Friday, July 27, 2012


It was a while ago, but now that news has calmed down, I can at last get to this post, found by Anon.

Freepers hate the media, which allows them to disregard everything from polls to facts.

But they need to get their crazy from somewhere, and even the rightwing echo chamber needs some external grist for it's mill.
So the "MSM lies!" rule has many exceptions for things Freepers agree with.

The is no more evident than when Russian Communist Party organ Pravda published a birhter piece by a US Air Force Colonial with such red meat as:
It is not now politically advantageous for either the Democrat or the Republican Party to tell the truth about Barack Obama; that he is an illegal President and very likely a felon, who has a forged birth certificate, a forged Selective Service registration and is using a Social Security Number not issued to him.
Suddenly Pravda is a trusted source with the best interests of the US in mind!

Navy Patriot notes that Pravda has it's flaws, but it's better than non-birther media!
Pravda ain't perfect, but a lot of what they print nowdays reflects the real world truth, and there is much journalistic integrity.

Considering that Pravda once was what the US MSM has become today, a Communist propaganda organ, it is indeed remarkable.
iontheball uses the very fact that only a Communist paper would print this as proof of it's veracity:
The author is an American patriot. I suppose it is a testament to how deep the corruption is that he has now gone to Pravda to publish this blockbuster article.
Red Steel just points out that the story is credibly true, and the MSM are the real Commies:
Most of the American media is private and not government funded. Only PBS and NPR are government funded.

Russia on the other hand has mostly government funded media. RT, Ren TV, Rossiya, Channel One, RIA Novosti, NTV and Pravda are all either government owned or government funded.

It is state sponsored propaganda

The story is still credibly true. And the New York Slimes, Washington ConPost, LSDNBC, Chicago Tribune, La Slimes, cBS, Communist News Newtwork(CNN) are all propagandist for the US government to be run by the Democratic party, AKA the Communists.
krogers58 manages to trust Pravda in the same breath as he worries about Cold War Commies infiltrating America:
Tis a cold day in he LL when we have to look to Pravda to tell us the truth that our press refuses to print. Moreover, the disturbing thing is that most of what we are seeing is the KGB “planting” communists, socialists, and marxists in positions where they could influence the US government, such as academia, the press, and the state department. Now, they appear to be getting ready to foment unrest using the right. Not that there shouldn’t be unrest, but it is disturbing to think we are somewhat allied with the Soviets, is it not?
Iron Munro doesn't care about sourcing - he wants a military coup while the military is still hetero:
Actually, a few military leaders could do the dirty work our RINOs are afraid to do. It may be our only hope.

That window of opportunity is closing fast.

There is a reason Obama and the democrats are working hard to pussy-fy the military, loading it up with lebos, queers, Nancy Boys, illegals and other minorities.
Las Vegas Ron applies the 'only trust what I agree with' principle to his fellow Freepers:

"Barack Obama, an illegal President, a stolen Social Security Number, a forged birth certificate, a forged Selective Service registration." 

Where is the evidence for these allegations?

Those are undisbuted facts

The current president has been the worst in my lifetime, but I never make up nonsense conspiracy theories about him.




    1. And that is an UNDISBUTED fact!