, yet he also didn't know how close the security detail was and who would respond to his attack or how fast they would be. Remember that the muzzies have been slaughtering both infidels and their armies since the 600's AD. The Crusades, all seven of them, didn't turn out too well for the Crusaders. Even though much of that can be tacked onto the Crusaders themselves, the mooselimb armies cannot be discounted.
- Barack Muslims - “I will stand with them . . .”
Welp, added FreedomStar3028 to the spotlight watch list!
Hope they shoot first and ask questions later. Wouldn’t be surprised if somebody high up in this admin is responsible.

It is obvious that what they want is a new domestic police force above the law. Which of course will be loyal to only whichever traitor is in charge.

They can’t legally take the guns, they will do it anyways. They will order their new police force to confiscate all firearms, and if met with resistance to defend themselves.

The next POTUS will be a muslim sympathizer. He or she will be a traitor. We have been infiltrated to the highest levels of our government and there is no going back through political means.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Palin Brawl

Freepers take many things personally. Certainly their hate gets personally really fast - if they don't like your politics, you are ugly, and probably gay. Their love is interesting. If you're Rubio, or Rand Paul, or even Ted Cruz, you will have times when Freepers turn upon you as an apostate and hate you with all the venom they can muster. But for a select few - Ronald Reagan, George Zimmerman, and Sarah Palin, any wrong you do will be rationalized into something awesome.

So when the Palin family feeds directly into the (also personal) liberal narrative about them and gets into a brawl at a snowmobile party, Freepers decide that family brawls are patriotic.

Notably, however, Freepers have not posted much about this incident since, and the threads that came up are sparsely commented. So deep down, they know how this looks.
,br/> DJ MacWoW does not care. She just roots for the home team.
I hope the Palin’s were the last ones standing, including the girls. :-)
E. Pluribus Unum explains that Alaska is just that kinda badass place!
It's Alaska. The Last Frontier. Alaskans are supposed to get in brawls, people! If you don't get in a brawl once in awhile, you're not really an Alaskan!
Lazamataz gets a lot of kudos for this hyperbolic lustful doggerel.
I love her. I would kill 137 men just to have a 10% chance of kissing the fourth lug nut on the tire of the truck that took her laundry to the dry cleaners.
Hatteras knows all attention is good attention.
STILL...... living rent-free in the heads of liberals. Out freakin’ standing! Way to go, Sarah!
anon1 provides some pretty strong evidence about re_nortex in the comments to Monday Potpourri. This is only more evidence.
Tabloid stuff.

That's also my take on these scurrilous lies about the wonderful, pro-God, pro-life, pro-gun Palin family. They're simply not true and are manufactured by those who hate the unquestionable influence of a committed Christian and defender of the Constitution. Governor Sarah Palin enjoyed record-breaking popularity during her term in Alaska. America will likely benefit when she takes the oath of office in January 2017 and undoes the damage of the hussein/holder/jarrett criminal enterprise.
At this point, talking about Sarah Palin as President maybe should be a red flag.

SoConPubbie takes issue with the one poster who has had it with the Palin worship.
And therein lies the weakness with Sarah. No one can go two sentences without mentioning what she looks like.

No, therein lies the problem with your perception.

How she looks is just an added benefit.

What she stands for is why we love her.

The problem is yours, not ours or Sarah's.
DJ MacWoW explains that people who don't like Sarah should just be quiet about it on Free Republic.
Intentionally provoking others isn't a conservative ideal. You don't like Sarah Palin, fine, but poking a hornets nest with a stick isn't what FR is all about.
Some speech is more free than others, ya see.

kiryandil wastes a lot of time on the Internet:
I went 560 posts in May with someone who refused to apologize for writing "failed, half-term governor".

They had to pry me off of him. LOL! :)
Da Coyote sounds exactly like the guy from the Manchurian Candidate.
Sorry, TV Guide, but Sarah is smarter, more accomplished, has far more morals, and is more talented than your president.

As a bonus, she’s good looking and could beat the cr*p out the the Obamadork.
rktman is far from the only one to say "Chappaquiddick. So whatever Republicans do is fine, forever."
Kill a girl, go for a swim. RIP Mary Jo.
PLMerite rolls Clinton conspiracy on the Kennedies.
I remember the murder with the golf club, they offed another one with a fireplace poker?

I was going to say the same thing. Isn’t it telling that with the Kennedys we have to ask for a clarification?
tioga knows you don't need to settle for the Kennedies when rumormongering!
I am disappointed no one mentioned the brawl Hillary’s brothers were involved in at their lake cottage in PA. ((sigh)) Now that had it all.
ansel12 knows liberals can't criticize minorities - it's like kryptonite to them.
Since the Palins are ALL registered tribal members of the indigenous eskimos, except Sarah, it will be interesting how the media handles the names calling and racial slurs that they will use for the Palins.

Are people of color, rednecks, trash, hillbillies, etc?

Monday Potpourri

re_nortex tells a cool story about the mean streets of Portland.
Oregon is a marxist hellhole. I was there on business and it reminded me of a third world country with all of the leftists and sodomites. I was mugged in Portland by the ghetto trash that run that city. I was carrying and just flashing my gun was enough to make the thugs flee.
bert has his thumb on the pulse of the Middle East:
There is a coalition. Obama was kicked out last fall.

Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE.... for action in Syria. Turkey was originally a member but I don’t know the attitude of the Turks at present.

These nations are in agreement......Obama can not be trusted to do anything much less prosecute a war. He must be shunned.

Since the ISIS invasion of Iraq that coalition is now forced to rethink the operational mission.
expat2 has decided Turkey is pro-ISIS.
No. Turkey is now a quasi-jihadist state. Their action stems not from fear but from their support of ISIS — the Caliphate is to be headquartered in Turkey, doncha know.
All these Muslim countries are shunning Obama because...he's too Muslim?

Noted genocide booster GladesGuru really really wants to shoot someone and get away with it.
Mr. American, meet Mr. Bounty.

He has a very long history of success, works for far less than cops, and he is everywhere because “he” is us.

I suggest that police departments are like other organizations and can operate with a 10% cut. Take some of the money spent on inflated salaries, benefits, ad nauseam and use it to pay bounties of dead violent criminals.

It will work. Then do the same the following year. Rinse and repeat until crime becomes sufficiently rare.

I hereby bring the readers attention to the fact that in Urban Feral land, the criminals are known to the rest of the residents. Now they are cowed, afraid of retaliation if they were to file a charge against said Urban Ferals, or appear in court against an Urban Feral. With the return of Mr. Bounty, small arms sales would skyrocket in Urban Feral land and the presently helpless prey would suddenly sprout round, hollow(.357, .40, .45 bore) steel fangs.

Mr. Bounty is capable of empowering an armed citizen to work real miracles of transubstantiation. Mr. Bounty and the armed citizen can transform a violent criminal into a harvestable resource.

Who said the time of miracles is past?
Hi, Impy! Your desire to disenfranchise people who 'vote wrong' gets you another mention.
In lieu of way to include them that doesn’t provide a net benefit to the democrat party, I’m fine with them having no vote in Congress, they can adopt Charlie Rangel as their honorary Rep. If they don’t like that, they can move to a state. Based on the quality of their local officials, most of them should not have the right to vote anyway, they do as well with it as the Iraqis have, I would abolish their local control and appoint a commission to run the city. They should never have been given 3 electoral votes.
Republican values? Fairness? GOP or no vote for you!

This clearly false prissiness about a witness to the Michael Brown shooting from re_nortex can't be for real. But I fear it is.
'he had his f****** hands in the air'

The use of that vile profanity by the thug "witness" tells me everything I need to know. The credibility is zero.
Friendofgeorge tries real hard to explain how one can have one's hands in the air and still be a deadly threat.
He could have had his hands up and then said as has been are not going to shoot me, and then rushes the officer that is still dazed from the punch he took.

Who knows
Its like they got a taste of making up racist shit from flimsy evidence up from Trayvon Martin, and are thirsty for more.

Le Chien Rouge really hates those blacks who are going to Community College:
Community Colleges are full of ‘Holder’s People’ like Michael Brown who ‘enroll’ in college with FREE government aid, immediately placed into remedial classes because they can’t read on a 3rd grade level( THANK YOU public schools), and NEVER attend a class.
Kenny Bunk starts out like a normal person. However,
The women on the Supreme Court are occasionally not despicable. The Wide Latina has actually voted with Scalia on a couple of slam-dunks. Usually however, her Latina-Lesbo-Commie reasoning is completely specious.

The distaff side of the SCOTUS is to the Left of Trotsky, and with the defection of Roberts from common sense, have ruined the court as an arbiter of the Constitution.

Let's see if we can take the Senate and deny The Mombasa MF another selection, shall we?
Latina-Lesbo-Commie! I had forgotten the lesbian thing for Sototmayor, but shouldn't surprise me.

Kenny Bunk again, hating on nonwhite Europeans
Step 1:
Let's stop calling these filthy un-Worthy Oriental Gentlefolk "Austrians, Germans, Italians, Belgians, French, or English," OK? They are no more "European" than a rabid Schnauzer.

Step 2:
Start using all those NATO AF transports to carry thousands of these jihadists to some remote plateau in Southern Tunisia or Libya and kicking their asses out into the sand.

Step 2:
Please allow all Scandinavian Leftists to accompany them.
Witness the Oriental unworthy!
  Robert A. Cook, PE - voter fraud by democrats blah blah county governments are dictatorships!
Voter fraud in Georgia is limited and very, very restricted: It only occurs in racially-segregated democratic precincts and democrat-theocracies led by democratic-run city and county dictatorships (er, governments).
grania hates the EU for undefined reasons.
FWIW, I think Scotland wants to join the EU. I don’t get it. The EU might be the most despicable “democratic” government on the planet.
JLAGRAYFOX breaks out the ellipses AND multiple explanation points!!!! for his response to the Palin brawl.
The media is in total panic stage as November 4, 2014 draws closer!!! They will throw anything against the wall to save Obama, the moron and would be America destroyer and his low life Democrat ain’t gonna work this time!!!! The “Palin” campaign they have now undertaken...goes nowhere...and once again they look like fools and idiots.

They did the same thing with thug, Trayvon Martin, and...”Gemtle Giant” would be cop killer, thug, druggie & criminal Michael Brown!!! Both those poor excuses (though not their total fault) for human beings got their just due, because of lack of real parenting, or no parents at all!!! A sad experience that occurs...all too frequently!!!

The hate “Palin” media can rant and rave all they one of any importance is listening!!! Get a life...liberal deadbeats and work on something getting Black folks free to be all they can be with decent education and real help and guidance with family problems, instead of catering to your worthless teacher unions and low life Democrat politicians....beginning with Obama and going down the line!!!

We, the people, know November 4, 2014 is but around the corner...and I can tell ain’t gonna go your way...deadbeats!!!
greene66 supports behavior he would call thuggish from anyone of a darker hue.
The Palin Family stood up for one of their own and that tells me that Sarah Palin will stand up for America and fight anyone that disrespects the USA.

Indeed, if anything, it just enhances my already lofty opinion of Palin and her folks. Sarah has always reminded me of the America that used to be... the feisty, take-no-guff ‘frontier’ attitude that both built and defined this country for most of its existence. Before libs transformed the culture into such a wimpish, faggoty sewer of impotence and government dependence.
On the other hand, Windflier's boner is for Ted Cruz.
I cannot understand many FReepers infatuation with the junior freshman Senator from Texas.

Maybe it's because he seems to have the blood of the Framers running through his veins, and is the closest thing to Ronaldus Magnus we conservatives have seen since Sarah Palin started short circuiting liberals' brains.
FlyingEagle has two gay siblings, but remains an asshole.
I have paid the price and no longer give a damn.

I have one homosexual brother dead from AIDS and another homosexual brother terminally ill from AIDS.

They can take their LGTB and CRAM IT. I do not subscribe. Marriage is an sacrament between men and women, and sexual behavior is a choice. No amount of decadence changes that.