Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rolling Coal

There's been some discussion on the left about "rolling coal," which modifies diesel engines to burn extra fuel on command, the only effects of which are worse gas mileage and some black smoke. Youtube has some yahoos using this to blow smoke at bikers, or Prius drivers, or even random women walking on the street.

The whole thing is so uncommonly immature that Freepers find themselves split between those who still retain a vestigial resistance to purposeless jerkitude, and those who live for spite.

rktman is a renegade.
Some smokey tips for you diesel drivin' rebels out there. Just to PO the epa and envirowackos. Me likey.
but upon the slightest objection, rktman backs off.
I used to work on commercial fishing boats and full throttle was called "smoke holing it". No engine mods were needed on a WWII era 6-71 Detroit diesel to make her smoke, just punch it.
That being said, the guy in the truck video is an ass.

I know. It was an attempt at subtle humor as a response to and to tweek the ecowackos. Maybe it just goes wrong.
Clay Moore's comment is on a digression about engines, but I liked it's style.
A guy in high skrool threw a Houston yellow pages phone book on a Detroit that was running away. He said it proceeded to shred it and blow it out the stack.
Note the use of "high skrool" for no good reason other than to say it. Freeper Shibboleths are the best Shibboleths.

Also in the engines digression, SgtHooper wants you to know no one loves engines as much as he does!!!
Wish they would make a perfume that smelled like diesel fumes. mmmmmmmmmmmm

Hot tar is my favorite!
IronJack really embraces the asshole side:
The green weenies will blow a gasket! It would be nice to see a Prius boxed in at a stoplight by half a dozen of these guys running full tilt boogie.
Boogieman has contempt for fitness.
Also works against those annoying Lance Armstrong wannabes
mountainlion explains the bicyclists war on traffic:
I could see smoking out protesters, but just some bicyclists minding their own business, what a d*ck.

You should see stupid bicyclists riding two wide on a mountain road under repair. The really enjoy blocking traffic and call it their right.
mountainlion further discusses that bikers have a smugness-created immunity to all non smoke-related measures:
Hand ... meet horn. For a LONG time. Sort of takes the fun away I would think

Done that. They just flip you off and smile at each other, after all they think they are superior.
US_MilitaryRules - calling the cops is for weenies. He must not read the forums much.
Just goes to prove they were liberal weenies. Conservatives would have just laughed it off and not called the authorities! zeros new army, turning in your neighbor. And you? Hmmm.
US_MilitaryRules wants to teach the controversy about thick black smoke's environmental benefits:
Who is to say that rolling coal is bad for the environment? The same scientists who claim a consensus that the earths climate is changing because of man? lol
Boogieman has decided being a jerk to liberals is good for them somehow:
Sorry, but this is just plain dumb. You think you’re going to win anyone to our side by going out of your way to be the stinking turd in the punch bowl?

FYI, that wasn’t me driving, I just think it’s hilarious.

As to your question, I don’t care about winning people over, because most liberals won’t be won over until life beats them over the head. They are too far gone to be reached with reason, they will only learn the hard way. So, instead of wasting my time with that, I usually go with something they do still understand: ridicule.
IYAS9YAS has no problem with this, though someone will probably be killed.
I have no problem with coal rollers. It’s their dime. That being said, one of these morons is going to get someone killed or severely injured because the rollee can’t see the road ahead, or someone else can’t see the rollee. Then the laughing stops.
catnipman - reporting on conservative assholes just proves your liberal bias!
Yes, some rednecks are conservatives and some conservative are rednecks, but REAL conservatives believe in conserving things, you know, like natural resources and a livable environment and so wouldn’t deliberately pollute the environment, waste energy resources, and potentially induce accidents by supposedly demonstrating some pointless point about the type of vehicle a fellow human being chooses to drive.

Clearly the author has exposed their personal viewpoint as to the nature of conservatives as well as promulgating the usual bias of the usual “Progressive” media “journalists”

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Now militarized police is awesome

Freepers went pro-police after Ferguson, but now Obama has said he's going to review their militarization. So now Freepers' paranoid anti-Obama knee-jerk policies mean they've decided the police need all the drones and MRAPs that our tax money can buy!

Sacajaweau explains that the police need it.
Disarm the police....good idea.

We just finished with a hostage situation near here. The high tech stuff helped.
backwoods-engineer's paranoia has lead to some pretty crazy suppositions.
Let me guess: he will decide that local police need to become part of Homeland Security. Stroke of the pen, Gestapo accomplished.
When nothing happens, it'll be on to the next conspiracy theory!

Ouchthatonehurt is working the latest FOX News talking point in.
The article isn’t very clear...
From what hole did he order the review?
gov_bean_counter feels Obama's lack of racebating proves that everyone else is racebating:
Pivoting away from the shooting???

The investigation must not be going so well for Prince Obie's crew.
RginTN's priorities are more paranoid and speculative than any actual shootings of unarmed blacks:
The focus should be on why Fed agencies like the BLM and Dept of Ed have swat teams not local police.
Mastador1 agrees - the real problem is Obama's Administration.
This coming from the clown whose administration is responsible for the largest weaponization of federal employees in the history of America as well as the arming of drug cartels and muslin terrorists?
Iron Munro knows Obama is arming black criminals.
He would rather arm black criminals and muslim terrorists.
Darksheare manages to be against militarizing the police and against Obama through serious and bad craziness.
It was a libtard idea to militarize the police to “counter” the “threat” posed by second amendment supporters.

I guess that when their pet sturmtruppen offend the wrong social group, the pet sturmtruppen must go.

How about returning law enforcement back to its roots and dumping the military hardware?

Obamatron will just create a new schutzstaffel anyway, the left wants their dystopian police state that badly.
CivilWarBrewing has fit this into his martial law fantasy:
To make future declarations of national Martial Law more effective, taking INVENTORY of all local and State police department’s toys under the guise of ‘reviewing the militarization of police’. Nice trick, team Obama.
bgill thinks Obama is going to militarize the police more!
He’ll use this as an excuse to send them more military harware and spy gadgets to turn them all into his civilian army when he declares martial law.
Tigen has a message for "boy zero."
SO YOU WANT TO ARM YOUR MILITANTS. IE government civilian army as well armed as the military.
Its obvious asshole.
SgtHooper brings race into it.
He will only block military stocks to the police forces operating in black neighborhoods.

The dilemma of being genocidal.

You can tell an election is coming. It started with impeachment - Freepers have once again realized that a lot of their craziness may be fun, but is certainly not popular.

It's always fun to watch them try to turn their craziness around. In this case, takes issue with a Daily Beast contributors assertion that conservatives "love seeing Arabs get killed."

Freepers respond with a hilarious mix of "How dare you!" and "Yes, so?"

JayAr36 has a pretty easy formula:
Dead Muslim = Good Muslim!
Rummyfan also sees no problem here.
Noted angry spotlight candidate bert takes issue with "Arab" vs. "Muslim."
Some do but rational conservatives restrict the view to radical Islamic wackos many of which are not Arabs.

I would seem to me that in his ignorance, Dean Obeidallah confuses Arabs with Islamic wackos.
Actually, he says "radical Islam," though Freepers usually reject that distinction.

newfreep's Christianity is of the old, imperialistic kind:
As a Christian conservative, I love to see any members of satan’s death cult (aka islam) bite the dust.

PS: see my tagline...
Said tagline: ("Evil succeeds when good men do nothing" - Edmund Burke). Sounds like he wants a crusade.

newfreep follows up to explain his nuanced thinking:
Actually, it’s someone who chooses satan as his leader.

There is no reason to feel compassion for any satanist - they are pure evil!!!

And evil should always be destroyed. ALWAYS!
Politicalkiddo pulls the old strawman-justifies-my-craziness move.
And Arabs love seeing Jews and Christians killed. What’s your point?
Alas Babylon! thinks similarly, but keeps things focused:
Liberals love seeing Jews and Christians killed.
American in Israel explains that "as a conservative," he thinks all Muslims are Nazis.
Liberals love to see American children killed.

Just borrowing the same broad brush to paint back with.

As a conservative, that spent a decade living around Palestinians I am who this idiot speaks of. I hate seeing Arabs killed. I however am glad to see Muslims eliminated from this earth, we will never live in peace with Nazis on a rampage.

Don’t like death cults, American or Arab.
Shimmer1 finds accusations of such bigotry to be lies!!!!!!!!! I guess he hasn't read the thread.
Just another way they are smearing conservatives. Why be accurate when you can lie and be inflammatory????!!!!
Mark17 loves death!
The only good muslim is a dead one.

That is right. I also feel the same way about communists.
D Rider pulls out an amusing old Jack Chick canard:
Allah was the pagan Arab moon God, hence the crescent moon symbology found throughout Islam. This was the predominant Pagan religion of the ancient Middle East. In Babylon, Bel; in Sumer, Sin; in Arabia, Allah;...etc. This is well documented by both archeology and historical documentation. It is strongly disputed by Muslims.

Also, no one tell him about Christmas/Yule, Easter/Ostara, or...Halloween.

Alas, the anti-mahdi's laziness got in the way of his craziness
I once contemplated starting a web-site Good muslim. com, as in, “the only good muslim is a dead muslim”.

Figured it would not do any good so I demurred, for now at least.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Potpourri

dirtboy smugly responds to someone on Facebook complaining about all the racism by being racist.
he was a thug

Why let a video of him committing a strong arm robbery get in the way of his sainthood?

he deserved it,

Where I come from, if you punch a cop, try to take his gun, and then charge him in the street, you pretty much have a shooting coming to you.

black people destroy their own communities,

One only needs to take transit through poor urban black neighborhoods to confirm this.

blacks are criminals,

Not all blacks are criminals, but a very disproportionate number are. And that ain't the fault of whitey.
caww seems to have some unbelievably, cartoonishly bad projects near his house.
I also think that the standards in a black community are far different then those outside a black community. ....Pot smoking and brawls may very well be 'natural daily life' for many and accepted as part of that particular culture....many don't seem to have much emotional control and drama is daily life for them.

I have it in a section 8 house they plopped in our neighborhood. They are clueless on basic consideration for your neighbors....domestic fights end up in the street at all hours...teenagers coming and going all hours of day and night...police cars consistently being called there.

I honestly think that the police are an 'expected' role in their day to day drama...wouldn't be complete for them without police showing up so they can tell their stories of how bad the other guys are they're fighting with.

I am certainly getting an up front education on how these people live...and it isn't pretty by any means.
Sarah Barracuda's position is unsurprising. less moron on the the media going to report on every single officer involved shooting nationwide..gee..if only they would report on the shootings in Chicago, oh yeah almost on black, no need to report that
Sarah Barracuda also knows policemen have perfect aim with their handguns.
The officer was obviously trying to just wound him, since a shot in the arm is NOT fatal..Brown kept on coming towards him, the last two shots were the fatal blows(2 to the head) I wonder if both shots made a direct hit on the head or did one just graze his head and the other one make a direct hit
Jeff Head listened only to the police, and makes up what every black person from Obama on down has said.
As far as Michael Zbrown I concerned, nd his death...he is responsible.

He chose to rob the store.
He chose to walk in the middle of the street.
He chose to ignore an officer’s lawful instruction to get out of the street.
He chose to scuffle with the police officer.
He chose to punch the officer and break his orbital bone.
He chose ignore the officer’s order.
He chose to bum rush the officer.

This resulted in his death. Not anything you, or I, or anyone else did.

As far as the riots, that is on the likes of Sharpton, Jackson, the Black Panthers, the President, Holder, etc. who are presenting false narratives and not facts. They are doing this for political gain, but they are living.

Them, and the people noxious to believe them.

Particularly the ones who want to use it to commit crime.
Viennacon knows not to believe any black people.
The anonymous source known as ‘Thug #2’
Responsibility2nd knows the background of black people in Ferguson without needing any facts.
Let me guess. An aspiring rapper who has just turned his life around and was just peacefully protesting in Ferguson.

“Hands up! Don’t Shoot!”
GladesGuru continues to be a horrifyingly sociopathic racist regarding another police shooting of a black that took place near Ferguson.
Culling the herd.
bergmeid is sure ISIS is gonna start it's takeover in Ferguson.
ISIS will be spreading through this country using the black population to go after Tea Partiers who are largely Christian. These riots are very fertile ground for islam.
hamboy also tries hard to link Islam and Ferguson.
Debbie Schlussel blog also says the Ferguson store Michael Brown and his partner in crime Dorian Johnson robbed likely financing Palestinian Islamic terrorism used as front to illegally transfer funds to entities in the Palestinian Authority. The store sold stolen cigarettes (and other contraband), often a scheme by American Muslims to finance HAMAS and Hezbollah.
Sarah Barracuda makes some out-there assumptions.
My guess is that he was either on meth or maybe bath salts..or it could have been pure takes a lot to bring down a fat man..being shot in the arm would have been enough for a regular person to stop but it seems no matter what this officer did he would not stop charging him..the toxicology results are going to be vey telling..if we ever get to see them
trebb explains that pot today is basically bath salts.
it's been decades since I smoked any reefer and it was generally a very mellow, smiley-eyes experience. Ran into some laced with other substances and it had whole other effect, but I'm not prone to wanton violence so even that didn't push me over any edges. Today's stuff is supposed to be multiples of times more potent and with all the "designer" drugs and mixture being used, it's a crap shoot if you run into a user who is bent on doing harm.
Covenantor Finds fault in a picture of the memorial to Michael Brown.
I notice from the photo you posted that some of those bottles are empty or half empty. That's a real voodoo display. Wonder if there are any "Blunts" as offerings.
bakeneko expects violence at the Michael Brown funeral.
A gangbanger funeral in Chicago can’t happen without 3-5 other people being shot.

Popcorn time.

Police should stand WAY back.
AlexW Got zotted for this post.
One of the joys of being an expat is that I do not see black/afro people. I have seen maybe 3 in the last 5 years.
I left Memphis for the last time in 2005. I understand that it is now 60% black.
Possibly the blanket dislike of blacks. Probably for generally being a broad-spectrum asshole to his fellows for a long time now.

Oh, good lord. GrandJediMasterYoda jokes that when Negroes take over it will be just like Planet of the Apes.
I don't know, when [Black protesters] take over and whitey reverts back to hunter- gathering, will the chicks be as hot as Nova?

[Pics from Planet of the Apes.]
PeteePie is looking forward to the coming anti-Muslim lynchapalooza.
One cannot exterminate rats, roaches, take your pick, until they make their presence known. Let them come out of the shadows and then Let’s Roll these barbarians. Where are they in the US that they aren’t squaring off against millions of gun owners? When enough people are motivated by fear, there will be ISIS hanging from our trees. (and maybe some not so ISIS but we don’t live in a perfect world)
mrsmel has some armchair analysis about Obama.
It’s really astounding what Soros et al have been to accomplish merely by using this man with nebulous Muslim (at least publicly nebulous), nebulous “Christian” connections, no fire in his belly, ever-he was manufactured as a candidate at every stage, other people laid the groundwork and did the fighting, that’s why he is so childish and peevish now that the buck supposedly stops with him-and a black father and white mother—they really had their ducks in a row on all this, I must say-he could be whatever you wanted all at one time. They have turned our military into a weak socially engineered farce, destroyed healthcare-it WILL be socialized before this is finished-and undermined US power and respect amongst both friend and foe globally. They’ve wrecked the economy.

The only thing I’ve ever seen Hussein really take to heart re issues is “raycism”—that is the one thing which gets his juices flowing. That’s because it’s a personal issue to him, and he is petty, spiteful, insecure, and probably all his life torn by his heritage, added to it being such an issue in the leftist milieu in which he was raised.

This is my armchair analysis, at any rate
Never mind the statistics, Netz is convinced of Obama's superlative laziness.
The INTEL people are wrong to ask Obama to cut short his vacation.

How can you cut short an ongoing vacation that has been uninterrupted since January 20th 2009?

It's not fair to Oabam who is attempting to break the Guinness Book of World Records for Executive Branch Golf Time. This is his most serious effort since being elected so let's give him credit where credit is due...
CatherineofAragon: expert on gay sex.
"As much as I dislike homosexuality, I don’t believe the incidence of sex acts with feces is very high."

Welcome to Free Republic.

Are you talking about acts such as deliberately consuming feces? Yes, some homosexuals do that. But a majority---as much as 80%---ingest them as a byproduct of mouth-to-anus sex.

And of course it's always involved with anal penetration. I used to work with a queer who bragged about having to buy enemas before he got together with his "boyfriend."

Then, of course, there was the queers' mocking adoption of the name "Santorum" for a particular aspect of their behavior.

Someone here once posted an article written by a homosexual in which he laughed about the fact that yes, feces are a part of their sex acts, and they love it.

Homosexuality is filthy, demeaning, degrading, and mentally & spiritually sick to the extreme...not to mention the many physical sicknesses it brings with it.
miserare wants Obama to get Ebola.
Can we hope that someone from Sierra Leone barfs or coughs on Obama?
The worst thing about Le Chien Rouge's sad, old, racist arguments is there complete lack of originality.
Poor Asians arrive in America and thrive.

Jamaicans will BRAG about how many jobs they have in order to pay off their homes early.

Even Poor Mexicans arrive into this country and within a generation, are business owners in mostly white neighborhoods.

Perhaps Blacks are not successful due to DNA/intelligence rather that perceived white racism or class warfare.

Africa is a mess. While whites where putting a man on the moon, Africans were STILL whizzing in their water supply.

Just sayin...
ErnBatavia saw a lunatic at a Tea Party rally.
in 2009, wifey and I went to a large TEA rally and the guy in front of us - for whatever reason he had in his head - kept shouting "Joe Biden's an idiot!"....pretty much over and over.

It did greatly entertain the crowd, however.
DJ MacWoW's imaginary version of Obama contradicts the actual Obama, making Obama a hypocrite.
Hypocrisy Is:
Claiming To Be Lawfully Elected Twice
In A Country You Deem To Be
The Most Racist In The World
CatherineofAragon hates how the police listen to the Attorney General.
God, enough of this already! Why is this crap being tolerated?

Those white cops will be cowering before Holder.
PLD shows how lame red-bating really was.
TPNN reported on Monday, the Communist Party USA has joined forces with the racist New Black Panther group and Chicago Communists have come to Ferguson to reinvigorate the call for class warfare and deepen racial divides.

Continually, this administration’s so-called Justice Department has refused to enforce law and order but have, instead, opted to advance radical social engineering and Attorney General Holder’s presence in Ferguson will likely not help matters. Instead, Holder’s presence is sure to lend credence to the race-hustlers’ narrative that racist police shot and killed an innocent man and have tried to cover it up. Obama and Holder members of the communist party..
RoosterRedux on all the bad revolutionary Muslim Communist blacks like Obama.
There are millions of fine, hard-working Black Americans who have assimilated.

But some have not...and they are planning revolution.

Obama is one of them.

Muslims and Communist are getting with the revolution plan. And Obama is backing them all.

All eyes on Ferguson MO. Their goal is to divide the Country.
RoosterRedux thinks that riots are caused by demons.
Islam isn't the only demonic religion on this planet.

Know thy enemy!

What is happening in Ferguson MO is just as demonic as that happening in Iraq.

Friday, August 22, 2014

IS Leader flees US bombing. Obama still Secret Muslim

The American bombing campaign seems to have had some effect, at least driving a leader into hiding. Freepers do a victory dance, and also blame Obama for not killing him.

Oldeconomybuyer declares Obama isn't involved, though he doesn't bother to specify how.
All due to the gutsy call of warrior Obama. /bs
woodbutcher1963 hates how soft America is on terrorists.
It would be much better if the Kurds got him. Then he would not end up in Cuba, just to be released later on. Not to mention the amount of money it costs just to keep these mugs alive, clothed & fed.
America has not been putting new people in Gitmo, not that that'll stop Freepers from still hitting the "Club Fed" meme.

rdcbn declares that ending ISIS is super easy!
It's just that simple to put a stop to these guys.

If Obama had even threatened air strikes when ISIS first attacked they never would have left Mosul.

If Obama actually had allowed air strikes on ISIS at the start of this ISIS would have been wiped out in a matter of days.

It seems Obama and ISIS have similar policy goals for Iraq, and Obama has no problem with ISIS in control .
That's why Bush ended Al Queda and the Taliban so quickly.

freeangel also sees this as more evidence of Obama's Muslimness
“Why was he not bombed?”

Obama wants the caliphate so badly he can taste it.
no-to-illegals eschews any nuance re: Islam.
isis = al qaeda = moslem brotherhood = every other name islam goes by = those that do not cair but claim to.

Friday Spotlight: cloudmountain

I thought about taking a vacation from Freeper racism. I sort of did - cloudmontain is a female Freeper whose views on race lie more in the massive generalization than the dehumanization range. So mainstream for the Victorian era. Indeed, her reality seems based upon taking anecdotes and extrapolation, as with every generalization comes a story.

Her husband is a badass!
There are two parts of Oakland. The Oakland hills are posh and those folks there want to keep it that way. The only media attention is on the ghetto areas and the working class blacks...and they couldn't care less.

My husband's family lived in the posh area, with his mother being a hair dresser...and renting.
My husband had to go to Oakland High School. It made him a real tough guy.

True story:
When he took me over to Oakland to see where he had lived we were going under a high train trestle. He stopped for a group of about half a dozen young black men. They saw him and me in our old Chevy convertible and then IMMEDIATELY slowed down to a stroll. My husband honked at them to "move it along."

They turned, started yelling obscenities at him and started coming toward us. Of course, he didn't budge. As they approached him they saw his face, the look on his face and in his eyes and stopped DEAD in their tracks. They backed off, still yelling at us but let us pass without moving toward us.

The LOOK on my husband's face said LOUD and CLEAR:
"Come on. I WILL beat the living c**p out of you. You might hurt me but YOU all will leave here with the worse end of it."

We had had to deal with punks like that occasionally but I always felt SO SAFE with my husband around. He BRISTLED if anyone gave him c**p ... lol, and that was enough for ANYONE to see my tough guy husband BRISTLE.
The Africans who didn't migrate to Europe sure were dumb!
Not hard to understand WHY people migrated out of Africa so long ago. It's a miserable place to live with all the flora and fauna that make humans sick.

I can almost hear the early Africans: "Time to get outta Dodge. Wagons ho north and east." :o)
American Blacks should be grateful for slavery
Sharpton, Muhammad, Wright, Farrakhan have been flapping their racist gums for eons. They sing the same ole song over and over and over. Most African-Americans got tired of it LONG AGO. Even the most radical and racist Americans got tired of their rant.

American blacks have it so good. I was in Kenya some years ago...real Africans. I saw an "African-American" couple there, coming to see "their roots." The couple looked very confused and unhappy. They did NOT look like Africans in any way, shape or form. They were OODLES lighter than ANY African. Africans are EBONY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY black, as in the color of tires. African-Americans were cafe au lait, mocha colored, 100% pure American looking. Besides, they DRESSED like Americans. Hahaha, they were such as odd couple, SO out of place.

I thought that it was GOOD for them to see that however "African" might have been preached to them by the likes of Wright, Sharpton, Farrakhan and Muhammad, they WERE 100% American...and 0% African.

Naturally, she knows exactly what everyone really thinks about Ferguson.
the media will start "ignoring" Ferguson by just not covering it and getting ALL HOT AND BOTHERED by some other "breaking news." Same old crap from the media.

I am glad for the officer.
HE knew he was right.
His family and friends knew he was right.
His fellow officers knew he was right.
Every cop on the planet knew he was right.
Everyone with a brain knew he was right.
The media even knew he was right.
Every black caucus knew he was right.
The perp's family knew he was right.

But, gotta sell more breath mints, cars, brassiers, shoes and toilet paper.
Hillary: too evil to be a lesbian.
Being married to a lesbian must be tough.

She's no lesbian. Sex with anyone requires some GIVING. After living with Bill's talent for "giving" (especially to TWITS in blue dresses) Hitlery give NUTHIN' to NO ONE, EVER!
Barack Obama: Reminiscing like a pimp.
I wonder if "Barry Obama" will go back to his old high school and reminisce.

He's such a pimp.
Arabs are shifty cheaters:
My father was in North Africa during WWII. He didn't talk about it at all but he did NOT like Arabs. I think some Arab cheated my sergeant-father when he was on some military-related business, buying food for our troops. He never forgot it.
The Chinese:
The Chinese seem to me to be possibly SOME of the most racist, class conscious, rudest people in the world. It's my feeling that they have always felt superior to the rest of the planet. And that is saying something when including the Indians.

I taught THOUSANDS of young adult Chinese. They were always very polite to me...until they turned to each other and started speaking away in Chinese, right in front of me. Some had the gall to laugh. I always nipped THAT particular rudeness in the bud.

People who HAVEN'T had my experience with them think that the Chinese are "so polite, nice, hard working, etc." Balderdash. They are like everyone else on the planet. Just JoeSchmoes from Kokomo. Some good, some bad, most somewhere in between.

The ABCs, American Born Chinese, are just like every other American and do NOT fall into the category of the FOBs, Fresh off the Boeing, or CIAs, Chinese in America.

The Chinese in China? Different story...just like everyone else but with a huge superiority complex. It made me laugh: superior about having no toilets? about treating females like subservient animals? about binding the feet of their wealthy women? about destroying SO many female fetuses when Amniocentesis was discovered that an entire generation of men had no women to marry? Those men were called the "bare branches."
"Every race is full of just folks. Now, let me tell you about how awful the Chinese are."

The formula for a non-SATANIC life:
The way life works is, in THIS ORDER:
1. Get an education;
2. Get a job;
3. Get married;
4. Have children

ANYTHING out of that order is listening to SATAN.