Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Return of Kings

I heard about this group on Facebook, and had to see what Freep was saying.

A microbiologist turned pickup artist turned professional troll is advocating for a 'return' to women being only homemakers and sex objects.
This silliness would probably have stayed pretty minor, except this guy wrote an article advocating for rape to be legalized on private property, to encourage women to defend their own virtue. Later he said this was satire, but considering how it fits into the entire rest of his thesis, no one is buying that.

Except Freepers. Perhaps starved for allies, or maybe tribal reflexive support of anything anti-feminist, but they seem rather okay with this.

Freepers do their usual dance around a loathsome guy with similar views to theirs - half of them say he's a liberal/Muslim, half of them agree with and defend him. Things are amusingly complicated by his Iranian ancestry.

thorvaldr is pretty sure this is a Muslim thing:
So these guys are basically moderate Muslims and people feel the need to complain about them.
IronJack blames feminism for the movement to legalize rape:
In history, as well as physics, for every action there is an opposite reaction. Years of radical feminism, reverse discrimination, homo fascism, and godlessness will inevitably spawn their antitheses. That’s how dialecticism works, and how cultures come apart.
IronJack follows up with an incredibly pinched reading of history where democracy cannot exist:
Look at the French Revolution for a study of how movements arise, move to their extremes, give rise to their reactions, which then move to THEIR extremes, and finally settle on some new course that, in many cases, is no better than the original.

Napoleon was hardly less of a tyrant than Louis XVI. Hitler was no better than the Kaiser. Stalin didn't improve much over the Tsar. And Castro is certainly no better than Batista.

The list goes on and on ...
Uncle Miltie - but for real, he's Muslim though!
Gotta be mudslime.
If You Want It Fixed - Fix It thinks the group is totally fine:
What is wrong here? A group wants to meet that isn’t doing anything wrong except maybe scaring metrosexual America and Europe.
akalinin is not a fan of women voting:
There's a Freeper among us who often says we should repeal the 19th amendment.

It (the 19th) should have at least a sunset provision on it.

I don't think the experiment has gone all that well. Some trace the rise of 'big government' giving women the right to vote.
sportutegrl ignores the guy who wants to take away her franchise, to assume this group's position on abortion:
Hillary should love these guys. I’m convinced they are pro abortion.
GrootheWanderer found this guy's website, and managed to come away thinking he's been unfairly maligned:
I’d never heard of this guy before. But after seeing stories about this event I found his website.

It seems to be he has been libeled by media across the world. He basically wrote a piece satitizing the “rape culture” feminists and for that has been called pro-rape.
GrootheWanderer's reading of the site is that this troll is totally improving, and will soon be a Freeper!
I don’t think he made his point well, and as satire it didn’t work. But it was clear to me he wasn’t being serious. I’d never heard of him before all this happened, but I’ve been reading the sites he runs, and it’s pretty interesting. He seems to be a pretty creepy person clearly struggling to be a better person and becoming more conservative in the process and trying to lead others in the same direction.
Blue Collar Christian has an odd comparison:
Per this article, these guys are as gross as queers.
Scirparius has a simplistic opposite day reading:
I am still flabbergasted by the number of FReepers who will read the text of a mainstream media article and actually believe what it says. How many times do we have to be fooled by the obfuscations, deceptions and outright lies of the media before stop believing what they report?

If the media says it is bad, it's probably good, and vice versa. Look at the way they have characterized pro-life people, pro-gun people, pro-God people, etc.

I don't know if this group is "pro-rape" or not, but I'd bet -- just because the media says that they are -- that they probably are not.

And just because the media and the social justice warriors obviously want to shut them down, then they probably are saying some things worth hearing.
Chad N. Freud thinks this was a Hillary Clinton false flag:
Funny, my first thought was that it was a ginned-up (heh) story planted by the Hillary campaign.

Past: “Oh, our country is so racist! We must elect a black president to show that we aren’t too.”

Present: “Oh, the world is so misogynistic! We must elect a woman to show that we aren’t too!”

This awful woman-hating group that no one’s ever heard of — comes to the fore in the crucial days of a presidential campaign.
Journalism fail; false flag fail. D-minus.
SunkenCiv wades through all the Freepers supporting this guy, and decides he's just an evil Muslim.
Daryush Valizadeh -- an Arab? What a surprise. You probably won't see that in ANY of the so called news coverage about this scumbag.
Blue Collar Christian also blames Islam. And women. At the same time, somehow:
Using the SPLC in the article to support the distaste of Valizadeh is not a good sign. THEY THEMSELVES are a miserable hate group hanging that label on a truly righteous conservative Christian group because of their condemnation of the queer agenda.

MY take: The guy’s a “scoring guru” creep, and his advocating legalizing rape comes from his roots as in islam, if not stated over the top. Kind of like in defense of boxer Mike Tyson; why was that girl in his bed?

Who cares about the Zika virus?

There's a massive outbreaks of a virus across Latin America. It mostly causes simple flu-like symptoms, but in pregnant mothers it causes microcephaly in the baby, which is a gruesome and deadly birth defect.

Babies under threat? Pandemics? Both of these are in Freepers' wheelhouses, but anything outside of America that Freepers can't use for partisan gain is not. So they meet this horror with complete disregard.

Opinionated Blowhard is pretty sure this is faked:
If it means having a chance of adding a couple billion to the WHO budget, they will find it to be a crisis.
DH takes this massive human tragedy as an excuse to dunk on some libs:
The claim is that the disease will cause babies to have tiny heads. That statement is simply WRONG!

Babies with tiny heads are caused by a different disease that their parent carried while they were in the womb....it’s called LIBERALISM.

The tiny head is not capable of containing the “common sense” gene due to its tiny size. A normal brain must exist to be able to carry enough brain cells to have common sense and reasoning.
allendale found a narrative, old and busted though it may be:
Unless governments ditch the pseudoscience and start using DDT extensively, this Zika outbreak will worsen. It will devastate the economies of Central and South America, worsen the world recession and ruin the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

This virus however probably has crazy environmentalists cheering. It discourages and makes human procreation ineffective. They would do anything to limit human population especially in the Third world.
BenLurkin is really bad at correlations:
Epidemics and pandemics have only gotten worse since WHO became active.

It is obviously doing something very wrong.
i_robot73 is worried about Muslims breeding:
Must have built up an immunity; those in the M.E. seem to breed like cockroaches. So much so, they’re flooding Europe again.

/I 1/2 /s
No amount of ignorance regarding the deadliness of disease and Muslims BitWielder1 from his clever slogan!
I'm more worried about mosque-borne threats than mosquito-borne diseases.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday potpourri Pt. II

Bulwyf seems consterned that Freeperness has overcome his piety:
I feel tremendous rage burning in my chest.

I’m a Christian, am I supposed to feel that?
dowcaet is sure that Iowa was Hillary's Waterloo:
After Bernie’s big win on Tuesday the powers that be will go to Uncle Joe and tell him to get in the race.
In hating Cruz, grania has forgotten about Sarah Palin, or Obama, or really every single candidate with small kids:
Most candidates with young children aren't keeping them on the campaign trail with them. Why isn't Heidi home with the kids, if they don't have a better solution to keep their lives as normal as possible?
Unironic stereotype mach man Jack Hammer wants you to know war is Hell, and Hell is no place for a lady:
It all sounds very macho and all ‘liberated’ to tell your girlfriends and family members that you’re ‘in combat.’

Then you see your comrades-in-arms, your buddies, in smoking, bleeding chunks on the ground screaming out their last breath, and suddenly it’s not all fun and games.

Something to think about for all those women who believe they’d like to be in combat.
Not even sure what Oldexpat is saying here:
Rubio=Obama. This is why I can never vote for Cruse. Cruse is a curse.
laplata can't believe that so many Americans don't think Obama's a Muslim:
POS Obama is a master of Taqiyya. He’s phony through and true.

The most disturbing thing is that so many do not have the ability to discern and they see absolutely nothing amiss or wrong with this obviously vile creature.
Toliph unironically uses cuck.
Williamson is a among the best political writers out there, of any political stripe. His prose is just brilliant.

He’s also a cuck who fails to understand that the involuntarily demographic transformation of America is an existential threat, not only to every single principle espoused by the National Review, “movement” conservatism, and indeed America herself.
DoughtyOne thinks Trump is it:
After seven debates, Curz hasn’t laid a finger on Trump.

I don’t think that’s going to happen either.

Ted is going to lose primary after primary now.

Trump is it. It’s not going to change.

Hope springs eternal, but in this case I don’t see it happening for Curz.

We’ll see.
Jewbacca laments how he's oppressed constantly by his fellow Jews:
I’m Orthodox Jewish. I get sneered at and insulted getting on the subway (and that’s just the Reform Jews). It rolls off my back. I’m used to insulting tones.
rovenstinez is having a clash of incorrect definitions:
NOPE, You CAN'T be AMERICAN, and MUSLIM, Theologically totally impossible...unless you remove logic, reason and common sense. You can SAY you are American and Muslim, but to be American means FREEDOM... Freedom NOT to be, freedom to say mean and nasty things about religious prophets of any faith... Do we REALLY want to go there and say that. OBVIOUSLY the answer is NO...
nopardons's speculation has uncovered another plot!
Two states have legalized POT; the problem is not only worse, but gangs are buying "legal pot" and shipping it all over the country and selling it at higher prices.

Legalizing ALL illicit substances will only make the problems FAR worse!
meatloaf - 'scent of a Muslim.'
We need dogs trained to bare their teeth at the scent of a Muslim.
envisio loves the country because of no Muslims and all the nude gunplay:
this is 4x4, good ole boy, dairy farm, BYGOD-Merica country and there are no filthy muslims around here.

I would not move to a city or anywhere that is infested with these vermin. I would never move anywhere where I could not walk out on my back porch and shoot as many rounds as I want while buck naked.
Horses look at me kinda funny but I would not trade it for anything.
Slambat thinks everyone is socialist, and lying about it:
Hard to believe that they are trying to show who is the
biggest socialist to win nomination to run for president
of the United States.
It’s even harder to believe that the biggest socialist will
win the nomination. But the most unbelievable thing of all
is that “socialists” are even being considered at all.
We fought world wars and many Americans died to prevent
what is openly happening today.


On the other side it’s right the opposite. They try to
hide who’s the biggest socialist. They lie about being
conservative and constitutional bound and then attack and
attempt to destroy the people in their own party that actually

What this is is a Coup d’etat. The difference is we’re armed.
They have bureaucracy, education and media. Everything is
a lie.
butterdezillion with an extended Lord of the Rings metaphor:
I see so many people here who have stood together on so many things, and I see them at each other’s throats not really listening to each other, and it hurts. I feel like Gandalf watching as the Council of Elrond descends into accusatory chaos while Sauron whispers his crescendo of intoxicating demonic agitation.

WE have a horrible enemy, and I can’t wait until we figure out who is Aragorn, who is Legolas, who is Borimir, who is Frodo, and who is Sam - Sam the most humble and in the lowliest position but the one who ultimately defeated Sauron because of his LOVE for Frodo.
kiryandil is not a fan of Cruz:
“Mommy, why does Senator Cruz need to lie and cheat and commit felonies to win elections?”

“Some people are just power-hungry, dear.”
FlingWingFlyer hates how we keep to our values when it's hard to:
“Values” is how you lose wars and therefore make them more plentiful. Tossing aside your “values” and going in kicking some ass is the ONLY way to discourage people from getting “froggy”. JMO
altura is pretty sure the moderators had it in for Cruz:
Wallace was horrible to Ted Cruz on the last debate.

I think he was bearing resentment because Ted totally shut him down on the Sunday Morning Talk show a few days before.

Wallace tried to gotcha Ted on that show and Ted totally demolished him.

Wallace had that “you’re in my crosshairs now” look when he questioned Ted. Fortunately, it did not faze Ted.
It's so very Freep when people like aMorePerfectUnion tell a story that clearly didn't happen and also makes them look like irredeemable assholes:
Foreign girl: “ excuse me sir. May I ask you a question?”

Me: “you just did.”

Foreign girl, perplexed: “sir, may I as you another question?”

Me: “no, Just one question per day.”

Foreign girl: gasps and looks defeated as I don’t break my stride... Smiling.
Celtic Conservative advises random belligerence to dusky looking folks:
People from the ME are often very aggressive, no manners, don’t take no for an answer, and get quite rude and obviously annoyed when you’re clear that you’re not interested in the garbage they’re trying to sell you. Plus they often smell.

Perhaps a pre- emptive strike is in order. Something along the lines of “Take one step closer, Haji and I’ll knock you and your lousy snake oil into next tuesday!”. Just a thought.
When blacks are involved, Just mythoughts holds a grudge abuot minor inconveniences for months:
Last summer I was asked to pick up some necessities for my daughter across state line in Kansas. First place I found was a Walmart. I got myself in line behind an African Muslim woman with a shopping cart full of baby formula. She was paying with paper vouchers, not the typical government welfare card. Her stack of vouchers was mind bending. Took me 15 minutes of waiting for all that formula to get rung up.
Guess who CodeToad has decided is gay!
Rubio's top achievement? Keeping his flamboyant homosexual past a secret?
dp0622 blames the media for no one else buying his drama about gay marriage:
It’s strange being 47 and kind of right on the tail end of those who still believe this is the SILLIEST and most destructive social event to occur in America in a long time.

I dont know a soul under 30 who agrees with me.

it usually goes “if the republicans would stop worrying about gays and abortion hey could win”

hell, let’s pay for college too. and disarm. and give 3000 dollars a month to every family, regardless of work status.

then we’d REALLY win.

we lost the culture war guys because 50 years ago, conservatives forgot to buy a TV STATION!!!

This can be reversed though.

Dont say I was here, because I promised someone I would stay off until 8pm and actually get some chores done :)
nikos1121 lets his Trump fantasies run wild:
A vote for Trump is a vote for deal-making, malleable betrayal with the Democrats.

You give Trump a majority in both houses, and I guarantee you there will be no deal making.

No 2. This will be the first time a president submits a budget that will be balanced and lean.

No 3 I look for him to close down these goofy depts. and

Last tax reduction.

Did you see where Obama wants to tax $10 on oil?
Uversabound hates the Democratic debate for not being evidently evil:
Vomit vomit.....

The whole presentation is unlike the Republican debate.

They are just too freaking happy considering the candidates ideology will end America.
Amateur sociologist Robert A. Cook, PE wonders why black countries suck so much:
In Africa? South of Egypt, there is only ONE “tower” in ONE place across the entire continent. And NOTHING has EVER “come out of Africa” to advance ANY other culture. No invention, no writing, no mathematics, no weapons, no chemistry or physics or astronomy. No agriculture nor business.

it is odd.
STOP THE PRESSES CptnObvious has discovered that Rachel Maddow is a liberal partisan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gee, would Rachel Maddow hug Ted Cruz or Carly Fiorina like that??

No way.


Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Lots of fodder this week, because there were long debate threads that were mostly infighting we've already seen that were unworthy of a post, but still deserve a taste.

The Iceman Cometh suddenly hates Iowa:
Any state that has coin flips to determine election results should immediately moved to the back of the bus in primary season. Friggin' Iowa. Hundred thousand or so ethanol loving evangelicals dictating to the rest of the country the type of candidates we get to vote for down the road. Piss off...
Balding_Eagle mixes faith in Trump with preemptive I told you so, and a bit of spite:
Two years from now, when they see Trumps promises being kept, most of the anti-Trump posters will be grudgingly admitting to themselves that he’s doing OK.

Three years from now, after his second year, they will be openly supporting him.

There will be a few, of course, who will be either silent, or booted.
Mollypitcher1 is really building up some quality Cruz conspiracies:
Cruz uses the ignorance of the average American about the Constitution they say they love so well to further his own ambitions. He is bought and paid for by the NWO gang but he has snowed his supporters with his brilliance in the supreme court. 5 Wins to 4 Losses. Pretty mediocre performance for such “brilliance.”
Mollypitcher1 makes a promise
I cannot and will note vote vote for an unqualified, non NBC Canadian for President.
.................................... Thank you, neither will I.
This is why whatever happens in the GOP primary, we win.

dp0622 wants a lot less integrity from his party:
funny how trumpsters want people to run like b....s from cruz because of this nonsense, but dems will vote for someone who could be indicted while running.

they have had the stronger stomach for a while now, which is



Wildbill22 is worried that no one is acting on his already forming fantasies of 2016 election fraud:
KNOWING that we will again see at least the attempt by the democrats to steal an election through vote fraud, is there even an attempt by anyone to stop it?????

Or are we going to be ‘surprised’ again??????

What is being done and if nothing, why??????
coon2000 is working on whether to kill a radical professor publicly or secretly:
This bum needs a blanket party.

He does and it could be easily done. The question is does he vanish like Hoffa who was probably turned into hot dogs or is it an in your face statement? Which is better? Probably just start off by hot dogging the first round of these idiots and then reevaluate.
HiTech RedNeck continues to apologize for Trump's nonChristian behavior:
Not being a womanizer, I can’t directly relate to Donald there.

He’s shown in other contexts, however, that he can and will respect women in serious pursuits and will even choose them intelligently rather than as empty figurines for eye candy.

This appears to show that his little head isn’t such a boss over his big one that this becomes impossible.
builder thinks Bill Clinton is a zombie:
Slightly different topic : Did anyone else notice how Bill standing behind - her seemed in a catatonic state?

He looked AWFUL. I swear, I thought he was going to drop over dead on the stage behind her.

At a minimum, I had the feeling he had little idea where he was, who he was, and why he was up there.
Mixing up his bigotry, Secret Agent Man calls Islam 'uppity.'
These are the tactics of upity islam. Just using the justice system to play the kaffir, get money from them any way they can, without any risk to themselves.
What the hell website is freedomjusticeruleoflaw reading?!
Freepers are only pro-gun if they are stored away never to be used outside of a gun range.
lentulusgracchus is trying to argue that regulating Wall Street is a conservative issue:
Rush, quit claiming he [Rubio] is conservative, dammit!!!

Well, he is, kinda-sorta. More conservative than Bob Dole or Dick Nixon, maybe.

Problem is, some of the issues we face now fuzz up the picture -- like, say, executive compensation and marginal tax rates, which strict conservatives would ordinarily leave alone. Then the banksters helped themselves to a Trillion dollars of TARP money and paid out hundreds of millions of that -- our money -- in executive-suite bonuses, which were already fat enough with the spoils of "rightsizing" and offshoring and H-1B'ing and CMO-bundling fee income, pre-Crash.

Now it's our issue, and a conservative one: Wall Street Rot and Plunder, aka "crony/access capitalism". Time to call the ghost of Ayn Rand and start driving stakes through hearts.
LongWayHome does not like where Rush is going these days:
The fact that Rush is being a coat-holder for Rubio is interesting considering the fact that Rubio was sent out by Chuck Schumer to run a con-job on Levin & Rush about the gang of 8 bill....and then he laughed about how they sent out Rubio to cripple the right-wing talk show hosts & humiliate them.
As Freepers move to the Rush 2.0's of the world, poor RushIsMyTeddyBear has a problem:
I’m about done with him. How do I change my screen name?
TTFlyer is ashamed of an America where some people vote for Democrats:
There is no greater measure of the decline of America then that Mrs. Clinton and Bernie Sanders are regarded as serious candidates for the Presidency.

“It’s all over for Mrs. Clinton?” Maybe. Or maybe it’s just all over for America.
Dr. Bogus Pachysandra can't stop thinking about Hillary:
‘Hillary is no Bill, but that cow has claws.-

I was at the butcher’s yesterday. He had a display of huge pig’s feet. I immediately though of cloven-hooved hillary!
What's that they always say about living rent free in people's heads?

DiogenesLamp and another Freeper get pretty excited about suing the AP for all the things:
The AP was found guilty of violating Sherman back in 1945, and it should be sued into oblivion now that its mission - the economical transmission of news over extremely expensive bandwidth - is obsolete. The Internet could not exist if bandwidth were as expensive now as it was in 1945

This is exactly along the lines that I have contemplated. We should have been using lawsuits to put the scare in them, and then keep them scared.

Not just anti-trust, but RICO, FEC, and Discrimination lawsuits.

The existing media needs to be stomped into dog meat, then safeguards need to be put into place to keep it more objective.

But first thing we must do is convince the rightosphere that Liberal control of news and entertainment is the most dire threat the nation faces.
240B lays out what working for the government is like:
I have never in my life dealt we people so arrogant as those who work in gubbermint.
They believe they are untouchable, unassailable, and miles above the stupid little people who pay them.

There is no such thing anymore as a “public servant”.

Today, you will never hear anyone say, “I'm just a lowly civil servant. I don't make much money.” as you may in an old black and white movie.

Today, getting a job with the gubbermint is like winning the lottery. Pensions, Unions, Vacations, Conferences and travel expenses, Cars, Gas Cards, the best Health Insurance in the country, the best Dental in the country, free Tuition, and a salary that has been documented to be up 30% higher than a non-government worker doing the same job.
Neoliberalnot has a reliable source that Hillary is a smelly old bitch:
My cousin did a stint as a white house military guard—whatever the title. Anyway, he said, after he got out of the service, that hillary was an overripe smelly old bitch. They all detested her nasty demeanor. She is an elitist tyrant with a viscereal hatred for underlings, especially in the military and law enforcement.
Zakeet's exercise in Hillary strawmanning is notable mostly because of the BS scandals he chooses are the ones that are the most personally hurtful, not politically damaging.
I'm not aloof ... it's just that it's hard to remain humble when you're the world's smartest woman ... and idiots like you radical right wing nuts fail to recognize this ... and pay me the proper respect that I'm due ... like bowing before your master ... and groveling ... and granting me the power I so richly deserve ... and challenging my rightful claim to the presidency ... and the supreme court ... and the papacy ... and ignoring a few minor transgressions like Whitewatergate and Fostergate ... and granting me time alone with Huma that I so richly deserve ... and reminding me that Chelsea is Web Hubbell's love child ...
WENDLE has a rather drastic plan to deal wit North Korea planning to launch a satelite:
Shoot it down and kill them by the millions and then have a beer.
Everyone come to naturalized's theocracy!
Denying the Resurrection should be labeled hate speech.
Humbly taking nationalism one step further, MayflowerMadam may b the first Superbirther:
I think a candidate should have 100% American-soil/born ancestry for three generations in order to be qualified. (American soil would include overseas military bases.)

You mention “divided loyalties”, and that’s huge. The “old country” in their minds and hearts would dilute their patriotism to America.

Of course, that would disqualify all of the top three candidates.

Probably a million things wrong with my idea, but FWIW...

Friday, February 5, 2016

Spotlight Friday: The_Republic_Of_Maine

Another Freeper who has wandered in from some adjacent, but differently crazy society. Maybe it's the change of crazy pace, but I found this guy's madness to be thrillingly batshit.

Witness: an apocalyptic Christian secessionist who also really hates western medicine and loves capitalizing random Nouns!

The only people he ever speaks about is his father and their Pastor. He doesn't seem like he has ever met actual reality in his life, and will jump onto any conspiracy that wanders across his eye, and isn't below making up a few as well.

Check back on this guy in December.
rapture or revolution inside of 10 months.
Not a prophet, but Hillary will be dead by the end of the year:
Good Morning One and All:

Well, let me start by saying, that while I am neither a prophet or the son of a prophet, I have no doubts that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be dead within one year.

How she will die, I am not sure, but this I know, before November 8, 2016, she will be dead and joey biden will be put in her place.

I do not see her death as being by natural causes, although it may look like natural causes.

She will be dead because Barak Hussien Obama can not allow her to be deposed by Judicial Watch.

Obama has no fear of anything of consequences coming out from the interviews by the Congressional committees, for they are all subservient to him, but Judicial Watch is another story, a long suffering and honest, God fearing Republic loving group of honest lawyers and patriots.
His dad pals around with Maine Senator Angus King, but hated him.
My dad visited Angus King when he was in the hospital, when dad got back I asked him how King was, He said "Looks like he'll live, damn it".
His dad also hung out with abortion bomber Eric Rudolph
Mr.Rudolph was safe and sound in Maine, for about 18 months. I believe he enjoyed his morning coffee with my dad on more than one occasion.
So of course this Freeper kinda loved the recent abortion clinic shooting:
Better question would be how many babies did he save from being butchered?
His dad's best friend is his pastor, who prays for Trump:
Our Pastor, one of, if not my fathers best friend ended a meeting at our house with this:


My Prayer is that Christ will give me the time to see Donald Trump elected on November 8, 2016, sworn in on January 20, 2017, implement his agenda, starting with riding the nation of illegals, muslims, the EPA and the departments or energy and education, and then to give his life to the Lord God of Creation becoming a Born Again Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Christian.

That is my prayer.

Then I can die a happy man.

May God have mercy on the soul of any that harm a hair on his head.

I felt a lot better about his safety before the SS was assigned to him all they will be doing is disarming men who would fight to protect him.
His Pastor doesn't seem very Christian:
Armed robber shot and killed by barber shop patrons after Friday night robber

Our Pastor calls it “Permanent Rehabilitation”.
His pastor seems legit crazypants.
Our pastor says that he expects either Rapture or civil war in 2016.

When I said "Rapture" He said "I believe pope Francis is the false prophet, Putin is the anti-Christ and Netanyahu is the Israeli leader that turns to the anti-Christ and away from the US."

He went on to say that all of the end time prophecy pieces seem to be in place.
A pastor cured his cancer with only capital-A-Apricots, prayer and his own saliva!
Pastor Celeste killed his colon cancer by eating large quantities of Apricots and Apricot kernels each day. along with much prayer and his own saliva.

I don't know why anyone would not try that before going thru the horrors of chemo and or radiation.
Googling turned up this crazy website, not updated in 6 months. Some secession stuff we'll get to later and not much else, 'cept Pastor Robert Celeste hails from the town of Harrison, Maine, pop. 2,730.

That Pastor can't stop curing his own cancer, which he totally has and this is not a scam.
Our friend and Pastor beat his colon cancer last year using an alternative, now he is fighting Liver cancer using the same alternative, but this time the VA hospital system is taking him serious and following his progress.

Huge amounts of Bitter Apricot Kernels, organic Apricots, his own saliva, and prayer.
Do not turn to evil doctors!
what profession performs abortions?

What profession performs euthanasia?

What profession practices eugenics?

Yet you listen to them and obey them when they want to radiate you or pump deadly poisons into you?
A Freeper says chemotherapy works??! RAAAAGE
Bull shit, plain and simple, you are a lair!

I do not believe one word you have typed, you are a worthless, degenerate lair. You are a drug pushing scum ball.

Go peddle your bull somewhere else, for soon I will publicly expose you for what you are.
Those boats that wandered into Iranian waters? Secret delivery from Obama.
there are to many questions, like why didn’t they fight back, why didn’t the running boat tow the other boat out of the zone,

No this stinks to high heaven it has the finger print of a ‘covert action’ like either something being delivered to iran or something from iran going to obama.
The Oregon standoff was an FBI attack.
Yet the fbi and others ignore them and attack patriots in Oregon.

How much longer, how much more do we take?
Sandy Hook truther, natch.
Then, in 2012, Sandy Hook happened.

Did it? If so, what has been really documented to have happened?
Cruz birther
[The SCOTUS] would clear their schedules to hear this. And Cruz knows it, that's why he won't do it.
Cruz gave up his chance to be Trump's VP
He had the VP slot tied up, some vets then emailed Donald telling him that the VP had to be a natural born citizen, and that they had questions about Cruz.

So Donald asked Cruz to get a court to determine if he was NB or not, Cruz instead of complying, instead treated Donald as if he were a taxi driver.

Now Cruz will be luck to get re-elected to the Senate.
Is it illegal to whip a judge?
Is it illegal to horse whip a judge in Texas? Maybe not horse whip, but beat some sense into him, her or it?
Prehistoric crocodiles were pets before The Flood!
It's another of the critters I wish I could see alive from a safe distance.

Before Genesis chapter 8 you could have played with them.
Obama gay:
If Obama had a son he would punch babies out of 14 year old girls

Obama can never have a son, two faggots can't have a baby, especially the bottom half of a sodomite session.

The United States of America has it's first queer president, voted into office by the 51% that support queer marriage and the murdering of babies in the womb.
Take Obama's daughters away:
Maybe now he will rescue those two girls from the obamits.

They are not rehabititatable.

if the kids stay with the obama’s their chances are zero, if rescued they have a chance, for is anything impossible for God?
Obama capturing El Chapo is his only good act:
this may very well be the first time that obama has put the safety of the nation ahead of his won personal financial growth.
President Obama won't stop Maine when it secedes on June 12, 2018:
If there were a normal human in the oval office you would be right, unfortunately what we have is a man who wants to destroy the Republic. Knowing this we, in Maine, came to the conclusion that our seceding would not result in anything but noise coming out of Washington, for our seceding, while making Maine a free and independent Christian nation, would cause obama no concern, for it doesn’t care how the Republic is destroyed, only that it is destroyed.

obama wants civil war, he wants to kill as many patriots and Christians as it and it’s followers can, leaving only a dependent lower class of serfs and slaves to serve it and it’s elites.

If the militias go head to head with the military and obama’s civilian police forces, it will be a bloody mess, but if the Militias are smart enough to go after the head(s) of the snake, it may be a different story.

If the civil war starts before our secession vote on June 12, 2018, we are with you, but if after we secede, we cannot be with you, see the Militia clause of the Constitution that takes effect the microsecond we hit 50% plus one vote at MaineTV.net
MainTV.net. Come for "the attack on the Osuthren border," stay for the secession being canceled due to paranoia, after all 5 members met in ‘chance' meetings in large and small stores!

eight militias!
Maine is the most peaceful state

That is because more and more Mainers are coming to realize that on the eve of June 12, 2018 they will wake up free, free from the Union, free from the UN, free from all of the slavery of federal regulations and free to work and raise a family with no or literally no federal or govt intrusion.

That is why Maine is at peace, the very smell and thought of freedom backed up by no less than eight militias armed and ready to protect the polls and the peace, gives one reason to sleep peacefully and act peacefully.
All Christians come to Maine for the secession party!
This is not for a discussion on whether Maine can secede of not, it is an invitation for Born again Christians to consider moving to Maine to help us secede.
And now....The Maine Constitution. Ages from conception, and not questioning the militia clause!
After June 12, 2018 when Maine has voted to secede, and the State is a Free Christian Republic, these words in our Constitution will make the father and mother heroes.

Section 6. The Militia and the standing army of 1,000. So as to insure and guarantee the rights guaranteed in this Constitution, every natural born male in the Republic of Maine, upon reaching the age of 18 years from conception through age 67 years from conception, has, as a member of the Militia, the obligation to keep and bear arms for the common defense, for his and his families protection, to defend against this government or any government in the future from becoming oppressive, tyrannical, or in any other way obnoxious to freedom, and to secure the rights written in this Constitution. This obligation shall never be questioned. No law shall be passed that restricts this obligation, except for time in a local jail, county jail or Maine Republic prison. No law shall be passed, test given, or fee assessed to any citizen of the Republic of Maine, age 18 from the age of conception, both male and female, that would restrict in any way that citizens right to be armed either concealed or open. Males who are found to be or confess to being homosexuals are refused entry and from serving in either the Militia or the standing army. Males over the age of 67 may be voluntary members of the Militia with the full rights of Militia members. Natural born males between the age of 16 years from conception to 18 years from conception may volunteer for Militia service with the written permission of parents or guardians. The standing army of 1,000 shall be drawn from the Militia by the commander of the Militia and is under the command of the commander of the Militia who is appointed by and reports directly to the President.
All life is precious, but fuck 'em if they're poor.
Section 7. All human life is precious and a gift from God. Age is counted from the moment life begins, which is at the moment of conception and as such, all human life is protected from conception to death and has the full rights of this Constitution from conception. Any citizen of the Republic of Maine may use what ever force he or she deems necessary to protect human life. All abortions are considered first degree premeditated murder, children are entrusted, by God the Creator to that child's parents and as such are the responsibility of the parents, not the state, no level of Government whether local, county or Republic is to, in any way, over rule a parent in the rearing, educating, and/or influencing that child in any way.
Don't worry, a Pastor approved the Christian part of it:
"It’s interesting that the constitution establishes generic Christianity without providing for a means of defining it. How is it to be defined? How are sects that fall outside the definition to be dealt with?"

I cannot give out that information at this time. But I can tell you that the Pastor who finally approved both the written and unwritten is a man who understands the difference between big C and little c Christians.

I honestly wish I could go into great detail, but I have been ordered not to, not yet anyhow.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

DiogenesLamp's amazing retroactively correct predictions

DiogenesLamp is often wrong, but never in doubt.

You cannot fight Obama's blackness:
I predicted back in 1995 that a Black man would get a massive surge of public sentiment that would translate into votes.

I knew he would be invulnerable to criticism because everyone would be terrified that any criticism of him would be considered "racist."

I knew back in 2008 that if Obama got the nomination, he would very likely win. Rush Limbaugh realized this too, and that's why he pushed very hard for "Operation Chaos."

Hillary would have lost in 2008, just as she will lose in 2016, and that's IF she can get the nomination and stay out of prison.
Of course, Operation Chaos involved conservatives to vote FOR Obama to screw up Hillary.

He didn't see 2012 coming, but not because he was wrong...
I've had a pretty good track record up till now. I think Romney (whom I didn't like) only lost because of Vote Fraud. (And because he is a RINO squish.)