Thursday, April 7, 2016

Second choices

A Freeper asks a very interesting question: "If the GOP race goes to a contested convention, and Trump and Cruz cannot be the nominee, who WOULD you support to be the nominee? "
Many Freepers are already so far into their particular cults of personality that they refuse to countenance the existence of anyone else acceptable. I stuck to only the low hanging fruit from all that dumb infighting, as well as most of the lame jokes.

But I was interested in which Freeper luminaries remain in these days of rampant rejection of conservatives. Usual suspects, with some interesting twists:

BenLurkin does not like where this thread is going:
You obviously enjoy seeing fratricide and carnage.
JLAGRAYFOX will represent the Only Trump folks, as he managed to be the most crazy:
No one I will not vote for anyone but....Donald J. Trump...I will vote for Trump either as a Republican or third party candidate!!! I would never vote for Ted Cruz or any GOP Establishment candidate!!!
And...millions of Americans will do exactly as I will do!!!
If Trump is denied the GOP nomination....The GOP (E) political party will be destroyed forever!!!
Hillary Clinton will become the POTUS with ease!!!
Running someone like Romney, McCain, Paul Walker, Kasich Rubio, Cruz, Foirina, etc., is pure insanity!!!
grania shooses doomsday prepping:
If it's not Trump, I would prepare for a Doomsday scenario and do whatever I can to be self-sufficient. No one else has any intention of turning the US around.
No Trump central_va will start shooting:
Mr. AK-47
showme_the_Glory is pessimistic:
The nominee will be Paul Ryan.

The president will be Hillary Cliton.
And now down to business. The most popular choice? G Larry give it:
John Bolton
Anti-illegal may be important, but even better is hating ALL foreigners.

Second most popular? War criminal, but super butch about it. depressed in 06:
Allen West.

My choice, also.
Illegals finally manage to make it in in third place, with Tupelo's:
Easy answer,
Tom Tancredo

Second Choice,
Pat Buchanan.
More anti-illegal blusterers with Lib-Lickers 2's candidate. Got a couple of folks:
Sen. Sessions
ANd now down to the amusing singletons. Only one for this woman, which is not so surprising these days - McGruff
fieldmarshaldj chooses an autocratic GOP governor. *yawn*
Maine Governor Paul LePage
The stink of Bush and Perry isn't enough to keep HombreSecreto from choosing the governor of Texas.
Current governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.
FreeAtlanta is joking, but I added for the trajectory of crazy:
Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Allen West, George Patton, Robert E. Lee
Get a lot of right-wingers talking and this is the pattern - radio hosts, war hawk, asshole general, Confederacy!

Senator Goldwater is probably also joking, but seems to have forgotten Cheney is out at Freep. He'd better get on the ball in these troubled times, or it's a zot for him!
Draft Dick Cheney.
Pirate Ragnar is like the only Freeper to hit someone who wants to actually lower taxes:
Steve Forbes
dragonblustar has a deep cut I had to look up:
Tim Eyman.

Liberals hate him.
Some asshat who keeps putting up right-wing initiatives in Washington and then purchasing enough votes they pass.

Samuel Alito
NIKK adds a semi-traitor to the list:
Oliver North
John Bolton
Poor napscoordinator keeps finding secret liberals who hate Trump:
I thought I could support Ben Sass. He seemed awesome! But then he had a drunken night and went full anti-Trump and now I could never support him ever again.
Popman is a Freeper accelerationist:
Bernie Sanders...that way our collapse comes even faster and it will serve as a warning to future generations...
tophat9000 isn't even an accelerationist, just really spiteful.
Bernie's a last Resort Revenge weapon against the GOPe Country Club types.. maybe they will think twice if they think basis that pissed off to fire at them.

The Socialists is a doomsday weapon but we didn't start this war and I'm damned if I'm going to let the people that did win it if we go down we both go down

I got to admit im that damn pissed at this point


  1. Paul Walker would certainly be a bold and unique choice for the GOP.

    1. You mean Scott Walker? Paul is kinda... dead.

      Although I'm sure a dead guy would be a better president than the current GOP candidates.

    2. I was wondering who Paul Walker was, then I figured out that there was supposed to be a comma in there.

  2. "You obviously enjoy seeing fratricide and carnage."

    full disclosure: my popcorn futures are counting on it ...

  3. Several freepers have made comments about the benefits of a Bernie Sanders presidency, albeit for widely different reasons.

    A super-fun potentiality would be for Trump to openly endorse Bernie (or even worse, Hillary!) in the case of Trump having the nomination snatched away from him for scurrilous RNC reasons.

  4. "To: EveningStar

    People who can’t distinguish between nationalism and fascism are part of the problem, not the solution.

    The actual definition of fascism is “the merger of state and corporate power”.

    This country is already fascist and has been at least since the moment Clinton signed Glass-Steagall.

    Fascist institutions dominate the US in the here and now: the Federal Reserve and the rest of the fractional reserve banking system, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, Obamacare, the entire pay-to-play lobbying industry, the auto insurance industry, Ex-Im Bank, etc. etc. etc.

    They’re everywhere and they already rule the joint and have for a long time.

    12 posted on 4/7/2016, 5:47:39 PM by thoughtomator "

    Ummm...Fascism is a right-wing authoritarian regime.

    Sooo since he doesn't know what Fascism is, is he therefore part of the problem as well?

    1. Alt-right types tend to use a definition of "fascism" derived from an old Merriam-Webster definition via Wikipedia that focuses on the 1930s corporatism, which is useful because it's it ignores anything that made it popular with the masses

  5. Also on Thursday JimRob got into a "discussion" which culminated in this:
    Straightforward mathematical path to elimination for Cruz v Trump
    4/7/2016, 7:03:29 PM · 62 of 447
    Jim Robinson to datura
    I’ve already stated that Cruz has lost it fair and square and should step aside for the sake of the country. If his continued efforts at thievery split and destroy the party, we’ll be saddled by Hillary or burned by Bernie.