Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bullying little girls

One could argue that the backing away from Cruz to Trump bespeaks how Freepers prefer the bully to the zealot. Certainly, they defend bullies a lot.

Recently in Wisconsin, a largely minority high shool girls soccer team were brought to tears by the opposition chanting, "Donald Trump, build that wall." Run-of-the-mill mean girl bullying, seizing on some current pop-culture to make it pop. Of course, understanding it does not mean condoning it.

But Freepers cannot resist the mix of bullying minorities and an explicit Trump reference, and so you get this ridiculously anti-empathy thread.

Zakeet starts us off by explaining that the temporary pain caused by bullying does not matter:
Bad meanie opponents shouted "Donald Trump Build that Wall" ... caused the girl soccer players to feel hurtin' pain ... were too upset to finish the game ... had to be cradled in the arms of an assistant coach for 15-20 minutes ... the impact will last forever!
dp0622 loves how high school bullies are so not politically correct!
Good. People fighting back!! Not afraid of the “minorities”.

Sick of all this @#$@#$@ wimp @#$@#$!!

Time to kick some ####, geez!!

Don’t start any fights, but give them hell if they do.

Gentleman loser days are over.

Now that Trump is getting a good part of the white blue collar worker vote, he has a TOUGH group behind him.
jazusamo thinks the solution is to eschew all fun in favor of competition:
Poor little snowflakes, get a new coach that teaches soccer and the will to win.
knarf notes that the coach seems to be broken up at attacks on his girls:
Listen to the fat faggot talk ... he was almost crying himself just telling the story to a reporter !
grey_whiskers invokes the knockout game BS, thus making all attacks on minorities OK:
I did play. And I saw and heard plenty. And even then, I thought that adults who supported treating youth this way were themselves devoid of moral character and lacked honor. Youth who do this have a chance to learn and grow out of it. The grey whiskers that support it...It shows the stunted nature of their moral development.

And yet...despite the horrible terrible no good very bad mocking...you survived.

I'll bet you you didn't even need to be comforted in your own private safe space after you heard taunting, either.

Unlike this generation of snowflakes.

Now, let's talk about something really awful: the knockout game (tacitly ignored/approved by the administration as"revenge on Whitey.")

Where's your SJW-approved outrage when it comes to that?

NIKK thinks these high school girls were striking a blow against affirmative action!
People are sick and tired of minorities taking all the college scholarships when hard working blue collar kids have to pay for theirs for years! Most of these minority students drop out the first year and go back home to the projects. Grades were given to a lot of them unearned and they can’t cut studying in college. You appreciate what’s earned and worked for in life.
ROCKLOBSTER does a little bullying on the thread, even:
In my opinion, if any parents were actually chanting this, they are a**holes. And I’m disappointed - but frankly not surprised - that so many Trump freaks are ok with it.


What are ya....a wetback? A moonbat?
Rufus Shinra digresses to explain that his bank manager college roommate told him that any minorities he tries to hire are lazy and unruly:
Affirmative action in full force. My roommate from college ended managing a branch of bank thay had 12 employees, but he always only had a staff of about 10.

He told me he had to fill at least two spots with a minority, preferably a woman, and it sucked because he would get qualified college kids who were white applying, but couldn’t end up hiring them.

So he would hire unqualified minorities, there just weren’t a lot of professional minorities in the town he was in by the way, and they would always end up not coming to work and not following the rules and would quit or get fired.

So instead of a full staff, he had a constant vacancy and qualified applicants got turned away.

That’s the reality of affirmative action.

Also digressing, but NIKK has a weird thing going where her son tattles to her about her teachers non-Freeper views:
Thankfully my son didn’t believe the garbage high school and college teachers pushed. He told me some things even his Theology Professor was pushing and it was a disgrace.


  1. Man alive I must've counted at least 5 posters who called the crying soccer players "snowflakes".

    And they're considered to be ruggedly independent? They don't have a self-sufficient bone in their body. They are the epitome of groupthink.

    1. I am a "Freeper", an old one, who
      lives nowhere near any other of
      them. We mind our own business, work
      & try to contribute to society as
      best we can. - If you're under 30 yrs.
      of age & are not a liberal, you have
      no HEART. - If you're over 30 yrs. of
      age & still a liberal, you have no
      BRAIN! (Winston Churchill) -
      I am still pushing BALLET SLIPPERS
      for your houseshoes. They are flat,
      natural fiber & comfy. If you have
      been wearing high heels; then your
      feet & legs are fairly begging to
      be allowed to stretch. In fact, your
      calves will likely groan if you've
      been prancing around in high heels
      every day. - Also, the plastic shoes
      a lot of people wear cause the soles
      of the feet to split & crack & even
      bleed. BALLET SLIPPERS and I AM NOT

  2. It's funny how when a group of Latinos are chanting something, though, it's an all-out assault on American civilization.

  3. Short and super racist thread.


  4. Many argue that "white privilege" simply means that whites are imbued with superior abilities and intelligence...and then this sentence comes along.

    Yes, the privilege of being accused of being the cause behind all the evil in the world, all because of the of lack melatonin.