Saturday, April 29, 2017

Freepers contemplate fighting schoolchildren

Some 6th grader in Missouri got into a fight for wearing a Trump hat. The school suspended the kid for being disruptive. Knowing kids, I suspect there's a bit of history there.
Freepers do not know kids, however. And so this story briefly went national.

Recall that Freepers were into bullying when it was pro-Trump. Now, though, this is a crisis that can only be solved by lawsuits and adults getting violent - always a good lesson for kids to learn!

dsc, on the site Free Republic, complains that liberal sites ban dissenters:
School claims that the HAT was causing problems... Not the bullies.... but the hat....

That’s the way the way the crybullies operate.

Ain’cha never been kicked off a libtard site?
Of course giant Bible bore HiTech RedNeck thinks the problem is unspecific not enough Jesus:
The only good part is more Dems are forced to admit that racism, mob tactics and property destruction have become their main strategies of communication.

They’re trying so sadly to do kumbaya... with no Jesus Christ.
CrimsonTidegirl is ready for brutality!
If that were my son, the school, the bullies & the bullies’ families would suffer hell.

Unfortunately, like most conservatives, the boy’s parents will probably just roll over quietly. That’s what conservatives do.

It’s time for some REAL Social Justice. Conservatives, START FIGHTING BACK. Brutally, if need be.
CrimsonTidegirl continues to demonstrate she doesn't have the maturity to be a parent:
The left doesn’t hesitate to harass normal people through the court system. Time for payback.

I’m sick of the violent left getting away with their violent antics without any repercussions. I’m a very petite woman & not very strong physically but I do have a temper. If one of these subhumans attacked me, I would probably lose but I would cause as much pain as I could:)
lightman has a great plan:
Put the kid in cyberschool...that’ll punish the screwl district.
stubernx98 has been a dick foreeever:
I remember getting a major fight in the 4th grade in Oregon when I supported Truman over Duey. Me against many. Have things changed!(me too)
Scrambler Bob thinks deadly force was being used, I guess, because he brings in self-defense law:
The “Ed Code” allows the schools to take ownership of a kid from the time he heads toward school till he gets home (and beyond that, it seems, when you include social media).

There is no provision for self defense. The victim is supposed to roll up in a fetal position and call for a teacher.

Meanwhile, the Law defines self defense and specifies when it is permissible, which differs 100% from the Ed Code.

I say call the cops, press charges. They have evidence.
FrdmLvr's twelve-year-old nephew swore once, proof kids these days are awful:
Speaking of the F bomb: I was sitting with my 91 year old dad and my 35 year old nephew, who happens to be a teacher, a few weeks ago and we were discussing current events of one kind of another when out comes the F word from my nephew! My dad about fell over, but that is the way Gen Xers and millennial speak now a days, and apparently, now 12 year olds too. The coarsening of society is sad.
Candor7, with zero proof, is sure 'demographics' are involved.
This is not politics. Its demographic cultural warfare.

The leftist liberal fascist brown shirts are being created right in front of our eyes. All they need is uniforms and knifes.
redgolum also tweaks to race as the real issue:
How diverse was the school?

For that matter, what is the demographic of the teachers?
central_va's Civil War boner is rising...
I can feel the tension in the air. I think the leftists are going to start something. It is almost palpable. I've never felt this kind of tension since the Vietnam War. Love it.

Trump was supposed to be like rolling a frag grenade under the body politic. So far so good.

Go Trump, Go!


  1. Welcome back, Ozzy!

    Crimson Tide Girl seems like a real cutie-beautie ... destined to be yet another of the bitter old maids that inhabit FR.

  2. Replies
    1. Somebody should tell them that the address of Jared Kushner's tacky tower is 666 and that means his is the number of a man, and his is the number of the beast. And Ivanka is the whore of Babylon. Just to swat the hornet's nest a bit. It would probably keep them busy for a week.

  3. Are you at least a little curious about how Freepers would rationalize Trump calling Andrew Jackson a guy with a big heart who was against the Civil War? Well, look no further! Here they retreat straight to their defensive crouch and praise Trump for overlooking almost all the facts, including the question "Why was there a Civil War? Why couldn't we just work it out?"
    Best comment of all (among many priceless ones):
    Sam Gamgee: I knew coming to FR would explain it all. I just knee jerk ignore the news when I hear it now.

    Yeah, can't let facts get in the way of blowing Trump.

    1. What I'm surprised over is what the poster Beancounter said in that thread. That is that the Civil War was plainly stated by the Confederacy as being about slavery and that as a Christian slavery is wrong.

      *cough* ok, maybe not surprised they think slavery is antithetical to the Bible even though it clearly states rules when it's a-ok, but just that they're even supporting the idea that it wasn't purely state's rights*cough*

      Still, credit where credit is due.

  4. I like this one because it looks like Steve Bannon is the hero, the sole savior. lol

    1. That is a bad rendition of Steve Bannon ...
      a) hair is combed
      b) face is not purple and veiny from decades of alcohol abuse, and
      c) is not 200+ lbs overweight.

  5. Replies
    1. Aw. Who's the snowflake now? They need their safe space?

    2. What is this, The Trouble With Triggles?

  6. Too funny. They loved Debbie Schlussel as long as she was trying to re-enact the crusades and pushing Muslim hate. But she ran afoul of FR and is now on their shit list. Their little world keeps shrinking.


    There's an interesting analysis of Free Republic near the bottom of this post about authoritarianism. Hope you like it!

    1. That was fascinating! Thank you for sharing.

    2. And having just finished your article, I came across this comment from SaraJohnson (written without a trace of irony or self-awareness):
      To: Jim Robinson
      One thing about political activism (especially when it involves tribalism) - it can make you fill up with hate, anger and wrath. It can snuff out your humanity and set you into self righteous rage against the world.

  8. Replies
    1. I love that these idiots genuinely believe that right-wing e-mail forwards are reliable sources.

  9. Speaking of fighting "schoolchildren," I really want to share this rant before s/he's zotted and this post disappears.
    This is an absolutely HORRIBLE bill. And I say that as a passionate evangelist against the “Affordable” Care Act.

    The bottom line is that this DOES eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions. For states that choose to opt out.

    What if you live in one of those states? Are you supposed to uproot your family and move to a Blue state like CA to get coverage?

    Oh, and the insurance companies can charge “old” people FIVE TIMES (vs THREE times under the “A”CA) premiums. As if my EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAR premium under the “A”CA (with $6K PP deductibles) was not already enough. What’s reasonable? $30K per year with $20K deductibles? $50K per year? WHERE DOES IT STOP?!!!

    You guys really need to quit the “Trump won! = good!” bandwagon BS.

    This is a crap bill. It is THE. ABSOLUTE. WORST. BILL. that our side could have passed, BAR NONE.

    Trump has failed and is a HORRIBLE POTUS. (And, both me and DW voted for him).

    For the very first time in my life, the Dems actually have a better story than the Rs. Pay attention, people. That is messed up in a BIG way."

    1. "(And, both me and DW voted for him)."

      I like to think that 'DW' stands for 'Daughter Wife'.

  10. oh dear

    1. Make sure you include the entire thing. Here's a gem of a comment regarding Jews: "Any group that pisses off people to the point of genocide usually has it coming."

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. "People like Joy Behar and Chuck Schumer and Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silverman might turn me into an anti-Semite, but I hope not.

      5 posted on 4/26/2017, 6:43:21 PM by Steve_Seattle"

      "To: Steve_Seattle

      Any group that pisses off people to the point of genocide usually has it coming.

      14 posted on 4/26/2017, 6:52:11 PM by Rome2000"

      Classy stuff right there!

      Funny part is if you look at Rome2000's profile, he attacks the Palestinians for the Mufti meeting with Hitler.

      He might hate Jews, but his hatred for Muslims runs deeper.

  11. This comment in response to Stephen Colbert's making a dick joke about Trump has to win the Hyperbole of All Time award.

    sergeantdave: Are you serious? The commies at the networks want to see you and your spouse shot dead and your kids made slaves of a communist state run by them. That’s not a non-issue.... The pig Nazi leftists in the America media are making pacts with the muslim filth invading America to kill you.

    Dude, it's just a Stephen Colbert monologue, not the clearing of the ghettos. Calm down.

    1. That whole thread is a hoot!

    2. They seem to conclude that conservatives have no comedians of their own because they have no sense of humor, and reading that thread, it's hard to disagree.

    3. "The way he made a joke about cancer research was enough for me."

      This person lives in a different reality than the existing one.

      Colbert never made fun of cancer research. He said "more people are marching against you than cancer."

      This is why no one can "bargain" with these people and they just need to die out. They expand their own version of what they believe into what people actually say!

      That's beyond irrational. That's insanity.

  12. Obama is queer:

    ...sure, there's no evidence of that, and the fact that he's married and has two children clearly point to him being a heterosexual, but he's TOTALLY gay!

  13. Compared To The Threat of A Hillary Clinton, The Russians Look Like Pussycats!

    "Most anyone who grew up around the time an American first stepped onto the moon can, if they will open their eyes, easily understand the Godly motivation and stalwart conduct of our president’s current leadership. The kids in that era (those of us who haven’t forgotten), when asked what we would do if we were president, all vowed to behave exactly as our brother Donald now is."

    I am speechless.

    1. I should say that that quote come from the article, not a Freeper post.

  14. The Kushtards need to go. They are an enormous drag on MAGA. They stink like Clintons.

    Donnie was probably not smart enough to have made the decision to provide the rabid right wing with a convenient punching bag but Ivanka and Jared will fill that role nicely. This really has turned out well for him. Ivanka and Jared will be blamed for everything that the administration does that irks the right and Donnie will be, in the imaginations of the Freepers and their like, pristine - a "true conservative".

  15. Sarah Barracuda: But the Democrat Commie media will continue pushing this bogus Trump/Russia nonsense for his entire Presidency because they know if you repeat a lie long enough people will believe it.

    Like Trump pushing the "fake birth certificate" via press conferences for several years, until some Freepers believed it so hard they went over the edge?

  16. Replies
    1. Bitter, dp062?

    2. Dp062 flips from genius inventor to brain damaged basement dweller as the mood fits him.

      I think brain damaged is closer to reality.

  17. The white nationalists are chanting "Russia is our friend" at this protest.

    White Nationalist Leads Torch-Bearing Protesters Against Removal of Confederate Statue

    Would one of our Freeper friends post this to Free Republic? Thanks!

    1. Why bother? Fox news has already swiftly given them their talking points that the intel about Russia is a hoax. You know, like global warming.
      Report was based on "logic, not evidence." Whatever the fuck that means.


  18. Was going to take a look at how Freepers are handling Trump passing classified information to the Russians, but the site seems to have been down all day. Curious.

    1. "Russia is our friend"

    2. Fake news, freepers are so predictable

    3. Last time the site was down was on the day of his pitiful, soggy, poorly attended inauguration.

    4. The 'thon is running even more poorly than usual ... thus JimRob has taken the site down for awhile to gin up donations from the true addicts.

      He's pulled this crap before.

    5. Read the comments on the FR facebook, it's quality lol

    6. I'm always stunned people post their under their Publix profile.
      I'm reminded of the Parks & Rec episode where Tom bowls two-handed between his legs: "Son, people can see you!"

    7. The funniest thing is that some of these morons visit Facebook- a website with FAR better graphics and capabilities- to link up with other morons to complain about when Free Republic- a website that hasn't progressed since 1997- will be back online?!

      You'd think that one of the Freepers would think "hey, we can just have these discussions on FreeRepublic Facebook" and not pay money for the site's upkeep!

      This is why people think they're supremely stupid.

    8. The Republicans own all three branches of government, it stands to reason that Freepers might not see a reason to send their money to RimJob like they used to. Really, why stick around to defend Trainwreck Trump? This would be an excellent time for RimJob to retire. Granted, there is not a lot of work involved in running Free Republic but would you want to be the one who had to stand up for Donnie time and time again?

      It's not like there have only been a handful of Trump fuck ups. Donnie has stepped on his dick so many times it is flat. Even the most partisan Republicans have to realize the Trump Administration is a disaster.

      Surely RimJob has banked a few bucks over the years. He might want to think about getting out while the getting is good.

    9. FR is a pretty much auto-pilot cash cow ...
      a slowly dying cash cow, but a cash cow nonetheless. JimRob can see it out until a natural death (his or FR's).

      I doubt FR is even really down right now ... JimRob has just switched it off for a few days to punish the rubes for not coughing up their social security checks fast enough.

    10. I was one of the ones who tried to get the FB Free Republic to revolt. Of course I was banned from the group and blocked by JimRob's profile page.

      I've never seen a better example of the Stockholm Syndrome in my life!!

      They actually use Facebook to communicate when FR is down, they post the same links they do on FR, but the idea that Zuckerberg is going to shut them down- or that he'd even give a shit about a few thousand FR rednecks complaining about blacks and gays- is silly!

      FR isn't even on Facebook's radar, they're so insignificant!

      It truly is a study and I'd love to spend time in the bizarre mind of a Freeper!

    11. The marks are starting to wise up to the fact that they're.....well....marks.

  19. Over at the Free Republic Facebook page someone posted this -

    Malia Obama Arrested With A Gang Of Thugs In Chicago

    What is it with Freepers and their creepy obsession with her? It's really a little scary the way they continue to go after her.

  20. Also, on another post -- why are they talking about CW II? They have all three branches of govt. Still bitter old farts no matter what?

    1. I think they want to have some sort of righteous excuse to murder everyone who has been making fun of them. They elected a TV Host to the Presidency, it has been an unmitigated disaster and everyone they know has been laughing at them for backing the soon to be impeached Cheeto. It hurts their feelings.

  21. The Senate has requested Trump's tapes of the Comey meeting.

    Senate demands Comey memos and Trump tapes as probes ramp up

    Come on, Freepers. Get it together! This is getting GOOD and you guys are missing it.

    You guys are so fucked. lol

  22. Part of me really wishes they got hit with the You Cry encryption malware, Jim wouldn't pay or admit they got hit.

    1. they use a Commodore 64 for the server ...
      the only problem when it goes down is still finding parts to fix it.

    2. $350K per year for donations and they can't get a server that doesn't crash unless his son drives up there and fiddles with it. Ever notice how it crashes only when their champion is up to his eyeballs in embarrassment?

    3. It also crashes when the thon starts get a little long in the tooth but isn't close enough to the end to convincingly cook the numbers.

  23. Latest from FreeRepublic on Facebook ...

    Jim Robinson 1 hr (ago)

    Received a note from John. He still has a lot of work to do before he can install. Looks like we won't be ready tonight. Looking at tomorrow, Sorry.

    Allow me to translate ...
    John wants to go out drinking tonight, will try to fix the FR database tomorrow sometime, after he sobers up.

  24. Funny how the Freepers on facebook are being on their best behavior. Don't wanna make those racist comments under their real names I guess. Also there was a conversaton about sending even more money to Jim and John on top of the quarterly begging so that they can have "working capital" to make infrastructure improvements.

  25. It's still down, John "accidently" spilled a 5th onto the motherboard.

  26. When you believe Donnie

    "The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!"

    you are left with what,

    Whistleblowers: James Comey Seized and Buried Information Showing Donald Trump’s Phone Calls Were Spied On (AUDIO)

    Who knows? Maybe it is true that "Larry Klayman, attorney for former NSA and CIA contractor and whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, delivered to the FBI 47 hard drives and data amounting to more than 600 million pages of documentation on the surveillance scheme."

    But you know what? I think I will wait to read about this in the Times. lol

  27. In which Freepers begin to see the writing on the wall...

    Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein Tells Congress Russia Probe Now Includes Possible Cover-Up

    They are cranky about it too. lol

  28. Why doesn't Trump's fraudulent university in which he paid out $25 million bother them? Why are they so entrenched, and why are they so attached to this guy? I don't get it.

    1. Because they feel that he is just like them, he can do no wrong. In their eyes The people that got ripped off by trump were suckers that deserved what they got.

  29. Wow, this is ugly and racist even by FR standards.

    1. You better lower your head mudslimes because the bosses are in town and looking royal

      NO bowing and scraping except from the resident mudslime royals with the rags on.

      We do not have a President and First Lady that wear rags and look like they just crawled out of the ghetto.

      We have some class back in the White House.

      Not a commie lieing cheating mudslime queer Halfrican POtuS and a (insert here) crawling neanderthal first biotch wookie flotus. 

      9 posted on 5/20/2017, 6:46:46 AM by eartick (Been to the line in the sand and liked it, but ready to go again)

      And apparently, not being able to dress yourself counts as being strong with a "power tie."

    2. From that same thread -

      "No bowing and scraping, no head scarf for Melania...I love it!!"

      Trump attacked Michelle Obama for visiting Saudi Arabia without a headscarf. Melania Trump is now doing exactly that.

  30. "It's clear who God chose to save the human race."
    Good grief.

  31. pfflier:
    The layman's use of the term secret is open to interpretation. The implication by using the word secret is to create suspicion where none may be warranted. In any case, the criminal question is intent to commit a crime or the actual commission of a crime, not doing something in secret.

    I wish they would have remembered that throughout the past 8 years, including their numerous birther and Benghazi obsessions. I guess all that's gone straight out the window now.

  32. Biblical definition of marriage v. polygamy collapses when confronted by Freeper ideology:
    Can you actually afford to be a polygamist? Here's what it takes.
    It's funny to me how threads like this fizzle out so quickly.

  33. Freepers have gone mad. They are just posting any old bullshit these days. You even see posts from Alex Jones' InfoWars there now. It was bad enough with World Net Daily and "Where is the Birth Certificate?" but now they are all swirling around and around the toilet bowl and really, really enjoying the ride. lol. It's all bullshit there now.

    70news ^ | 5/30/17 | 70news

  34. WTF! They're defending Jeremy Christian even though one of the victims is a Republican veteran. What is wrong with these people?

    1. If you ever figure out the answer to that question, let me know.

      As far as I can tell, they think he was macho for fending off a couple of Portland males who were trying to tell him to back off.

  35. Is it my imagination, or are they getting even uglier and meaner even though they're supposedly #winning and getting everything they ever wanted? I've heard of bottomless pits before, but I think I am seeing one in reality.

    1. They know in their hearts that Trump isn't up to the job ...
      The ugliness comes from the shitstorm they know is coming once Trump quits in the middle of a temper tantrum.

    2. Thanks for mentioning this, anonymousB. I have thought so too.

  36. Looks like Putin got his money's worth backing Trump -

    US to Russia: Go ahead Vlad. We wont try to stop you.

  37. From Arkancide to Behghazi!!1! it's one Freeper bullshit idea after another. It never ends. It's like a dog that eats his own shit. Freepers poop it out, eat it and poop it out again and eat it again ad infinitum -

    Malik Obama tweets out a photo of brother Barack’s Kenya certificate of birth!

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  39. In this thread Make Money Blogging
    Build Your Own Blog

    sodpoodle writes, "This could work - attract bloggers who don't visit FR. Make money and send it to Jim.
    Maybe some of you are already doing this."


    By the way, if you have not sent your tithe to RimJob yet please consider making your donation extra BIG this month. Jim has been feeling down. Kinda blue. Lots of extra green would go a long way to make him feel better. Send lots and lots of money! Do it today! Do it NOW!

    1. Better hurry ... looks like JimRob is beginning to fake it closed like he always does going in to the third month.
      Usually late on a Sunday night so not many notice.

    2. So any bets on when the site is going to crash for a few days?

  40. "Smedley": After so many years, I recently closed down my FB account. Too many people, good or nominal to begin with, become total %&*@!%&^ on social media. Its the computer anonymity, I believe, in many cases.

    Anonymity causes people to "become total %&*@!%&^" . . . says a guy going by a screen name to a closed group of other guys hiding behind screen names.

  41. In this thread
    Pastor Robison: Trump Has Potential To ‘Become One Of The Great Miracles The World Has Ever Seen’
    a Freeper since 1999, Louis Foxwell, says, seemingly with a straight face,

    "Trump is not looking for pride. He has sacrificed one of the most remarkable lives in human history for the benefit of the country and the people he loves.
    The pure beauty of his gift is beyond the ability of the vulgar and the hateful to fathom. Those who hate him are themselves filled with hatred that they cannot expunge.
    Our president is walking with Christ. We MUST join him."

    One Freeper after another goes all in with this sort of horseshit. lol

    1. A few more Chinese patents and Far East hotel construction deals will soothe Trump's deep spiritual scars and personal sacrifices. Fucking buttheads.

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