Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

ShivaFan is sending his daughter to one of those liberal colleges, but wants Freepers to know he totally hates it and thinks it's a waste of money:
My daughter goes to U.C. Berkeley, I am currently paying about $30,000 dollars a year for her UC education including tuition, books and housing.

While I am very proud of her, and consider Berkeley a great “institution”, I can tell you I am NOT getting my money’s worth. I follow her curriculim carefully, the returns in terms of jobs against value for the expense just doesn’t add up. Luckily because of her focus of study, she is not under the thumb of a lot of PC leftwing agendas, but there is a lot of discrimination against both whites as well as Asians in favor of blacks and Hispanics. I am paying huge amounts of money, which many cannot afford, that is more due to the greed of the Administrators and Professors who preach socialism and communism but live in the Berkeley hills and have lavish lifestyles and elite venues and are total hypocrites and who are largely responsible for such high tuitions. Money grabbing is their main interest thus they favor foreign students who pay double or even triple the already expensive costs to a UC education.
Maceman advises getting really insulting to the imaginary people who tell you black lives matter:
When a white person is told “black lives matter,” the best response is not to say that “all lives matter.”

The best response is to ask: “Does MY life matter?” The BLM SJW then has only two responses available. If he/she says: “Yes.” Then the white person can say: “Well, I’m glad you acknowledge that white lives matter too, after all.”

If the BLM SJW answers your question with “No,” then the response can be anything from “well, since you’re a genocidal racist, your opinion is worthless, except to the extent that it may be a veiled threat,” to “that’s ok, you racist POS. You’re life doesn’t mean sh!t to me either.”

Bottom line: make it personal.
Freepers pardon game is always astounding, but the winner has do be JBW1949, who seems to think Obama is going to pardon Hillary to keep her from being impeached the day she takes office:
Frankly I was gearing up for a Hillary Pre-Packaged Impeachment. You know she is guilty, looking at the Clinton slush fund and the server among a million other dead bodies. There is no way this country could tolerate that criminal in office. Get her out, and no one will cry for her. The Dems hate her, they are forcing themselves to vote for her, swallowing the vomit in the back of their throats. If someone like Obama could rise up again, ...hey look, there’s OJ and he’s on parole!

There should be no reason to impeach her because there is no reason she should be elected...

She is so damn toxic that some of her staffers have already broached the idea of early pardon from Obama...

That, in itself, is a declaration of guilt, IMO....
WENDLE - Nixon did nothing wrong, because no one knows what Watergate was!
Nixon never did anything to resign over. If I ask people “What was Watergate” they don’t have a clue. If I ask them if Nixoned planned it or knew about it — they say “yes”. You can’t make up the ignorance of people.
gaijin seems to think Obama is a wizard:
But even this will be cover for him suddenly banishing US nuclear arms, in his last week, or something.

He’ll apologize and then BANISH.
gaijin goes full 1500s imperialism:
AMERICAN engineers discovered their oil.

IT IS OURS, in view of this.

We should simply TAKE The oil fields.

There’s be no consequences if, say, a score of Phi Delts crashed some planes into that Mecca devil cube thing..?

When fighting in Iraq our vehicles had to pay something like 400% the price that the locals paid.

Obama_Is_Sabotaging_America has not been paying attention to gas prices:
Me thinks 0blama is trying to starve the U.S. for oil (energy), triggering nationwide chaos requiring Martial Law.
Holy double standard Batman! I want the USA back thinks Trump calling 9-11 7-11 is a non story. Unlike the coverup of Obama's '57 states!'
Completely meaningless. This is the left in action. This is what they do. They deliberately and intentionally, with full knowledge and awareness, chose to suppress news of obama saying “57 states.”

This non-event made it to my morning news today. This is the left, and its control of the media trying to control our minds.
Iron Munro gets really racist about Michelle Obama:
If there weren’t photos documenting her through school, I’d sure think Michelle was a man today.

She is a manly hoss - that's for sure.

And that is exactly what made it so hilarious back when Obama was first elected and the Obama-Media worked overtime trying to convince us (and themselves) how beautiful, graceful and feminine Moochie was.

Remember the constant barrage of comments from the swooning media about her well toned arms?

I figured she got them that way swinging through the trees.
BenLurkin says the sort of thing that makes people never listen to you again:

Both the same kind of organization these days.
Sacajaweau imagines Trump's noble sadness at 9-11:
IIRC, one of his nearby buildings was damaged by the attack...mostly debris landing. It's on the web someplace.

I can picture the sadness in his eyes that day.
Couldn't Trump be sad without his property being damaged?

And where was Cruz on 9/11?
Fantasywriter was repulsed by Romney:
Romney was a wimpy, wussy doormat. We were repulsed by his passivity.

Trump speaks out, and he gets trashed.

This is pure, unadulterated hypocrisy.
Michael.SF. has some rather far out predictions:
Biden - Warren will be the D ticket.

Cruz-Kassich will be the R ticket.

If Bernie goes rogue we have President Cruz

If Trump goes roque ........... Biden wins
John O seems to think that a girl in the boy's bathroom means inevitable rape:
So when she gets raped in the boys locker room it must be treated with the kid gloves that the administration uses for any other perverse sexual contact.

In other words, she gets raped and the guys don’t even get charged.

Is that really the environment she wants to be in?
I think proust is joking???
Lincoln won on the third ballot.

Yeah and look at what we wound up with as a result: President Obama. Thanks Lincoln!


  1. I like going to the FR Caucus results and looking through the names of people who've voted for Cruz.

    Every other one of them is banned!

    I guess the Grift-a-thon is going to be a little longer this year!

    Kind of funny to see Jim Rob stick to his "principles"...which are to "hold his nose and vote for someone other than a Democrat." Seems to me he's said that he'd never do that again....again and again.

    1. A couple of Trump supporters have offered to pick up the tab for those Cruz supporters on the edge of getting zotted in return for said zot.

  2. "AMERICAN engineers discovered their oil."

    Actually, it was British engineers through a little company called British Petroleum.

    ...but don't let reality get in the way of making a stupid point.

    1. Yeah, but America invented oil. So, there.


    2. TWINKIE means it when she says she is
      DONE. The GOPe can just kiss TWINKIE'S foot! I'm taking some time
      out; & IF Hitler-y gets elected; I
      will first puke; then get offline &
      become more of hermit than I am now.
      I'll keep trying with Fang's crossbow; but I'm not stout enough
      to pull the thing back. I will also
      has a doctor's appointment this
      morning. My doc had back surgery.
      I don't like going to the doctor.
      My doc will be out for 3 months.
      Once more - BALLET SLIPPERS! -