Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Spotlight: mjp

Alright, enough of the run-of-the-mill racists, liberal death wishers and bitter women haters. This guy is a rationalist. Prepare to be logic-bombed, libtards!

You can tell he's super rational by how he uses equations and big words all the time. But in the end his views are exactly the same as all the other Freepers - liberals bad, Muslims should die, capitalism is virtue. But he does it all fancy-like and pretends he'd used logic rather than empotion.

This leads to some rather amusing arguments about how he's completely self-sufficient AND completely honest with himself, and how he's a free-thinking Christian AND is selective about his kindness.

As a special bonus, he applies his brand of rationalization to his faith, proving Christianity is true in ways that were already discounted thousands of years ago.

Empirically, unregulated markets are the best:
Empirical historical economic data confirm the deductive proof by rationalism that the free market is the ideal economic system. But it is incompatible with the desire by statists to control it, so it must be stopped, even if it creates a hellhole.
He's super duper self sufficient:
A person who is not self-sufficient survives by gaining the unearned and undeserved. Social existence and the existence of a rational government arevassets to self-sufficient individuals in their struggle for survival. All self-sufficient individuals who participate in society gain knowledge and trade from a social existence and a rational government that they could not gain from a solitary existence.
Psychologists know that if you will it, success always happens:
Psychologists know that there is a step by step procedure for acquiring skills, accomplishing change, and developing the know-how to be more effective and successful in a particular context, such as their careers and personal lives.

The elements in the procedure are compelling futures for motivation, the belief in choice responses, flexibility of criteria to provide alternatives and choices, belief in cause-relative relationships, and relative specificity to provide the opportunity to make the operation of cause-effect relationships tangible.
He has a least favorite Founding Father:
Hamilton's curse was that he betrayed the American Revolution. His main political and economical ideas were a combination of dictatorial monarchy, centralized power, imperialism, and economic mercantilism. These were the defining characteristics of the British Empire that the American revolutionaries had waged war against.
Sick logic burn, if you assume races should always vote for their own:
White Men Should Stop Running For Office, Colorado Group Says

This idea is a confession that minorities and women are too stupid and incompetent to vote for their own kind.
A list of liberal qualities that seems a lot like a list of insults:
typical libtard mentalities

1) clueless
2) stuck on stupid
3) just doesn't get it
4) ignorance is bliss
5) emotionalist
6) concrete bound mentality
Mind control!
creating an OSU community that resists and corrects injustice”

indoctrination + propaganda = mind control:

The criterion of justice in the context of politics is fairness, which has the meaning of elimination of the results of Nature's unfairness, which means egalitarianism. The mode of thought in this type of mind control is misintegration.
FOX News: the Golden Mean of Virtue:
Stewart = statism = too extreme = vice
MSNBC = statism = too extreme = vice
anarchy/chaos = too extreme = vice
Fox’s conservatism = golden mean of virtue
Equation for liberal hellhole:
san francisco + detroit + mexico + mohammedans = libtard hellhole
Equation for libtardism:
Each branch of government should be considered an alternate option for moving the country forward + might makes right + the ends justify the means = libtardism
Double Equation!
anti-God agenda = equality = socialism + one world government
Forced Labor equation/list:
forced labor = concentration camps + gulags + collective farms + compulsory assignment to jobs + labor books + forcibly determent from changing jobs + illegal to be unemployed + black markets + workers sneaking off their jobs + breakdown in discipline + miserable service
A rational pundit he trusts:
Dick Morris says that most undecideds end up voting for the challenger. That puts the score at around Republican 60% and Hussein at 40%.
The only legitimate ethical system is Christian:
Secular humanism states that there are no divine absolutes so there are no absolute standards of right and wrong, which leads to subjectivism, which leads to ethical relativism, situation ethics, cultural relativism, new morality, experimental lifestyles, moral equivalency, and permissive morality.

Postmodernism states that there is no universal objective truth. No one knows what is right or best for another adult. There is only the truth of the particular group one belongs to, which leads to cultural and social relativism.

Christian ethics in based on moral absolutes based on God's character or moral decree, which is the final standard.
But keep your thinking independent as you subscribe to your chosen Christian sect!
The virtue of independence is one's acceptance of the responsibility of forming one's own judgments and of acting in accordance with the conclusions of one's own mind. The mind is an attribute of the individual and no person can think for another. But to be oppositional and reject authority for no objectively good reason, just because the other person is an authority and they feel like it is subjectivistic egoism and is actually a form dependence on others.
Speaking of moral absolutes and sects, what sect espouses that kindness is not an always thing:
There is something to be said for being kind, caring, and respectful.

One of the first thing one must consider when trying to be successful is whether or not one's criteria are relevant to who you are now and current to your present situation. They also must be compatible with one's desired future.
But honest? Always - with yourself.:
Honesty is the rejection of unreality and the refusal to fake reality, i.e., to pretend that facts are other than they are. Pretense is metaphysically impotent. It can neither erase an existent nor create one. The virtue of honesty requires that one face the truth on every issue one deals with: the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Anything less would be faking.

Dishonesty is a vice when it is used to gain a value without earning or deserving it, such as by fraud or misrepresentation.
More about his personal taqiyya:
Whether or not dishonesty is a vice depends on the context. It's not a vice to lie to criminals, Nazis, or any other type of tyrannical government, when there is a treat to one's natural rights.
His Jesus is Free Market Jesus:
free market capitalism is the economic system that is compatible with God-given human nature, God-given natural rights, and the Biblical concept of justice.
And Free Market Jesus is not down with the Native Americans:
The United States was in fact stolen from the Native Americans.

The arbitrary collectivistic claims of savage tribes of hunter gatherers are not legitimate claims to economic ownership of private property
More of his theology of marketplace virtue:
The profit motive, speaking broadly, means a man's incentive to work in order to gain something for himself. In a rational society it is profoundly moral and thoroughly just.

In a specialized business context, profit is defined as the difference between sales revenues and cost. It is payment earned by moral virtue, the virtue of a specific group within an economy, the prime movers. It is payment for the thought, the imitative ,the long range vision, the courage, the efficacy of business owners.
No one is wiser than The Market. All Hail!
The fatal conceit of socialists is the belief that human conscious planning of the economic system can is better than and can replace the spontaneous unconscious self organization of the free market. Both rationalistic deduction from axiomatic principles and the empiricism of historical economic data have proven this belief false.
Pack it up, atheists, this guy proved God!
1) something from nothing
2) symmetry, order, and beauty from disorder
3) consciousness, free will, reason, wisdom from matter
4) life from inanimate chemicals
5) anthropic coincidences from accidents
6) man from pond scum
7) human knowledge and values from a universe without absolutes

these beliefs are too much of a leap of faith for me
Amazing no one has thought of this before.

Rational views on Muslims:
Rational proof that Jesus beats Muhammad:
1)Jesus - virgin born
Mohammed - not virgin born

2)Jesus - sinless
Mohammed - sinful

3)Jesus - called "Messiah"
Mohammed - not called "Messiah"

4)Jesus - called "Word of God"
Mohammed - not caled "Word of God"

5)Jesus - performed miracles
Mohammed - did not perform miracles

6)Jesus - ascended bodily into heaven
Mohammed - did not ascend bodily into heaven
Not even bothering with the fancy-talk to yell that there are no moderate Muslims:
For Petraeus, the rapid increase of ugly rhetoric against Muslims and Islam threatens to engulf even “moderate” Muslims.

It already has. They are just waiting for the right time to strike.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trump under threat

When other liberals get death threats, Freepers downright approve.

When it comes to Obama, Freepers wither assume death threats against him don't exist, or approve.

Freepers themselves regularly post exhortations for God or the military to remove Obama, and seem to mostly avoid direct threats because JimRob urges them not to.

But someone sends even one death threat to Trump's son? Now that's a big deal! that requires immediate action, but also Trump is tough enough to beat up all liberal assassins.

VeniVidiVici knows which side is always the violent one:
“Tolerant” progressives at it again
Forward the Light Brigade is excited to blame Civil War 2's purge of America on liberals:
So it starts—people will die over the intollerance of the Left. The violence has just started but in the end a new GOP and a new Republic will be born.
RC one remembers Perot's unsubstantiated craziness about his daughter:
flashback to Ross Perot.
WildHighlander57 swoons over Trump's toughness in the face of this danger:

He’s got that Clint Eastwood look!!
austinaero misses the doctored part of the photo, and crows at how tough Trump is ducking behind the podium:

I love how Trump was ready to square off against the threat! That was his natural reaction.
exit82 also analyzes Trump's reactions and comes up with manly man:
One thing I have noticed, is that Trump always facing the threat—whether it is a protester or someone bumrushing the stage.

Even during his rallies, he will walk toward the side of the stage facing the protestor, or walk behind the podium if the protester is behind him.

That man needs to be the next President of the United States.
Nita Nupress has noticed that Trump rallies include some crazy looking people. She concludes these must be Democrats:
If you go back and watch the video of trump’s rally where he was attacked, you can see where there were several suspicious ppl in the crowd. The attacker was looking at one of them as if waiting on a “go” sign.

One of the suspicious things I (and some others) noticed was a guy holding up a cloth sign right in front of trump with the words, “...coming for your children” on it. It had Hillary’s witch pic on it, but still... It was the methodical way he held it up that got my attention, Holding it very still and making sure the cloth fabric was spread out evenly. And he held it up right before the attack.

Also, immediately after the attack another guy to the left (right of trump) held up his Trump sign and angrily tore it in half. Up to that point, he hadn’t held it up at all.

Then there was that first video posted on YouTube where the recorder panned his camera left to catch the guy right before jumping the fence.

Now, after this attack, I’ve noticed the SS has a designated guy taking video of the crowd at every event. I’m glad they’re on top of it.
The death threats make Swede Girl sad. I assume she doesn't read Free Republic.
This was bound to happen, and is more common across the board than we know.

It is heartbreaking when you think how Trump is in it for the good of the country, and so many are not appreciative of his sacrifices on every level.

I pray for Donald Trump, his family and all of the other candidates. No matter which side they are on, there is no excuse for these types of threats.
Trump complaining about how much of a sacrifice he's making is really catching on with Freepers, who love that citizen soldier narrative.

MichaelCorleone has decided this is a much bigger deal, but Clinton's Arkansas assassination squads are outclassed by New York values:
This is the first I’ve seen something like this reported, but that doesn’t mean this is the first time his family has been threatened.

I suspect the threats have been steadily coming either overtly or covertly for some time.

And now that DJT has entered the home stretch, I’m sure the boys in Arkansas have been given their marching orders. I wonder how long it will take for them to realize that Manhattan is a little different than the back woods of AR.

President Obama One Eye Open One Eye Shut!

In this era of nonstop Trump landslide predictions, I found this little thread off the beaten window into Freeper culture that just tickled me.

Freeper The_Media_never_lie had a great thing going. He had discovered some videos of Obama looking kinda squinty, and no one else had managed to turn this into a conspiracy yet! This could make him as a Freeper.

But he screwed up. His seminal post on this molehill didn't mention the squinty bit, it just said: "What is wrong with President Obama?"

This short-circuted Freepers' conspiracy matrix and opened a direct line into well-worn but gleeful condemnations of Obama (is it just me, or is Freep getting even more repetitive than usual lately?)

The_Media_never_lie is a trooper, though, and not realizing his failure is assured, keeps trying to corral Freepers back on message.

MarvinStinson starts with the overwhelming favorite the paint on this blank canvas - Obama's on drugs:
Valerie Jarrett feeds him his drugs.
Clever mulligan goes for the meta-insult:
There is not enough space to list all that is wrong with Obama.
Forty-Niner also with the meta:
What’s wrong with Obama?

Error on the side of brevity. Let’s list what’s right with him.......

Robert DeLong has an old favorite:
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
The_Media_never_lie - "great insults guys, but what about the eyes?!!"
Agreed, but specifically his eyes which are obvious and why was this never discussed? Why will a google search turn up so little?
RummyChick manages to pivot from the theme to Antichrist:
One eyed Antichrist whose number came up in the lottery when he was elected.

If you ever wanted a sign that Freepers don't actually care about Christianity, their devaluing of Antichrist would be a good one.

Ouderkirk thinks having AIDS is an insult:
He’s got “the Slims”
The_Media_never_lie - "So what if I made it into an Internet coverup? You guys love media persecution stories, right?"
Google “president obama one eye open and one eye half shut” and you will see exactly what I mean. Maybe it was automatic, but this query has been cleansed.
drypowder mixes old timey tyrant talk with racism:
since obozo is clearly immune from any legal recourse, he does and says what he wants, spends as much as he wants and where he wants, abuses the people of this country in every imaginable way, just like the kings of old, commonly referred to today as a thug tyrant. And that's just addresses the surface of that POS.
Poor The_Media_never_lie - "Suck burns, but guuuys, what about the eyes??"
Agreed, but what is wrong with his eyes? Why does Google list so few hits? Automatic deletion, or manual deletion?
arthurus has no idea how open for hilariously mockable his name for Muslims is:
He is a calculating and fanatic Mussulman. What more do we need?
The_Media_never_lie - "Another great insult, but come on, THE EYES!"
Narcissistic Personality Disorder.....he fits it to a T

Agreed, but what is with his eyes? Why did the press corpse ignore his eyes?

I am the most oblivious person. I can totally miss the most obvious things, but it hit me like a ton of bricks when I watched his press conference.

Why no mention? Why no Google hits? Am I losing it?
Qiviut goes with Obama gay and Michelle is a man:
“Mike” Obama slugged him in the eye for using the “Ladies” in the WH. /sarc
The_Media_never_lie - "Hey! hey! Only crazy sites talk about the eyes, why is that?"
Don’t you think it odd that when “Obama one eye open one eye half shut” is googled, only fanatic sites respond, and there are only three of them.

I know I saw a press conference when one eye was shut and the remaining eye half open. Yet, never any discussion of this fact.
Now people are posting dog memes. The_Media_never_lie - "Um, trying to remain positive. So the eyes, tho?"
I liked the doggie foto.

See, I am half blind and oblivious, but I noticed Obama’s weird eyes and the media did not mention or discuss it
The_Media_never_lie - "Love how your repeated our attacks from 2008, but EYES!"
Considering His upbringing, mentoring, social and religious beliefs, supporters and advisers, there’s nothing wrong with him. He’s just as any observant, logical person would expect him to be. He’s just as many FReepers expected.

I am a FReader nd therefore not surprised. But there is video evidence something is wrong with his eyes. The mental and political are subjective, but the video of the eyes clearly shows something wrong, and no discussion.
tiki manages to work in the eyes to use smoking as an insult. What an age we live in.
If he sits around with a cigarette in his mouth most of the time he probably closes the one eye where the smoke goes up and squints the other. IOWs, he’s chain smoking. I used to know an old guy that was like that.
polymuser also pivots off of the eyes into an Obama is doomed narrative:
OK. Probably high stress as their carefully crafted stage play falls apart all around them, before the final act is done, knowing they’ll become the ass class of the world. And the $$$ losses that will accompany that.
vpintheak keeps it current with the latest right wing outrage:
There is no way in Gods green earth that small town America is going to put in “gender friendly” bathrooms in their schools.
Owebowma is an evil man and knows what he is trying to force down upon us.
sheik yerbouty loves him some big words:
Fulminating, grabasstic, jihadism..
USCG SimTech goes with the drugs:
It is a medical FACT that just one use of cocaine permanently re-wires the brain. Often and extreme use over a long time destroys it. Obama = Exhibit A
YogicCowboy has a considered opinion:
In my considered opinion, Obama is both psychologically and physiologically insane, from the combination of totalitarian indoctrination (both Marxist and Muslim) coupled with the prolonged and extensive drug abuse.
(Look at the rising automobile accidents in marijuana-legal states! Harmless? Yeah, right.)
Trod Upon - Obama gay!
Boned in the butt one time too many would be my guess.
AmericanMermaid goes metaphysical:

The really disturbing part of that picture is that it fits him too well. There’s something spiritually wrong with this guy.
And finally, on the last post, after 7.5 hours of trying to get Freepers on message, right before the thread dies, AmericanMermaid takes pity on poor  The_Media_never_lie:
Why won't the media discuss it? This is what is hitting me like a ton of bricks. The media is apparently fearful of discussing that which is not on the approved MSM agenda.

No, FR is not a fanatic site. :)

I agree with you, because if it was a lazy eye, that’s not something that would incapacitate him or something. On the other hand, the media tolerates NO criticism of him whatsoever—as if they have to keep perpertrating (spelling?) the myth that he’s perfect. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fear of Julian Castro

There is a lot of buzz about Julian Castro of Texas, the current HUD secretary for veep. I don't know much about him other than that he's charismatic. Freepers don't know any more than that, but it's enough to be very afraid - a well like Hispanic politician from Texas? What could the future hold?

stanne is worried:
I’ve heard of him

He scares me
lacrew saw Democrats cheering, which means Obama II:
One of these Castros gave a speech at the last rat convention. The swooning over him reminded me of Barry’s big moment, with his speech at Kerry’s convention.

Right then, I knew this Castro was being groomed for a presidential run.
Ancesthntr had him for mayor, and waxes apocalyptic:
I’m in San Antonio. This guy is poison, he’s an Hispanic Obama, complete with America-hating single mother and all that this implies.

IF this SOB gets the Veep position, he’ll be the front-runner for 2024 (or 2020 if the Hag strokes out) - and him in the Oval Office would be a bigger disaster than Obama, mainly because it’d come after 8 years of Obama and either 4 or 8 years of Clinton.

This guy MUST be stopped, and if some #NeverTrump folks are reading this, PLEASE understand that Julian Castro would be as bad for this country as Fidel Castro was/is for Cuba. We CANNOT let this SOB gain any higher office.
rktman goes with the sick name-based burn burn:
"moron" julan and joaquin castro. If the name fits, wear it. Let's see, a castro in the wh as vp? Well, who thought someone named hussein would be there? And someone who loves America (DT) is the bad guy? Yes Virginia, the world is upside down.
stanne brings up the bugaboo of shadowy evil backers that only Trump can fight:
Their mother is la raza. They don’t speak Spanish, my eye

They are scary. They have no business in American politics other than anti American subversiveness

Eeeyikes. Hillary’s old clintonistas are not her money people right now. So who is? Where do the castros get their dough? And influence.

No one but Trump would have a chance against these guys They are the kind that would make us put up a billboard of Obama asking “miss me yet?”
Liz, of course, digs deep into esoteric blogs, to yell about La Raza:
THE LA RAZA BUND TEACHES HATE-AMERICA WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS The La Raza Bund does not even try to sugar-coat its anti-America agenda and its bloodthirsty plans to kill off Americans: La Raza Bund Studies textbook “Occupied America,” by Rodolfo Acuña, includes a violent and blood-curdling speech given by university professor Jose Angel Gutierrez: “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is, if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him,” (pg. 323). The following is taken directly from La Raza's Occupied America: “.......execute all white males over age 16,” (p 167--AKA the Plan of San Diego).
MinuteGal, having objectively considered the issue, doesn't think he has the looks:
Type "Julian Castro photos" in a search engine. His looks are off-putting...and if one thinks Cruz is creepy-looking take a gander at Castro.
Fresh Wind with the inevitable:
My gaydar starts beeping when I see his picture.
EinNYC just rages:
Nasty rat-faced La Raza scum.
ek_hornbeck knows this will end in Hispanic Supremacy:
Julian Castro's goal, like that of his La Raza allies, is to see that every city in the southwest is run (into the ground) by Chicanos and Mexican nationals rather than by Anglo-Americans.
Tennessee Nana has an assumption to make about all Hispanics:
anchor baby with an illegal alien Mom...
Regulator really ups the race war rhetoric:
Joaquin Castro: Enemy alien, Mexican Separatist, racist anti-white terrorist.

Openly admits to plans for seizing American land and handing it over to his nationals.
SueRae doesn't seem to understand why America's security community doesn't seem to jibe with Freepers' version of reality:
I look at it through the lens of national security. I cannot imagine he could qualify for Top Secret clearance and Hillary should be stripped of hers. How 0bama qualified and that Iranian Valerie Jarret got them is still beyond me.

Freepers solve the drug war

Freepers are the demographic suffering from the greatest increase of drug abuse. But individual Freepers haven't personally seen it, and so their horrifying lack of empathy comes into play.

In response to a think piece about giving heroin users a room to shoot up under medical supervision, Freepers respond with increasingly ghoulish counterproposals.

little jeremiah starts by advocating mere negligence:
Just let the freaks die, that’s what they want. So I and other taxpayers are supposedly going to have to pay for addicits’ drugs and doctors to keep them alive and the buildings to do it in.

This is so disgusting I can hardly stand it.
E. Pluribus Unum just adds them to the purge list for when Civil War 2 comes:
Get them gathered all in one place so we can deal with them efficiently when TSHTF.
West Texas Chuck reminds us all Obama's super gay!
Rehab is for quitters.

I’d like to see Obamalamadingdong in a rehab for pole smokers. Little wiggler that he is.
edh knows the problem is that liberals don't let us execute drug dealers:
You need to execute dealers. Anyone caught dealing heroin needs to die. Maybe give them a pass the first time since anyone is capable of doing something stupid once. That’s the liberal side of me talking I guess. However, the second time you are caught dealing that garbage, you die. I’d lump meth dealers in with that group.

We coddle our criminals. They push “rehabilitation for criminals” on us since it gets liberals money to perform social experiments. It also gets them political power since they can play on people’s emotions and make you out to be “heartless” if you don’t care for this breed of scum even if they tend to get out of jail and go right back to doing what they do best. Maybe if a couple thousand were executed, word might spread that no amount of money is worth dealing opiates.

As for the addicts, I’d blame liberalism for them. I almost feel dirty for saying that since I’m one who is pretty heavily into personal responsibility. Sure, the addict made the initial choice to use said drug, but there are millions of shades of grey as to why that decision was made. Many times it was a foolish, reckless decision made when the person was very young. However, had liberals not had so much compassion for hardened criminals dealing a drug that turns your average person into a zombie, we might not be in a situation where we are even considering “shooting up safehouses”.
qaz123 seems positively giddy about the gruesome deaths he envisions denying medical care for:
How about this. Everyone gets one free ambulance ride and treatment at their local hospital for illegal drug related issues. After that, they’re on their own. No reason the taxpayer should have to fork over $200k or more to fix their gunshot wounds, burns, or anything else that happens to them.

They blow themselves up cooking meth, oh effin’ well.
They get shot slinging dope, sorry my friend. Find yourself a ghetto doctor to fix you for free.
Stick a needle in your arm and start doing the funky chicken, hope you told your momma you loved her.
DIRTYSECRET quotes a horrible person:
Dr. Laura Schlessinger: “Give them dirty needles so they can die.”
ClearCase_guy has a plan for mass murder that some folks are too lame to allow:
Another idea — which I suggest merely as a thought experiment — is for the police to seize drugs whenever possible, adulterate the drugs with slow-acting fatal poison, and then sell the supply back on the street. If 5% of your addict population dies every week, then you are (roughly) 20 weeks away from being a drug-free city. And, of course, no new users are likely, because the life expectancy of a junkie just became less than 20 weeks.

It would fix the problem. But, of course, some folks would rather live with the problem than adopt this solution.
ClearCase_guy shows how you can be a misanthrope and be horrible rather than loveable:
I have thought that with Virtual Reality coming on, including Virtual Sex, we could set up a membership for people (random length — 2 years? 3? 5? 7? no one ever knows). If you sign up, you get transported to a special place. You get all the video games you want, all the virtual sex, all the alcohol, all the drugs. It’s anything goes for — 2 years? 3? 5? 7?

But one day when you’re enjoying the VR, someone blows your head off.

People would sign up for this. A lot of people.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Venezuela sucks, but Freepers love it for strawman purposes.

Venezuela under Chavez was no picnic, but it's been a mess now that Chavez is dead and the cult of personality no longer props it up. The new leader has nationalized a bunch of companies. Nothing new, really.

Freepers, always willing to distort world events to further their domestic policies, are having a field day. Lots of Ayn Rand love. Lots of "Liberals love Venezuela." Lots of switching between strongman communists who call it socialism, and liberal policies, which Freepers call socialism.

Publius remembers all the Latin American strawmen in Ayn Rand's book:
Right out of Atlas Shrugged.
Publius also seems to think Rand discovered nationalizing industries:
Directive 10-289 ping. Almost verbatim from the book.
IronJack also sings her praises:
I knew Ayn Rand was a polemicist of the first order. I did NOT know she had a touch of the clairvoyant in her as well.
Publius believes all bad economic things were predicted, since our economy is regulated:
Throughout the book, she showed that she had a crystal ball. She even predicted the 2008 housing bust due to the government inserting itself into the mortgage process.
IronJack goes on to revel in simplistic ideology:
The government should not supply ANY of its population's needs, except the very limited few enumerated in the Constitution. Government can only expand by robbing citizens of their liberty and their property -- the very condition our forefathers waged a revolution against.

Anyone who asks "Why doesn't the government do something?" is a traitor to our nation's vision. It is not the government's responsibility to do ANYTHING, except provide for the common defense and regulate international commerce. All other functions -- save those explicitly laid out in our founding charters -- are usurped from The People, and only at a cost of our cherished freedom.
Every society cares for it's weaker and infirm, but America's founders knew different! They put the General Welfare Clause in to trick the unfaithful.

ProtectOurFreedom recalls all those times Sanders talked of nationalizing our industries:
...and NOT ONE Bernie supporter can connect the dots of his campaign to Venezuela.
ProtectOurFreedom next takes down a strawman but good!
...and don’t forget most of them HATE business and corporations — they want to stick it to them. Narrow-minded stupidity...just who do they think builds the stuff they buy in the stores?
Rusty0604's poor grandson:
I have to re-educate my grandson about what capitalism is, in the simplest terms. I hope some of it sticks.
GOYAKLA cites economic genius Margaret Thatcher:
Personal letter to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro:

Dear President Nicolas,
You Ninny, I told everyone and you didn’t listen!
Lady Margaret Thatcher
The Iron Lady
cc; Mr. Bernard Sanders
PGalt's hatred has gotten weird...
ESAD socialists.

No, really. They should all be made to ESAD.
davetex ignores a long history of dictatorship doing just fine, and gets ready to heap contempt on the population:
That should be the tipping point. The people have nothing left to lose now.
Of all Cuba's failures, Hot Tabasco points to industry?
Castro did the same thing. Only problem was, there was no one left who actually knew how to run the factories...........
sparklite2 tells a story that I'm pretty sure didn't happen:
There was a machine shop in Ontario, Canada, that fought off the machinist union as long as they could until the union finally got the votes to unionize the small company. At the point, the owners made good a promise and shut down the company. The provincial government forced the company back into business. I don’t know what finally happened.
VanShuyten smugly points out that Hugo Chavez was corrupt, and yet Obama did nothing!
Check out Chavez’ daughter’s net worth. And all his buddies, too.

Do you think Obama will seize their US accounts and use the money to buy food and toilet paper for the Venezuelans? Of course not.
rlmorel belabors this paralel, with big type and colors, but it comes down to the usual 'bad things other people like are all like heroin.'
Can anyone explain to me how Heroin is any different from Socialism? (including, of course, the heroin-like high that some people will get from a boot stamping on a human face - forever.)
Publius seems to think things in former Communist countries are much worse than they are:
Maybe this is where socialism devolves into communism. Interesting.

Or it devolves into cannibalism.
Diana in Wisconsin is always ready to strawman!
And you can BET that every hard-core Leftist in our country who sees this is licking their chops at the mere THOUGHT of doing something like this in, say, Detroit or any of their Socialist enclaves!

A dream come true! *SPIT*
mythenjoseph knows educated white people are never socialist:
How did such an occurrence occur in a predominantly educated WHITE nation?................oop’s theys not be (whites in the former soviet union were not edumacated) my humble American opinion.
mythenjoseph then works a bit too hard at pretending not to care how racist he sounds:
Does my post make racist....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha
Reaching a bit, Fungi is pretty sure Latin American strongmen are just like God in the Old Testament.:
look at the history of the Jewish people as presented from Genesis through Deuteronomy and beyond. They had the guidance of the LORD in front of them, guiding them, yet they still refused to obey the commandments and sinned—deviated—from the path they were asked—commanded—to follow. The problem is sin, we refuse to acknowledge our Creator and follow His commandments, the rest is history, and will continue until the end of history.
Democratic-Republican - alphas like sports, betas like Facebook!
For the alphas and constructive working class of our citizenry I'd say no more than two or three weeks without baseball and football ( an intentional narcotic Matrix that keeps otherwise conscientious individuals occupied from obsessing upon the corrupt uniparty and and tarring and feathering the ruling class ).

For the rest of the beta sheeple, a week or two without Kardashians and Facebook ought to do it.

One month of such "hardship" here and we get SHTF. Two months until chaos.
MarkL thinks Obama is trying to bury this story, and then the tin foil gets deep...
Is anyone else of a mind that the reason for the Obama Regime’s order to allow men with penises to use womens’ bathrooms in grade schools simply a distraction, to hide what’s going on in Venezuela, as well as the really bad stuff he’s doing here?

And while we’re on the topic, does anyone else think the reason for doing what appears to be nothing about the incredible murder rate in Chicago, and the increasing rates in major cities around the country, is to federalize all local law enforcement and effectively end the Second Amendment?