Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dick Cheney vs. Sarah Palin

MDaF found this one.

Dick Cheney posits that Sarah Palin wasn't up to be President when McCain chose her for VP. Who will win, the Sainted Cheney of being Tough on Bad Guys, or Our Sarah of Victimization, Hotness and Empty Populism?
No contest, as it turns out. Freepers, in unison, turn on Cheney:

3Fingas allows Cheney is a bit better than Obama in leadership skills:
Sorry, never really trusted Dick Cheney...one thing I will say in his favor though...he is an able man and competent administrator unlike almost everyone in this current administration.
wideawake knows Cheney's daughter has turned Cheney to the dark side:
Cheney has been recruited by his daughter into the movement to destroy marriage. He is now an implacable enemy of Christian morality and has gone over to the dark side. Sad to watch.
izzatzo knows Cheney is an elite, and therefore sucks:
Cheney says that she was unqualified to be VP-—and, Obama was qualified to be President? Dick, why don’t you save it for Obama? STFU! I like Cheney, but he is, after all, part of the GOP elite by virtue of his long service. And, when push comes to shove, the elite are going to circle the wagons around their own kind.
Tzar goes with the Daily Show humor:
If you are Dick Cheney’s friend, it is only a matter of time before he stabs you in the back or shoots you in the face.
RINO neocon, homo-marriage loving, war profiteer Cheney should crawl back under his rock.
War profiteer? What are you, a liberal?

Having an enemy like Cheney is all it takes to be a hero inPGR88's eyes:
The more I hear stuff like this, the more I like Palin.

She is obviously doing something right.
Alberta's Child totally hated Cheney before it was cool:
Flame me if you want, but I never liked the guy ... and my enthusiasm for George W. Bush diminished considerably when Cheney was selected to be his running mate.
Friendofgeorge knows Real Christians never disagree with other Christians:
The Dick without question certainly attacked Gov Sarah Palin today, and personally! If anybody dares to suggest otherwise, I have no time for them.

Has The Dick not heard the saying...if you have nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing?

Not sure about Dick`s spiritual condition, you would think someone that just had a heart transplant would be thinking from a point of gratitude, and would have his Lord on his mind.

But here he is attacking who would be is Sister in Christ, if he is in fact one of The Lord`s.

I prayed a lot for this man over the years, certainly do not regret it, but am very disappointed.

If Gov Palin does not get a personal call from Liz Cheney, offering her support, then I will have to also cross her off my list. In fact I think this statement by Dick warrants a public comment from Liz saying.....That`s my fathers opinion, I love my father but we disagree on this.


  1. Has The Dick not heard the saying...if you have nothing nice to say about someone, say nothing?

    I wonder if Friendofgeorge was singing the same tune when later in the same interview, Cheney said that Obama is a weak president and worse than Carter. Just kidding. Of course he wasn't. Freepers have no self-awareness at all.

    1. Interestingly enough they are so made at Cheney that they just continue to focus on his Palin remarks:

      Come for the crazy, stay for the freeper infighting

    2. **so mad at Cheney**. Something about these comment boxes brings out the typo-fu in me...

  2. They have the 1984 doublethink down cold, where they not only can switch their honest opinion on a whim but also honestly believe they always felt that way.

    1. Also, what's with those European style apostrophes in that last post?
      Them's communist punctuation marks.