Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Spotlight: DungeonMaster

It's actually a surprisingly rare combination on Freep - a devout Christian white supremacist. Usually the Christians are too into the social stuff, and the White Supremacists are too focused on posting every story of a black behaving badly across the nation. But DungeonMaster finds time to do both! He'll go on about Jesus, and then post about how blacks are all angry thugs who swear all the time and bring down property values. Though there are a few 'good ones.' One of his many taglines: "(God is very intollerant, why shouldn't I be?)" kinda takes care of that. He also used to be secular, or so he claims. Now he loves to go on about how science is religeon.

He also uses the Bible to explain that women shouldn't vote.

He does some sort of electronics, though he is really hostile to education so I suspect he's more a tradesman. He has children he's been grooming as conservative, one joined the Navy in 2008. and his parents are Democrats so he hates talking to them.

Russia is proud of their skin color!
I almost never mention Russia without saying "Russia, not ashamed of being white".
Even if the cops shot an unarmed black man, making noise about it is bad form!
It may have been a bad arrest but if blacks are going to play the racist card it is going to further divide this country.
And by thugs he means...
It’s getting hard to tell muslims from thugs.
Obama - head thug in charge:
The head thug in charge is a Muslim.
He assumes without checking that Obama gives crappy speeches when whites are killed, compared to when blacks are killed.
I suspect that he uses the exact same words every time it is a black hating white crime and he uses that dead pan voice. That is messaging.

But when it is one of his "sons" you see actual emotion and a new and creative speech intended to cause his rabble to riot.
White flight is great!
"the number of white people living in the city has declined to below where it was in 1890"

"There goes the neighborhood". Not just a cliché.
Football is all black!
Goddamn nigger schoolkids:
I live next to an elementary school with a "diverse" group of kids. I'm noticing that on the playground really foul language is ignored. Said foul language has a very noticeable racial component to it therefore the school either cannot or voluntarily will not discipline it because that would be critical of a culture. A non-white culture!
He's all aboard the Muslim inbreeding thesis.
There was a post where someone pointed out all of the inbreeding in muslim countries and how that diminished intelligence.
The Bible is basically freep.txt.
I notice that liberals are on the wrong side of the bible on EVERY SINGLE issue. Even when they claim to be doing things for the poor it’s a lie. They are buying votes from the lazy when the bible says “If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.”.
Jimmy Carter: false prophet.
Jimmy Carter: Jesus would approve gay ‘marriage’ and some abortions

Reminds me of a bible story where a false prophet lies to a real prophet. The real prophet is killed by a lion for believing the false prophet.
No more evolution in schools!
I'm a man of faith, but keeping religion out of school is a good thing. There's no need to teach Bible study in public schools.

Then get rid of evolution, humanism and politics.
equation = truth.
“Scientists” = clerics.
Another equation.
Evolution = religion.
And a third
Atheism = socialism/communism = a world of terror.
He doesn't believe aliens exist.
Why would God waste time creating all this space and everything in it but create life on just this tiny little ball of dirt orbiting a totally unexceptional star

Because He said He did.
What good is science, the electrician asked:
Science can’t even prove God is real.
Used to believe in astronomy:
PS. I used to be into astronomy from an atheist perspective and evolution and Carl Sagan materialism were my religion. After getting saved all of that went away.
His literalism gets kinda silly:
Most European men descend from a handful of Bronze Age forefathers

Noah and his wife and 3 sons and daughters in law.
The $5 dollar bill might change? Mark of the Beast!
It’s the pre-mark of the beast forcing people away from cash.
The end is getting nearer.
His faith is tested by how much he lusts for liberal and Muslim death:
I'm pro life but I feel a bit hypocritical when I consider my feelings about having more godless liberals or muslims around.
Don't call Obama a Christian!
People who call him a Christian really piss me off, though he may just be an atheist or a witch or an evolutionist and not a Muslim.
Can't trust Muslims - deport them all!
How do we deal with taquilla(sp) where they lie for their cause?

Answer: Skip the test and deport them all.
Used to be for Cruz:
I’ve been saying that Cruz is playing a patient chess game and waiting for Trump to put his queen in front of a pawn. I think that may have just happened.
But now he claims to have always loved Trump:
Trump has snapped me out of my "I'm not voting anymore" state. I just defended him yet again saying he is one of very few politicians who will speak the truth about islam, Hillary's crimes, the foolishness of open boarders. All of this while just daring ANYONE to call him a racist. Each time someone calls him that another gaggle of people switch to Trump!
Gary Gygax dies:
America is turning into...Iran? That's a new one:
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: ‘I can’t imagine what the country would be’ under President Trump

It would be a lot less like Iran which is the direction it is currently heading.
The kid who shot up that black church? He knows his politics!
That’s a Democrat haircut.
Not a fan of education.
College and lower education is the dwelling place for liberals and Satan.
In fact, he's created this whole conspiracy to justify lack of education as freedom:
College serves Corporate America as a very important tool for measuring a person. If a person is willing to throw away 50-75 thousand dollars and 4 years of their life to get a degree that person will be willing to do almost anything to keep a “professional” position within a company. This means that Corporate America knows that said people will work tons of OT and will salute and Amen any new initiative the company dreams up. Like...diversity...or Lean electronics. Said person can often be counted on to put their career above their personal life.
To be fair, Lean electronics sounds pretty dumb.

He hates talking to his parents:
I can no longer talk peaceable with any Democrats. Maybe my parents but I don’t like doing it.
His sons love facile right-wing talking points dressed up with big words:
My sons who are into politics are big fans of Sowell, and that makes me proud.
His daughter reports Red Lobster is full of Commies!
13ish years ago my daughter got her first job at Red Lobster. She was really surprised at how many people identified themselves as socialists and communists. So was I actually. There were also a lot of Sodomites.
His daughter lost a bunch of weight, possibly Red Lobster related.
I’ve seen women who have lost a lot of weight, but the skin stays the same.

My poor daughter, for example.
His daughter seems to be straying:
I think my daughter is into new age if not earth worship.
He thinks witches have to be hot for some reason?
She’s too ugly to be a witch.
He mentions witches a lot actually:
“Gay Christian” is like saying “Christian witch”.
But he seems to be a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
One of the truths from Buffy, they associated wicca with homosexuality.
Women, always trouble.
Most females are gullible and don't want to think beyond a candidate's facade. Critical thinking is not something MOST females are capable of. Yes, I'm serious and it IS true. It's all about the pretty package and their EMOTIONAL response to it, not the contents! Females are led by their EMOTIONS. REAL men, not so much.

Satan, Eve.
Yeah, women shouldn't vote.
I know I'll get flame blasted for saying this, but she is just one of hundreds of examples of why women should have never gotten the vote. We would be a right-of-conservative country now if they hadn't.

Way ahead of you there!
Dude, you have a daughter, what the hell?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Newt's Sharia ban too soft for Freepers.

This may be repetitive of the previous anti-Muslim thread from last week, but I find watching Nazification occur live to be endlessly fascinating.

Newt, in what I imagine was a last attempt to get Trump to see how awesome he could be at playing Trump's game, said, "We should frankly test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in Shariah, they should be deported."

Not sure how you deport citizens, but one cannot argue that this isn't Trumpian.

Freepers, though, are well beyond Trump and Newt at the moment. Freep bigotry has cycles based on the recent news, and recent news has been pretty full of terrorism, so they're at maximum Nazi-but-for-Muslim mode.

New Jersey Realist is pretty into loyalty tests:
I see nothing wrong with questioning anyone coming here if they will support and defend the Constitution and abide by our laws. Since Islam is a clear and present danger, the adherents of Islam should and must be asked that question.
The_Republic_Of_Maine wants a literal Holocaust:
Is deport a nice way of saying execute?
Flintlock agrees - but no gas this time!
At least........

..........deport THEIR HEADS!
A Freeper points out where this sort of thing ends. Gadsden1st Godwins in response:
Test citizens for their beliefs and punish them if they don’t think the right things?


I guess you would have supported Nazis here during WW2???
With more pushback, Gadsden1st resorts to even more empty bluster:
And you want to give Hillary that power?

Travis McGee goes with the Islam isn't a religion angle:
Freedom of speech, freedom of religion. Absolutes.

Keep an eye on the suspicious, incarcerate those who begin acting as enemies - yes.

But Islam is not just a “religion,” it’s a totalitarian system that demands of its adherents that they wage jihad against the world until it submits to Islam under Sharia Law.
Travis McGee then acts like Muslims are a supernatural creature that loses their power if you make them to say they're not Muslims their magic runs out:
Not at all. It’s not an idea that fits into a 20-second soundbite, but overall it’s spot on.

The key is to videotape their oath to uphold the Constitution as the supreme law of the USA above Sharia law or any other foreign laws. That is actually in the Constitution. Videotape it, and post it on the internet.

Muslims who are willing to literally apostatize on videotape, for the record, are the only ones who should be allowed to live in the USA.

Sure, some will lie, but this will weed out most of the bad actors, who will refuse to be videotaped making an oath of apostasy against Islam.
Georgia Girl 2 realizes there are no moderate Muslims, so we need even more of a crackdown!
We need to get rid of every muslim beause they all believe in Sharia. None of them will ever turn in a fellow Muzz who is planning a terror action. The mosques need to be closed for business. Islam is not compatible with Democracy. It is a parasite that kills its host.
Scooter100 agrees that Newt is too moderate:
Here's the TEST, Newt: Are you muslim? Get out!

Sharia Law is an integral and inseparable part of the Koran. All muslims believe in Sharia, Newt. Never-the-less, you have a great idea.

Say goodbye, muslims.
slowhandluke also notes that Muslims can lie, which means we need to assume they are lying all the time:
Think the right things? We have no way to test that, unfortunately.

Say the right things? We have no way to prove honesty, unfortunately. And for muslims, lying to defend or spread Islam is approved.

Attend a mosque - that is provable and sufficient, IMHO.
rovenstinez also:
Newt, HEY NEWT...they lie. They can lie for Allah. There isn;t a safe middle ground that has been discovered yet. THEY want to destroy the West, the INFIDELS¡ YOU. That;s their goal.
I suppose it's not shocking how repetitive this sort of bigotry gets, but lakecumberlandvet too:
And a muslim will truthfully answer to a non-believer? I don’t think so. It ain’t hard. Shut down the mosques/islamic centers, stop the influx of muslims and deport those that are already here. Problem solved.
Gaffer explains that in this existential crisis, we need to bend the Constitution a bit in order to save us all:
Allowing that instrument to be subsumed by liberal dogma that will not address insane barbarism and coupling parts of it’s meaning is the ‘rigid’ constitutionalist’s pyrrhic victory that ends in disaster. 
Nowhere in any of my beliefs or thoughts about this country’s origins OR continuance includes any tolerance for Islam as a natural right like those confirmed in the Constitution. It is an insane aberration that should not be, frankly.
bassmaner has the answer:
We need a new constitutional amendment for an ‘Islam exception’ to the 1st Amendment.


Via FreepFan, whose contributions are remarkable in their ability to reveal ever more fresh facets of Freeper horror.

Spotlight candidate Yaelle manages to mix her Freeperism with a good heart and sometimes shocking naivete, neither of which seem to diminish her ability to be horrible to her common man.

She posts a vanity that Trump should give a speech calling on all Americans to love one another and stop this whole police-black shooting nonsense.

But like The_Media_never_lie, she skimps on the title: "Vanity - After Convention, Trump should make a Civility Speech"

Freepers don't read past that headline, and hold forth on the idea of civility. Needless to say, they're not a fan. I guess civility is like a lie to an asshole.

Arthur McGowan thinks the other side is too evil for social norms to apply:
“Civility” is something Democrat baby-murderers accuse Republicans of not having.
NorthMountain loves this idea, and describes liberal evil in more detail:
Civility is something the democrat baby-murderers, adult-murderers, race-rioters, thieves, cheats, gun-grabbers, and petty tyrants utterly lack. It's long past time to call them out on it.
After all that, NorthMountain approves, since his side is the classy one:
It would be a massive slap in the face to Hildebeeste, 0b0la, and the Black Liars Movement. The shrieking and squawking would be epic. And it would be completely classy on our side.
Oh noes, NorthMountain forgot the gays, with their uncivil demand for marriage!

Forgot the Dykes and Fairies. They’re utterly uncivil, too.
The Continental Op knows the President needn't care about unity:
This whole “civility speech” thing would be a gigantic waste of time. It’s not Trump’s job to make the country “civil”. He’s not Miss Manners, he’s the guy we want to hire to secure our border, get some jobs back, and kill terrorists.
ClearCase_guy recalls that Bush was civil once. It was horrible!
George W Bush had a mjaor initiative as he began his first administration — he wanted “a new tone” in Washington.

That meant that Republicans in the Washington establishment would be nice and let their opponents walk all over them, while the Radical Leftist Extremists would wage war against the fascist hate-mongers likes W.

Let’s not do Round 2.
YogicCowboy reveals Bush wasn't civil - it was a conspiracy!!!!!!!!!!
It was a Uniparty, with the Republicans playing the Bad Cop that everyone could safely hate. They were all globalists. That is why they all fear Trump.

I despise so-called W; I consider him a traitor.
In call this calling to not care about civility, be-baw knows Trump is more civil than he seems:
I think civility is something better practiced than preached about. Trump is more civil than people give him credit for, but pleaing for it might invite criticism because Trump will need to continue to call people out. It’s a key part of his charm.
workerbee shows why Freepers don't do passive aggression very well:
I disagree. We’ve had enough lectures on our behavior, lack thereof, etc. from other... ahem... persons.
BitWielder1 isn't uncivil, well, maybe he is but liberals are worse!
Why do people always call on the Right to be civil when most of the uncivility comes from the Left?
Yaelle then regroups and explains she means Trump should call *ahem* 'inner cities' uncivil!
Ok, everyone disagrees, no worries.

I would never want him to stop being Trump.
I would never want the speech to be too close to a terror attack or the Convention.
This is in reference to the BLM / cop killing incidents, not Islamic terror.

The number one problem in inner cities is decivilization, period. I guess I’m the only one who feels that it would be very good to expect MORE CIVILIZATION from American citizens, not the bigotry of low expectations going on today where we allow people to rut and attack like animals.
RoosterRedux isn't an asshole, he's just super into the truth!

The hell with civility.

I want the truth...unvarnished and blunt. That's why people like Trump. To the best of his ability, he speaks the truth.

People that want civility just want a bigger safe space.
RoosterRedux follows up by explaining that judging his bad manners is against his right to free speech:
One more point.;-)

The Left has used civility and good manners to sneak in their concept of political correctness, which, in the final analysis, is the path that leads to the death of freedom of speech (i.e. truth).

Truth to the Left is like daylight to vampires.
HiTech RedNeck knows the biased media will call Trump an asshole anyhow, so why not be on for reals?
One can be “kinder/gentler” without it being at the cost of confusion. The media itself is largely at fault for exaggerating Trump’s barkiness. Trump could be Superman and all we’d see in the media that hated him would be every *BIFF* and *POW*, repeated a few dozen times too for maximum criticism effect.
After his 'let Trump be a dick,' HiTech RedNeck rambles about conservatives need to show more love. His theology is may be the least consistent on Freep:
Any solution architected by men is going to have flaws.

The big problem we have, is that what we call conservative has almost entirely lost the ability to speak out of the love aspect of the gospel. The left took (and twisted) this, out of it being left to them by default. The nature of dialogue, like other natures, abhors a vacuum. Something is drawn to fill it.
ConservativeMind knows civility is just as evil as diversity:
You remind me of those ads that say, “Diversity is what makes us strong.”

You believe the word “Civility” should effectively replace “Diversity” in that ad.

“Civility” is over-rated and ALWAYS used successfully against Republicans.

Republicans have been “too civil” because they have been forced into being Politically Correct by the liberals who are truly uncivil (but who are always justified in their attacks on the lack of “Republican civility”).

Get your head out (again).
Jim 0216 explains that government is totally rude, and USES CAPS TO SHOW IT:
Government by nature is not “civil”. Government coerces and kills - that’s what government does. The way to have a civil society is LIMITED CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT and INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM. A free society will be a “civil” society.
ClearCase_guy - if we all agree with his capital-T-Truth, then we will all be safe and polite!
I don’t want a safe society.
I don’t want a polite society.

I want a truthful government.

I suspect that if we got back to the Truth, we would find that the safety and the politeness would come along for free.
As a reminder, ClearCase_guy is not a fan of science, statistics, or mental health, thought 2016 was Jeb v. Warren, and thinks Ken Burns is gay for black cock.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Megyn Kelly Claims Fox News' Ailes Sexually Harassed Her

Looks like the head of FOX News is out, after accusations of sexual harassment, originally by Gretchen Carlson, have given rise to many more, as often happens.

The timing is convenient, but I suppose most of the folks at FOX News are pretty mercenary, even about this. We'll see what happens to FOX, but the upshot isn't the reason I'm posting this.

This time it's Megyn Kelly. An already villainized woman making a charge of sexual misconduct? The results are quite the horrorshow.

Post 2. laweeks starts us off strong:
Seems like every day after day, she is beginning to look like Rachel Mad-Cow. Is she doing this deliberately?
Syncro reads a lot into FOX anchors with shorter hair:
I said that right after Trump made her get her dyke haircut.

Plus she has been getting closer and closer to Rachael Madow with her political views also.

Greta wears women’s clothes directly copied from men’s attire and Megyn gets a MadCow dyke haircut.

I guess the leftist branch of feminism has gotten to news women.

And in the theme of the thread, Kelly had no problem with hooking up with Hume, they even laughed about it.

That paid off, helped get her where she is today.
Massive racist and noted female Freeper cloudmountain gets catty:
Megan's age is starting to show. How many face lifts can one get?
Joan Rivers died on the operating table having yet ANOTHER face lift. She was 80 years old.
cloudmountain knows the best insults add it pinch of Christianity:
Megyn has resembled some of those power-mad women ever since her "Megyn Kelly Presents" special. I think she's trying to become the next Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer and/or Oprah.

Perhaps she suffered from a bit of PRIDE (arrogance), the first and worst of the seven deadly sins.
Did someone say catty? miss marmelstein rushes over!
Is that nose fixed?

I take a slightly different view. I have no doubt Ailes harassed women. It’s very common in entertainment. But some women want their cake and to eat it, too. Get job promotions from the boss and then turn on them once they get a little power.
miss marmelstein then goes on about the nose:
Yes. You can always tell from the size of the nostrils.

Yeah, that portion looks somewhat worked over.
miss marmelstein also adds this...?
Megyn has Hillary Clinton eyes.
bert with the grade school burn:
what happened was that Ailes pointed to Meagan’s crotch and said “ I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole”
lodi90 may have missed the memo that Freepers hate FOX News now anyhow:
Hostile takeover of Fox News, IMO. They will veer to the left now.
Nifster insults Kelly the way a man does - calling her a slut:
Bottle blonde makes claims...she really did sleep her way to the top
hulagirl has clearly not been in an actual workplace in a while, but she totally heard...
Well, considering that something as innocuous as a compliment is seen as sexual “harassment” nowadays, maybe he did......
Sorry, Megyn, Maverick68 won't sleep with you:
Sorry, never thought for a second she was pretty.
I get that she’s SUPPOSED to be pretty, but her face is harsh.
Zenjitsuman also finds her below his standards:
Maybe 10 years ago Kelly was worth sex advances.

Now she looks old and worn.
Yaelle has this whole scenario of Megyn's sluttery:
It’s not harassment if you are lying on his couch naked with your legs spread, and your modeling pictures all over his desk.
Enchante thinks it's time at last to bring up the Clintons' past:
I just think this is a good time to hold a mirror up to the Clintons!

If Ailes is going to get toasted over this (deservedly so, it seems) then why are Bill Clinton and his ruthless witch Hillary still allowed to darken our public life?????
As she does, Diana in Wisconsin just rages:
I hate liberals. I hate the media.
1998 Freeper Frapster is disgusted, but not too surprised:
the whole thread disgusts me - shame on me for reading this far.

The best speaker on the first night of the RNC was Michelle Obama.

Michelle 2008:
you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond, that you do what you say you’re going to do, that you treat people with dignity and respect

Melania 2016:
you work hard for what you want in life, that your word is your bond and you do what you say and keep your promise, that you treat people with respect
Michelle 2008:
we want our children — and all children in this nation — to know that the only limit to the height of your achievements is the reach of your dreams and your willingness to work hard for them 
Melania 2016 posted:
we want our children in this nation to know that the only limit to your achievements is the strength of your dreams and your willingness to work for them
Conventions are silly symbolic showmanship, but they work - candidates always get a bounce out of them, and sometimes some real momentum. That's why the similarity between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama's speeches actually matters - it's not only unbelievably sloppy, it's symbolic of the narrative of Trump as a lazy cheater.

But even more important has been the Trump campaign's reaction. Rather than throw a staffer under the bus and endure a day, they're arguing that plagiarism doesn't exist for mere sentences.

When you have the RNC Chief Strategist mining the Internet for similar quotes, finding My Little Pony, and going with have a story that could well outlast the convention.

Like most of right wing media, Freepers' reaction is extraordinarily confused, partially because Trump's strategy manages to be both too delusional for the practical Freepers, and not delusional enough for the rest.

originalbuckeye is sure this is sabotage, because Melania rules and Michelle drools:
I really hope that whichever speechwriter it was, that inserted the similar passages, is fired. Today. 
Melania Trump is a beautiful, classy, intelligent and sincere woman. There is absolutely NO COMPARISON with Moochelle. Someone set Melania up and they should be booted. NOW.
FreedBird is the best on this thread because he tries every rationalization he can in different posts. Here he accuses Michelle Obama of being some kind of time traveling liar:
Who comes across as more believable Mrs. Trump or Mrs. Obama?
One has a proven track record. Is the media believable?
Does the media have a hidden agenda and swings left and liberal? Does the media rain on a conservative parade on purpose? If this is all they have to say, they are desperate.
FreedBird then tries to explain that the important thing is Benghazi:
It is much more important to talk about Making America Safe again, not what Mrs. Trump said or didn’t say. We are not safe because of failed policies of the current administration.
FreedBird again, attacking the liberal media for insincerity:
Liberal talking heads sound like they have mental problems.
How can they argue with keeping the country safe? Sounds like they do not know what to say, so they come up with something that doesn’t mean much to anyone. They do not look or sound sincere. You can see it in their eyes.
FreedBird once more, wondering if this might be a Trump masterstroke:
Did the media walk into a Trump mouse trap?
Timpanagos1 knows if it's legal, that's all that matters:
Did Michelle Obama copywrite her speech?
MinuteGal is also in on the more convenient sabotage narrative:
FTA: “Everyone in his communications shop is now former Cruz supporters,” the aide continued. “Miller hired all of them.”

Melania is the victim and I feel so bad for her. She must be going through a real downer right now...all this dreck surrounding her after she delivered such a fine, heart-felt speech last night.
Seems delusional to me, but I hear MSNBC spent some time on it. Oy.

The link in the post is screwed up; editor-surveyor sees a sinister force at work:
The story at Truth Revolt has been taken down.

The thought police are at work.
I love it when Freepers argue to lean into a minor scandal. TexasTransplant has a great idea!
Every Speaker scheduled from now on should say and quote the supposed pilfered words Melania spoke last night and then Donald should as well and then follow it up with ...

Comparing who has said what and who has done what... who has a history of following through and who just utters words.” 

Just an idea
plain talk explains that Melania is too original and awesome, so this is false:
No one can argue that Trump copies anyone. Trump is his own original personna — warts and all — and there’s no one like him. Same with Melania. She is unusual and gifted and not your typical politician’s wife. She didn’t write those words that were copied. Some professional speech writer did that and may have gotten them from the same place Michelle Obama’s speech writer got them from.

On the other Hillary is the typical manufactured politician everyone is tired of. So none of this will stick to Trump. Much ado about nothing.
V K Lee flips plain talk's appeal and reverses it - Michelle Obama is too dumb to plagiarize:
The MFM is dumbfounded that Melania Trump was found to have given a powerful speech last night. In any attempt possible, they have seen fit to state that the (lovely) woman stole from our present FL, Mo.

Little do they understand that Mo has absolutely nothing valuable enough to warrant theft. These jerks have far too much time on their hands and are now seeing mad clowns in the dark closets of their bedrooms and boardrooms. Seriously ?

No wookie reffs on this thread, but I saved a few for Monday from the countless other threads on this.