Friday, April 24, 2015

Spotlight Friday: Old Yeller

Only a Freeper since 2012, I suspect he may be a retread, since he's so well practiced in the culture.

He's so standard Freep, I'd almost take him for a troll. But I don't think so - his ambit is so wide, and his posts vary so much from pushing the envelope to contentless insults that I think he's for real, and just gets all his info from Free Republic.

Israel should assassinate Obama.
Wouldn’t the Mossad have every right to take out the enemy no matter what country he is _resident of?
After all, Obama's evil.
Obama has almost the entire middle east in a chaotic disaster.

But he knew what he was doing because it is all by design.
After all, Obama can always flee back to Africa:
If the entire workforce sat at home cowering in their basements, the country will come to a standstill. What's the good of being Emperor of that?

His desire to destroy this country outweighs his desire to be emperor. He can always flee back to Africa and become a Mugabe there.
Obama's only talent:
The only thing barky can do well is lie without showing any signs of doing it. The she-devil is obvious when she lies because she looks all over and never makes eye contact.
How to stop black people.
Take their damn obamaphones away so they can’t coordinate these attacks.
It's hard to avoid the gay companies:
No Wal-mart, No Gay C Penneys, no Homo Depot. Running out of places to shop.
How he sees the IRS scandal:
All the criminals at the IRS had their hard drives crash at the same time. And those odds are astronomical.
I was recently in Israel, and every Palestinian controlled area was a trash dump. Which leads me to conclude that Muslims are pigs.
Everyone is being blackmailed:
Issa is setting us up to fail, and I believe that it is deliberate. I believe that he is being blackmailed.

You mean like John Roberts and his S.C. decision on Obastardcare?
The purpose of the IRS:
The purpose of the IRS is to be used as a political weapon.
Can't be a coincidence:
Strange. There was an outage in Sacramento today too.

Gotta be more than coincidence
The Knee and the Jerking:
FCC chief: Obama didn't dictate Web rules.

Translation: Obama dictated Web rules.

Yep. Always the opposite of what they say.
A similarly thought-saving assumption:
If hillary was involved you know it was a treasonous, criminal activity.
God is for Hillary, because he hates America:
One reason why she will be president. America is under judgment and God will put her in that position to continue His judgment upon this country.
Or maybe Obama will kill Hillary:
Hillary could REALLY burn his azz if she wanted to

Wouldnt that be ironic if she got Ft. Marcy Parked?
But Hillary is just as evil as Obama.
The she-devil is just as vindictive as that bitch Barky.
Actually, it doesn't matter - America is going to fall before the next Presidency.
I don’t see the U.S. Making it through 2016.
Or maybe Obama will kill everyone:
if Baraq becomes a cornered rat he will go scorched earth on this country and it will probably involve nukes.
Upon Civil War, Target #1 is...
When it becomes a shooting war, might I suggest that Sharpton be taken out right away. The head of the snake and all.
What happens to liberal professors:
She gon burn in de lake of fire some days.
Iran says Obama has devilish intentions:
The AC [Anti Christ] has devilish intentions. Makes sense.
Which is worse, Obama or Iran?
I hate and distrust both equally because they are co-partners with a common mission. Destroy Israel and the U.S.
Taking a brave stand if Obama comes to town:
I would have worn a Molon Labe t-shirt if Barky showed up.
The left:
The left is full of self hate.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

And Now This Word from outer space

Freepish Hitler edition:
The Plague of Islam

If the civilized world is to survive, it must recognize Islam for what it really is: It’s not a religion, form of government, or anything recognizable to the civilized mind. Islam is a disease, an incurable disease of the mind that is highly contagious among the feeble minded and is now spreading among the world’s feeble minded at an epidemic rate. As with any disease, one can’t reason with this disease, negotiate with it, or treat in any manner other than how one would treat any other incurable disease.

Past efforts to contain this disease have failed. Now, carriers of this Plague of Islam must be eradicated wherever they're found, for if they're not, this disease will eventually end not just Western Civilization, but it will undo over 5,000 years of human civilization.
Hitlerish "Muslim Peril" rhetoric straight out of Mein Kampf provided by DJ Taylor (Once again our country is at war, and once again the Democrats have sided with our enemy.)

And Now This Word from Outer Space

The perfect storm of Marxist, black, and Muslim edition:
Obama is not “Unplugged”. He is becoming more UNHINGED day by day and his announced programs show it.

Plus the fact that Obie is a Marxist, closet Moslem, and black racist all rolled into one. IT will take a whole gaggle of psychologists and psychiatrists decades to unravel the mental Gordian Knot that is Barack.

However, he is the “perfect storm” convergence of Marxism (from his parents/grandparents’ side; his school chums and his schools/universities teachers; his political associates from Axelrod and others(one documented KGB asset as his mentor plus very significant Communist Party USA friends, mentors, funders, guidance/advisors); black extremists as his mentors/guidance counselors - Rev. Wright, ex Moslem, pro-Castro/Cuba activists, neo-Marxist, and now back with the Nation of Islam, also black “reparationist” with the Black Radical Congress and Reparations Movement; and Islam-influences from his stepfather in Indonesia/his attendance at Islamic educational organizations, etc.

Obama is one pretty fucked up mental case and the American voters (a curse be upon his supporters), put him in power, not caring to find out who he really was/is.

Now we are paying for it in lives, political power, and an emasculated Constitution, a nearly bankrupt economy with more disasters coming, a potentially fatally weakened defense establishment, and the physical loss of the few remaining allies we have around the world (both either intimidation or invasion.

The Madness of King Obama provided by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

And Now This Word from Outer Space

America was never a Republic edition
Even at the onset, a number of the Founders recognized that, for instance, the checks and balances built into the branches of government would become null and void if political parties were allowed to come into existence, and that is EXACTLY what has happened. There has been no check on Obama, as an example, in his entire reign because the Democrats who dominate the judiciary and, until recently, the Congress were more loyal to the "D" than to principle, or even their own slice of power. The weakness and increasing leftism of the Republicans is a separate issue, but also extremely dangerous, where we would have a system of only one party, thus COMPLETELY destroying the system of checks and balances.

In spite of all that, I think we could have survived nicely as a functioning free republic if we had 1) kept the franchise limited to male landowners (it could have been increased to business owners, veterans, etc. but only to men with skin in the game), 2) not allowed the interpretation of the 14th Amendment to include giving the federal government the power to strike down state laws and policies, 3) not shifted the election of senators to popular vote.
Yearning for 1859 brought to you by fr_freak

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Freepers protect the gays

Via anonymousB. Awesomesauce!

Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer says Eric Cantor set off his gaydar, probably because he's one of those effeminate southern types. It's in pretty bad taste, all told. But what makes it AMAZING is that Freepers, who love the schoolyard tactic of calling people gay they've begun to actually believe it about Obama, rally to Cantor's defense.

Which is unexpected. I thought RINOS are basically Democrats, and Democrats are clearly all ugly gaylords. Perhaps Freepers protestations of purity may be a bit more...performative than they at first appear...

Anyhow, enjoy the massive hypocrisy!

napscoordinator thinks calling someone gay is low. So low it's a gay thing to do...
Wow. Pretty low. I am glad Cantor is gone but to disparage him with something like this is beyond politics. What is he doing looking at guys for anyway? Perhaps he may be light in the loafers himself and hoped that Cantor is too. Democrats are mentally deranged big time.
buffyt takes issue with the southern effeminate thing:
“ in the South, they are a little effeminate”

LOL Ha ha ha ha ha..... NOT!!!!!
Men from NY are effeminate! Southern men are rough, tough guys, real men! You have to be born in NY to be a feminine “man” LOL
LOL. Time for Civil War 2 - the dick-waving!

Speaking of dick-waving Da Coyote
Say that to a Texas politican, Obamahole.

Even a limpwrist dim-bulb-crat will punch you out.
bgill - thought Cantor was gay, but liberals don't get to say that!
Libs will twist everything. Either Southern men are big hairy gun toting meanies or they're effeniate. Which is it? As for Cantor, I thought he was a gay dem when I first heard him speak.
Christie at the beach thinks calling people gay only empowers gayness.
What a loser. If they spent less time thinking about other men, nor pushing this idea it is okay, this gayness would not be everywhere that we go. These men are sickos! Gross behavior.
Fightin Whitey also takes some time in a thread taking offense at calling someone gay to call someone gay:
He may well be a poofter too...he's a kind of prancing ten-gallon fake cowboy which is a common enough pose for a gutless fag.
Gumdrop - girly men are all liberals!
I am laughing with you, and I am from Minnesota. My impression of effeminate men is of those who are extremely leftist. And the epicenter for these types of metrosexuals is not in the south, but in the northeast.
Wow, Brian. You’re actually a fag hater.

Thnx for that announcement. Can’t bode well for you.

As to Cantor, he is a gentleman.

Had boo chit ideas and it was time to move on.
Clearly, only conservatives can make fun of someone by calling them gay. TheErnFormerlyKnownAsBig's typo is pretty amazing.
I thought Cantor was from Ohio.....when did Ohio become the South? That’s the Midwest.

Nevermind....I now remember Cantor is from Vagina
To be fair, we're all from Vagina, really.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Poor Rubio. He's the most charismatic candidate on the field, and is quite conservative. Him and Walker are the ones I'd put my money on. But Freepers only have eyes for Cruz nowadays, and anyone less pure is plotting against America.

Rubio's finessing of questions about gay marriage and immigration only drive Freepers into a further frenzy, as shown by their reaction to Rubio speaking in Spanish for a bit.

ChildOfThe60s just kinda throws whatever insult he had nearby, I guess:
GeronL knows who else spoke Spanish:
Marxo Rubio?
TomGuy is sure there are loads of people nationwide who were going to vote for Rubio but hate Spanish:
I wonder whether Marco realizes he probably loses as many ‘English’ votes as he gains ‘Spanish’ votes when he gives dual-language speeches.
nopardons hated Rubio before it was cool:
Many Tea Party members, in Florida, especially those of Cuban descent, wouldn't vote for him, from the time he was pushing the damned GANG OF * amnesty garbage!
Lying liar lying about his lying. Liar.
Politicalkiddo makes an objective analysis:
I don’t see how any woman could find pretty boy attractive. I can’t believe that his looks somehow give him an edge.
Once again, CatherineofAragon is trying way to hard.
He isn't my type at all. I like them rugged and masculine, with some physical evidence that there's testosterone in there somewhere.
Menehune56 doesn't get why people who understand English might feel solidarity with another language:
There's no need to use any language other than English since US citizens are REQUIRED to understand it. You have to be a US citizen to vote. This is straight up dishonest pandering to illegals. Disgusting!
BobL thinks all of America is just like Texas and will respond to racebating super well:
I wonder whether Marco realizes he probably loses as many ‘English’ votes as he gains ‘Spanish’ votes when he gives dual-language speeches.

The offset is MUCH, MUCH, worse. Probably closer to 5 to 1. We’re talking very few people supporting him just due to Amnesty and huge numbers of conservatives, yet again, sitting things out, and just as many other nominal Republicans voting Democrats, since there wouldn’t be much difference between the parties...and the Democrats HAND OUT GOODIES.

The other option is what happened in Texas and throughout the South in 2014, when Republicans ran hard on border security and the “invasion” from the South. Their worst numbers were in Texas, where Republicans ‘only’ won 75% of the white vote and ‘only’ 45% of the Hispanic vote. They did better in other states, hitting 89% of whites in Alabama. Even with the large numbers of blacks throughout the South and the HUGE NUMBERS of Hispanics in states like Texas and New Mexico, the Democrats down here still have NO IDEA what hit them.

Republicans - follow my advice, fight for the WHITE VOTE, give them SOMETHING TO VOTE FOR, rather than just hoping they will hold their nose and vote against Hillary (hint, that never works).
editor-surveyor sums it up:
Too bad Rubio, we’re way past you now that Ted Cruz has risen to the top with his backers already gathering 37 million in the last two weeks!

History lesson.

Movin’ on!
No zottings yet. But this is gonna be a great primary season.