Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Potpourri pt I

mumblypeg has questions about a judge who banned a high school from singing a hymn:
BTW Judge Reeves —Obama appointee—is the same judge who overturned Mississippi’s ban on gay marriage.
His Wikipedia page reveals no religious preference. I think beliefs are far more significant than race.
I wonder if he is a Muslim?
If so, it would explain his anti-Christan rulings which seem to me me even more hostile than the average atheist rantings.
Even the atheists pay some—not much— lip service to students’ or individuals’ rights to initiate voluntary faith activities on campuses.
This Reeves guy is ordering NO religious (Christian) activitities whatsoever. No way, no how, or pay a fine.
That smacks of Shariah, right there.
I hope Todd Starnes writes about this aspect of the assault on Christianity—and America, from the jihadists in our midst.
I love it when Freepers like Menthops think America is just hungering for Maximum Freep:
Shut down the government, file Articles of Impeachment against Obama, win 2016 in a LANDSLIDE!

But the GOPe would rather Hillary win than have True Conservatives gain power.
In some kinda weird China-invades-Africa scenario, PapaBear3625 advocates genocide of African blacks, because they're crappy workers:
Africa has farmland and slaves to grow and harvest food for China, and to mine its resources

China would be better off colonizing South Africa with Chinese to do the work, and getting rid of the current residents.
This week's maximum anti-Kelly misogyny brought to you by 4Runner:
MK is nothing but a glorified trampy pole dancer with an affirmative action law degree. Why do u think her other polls are UP???? Trump knows this. She’s no Anne Coulter.

Expect to see her NAKED somewhere soon on the internet. If she isn’t already.
I shudder to think where E. Pluribus Unum gets his stats - racist website, or his ass?
If you treat black crime separately, the US is as peaceful as Sweden.
manc is far from the only Freeper to point to a certain someone behind the market volatility last week:
Well, somebody has made two killings this week.

...on the crash ...and then on the recovery.

Follow the money.

Soros up his old tricks again and I am sure some of those elected officials who have inside info have made some gains.
Ticonderoga34 mixes up Freeper fantasies with reality:
I don't know about his health but Soros is 85 years old. It makes me wonder why doesn't he just retire instead of acting like a James Bond villain.
Spotlight-worthy rage homunculus WENDLE's hatred of Megyn Kelly drove him into the arms of Maddow
I’ve been watching Rachall Madcow. At least I know where she stands!! She is not a liar on FAUX news. Actuall( this is blasphemy here) but Madcow has been good lately . Far mor fair that suggesting the Trump hated all women when ,in Jack, he just hated Rosie O’Donnell. We will never watch her again. She was completely destroyed,not by Trump, by her own assassinating attempt on Trump that blew up in her aging face.
Liz has no shortage of questions about every liberal.
Kicking out Ramos is not enough. Investigations need to commence. Americans demand to know:

<><> how many violent organizations advocating the overthrow of the US govt Ramos belongs to;

<><>how many US govt checks Ramos, his family, his staff are collecting;

<><>how many SS nos Ramos, his family and his staff have;

<><>how many identities Ramos has;

<><> how many times Ramos has traveled to foreign countries;

<><> whether Ramos, his family, his staff are registered agents for foreign governments.
Most of her posts are guilt by association-filled giant paste jobs that ask Freepers to call the FBI demanding they investigate (Obama/Hillary/Boehner/Mexicans). She's a fixture, but I'll spotlight her only if desperate.

NorthMountain likes Star Wars, and hates the slightly less Manichean sequels.
I enjoyed that little movie called "Star Wars" back in '78.

Since then ... the suckage has become intolerable.
Mere Internet rage isn't enough for Din Maker:
I’ve never hit a woman in my life, but I’d pay for the opportunity to bitch slap Hillary and her lesbian lover, Huma.
SkyPilot has gone full Pope Conspiracy:
The very first words from Francis to the Cardinals who elected him after the blackmail ouster of Benedict were: "May God forgive you for what you have done."

When Francis was chosen, lightening stuck the Vatican............twice.
unlearner has a totally legit plan to defund Planned Parenthood for worshiping Satan:
Many tax payers oppose Satanism being a state sponsored religion through Planned Parenthood funding.


Class action reparations for PP victims.

Prosecute PP leaders, politicians and judges for crimes against humanity.
Hostage thinks birthright citizenship is a conspiracy created by immigration attorneys:
A ‘child’ at the time of birth is not subject to any allegiance other than that of the legal parent or guardian.

The fact is that ‘birthright citizenship’ has been squashed from view by political leaders and because of this cover provided to this false notion, immigration attorneys have marked it as a LOOPHOLE and made it their cash cow business, promulgating it as a lie that it is completely legal and constitutional, and furthering their abuse of it by joining it with Ted Kennedy’s 1965 chain immigration reform so that an anchor baby becomes a beachhead for an invasion of illegals.
DouglasKC does not think well of Obama supporters:
Where are the stories about the homicidal maniacs supporting Obama? Or the kill the whitey blacks supporting Obama?
Tucker39 has great hopes for Hillary:
I believe Hillary will sing like a Mockingbird, about Obama, about Holder, about Jarrett, about Pelosi signing off on Obunga being legal to be President. She knows where many of the bodies are buried. She may even have a stanza or two about Slick before she’s through. Copping a Plea. State’s Evidence.
Falcon4.0 has another word for scientific research:
Legalized Cannibalism.
Rich White Liberals, cannibalizing mostly minority babies, ostensibly for "Medical Research",
so Rich White Liberals can live longer.
If you're looking for folks pining to be victims, Savage Beast, maybe check a mirror?
maybe they want to be marched naked to a gas chamber.. The people of the left really are insane..

Yes, it's a serious mental illness, mass psychosis.

They must be marginalized and rendered harmless.
TexasFreeper2009 is pinning it all on the silent majority:
Here's my pet theory.

Yellow Dog Democrats which deserted the Democratic party in droves after the 1968 commie takeover of the Democratic convention only vote when there is a “strong” alternative on the ballot. They came out for Nixon, and Reagan and gave them vote massive landslides. They seem to be attracted to strong personalities with strong opinions, even if they don't agree with all of them.

I think this is where Trump is getting a lot of his support and if true it spells doom for the others in the primary and for any Democrat in the general, because polls wont accurately reflect how strong Trump is, if he is attracting voting who don't usually vote and/or are not even registered to vote.
Gritty is pretty sure Iran is gonna conquer America now:
Our national survival has been sold out to the Iranian Mullahs for cold hard cash. Our blood is on the hands of these Senators.
Sontagged has done some pretty strong retconning:
You guys weren’t around FR, I guess during 2003-2007 when conservatives woke up to the fact that Bush was an operational liberal.

Open borders while we were at war; pushing Amnesty, big pharma etc., etc.
The hagiographic 'A day in the life of President Bush' threads didn't end until about March 2008...

Wilhelm Tell doesn't think Satanists are bad enough:
They way the Satanists are standing stiffly about and bullying people looks very fascist. Those black-clad Satanists look like they would have also been perfectly at home wearing Nazi uniforms.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Spotlight Friday: AnonymousConservative

Commenter Kitefox suggested this spotlight, and his time has indeed come. He doesn't post that often, and many of his posts are long discursive lectures using many boring strings of needlessly big words. Lectures that argue for killing all liberals, because they're crazy. His manner is this reflective rationalism that is no doubt infuriating in person, as he says crazy crap and then laments your irrationality when you disagree.

But even beyond his academic genocide advocacy, he's got his quirks. He claims not to, but seems to really like Putin. He also jumps on any story wherein shadowy puppetmasters be blackmailing American politicians. And, naturally, he's worried about all the Commies in sci-fi.

Everything you hear outside of Free Republic is lies:
I find it amusing that none of these people complain about MSNBC or CBS as propaganda. Everything is propaganda today - either corporate, political, financial, or personal, and some of the Liberal stuff is beyond belief - to the point a lot of people now just beleive the opposite of what they are told.
I’m not a Putinista, but...
I’m not a Putinista, but I by no means take the western narrative of Ukraine at face value.

The bottom line is, Obama and the EU appears to have set this in motion more than Russia, which seemed happy with the status quo a few months back. Either Obama and the EU did it through gross incompetence (not impossible), or it was for some strategic reason. If it was strategy, you have to ask, was that strategy designed to serve the cause of freedom, honor, or even our national interests? Or is it more likely the strategy was designed to serve leftism and/or some banking/elite’s grand plan to enrich themselves and control something they wanted?

It’s not like this whole thing has a freedom/honor/goodness-obsessed ideologue like Reagan involved on one side, where sides are clear. Sure Putin is a shark, but so are the leftist/globalist/EU types on the other side.

Now, I’m not so sure Obama isn’t using his sanctions to try to get Putin to do something to our economy in return, to trip the collapse Obama has set up these last six years, so when the collapse/correction comes, he can say it was Putin who did it and not him.

I just don’t get why people even care enough to take sides.
Maybe everyone is being blackmailed!
What will be the bombshell is when every government official is on it. If two or three people at NSA, who nobody has even heard of, own the Supreme Court, Congress, the President and all of his staff, all the generals, and most of the media, we are practically, a stealth dictatorship with a illusion of democracy. There is no elected official, unless he does what the secret cabal wants. If he doesn’t, they just Petraeus him, and put in somebody who will do their bidding.

It is funny, but we may end up not sure if Russia is all that more controlled a form of government than we are. If the above article was even half true, this could be the biggest revelation in the history of America.
A really bad attempt at propaganda:
I’d vote for hoplophobe too, but if not, take a page from the leftist playbook, and make it a phobia, so it implies mental illness - like homophobe, just make it a phobia of something respected by society. I’d go with Gunophobe, Defensophobe, Protectophobe, Loyalphobe, Armophobe, Manly-phobe, Masculophobe, Honorphobe, Familophobe, or something similar.
Somehow I doubt he ever wins arguments:
Some examples of using mortal salience with liberals.

Gay tolerance : Point out the CDC data on disease carriage of homosexuals (STDs/AIDS, but things like meningitis, MRSA, Gay Bowel Disease, etc as well), and make the case that homosexual aversion is a rational, evolved trait designed to help one avoid disease exposure. Point out that if a pandemic hits, all those who are homo-tolerant will rapidly be culled from the population, and since a pandemic is unavoidable, homo-intolerance will be normal soon enough. Do it unemotionally, even slightly bemused by it, and Libs will shut up fast.

For guns I like to combine mortal salience (mention of death) with shame over their helplessness, shame over their disloyalty to their loved ones in not wanting to protect them, shame over their own lack of honor, and shame over their own impotence and likeliness to get killed. So I’d comment on how shocked I am that not only are they so disloyal to their own family that they have no desire to be able to protect them from being killed by a thug in a violent encounter, they have the gall to demand that I be remiss in my duty to protect my own family.

Observers, not wanting to be seen as disloyal, cowardly, helpless, weak, and impotent like the liberal, will immediately side with you, giving it a social punch threatening the leftist with social isolation as well.

Leftists argue differently. Facts, logic, truth, being right mean nothing compared to trying to socially out-group the opposition with ridicule, or just mob-alliance against the opposition, often based on the “bad feelings” associated with the opposition position.

But in the liberals head is a switch. Colonel Connell hit the button on Mike Wallace with that interview after a whole swath of people arguing logically could not, which is why I think anyone who argues with liberals needs to watch it.

Google “Touching the Raw Amygdala” if you want more on the technique.
I guess Colonel Connell took exception to Mike Wallace for (tone-deafly) saying journalists should continue to report when a nearby US soldier is in danger. Didn't really shake the earth.

Legalize meth:
Meth addicts aren’t victims anymore than Darwin Award winners are. A victim tries to do the right thing and stuff drops on them out of the sky. A cancer patient is a victim. There was a cop in Jersey with two daughters he supported with two jobs who stopped to pick up a pizza and caught a stray bullet in the head from a driveby - that’s a victim.

Some gay dude at a party who wants to get high and have fun so he tries meth, despite all the problems it causes, and the laws regarding it is an idiot.

What nobody seems to grasp is the drug war is a proxy for building up the police state.
This is a square example of sacrificing liberty for security, made worse by the fact we are sacrificing freedom to an ever more powerful government to save people who don’t want to be saved, and who don’t care enough about us to not take that first hit of drugs, or bear the consequences of their own actions if they do.

I say screw-em. Legalize it, and let their actions have consequences. If the consequences get bad enough they’ll get help, and if not, sayonara. I’m sick of people telling me I’m responsible for every selfish idiot who can’t think about anyone but themselves.
The search for Conservative sci-fi
Quick Heads up - I don’t want to ruin it for you, but John Scalzi is among the most repugnant of leftist pussies, and spends his spare time tweeting leftist crap and trying to purge conservatives from the Sci-Fi Author organizations using petty leftist politics. He actually got Vox Day purged from SFWA for being conservative. Personally I wouldn’t advance his interests or career.

Castalia House Publishing ( is actually a conservative publishing house that does great conservative sci-fi specifically to counter the influence of the pink shirts in SF like Scalzi, and which arose because of Vox’s purging.
Oh, sad puppies, you whiners suck so hard! Look it up if you want some bemusement about partisans in the sci-fi industry!

Rationally, it's clear Trump will save America:
I feel kind of desperate about this, because if Donald gets rewarded by us for this, other candidates, and Donald himself, may finally go on the attack over Obamacare, marriage and family, carry reciprocity, corruption, surveillance, limited government, IRS abuses, Justice Department abuses, and everything else we’ve been getting hammered on. If he doesn’t then all we’ve gained through this may be lost, and we’re right back in the RINO pool.

Thanks again for taking the time.
Trump could become the template for all conservatives!
Look, I love Cruz, and deciding which of the two to go with is tough. But if I support Donald, and he wins, our next generation of republican candidate will try to win by being tough and confrontational. Once all the candidates are doing that we get the luxury of looking for the one who appears most solid.
Rationally, it's clear blacks shot by cops are all guilty savages:
You can’t compare Sharpton rallying false outrage over a couple of scumbags who really should have gotten their tickets punched, with Trump advocating for obeying the laws of our nation, and saving innocent people who were murdered in cold blood by savages exploiting a criminal system.

It’s like saying a man wrongly accused of murder is no better than Ted Bundy if he hires an attorney.

Both sides are getting their ideas out. One supports criminal savages breaking the law and attacking innocent people, one opposes it.

No contest which side I’m on.
Research shows gay parents are bad for kids. In other outcome-seeking BS, all suboptimal adoptions are immoral:
I love Dick Cheney, and hate to say it, but I draw the line at kids. If she and her partner wanted to live alone it’s one thing. But the research shows now, it’s a bad deal for the kids, which will not get them any sympathy from me. (Dick is another story, God bless him).

If I carried a latent viral infection, which would make any dog I had mildly sick, I wouldn’t have any dogs, ever. I’d rather know that the dogs I would have had, were healthy and loved elswhere. Why people don’t feel this way with their own kids is beyond me.
Liberalism is narcissism
Liberalism is merely NPD applied to politics. If you understand Narcissistic Personality Disorder, at the level of what is happening in the brain, it all makes sense, from the self-aggrandizement and insistence on their own innate superiority, to the insistence on false realities.
Liberals are prey animals:
Liberalism is he expression of an ancient, rabbit-like, r-selected reproductive strategy, programmed by nature, and designed to exploit free resource availability. Give a population free resources, and it will shift it’s psychology toward liberalism. The five traits of the r-strategy, are all adaptations to free resource availability. If resources are copious, fighting is pointless, so the docile have advantage. If resources are free, every offspring will get food, so you don’t need to find a fit mate, and monopolize them with monogamy, plus promiscuity will produce more kids. Once promiscuity is advantageous, single parenting will predominate, and sexualizing young will also increase offspring numbers. Finally, r-strategists have no loyalty to in-group because there is no group competition.

The five traits of the r-strategy - docility, promiscuity, single parenting, early sexualization of young, and no loyalty to in-group, explain every facet of the Leftist psychology, from early sex-ed for kids, to communism and free birth control for everyone.

Liberals are just the rabbits of our society, and I expect once resource contract in the coming collapse will reverse the leftist slide we have been seeing.
See, he wrote a book full of crap science and bad animal analogies:
I have a general theory of political thought, and wrote a book about it. The theory is that Liberalism is an advanced version of a Darwinian strategy seen in nature, and adopted to avoid the risk of free competition, be it for resources, mates, whatever.

If the theory is correct, the true Liberal adopts their worldview in childhood, and their brain becomes averse to the fear of uncertainty in their future (due to amygdala dysfunction). The only way to curtail their noxious pursuit of everyone’s oppression is to make pursuit of it create uncertainty in their future. ie, if they think everyone is going to be against them, and they are going to be ostracized, they will retreat.

There is a second type of Liberal, which I refer to as the Lemming. They are only Liberal because they think everyone else is, and they go with the flow. They have to be convinced that Liberals are losers, and they shouldn’t associate with the Liberal, because it makes them look bad.
In his book, he explains how liberals are all evil traitors to the core:
I wrote a book on the evolutionary psychology of Liberals. The theory was that the Liberal is an evolved psychology, designed to seek personal advantage at the expense of their group
I state in the book (written a year ago) that the Liberal fears nothing more than being exposed, as this, historically would have led to a purge, and Darwinian destruction. Thus, when acrimony and division grew, the Liberal will panic, for fear of being outed. That is what they are programmed to do. That is the root of the current calls to all “Come together.” If we up the acrimony and division, the Liberal will go to ground, as under Reagan. They are programmed to. They are a treasonous subversive walking the fine line of a traitor. They want us to think they are of our own, as they selfishly betray us.

Yes, they will use any future violence to call for coming together, so they may continue to hide amongst us. We must seek to continue to portray them as the enemy, and increase the partisanship and attacks on their character, and control they seek.
God's plan is that liberals are a different species, you see:
To understand God’s plan, you must understand his mechanism. You see all of this throughout nature too, in other animals, and it has been documented in biology for decades in r/K Selection Theory.

The present sexual revolution is simply a case of the copious dopamine produced by our essentially free resource availability today triggering a brain program designed to change the human reproductive strategy.

Free resources does this by actually remodeling the brain in an organized, programmed fashion
Sadly, it works if resources are free. You’ll have around three kids, while the welfare queen in the city will have fifteen kids by fourteen dads. It is basically the Idiocracy effect from the movie, and so long as resources are free, society will lean toward the r-selected model.

It isn’t permanent, but to bring back the K-selected greatness, the population must endure a period of dopamine withdrawal and violence due to resource restriction, to trigger deeply laid brain pathways that will bring back the K-selected brain program in the organism. Think the fifties, after the Depression and WWII, the success of which produced the Sixties, which produced the seventies and Carter. Reagan upset the applecart with debt spending, which has created the weird period of extended free resources and r-selection that has all of us scratching our heads lately at the weirdness.

Don’t fall into the trap of not seeing how programmed this is, at the societal level, or you will never see the real solution, or what God has planned for us.
Here comes the made-up science!e
I think we are splitting into different directions on the definition of amygdala activity. I think you are seeing amygdala activity as being production of aversive stimulus (which is admittedly a popular view I disagree with). I see amygdala activity as seeking answers to shut off aversive stimulus, which I believe is triggered by the amygdala (and could be triggered mistakenly due to maladaptation in some cases). The panic though, is actually produced by the Anterior Cingulate Cortex.

So my hypothesis based on a lot of readings and personal experience (and I do have formal training in Cognitive Neurosci) is the amygdala encounters threat, triggers the ACC, and the ACC then forces, via panic/brain-pain, an amygdala-driven search of the brain for all possible actions and outcomes, until it hits on a potential act that could shut off the ACC’s panic response somewhat.

The panic then drives the action. In this model, the ACC is the driver using punishment, and the amygdala is the guy whose job is seeing reality honestly and trying to diminish the punishment by finding something to do to the world around you to turn off the punishment. I ignore the studies about anxiety and amygdala size and connectivity, because a narcissist may show no panic, not because he is good with coping with stress, but just because he denies all reality,
So conservatives have larger amygdalae, smaller ACCs, and less panic under threat and more comfort with threat (even as they feel panic) - because they have greater amygdala-linkage to the rest of the brain, better logical modeling capability, and a resultant better problem solving capability.

Liberals (and narcissists) have developed to try and shield themselves from panic by somehow hacking their perception of reality upstream of the amygdala, so the stressful reality doesn’t make it into the amygdala to trigger the ACC, instead being replaced by the non-triggering “false reality.”
His profile is short on personal details, long on his anecdotally researched personal theory that amazingly fits his politics.

And, finally, then animal metaphors go off the rails...
Rabbits are more likely to try and get wolves to genocide others by fomenting conflicts. Clinton, Weiner, Obama, aren’t going to wade into a battlefield when everyone is going at it. But they will send armed feds to do it for them if they can.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Anti-PC meets prudishness

Some frat got in trouble at Old Dominion University for some misogynistic signs. I don't personally think boorish speech is worth a suspension, but idiotic administrators vs. idiotic students isn't something I'm going to get super invested in.

But Freepers have a way of lending some fascinating craziness to even the most mundane stories.

Here, they're split. On one side, you have the anti-PC crowd, who loves to support the poor, persecuted American asshole. On the other, you have the moral scolds, who love to rail against the sinful ways of kids these days. This story put them on opposite sides of the debate. And, as only Freepers can manage, they both managed to lose.

Timber Rattler loves jokes like "Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time!"
I think it’s pretty funny. Nobody has a sense of humor anymore.
wolfman23601 thinks America is suffering from an egotistical blowhard deficit:
Not a Trump guy, but I wish more people would handle this kind of schit like him. I am a graduate of ODU and am embarrassed... Not by the sign, but how the authorities have caved to the SJWs. They are locusts that consume the host and ODU just opened the door for them.
AmericanCheeseFood knows there are no liberal comedians:
Liberals don’t have brains that can comprehend humor anymore. Maybe it’s due to global warming?!
MayflowerMadam agrees - college kids just don't laugh anymore!
It was a cute joke and not at all in bad taste. Sheesh. Political correctness has taken all the fun out of life. I feel so sorry for the world today’s children will have growing up.
In the other side, ballearthout seems to be taking a relatively normal tact, if a bit old man-ish:
Its the death of the gentleman. I have a sense of humor, but find that in poor taste. I wouldn’t let it ruin my day though. lol
wolfman23601 comes right back blaming feminism for guys being jerks:
The lady died long before the gentleman.
DoughtyOne is disgusted, and wants to beat up these frat boys:
These signs don’t seem all that funny to me. They are disgusting. The moms can’t even drive toward campus without being propositioned.

The one involving the freshmen girl’s moms is beyond disgusting. A group of dads should go pay these little pricks a visit, and deliver them some jokes. Now that would be funny.

These guys can’t view a young girl as anything but a few minutes pleasure on their highway through life, and moms are supposed to cheat on their husbands to fulfill these guy’s fantasies.
Not funny at all...
VanDeKoik, on the other hand, yells about causing feminism:
People wonder where these current feminist come from? Mainly from stupid conservative fathers that white-knight for their airhead daughters that are apparently too stupid to roll their eyes and just ignore these guys.
Secret Agent Man tells a joke he knows all Freepers will love:
How are we to know this is not Bill Clinton’s house?
US_MilitaryRules also tells one of those gays are coming for you jokes that brings Freepers together:
I guess it would have been OK if they were asking for the sons and the dads with rainbow flags waving? lol
Palio di Siena is worried about kids these days and their hippity hop music:
if they were blaring rap music out the windows at 110 decibels with f bombs and mother f bombs it would have been ok.
faithhopecharity lightens the mood by urging perspective via a light child molester anecdote:
kids will be kids, this appears to be a very tame fraternity gag

(when I walked in as a possible pledge (new member) at a fraternity, many many moons ago .... I was only there a day or two before I re-met my high school music teacher (he was an excellent teacher, for whatever its worth). He was a regular at the fraternity... making use of the boys for pornographic sex movies he was filing there (so the boys didn’t have to leave their residence in order to perform, so to speak, gainful employment ... albeit in homosexual flicks so maybe their parents might not have completely approved)

anyway, I left the frat. And thus, probably gave up a very promising movie career (especially given my super-sized qualifications and outstanding skills in that particular film genre)


Jared Fogle: probably gay

Jared Fogle's fall is shocking and pretty horrible. Initially, it just looked like he was into 16-year-old girls, which is antisocial and creepy enough. But then he clearly was totally cool with his co-worker's proclivities for much younger girls.

Freepers try their best to turn yet another horrid story into propaganda for their various causes.

Goreknowshowtocheat is pretty sure he can assume Jared's sexual orientation, without research:
Probably boys since they didn’t make it clear. The Gay lobby would not like it if they printed “boys”.
wbill is also wrong, via the same algorithm:
Since gender wasn’t mentioned, I’ll guess boys. That’s kind of the RoT with the media.
Cowboy Bob knows Obama protects the gay pedos:
It does make a difference. If it was boys, he would be protected and pardoned by Obama. If it’s girls...he’s dead meat.
mumblypeg uses this as evidence against gay marriage:
Perverts often hide in marriage. The marriage is a sham to present a public appearance of ordinariness.
Which is why we now have gays getting married and “having children.”
Same thing with hetero pedos like Jared.
Responsibility2nd has a different hobby-horse to ride:
I just saw on Google News that his wife is filing for divorce.

Pornography just ruined another marriage.
Perhaps sensing he wasn't winning, Responsibility2nd adds in some shocking made-up facts:
Porn didn’t ruin the marriage. HE ruined the marriage with kiddie porn AND kiddies.

What do you think porn is? The majority of porn involves children.
nascarnation is pushing the Bill Clinton = pedophile narrative that some are trying to get going:
I will never understand how a man with children can do this to another person’s children

Ask Bill Clinton.

I think Monica and Chels were similar age....

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pro Life Drama

There's been another high profile shooting, this time of reporters on camera, with the black shooter posting some kinda manifesto on social media. Freepers have decided the shooter is Muslim, gay, and liberal by now.

Meh. If I see something at all new in Freepers' callous politicization, I'll make a post about it. In the meantime...

These Planned Parenthood videos were a shot in the arm for the Pro-Life zealots, but since the outrage still hinges on when a fetus becomes a baby, no one else seems to care about fetal tissue donation. So these righteous warriors are left all het' up, with nowhere to go (except maybe a government shutdown!). This has resulted in some spectacular religious drama. Including a story that's been making the rounds about how Satanic rituals and spellcasting are all over abortion (choice quote: "In that particular one, which was probably one of the more heinous abortions I had ever done, the doctor reached in, ripped the baby out and threw it onto the floor where these women were swaying. The women looked like they were possessed, and when the doctor threw the baby out to them, they cannibalized the baby." .

Having been burned before, most Freepers are smart enough not to buy such a story. But they still think Satan is stalking the halls of Planned Parenthood:

MeganC is skeptical, but wants an investigation after arresting everyone:
This story makes my “warning bells” ring.

It just smacks of the kind of story that the left would feed to us and PRAY that we’d run with so they could discredit us with hoots and mockery about how we’re complaining about SATAN!!! at Planned Parenthood.

Yeah, I think I’d like to come back to this AFTER Planned Parenthood is defunded and their officers and staff put in prison where they belong.
GeronL is on board:
ebb tide is even more into this idea, and has a story:
Thanks for posting this, Mark. I believe every word of it.

I have prayed outside an abortion clinic. And I have seen people turn around in the parking lot after seeing us. Onetime, a man and his teenage daughter came back months later to give us each a framed photo of the new baby in their family that was almost murdered at that clinic.
This could be bilge but I don’t doubt that for many of the abortionists and abortion worshippers this is their religion.
I want the USA back makes the connection!
As Rush says, abortion is their sacrament.

I had never made the connection between feminazis, abortionists and wiccans. This article showed me.
wbill is cool with all the human sacrifice and orgies, but one detail was too far:
Lost me at “dungeons and dragons”.

I’ve played DnD for nearly 40 years - mostly in HS and college. (No time now, with jobs and family). Never saw or even heard of something like what’s described. Most of the guys who played were a bunch of undersexed dorks. We didn’t have time for nonsense like the author was spouting, we were too busy being nerds, or thinking about girls.

This reads like something a liberal cooked up, thinking it would push conservative buttons. Don’t take the bait.
If you want to read stories about proto-Freepers playing D&D, that's about half this thread.

ForAmerica axiomatically invokes Satan:
Not a fan of Planned Parenthood but somehow, I doubt this guy is telling the truth.

Well satanist and PP are like peanut and butter.
cva66snipe didn't bother with this article - he had already read some other melodramatic book:
I didn’t read the article but I have read at least one book exposing satanic rituals. “Day of Deception” perhaps is the most easy to read and an eye opener for parents. The coveted of things for rituals is things like baby fat to make into candles. They seek the pure and innocent to try and if it were spiritually possible defile them to use for an offering to the devil himself.
markomalley posted the article, so he likes the supernatural angle:
There are any number of other sources documenting connections between the occult and abortion, as well as occult rituals being performed on aborted babies.

So while this guy may be full of it, there are plenty of examples that indicate that it is not total lunacy.
markomalley backs up his assumption with this anecdote:
Do you remember this from 2012?

Exorcism prayers preceded closing of Illinois abortion clinic

For decades, local Catholics had maintained a prayerful presence outside an abortion clinic in Rockford, Illinois, but the clinic remained open.

According to Kevin Rilott of the Rockford Pro-Life Initiative, the tide began to turn in 2009 when Bishop Thomas Doran granted priests permission to recite prayers of exorcism outside the Northern Illinois Women’s Center. At times, four priests would stand outside the four corners of the building and recite the prayers together.

“Within two to three weeks of priests saying these prayers, the number of abortions began to drop,” said Rilott. “Over a few months, the number of abortions was cut in half and the numbers of women seeking our help probably doubled. The clinic, which had been performing 25-75 abortions a week for years, also reduced its days of business from three to two.”

In late 2011, the State of Illinois temporarily suspended the clinic’s license; in January, the clinic announced that it would not reopen its doors.
markomalley also finds great significance in a picture of a clinic:
That shows it for the replication of an Aztec pyramid...known for the human sacrifices done on them.

Thanks for posting it.