Thursday, October 30, 2014

More Anti-Muslim revisionist History.

I did a post like this back in 2013, but the naked anti-intellectualism remains amazing to me.

Not content with deciding there are no moderate Muslims today, Freepers twist history so that Muslims have always all been pure evil bad guys, and to say otherwise makes you a "traitor to civilization!"

vladimir998 is too sure Islam has always been intolerant to bother checking on that:
Medieval, modern - Islam’s history was always a bloody rather than a golden age...especially for the non-Muslims.
The Right wing Infidel just repeats the dogma:
the golden age of islam is a myth, islam has always been a violent barbaric satanic religion
Ethan Clive Osgoode quotes a history text from 70 years ago, and indicts the authors:
Here is an example from Inorganic Chemistry: A Textbook for Colleges and Schools. By E.J. Holmyard, MA, MSc, DLitt, FIC, etc. Used as a textbook from the 1920s to the 1940s in British schools:

When the empires of Byzantium and Persia were overthrown by the armies of Islam (seventh century A.D.), the Muslim conquerors, after they had settled down, began to encourage learning... the Arabs, who soon developed a passion for the science... therefore the establishment of scientific method is the great achievement of the chemists of Islam... Muslims were the first chemists of the world... Fostered by the Muslim rulers, science in Spain flourished, and chemistry might at the present day have been in a much higher stage of development if the great disaster of the defeat of the Muslims by CHARLES THE HAMMER at Tours in A.D. 732 had not taken place. This triumph of the forces of reaction was a great blow to science in general and chemistry in particular, and although the Moorish power in Spain was not finally overthrown until 1492, irreparable damage had been done.

Generations have been raised on this tripe, written by traitors to civilization.
MNDude has done a careful study of Islam:
They have been evil since the beginning. Just read about how Mohammed had old ladies pulled apart with camels because they had no use.
sitetest assures us Islam just copied off of Byzantium.
Islam created nothing. It conquered by the sword the culturally, morally, scientifically, spiritually, and humanly superior Eastern Roman civilization and lived off the accumulated social capital for centuries, even as it ran the remains of that civilization into the ground. Islam is Satan’s mockery of true religion.

Islam must be destroyed.
jjotto says it was the Jews:
Not to mention that Jews were the brains and administrators of the supposed ‘Islamic’ golden age.
Bogey78O explains Muslims seemed learned and civilized because they traded better:
The golden age of islam existed because they held all the major trade routes and conquered very educated and well off areas. Once Europeans got around them and the land trade routes dried up, Islam’s golden age ended.
Trade routs are cheating! winodog don't know much about history, but has a bet:
I don’t know much either but my bet is they stole it from someone whom they slaughtered in the name of allah.
LambSlave tries to explain how Muslism didn't to algebra, just addition!
I’m tired of reading crap about Muslims/Africans inventing algebra- they couldn’t even invent the wheel. They were no farther along than the Babylonians or Egyptians thousands of years before them- they could solve scripted word problems that they copied from antiquity, and would today be recognized as a type of problem that we would represent as an algebraic equation... For example, “One of these plus another chicken is three chickens. These is two chickens”. Rene Descartes, an evil white European Christian man, was the sole inventor of what every school child in America and the civilized world today knows as algebra, which is to say symbolic algebra.
Polynomials and square roots are just chicken-math!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ferguson riot hoping

I guess some of the Anonymous hacker group have been focusing on Ferguson? Anyhow, they've posted an unsourced rumor that the officer in question won't be indicted. It wouldn't surprise me, since police get away with a lot.

Freepers are all over this, since they really feel that racial violence would prove all their ideas correct at last.

clintonh8r takes his racial cues from the 1990s.
blam's fear demands more firepower:
I think I'll start carrying my 30 shot 9mm Rugar in the truck instead of my .38 revolver.

Don't beome an Reginald Denny.
goat granny knows twitter speaks for all black people.
I find it interesting that the blacks want to lynch the officer, considering all the lynching in the old south. Its ok to lynch a white officer that has been proven to be innocent of a crime. What a bunch of brain numbed idiots...
GrandJediMasterYoda knows the only reason why people get angry at police shootings is the greed:
This is all about money, all all all of it. I mean put it this way: If the thug was killed by another thug they wouldn’t think twice about it. But because it was a cop then they see as the government being involved. Government = $$$ and they use that as an excuse to “get their free s**t” that the government now “owes them” for killing one of their own so they loot the stores. Same with Sharpton and all these other punks, Sharpton only gets involved when there is a potential for a lawsuit. He NEVER opens his mouth when thugs kill each other only when there is the potential for money to be made.
Starting with complete ignorance of qualified immunity, he just deduces some crap based on other crap he's previously made up about black people!

M1911A1 knows that the Obama Administration is all up in this municipal grand jury.
I’d guess that the administration wants there to be rage before election day, but as little violence as possible. They’ve gotten all the political points they can out of it, and are afraid of getting tarred by any rioting that may occur, and to my mind that would be justifiable. They initially fanned the flames and are now afraid of the fire they helped start, or at the very least looked the other way instead of pouring water on the issue when it started.
Tupelo thinks blacks are like their pop-culture image from the early 1930s.
I watched an eighty plus year old movie the other night.
Trader Horn.

I defy anyone to differentiate between any of the rioters in any American city and the natives portrayed in that movie. BTW they natives in the movie were locals used when MGM filmed the movie in Africa.
caww is naming names!
Know your adversary...

Occupy Oakland

It starts and ends with these two.

The remainder are pawns... some are complicit, most are unwitting.

There’s also another group organizing protests and using the Ferguson ordeal to further the black political push. I can’t think of the name but was reading about them earlier today...
Mechanicos explains the black mentality.
Slaves do not yearn to be free, they yearn to be masters.
bert suggests shooting:
All the activists in Furgeson will b e a target rich enviroment
polymuser is like the thousandth Freeper to bravely declare he's become a racist:
What compassion I had left for negroes, Afro-Americans, African-Americans, blacks (whatever their label is today) is gone. Totally gone.

They have proven themselves, over and over, to be a greedy, mean, ignorant, lazy and extremely racist people.

This truth may not be spoken, but it is self-evident to any reasonable person.

So very sad for them and for America.

Thank our Democrats and ‘progressives’.
Hehe, Mom MD keeps calling her son to warn him about black people.
My son just started grad school in a nearby area, and is too young to remember Mr. Denny. I have repeatedly warned him, hopefully he is listening. It is imperative to keep car doors locked at all times, and be willing to use your car as the weapon it is if need be. Not to mention other means of defense at your disposal....
FreedomStar3028 is already gaming out the coming revolution:
I’m sure there are many loyalists ready to go into action if called upon by the government. A modern American SS/gestapo/secret police/whatever you want to call it. A scenario like this would certainly take a few long strides in that direction. But they would still have to pry them from our cold dead fingers. Then bury their buddies.
eyedigress has the whole scenario figured out.
Well, I will put it this way, If he is charged every cop in America should resign.

Psssst, Here’s What We Do When We Win (Don’t Tell The Liberals)

This blog is supposed to be quotes from Free Republic, but this...this Townhall article is amazing. Empty and Cynical. Spiteful. Devoid of anything other than a tribal desire to make liberals miserable. It's more Freep than Freep.

Plus, it is a great counterpoint to the "Dems are gonna steal the election" of yesterday.

I will bold my favorite parts, but the entire first half is pretty amazing.

Democrats are trying to rally their indolent base by painting a picture of a Republican-controlled Congress as the progressives’ worst nightmare. It’s important that we conservatives make that beautiful dream come true.

Their misery is our delight. Each liberal tear is a sparkling diamond that brings joy to freedom-loving Americans.

But now is not the time to talk about what we intend to do – at least not in public. Let’s just keep it here, between us conservatives, where no liberal except for the occasional lonely troll and creepy Media Matters intern will ever tread. Ignore those geniuses who tell us that “Republican candidates need to stand for something and talk about their vision” in individual races (as opposed to useful, generic GOP rebranding efforts like this). We’re winning right now talking about how much the Democrats suck.

Thom Tillis is going to beat Kate Hagan by talking about her staggering corruption. Joni Ernst is going to clock Bruce Braley by attacking his smug farmerphobia. And Corey Gardner is going to out-War on Women Mark Uterus by mocking the leering Democrat weirdo’s gyno obsession. Why would our candidates stop the fun and give their opponents ammo by talking about the next two years?

If the consultant types fretting over candidates not babbling about their vision statements knew anything about winning, they would know that when you’re winning, you keep doing the things that made you be winning. There – I just provided you future candidates with better advice than 90% of those overpaid, under-slapped GOP consultants ever will. Now give me $100,000.

But we conservatives, among ourselves, do need to discuss our game plan as Election Day approaches since it appears that the GOP establishment might actually not blow it like it usually does. Our agenda should be very simple.

We need to neuter Barack Obama while setting the conditions to defeat Hillary Clinton and keep the Congress in 2016.

That’s it. That’s got to be our agenda.

After all, there is only one real problem in America – progressivism. Left untreated, that political cancer will metastasize and kill our country. Destroying progressivism must be our sole goal – and we need to do it with a smile so we don’t scare the gutless moderates.

But already you can hear the geniuses talking about their pet policy prescriptions. Hey, let’s get right into tax reform! Good plan. Let’s immediately sign onto a quixotic crusade that – at best – gives Barack Obama a policy win, but more likely invites the Democrat transcriptionists in the mainstream media to paint us as clones of the Monopoly Guy. You don’t need your monocle to see that’s a dumb idea.

Or amnesty. Yeah, let’s sign right onto a policy initiative that again – at best – gives Barack Obama a victory while rewarding our political opponents at the expense of infuriating the GOP base. Hey, John Boehner, et al. – stop talking about amnesty. Stop. Talking. Now.

What we need to do is use our power to obstruct the President’s policy initiatives and investigate his (and Hillary’s) serial misconduct, all while making Democrats – particularly ones up for reelection in 2016 – have to choose between supporting their party and keeping their seats by forcing them to take suicidal stands in a never-ending series of agonizingly unfair and difficult votes.

Oh, and we must do it while appearing friendly and reasonable to the outside world. People who know how to appear friendly and reasonable can do the most damage.

But we don’t need to actually be nice. We need to embrace our inner predator instead of our inner herbivore and go for the jugular. We need to rediscover the joy of crushing our enemies, driving them before us, and hearing the lamentations of the liberal beta males.

We need to be committed to defeating these people. Comprehensively. Completely. Permanently. Remember that our opponents are the same bunch of cryptofascists who recently voted to limit the First Amendment’s freedom of speech. We know how they feel about the freedom of religion and the right to keep and bear arms. The only Constitutional rights these people believe in are the ones that aren’t in the Constitution.

We need to take on popular causes that mix good policy with great politics. Sure, we need to symbolically vote to repeal Obamacare again, but we need to do other things too. How about copyright reform? How long have we extended out copyright protection for liberal Hollywood – two, three centuries? Hey, let’s cut it back to a reasonable 20 years. Young people will find their entertainment is cheaper and their YouTube videos won’t get taken down all the time on bogus copyright claims by big corporations – by the way, when’s the last time a big media corporation ever did anything to promote conservatism? Plus, our political opponents will be sad – and maybe decide that putting all their chips on one party was a bad idea. As a bonus for you wonks, copyright reform is awesome public policy too.

How about an “American Worker Act” that allows unemployed citizens standing to sue employers hiring illegals instead of U.S. workers? Watch the trial lawyers peel off from the Democrats to feed at that trough. And watch the Democrats have to explain why they are standing against working Americans.

What about a “Minority Child Education Opportunity Act” that requires districts to embrace charter schools, teacher tenure reform and simple processes to fire loser and/or pervert teachers in minority-majority school districts or they lose federal aid. Hey Democrats, why do you choose teacher union bosses over minority kids?

Let’s get behind an “Uber Freedom Act.” I don’t know what the heck it would be exactly, except something to force Democrat-run city and state governments not to bar youth-friendly upstart innovators from taking business from their corporatist hack supporters. Those crazy kids today love their Ubers; let’s make the Democrats the party of the dirty taxi and the stinky cabbie.

How about a law demanding the President personally review and consider commutation of every mandatory minimum drug sentence over 10 years to ensure they each meet our minimum standard of justice? Yeah, that would be a lot of work, but maybe President Putt-Putt can skip rounds 201 to 300 to take the time to review policies that devastate minority communities.

Oh, and no judges get confirmed. None. We need to teach these Senate hacks that the only way to win with the nuclear option is not to play.

Now, we don’t need to come out and say all this before the election. But we do need to think about why we are fighting so hard to take back the Congress. It’s not so senators can heave a sigh of relief and go back to business as usual strutting about the Hill. It’s so they can get up there and defeat the progressives who want to destroy our country.
"Their misery is our delight. Each liberal tear is a sparkling diamond that brings joy to freedom-loving Americans."

"But now is not the time to talk about what we intend to do – at least not in public"

"Ignore those geniuses who tell us that 'Republican candidates need to stand for something'"

"We need to neuter Barack Obama while setting the conditions to defeat Hillary Clinton and keep the Congress in 2016.
That’s it. That’s got to be our agenda."

"there is only one real problem in America – progressivism."

"Destroying progressivism must be our sole goal – and we need to do it with a smile so we don’t scare the gutless moderates."

"What we need to do is use our power to obstruct the President’s policy initiatives and investigate his (and Hillary’s) serial misconduct"

"We need to embrace our inner predator"

"Oh, and no judges get confirmed. None"

Amazing. Well played, Kurt Schlichter!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Preemptive unskewing

Dean Chambers, the unskewed the polls guy, is still getting work. No surprise, I suppose, since accuracy is not nearly as important to the far right as consistency, and even that is falling more and more by the wayside.

In his latest, "Signs that Democrats will steal the elections for Senate Majority" he's gone the opposite way from his Romney optimism to preemptive pessimism and paranoia. Freepers, who have increasingly been down so long it looks like up to them, love it.

ronnie raygun's past lies to himself make a good foundation for preemptive future lies, though the result is a bleak liberal-haunted world.
When this was evident for all to see in 2008 and 2012 the GOP sat quietly and said NOTHING!!!!!! Not one of these cowards stepped forawrd and raised holy hell NOT ONE! So now we have allowed this criminal behavior to go on without repercussions, prosecution or jail time to send a message so here we are SURPRISED and concerned that it’s going to happen again and the GOP will hide behind the curtain see no evil hear no evil speak no evil. What a shame that we the American people have been suckered and abused by the very politicians who say they have our backs. Look we have jeb we have romney we have Kark Rove who said we have it in the bag ON ELECTION NIGHT!! in 2012. WE ARE IN DEEP KAKA
Art in Idaho has the number, so you know it's legit:
The polls are already starting to tighten. Here we go. Get everyone you know out to vote. We have to overcome their 3% voter fraud advantage.
HotHunt doesn't get why there are still people who require evidence these days:
Why is it so difficult for reasonable, intelligent people to believe that democRATS will break the law and commit massive voter fraud to win the election? They did it in 2012, where the cheats overshot the mark in trying to steal the elections. Evidence showed that in several counties across the country, there were more votes for Obama than recorded voters in the county. Oops!

Liberal politicians are more and more moving to the far left to socialism and communism and their modus operandi is to lie, cheat and steal when they get into office, so is it not hard to see that they will do anything to win. This is the reason for the big push by Holder to go after individual states’ Voter ID laws because he and his boss know that they can’t cheat near enough to win if their illegal and dead voters have to show a legitimate ID.

Given the current disgust with Obama among both parties and this is a mid-term election, the likelihood that there will be a big turnout by the voters is not there. So the Dems will stuff the ballot box and the GOP will try to catch them. If the democRATS win many close races, it will not only be a big disappointment to many conservatives, but just add to the cynicism that going to the polling places and voting, will not make any difference at all as to the outcome.
ripley needs no evidence - the Democrat's character is such that they must be cheating:
Considering that the Democrat party is now made up of revolutionary socialist scu&bags, it stands to reason that they will push the envelope of voter fraud in order to maintain the continuity of the recent advance of the communist revolution.
Amagi has clearly made a careful study of imaginary Democratic vote fraudsters:
There are multitudinous facets to the Demmunist Party Election Stealing apparatus, and two broad divisions:

  • Demmunist vote manufacturing (the voting dead, the voting felons, the voting illegals, the multi-personality-voters, the Disney character voting legions, etc.
  • Republican bote suppression (disenfranchise the military vote, illegal IRS activity to thwart Tea Party activism, etc.)

Crime, Inc.
ZULU knows cities are just full of Republicans:
Voter fraud is how Deus took over cities and why the GOP loses close races-BESIDES GOP stupidity.
I kinda like calling Dems 'Deus.' Sounds like we're living in a bad JRPG.

Eric in the Ozarks, like many Freepers, has his favorite stolen election:
The Libs will “discover” missing ballots in the truck of a car, ballot counting irregularities, etc.
They’ve perfected this in Minnesota.
Hehe, yldstrk got trolled.
I was at a reunion where a political operative from Colorado was openly holding forth about polling places in cemeteries, accuracy in recording names on tombstones....I couldn’t quite tell if he was being facetious or was just trying to needle me.
Liz has a whole detailed scenario of the cheating process, complete with made up numbers:
You report early to the church hall, get a hearty breakfast, $20-30 in street money, make sure your absentee ballots are in order, then you hit the polls. It's tradition. If the church is well organized, you'll get some lunch, too, and maybe another trip round the precincts. Sometimes the street money is paid for each voting receipt. 10-12 not unheard of.

But these days, the major chicanery is done with absentees and computers. Dead people are absent, are they not? Virtual people invented by your Sim City program are absent, too. Are they not? Virtual voters are often generated from the dead, who are presumed to have multi-generational families.

These techniques grew up with computers. The pioneers were the Congressional Sanchez Sisters in Orange county, CA. Loretta's team just plain invented about 7500 voters. They also worked hard to illegally register aliens, legal and illegal, felons.

The tech has matured to the point where CA is reputed to have half-a-million fraudulent votes available. It has also been reported that about 75 seats in the CA legislature were filled by fraudulent election tactics.

Judges of Elections know the tricks. 75 voters registered at a house that doesn't exist on a non-existent street; another 50 registered at an address that is a gas station ... or an empty lot. 6100 dead voted in one county ? ... that's more than enough to throw an election. In local elections where 15% turnout is considered good ... like schoolboard ... 10 fraudulent absentee votes can throw the results.
Then someone asks Liz what can be done. She fills up her lack of solution with some high-quality bluster:



<><> Voting irregularities are the purview of every state's Secy of State.

<><>Iowa’s Joni Ernst and the RNC filed open records requests with five Iowa counties, seeking materials that include training manuals, satellite voting locations, names of precinct ballot counters, recount procedures and any communications sent to her competitor, Cong Bruce Braley (who significantly has not made a similar request.

<><> ....the NC State Bd of Elections discovered thousands of illegal voters when the DMV ran a search for DACAs w/ driver's licenses. Apparently, NC DACA's can get drivers licenses, but are not able to vote (/snix).

<><> Be ready for a national upheaval if the Dumbocrats steal midterms.

Now DIRTYSECRET wants the GOP to cheat:
They do what they have to do. Why can’t we?
4rcane believes!
I beleive democrats cheat EVERY election, not just when they think they will lose.
A bit off topic, but ought-six he my favorite Freeper quote in a while:
Someone said a few days ago that Democrats are just too stupid to know they are communists.

The Palin Brawl develops

After the Palin's silence about their recent drunken rowdiness was declared as classy, they speak out to claim victimhood. And with such direct stimulus, Freeper support of Sarah turn from irrational to conspiratorial. And it expands to Bristol...

Sarah Barracuda, blind to irony:
Liberals are the biggest phonies you will EVER meet..they only pretend to give a crap about women so they can get their vote..meanwhile they laugh at their stupidity for voting liberal “Hey here’s some free birth control vote for us” liberals only show the phony baloney outrage when a liberal gets attacked, the second it happens to a Conservative they laugh at that person, think its funny..that is why leftists are filth
Toespi equates mocking the Palins with abortion. And then it gets confusing...
No there is no shame and the Palin family and has been is a classic example of liberal bigotry. Here’s another example, the same psychotic liberal women declaring themselves as victims of the “war on women”, think nothing of aborting their little baby girls, tucked away, what should be safely in their womb. These innocent future women, don’t realize that in the feminist’s sick perverted world, every unborn is conveniently of the male gender.
rdcbn with the tiresome "Feminists hate Sarah Palin for her perfection"
Liberal woman HATE Sarah Palin.

It is the Holy Grail of Liberal Feminism to be successful, strong, fearless, competent, independent, self secure and effortlessly the equal of any man in the room.

This what the liberals women aspire to but deep in their heart of hearts they know they never will be, no matter how hard they try.

Sarah Palin is all of the above, but is at the same time attractive,feminine , articulate and personable - traits notably lacking in Liberal Feminists.

Feminists hate Palin because she is everything they aspire to be but never will be and she does it with effortless grace.
Speaking of tiresome, Twink dredges up Chappaquidick, to prove that the Palins are the classy version of the Kennedys.
Ted Kennedy killed a woman by drunk driving that resulted in an accident that killed his passenger. He waited hours to report the accident, after talking to his legal team. Her parents are bought off by the family to suppress any inquiry. He successfully becomes a Senator and a major legislator of numerous bills that go against out Constitution. He is hailed a hero and his death, decades later, is cause for sorrow in this country, by the media. His “family” along with his scumbag assassinated brother, JFK, is considered royalty by our media and many citizens.

Liberals and their media stick together. They are helped by conservatives who admire scumbags like JFK and MLK. MLK was also a scumbag but so many on our side consider him and his agenda wonderful. Our history books will/do promote these people in a positive light. We continue to allow it to happen.
GilesB Knows no one can be drunk without a blood alcohol test:
I would like to take Palin’s side in this, but one thing that bothers me is that the police reports (which I read) - not comments by hostile journalists or party attendees - described Bristol and Track as “extremely drunk” when police arrived, and the impression I have is that they were already drunk when they ARRIVED at the party, and that they came to the party in a car WITH THEIR PARENTS. If true, that is certainly very bad judgment on the part of Sarah Palin and her husband.

What is the exact blood alcohol content of “extremely drunk”?
4rcane also thinks the Palins musta been sober:
Also the police didn’t administer a breathalyzer so the “drunk” claim is a guess.

if its a guess, then its simply a lie
Resettozero doesn't need much proof to allege that all the disagreeing witnesses are drunk, though!
Here is the list of 11 witnesses contradicting Bristol's account.

Which witnesses had not been drinking alcohol?

Which of these witnesses doesn’t have priors?

Which witnesses may yet be arrested for making false statements to the police?

11 names; 11 witnesses. One or more may have reason to lie. Do you disagree?
Bratch thinks the Palin brawl is making them look like political geniuses:
Speaking of Alinsky, the Palins are doing a good job of using Rule #4 against the MSM.

They've totally reversed the initial narrative. The GOPe should take notes.

But they won't.
Cen-Tejas feels a bit critical, but does all he can to beg his fellow Freepers not to beat him up too much!
I’m still just wondering why Sarah, otherwise as sharp as needle, went along with this. I further bet that back home, behind closed doors, she reamed Todd with something like.........”damn’t, I told you, I told you!, I told you”!

Sarah, probably wanting to placate/humor Todd, probably said ok to going with some reticence. Again, don’t jump me! I’m just guessing. And, I LOVE Sarah Palin!
21twelve loves Bristol Palin - her blog posts the best excerpts!
Bristol Palin’s blog just got added to my favorites bar. She writes VERY well, and has stories of interest.

And if you think Sarah Palin speaks the honest truth - Bristol does even more.

She had a link to a Jon Lovitz thing where he is talking about in new club. Palin apologizes for his use of the F-word, “but that word is nothing new for those of you who read the comments section in my blog”.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Potpourri

Little Bill on Jim Robinson's vow of poverty:
I have been hanging around FR since the beginning and used to stop in on the P*, White Water thread, before FR was founded.

If JR ever made a dime off of this sight I would be very surprised if Jim made more than expenses since he accepted a salary I would also be very surprised..

This argument was used by the early antiFreepers when they tried to take over the site. Good riddance to bad trash.
butterdezillion's latest ranged from Egypt to the USSR:
The Eyptian leader says they have documents provinq that Obama paid $8 BILLION to Morsi’s qovernment in return for Morsi allowinq Hamas to kill Eqyptians and take over the area closest to Israel, from which Hamas can launch their attacks on Israel.

If that’s true, that is obvious treason aqainst the US and illeqal war aqainst the people of Eqypt. But it also shows the clear priorities for Obama’s slush funds: help Islamist terrorists implement the “Muslim aqenda” while screwinq the American people every way possible.

Researchers and others better recoqnize that and fiqht back BEFORE Obama openly bares his wolf teeth, because once Obama’s handlers’ communist-Islamist “revolution” is complete in America, the people who believed in him the most will be the first to be lined up and executed, lest they become disillusioned and truly fiqht - accordinq to KB defector Yuri Bezmenov.
Rome2000 laments the lack of fascist GOP governors:
Is there a single Republican Governor in the entire country with the brains and ruthlessness to completely destroy the democrat party in his own state?

Put these communist bastards in jail, bankrupt them , send them into hiding, do SOMETHING for Gods sake.
GeronL knows where this is going:
Mandatory Sodomy in Schools...

I am sure there will a hue and cry, but we all know the GOPe will surrender eventually.

It doesn’t matter what the issue, the GOPe fools will bow down to evil.
tbpiper knows how reparations will end!
It’ll just go for Ripple, Blunts and lottery tickets.
re_nortex, laying it on a bit thick.
Mr. O'Keefe is the definition of true journalist, dealing in the world of verifiable facts. Contrast James O'Keefe, a sober man of substance with the late (and not lamented) Ben Bradlee, a drunken hack who manufactured his "facts" out of mere leftist fantasies.
ClearCase_guy lifts the plot from Rainbow Six.
Perhaps I shouldn't say it -- but I figure the bad guys think about this stuff all day long, so I'm sure they are far ahead of me:

Be a healthy person, but have access to someone who is sick -- perhaps a jihadi who volunteered to become a virus source.
Healthy person accesses the blood of the sick person and loads the blood into something like a sugar water solution -- a solution that would be somewhat sticky and which will prolong the life of the virus.
Go to a hot sporting event with one of those spray fans which aerosolizes water to cool your face.
Walk around the stadium, "misting" everywhere you go. Spray the air, spray hand rails, spray condiment bottles, etc.

You could infect 5000 people in one day.

Those 5000 people will get a mild fever a few weeks later. Some will be rushed into quarantine right away -- most will not: they'll be symptomatic but won't think much of it (cold and flu season) and they'll go to work.
5000 becomes 50,000.

Do this at 10 arena events in one week: I see half a million ebola cases a month from now.

That's like getting hit by an asteroid. Society vanishes over night.
CatOwner laments Freeper apathy.
The statist song never changes, just the beat.

We will be told we have to trade our freedoms for safety, AGAIN

And everyone will scream here, but no shots will be fired. AGAIN.
Captainpaintball mixes up who freaked out about a fan in the Florida debate, and kind of comes up with an insight into the right wing:
What would the problem be with the guy using a fan? Instead, this is what happens. Liberals are so juvenile and retarded that this fan idiocy will pass as a rallying cry for the sheeple. It could have been a pencil. It could have been the positioning of the lectern. They will, and apparently can, use anything to whip the humanoids into shape.
2harddrive has a cheer:
Hey Obama, be a MAN - Implement a travel BAN!!
Sandy Hook Hoax idiots like Clump are still all over Free Republic:
Most people haven’t done the research, but Sandy Hoax was just that, a staged hoax.
txrefugee's Ebola science:
Nurses in hazmat garb caught Ebola in the sterile hospital environment. The lover and her family had him puking and suffering diarrhea in their apartment for 3 days before he was hospitalized, and they stayed in that contaminated apartment for five days before moving out. They didn’t get Ebola. So much for the government’s bodily fluids theory.
Does tomkat think this sounds good or clever?
That little girl should remember to 'thank' the fattest ass in Worst Lardy history.

You Were Warned
Fungi is unclear on the concept of 'failure.'
You biggest failure Holder was to get approved as attorney general. The rest is history.
Lazamataz declares war on Freeper RIghtwardHo
I noticed this liberal plant from his inception.

Even his very name: Rightward Ho. A 'ho' in common tongue parlance is a hooker, a whore. His very NAME is a slam on us.

This bast'd should have been gone a year ago. But sometimes they come up with enough disguise to maintain the account.

Admin Mod, are you seeing what he's (Rightward Ho) is doing? He's a concern troll, been one for a long time. Time to lower the boom.
Poor Lazamataz seems to be getting crazier these days. Below is a response to someone asking him why he's been randomly posting "I'm so screwed" on threads.
Because Obama is NOT insane.


Satan walks among us.
Understand the stimulus wishes Ebola on an insufficiently paranoid Freeper's family.
Just because someone is in hospital with ‘ebola like’ symptoms does NOT mean they have ebola. Just because you don’t remember a news story from 5 or 6 weeks ago about some one being admitted to Emory doesn’t mean it wasn’t covered. Again as I pointed out earlier, the Atlanta stations have been good about updating us here in Georgia

the public has a right to know...hopefully your wife mother daughter works with these individuals and catches ebola and then you can use the democratic slimewords privacy...we can identify a democratic troll by the smell from his clothes
sagar goes full-bore with the Ebols stigma:
There should be a registry of “former” obola patients just like just like there is a registry for pedophiles. I am not equating obola people(’s actions) with pedophiles, but both pose serious threat to the public and need to be monitored.
devolve cannot believe white people invented anything:
- - So the Muslims (allegedly) invented “algebra” - but they still never use toilet paper”?

- - “Africans” built the pyramids - but then they ate their children for lunch as the Nile stopped flowing into the surrounding areas and the crops all died?

- - Think about it . . .
Free Republic taught mrsmel to hate all nonFreepers.
I’m afraid that’s true of the entire US.It has taken me some years of freeping to finally go past my own romanticed view of Republicans, heck just ordinary Americans, as mostly a lot of patriotic self-reliant salt-of-the-earth people, at least when the chips were down. I don’t believe it anymore. I’ve also lost my vestigial view of the South and Southerners as such, in general. We may be more so in voting patterns, relative to other areas, but that’s not saying much anymore, especially considering what Republicans (have ceased to) stand for.
Prolific poster CatherineofAragon, on people who mock Free Republic.
Anti-FReepers are obsessed with FR.

They eat, sleep, and breathe FR, apparently. Sad little washouts...I guess when you have no life, no job, no relationship to fill your time, fixating on the internet is something to do.
This blog takes about 90 minutes a day. I wonder how much time Catherine spends each day?

Vigilanteman tells us a story about how racial slurs used to be no big thang.
Back when I grew up in the 1970s, high school kids made friends based on common interests, sports and hobbies, not skin color. Two of my best friends were a Jewish kid named Mike and a Hispanic kid named Ricardo.

They introduced themselves by derogatory ethnic slurs which rhymed with their first name, Mike the *ike, and Rick the *pic. So did I.

Later on, a black kid joined our group. We bought him a KFC bucket as a welcome present. After he finished it, he looked at us and said "Dammit, where's the watermelon?"

People don't believe me when I tell them that story, but it is true. People weren't hypersensitive and trolling for opportunities to be insulted at that time. We actually enjoyed a little bit of self-depreciation and/or created our own.

Our group also included a kid confined to a wheelchair who introduced himself as "the cripple." Unfortunately, he had a very common name which didn't rhyme with cripple.
Vigilanteman lets us know about all the sex he has.
I've engaged in heterosexual sex more than 3900 times in my life. That's just a quick calculation of 2.5x per week average x 30 years of marriage. It was actually closer to 2.5x per day the first few years!

I've fathered three conservative daughters who all married conservative men and have given us three grandchildren, with at least one more on the way.

I think about heterosexual sex maybe only once per hour now, considerably down from the "constantly" where I was 20-30 years ago.

Homosexual activity has about as much appeal to me as skinny dipping in a sewage treatment pond.

So, am I an anomaly? I think I'm pretty darn normal among real American men.